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African Obama Exposed

The people of England have their own version of our Donald Trump. His name is Boris Johnson and he is the mayor of London. Mr. Johnson is very upset because the bust of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill was removed from the White House and sent back to England. I suspect that few Americans under the age of 50 have the slightest idea as to who is Winston Churchill, let alone give a damn if his bust is in or out of the White House,  but for Boris this is a critical issue of our times.

According to Boris, “Some said it was aa snub of Britain.Some said it was a symbol of the part Kenyan President’s ancestral dislike of the British empire of which Churchill had been such a fervent defender.”

For the record, Winston Churchill played an important role in aiding America to win World War II. I doubt if Obama knows much about this past nor does he give a damn about it.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old  body.


I never could figure out why God wants women to cover up and  not men.

Then again, why does God want heads covered? Makes no sense.

These days major league baseball pays guys who hit 200 at least five million, I am more than willing to do that for one million.

Depression era baseball players ran much faster down the first base line when hitting a ground ball than modern pampered players today.

I really wonder what Ted Cruz is thinking these days.

I never cease wondering if  other life forms in the universe invented the idea of God.

We need a contest to predict the NEW Donald Trump.

Will Donald Make Nice?

These are the April days in which Donald  Trump has to begin deciding how he will conduct his campaign in the fall. Many of his supporters are asking him to behave “more presidential.” So, here is the new Donald Trump:

“I will not call women sluts or bimbos, those terms are now reserved for men.”

“I will build the smallest, the world’s smallest WALL.”

“Ted Cruz is  not a liar, he is more like a schmuck.”

“I got nothing against Hispanics, for all I am concerned they have the right to live in Mexico.”

“Don’t look at Hillary’s face, just look at that dumpy figure!”

“I now second everything Bernie is saying about Wall Street crooks.”

“NO, I do not wish to screw my daughter, just my wife!”

“John Kasich is just a northern version of Jeb Bush.”

“I REALLY love Israel and who the fuck cares about Palestinians, they got no votes in America”

“Megyn, I will even screw you.”




Hijab Day— For Whom?

A group of people in France who oppose right wing haters of the Muslim religion decided to hold a “Hijab Day” in which women would wear a hijab in support of those Muslim women who where one. As one supporter noted: “If you believe all women should have the right to decide what to wear and to expect their dream is respected” than wear a hijab.” Not all were supportive and one person suggested: “How about a bikini day in Saudi Arabia?”

Me, I am not so interested in a hijab day for women so much as a hijab day for men. How about a day in which Muslim MEN wear a hijab or Muslim men wear a burka covering their entire body? The real issue is not what Muslim women wear so much as what Muslim men do not. How about  a day in which Muslim men have to ask permission to go  shopping? Muslim men can wear whatever they desire but for  some reason, women can not. How come?

Bernie Talks With Sanders

We were able to organize a discussion between Bernie and Sanders.

Sanders: Well, Bernie my boy, imagine getting clobbered in New York City, and we are the Brooklyn boy!

Bernie: It’s all those super pacs,all those hedge fund guys giving millions against me. I scare the living shit out of them.

Sanders: Bernie,  we are not on a  stage and there are no young people gazing at you with adoring eyes. It’s me, Sanders!

Bernie: You forget that I began with nothing behind me, no super pacs, no Goldman Sachs money,just me against the top one percent.

Sanders: I think by now even  Hillary can give that speech word for word. Stop being a schmuck, it’s time to move on. You won the fight. Hillary is now sounding like you. Where now my brother?

Bernie: I get such a rush, I get such a jolt when they shout my name and love what I say.  How can I give that all up?

Sanders: If you continue on  this path, then a few years from now you will be the most hated person by those now who love you so. Do you want to be the Ralph Nader of 2016 who gave Donald Trump the presidency??

Bernie: Stop talking common sense. I have never before in life been so famous and so loved. So, you want me to walk into the sunset, is that it?

