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Donald Makes America Great Again

According to John Kasich he was approached by one of the Trump kids who inquired if he would be interested in becoming the vice president candidate. Don Jr. said if he accepted, then he would become the  most powerful vice president in history.

Katich asked what he would be responsible for, and was told: Domestic and Foreign policy.

Kasich was confused and asked what then would Trump do. His son replied:

Make America Great Again.

Then again, Mike Pence who was selected wrote an op-ed piece a few years ago in which he claimed: “Smoking did not lead to death.” To prove his point, Mike noted that two out of three people who have smoked and died, did not die from any cancer caused by smoking.

Just remember Mike Pence told the audience there were three things which constituted the basis of his life: Being a Christian, a Conservative, and a Republican. Here is a man seeking to become the Vice President of the United States  of America and does not place being an AMERICAN as among the most important factors in his life!

Sheriff Clarke, One Tough Guy

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has become the black voice of the Republican party. He recently appeared on the Don Lemon show on CNN, and proceeded to tear to pieces Lemon because he had the nerve to wonder if at any time a cop made the wrong decision. “I’ve been watching this for a few years.I’ve predicted this anti-police rhetoric sweeping the country has found  some hateful things inside of people, that are now playing themselves  off on American police officials.”

He denied claims by Lemon that a single cop has violated the law or has unjustly killed an unarmed black male. Naturally, Sheriff Clarke was a featured speaker a the Republican convention. In the old days, we termed Clarke either a “house nigger” or an Uncle Tom. Yes, many innocent and hard working cops are being unfairly blamed for the actions of a few black males. The best way to avoid police deaths is to prosecute the minority of cops who break the law!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Donald has second thoughts about Pence, I wonder if Pence has second thoughts about Donald?

Unfortunately, petty dictator, Recep Erdogan survived the coup attempt in Turkey.

I think some clowns could have done a better job of overthrowing a leader than the clowns in Turkey.

At least Chris Christie still has his valet job with Donald.

I would so love to go through a week without another Hillary episode.

So, how come no Sarah Palin meandering nonsense speech at the Republican convention?

I assume Ben Carson will greet people with copies of his book to buy.

I would so love to meet a Bernie Sanders follower who now will vote for Trump.

I still don’t understand why French police were not firing at tires of the truck.

Pence does not like gays, atheists, or allowing those people to shit with him.

I do not recall any prior political convention when a candidate had his kids boast about him.

I am still shocked that Ivanka is not the VP candidate.

At least Donald does not boast about being born in a log cabin.

For God’s sake, Hillary, go with Elizabeth Warren, not some middle age white dude!


Republicans Platform

It is now official, the Republican party does have a platform. OK, there area  few problems in America, and, finally we have a political party ready to address those   issues with firmness, with boldness, with determination to make America Great Again! I do realize there are some in this nation who actually believe a political party should be concerned about income inequality or health care or student loans. Thank God there is the Republican party which knows which are the issues of the day!

The Republican party has come out for opposition to same-sex marriage.

The Republican is the only political party which intends to protect Americans by ensuring that one can use your bathroom only if his-her sex is the same as that on his-her birth certificate.

The Republican party is going to ensure anyone who has a bakery they can decide to whom they sell a cake.

I trust these heroic stands will make certain that America is once again, a Great Nation!

Familiar Voices, Old Tunes

Once again in the United States of America, black males were shot, white males were shot, however, as far as I can determine, no green males were shot. Of course, on the advanced planet of Xul, they never got around to inventing guns or bombs or whatever. We once again heard the voices of peace and serenity emphasize that all shootings must cease, now and forever. President Obama praised police for their heroism, he emphasized that black lives matter, that white lives matter, heck, he was even ready to emphasize that green lives matter.

HOWEVER, when the issue of  how to end these shootings was raised, the old voices shouted loud and clear– I GOT MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO HAVE A GUN! Of course, that was NEVER the intention of our Founding Fathers who made clear they only wanted guns in the hands of a MILITIA.

Anyway, this week will witness one voice after another praising police, praising peaceful people who march without guns. BUT, there will be no ACTION to take away guns from people, and only allow the cops to carry guns. If those who praise cops really want to protect cops, they would BAN ALL WEAPONS in the hands of those who are NOT cops!

Islamic State Is Shrinking

Donald Trump is going to carpet bomb the hell out of ISIS, and get rid of any and all terrorists so once again, America can stand tall. Well, examine the record:

1. ISIS has already lost control of 40% of land it once held.

2. Town after town in Iraq has fallen to the Iraq government, and Fallujah no longer has any ISIS terrorists.

3. During the ISIS flight from Fallujah,an estimated 2,000 of their fighters was killed by air attacks. Oh,Donald, American pilots dropped bombs. OH,there was no need to ‘carpet bomb’ because ISIS fighters were out in the open.

