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Donald Trump IS An Anti-Semite

Supporters of Donald Trump insist that he is not an anti-Semite because his daughter, Ivanka, has converted to the Jewish religion, and her husband is Jewish. So, how could someone of the Jewish faith be connected to anti-Semitism? Actually, there are numerous examples of Jews working with anti-Semites and betraying their fellow Jews. Senator Al Franken has denounced the Trump organization for using the same language of anti-Semites as that employed by dozens of anti-Semitic organizations. In fact the Anti-Defamation League has warned Trump supporters to cease resorting to this type of language.

A new Trump ad has crossed the line and displayed vivid anti-Semitic language. The ad describes a plot by bankers to organize against Donald Trump. “For those who control the levels of power in Washington and for global special interests, they party with these people that do not have your good in mind.” These “interests”are depicted as led by George Soros, Janet Yellen of the Federal Reserve Bank, and Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs. ALL JEWS.

In other words ONLY Jews are international bankers, ONLY Jews plot to take over the world. This is the same message as in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, created by the Russian secret police in the early 1900s in order to blame Jews for problems in Russia. The DUCK TEST: If it looks like a duck, if if walks like a duck,  and if it quacks like a duck, one can assume it is a duck. Donald Trump is supported by every white nationalist anti-Semitic group in America. He is the darling of the KKK. We can assume that Donald Trump IS and anti-Semite!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26  year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Huma Abedin married an idiot, and now the idiot determines American history.

The Weiner sickness has made America sick with fear.

When whites kill cops, no one blames whites, why?

The Cubs did it, is this hope for Trump?

OH, well, Cub fans just have to endure another 108  years for another World Series victory!

I’m a New York Knick fan, for us it has been 42 years in the wilderness of defeat.

Black folk better get to the polls or black folks will suffer under a Trump presidency.

The real question is how or why did we Americans get ourselves into this madness of a possible Trump presidency?

Real madness in Chicago, so far, over 600 shooting deaths!

Republican Pledge Of Allegiance

You may or may not recall that a long, long, time ago when there were at least seventeen people on a stage explaining why they should be the candidate of their party to become the next president, that the group each made a pledge. You probably  have forgotten Ben or Carly or Jeb or Rand or the whole cluster of sixteen men and one woman who spent a few hours arguing why they alone were the real Republican while Donald Trump just stood there waving his arms and insulting each and every one.I am certain that Megan Kelly recall his insults to her.

Rick Santorum who has disappeared into the oblivion that accompanies not becoming a Republican candidate has now emerged with the voice of anger. Rick blasted Paul Ryan, John Kasich, Jeb Bush and anyone else who now refuses to live up to their solemn pledge of allegiance to support the Republican candidate. “I want to say to  John Kasich, if you are watching, John, you signed the  pledge, you signed it saying that you would support the Republican candidate!”

I assume if the candidate was Adolf Hitler, Rick would still support the candidate, remember,the pledge!!

Anthony Wiener On Wieners

Since the most important American in our lives has created the most important disaster in our lives, I decided to check with Anthony Wiener about life and his plans

M: So, how does it Anthony, sent any emails recently?

W. Fred, before I allow any  male to interview me, they have to pass the Wiener test.

M: So, what is the Wiener test?

W: Well, you have to jerk off so we can compare who has the biggest prick of all. OK, Fred, get going, good, oh, sorry, you just are not the prick I am.

M: So, Anthony, what about those emails to little girls?

W: Fred, I am on the Internet, just poking around to meet some chicks so I can show off the wiener in action, and along comes some neat chick. How the hell do I know if she is twelve or fifteen or even, sixteen?

M: Valid point, Anthony, so what about this Comey guy?

W: Fred, jealous is the word that describes this Comey guy. He just can’t get it up so he decided to get me down. I can out wiener him any hour or day or night  of the  year, pure jealousy.

M: Do you feel sorry for the mess that is aiding Trump? Any regrets?

W: Regrets about what? My wife left me, the Clinton broad is out to get me, even Bill will not respond to my emails about a prick contest. I’m the victim, not Hillary nor my wife, just another attempt to reduce my power in life.

M: Well, good luck in the email contest that has America glued to the media.

W: Now, if I could only reveal the real Anthony Wiener, I would be the winner pricks down!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


I wonder if FBI head James Comey wants to build a great wall to keep out the Hispanics.

It was a quiet Halloween without kids asking for candy. Wonder why?

As a  child of the Depression, we sure never got ANY candy on Halloween!

Republican seen shouting about USA and then about ‘Jew S A.” Anti-semites just love Donald Trump, wonder why?

Never can figure out how  or why some Jews love Donald Trump.

I wonder what ONE day of peace in this world would be like?

I seriously doubt if Jesus Christ would be welcomed at Trump rallies, the guy loved ALL and just wanted peace.


