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Khans Exposed!

I am finally sick and tired at these nonstop attacks upon Donald Trump, the only politician who tells it like it is. This Khan husband and wife went on national television to brutally attack a great American, a man who has devoted his life to the uplift of working people, and is the only presidential candidate who lives in a log cabin in the northern part of the Bronx.

So, let’s examine this “Khan” family. Of course, that is not their real name. We have uncovered documentary proof their real name is: Khan al-Qaeda! No one bothered to examine the document Mr. Khan held up. He claimed that it was a copy of the US Constitution. A closer look revealed the name on the book was: Muslim Constitution!

For example, did he really “lose” a son in combat? Really! At no point during his tirade against Donald Trump did Mr.Khan PRODUCE THE BODY OF HIS SON! If his son is really dead, why no public display of the body? Our intensive investigation reveals there is no such “Captain Khan.” Of course, there is a Captain America. This entire episode is simply another of Crooked Hillary’s smear campaign against a true American who has sacrificed for his country. Proof? Donald Trump has in his possession a real Purple Heart!

We challenge Crooked Hillary to produce her Purple Heart!

Another Shootout At OK Corral

First, let me offer an apology because I watch so many Law and Order episodes on TV that somehow I got the idea there were police negotiators who worked to avoid shooting incidents. But, day after day, there is always a story in which some person with, or without  a gun, was confronted by police, and the end result was death from police bullets. Here is the latest:

Koryn Gaines, age 23, and her boyfriend were at home when police appeared with warrants for traffic violations. Ms. Gaines,while holding a child in her arms, stood confronting the police with a  shotgun while shouting: “if you don’t leave, I’m going to shoot you.”

1.Yes, she did fire the first shot.

2. Police fired a round.

3. Gaines blasted away with her shotgun, still holding the baby in her arms.

4. Police then discharged their weapons, and she fell to the ground. By some miracle, the baby was not shot.

Questions: Why didn’t police summon a negotiator while they initially faced her? Why didn’t police remove themselves to a distant position and summon a negotiator?

Sarah Bradshaw On Being Decent

The arrival of Donald Trump to power in the Republican party has compelled a host of long loving members of the party to gaze into the mirror and wonder if they can support this piece of shit. Sarah Bradshaw was a key advisor to Jeb Bush, you know the guy from Texas who refuses to attend any Republican campaign event. She does not want to vote for Hillary Clinton, but has now reached the point where she will, if it is close election. So, why the change?

“As much as I don’t want another four years of Obama’s policies, I can’t look my children in the eye and tell them that I voted for Donald Trump. I can’t tell them to love their neighbors, treat them the way they want to be treated, I won’t do it.” She has left the Republican party. At least for now.

At least Donald is forcing Republicans to confront their religion.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25y year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Donald Trump has as much knowledge of Crimea as Donald Rumsfeld had about Iraq.

If anyone can make sense of what Trump says, they definitely SHOULD vote for him.

I am growing more comfortable with Tom Kaine, he is a nice guy.

Sanders supporters should understand that in 1932, German people like you guys said, “Hitler is no different than the other politicians!”

Anyone Donald Trump insults must be a “little guy.”

I wonder what the Bush family felt when Donald said we should get out of NATO!

These days I really miss the days of Richard Nixon.

Choice Nixon or Trump–Nixon hands down!




Republican Ongoing Talking Points

After Hillary Clinton laid out specific goals, specific actions, and a  vision of tomorrow, the Republican party is still stuck on the most important issue confronting the survival of the American nation–the death of FOUR people in Benghazi! Income inequality, big deal, death of FOUR people, big deal. Hillary discussed what she would do, Donald discusses what he will not do. Of course, he will, if elected proceed with the necessary legal actions necessary to end the great Benghazi debacle.

We suggest that if Republicans are really serious about dealing with the death of Americans, they might launch an investigation into the death of TWO HUNDRED FORTY Marines in Beirut, Lebanon, during the administration of the infamous President Ronald Reagan. For some strange reason, not a single Democrat in Congress asked for an investigation, nor did one seek the removal  of President Reagan for this disaster. Fast forward to 2016, and Republicans simply will not give up regarding the  greatest disaster to ever hit the American people the death of FOUR people!

