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We Explain The Iraq Crisis –Simply

I repeatedly have been asked to clarify the current situation in the Middle East. So, here goes:

1. In 2003, the bad guys were led by the bad Sunni Iraq leader,Saddam Hussein. So, President Bush got rid of him.
2. Then the good Shiites got control of Iraq and proceeded to punish the bad Sunni Iraqis.
3. This caused al-Qaeda to come into Iraq so the good Americans armed the good Sunnis who organized Awakening Councils to beat the bad Sunni al-Qaeda.
4. Once the bad al-Qaeda were beaten back, the Shiite Prime Minister Nouri Maliki began to persecute the good Sunni Awakening Council folk.
5. This led to the good Sunnis becoming the bad Sunnis.
6. Meanwhile back in Syria the bad Sunni leader Assad began to attack anyone who opposed him. This created a civil war.
7. During this civil war, good Sunni folk arrived to fight bad Sunni Assad.
8. The good Sunni folk who fought Assad decided why not head for Iraq and fight the bad Shiite PM Maliki.
9. Now the bad Sunni are fighting against the old good Shiites who have become the bad Shiites which has led the bad Iranians to come to the aid of the good, or bad, Shiites.
10. Now the bad Sunni Assad has sent planes to attack the bad ISIS who are bad Sunnis.

We offer prizes to anyone who can pass a test on this situation.

Wither The Republican Party?

There was an interesting and sad television shot shown to the American people last night. On the anniversary of the fight for civil rights in the South, most members of Congress locked arms and sang the famous marching song of civil rights fighters, “We Shall Over Come.” However, neither John Boehner nor Senator Mitch McConnell moved their lips in order to display their opposition to anything that President Obama supported. A wonderful display of courage. If Jesus Christ appeared tomorrow and was walking with President Obama, the Republican party would come out against Christianity. A once great political party has become a negative, angry, hating group of men and women. Oops, sorry, I ignore the concern of Republicans for the oppressed minorities in our nation–the upper 5% of those with money and those who fight for the right to earn billions.

Let me review the history of this once great party:

1. Abraham Lincoln pushed through the first income tax. He gave away free land to all who desired in the Homestead Act. His government financed construction of the intercontinental railroad. He backed creation of colleges that were free to students. And, worst of all, he took property away–without compensation–from slave owners!
2. Theodore Roosevelt blasted the wealthy for their selfishness. He broke up monopolies and then had the Federal government supervise their operations. He advocated the Income Tax amendment. He ended segregation in the federal government. He also defended the rights of workers to have unions.
3. Wendell Wilkie lost the 1940 presidential election to Franklin Roosevelt. He then spent World War II as a special assistant for the president. Republicans in Congress worked with President Roosevelt to create a United Nations.
4. Dwight Eisenhower refused to lower the WWII top income tax level of NINETY PERCENT until debts were paid off. His administration fought for the Brown vs Board of Education Supreme Court decision that ended segregation. Eisenhower worked to ends segregation in the armed forces and ended it in Washington D.C.
5. Republicans worked with President Lyndon Johnson to pass the Civil Rights bill.
6. Heck, Richard Nixon supported Affirmative Action, came out for national health insurance, and even toyed with the idea of a guaranteed income for all Americans.

That used to be the Republican party!!

Let’s Sue The President

It was Tuesday, House Speaker was in the United States of America, no legislation had been passed that day, then again, not many bills have become law under the leadership of John Boehner. So, what to do today in order to ensure Fox News has something to rant about? I got it, thought John. How about instituting a law suit against President Obama? Gee, the cute pert blond haired bozos who masquerade as newscasters would have something to ramble on about. Oops, I better make certain they now what is involved in suing the president. Now, what the hell do I sue him about? Hmm..

1. I could sue him for insisting the Affordable Care Act is legal.

2. I could sue him for not personally supervising our border with Mexico.

3. I got it, I will sue him for “not faithfully executing the laws of our country.”

It’s his word against mine!


Once upon a time there was a young lawyer who taught constitutional law and urged that American civil rights must be protected from government intrusion into private lives. The young man grew up to become President of the United States of America which resulted in his shift from private rights of citizens to the right of government to intrude into every aspect of our rights. Fortunately, the US Supreme Court decided there was such a thing termed –privacy. In a vote of 9-0, each and every judge ruled against the right of government to search cell phones of citizens! Justice Roberts speaking for the court made clear that in modern life, “cell phones keep on the person’s digital record nearly every aspect of their lives.” To enter the cell phone records might result in “disclosure of intimate aspects of their personal life record.”

The court made clear to each and every police force or government security agency that before they explore personal cell phone records they must GET A WARRANT! I am certain that President Obama is now upset at this assault by the court upon NATIONAL SECURITY. Isn’t it wonderful that our president once taught about private rights of individuals?

So, Who Is To Blame?

The virtual collapse of the Iraq government has not hit the American people with resulting confusion and anger. Many now demand to know why this collapse occurred and who is to blame?

1. Dick and Don want to make clear they had nothing to do with the wolf blowing down the pig’s house.
2. George is in Texas chopping wood so leave him out of this discussion.
3. Republicans who voted to invade Iraq want the world to know that things were great when George Bush left the presidency. Since then, you know who is to blame for what happened.
4. The Iraq government blames lack of American assistance. Of course, Prime Minister Maliki turned down US offers for advisers.
5. Fox News is in a bit confused. Who the hell should they blame? Certainly, Fox News which backed the invasion has nothing to do with the current situation in Iraq.
6. Hillary was against it before she voted for it, and now wants everyone to know the Bush folk lied about the situation.
7. How about the American people who overwhelmingly supported this invasion?

