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Baton Rouge Again

At least three policeman are dead, three are wounded, an a black man is dead. Once again, some furious person, who happened to be Black skinned, went wild with anger and blasted away at cops. President Obama expressed his grief, Donald Trump made clear the president “does not have a clue” concerning the recent outbreak of violence by whites and blacks. Then again, we await any suggestion, any proposal, any words of common sense, from Donald Trump concerning how to reduce violence between blacks and whites.

Sorry, there is NO quick solution, there is NO one thing that can be done. We as a nation have struggled for nearly FOUR HUNDRED YEARS to resolve the divide between those with white skins who possessed power and those with black skins who wanted to enter the power arena, or at least, cease being the targets of bullets and death.

The real question is two parts: “When, and how we begin to end the Great Divide?”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Donald has second thoughts about Pence, I wonder if Pence has second thoughts about Donald?

Unfortunately, petty dictator, Recep Erdogan survived the coup attempt in Turkey.

I think some clowns could have done a better job of overthrowing a leader than the clowns in Turkey.

At least Chris Christie still has his valet job with Donald.

I would so love to go through a week without another Hillary episode.

So, how come no Sarah Palin meandering nonsense speech at the Republican convention?

I assume Ben Carson will greet people with copies of his book to buy.

I would so love to meet a Bernie Sanders follower who now will vote for Trump.

I still don’t understand why French police were not firing at tires of the truck.

Pence does not like gays, atheists, or allowing those people to shit with him.

I do not recall any prior political convention when a candidate had his kids boast about him.

I am still shocked that Ivanka is not the VP candidate.

At least Donald does not boast about being born in a log cabin.

For God’s sake, Hillary, go with Elizabeth Warren, not some middle age white dude!


On The Clintons

I voted for Bill Clinton, I voted for Hillary Clinton when she ran for US Senator from New York. I, essentially, not  entirely, agreed with the ideas of the Clintons in the arena of politics. But, it increasingly becomes apparent the Clintons suffer from an exaggerated sense of their own importance. Bill Clinton’s behavior, his desire for money, his desire to still be an important person, has led to abuse of the role of being an ex-president. After Harry Truman stepped down from the presidency, he rejected any offer from businessmen to use his name. He told them an ex-president’s name was not for sale.

Hillary Clinton should step down from her race for president. For once, a Clinton should place the interests of America before their need to be important. The defeat of Donald Trump IS the major issue of this year. She should retire from the race, and allow either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren to win the  presidency.

Of course, this will not happen. The Clintons always place themselves before the  nation.

They Are Coming For US!

I so enjoy so-called experts on CNN who emphasize that Americans must become realists and accept the reality that ISIS and other terrorist groups are coming after US. Of  course the US are Christians and Jews residing in America who now are the target of hating Muslim terrorists. Repeating a lie does not make it true despite the number of times you shout it. Here is  REALITY;:

1. Fewer than 100 Americans have been killed by Muslim terror groups.

2. Each day in Iraq over a hundred MUSLIMS are murdered by ISIS or al-Qaeda.

3. Nearly one million Syrian Muslims have been killed due to terror by their government or from terrorists.

4. Muslims are getting killed in Libya.

5. Each time ISIS has seized territory they murder Muslims.

6. In Afghanistan Muslims are killing Muslims.

7. In Pakistan, Muslims are killing Muslims.

The list goes on and on. Relatively few non-Muslims have been killed due to terrorist action.

The main people that ISIS is coming after are–MUSLIMS!!


France Under Siege–Why?

Last night in Nice, France a mad man went on a rampage and drove a truck through thousands of people celebrating Bastille Day. Yes, he was a Muslim. Actually, it appears he was of Tunisian heritage. The question arises as to why are so many attacks by ISIS conducted by those who have lived and worked in France? Answers to that  question in no way justify the actions of this deranged young man. Reality: Over 95% of Muslims born in the United States are assimilated and many earn excellent salaries. They are American Muslims.

