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Donald Being Presidential

In fairness to Donald Trump one should note that he never stated that President Obama was a Muslim nor did he say that Obama was a charter member of ISIS. However, he did remind one and all that Obama’s father was African born. So, what did he say:

“He doesn’t get it o he gets it better than anybody else. It’s either one or the other  and either one is unacceptable. This man has no clue. They’re something going on, He doesn’t want to see what’s happening. And, that could be.” Donald wanted to make clear that he alone knows how to stop bad guys. He alone know-how to halt terrorism. I am a bit confused. Back during the Vietnam war he had a chance to wipe out the communists, but for some reason, he begged for a deferment. I do not understand this man.He calls John McCain a loser for getting captured, but when he had the chance to be brave, he sort of went the other way.

I guess if President Trump issues the call to war, we know where he will be–fucking some broad far, far, away from the action!

Bill O’Reilly Bullshit!

Stephen  Colbert decided to have the master bullshit artist on his program to discuss the Orlando massacre. Colbert got in a few important points to refute the lies and distortion of the Fox News incompetent observer on the human condition. Yes, Bill, did agree there should be laws regulating which type guns should be allowed. He justified the ‘right to bear arms’ on America fighting the Revolution in 1776. He said: “the fact that every American had guns was responsible for winning the Revolution.


1. George Washington actually only won about five battles during the Revolution. The American revolutionaries were aided by the French. At the last battle when the British surrendered most of the troops were French, and the French navy had blockaded the British.FACT: In  1776 most Americans did NOT own guns.

2. Bill wants the US to “declare war on ISIS.” He said if we did so then NATO would enter the fight. FACTS: NATO forces have been fighting in Afghanistan since 2002. There currently ARE NATO soldiers in that country.

3. Bill insists that we “have to wipe out ISIS.”FACTS: During the past year, ISIS has lost forty percent of what it conquered in Iraq and soon will lose control of Fallujah. Most probably, Iraq forces will take Mosul within the year and that basically will end ISIS in Iraq.

4. Bill wants to get tough on Islamic terrorism. He wants to wipe out ISIS in Syria. FACTS: ISIS is only one of about a dozen Islamic groups fighting in Syria. If we follow the O’Reilly plan, Syria would once again be ruled by President Assad. It was Assad who CAUSED the rebellion in Syria!

Bill O’Reilly knows as much about world affairs as he does about American and his poorly written books are laughed at by historians!

Shoot And Kill If You Are A Christian

During the past thirty years there have been one after another mass shooting in schools. From Columbine to children in an elementary school a white person who was of the Christian faith walked into a school and blasted away. As far as I know, NOT A SINGLE MEMBER OF THE MEDIA IDENTIFIED THE KILLERS AS CHRISTIANS! There have been mass shootings in American schools during the entire 20th century. FACT: the killers in every single case were white Christians. Actually the worse bombing of a school occurred during the 1920s when a janitor exploded a bomb.

I  realize during the coming days and weeks and months, Republicans will insist there is something violent about the Muslim religion. For some reason, Muslims lack the peaceful feelings, attitudes and behavior of those who practice the Christiaan religion. Well, examine the record:

World War I– about twenty million Christians killed by Christians.

World War II: Over thirty million Christians and Jews murdered by Christians.

World War II — over seven million people killed by the Japanese Army which was did not contain a single Muslim.

The Vietnam War–Over four million killed by Americans, Vietnamese and not a single Muslim in the armed forces.

Statistically, the Christian religion holds the record for the  most mass killings of any religious group in history.

Donald Given Summer Present

I do not have a doubt in the world that each night when little Donald gets on his knees to pray his prayer is always the  hope that some nut case who is of the Muslim religion massacres some people in America. Actually, he has no concern if those who are slaughtered are in the Middle East. When such killings occur, as far as Donald is concerned, ‘good riddance to bad rubbish.” His only hope is that Muslim terrorists are on his side.

We know that Omar Marteen purchased weapons of mass slaughter in a legal manner, after all this is the United States of America where any deranged person can invoke his Second Amendment right to shoot and kill. We know that he is or was a Muslim. According to his father, Omar was also very upset that he saw two men kissing. We now have a great debate that will rage for months to come. Was this a HATE CRIME? Was this a crime committed by a MUSLIM TERRORIST?

Regardless, this is THE event that Donald Trump prayed would occur in order to divert attention from his crude racist statements. Well,thanks to ISIS, he received a summer present.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Hillary  hit a Grand Slam homer last night.

Now, it is time for Bernie Sanders to stand up for the American people.

Some day Donald will explain how the GREAT WALL will lead to more jobs.

Pardon me, it will lead to jobs for those constructing it– Hispanic workers.

Donald’s idea of behaving presidential is to lower the tone of his tirades.

