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Where Are They, What Happened, And Why?

I have been in constant contact with very informed sources in Malaysia concerning the so-called missing plane which is somewhere in Asia, we think. According to my sources, it is clear:

1. Vladimir Putin might be the cause of this entire episode.

2. The Israel Mossad secret service could be responsible since there was not a single Jew on the plane! Coincidence?

3. George Bush, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld are possible suspects since they are masters of screw ups and this plane mystery is one big screw up.

4. Why hasn’t Ted Cruz attacked Obama for the disappearance, does it suggest he has something to do with it?

5. The Chinese government is upset because 153 passengers were on the plane and since no dissident was among them, then there is anger in Peiping.

6. Senator John McCain has volunteered to fly a jet to search for the missing plane,and promises not to get shot down and become a prisoner again.

7. Barack Obama wants the world to know this disappearance has no connection with the Affordable Care Act.

8. According to Fox News this episode is simply another example of what happens when you give people food since it enables them to live and take over planes.

Karzai Is For Peace And Security

There is scant doubt anyone who comments about the war in Afghanistan has run out of comments to utter than make any sense. Taliban forces control large areas of the country, the other day a newspaper man in the capital of Kabul was shot to death in the open and they got away. President Hamid Karzai lives in a fantasy world in which once upon a time the people of Afghanistan lived in peace and security until Western nations blasted their way into his nation and created chaos and war. In his fairy tale, due to his brave leadership, an Afghan army was created and they have done most of the fighting. However, their good work is undermined by American and NATO forces that spend their time killing innocent Afghan citizens with their planes and drones. Hamid made clear to his enemies, “I wan tho say to all those foreign countries who maybe out of habit or because they want to interfere, that they should not interfere.” In other words, depart.

In this fantasy world, 93% of the country is safely protected by the Afghan armed forces. Now, if the US really wants to help his nation, Mr. Karzai suggests it should launch a war against Pakistan which is the sanctuary for Taliban forces. Karzai does want the world to know, “I support peace.”

I believe those are wonderful parting words for Americans as they bid goodbye.

America Vs Human Rights

The vat majority of those who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 regarded his victory as one that would result in respect for human rights and the end of brutality in prisons containing those charged with crimes during fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan. It is clear that was a hope deferred. The United Nations human rights committee issued a damning report on the state of human rights in the USA. Among its targets is the infamous Guantanamo prison which still contains 150 human beings that the American government views as risks. It countered questions raised with the argument that detainees in this prison are being kept there “lawfully based under international and American law.” Just read the Bill of Rights which specifically states that people can be kept in jail for years without charges of crime being brought nor an actual trial. The Obama administration argues “continued lawful detention is necessary to protect against a continuing threat.”

OK, fair enough. But, if there was never a specific charge and never a trial to ascertain if the charge was viable, how does anyone know if Mr. X IS the guy who committed the crime? To claim “we think he is”is NOT in accordance with the US Constitution. The unresolved question is: will this damn prison ever close??

The Rise Of Sharia

It was in march, 2003 that President Bush demanded war with Iraq in order to prevent Weapons of Mass Destruction to reign down on America and destroy our nation. He also promised that with victory, the democratic rights of people in Iraq would be restored. Under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein women had equal rights and were free to enter any occupation and decide their own lives. Along came the Americans with democracy and peace. Yes, Saddam was an evil, a cruel, a sadistic ruler, but at least the women of Iraq had the semblance of equality at a level not found in Saudi Arabia, one of America’s allies in the fight for democracy.

America “won” the war in Iraq. It enabled the Shiites to gain power. During the past year thousands have died as a result of terrorism–the terrorism that General Petraeous ended. A new law approved by the Shiite Cabinet would allow girls from age 8 to marry. Women would be forbidden to leave home without permission of husband, and they would be compelled to have sex if hubby demanded. Oh, hubby could have more than one wife.

I assume the women of Iraq are happy America came to free them from sexual freedom.

Perogatives Of Power

There are occasions when one must smile at charges from Dick Cheney about the Obama administration not standing up to terrorism. The only reason Dick and Don and George are not sitting in a jail cell is because Barack Obama has steadfastly refused to open the gates of secrecy and allow Americans entry into the black domain of torture and abuse of power by the former administration. England established the Chilcot Inquiry which has compelled even the former prime minister, Tony Blair, to testify under oath about the lies and misinformation that was fed people in the United Kingdom. Barack Obama should have established a bipartisan committee to investigate abuse of the Constitution, and abuse became legal.

Senator Dianne Feinstein is demanding access to documents dealing with torture and rendition of men charged with crimes to other countries where they were tortured. The White House refuses on grounds, “these documents p;retain to a previous administration..This is about precedent and the need institutionally to protect some of the prerogatives of the executive.” However, this is about CRIMINAL ACTIONS, it is not about what someone said. A crime must result in punishment or there is no law and order in a society.