Bloomberg On Trump

Michael Bloomberg gave a speech at the Democratic convention. He did not speak as a Democrat, nor as a Republican, but as an Independent. He also spoke as a successful businessman. He summed up Donald in one sentence: “I’m from New York and I know a con man when I see one.” As one born in the Bronx, New York, one learns from day  one of life never, ever to trust anyone who boasts that he can make everyone rich tomorrow.

Bloomberg raised some points:

1. Why doesn’t Donald reveal his tax returns? What is he hiding?

2. Actually, the Bloomberg business report claims that Donald has about $2.2 billion rather than ten billion. He also has about $600 million in debt.

3. The Trump organization has experienced multiple bankruptcies which allows to end payment to workers and any business that furnished service.

4. As of this date, Trump has NOT provided any figures that explain how he will bring back jobs with high pay. Of course, he has never explained why  businessmen should pay high wages rather than investing in technology.

5. There is no evidence that workers at Trump businesses earn higher wages than at other organizations.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 2 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


The last words of Hillary Clinton will be: thank God,no more emails!

Debbie Wasserman is a selfish egotist with great pride in being an idiot.

Perhaps, some Republican might explain who and what David Duke is to the great ignorant guy at the head of their ticket.

Once upon a time in American politics political leaders discussed issues,these days they are only concerned about who wrote what.

Donald Trump is NOT a racist. Proof? He had a Muslim imam give a benediction, and at least 20 of the 2,400 delegates were black folks.

Mystery of life–has Donald ever read ONE book on history or foreign relations?

Three hours of nonsense discussion on CNN about the Democrat emails!

Ivan should audition for a new TV series: “Bang,Bang, With Dad.”

Donald Flunks History–Again

It is rather clear that Donald Trump and a history book never formed much of a friendship.  Donald on the origin of the European Union: “the reason it got together was like a  consortium  so that it could compete with the United States.” Now, if Donald Trump had taken my history course,he would have learned:

1. During World War II, most of Western Europe had been destroyed by the German army,and subsequent battles.

2. The American Marshal Plan was designed to help Europe rebuild itself, a condition for assistance from the US was for European nations to work together and share resources. America feared that unless Western Europe was rebuilt, communism might trump in their nations.

3. European nations came together AT THE REQUEST OF THE UNITED STATES. The last thing on their mind was competing with the United States. Their major reason was to restore the destroyed economies.

4. Actually, there was another  reason, American leaders wanted Europe to rebuild, SO THEY WOULD PURCHASE AMERICAN GOODS!!

Donald, have you tried reading a book?


We offer observations on the human condition from a25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Dick Cheney is for Trump, what better reason to vote for Hillary?

I assume the Trump children are auditioning to run for public office.

Donald missed a career as a salesman pitching medicine that cures all ills.

In fairness to Donald, he definitely believes America is a white nation, and he loves it.

At least Ted Cruz has the balls to refuse licking boots.

Some day Chris Christie is actually going to spend some time in New Jersey, the state of which he is governor. At this moment, all road construction has ceased in the state–no allocation of money.

Sorry, I  apologize to Chris, it is all the fault of Hillary for halt in road construction.

Description of the audience– a sea of white faces.

Gee, these days I really miss the happy administration of George Bush.

According to Donald, it is midnight in an America enduring storms and hurricanes.

More Republicans On Donald

The most fascinating aspect of the Trump run for the president is how many Republicans are running in the opposite direction. No Bush attended the convention, no John Kasich, no John McCain, hell, no Sarah Palin. Jim Camp, a noted Republican strategist offered a compelling reason why so many Republicans are not in Cleveland.

“Donald Trump is a narcissistic,, self-centered, miserable example  of a human being. Trump is going to be accepting the nomination tonight, and I don’t want to spend  one day in the party with him as its head.”

There is no prior example in the Republican party of so many of its leaders refusing to attend a convention to select a candidate. Of course, Ted Cruz wound up being booed of the stage when he refused to support Trump for the simple reason, “I’m not a servile lap dog.” Gee, I wonder who he was referring to?