Sanders: NO, you are not going into any sunset. Let’s get those inspired young people to vote and take back Congress. That now is your mission!!

Bernie: I have to think about it.

Send In The Guns

During the past decade we Americans have fought for attaining the goal of schools in which children learn without any fear of being subjected to physical violence. The state of Texas has gone even further with legislation that enables each and every student to, not only bring their books to school, but bring their guns. Just think how safe teachers will feel knowing each and every kid is carrying a loaded weapon. Pose a question,inform the student he is wrong, and then duck or run for your life!

Schools in Douglas County, Colorado have  taken another step to securing a safe school environment. They are now arming security personnel with assault rifles. So, when a shooter blasts away, he will face a response from a dozen assault rifles. Perhaps, it is time  to train children in how to protect themselves from those who allegedly are there to protect them. I got the solution: Arm each student with an assault rifle and let everyone blast away!

U. Of California- Sex Center?

Many,many years ago I spent a wonderful year at the University of California at Berkeley, a center of liberalism, a college that fought of human rights and was among the initial institutions supporting equal rights for women. So, fast forward to 2016 and what now has happened to this bastion of liberalism?

Geoffrey Marcy, a noted astronomer has  resigned following reports  that he was going to be censured by his colleagues for a long series of alleged sexual harassment of female students. There apparently are even more students ready to testify.

Claude Steel, Vice Chancellor  of the  University of  California has resigned for his failure to act on sexual harassment  allegations. I was  under the assumption these professors were the guardians of human rights, not the ones violating human rights. I await Berkeley students marching to make their college faculty free zones!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


From Ted Cruz: “America is always at  her best when she is flat on  her back on the mat.”

From my three month old grandson: “America is always at her back when she is flat on her back and peeing in her diaper.”

From a Trump supporter: “America is always at her best when she is flat other back as long as she buys American made goods.”

From the NRA: “American babies in cribs are always at their best when flat on their backs in cribs when they have a gun to protect themselves.”

From Donald: “America is always at her best when she is flat on her back gazing up at the Greatest Wall ever built.”

From John Kasich:  “America is always at her best when she is flat on her back figuring out how to balance the budget–as I single-handedly did!”

From Ben Carson: “America is always at there best when she is flat on her back getting ready for me to cut open her body and save her.”

Is Bernie Upset?

This is not the best of times, this is not the goal that Senator Bernie Sanders had succeeded to attain. He got walloped in New York even though he was born in the great borough of Brooklyn. But, Bernie continues to fulminate and complain about the fact Hillary Clinton has taken money from the capitalists. OK,so Barack Obama took money from hedge fund operatives, and the end result was that Barack Obama was doing their bidding while President?

Bernie, John Kennedy got millions from the rich, even Franklin D. Roosevelt who was hated by the rich got money. Yes, Bernie, most Republicans DO take money from the wealthy. The Koch brothers  are raising over $800 million from wealthy folks to win this election –and that money is NOT going to Hillary Clinton. I have a hunch that  your wonderful small donation folks will NOT match the Koch brothers. Bernie, there ARE some decent wealthy folks. And, there are some poor and working class folks who adore Donald Trump.

So, tone down the rhetoric and get on with winning this year!


Brigham Young University is a nice Mormon college which is dedicated to preparing nice Mormon boys and girls  to enjoy a nice, clean Mormon life. Made Barney, 19, met a supposed nice Mormon man named Nasiru Seidu who did not tell her that he was married, did not tell her his right age, and did not tell even tell her his real name. They went out, he assaulted her even though she shouted, NO, and she was raped. Normally, a college would be concerned about this incident.

Authorities at BYU sent her a letter. “We have received information that you have been a victim of behavior that is addressed by the University Sexual Misconduct Policy. We have also received information that you have engaged in behavior that violates the BYU honor code.” She has been barred from registering for further classes. It appears that quite a fews BYU students regard this statements outrageous. I wonder why.