After the disaster at Pearl Harbor, Congress examined all secret documents in order to identify if anyone was guilty of criminal neglect. Ditto need today.

CIA Vs America

The United States of America didn’t even possess a secret service for the initial hundred years of its existence and life proceeded along. The Office of Strategic Services(OSS) was created during World War II and it did hire communists along with criminals and prostitutes and bankers and baseball players. After the war that organization was replaced by the CIA. During its sixty years of existence it is difficult to identify a single example in which the CIA forecast an important foreign policy event. From the Bay of Pigs disaster to the end of the Soviet Union to 9/11 its track record has been one mistake after another. Senator Dianne Feinstein is now upset because the inept CIA has resorted to spying on the American government. She has been demanding that the CIA provide the Senate Intelligence Committee with documents.

Feinstein charges that the CIA hacked into Senate computers in search of how United States Senators obtained information! “The CIA did not ask the committee or its staff if the committee had access to the internal review or how it got it. Instead the CIA just went ahead and searched the committee computers.”

It is bad enough engaging in torture, another to directly violate the US Constitution!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments

Sweden, Local: “Boycott Sexist Films”

Sounds sexist to me!

Canada, Toronto Star: “Bust Pickpocket Gang”

I guess someone placed their hand in the wrong pocket.

China, China Daily: “China Pledges Strong Stance On Smog”

I assume this means any smog found in China will be sent for re-education!

France, Connexion: “Pilots Call For Flight Boycott”

From now on passengers are responsible for all flying.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Missing Man Found In Cambodia”

I guess he is now, not a missing, but a found man!

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “A Golden Opportunity”

Christie will allow all cars to drive across the George Washington Bridge

Singapore, Straits Times: “I Was Supposed To Be On That Plane”

Plain lucky if you ask me!

Missing Plane Theories

An important goal of this blog is keeping the public up to date regarding breaking news in the world. In an endeavor to discover what happened to the plane that fell from the air and no one knows where it landed, so we asked some experts to explain.

Tea Party: What else do you expect when you elect savages from Africa as your leader? Just another Obama bungle.

George Bush: I think the pilot discovered the Weapons of Mass Destruction and was thus blown out of the sky before he could tell their location.

Rural Christian American: It was the anti-Christ come down to punish we sinners. Remember the plane was loaded with Muslims!

Mitt Romney: If you only allowed the wealthy to fly the skies no such events would ever occur.

Sarah Palin: Did you note that Hillary Clinton was not on the plane? Is that a coincidence?

Vladimir Putin: We had to take defensive action against Fascists from the Ukraine.

Taliban Leader: Mess with us and you can expect to get blown up, you infidel!!

John Boehner: The solution to finding this plane is reducing taxes on the wealthy and emphasizing individualism!

Barack Obama: I know what happened but it would require you to take a graduate course in philosophy before I could explain the entire event.

John McCain: One Word: BENGHAZI!

GOD: I have enough problems explaining you Earth life forms to the other Gods!

Words Of Wisdom From Chairman Huckbee

Confession Time: I confess, at points, being utterly confused when Republican leaders describe the United States of America compared what I experience as to life in the United States of America in dear old conservative St. Louis county. Listening to the recent speech Mike Huckabee gave to the Conservative Political Action Conference left me speechless since I live in a very conservative part of America and nothing he describes is ever witnessed in my daily life. For example:

“I know that the Second Amendment is the only last resort we have in this country to protect all other freedoms that we enjoy and God help us if we every forget that.”
REALITY: Every major political position is held by Republicans.
Guns are available to any and all nut cases seeking to carry them, openly or concealed.

The government is “picking everything from kids’ menus to where they go to school.
REALITY: Since childhood and teaching junior and senior high school in both liberal political settings and very conservative, the School Board set the menu and the School Board decided where kids went to school. This has been going on for over a hundred years!

“There’s something wrong when the government kidnaps children from their families.”
REALITY: I watch Law and Order and other such programs which depict how the government seeks to find kidnapped children. So, what the hell is this nut case talking about???

I Reserve The Right…

Each day I give a blessing to God that he has made certain that America is defended by his chosen son, Ted Cruz, and the brave men and women of the Tea Party. These brave souls have been fighting to preserve the right of every God fearing decent Christian in America to have the right to decide whether he or she has to serve the pervert gays and lesbians. I thought it might be beneficial to list the rights which every Christian is entitled to in the United States of America:

1. I reserve the right to look you in the eye and decide that you are a gay and lesbian and then refuse any service requested.

2. I reserve the right to not pay income taxes since my religion forbids supporting a government that hates Jesus Christ.

3. I reserve the right to shoot anyone whose gaze toward me sends a chill down my back.

4. I reserve the right to have those with black skins walk on the other side of the street. Check the Constitution if you doubt this right!

5. I reserve the right to insist that teachers who teach my children have a white skin and are of the Christian faith.

6. I reserve the right to live in a neighborhood with those of my religious faith.

7. I reserve the right to have the power to do whatever any right I want insists that I do.