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Donald Vs Marco

Donald Trump is in need of someone he can blast in order to prove that he can insult anyone who dares to oppose the Great Man. For some reason, he has decided to make his target a Senator from the state of Florida, one Marco Rubio. Marco is the child of immigrants which naturally makes him suspect when it comes to issues confronting this nation. According to Donald,”Marco Rubio,who by the way has the worst attendance rain in the U.S. Senate.I’ve never seen a young guy sweat so much, he drinks water, water, water.”

Naturally, anyone who drinks a lot of water is definitely the right person to lead this nation. Now, if he drank whiskey or beer, that would be another thing and prove he has leadership qualities. Frankly, I do not understand why Marco is in this race, he has been in the Senate for six years and his record displays–what? Name a single law that he has supported. He does have the ability to make one erroneous comment after another about foreign policy. His comments on the Iranian nuclear accord are simply expressions of ignorance.

Watch Out For Men In Wheelchairs!

Scarcely a day goes by without some strange tale about police confronting people with guns–or at least cops thought they had one, and the story always concludes with the person charged with threatening police dead from bullets fired by police. In Wilmington, Delaware, Jeremy Dole was sitting in his wheelchair when somehow, in some bizarre manner, he wound up being confronted by police ordering him to lay down a weapon else. There were at least four cops confronting the man in his wheelchair. At this point, the story becomes murky, we do know that cops were shouting–at the same time– for Mr. Dole to lay down his weapon of mass destruction.

Shots were fired.

1. Mr.Dole died of bullet wounds.

2. A bystander said Mr.Dole looked confused.

3. Why did four police have to immediately utilize guns and blast away?

4. Did anyone consider leaving him in the wheelchair,surrounding him,and quietly asking him to drop the weapon?

Why, why, must the first response be firing away?

UN Inspections For All

As of June 1st there were six nations that refused to allow UN inspectors into its nuclear facilities. They are: China,India,Pakistan, North Korea, Iran and—-? Now that Iran has agreed to such inspections, how about the last one on this list to accept such action. Oh, the last one is the state of Israel. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continually expresses concern as to whether inspections will prevent Iran from securing atomic bombs. As of this moment, Israel is adamantly opposed to allowing UN folk into its facilities. Israel Atomic Energy Commissioner, Ze’eve Snir warned that the world must be on guard against nations such as Iran who will cheat on inspections.He also warned that Iraq, Syria and Libya had attempted to develop atomic bombs.

Well, we know that Israel has at least 70 atomic bombs and can blast into dust any and all Muslim nations in the Middle East. Now, that Iran has agreed to inspection, how about demanding that Israel join the club for peace and security?

How To Save Black Lives

There is a group called Black Lives Matter which is committed to the proposition that getting involved in the dirty business of politics is beneath the dignity of those who know what is true, and if you do not agree with them, they will not play with you. Alicia Garza of the group made clear that Black Lives Matter will not take a stand in the upcoming election since all people currently seeking the presidency do not meet their standards of honesty and commitment to black people.

There are always the “pure in heart” who do not believe anyone meets their standards of honesty or commitment. Great black leaders were politicians as well as being a Negro or whatever expression you desire to employ. Martin Luther King was a great politician who worked to gather together diverse leaders and unite them in the pursuit of equality in America.

Yes, BLM, the goals he sought have yet to be achieved. But, there is one thing that is certain-remain out of the political arena,and they never will be accomplished. It is a moral fight, and it is a political fight, and it is an economic fight.

Joe And Elizabeth

Last night Elizabeth Warren was on the Stephen Colbert show and displayed, once again, a fiery determined commitment to issues of social justice. When she speaks, the intensity, the determination, the desire simply explode from her lips. There is no question that she impacts voters, there is no question that voters regard her as a fresh voice and one that will not be bought by Wall Street. She is the perfect running mate with Joe Biden. Both these candidates will take on the pharmaceutical companies which continually raise drug prices. Just let Elizabeth go after those criminals who need ten times the cost of the product in order to have sufficient profit. They are willing to allow millions to go into poverty to gain more profit. The drug Darapin has just gone up SEVEN HUNDRD PERCENT!

