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Oh Dem Muslims!

Critics may attack and defame Donald Trump for being boorish or loud or insulting, but there is one issue on which Donald Trump is the leading expert in this nation–MUSLIMS. Donald understands that Muslims are continually taking over this nation, and they are aided by the Number One Muslim in America–BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! After all, it was Donald who challenged this Muslim president to produce his birth certificate, and to this day there are serious questions about the document he produced. A man asked Donald about the Muslim problem in New Hampshire, and he responded: “We have a problem in this country. It’s called MUSLIMS”

Why else would the “President wage a war against Christianity?” Huh? “Christians need support in this country. There is a war being waged against them.”

Did you know that black shirted troops are at this very moment being trained to enter the home of EACH AND EVERY CHRISTIAN IN THIS NATION AND TAKE THEM TO CONCENTRATION CAMPS ALREADY BUILT IN NEVADA??

Thank God He has sent a savior to save this nation–DONALD TRUMP!

The Carly Fiorina Story

Carly Florin came out swinging at the men on the stage because she was definitely the most beautiful woman on that stage.

1. She wants to create a great American armed force and make it number one in the world. Of course,right now it is Number One.

2. She deeply loves America and deeply dislikes Barack Obama.

3. She was fired from Hewlitt Packard by friends of Donald Trump, or some bad people who hated her.

4. She gave it to Donald for insulting her beauty.

5. Carly wants to make America great again.

6. If she cited a specific idea, I just missed it.

Jeb Bush Story

Jeb Bush came out swinging in order to make clear to Donald Trump and the world that he IS a Bush in hand, and ready to take on ISIS, al-Qaeda and other sundry enemies of the United States of America.

1. He made clear that his name is, Jeb, not George Bush.

2. Jeb wants to get the economy moving again at a rate of 4% instead of the current 3.9%.

2. Jeb wants the world to know that Barack Obama created the mess in Iraq.

4. Jeb is proud to be able to speak Spanish, so there, Donald!

5. Highlight of evening is giving a high five to Donald.

6. Jeb is a job creator,just cut taxes.

Rand Paul Story

The initial comment directed at Rand Paul came from Donald Trump who wanted to know how this guy got on the platform and he was wasting time that Donald could use. Rand, as usual,was calm and somewhat bored to be on the platform with people who never ceased speaking.

1. Rand wants drugs to be legal.

2. Rand wants to cease arresting young black and Hispanic people and sending them to jail.

3. Rand wants the US to cease getting involved in wars that will only result in increasing the number of jihadists.

4. Rand blames the mess in the Middle East on George W. Bush and his terrible decision to invade Iraq.

5. Rand believes the US cannot defeat Islamic terrorism with guns, only with ideas.

Naturally, not a single other Republican agreed with his ideas.

Mike Huckabee Story

The Reverend Mike Huckabee was at the debate and he is one angry southern dude. He is sick and tired of the war against Christians in America led by you-know-who.

1. Mike is the greatest defender of unborn babies and wants to ensure they get born.

2. Mike believes that once the baby is born, it is up to this creature to make his/her way through life without any aid from THE GOVERNMENT.

3. Mike supports Kim Davis and her right not to obey laws. He regards her as the modern version of Martin Luther King. Or, Ross Parks.

4. Mike wants to get Christians back in leadership roles in this nation.

5. Mike does not like evil Muslims, only evil Christians.

6. Mike believes any law that he likes is a law that is Constitutional.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


It is only fair to allow Dick Cheney on the platform tonight. So far, he is 100% wrong on everything.

So,this has to be Jeb’s finest hour or —?

If Carly can make it tonight, why not other business executives who got fired for incompetence?

Is Marco Rubio still alive?

Gee,another chance for Scott Walker to boast about defeating ISIS folk in America–Unions!

Has anyone seen Rand Paul? There is a debate tonight.

I trust Ben Carson will dissect the hearts of fellow Republicans.

Fire Burn Bright And Bright Forever

There are moments living in the United States when one wonders how did this nation make it this far without collapsing? The snowpack in the Sierra mountains are at the lowest level in FIVE HUNDRED YEARS and the our political leaders regard the most important problems facing America is to repeal a health insurance law. Fire has destroyed hundreds of homes, burned up about 104 square miles in parts of northern California,and fire fighters are overwhelmed and lack sufficient support. I do understand that would cost money and radicals such as myself would not encounter a single Republican ready to support more financial aid to fire fighters unless it was accompanied by lower taxes for the wealthy.

Actually, rich folks are job creators. We now need thousands to work for halting fire that is sweeping across large areas of the country. Since the Republican party has failed to provide sufficient financial aid little work has been done on PREVENTIVE actions to avoid large scale fires.

Just Pissing Through Life

I inhabit a world in which nut cases are running for the office of president of the United States of America while nut cases wander through the Middle East beheading and murdering children. There does come a point in which one gets the feeling, “Oh, just piss off and leave me alone!” Well, Mr. Jeff Rubin might be the most honest or outrageous man in America because he decided to just show the world what happens when a man gets so pissed off that he pisses off.

Jeff was on a JetBlue flight from Anchorage to Portland, Oregon when he fell asleep. Upon awakening, Jeff decided to urinate between the cracks of the seat in front of him. Then, he stood up, stumbled, and just pissed and pissed to his heart’s content. At least we have found the only honest man in America, or, at least, the only one who just wants to piss of the world.

Give Them An Island

A Norwegian millionaire has come up with a solution to dealing with Syrian refugees.He has offered to purchase an island, oh, any island, oh, anywhere in the world and allow the refugees to live in peace and prosperity on the island located nowhere in the world. This idea has spurred my mind to consider other ways to handle problems in the world.

1. Napoleon was exiled to an island. Why not give Donald Trump his own island. He can build a resort and rule the land as though he was emperor for life –or eternity.

2. How about building a rodeo for Ted Cruz and Rick Perry? They can have daily duels as to who is the best rider and who is fastest on the draw! Winner gets an all-expense trip to Mexico City.

3. How about a giant, giant email server on a deserted island which would allow Hillary to send emails galore and no one would give a damn. Of course, on this island, Fox News is banned. She does need some rest and quiet.

4. How about a mega, mega church on an island somewhere in the world. Mike Huckabee could deliver hourly sermons which would only be seen in Arkansas or Oklahoma or dear old Mississippi!

A Bush Fairy Tale

I have now heard Jeb Bush recount the true story about what happened in the Iraq war on two separate occasions. So, let me recite the story which has now emerged as the Republican narrative for the coming election.

Once upon a time there was a land across the sea ruled by a terrible man.The people hated him and so longed for a savior. Georgie Bush and his fellow inhabitants of the sand box heard the pleas of these poor persecuted people, and then led a gallant troop of men into battle with Georgie at the head encouraging the troops to go faster and faster. Finally, they vanquished the evil giant, and then sent him off to that place in the sky where all bad people go. Or, perhaps, they sent them down into a deep,deep hole where fire burned twenty-four hours a day.

The people were filled with joy and happiness and so welcomed the soldiers who were led by the gallant Georgie Bush. But, alas, Georgie had to return to his kingdom. Unfortunately, there was a bad, bad black man who secretly poisoned the minds of the peasants and he became the king. The bad black man hated the people who dwelled in the land across the sea. He gave weapons to an evil group led by Osama bin Laden, and they created chaos and disaster in the land which had just become peaceful.

So, now the people who dwell across the sea are unhappy because the bad black man and his evil, evil, lying girl friend transformed a land that did not have any bad people into one in which the evil ones created a terrible mess.

Who knows, perhaps, Ted Le Cruz will arrive with sword in hand and restore peace and prosperity?