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Go Easy On Rapists

There is an  ongoing trend in many courts in America to find some excuse why a college student who rapes just should not be severely punished. Brock Allen Turner is a college swimmer who raped a women and when he was convicted the court of Judge Aaron Persky i Santa Clara County in California the crime wound up imposing a severe SIX MONTH SENTENCE on the rapist! There is now a movement to have a recall referendum that would send the Judge back home and stay out of any court.

The real issue is why have so many college rapists not been sentenced to long sentences? The answers are apparent:

1. There still persists the theme of ‘college boys just have to get their excess energy out and sex is one good way.

2. The defendants usually are from the middle or upper classes and who wants nice white boys in jails with bad black or Hispanic rapists?

On Political Correctness

Back in the 1950s, Clyde Lynch was head of Lebanon Valley College and helped raise money to build a gymnasium.So, the  grateful folks named the gym after him. Fast forward to 2016 and one discovers students at this college angry, mad, furious that their gym is named: Lynch! After all, everyone knows about the lynching of African Americans in US history. Actually, the word, ‘lynch’ derives from the American  Revolution when some white men were lynched. Of the approximately 5,000 people lynched in American history, about 4,000 were blacks and the other thousand were white, Indian, or Asian. One was Jewish.

How about?

1. Cease calling the Ronald Reagan Airport after him, after all: “raygun is also a weapon of destruction and that is not nice for children to express.

2. Remove the name, ‘Harding’ from all federal buildings. After all, President Warren Harding was the only president to fuck a woman in a White House closet! He abused women!

3. I want to end all use of George Washington’s name. Think about it:  Washing ton can refer to women washing a ton of clothes and use of that name abuses women!

4. Woodrow Wilson was a segregationist so why allow use of his name anywhere. Of course, Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and Jackson also had slaves.

5. John Adams and his son used the word, ‘Adam’ which we know was the original person and neither one of them checked with the original Adam if they could use his name!

Stopsky is either the name of Chief Stop Sky or in Russian, ‘son of a drunkard.’ Personally, I don’t mind being called an Indian.

Paul Ryan Still Not Certain

During the past few weeks, House Speaker Paul Ryan has been desperately endeavoring to discover some rational to support the candidacy of Donald Trump. He does not agree with the Trump ideas on our economy, on taxation, on  foreign policy, on women, on blacks, but so what, he so wanted to endorse the guy who faces Hillary Clinton. So, three days ago he finally announced his support.

A few days pass and now Paul Ryan is facing a dilemma. Trump denounced Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel on grounds he is a “Mexican” although he was born in America. So, what else could Ryan do but make clear: “look at the comment about the judge, just was out of left field in my mind. It’s reasoning that I don’t relate to, I completely disagree with the thinking behind that.”

However, Paul will continue to support Donald Trump!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25year  old mind trapped in an 85year old body.


Whatever happened to Rick Perry, never hear from him these days?

Muhammad Ali is dead, at least he made 74 years, how many boxers can say that?

Theoretically, if ISIS continues blowing self up, they eventually will disappear.

A modern miracle, Donald Trump does not send a twitter about why he dislikes someone.

By the Trump logic, since I am Jewish, this disqualifies me from being on any jury related to a case involving a Muslim–or a Christian, for that matter.

New York Yankees, dead last in batting, no longer the Bronx Bombers!

I really wonder what Paul Ryan thinks about his decision to support Donald Trump?

Silence of the Powerful–not a word from any Bush family member about this election.

Pray tell, is a Kardashian, animal, vegetable or mineral?

So, what does Bernie Sanders do for an encore?

Just once, Hillary, say, “fuck you Donald!”

Its Golden State Warriors all the way, sorry, LeBron.





Hillary Defense Only Offensive

Once again, Hillary Clinton found herself on the defensive. Her actions with the notorious “server” have resulted in yet another example of her “defending” actions rather than focus on what she can do for the nation. Reality for Hillary is that nearly 60?% of Americans do NOT regard her as an honest person. I do believe she is honest, BUT, when over half of Americans do not share that belief, it is time to go another direction.

