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Justice In America

I am quite aware that Donald Trump wants to make America, Great Again. I am quite aware that millions of followers of this brilliant leader want to make America Great Again. I am somewhat confused. Don’t these people realize our nation is the Greatest country in the world with people in prison?  Name a nation that beats us in the jail time for folks without money. Not only do we have over two million in prison, we have made certain those in jail will not get a Get-Out-Of-Jail pass for freedom.

Ms.Rhonda Covington is a fascinating person. She is the ONLY public defender in  the 20th Judicial district north of Baton Rouge. This means that thousands of those in jail who desire having their conviction re-examined, have no opportunity to do so. We all know of cases in which DNA  evidence proves a person in jail never committed the crime. However,no Public Defender to prepare a review means there never will be a review. Ms. Covington is a wonderful, courageous fighter to  human rights, but ONLY ONE PUBLIC DEFENDER! Are judges and parole boards serious??

Libertarian Guy Sort Of Uncertain

Believe it or not, but there are a few other folks seeking the presidency, and all too often they are ignored by the media. One of them has the name of Gary Johnson and he is seeking the presidency as the candidate of the Libertarian party. In a recent interview, Johnson was asked by Mike Barnicle, “What would  you do if elected about Aleppo?” His response was fantastic, “What is Aleppo?” Mike: “Are you kidding?” Johnson, “no.”

OK, if you are about at the  same level of knowledge concerning the Middle East, we should note that Aleppo is a vital area in Syria, and has been the site of numerous battles as well as a center of refugees. To his credit, Johnson added: “I have to get smarter, and that’s part of the  process.”

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, people seeking the presidency got smart BEFORE seeing the presidency.

US In Middle East

There is considerable confusion among Republicans concerning the future of America in the Middle East. There, frankly, is confusion among Democrats as to the future of America in the Middle East. Even worse,there is confusion among Arab peoples as to the future of the Middle East. Reality:

1. There is no dominant Arab nation in the Middle East.

2. The division between Sunnis and Shiites has grown worse in the Middle East.

3. Outside powers–Russia, the US, Iran— now play important roles in the Middle East. Iran is the most powerful Shiite nation, but stands apart from an area in which most nations are Sunni.

4. The only nations in the Middle East which contain an actual army are Turkey, Egypt,and Iran. In reality, the Egyptian army is broken. The Turkish army is recovering from a military coup.

So, what position for the United States? At this point in time, the only thing we can do is provide limited support for those fighting.We can NOT get involved, the situation is completely in chaos. This may not be what the US Should do, but it is the only thing we CAN do at this moment in time. It is up to Middle Eastern nations to sort out their lives. Perhaps, at some future date we could provide support for the group that finally emerges. We need a group that seeks stability in the Middle East. Who can deliver that is still very unclear.

Latest Trump Plan

I admit that it gets rather boring hearing one Trump plan after another, but the bright side is this demonstrates that Donald Trump has the qualities to be a great president.For example, no foreign leader will have the faintest idea as to what he said, anymore than what he will do. Talk about placing your opponents in a complex place where they are confused and  uncertain. Frankly, Hillary Clinton has never figured out that Donald Trump actually never had, and never will have any plan.

We now know there is a meaning to the madness of Trump.  For example:

I want to deport ALL illegal immigrants.

Maybe, all I am saying is, Maybe, there might be some flexibility about illegal immigrants.

They have to leave and then come back.

I never said ALL had to leave, I’m a man with a Great Heart.

Is this now clear?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Not a single general in the world would ask for less money for the military.

Young American Jews do not have blind faith in the Israel government.

It is a given,the Clintons today  have another stupid story about their relation to money.

Trump was born to money, the Clintons worked hard to get money, the rest of us just survive as well as we can.

These days, my despair is no Bernie Sanders running for president.

Some day,someone will explain to me who the hell or what the hell is the Kardashians.

Do you ever get the feeling it would help Hillary to get drunk, and just tell it as it is?

What Next For Hillary Clinton?

It becomes increasingly clear that the Hillary Clinton campaign is in trouble. Just about every day some new story in which the word, emails, or the words, Clinton Foundation, reveals some stupid decision on her part. Latest is that Bill Clinton had the title of “Chancellor” for some private colleges and  got paid $16 million for allowing his name to be used so people could fleece innocent students. Is there anything this man would not do in order to get money? I DO understand the money went to his Foundation, but it is disgraceful to allow the name of  a president to be  used to raise money.

