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Republican Food Fight

This strange election season is now witnessing members of the Republican party fighting with one another more than they fight with Democrats. It is incredible to believe that Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck are insulting a Republican candidate for president. Conservative writer,  Bill Kristol is shocked by the thought of Donald Trump as president, he hates Hillary Clinton, and has concluded the only hope is to vote for anyone other than the two twins of incompetence.

However, Sean Hannity is convinced that Donald Trump must be elected. OK, Donald insulted Fox News correspondents, and continues to insult Hispanics, and gays and women, but, what the heck, his name is not Hillary Clinton. Frankly, this is a new development in modern conservatism. Hate and anger, insults and barbs go back and forth between Republicans while Hillary stands off  to the side with a smirk on her face. Rush did make one interesting comment: “I never took him seriously.” That sums up the attitude of many Republicans, how could the idiot guy actually win the nomination?

He did.

Madness Of 2016

How can one describe the current race for the  presidency? On one hand is a politician who has been engaged in politics since God knows when,on the other hand is a man who has zero knowledge about the world, and crazy ideas as to how this nation can address the economic and social problems that must be solved. Just about each day one wonders what next as far as Hillary is concerned.   Is it an email, is it a meeting she had with  some wealthy person in which the guy gave money to the Clinton Foundation, or is it something that happened to one of her aides? It goes on and on and on.

Donald Trump continues to shout about his Plans to build walls or to send back eleven  million people while his followers shout and scream him on. Imagine having eleven million customers leave the nation, how many jobs will be lost? This is an election in which neither candidate is trusted by the mass of voters. Yes, Hillary does have some excellent ideas, but how in hell did she get so twisted in decisions about her damn computer?

In the end, the last person standing will become the president of this nation. OH, standing. Now, even that has become the new controversy. Mr. Kaepernick does not want to stand, and so, in this nutty  year, that has become an issue. How about switching places, Kaine vs Pence? Now, that might be a solution!

Syria These Days

OK, it is now over four years since the conflict in Syria began. Quick quiz: how did the conflict begin? Who were the initial actors in the conflict? Who is now fighting in Syria? What exactly is the American policy–today, that is– concerning the situation in Syria? What is the Trump policy in Syria — of course, he first must be able to identify exactly where is the nation of Syria. Donald, it is NOT on the border of Mexico.

In all honesty, I doubt if the most informed Syrian expert could answer the above questions. But, to provide some knowledge, here goes:

1.  The US supports Kurdish forces  fighting in Syria.

2. Our ally, Turkey, hates these Kurdish forces and wants to wipe them  out.

3. Russia, Iran, part of Lebanon are supporting the regime of President Assad.

4. There is something called the Free Syrian Army which hates Assad.

5. There are al-Qaeda groups which are fighting for something.

6. There are ISIS forces which want to create a Caliphate.

7. There are millions of refugees, who just want some peace and quiet.

What About Israel?

For some reason the nation of Israel is no longer in the news. The Netanyahu government continues to destroy the rights of Palestinians, their lands are being taken over by Orthodox Jews who simply are carrying out  the words of God. Tamir Pardo, former head of the Israel spy agency, Mossad, urged his fellow Jews to reflect on their current policy of becoming a apartheid state.

“There is no existential threat to Israel, the only real existential threat is the internal division. Internal division can lead to civil war. We are already on the path toward that. Without a diplomatic solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict,  we will never be able to achieve normalization with our  neighbors.”

The problem is that most Israel Jews do not wish to behave as Jews who respect the right of people to govern themselves.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I sure do hope that Ben Carson is still alive and selling his books.

Oh well, just a matter of time before another sex scandal dealing with Bill Clinton.

After departing the presidency, Jimmy Carter built homes for poor people, the Clintons built homes for themselves.

Gee, it would be wonderful if Trump actually laid out a single of his plans to make America Great Again.

Donald Trump is living proof of that old adage–  a sucker is born every minute in America.

In modern America it is easy to convince Americans to vote for them, just mention–emails and Foundations.

In most presidential elections, candidates argued how they would do something, today, they argue they would not be a bigot or use emails.

It is Monday, and time for another immigration plan from Trump.

Colin Kaepernick Statement

For those who do not know, Colin Kaepernick is a quarterback who plays with the San Francisco football team. He has decided to make an important statement. Colin will not stand for the national anthem. I assume it is a statement against American racism, and to prove his point,,Colin will remain seated.