It is necessary for Hillary Clinton to make decisions, not on the basis of what is goof for her career, but on what is necessary for the American nation. There is no question that I Donald Trump presidency will be disastrous for the rights of Americans since the Supreme Court will be controlled FOR DECADES by right wing justices. This REALITY is more important than the career of Hillary Clinton. It is time for her to recognize the need for a different Democratic candidate for president. And, the time is NOW!

The Stopsky Law

We offer a new law to explain any discussion of American politics in which the name of Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton appears.

1. Within a sentence the following words will appear: sex maniac, Monica Lewinsky

2. Within a sentence the following words will appear: Liar, Hillary, Benghazi.

3. Within a sentence the following words will appear: not trustworthy, can’t be trusted.

4. Within a sentence the following words will appear: women hate her, allowed Bill to fuck women.

5. Within a sentence the following will appear: serial sex maniac, hates America.

6. Within a sentence the following will appear: Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, speeches.

It is impossible for American media to just report what Hillary Clinton actually says or believes.

“Oops, I Was Wrong”

In 2003, the dynamic duo of George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair were the ones who set in motion the great invasions of Iraq. A decade later, Tony finally got around to sort of explaining what went wrong. “For sure, we underestimated profoundly the forces that were at work in the region. To be honest, (I sure am glad he is being honest)  my understanding of the Middle East is a lot deeper today than when I was Prime Minister.”

I would assume, a Government in England had something known as a “Foreign Office” staffed by people who did have some understanding of the Middle East. The real question is: was Tony Blair urged to go a different path by Middle East experts in the Foreign Office?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


My greatest virtue in life is that I do NOT believe I know THE TRUTH.

I have never followed any leader with eyes shut to reality.

Bernie Sanders may have been raised in Brooklyn, but he never learned ‘street smarts.’

Chris Christie standing next to Donald Trump looks like the little man on the top of a wedding cake.

Ah for the glory days of George Bush.

I root for LeBron James to be beaten, he is just too good to win all the time.

This is the most politically ignorant generation of young people in American history.

Bernie’s Gamble With History

In the election of the year 2000, Ralph Nader decided that  he alone knew the truth. He entered his name in the race for president and the end result was that votes he obtained in the state of Florida enabled George Bush to become president. The end result of that Nader decision was the disastrous invasion of Iraq which played a key role in the current debacle of the Middle East.Untold thousands have died as a result of the Nader decision. A few million people have endured horrible lives as a result of the Nader decision. Naturally, to this day, Ralph Nader in all his smugness and sense of righteousness insists he was RIGHT.

Bernie Sanders is the current Ralph Nader. He is on a crusade that is heading toward disaster. A President Donald Trump will result  in further disaster in the Middle East and here in America. But, Bernie alone knows THE TRUTH. He is constantly damaging the reputation of Hillary Clinton in his quest to arouse young people to follow in his path toward disaster. The only ultimate “success” for Bernie Sanders is to go down in history as the 2016 Ralph Nader!!

Changa Speaks For Women?

A young African American woman known as Changa opened up on the candidacy of Hillary Clinton who she claims has not, nor does not, represent the views of American women. “I’m certain for a certain class of women, Hillary Clinton is perfect. But, there are a lot of issues that affect low income women, immigrant women, and women of color that her brand of doing things  is not going to address.” She claims that Hillary opposes the $15 minimum wage and is in the pockets of  corrupt Wall Street billionaires.

Well, examine the record:

Hillary Clinton actually said it might only be possible to get a $12 minimum wage if Republicans controlled Congress, but she preferred a $15 figure. In other words, if Republicans control Congress and Bernie was president, there is nothing he could do to get the $15.

Hillary Clinton worked for years to aid poor children, she pushed legislation that aided children in poverty to get medical care. She stood up for women rights in China and across Africa. Perhaps, Bernie can state a single example in which he fought for  those women!

Oh, and women “of color” confront daily gun violence in their neighborhoods that Clinton has fought to end by urging control of guns. Guess who opposes any restrictions on guns which KILL innocent women in poverty neighborhoods!