Frankly, I am disgusted, as are millions. The president’s name should never be for sale. After leaving the presidency, Harry Truman refused on ANY occasion to allow ANY business to use his name to make money. Jimmy Carter has spent the post presidency building homes for the poor or working  for peace in the world. He has never trafficked in selling his name for money. What can the Clintons do?

1. Announce the Clinton Foundation will be placed under the control of a new Board of Directors and neither one of them will be on the Board.

2. List the good things being done by the Clinton Foundation and cut all ties.

We offer observations on the human condition by a 26 year  old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


It is Tuesday, another day, another Trump plan to save America.

Trump is right, President Obama, no, America, was insulted when the Chinese only allowed a metal staircase for our president to walk on as he left the plane!

Why does America export goods, why don’t we keep those goods here in America?

So nice to focus my mind on important issues-will the New York Giants win football games?

Finally, a library in Alabama is going to send people to jail who do not pay library fines!

God, I miss the calm, the quiet ignorance of Ben Carson.

Did you ever get the feeling as to why we have the current people seeking the presidency?

These days Ted Cruz comes across as a quiet, dignified leader.


What I’m Tired Of

The past few weeks have been rather strange with stories concerning God knows what about God knows why events. So, here is my list of stories that belong in a space probe to outer limits of the universe.

1. Emails, we all use them, we all delete them, we all have no idea which email we deleted last month, last week, or one hour ago.

2. Trump and illegal immigrants. We have now heard just about every conceivable position by Donald Trump concerning this issue.

3. Naturally, Benghazi, no one knows where the hell this place is, no one knows, what the hell went on, all they know is somehow Hillary Clinton killed four people, although it is uncertain whether or not she actually pulled the trigger.

4. Muslims, Syrians, Egyptians, Turks, Iraqis, Kurds, Libyans, and any other person from the Middle East who has dark features. You are ALL bad, bad, people.

5. Kardashians, frankly, I have no idea who they are, what they do, but for some reason they are important. OH, throw Beyonce into this boring topic.

6. Obamacare. For some reason providing people without health insurance, some form of health insurance will lead to their deaths. Beats me how or why.

7. Ted Cruz, he crops up on boring days for the media, oh hum, I wonder why he is still around.

8. Who Paul Ryan supports, the story of the ages for Republicans.


Republican Food Fight

This strange election season is now witnessing members of the Republican party fighting with one another more than they fight with Democrats. It is incredible to believe that Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck are insulting a Republican candidate for president. Conservative writer,  Bill Kristol is shocked by the thought of Donald Trump as president, he hates Hillary Clinton, and has concluded the only hope is to vote for anyone other than the two twins of incompetence.

However, Sean Hannity is convinced that Donald Trump must be elected. OK, Donald insulted Fox News correspondents, and continues to insult Hispanics, and gays and women, but, what the heck, his name is not Hillary Clinton. Frankly, this is a new development in modern conservatism. Hate and anger, insults and barbs go back and forth between Republicans while Hillary stands off  to the side with a smirk on her face. Rush did make one interesting comment: “I never took him seriously.” That sums up the attitude of many Republicans, how could the idiot guy actually win the nomination?

He did.

Madness Of 2016

How can one describe the current race for the  presidency? On one hand is a politician who has been engaged in politics since God knows when,on the other hand is a man who has zero knowledge about the world, and crazy ideas as to how this nation can address the economic and social problems that must be solved. Just about each day one wonders what next as far as Hillary is concerned.   Is it an email, is it a meeting she had with  some wealthy person in which the guy gave money to the Clinton Foundation, or is it something that happened to one of her aides? It goes on and on and on.

Donald Trump continues to shout about his Plans to build walls or to send back eleven  million people while his followers shout and scream him on. Imagine having eleven million customers leave the nation, how many jobs will be lost? This is an election in which neither candidate is trusted by the mass of voters. Yes, Hillary does have some excellent ideas, but how in hell did she get so twisted in decisions about her damn computer?

In the end, the last person standing will become the president of this nation. OH, standing. Now, even that has become the new controversy. Mr. Kaepernick does not want to stand, and so, in this nutty  year, that has become an issue. How about switching places, Kaine vs Pence? Now, that might be a solution!