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Crazy Times In Congress

I suspect that the infamous letter from 47 members of the Republican party that was sent to Iran is the first time in American history that a freshman Senator, led the way in American foreign policy.This stunt was the brainchild of Senator Cotton of the great state of Arkansas. The essential argument of these Republicans is that President Obama, once again is “trampling the Constitution” by making executive decisions. Republican congressmen insist the actions of Barack Obama have never previously been employed by any real American president. Look at the record:

In 1975 Republican President Ford signed an executive agreement known as the Helsinki Accords without consent of the Senate.

In 1982 Republican President, St.Ronald Reagan signed the US-USSR Strategic Arms Reduction agreement.

In 1984, St. Ronald signed a Nuclear Agreement with COMMUNIST CHINA!

And so on and so on. Thousands of such presidential executive agreements have been made. Senator Rand Paul told Secretary of State John Kerry that President Obama was “trampling the Constitution”and we “want you to obey the law.”

If one is ignorant of history than one is simply ignorant.

Ignorance Is Bliss To Republicans

The Republican ongoing mantra is that any and all problems in Iraq are the fault of Barack Obama who failed to support the Iraq army and thus led to the rise of ISIS or ISIL or IS, whatever you desire to term that group of murderers. Lost in Republican arguments is any sense of what happened in the Middle East ever since George Bush created a mess that will last for decades. The invasion of Iraq was the greatest foreign policy blunder in American history and it came under the administration of the Republican party. Examine the current situation in Iraq:

1. ISIS took power when four divisions of the Iraq army simply dropped their weapons and fled the battle ground.

2. The Iraq government led by Prime Minister Maliki-who was placed in power by George Bush– attacked Sunnis and created ISIS.

3. President Obama fought to create a new Iraq government.

5. This government, like all Iraq governments since the end of Saddam Hussein, gazes to Iran for help.

6. An Iranian trained Iraq army is now poised to recapture Tikrit and head for Mosul.

According to General Dempsey “There is no doubt that the combination of Popular Mobilisation Forces and the Iraq Security Forces are going to run ISIS out of Tikrit.”

George Bush won another victory in Iraq. His enemy, Iran, just got more power in that land.

So, blame the situation on Barack Obama.

Power Struggles In Russia

In the corridors of power within Russia there are daily fights and conflicts among those who rule this land. Once a nation does away with democracy the only result is to create an empire in which the struggle for power is the main issue of the day. Vladimir Putin is emperor of all he surveys which means those below him fight among themselves as to who will be close to power and who will most please the emperor. Every empire has witnessed such conflicts, but within the Empire of Russia the conflict goes on and on. Some worry who last saw the emperor, who had dinner with him, who was with him on his latest contest against a bear, and who does he anoint with power to run the country? Boris Nemstov is dead. He was among the leading enemies of the emperor. So, it is natural for someone within the hierarchy to proclaim that HE was responsible for the death of this threat to power in the land.

It now appears there is a conflict between those in the Federal Security Service(FSB) and some folks out in Chechnya as to who most helps the emperor. FSB chief Alexander Bortnikov wants the emperor to know that he ordered the murder of Nemstov while Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyov wants to claim credit for this murder. The dogs of hate fill the government of Vladimir Putin and each will kill those who oppose their quest for power. The only question is whether the end result is murder of Putin himself?

The Fire This Time

The event occurred outside the headquarters of the Ferguson, Missouri police department. There is no doubt this incident will be welcomed by those who work for Fox news since it proves once again that there is no war against black Americans in this land, but the group which remains at risk is those with white skins. Two WHITE police officers were simply standing at the steps of headquarters gazing off in the distance while a small group of BLACK people were protesting. I have no idea why black folks should be protesting against white men since we all know the primary directive in the Ferguson police department is to protect citizens from this community against violence. Oh, I realize there are some MUSLIM terrorists in this community whose only goal in life is to murder innocent white people, but if not for the support these bad people receive from blacks, this community would be at peace.

It was simply a matter of time before the fires of hate exploded against white cops in Ferguson. The fires last time led to the death of black males and if hate is unleashed upon a land, the end result is that All who reside will eventually become its target. Unfortunately yesterday, two innocent whites were shot and wounded. Someone has to extinguish the fires of hate in order to bring peace to all in Ferguson.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

USA, aol: “Corporate Giants And Senate”

Sorry, those are not two things but one.