The assumption of Colin Kaekpernick is that everything in the present or  past of American history is related to racism and bigotry. However, Martin Luther King or fighters for human rights such  as Elizabeth Gurley Flynn or Emma Goldman or Rosa Parks somehow  do not belong in the American past or present. Mr. Kaepernick falls into the racist trap of assuming that only whites, and they naturally were all bigots, represent the story of America. By the way, Colin, of the 5,000 who were lynched in America, 1,000 were not black skinned.

I would be more impressed with Colin if he promised to give  up football until after the November election and devote all of his time to registering voters and getting them to the polls. Of course, this would mean no millions for Mr. Kaepernick.

The Body Part Of Texas Are Upon You

There is a famous song known to all inhabitants of Texas, it begins with the line, “The eyes of Texas are upon you.” But, these days students at the University of Texas have changed the meaning of the song. Most students  and faculty members are furious with a new Texas  law that allows any student to enter a classroom, the lunchroom, the office of a professor, the library, heck the student dorm armed to the teeth. As a former college professor, the thought that an angry student upset at his grade could enter my office armed with a gun borders on madness.

University of Texas students decided to fight back. They now carry a toy penis and shout: “Cock But Not Glocks.” They have been informed that carrying a toy penis is not permitted. As students now argue: “We have crazy laws here but this is  far too crazy, that anyone can’t bring a diko, but you can buy a gun.”

All I can say is: “Cock And Load”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


If stupidity was a crime, requiring deportation, this country finally would get rid of its Republicans.

Donald has “plans,” and Hillary has emails. Which of these two is the more boring story?

I must confess that Ryan Lochte does look sincere. However, he reminds me of the kid who mom found in the cookie jar.

How come Sanders and Trump people always talk about IMPORTS but not a word about EXPORTS?

Ironically, the Clinton model was Donald Trump–make gobs of money rather than the Jimmy Carter model of engaging in service to others–without any thought of pay.

Not a word from Donald about the fantastic performance of our Olympic squad–they certainly made Americans feel Great.

How come Great Britain almost passed the one billion Chinese in medals?

Trump supporters on CNN always refer to him as “Mr. Trump” while Clinton supporters frequently say, “Hillary.”

Trump went to Baton Rouge to hand out packages, for some reason, he just never got the urge to go to Vietnam and hand out bullets.

If being a  coward was a virtue, Donald Tump, the draft dodger during the Vietnam war would be a Saint.

I wonder why Donald Trump never once has cited his German ancestry.

Bombs Away In Turkey

The government of President Recep Erdogan is committed to the goal of ending democracy in Turkey. The so-called ‘coup’ attempt by soldiers has been crushed. Of course,no  one knows if this ‘coup’ was organized by President Erdogan as part of a plan to destroy opposition parties. He used this “coup’ as the means of arresting over 50,000 people,including members of the military, judges, lawyers,teachers,professors,deans of colleges,journalists and he made certain to close any and all opposition journals.  These steps were taken in order to “save democracy” from evil opponents of the president.

At the same time as seeking to end democracy, President Erdogan has stepped up his campaign to destroy the rights of Kurds in Turkey. He prefers to fight Kurdish soldiers who oppose Syrian President Assad even though Erdogan wants to end the regime of Assad. Yesterday, a 13 year old boy walked into a marriage ceremony of Kurds and blew himself up. Most probably by ISIS. In one word, Turkey has become a MESS!

What About Exports?

I listen carefully to the speeches of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Both are furious at the loss of “millions of high paying jobs to China.” Their assumption is the reason for decline of certain factory jobs is because business is taking their production to Asia, particularly, the evil China. Just think, we now produce clothes, shoes, assembly of computers and other such “high paying jobs” elsewhere but in America. For some reason, neither Sanders nor Trump ever mention the word, EXPORT.

In June this year, the United States EXPORTED $183 billion in goods to other nations. We IMPORTED, $227 billion from other countries. To simplify, if we ended import of goods from overseas, we might add about 4,000,000 jobs. Of course, since other nations would raise tariffs on our  goods, we might lose 3,000,000 jobs.

Shouting and screaming to rip up  trade deals gets the applause of millions. Unfortunately, if we do as Trump and Sanders urge, there might be millions of jobs lost by Americans. And,many of them would be high paying jobs!