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Strange Tale Of Turkey

There is no question that the nation of Turkey is a democracy, but it is one in which the iron hand of President Erdogan punches anyone who dares to make critical remarks about his performance. Several months ago his Justice and Development Party, AKP, lost its majority in the legislature. He dodged and shifted away from asking the coalition which DID have a majority to submit their proposals for a coalition government. Last week suicide bombers murdered over a hundred people, most of whom were Kurds. Police hampered relief efforts because Kurds do not support Erdogan.

Latest polls indicate that 68.5% of Turks do not trust Erdogan and blame him for the violent attack.So, what was the response of President Erdogan? Naturally, he arrested a correspondent of NOKTA magazine which does not like him. As of this date, the Erdogan government has arrested more correspondents than any other nation in the world. Now, you know why most Turks do not trust their president.

Paul Ryan Guest Speaker

Latest reports indicate that someone named Paul Ryan from the great state of Wisconsin is going to be the next Speaker of the House. Well,to tell you the truth he is going to be the next Speaker but then again he might not be the Speaker come next spring. The Freedom Caucus which really is another name for a bunch of lunatics who escaped the asylum and want to go back and run the damn place.Let me see:

1. 70% of the Freedom Caucus will vote for Ryan, at least this moment.

2. There are a few dozen nut cases who would prefer that the government default on its debts so the whole rotten government collapses.

3. Actually, there are a few logical Republicans in Congress who know come budget time, poor Paul will not be able to control anything.

How about a new approach to the Speaker of the House–lottery and winner takes all!

The good news is that Paul Ryan WILL be able to spend time with his family.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world media along with our comments.

Sweden,Local: “Town Hall Set On Fire”

We assume it was done by Tea Party folk in their fight against government.

USA, Newsday: “Hid Mom’s Body For Pension”

Most probably by a Democrat wanting government handouts.

USA, aol: “I’m A Sane Gun Owner”

And, when I kill,it is in a sane manner.

France, Connexion: “Free Advice From Notary”

If you got millions, never pay taxes.

Russia, Moscow Times: Meet The Most Popular Official”

Let me guess, are his initials, V P?

Australia, Canberra Times: “Hazard To Your Health”

Watching Republican debate?

Bibi The Historian–Sort Of

I realize that some readers actually believe Adolf Hitler was responsible for the Holocaust. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has now revealed previously unknown conversations between Adolf Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini. It so of went like this.

Adolf did not have any idea how to handle the Jewish question other than expelling the whole lot. Then, along came the Mufti:

Mufti: “Adolf, if you expel them the whole damned lot will wind up in Palestine.”

Adolf: “So, Mufti, my main advisor on the Jewish question, what should I do?”

Mufti: “Burn them”

And,that is how and why six million Jews died, it was not the idea of Adolf Hitler it was the idea of the Mufti.

OH, the Mufti did leave Jerusalem and he did wind up in Berlin in 1942. Of course, before he ever met Adolf, over one million Jews were dead. Oh well, Bibi, so glad to learn that Adolf had no ideas to kill Jews until the Mufti came along!


We offer examples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

China, China Daily: “Becoming More Chinese”

We dress from China, we play with technology made in China, now we should learnt to speak Chinese.

Turkey,Hurriyet: Crime Against Humanity”

You got me, which of the hundreds are you referring to?

USA, NY Post: “Free Advice From Notary”

If a millionaire, don’t pay any taxes, that is for poor folk.

Sweden, Local: “Town Hall Set On Fire”

Was Ted Cruz in the neighborhood?

USA, Newsday: “I’m A Sane Gun Owner”

Finally, we found one!

Trump Seeks To Fire On Bush

These are not the best of times for any member of the Bush family. A great majority of Americans have finally reached the conclusion the invasion of Iraq under the administration of George Bush was an incredible foreign policy blunder. Jeb Bush is now trapped in a quandary, which comes first –gaining the Republican nomination or protecting the name and reputation of his brother. Donald Trump, as always, smells blood. He knows that coming after George Bush gains voting support. He is now attacking George Bush and casting blame upon him for 9/11 and the World Trade Center disaster. He blasted Jeb by saying: “you are pathetic for saying that nothing happened during your brother’s term when the World Trade Center was attacked and came down.”