France, Connexion: “Elephants Need Help”

Tough tusks.

Norway,Norway Post: “Reasons To Be Happy”

None of my children belongs to the Tea Party!

Hungary, Budapest Times: “No Veto Of Anti-Smoking Bill”

I puff on this one.

Egypt, al-Ahram: “South Sudan Peace Talks Collapse”

Sorry, this is not new news.

So What To Do About Ukraine?

The situation in Ukraine does not at this moment offer many happy policies for the people of this nation nor does it suggest that Western powers have uncovered a plan that will halt Vladimir Putin without risking the possibility of open war. So, what are the options in this area of the world:

1. Continue present policies and the “rebels”- who really are Russian troops in disguise– will solidify their control of eastern Ukraine.

2. Send arms to Ukraine and it might result in halting eastern forces in their tracks.

3. Send in defensive weapons and this might aid in causing a stalemate.

4. Send in offensive weapons and Putin will freak out and simply send in more Russian troops and weapons.

5. Embargo any and all economic relations with Russia and see what happens.

6. Send in NATO forces and see what Putin does.

Frankly, I lean to economic war which would disrupt NATO nations but not as much as it does Russia.


We offer observation on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Members of Congress must pass a test on American history before taking their seats.

I am 84 years old, but have never encountered such hate as exists in Congress against the president.

To love America is to adhere to our traditions.

I wonder if this current world of hatred in America is the future or just the present?

Ah , for the days when Republicans and Democrats played softball with one another.

Ah, for the days when Republican President Reagan had Democrats over for a game of poker.

There are moments when I do not recognize this America.


I have devoted my life to the study of American history and are quite knowledgeable regarding how those in different political parties interacted with one another. We do know about the history of the American presidency. Forty seven American United States senators sent a letter to the leaders of Iran which is a first in our nation’s history. They warned the leaders of Iran that once Barack Obama left office, a Republican president might void any agreement their nation signs with the US and other major powers. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF OUR NATION THAT A GROUP OF OPPOSITION MEMBERS OF CONGRESS CHALLENGED THE PRESIDENT WHEN HE WAS ENGAGED IN DISCUSSIONS WITH FOREIGN POWERS! It has alway been an assumption that our president conducts foreign relations. When Republican President Richard Nixon opened diplomatic relations with Communist China there were those in this nation who felt he had no right to negotiate with “Godless Communists” but no member of the Democratic party sent letters to Communist Chinese leaders.

The most ironic aspect of this Republican behavior is they have been yelling for six years that President Obama is not really an American who understands American culture! The 47 US Senators are traitors to this nation. They lack any understanding of separation of powers in our government. This is among the most disgraceful acts in the history of the United States of America. No, Barack Obama was not born in Africa, but 47 US Senators were not born in this nation!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Absurd Hurdle”

A president who must allow Congress to supervise foreign policy.

USA, aol: “Smitten By The Police”

These days I would prefer to be smitten than smitten with a gun.

France, Connexion: “Be Tough And Smack Kids’

Just remember that in many households kids have access to guns!

Canada, Toronto Globe: ” I Am Going To Mars”

At last some place without Republican crazies!

Denmark,Copenhagen Post; “You Can Never Go Back”

The real issue is what is going on in that back?

Saudi Arabia Is Scared!

The government of Saudi Arabia increasingly is frightened of what is happening in the world. When a government is ruled by and extended family that numbers in the thousands there is a cause of concern that people in this land will begin to question why A family possesses billions of dollars while they fight to have a decent life. They might begin to wonder if a democratic government might create an economy that depended on other than oil for revenue and wealth. At this moment, these are the fears of the government of Saudi Arabia:

1. ISIS preaches an end to corruption and is ready and willing to murder any and all they dislike.

2. Iran is viewed as the center of Shiites. Naturally if one is Sunni, who else to fear?

3. The Muslim Brotherhood is another enemy. Yes, they are Sunni but they want power.

4. The new Shiite government of Yemen which is composed of a branch of Shiites.

5. The government of Iraq which seeks friends in Iran.

Oh, them Israelis have for decades been the enemy. However, Bibi hates Iran and Saudi hates Iran so who knows–a new friend on the horizon???