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Jeb Bush At Debate

Jeb sort of said some things at the debate that sort of, not exactly totally,but sort of allowed him to come across as someone who actually had an intelligent idea. There is no question that Jeb is just as tough as brother George. He wants to establish a No Fly zone in Syria, he wants to wipe out ISIS, and boy, this is one boy who can really handle any Muslim terrorist group. After all, his brother wiped out Saddam Hussein. As far as Jeb is concerned, if only we had not pulled out of Iraq there would not be any problems. It was all the fault of the dude born in Africa who simply lacks the balls of the great George Bush.

Gee, Jeb, President Obama was carrying out the time table established by some dude named George Bush. So, tell me Jeb, would you have allowed American troops to remain in Iraq if they could be arrested for a local crime and tried in a Sharia court? I sort of have a hunch those Republican religious nuts would have gone sort of wild with anger.

Anyway, we know that Jeb is one tough dude.

Rand Paul In Debate

Rand Paul stands at the end of the group in more ways than physically. He is completely the opposite of others on the stage. Actually, Rand Paul is the only traditional conservative in the crowd. He opposes any military effort in the Middle East, he points out in a very quiet voice that if one does what Carly desires and creates a “No Fly” are in Syria, that means some Russian planes might get shot down. Has anyone informed Carly that Russia has in its possession a few hundred atomic bombs. Rand understands the consequence of doing something in the name of being tough that ends up destroying the world.

Rand is against regulations.Then again, so is every Republican on the stage against “regulations.” Listening to him and the others blast any and all regulations leads one to wonder would they allow regulations in sport activities? Rand mumbled something about returning power to the states. I hate to inform this group but we once did that–the Articles of Confederation–which worked exactly as Republicans desire –no federal government and power to the states.

The result of this fiasco was the Constitutional Convention which created a strong federal government.

A Bush In Hand

The American people have experienced three men whose last name is BUSH. The father George H.W.Bush, unlike his sons, joined the military in World War II and fought with honor and courage in combat. He alone of those with the name of Bush can look in the mirror of time and feel proud for his accomplishments. He supported civil rights,he refused to allow Israel to push the United States around, and he did urge his son, George to think twice about going to war

George H.W. to son. “You know how tough war is son, you’ve got to try everything to avoid it.” Sorry, the son did NOT know anything about war, he avoided it during the Vietnam war.
George H.W. on Rumsfeld: “An arrogant fellow. I think he served the president badly. There’s a lack of humility, a lack of seeing what the other fellow thinks. He is more of kick ass man.”

George H.W. on Dick Cheney: “Just an iron-ass.

But, in the end, dad made clear to son, “it’s not Cheney’s fault, it’s the President’s fault. The buck stops there.

Let’s Have An Auction

Someone, somewhere decided to purchase the last remaining firs class menu for the Titanic voyage and the going rate for this precious piece of knowledge was $118,750. We thought there are other items that might be auctioned off.

1. The bullet that killed the American Ambassador in Benghazi. Definitely worth at least two more years of Congressional investigations of the bullet.

2. The entire bank account of Marco Rubio which is worth at least 100,000 votes.

3. A picture of Chris Christie all naked taking a shower. Would you pay $2 for this photo?

4. The tape of a conversation between Jeb and George Bush in which they discuss the best policy to handle Islamic terrorists. How about a $1.50?

5. The tape of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz discussing handling Hispanic immigrants. A jump of 1% in the polls.

6. Dick Cheney hunting when he shoots a friend instead of the deer. This is worth a free trip for him to Iran–all expenses paid.

Jeb Bush Hates Government

Today is Friday and Jeb Bush is pushing a new idea in order to obtain the Republican nomination for president. “We’re Americans, damn it. The government is a parasite –we’re the host.” When asked about his energy level which came under criticism from Donald Trump, the junior bush made clear, “I actually have good energy every night.” And, no doubt, twice as much on Sunday–he is a good Catholic.

My problem with the statement.

Jeb Bush served as Governor of the state of Florida. His brother served as a President of the United States. His father served as a President of the United States. Stop me if I am wrong, but those positions place the person as HEAD OF A GOVERNMENT! So, who are you–the parasite or the host??

New Debate Rules For Republicans

Members of the Republican party who are running for the office of president are very upset. They simply do not like the manner in which moderators pose questions. They do not want any pictures of any of them sweating. They want the room temperature to be set at 67 degrees.They insist on the right to censor graphics shown during the debate. They are really upset when the camera shows no one at his or her podium. And, most of all they do not like any “gotcha questions”

In the interest of fairness, we suggest some new rules:

1. Ben Carson should only be posed questions dealing with heart surgery. After all, he lacks any knowledge of anything other than that topic.