Hillary Clinton, at this point in time, is too covered by the past. Voters want someone who will challenge Wall Street,and try as she does, Hillary just does not come across as the enemy of those from whom she solicits money. Old face Biden along with fresh face Elizabeth Warren represent a new dynamic duo to arouse people with hope.

Bad Air Everywhere

A basic assumption of those seeking the Republican nomination is that pollution or global warming is an American issue and there is no need to examine whether or not this thing is occurring in other parts of the world. If one simply ignores the issue elsewhere then we here in America can continue doing whatever we do. Believe it or not, as Pope Francis notes, we are ALL guardians of this planet.The India National Health Profile indicates that at least 3.5 MILLION people in this country are suffering from acute respiratory infection and that thousands will die.

Naturally, this pitch about pollution does not resonate with Republican voters in the good state of Iowa. The concept of ‘connection’ is one lost on the clowns who seek the presidency. If any health problem is happening in the world, it is occurring thousands of miles from Wisconsin so, who cares? Of course, incredible fires in California, yes, California IS part of the US, occur partly due to global warming. But,then again, California will vote for Democrats, so who cares?

At age 85, I do not recall any such narrow minded candidates seeking the presidency.

On Yom Kippur

As a good Jewish boy I went to services at my Temple–of course, in my youth we only went to a soul, and temples were places where the Christians went to pray. As the hours went by, I read page after page about the evil deeds committed against Jews throughout the ages. I read words urging God to take care of those who did evil to Jews.For some reason,God was not implored to take action against those who persecute Muslims or Hispanics or minority groups throughout the world. Just punish those who did evil to Jews.

Let me make clear that few groups of humans can match the hatred aimed at Jews throughout the past two thousand years. Jews certainly should win the hate-persecution-murder trophy. But, I found myself feeling uneasy as the reading continued, I wondered: is God only supposed to destroy those who murder Jews or does the Big Guy up in the sky save some of the revenge for those who murder and rape innocent people who are not Jews? Based on the reading, God sure is not an equal opportunity revenge sheriff.

So God, save some of your anger for those in the Middle East who murder and rape, nonstop. Then again, please God wipe out any and all murderers regardless of where they are in the world or whatever is their religion.

Pope Francis, Enemy Of GOP

There is something ironic about Republican Catholics who rush to judgment about the Muslim religion, and are compelled, due to their ideology to rush to judgment about the Catholic religion. Suddenly, this nice conservative religion has become a part of the plot to destroy America and allow the shiftless and lazy to take away money from our wonderful job creators. Overtime Pope Francis urges support for the poor, Catholic Republicans recede in horror from this man who pretends to know something about poverty or the needs of those without.

He really got to Republicans yesterday in Washington when he came out for fighting the evil of climate change and praised the efforts of that notorious hater of job creators-Barack Obama. “It was encouraging that you are providing an initiative for reducing air pollution.” For some reason fighting for clean air has become an attack on the American way of life.

Oh, I forgot, Pope Francis is no scientist, actually, he is one. At least one idiot Texas congressman will be boycotting the Pope’s speech today.

Hit The Bigot!

tThere is one certainty in life, no day goes by without a story from the great state of Texas in which someone hits, shoots, or yells at another person due to some fear or anger about what that person said, did, or thought. Robert Watts was a game official at a football contest involving John Jay H.S vs Marble Falls H.S. Mr. Watts being a native Texans knew that blacks and Hispanics were not really Texans, let alone Americans. He employed the infamous “n” word toward black players and politely inquired of Hispanic players,”Speak English, this is America.”

The coach of John Jay was upset and told some players to blindside Mr. Watts and send him flying. Coach Breed is another native Texan with the weird idea that Hispanics are really Americans, as well as Texans. So, there will be an inquiry.

Me, I don’t know what the argument is about. Mr.Watts just expressed the same question as have-Donald Trump, Scott Walker, and Ben Carson. I expect that Mr. Watts will soon enter his name in the Republican primary.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Life Built On Rubbish”

Well, at least Russia has a garbage man to collect it-Mr. Putin.

UK,Guardian:”Face Stark Choice”

Select any Republican and you get an idiot.

Egypt,al haram: “Deny Corruption Charge”

Just charge it to your charge account.

Sweden, Local: “Hunt More Suspect”

What else does one do these days-anywhere!

Denmark,Copenhagen Post: “Woman Drove Drunk With Kids”

Look,she just needed one for the road!