Jeg is absolutely furious. “It looks as he is an actor playing the role of President.” Jeb insists that his brother “united the country and kept us safe.” Sorry, Jeb, that no longer is what most Americans believe. One awaits the next Republican debate when these two men are on the stage and each is ready to blast the other. I have a hunch,Donald will win any such encounter.

Anyone For Oatmeal?

There is no question that out of the rubble that was once the Soviet Union, a major military power, there has now emerged a new Russian military that is able to wage war. Russia is displaying modern military equipment in Syria, it is demonstrating an ability to organize military action against an enemy. It is clear there is now a new Russian military that is quite effective. However, President Vladimir Putin continues to feel neglected by the world. No American official is hailing his efforts in Syria to destroy enemies of President Assad.

“I don’t understand how the US criticizes Russia’s actions in Syria.” He is scornful of President Obama’s unclear policies of war in Syria. Putin feels these policies reflect a leader who has “oatmeal in his head,” in other words, is simply mush. The US insists that Russia work with it in destroying ISIS while Russia seeks to destroy the other forces which oppose Assad.

To put it simply– there is no clear policy in Syria, and there is no likelihood of any coherent action in the future.

A Gun Lawsuit That Fired Shots Against NRA

Finally, finally, a law suit that fires a shot into the hearts of NRA lovers. Two police officers were severely wounded by a young gunmen and they decided to sue the gun shop that allowed this youth to get a gun. The 18 year old persuaded an older friend to purchase the gun. The clerk in the store knew the 18 year old was the real customer, but he assisted the twenty-two year old to get the gun. He was aware the 18 year old was the person selecting the weapon of death. This type of “straw purchase” is illegal.

Finally, a jury has decided that police who are shot are entitled to compensation if guns are illegally sold by gun shops. It is a landmark success in Wisconsin, and hopefully, similar law suits can be successful in other states. Make those who sell murder pay for their misdeeds. Hit them in the pocketbook. That works in America!

The Holy War Now!

I am constantly told by Americans who want boots on the ground in Syria as long as they are not their boots, that the fiasco in Syria is Obama’s follies. I am informed that America is losing the Middle Eastern war–the exact one is not usually identified– because Russia is now in the Middle East. Al-Qaeda has now issued a call for a jihad, and guess what, for the first time it is NOT against the US, but dear old Russia. “The new Russian invasion is the last arrow in the quiver of the enemies of the Muslims.”

So, here is the good news, we Americans just don’t rate at the level of Russians. We are now a second rate power which will suffer the consequences of not having their young men die. God Bless Putin, but out hearts go out to those who will die in a war far from their homeland, far from their wives, but close to the power demands of Vladimir Putin.

Please Putin, proceed before us, take the limelight on center stage.

Democratic Voices Heard

Five members of the Democratic Party stood on a stage and engaged in discussion. No, there was no red-haired boasting bullying person on the stage. Naturally,Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were the main features of the debate. Ironically, there really was not that much of a DEBATE. Generally speaking, the five agreed on most issues. Yes, Sanders was more prone to allow guns since he comes from Vermont, a state in which some people do hunt. They all agreed on some form of gun control. They all agreed on immigration reform that resulted in citizenship. They all agreed on the need to tax the wealthy.

The disagreements were slight. The refusal of any of those on the stage to engage in personal, angry attacks on others, never occurred. So, what is the end result of this debate?

1.Hillary Clinton was calm,assured,and ready to take on, once again, a Republican committee of Congress about -Benghazi.

2. Sanders is a decent, intelligent man, but he simply will not do well as a candidate in a national election.

3. Former Senator Chafee ought to take on another venture, he is going nowhere.

4. Jim Webb was once a tough mean Marine. Sorry, Jim, you did not impress.

5. The former Governor of Maryland, is somewhat impressive, but most will have a difficult time remembering his name.