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Rand Paul In Race

Senator Rand Paul is somewhat of an enigma in the race for the presidency of the United States of America. OK, he “sees an America that is strong enough to deter foreign aggression, yet sure enough to avoid unnecessary aggression.” It is now clear that Rand Paul is taking a strong stand for or against aggression. That is clear. Rand believes there are limits as to what the US can or should do, but he wants the American people to know there are no limits as to what it can do if it decides to do something. He is against more spending before he is for more spending to keep us strong. He does not want more taxes on those who create jobs but hew does want this nation to care for those without. He is definitely a compassionate Republican in an era when there are few such creatures who belong to the Republican party. Oh, and he wants term limits on those who serve in Congress.

The Rand Paul Platform

I will reduce taxes and end the deficit.

I will ensure that no one goes without health care and end the Affordable Care Act.

I will deter aggression while keeping American soldiers at home.

I will end the murder of black boys and keep the Federal government away from local police forces.

On Sunday I will sleep.

Ayatollahs Speak

There are times when I can not tell the difference between the Great Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and leaders of the Republican party in Congress. Both have problems with the recent agreement between Iran and the six powers. On one hand, the Ayatollah said the agreement maintained the honor of Iran, but on the other hand, he has deep concerns with the agreement. He, along with Bibi Netanyahu and John Boehner wants some changes.

1. He insists that sanctions end yesterday.

2. He does not want the west to examine military sites.

3. “I am neither for or against the deal.

4. “NO deal is better than a bad deal.”

5. “The other side may want to stab us in the back.”

6. “It is too early for congratulations”

Bib Netanyahu

1. No deal is better than a bad deal

2. Iran is ready to stab us in the back

3. It is too early for congratulations.

4. I do not oppose a deal with Iran, only this is a bad deal.

From one Ayatollah to another!

People With Bad Ideas

There is a popular view among conservatives in America that the cause of all and any problem in this nation stems from those who have bad ideas. Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, you name the person, and they will carefully explain that we do not have any economic or social issues in this nation, any and all problems stem from the bad ideas of that man in the White House. According to Fox News this nation is engaged in a great war, and the war is all about who has the right ideas. Naturally, those with bad ideas are members of the Democratic party and all it takes to get this nation back to happiness and prosperity is to elect people who have the right ideas.


Raise taxes on wealthy. This idea violates the Ten Commandments of our Lord Jesus Christ

Give people food stamps. They will just spend the money on liquor and gambling.

Rebuild our infrastructure, this leads to people driving on Sunday when they should be in church praying.

Talk rather than shoot when encountering a black boy on the streets.

Enable women to get power in business, that means they are not at home with the kids.

Pass a law in Congress that controls business power, this means less money from lobbyists.

Then again, pass any law in Congress.

Talk with Iran rather than bombing that land.

Oppose our greatest mind in the Middle East, Bibi Netanyahu.

Oh, for people with GOOD IDEAS!

Where Has Water Gone?

A little tune for those in the state of California.

Where has all the water gone
Long time since I saw it
Where has all the water gone
Long time since I drank it

Where has all the water gone
In this state of drought
Where has all the water gone
From this parched mouth?

Republicans say God is angry
Republicans say weather is just normal
Republicans insist nothing has changed
Just get on knees and God will hear

Where has all the water gone
We know water is really here
Just vote for Jeb
And, watch that water flow!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Why is it OK to hack other nations but it is not OK for them to hack us?

Rand Paul is not a chip off the block of his dad.

Some day someone will explain the fighting in Yemen so I can understand it.

Long time since I head from Rick Santorum.

Whatever happened to Herman Cain?

Then again, when does Rick Perry speak out about something?

We live in strange times with strange people.

Rand Paul Enters The Fight

The silly season has arrived as on after another people who are Republicans decides it is time to enter their name in the race to end the Clinton dynasty. Rand Paul has thrown his hat into the ring and uttered words of wisdom to the American people. Rand Paul is for tax cuts, then again, who is not for them. He wants to limit the number of terms one can serve in Congress–an interesting new idea. He wants to end the “warrentless surveillance of the NSA.” Ok, we agree. He wants to repeal any law that disproportionately incarcerates people of color. I am not certain is that applies only to people of black color or does it apply to those of white color. He wants the American people to know that “the enemy is radical Islam and not only will I name the enemy, I will do whatever it takes to defend America from their hate.” I think that is what our government presently is doing.