However, in France, the vast majority of Muslims do NOT consider themselves to be French. Of course, many do, but there is a large number of Muslims who feel isolated from French culture and values. They never in school became proud of their French culture, nor do they share many French values. A high percent of young Muslims are unemployed or work at low pay occupations. Unlike, most American Muslims, they do not emphasize their French Muslim category.

A high percent live in slums without any prospect for a middle class life. France is a class based society in which those of the middle and upper classes ensure their children wind up with good jobs and a good life. The French people must:

1. Accept multiculturalism which allows groups to retain part of their culture while entering the national culture.

2. It must cease silly laws such as how a Muslim female can or cannot dress. In America, Jews can wear their yarmulke and still retain a job. Why can’t Muslim women wear the chador or hijab? How you dress does not alter your sense of nationalism unless society makes one feel that way.

No Conversations –Action!

Once again another American shooting tragedy and leaders in both parties urge the need for conversations which result in people of all backgrounds coming together as friends. In other words, the apparent problem is that somehow white and black people in this nation are not communicating with one another. President Obama urged the need to “bridge the gap” between people of color. Inherent in this argument is that problems we confront in this nation between those with black skins and those with white skins would cease and desist if only we went out and had a cup of coffee with one another.

1. Most members of police forces are hard working decent people.

2. Yes, there are black criminals who actually spend their days and nights shooting  other blacks.

3. There ARE BAD COPS. They shoot quick and for no reason.

4. How about placing on trial for murder the next cop who shoots without reason? THAT ACTION WILL GO A LONG WAY TO ENDING DEMONSTRATIONS.



We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I sleep peacefully these nights knowing Republicans protect my toilet rights.

Since when does shit represent a right?

Every political leader over the past week has praised cops-now,how about giving them a raise?

The UK is torn to pieces by Brexit, soon Scotland will Brexit.

For some Sanders supporters, Donald Trump is the best ally in their fight for income equality in America?

On TV, cops aim for legs and arms, how come, not in real  life?

America will be Great Again, when Americans earn a living wage.

I think these days one can run on the Republican ticket if he weighs in at least 240 pounds.

Republicans Platform

It is now official, the Republican party does have a platform. OK, there area  few problems in America, and, finally we have a political party ready to address those   issues with firmness, with boldness, with determination to make America Great Again! I do realize there are some in this nation who actually believe a political party should be concerned about income inequality or health care or student loans. Thank God there is the Republican party which knows which are the issues of the day!

The Republican party has come out for opposition to same-sex marriage.

The Republican is the only political party which intends to protect Americans by ensuring that one can use your bathroom only if his-her sex is the same as that on his-her birth certificate.

The Republican party is going to ensure anyone who has a bakery they can decide to whom they sell a cake.

I trust these heroic stands will make certain that America is once again, a Great Nation!

On To Russian Border

American troops are being sent to Latvia where they will conduct training exercises that are designed to show President Putin that NATO and the US mean business. These exercises are taking place in eastern Europe on  the border of Russia. Imagine:

1. Russian troops and missiles sent to Cuba. What would be the reaction of the US government? Oh, we know it. President Kennedy in 1962 demanded their removal.

2. Russian troops sent to Laos or Cambodia or any place in the Far East. America would demand their removal and argue about how Russia threatens peace in the world.

3. China is rebuilding rock formations in the  South China sea, and America demands their removal since they threaten world peace.

All US and NATO forces should leave any border positions next to Russia. These forces are provocative factors and do not ensure the safety of any east European nation.

Another Hairy Story

The most dramatic change in my 86 years of life has been the incredible interest in what people wear on the top of their head. I was raised as a Conservative Jew in a world in which men had a yarmulke and many women covered their head. Males and females in the synagogue had something on their head. Of course, in those days, professional women would not be caught in public without a beautiful hat. But, these days in countries like France hardly a day goes by without some incident about what woman placed on her head.

Asma Bougnaoui is a French design engineer and she committed the unpardonable sin of  coming to work with a headscarf. Her boss insisted this garment on her head “embarrassed”fellow workers. They insisted that if she wanted a  job, no headscarf at any time. She is appealing this decision.