It is now necessary for Republican congressmen to hold their nose when voting in November.

These days I feel sorry for Paul Ryan, he looks so sad when the name, Donald Trump is mentioned.

Whatever Happened To?

Just in case you missed out on where some folks are and what they are doing, we offer some information.

Ben Carson: He is selling lots of books and making lots of money.

Newt Gingrich: He might have had the VP slot with Donald Trump, but  he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut about the American Hispanic Judge who was insulted by Donald

George and George and Jeb Bush are far far away from any Republican convention and will make certain they do not attend one until 2020.

Carly Fiorina is seeking to get an invite to the Tump place so she can show off her wares–sorry,Carly, he likes the GREATEST BOOBS and you just don’t rate.

Rand Paul is downing drinks to fight the depression he has for endorsing Donald Trump.

The third guy in the early Democratic debates.Heck, I forgot his name and so has America.

Ted Cruz  is visiting shoe stores to find the most exciting cowboy boots so he can pretend to be a Texas Ranger.

John Kasich is visiting ice cream parlors in order to win the contest as to who was the  best Republican ice cream candidate.

Go Easy On Rapists

There is an  ongoing trend in many courts in America to find some excuse why a college student who rapes just should not be severely punished. Brock Allen Turner is a college swimmer who raped a women and when he was convicted the court of Judge Aaron Persky i Santa Clara County in California the crime wound up imposing a severe SIX MONTH SENTENCE on the rapist! There is now a movement to have a recall referendum that would send the Judge back home and stay out of any court.

The real issue is why have so many college rapists not been sentenced to long sentences? The answers are apparent:

1. There still persists the theme of ‘college boys just have to get their excess energy out and sex is one good way.

2. The defendants usually are from the middle or upper classes and who wants nice white boys in jails with bad black or Hispanic rapists?

On Political Correctness

Back in the 1950s, Clyde Lynch was head of Lebanon Valley College and helped raise money to build a gymnasium.So, the  grateful folks named the gym after him. Fast forward to 2016 and one discovers students at this college angry, mad, furious that their gym is named: Lynch! After all, everyone knows about the lynching of African Americans in US history. Actually, the word, ‘lynch’ derives from the American  Revolution when some white men were lynched. Of the approximately 5,000 people lynched in American history, about 4,000 were blacks and the other thousand were white, Indian, or Asian. One was Jewish.

How about?

1. Cease calling the Ronald Reagan Airport after him, after all: “raygun is also a weapon of destruction and that is not nice for children to express.

2. Remove the name, ‘Harding’ from all federal buildings. After all, President Warren Harding was the only president to fuck a woman in a White House closet! He abused women!

3. I want to end all use of George Washington’s name. Think about it:  Washing ton can refer to women washing a ton of clothes and use of that name abuses women!

4. Woodrow Wilson was a segregationist so why allow use of his name anywhere. Of course, Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and Jackson also had slaves.

5. John Adams and his son used the word, ‘Adam’ which we know was the original person and neither one of them checked with the original Adam if they could use his name!

Stopsky is either the name of Chief Stop Sky or in Russian, ‘son of a drunkard.’ Personally, I don’t mind being called an Indian.

Paul Ryan Still Not Certain

During the past few weeks, House Speaker Paul Ryan has been desperately endeavoring to discover some rational to support the candidacy of Donald Trump. He does not agree with the Trump ideas on our economy, on taxation, on  foreign policy, on women, on blacks, but so what, he so wanted to endorse the guy who faces Hillary Clinton. So, three days ago he finally announced his support.

A few days pass and now Paul Ryan is facing a dilemma. Trump denounced Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel on grounds he is a “Mexican” although he was born in America. So, what else could Ryan do but make clear: “look at the comment about the judge, just was out of left field in my mind. It’s reasoning that I don’t relate to, I completely disagree with the thinking behind that.”

However, Paul will continue to support Donald Trump!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25year  old mind trapped in an 85year old body.


Whatever happened to Rick Perry, never hear from him these days?

Muhammad Ali is dead, at least he made 74 years, how many boxers can say that?

Theoretically, if ISIS continues blowing self up, they eventually will disappear.

A modern miracle, Donald Trump does not send a twitter about why he dislikes someone.

By the Trump logic, since I am Jewish, this disqualifies me from being on any jury related to a case involving a Muslim–or a Christian, for that matter.

New York Yankees, dead last in batting, no longer the Bronx Bombers!

I really wonder what Paul Ryan thinks about his decision to support Donald Trump?

Silence of the Powerful–not a word from any Bush family member about this election.

Pray tell, is a Kardashian, animal, vegetable or mineral?

So, what does Bernie Sanders do for an encore?

Just once, Hillary, say, “fuck you Donald!”

Its Golden State Warriors all the way, sorry, LeBron.