2. Jeb Bush should be allowed to have brother George take his place using the name,Jeb.

3. Carly should only be asked questions dealing with how one goes about laying off people. Allow her to play to her strength.

4. Donald should be allowed to discuss his ventures into the world of real estate.

5. Ted Cruz should be allowed to discuss his childhood in Canada.

6. I think Marco Rubio should be allowed to discuss why Cuban refugees were worthy immigrants unlike those from Mexico.

7. John Kasich should only be posed questions dealing with his life in Ohio.

And, at the beginning and end of the debate they all should be allowed to sing: “Onward Christian Soldiers.”


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia,Moscow Times: “Bike Season Closed”

This is Putin Russia, hunting season open for gays and lesbians!

Canada, Toronto Star: “Carson Leads Trump”

In stupidity?

Denmark,Copenhagen Post: “Are You Danish Enough?”

Well, I do eat a Danish each day.

China, China Daily: “Purpose Of Tests”

To fail kids?

Sweden, Local: “Limit Of Capacity”

Sorry, there is no limit of the capacity of Republican candidates to prove their ignorance.

Republican Junior Varsity

Everyone is discussing performances by Trump or Carson or Rubio and the disappearing Jeb Bush, but no one talks about the junior varsity of Republicans who performed prior to the main event. So, in tribute to these valiant fellows who seek, somehow, and in some way, to gain your attention, here goes.

There is a candidate named George Pataki. Actually, if you asked ten New Yorkers who is George Pataki not a single one could remember he once was governor of the state of New York. He is sort of the disappearing type of person. Once seen, forever forgotten. Frankly, it is difficult to recall any words from him, although I DO know he was present.

For some reason, Rick Santorum has abandoned those wonderful sweaters he wore the last time around. He now wears a suit and tie. I do know that the is a Catholic and dislikes anything gay in his life. Frankly, it is difficult to recall anything that he says other than he is against taxes. Then again, which Republican is for them?

Ah,Lindsay Graham, the poor man’s John McCain. He wants ACTION. He wants boots on the ground in Syria, American boots that is. He wants to blast away at those evil ISIS fellows. I believe he is akin to a man leading a crowd only to discover that when he turns around, the crowd has disappeared.

I have a hunch that unless Jeb gets his act together, he might wind up on the junior varsity.

Say, how about Dick Cheney for President!

Republican Debate–Marco Rubio

“Oh Jeb, I know that I failed to get your permission to skip the Senate today and come to this gathering of the best minds in the Republican party, but as you so eloquently put it the other day, blah, blah, blah. I have a plan. Yes, a comprehensive plan to cut taxes, hell, to end taxes and get this country back on the road to prosperity. So you commentators want the specifics, how about telling the people in this audience why you guys never asked Hillary, Bernie and the three Stooges such questions?

Actually, my plan is simple. Cut taxes for every family and person under the age of 45 and get them spending their tax cut money on gadgets, on cars, on houses. Cut taxes on the wealthy so they would have incentive to create jobs. After all, if you have a spare ten billion, it stands to reason that you will use that money to stimulate the economy. After all, who are the real real Americans–children of immigrants like me who made billions and want to give it back to the American people.

OH, and Jeb Bush was the secret lover of Hillary while she was going through those problems with Bill. So, Jeb, prove me wrong!”

Republican Debate –Chris Christie

“I’m the governor of the state of New Jersey, not some hick state like this Iowa where their idea of a good time is watching cows moo. I’m one important man, I am a fucking GOVERNOR! OK, so there was this stuff about some fucking bridge, who gives a hoot about bridges,the Republican Congress sure doesn’t. Now, I am the most bombastic person on this stage. Just let me get on a stage with Hillary, she will learn not to mess with a New Jersey boy who is connected, and when I say, connected, watch out for the bullets.

Sorry, Donald, I was the one who made Atlantic City a spot on the map. What’s that you say, it used to be important and now is a spot. Bullshit, no one talks to someone from New Jersey like that. Now, if you want to wipe out Hillary, just send me in. Not a fucking one of you knows how to play dirty, New Jersey style.

So, what’s my program? Blast away at Hillary and let a few bodies drop. Let me put it this way, if I said the idiotic things you people spout on this platform, they would send me to the nearest nut house in Jersey City!