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We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I assume the most important issue confronting the Republican party is finding a stage that can hold all candidates.

Abraham Lincoln told about his life in a log cabin, Donald Trump tells about his billions of dollars.

I still await the coming of Sarah Palin. At least she can handle bears. Look out Putin!

Say,whatever happened to Herman Cain,at least he was amusing.

I urge Republicans to seek the advice of NY Knicks leaders,they understand failure as good as anyone.

LeBron James just proved that one player can not win the NBA finals, it takes a team.

Chicago Cub and NY Knick fans always are assured, just wait to next year for a championship.

Jeb Stands In Front Of Bush!

Theere is good news in America today. Jeb Bush has decided to offer his profound insights to the American People with promises that once another Bush is in place, security and prosperity will return to this land just as it did the last time we supported having a Bush in hand. Jeb noted that the “progressive agenda” has demonstrated failure. Yes, he is right. There are now 12 million Americans who have lost the opportunity to utilize the Emergency Room and are condemned to go to a doctor’s office! Jeb noted that as Governor of Florida he cut taxes. As I recall, his brother cut taxes and we went from a debt of about $3 trillion to one that was nearly ten trillion when he left office.

Oh well, Jeb continues insisting that our beloved Wall Street folks have only one thought in mind–how to trickle down jobs and wealth to those below. OK, so thanks to the other Bush we now have half those who graduate from college unemployed,underemployed or living with dad and mom. See, Jeb believes in family values. A family that lives together and prays together is jut one group of happy folk. They devote Sunday to offering prayers for the health and welfare of those who work on Wall Street.

We Killed Another Bad Guy!

I do understand that Republicans believe that President Obama is a weakling. Well, this is one dude leader who knows how to kill the bad guys.R Just remember that he took out Osama bin Laden and look what happened after the bad leader got smoked! Well, the American air force was back fighting and killing the bad leaders in Yemen and Libya. Algerian militant bad leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar was killed in an air attack in Yemen. Nasir al-Wuhayshi was wiped out in another air strike in Libya. I now assume any fighting has ceased in those places. Al Qaeda just collapsed once Osama was dead. Really!

There is simply NO evidence from any guerrilla was that killing off leaders results in an end to conflict. Never happened in Algeria, never happened in Vietnam, never happened in China and it sure did not happen during the American Revolution. Heck, during the Civil War over twenty Confederate generals died and the war continued. Perhaps, it might help if President Obama actually read the history of guerrilla wars.

P.S. As I recall, we did kill Saddam Hussein. Just check who are among the key leaders of ISIS-former Saddam generals!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I guess police do need body armor, after all they might meet up with a five year old kid.

I so await the entry of Donald Trump into the circus.

Obama has learned the lesson that a president must be a politician with his party members.

Obama never has grasped that a president must use the Bully Pulpit to connect with people.

Well, a miracle did occur in Washington D.C., John Boehner backed Obama on trade agreement!

Politics occurs in every occupation as well as in Washington D.C.

Hillary has gotten around to talking like a Democrat.

Hillary Comes Out Fighting

Hillary Clinton took a few months off and spent some time reflecting on the upcoming election. Instead of doing another Barack Obama she has decided to become a devoted follower of the ideas of Franklin Roosevelt. Unfortunately, Barack Obama never studied the Roosevelt administration. FDR inherited a society in which one-fourth of workers lacked a job. Instead of worrying about Wall Street, he came out fighting and blamed them for the economic disaster. He had two immediate goals– establish a safe banking system,and providing work to those unemployed. Within six months after becoming President,he had five million people working at jobs to rebuild our infrastructure,schools, ports, hospitals, etc.. He focused on the need to restore the dignity of workers, not worry about the dignity and wealth of Wall Street.

Hillary Clinton gave a speech and she referred to the ideas of FDR. She pointed out that Republicans had made sure,”instead of an economy built by every American for every American, we were told that if we let those at the top pay lower taxes, and allowed to bend the rules” the end result would be a trickle down of wealth all. Hillary is on the right track, unlike Obama who refused to take on Wall Street or take any action to reduce student debt. Hillary is promising to address the student loan debt issue.