At no point does Rand Paul address a few problems

1. Student debt problem.

2. Our crumbling infrastructure problem.

3. The economic inequality problem.

4. The problem of not enough high paying jobs.

Oh well, just listen in during the silly season and note if anyone speaks about these problems

Oh Yemen, You Must Suffer

The situation in Yemen has gone from sad to ridiculous. There are so many conflicting groups shooting at one another it is simply impossible to know who is on which side of this madness.

1. The Houthi originally were opposed to their enemy, al-Qaeda. Today, the Shiite Houthi work with this group.

2. Former President Saleh once worked closely with the CIA. Today, he is working with al-Qaeda.

3. Former President Hadi is now against the former president and Houthi while years ago he worked with them.

4. Al Qaeda which was fighting the Houthi and Shiite Iran is now working with these groups.

5. Saudi Arabia which was on the sidelines is now leading the fight against the Houthi.

6. The Americans used to support Saleh and Hadi but now are unclear who to support.

The only thing that is clear is that thousands of innocent people are dead and thousands more will die.

The entire issue is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Oh, I forgot, blame this on Obama

Russia Hacks White House

President Obama and the American government are upset because Russia hacked the White House. For some reason, he believes that other nations have no right to hack into any American facility. This is an interesting approach given that America hacks into each and every nation’s facilities. Heck, we even hacked the emails of German Prime Minister Angela Merkel!! Name any nation that has escaped the attention of the NSA, the CIA and God knows which other American spy agency over the past two decades? What we need in the world is:

1. A day each year in which other nations can hack into your records. Just one day.

2. Or, we could just reveal all those secrets that really are not secrets. After all, there are over one million Americans who have access to Top Secret. Heck, when I was in the US Army I was cleared for NATO Secret!

3. How about a Share the Secret Holiday?

4. It would be wonderful if the US government actually shared with the American people some of the secrets they know about each and everyone of us.

5. Why not simply inform President Putin he can access any of the following twenty secrets in exchange for seeing twenty of his secrets?

Enough withe the secret game.

Bibi, Foreign Policy Expert?

Members of the Republican party and a lot of Democratic Senators regard Israel Prime Minister as an expert on the Middle East. Here is the record:

1. In 1992, Bibi insisted that Iran was a few years away from having an atomic bomb.

2. In 2002 Bibi insisted that America had to invade Iraq and end the menace of Saddam.

3. In 2003, Bibi insisted that Iran was a few years away from an atomic bomb.

4. When Bibi took over leadership of Israel, its closest ally was Turkey and the IDF and Turkish army units conducted joint exercises. Today, Turkey is furious at Israel due to attacks on its ships and murder of
Turkish citizens.

5. In 2010 Bibi insisted that Iran was close to having an atomic bomb.

6. Bibi believes the solution we should follow is to bomb Iran.

7. Hezbollah in Lebanon has 30,000 missiles which will be sen toward Israel in case of war.

8. The prior three heads of Mossad insist that attacking Iran would be a mistake.

So, why is Bibi an expert??

Bibi Never Gives UP

It is understandable that Bibi Netanyahu is upset because the good old days when American forces fought and died in Iraq is no longer possible. Bibi is a fighter who never gives up regardless of the fact the guy he is fighting wants to end violence and work for peace. Of course, Bibi and his buddies in Congress are convinced that Iranians can not be trusted and the only land in the Middle East which can is ISRAEL. So, examine the record:

Israel launched an attack in 1956 against Egypt until told to stand down by President Eisenhower–a Republican.

Israel launched an attack in 1967 and won the Six Day War.

Israel invaded Lebanon in the 1980s

Israel has four times invaded the Gaza Strip.


Anyway, Yuval Steinitz, Israel minister strategic affairs said that military action is possible against Iran. “It was on the table. It is still on the table. It’s going to remain on the table.”More words of peace from Israel.