The FBI Goes To Bat

The actions of FBI head James Comey have created a fire storm of conflict. Two former Attorney Generals have blasted him for making announcements concerning an ongoing investigation. Republican Alberto Gonzales who served under the administration of George Bush made clear he is somewhat perplexed with what the director was trying to accomplish. We don’t comment on investigations because commenting on investigations may compromise the investigation.”

Oh well, finally like many Americans this blog is sick and tired of investigations over nothing. As of this date, the FBI has yet to state a single example of how any of the Clinton emails have actually ‘threatened national security.” Just ONE example would go a long way to prove that Hillary Clinton actually threatened anything of anyone! Ordinarily, it is the Justice Department, NOT the FBI which files criminal charges. This is the October present to Donald Trump.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


THE issue of American politics is the sex emails of Anthony Wiener.

Hillary Clinton should have fired her friend who, unfortunately, was married to Anthony Wiener.

Donald Trump can not talk without waving those small, small, hands.

I gather there are Christians who believe Donald Trump is the new Jesus Christ. JESUS CHRIST!

Once upon a time the Hatch Act was passed to prevent government officials from interfering in political campaigns.

HATE is the main campaign issue for Trump supporters.

Just once, just once, I would so love to know what are the Great Economic ideas of Donald Trump.

Have not heard much  lately about the GREAT WALL.

Paul Ryan–For Anyone To Be President

As you recall, Paul Ryan a few months ago urged Republicans to vote for Donald Trump, and now he wants Republicans to vote for the next person who will become president. So, we asked Paul to explain where  he stands right now.

Fred, thanks for this opportunity to be frank with the American people on where the Congressman who leads our party in the House of Representatives stands on this election. I do want someone to become president, I can say that without any fear of taking this stand. I want someone who will cut taxes on the wealthy and get this economy moving again. I want someone who understands that when the wealthy are happy, the Middle Class is prosperous.

So, who will I support for president? Mr.Trump is the nominee for the Republican party for the presidency. OK,sometimes, well, to be honest, just about all the time, he opens his big mouth to insult a woman,a disabled person or Hispanics. Now, I love women, but remember that I am married so I keep my love away  from female bodies, but any how, there is always something today or some female today, that Donald sort of angers with his touches,let alone with his words.

OK, Donald has sort of insulted me, but there is absolutely NO evidence that he ever groped my wife or reached for her pussy. None at all. On the question of my wife and her body, I have to admit that Donald Trump has been a gentleman. So, give Donald an ‘A’grade when it comes to groping females in my family. On this point,I do support Donald Trump when it comes to members of the Ryan family. He has been a gentleman at ALL times. So,on this point,I am 100% on the side of Donald Trump!

Rigged Elections

Anyone who subjects themselves to watching CNN is confronted with several blond haired women who insist the United States is on the verge of a revolution organized by the Democratic party in order to overthrown the government of this nation.In essence, claims of voter fraud are focused on neighborhoods in urban areas in which people with  sort of dark skins live. OK,  reality. There is no doubt that people who die frequently have their names left on the voting list. Eventually, election officials get it right. BUT, that does not mean that dead people actually  vote.

Donald Trump received an estimated THREE BILLION DOLLAR gift of free advertising from the media. However, when he began to slip in the polls, suddenly the media which he loved, somehow became part of a secret plot by secret politicians whose only goal is ensuring the election of Hillary Clinton. Donald told America on Wednesday’s debate that he would NOT pledge to accept  the decision of voters. However, he did say that he WOULD accept the voter decision, IF I WIN.

Such talk is unheard of in American history. The  Donald man is simply the most un-American person ever to seek the presidency. How will he charges of a ‘rigged  election’ be received in governments where people seek to establish a democratic process and use the United States as an example?

Debate On Economy

The two candidates discussed, or at least made a stab at discussing the state of the American economy. Here they went:

Trump: I want to make this nation Great Again, I want to make certain that no country robs us of what we are due. When I am president, I will make  great deals, fantastic deals that will make this country great again. Put me in a room with the Chinks, I will have them leave the room naked. I am a brilliant negotiator, wonderful,with my brains, this country will see millions and millions of jobs. You folks in Ohio and in Pennsylvania, we will bring back coal mining jobs, we will get our closed factories working again. HOW? I am a great deal maker, a fantastic deal maker, I can out smart any Chinese or Russian or anyone, just turn me loose on the Saudis, they will be sending oil to us and we will not pay a penny! That is my economic  plan.

Hillary Clinton: I want to invest in education, I want to invest in job training, I want to rebuild our infrastructure and create millions of jobs. We need technical training in schools, we need  linkage  between jobs and education. I want to tax the wealthy to pay for these new economic developments. We need technological development to create 21st century jobs.