The Houthi Saga Continues

Few, if any Americans, are familiar with the Houthi group in Yemen. Most people in Yemen are of the Sunni Moslem religion, but the Southis are a branch of the Shiite Muslim religion. They constitute about one-third of the population of Yemen and originally took up arms against the government due to its corruption and inefficiency. Along the way of seeking to reform the Yemen government the group turned into a revolutinary force seeking gain control of a nation in which they were a minority.

Let me explain:

1. Originally, the Houthis had no connection with Iran.

2. The US supported the corrupt Yemen government of President Saleh.

3. Then the US decided they did not like Saleh and backed another guy.

4. A main enemy of the Houthis is al Qaeda. The US is also an enemy of al-Qaeda.

5. Iran,being Shiite, is opposed to al-Qaeda.

6. So, Saudi Arabia has been bombing Houthi forces which now have formed an alliance with the ousted President Saleh.

If you can explain this situation, then you belong in Congress since not a single one of those jokers can explain this situation!

Dark Secrets Remain Hidden

These days stories emerge every so often about the good old days under the regime of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld when Muslim men were taken as prisoners and wound up in some hell hole far away from the good old USA. These “dark prisons” were simply an opportunity for members of the CIA to torture men, and since this brutality did not occur on American soil, who would know anything about it? The Polish government is admitting there were “black sites” where men were tortured.

Part of the problem of this campaign is that X number of prisoners were turned into American authorities for the reward or to get even with an enemy. Since these men were not allowed the semblance of a trial, how could they deny their guilt. The other aspect of this programs that it set in motion policies that encouraged government, whether under a Republican or a Democratic president to abuse the Constitution. Crying “wolf” is not a policy, it is an excuse to violate American law.

Defend Self Against Kids!

We all agree that being a policeman is a dangerous occupation. That is not subject to debate. At the same time it has become one situation after another in which some youngster is shot because he poses a “threat” to a cop. Tamir Rice WAS an eleven year old child before being blasted away in a playground by a policeman who was simply defending his life against a child. The same old mantra is being used by police:

1. A report of a possible criminal in a park.

2. Rush to the scene and see a 12 year old kid playing with a “gun.” It is NORMAL for 12 year old boys to play with toy guns.

3. But, he was black and all black kids come across as at least 20 years old.

4. Sorry, it is simply the same old tune. How about when in a playground TALKING WITH THE CHILD BEFORE BLASTING AWAY?

There is one certain outcome, no member of the police force will be punished.

Question: How come dozens of white men walk around the streets of Texas with a gun and no one shoots them??

On Religious Objections

An ongong mantra of the Republican party and its allies on the Supreme Court is that our Founding Fathers would have supported ideas such as I can refuse to obey laws because of my religious feelings. The First first article in the Bill of Rights makes clear there is a separation between religion and law. In North Carolina they have passed a law that allows GOVERNMENT officials from refusing to preside over same sex marriages. At this moment, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson are turning over in their graves!

1. How about: it is against my religious belief to pay taxes?

2. It is against my religious belief to teach children of another faith in my high school classes.

3. It is against my religious belief to sit next to a woman while on a plane.

And, so on and so on about this madness.

And, these same people are worried about Sharia Law?

Recep The Great Erdogan

Given the madness that currently envelops the Middle East it is wonderful to receive some good news. The people of Turkey have turned their backs on authoritarian rule and hate by rejecting the attempt by President Recep Erdogan to establish a modified version of the authoritarian state. He wanted to receive 60% of the vote in order to end democracy in Turkey and wound up with 41%. The people of Turkey sent a message that Israelis might learn– a modern society does not need leaders who preach hate nor does it need leaders who use the media to destroy those ho oppose.

It is now clear that a coalition of women, gays, free speech advocates, and journalists combined to ensure that Turkey returned to the path of democracy and ended the Erdogan attempt to stifle free speech and restore religion to a prominent place in society. This was a victory for secular forces. How about a similar coalition in Israel to end the theocracy that increasingly exerts power??