Once Again Impeachment Is Proposed

Congressman Barletta of Pennsylvania is upset at the course of American politics, and he is determined to do something. Well,if one is a Republican, and, if one is upset, the only alternative left open is to impeach the president. Of course, Republicans only become upset when the president is a Democrat, so it is clear there is only a single path to pursue. According to the Republican Congressman, “we have a president that is taken this to a new level. And, it’s put us in a position where he’s just absolutely ignoring the laws and ignoring the checks and balances. You know, what dis you do for those that say impeach him for breaking the laws or by bypassing the laws.” He is certain an impeachment resolution would “pass the House.”

We did have a president who lied about weapons of mass destruction, but Republicans have no interest in such a person. We did have a president who sent 5,000 Americans to their deaths and wounded 40,000, but that is of no interest to Republicans. The OBAMA dude did not check with Congress about an exchange of prisoners. Now, which is more important, the exchange of five prisoners or the death of 5,000 Americans? Just ask Congressman Barletta.

The Dilemma Of Iraq Is No Mystery

We are pleased to report that leading experts on the Middle East are appearing on talk shows in order to explain to the American public that President Obama is THE villain in what is transpiring in the Middle East. HE is the one who created the madness of Iraq. Senator John McCain is demanding air attacks and troops on the ground. For some reason, not too many fellow Republican congressmen are getting into the “send troops to Iraq” proposal. Of course, Dick Cheney has informed the American people, once again, that Weapons of Mass Destruction WERE in Iraq and thanks to his brilliant ideas, America defeated Saddam Hussein, America defeated Osama bin Laden and America left a peaceful Iraq for newly elected President Obama. Oh, President Bush signed the agreement with Iraq for withdrawal of US troops by 2011. So, what does Cheney claim, Obama left Iraq and caused the subsequent collapse of its government.

President Obama has made clear that “no American firepower would be able to hold the country together.” He went on to point out the obvious. “We gave Iraq the chance to have an inclusive democracy, to work across sectarian lines.. and unfortunately what we have seen is a lack of trust.” He pointed out that Prime Minister Maliki had instituted program against Sunni Iraqis. Thus, Sunnis have no access to using the political process to deal with their grievances.”

Finally, an American president who is being blunt and honest about Iraq


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Reality is that something created life, call it whatever you wish.

It is common sense to believe in common sense.

I only feel guilty if I spill a cup of coffee.

Youth grow taller as we old folks grow smaller.

Never fear the night, it is always followed by the dawn.

Some eat breakfast with a smile on face. At least no day of hunger?

In the end, we are who we are.

I prefer day old cake, reminds me of youth.

If a man’s back is turned to you, it is not polite to initiate talk.

I wonder whatever happened to the God of Peace.

Hands under chin means one is pondering–something.

Do not fear tomorrow, it will become today–eventually.

Worry about yesterday is a waste of time.

An open heart awaits love–and pain.

We want to enjoy life, but does life want to enjoy us?

Texting is a cry–I am here!

Republicans Stand For Individual Rights

Anyone who reads material from the Republican party or who watches Fox News quickly understands that the party of Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt believes strongly in the right of an individual to control her destiny–and certainly her body. Florida Governor Rick Scott just signed into law HB1047 which now makes it a crime for women to abort a fetus is a doctor believes the fetus can survive. The new bill replaces the existing law which prevents an abortion if the woman is 24 weeks into her pregnancy. I assume the new law places the decision as to whether or not an abortion occurs in the hands of your friendly doctor. Oh, the new law makes clear if the doctor provides the wrong answer to a pregnant woman and says the fetus can not survive, that doctor can wind up in jail!!

Republicans believe each person has a right to carry a weapon.
Republicans believe each businessman has the right to determine if a worker has health insurance.
Republicans believe each wealthy person has the right to spend and spend in order to get his candidate elected.
BUT Republicans do NOT believe each woman has a right to decide what is done to HER body!!

Wisdom Of Chairman Dick

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has offered his wise words of wisdom to the American people. You know, the man who insisted that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction, and it was imperative, and I mean, imperative, that America sent forces of mass destruction into Iraq. It was March, 2003, and UN inspectors asked for an additional three months in order to complete their investigation, but Chairman Dick, along with General Rumsfeld, and the dude from Texas, insisted the invasion HAD to occur in March! We all know the aftermath of this incredible blunder and we all know who is responsible–BARACK OBAMA!! Yes, Dick and Liz Cheney informed the Wall Street Journal that the culprit in Iraq was none other than BARACK OBMA!!

According to Chairman Dick, “rarely has a U.S. President been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many. The President is willfully blind to the impact of his policies.” As I recall, it was Dick and Don and George who pushed Nouri al-Maliki to leadership. Maliki is undoubtedly the most inept leader in the Middle East and his refusal to work with Sunni leaders has resulted in the current situation. As I recall, it was President Bush and Vice President Cheney who agreed to the withdrawal of American forces in 2011. As I recall, 4,500 Americans died during their watch and 40,000 were wounded.

But, in the end, says Dick, it is the fault of BARACK OBAMA!