4. ISIS slowly, but surely, is being forced from their positions in Syria. Everything  Donald promises to do, IS already being done!

5. The central issue which Trump does not even understand is -what is the strategy once ISIS no longer controls areas in the Middle East? How will ISIS then function? What will be the strategy once ISIS lacks a geographic area under its control?

Donald, do you even know what has happened to ISIS in the Middle East?

Ah, We Remember You Guys Well

On Monday the Republican convention begins which means, finally, finally, it is the end of the primary battles to decide who is the nominee. We thought it only appropriate to offer a fond farewell to those brave souls who once sought to become the Republican candidate for president.

1. I asked my wife if she recalled Bobby Jindal. Her response, as that of millions, most probably was” “Who?” She had no clue who this guy was or what he ever did. Does anyone know he was a governor of Louisiana?

2. Mike Huckabee is among my favorites. No one was better at displaying his direct contact with God, who he promised was a closet Republican.

3. Carly, Carly, stumbling over chairs, falling off platforms, and shouting with a  loud voice that she hated Hillary more than the other candidates hated her. Stumble on through life.

4. Jeb,Jeb, thee of the Bush clan, defeated, but unbowed. Have a beer for me and jump out of  a plane with dad.

5. Ben Carson, some seek the presidency in order to pass some laws, Ben, had but one dream –to sell his books and pray to God.

6. Rand Paul, son of a Paul who also sought the presidency, like father like son, gracefully disappearing into the shadows of life.

7. Scott Walker, he disappeared so soon, we never got a chance to learn why he was incompetent and a nasty little man.

8. Rick Perry, so sorry they never asked you to name members of the Cabinet this time around. You were prepped with the names of two such people.

9. Ted Cruz, self righteous, bombastic, believer he was the smartest one in class, and the one destined to become school president.

10. Chris Christie, the only one who left the race to become a valet and shoe shine buddy of Donald Trump.

We miss these guys and the dozen others who also ran.

Let’s Shoot Ourselves!

I watched an interview with a supporter of Bernie Sanders who made clear that she would NOT vote for Hillary Clinton. She is now considering voting for Donald Trump. So, who the hell are these supporters of Bernie Sanders? As I recall, Bernie is for free college for students, he is for a national health care system, he is for ending wars in the Middle East, he is for higher taxes on the wealthy, and so on and so on. So, who is Donald Trump?

He is for deporting 11 million Hispanic immigrants.

He is for LOWER taxes on the wealthy.

He is for MORE wars in the Middle East.

He doesn’t give a shit about student loans or lower college tuition.

Yet, idiot Sanders supporters would rather have Trump than Clinton! It is the Sanders supporters who in their righteous anger will allow the despicable Trump to become president!!

Trump On Dallas

I write this prior to any statement from Donald Trump regarding the deaths in Dallas. So, here goes as to what he would comment:

“See, I was right, I’m always right, I’m right just as Crooked Hillary is always wrong. I told you we need to build a wall, a Great Wall, a wall that will protect us against those rapists and murderers. Some of my best friends are colored people, I even employ those colored people and they all love me. So, what happened in Dallas, I’ll tell you what happened. America under the dude from Africa has gotten lazy, it has gotten weak, and that allows terrorists to murder Americans.

We need to take back this country.We have to make America great again.If everyone in that protest parade was armed with assault rifles, those killers would have been blasted to hell. If cops had body armor at all times, then none would have died. Once I am president, every cop will carry an assault rifle, everyone will go twenty-four hours a day with body armor.

Where was the FBI? Where was the US Army? Make me president, and each and every American will be armed to the teeth and ready to swing into action. Take back America and shoot to kill!!”

My Buddy, Saddam Hussein

Donald Trump once again displayed his incredible knowledge of the Middle East an its leaders. There is no question when it comes to understanding what has transpired in the Middle East, Donald is our best guide to the war in Iraq that was begun by George Bush. As you recall, Bush had this incredible misunderstanding of Saddam Hussein, and invaded Iraq and murdered a champion of human rights.

Only Donald really understands why Saddam Hussein was a wonderful man who fought for human rights. “Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, right” But, did you know what he did well? He killed terrorists.He did that so good. They didn’t cared about rights. He didn’t talk. They were a terrorist, it was over.”

Huh? There was no al-Qaeda. There was no ISIS. The “terrorists” were people fighting for human rights!! If ignorance was a virtue, Donald Trump would be an angel.