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The Danger of Words

Anyone who lived through the 1960s is quite familiar with the power of words to destroy. Within a ten year period, President John Kennedy was murdered, Malcolm X was killed, Martin Luther King was murdered, and two months later Robert Kennedy was murdered. Perhaps, perhaps, Donald Trump is oblivious to the danger of his words, I  am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. But, his nonstop shouting hate and anger toward Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton could easily be interpreted by some of the nut cases attending his rallies to blast away.

Yuval Rabin, son of former Israel Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin warned Americans of the danger of shouting hate. His father was killed by an Israel hater who was  urged on to hate by people like Benjamin Netanyahu. ‘Trumps’s  words are an incitement  to the type of political violence that touched me personally.” Netanyahu continued to claim Rabin was a “traitor” for seeking peace with Palestinians. One day, someone transformed those words into action. Will the same occur in America?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I await Donald Trump raising the issue of how the Democratic Party and President Roosevelt forced Japan to attack America.

Let me ge this straight, Barack Obama was born in the 1960s, and we had the Vietnam war in the 1960s, now you know who caused the Vietnam war!

There are currently over 50 law suits against Trump in Florida by merchants claiming Donald cheated them, so who is the “CROOK?”

I am certain if we ever get to read Trump’s tax return we will learn that he  paid no  more than 5% in taxes.

After the fantastic display of American greatness at the Olympics, I await Donald promising that if elected he will make “AMERICA GREAT AGAIN IN THE OLYMPICS”

Then again, since we no longer are a “Great Nation,” how the hell did our athletes demonstrate their greatness?

How come Crooked Hillary Clinton did not join the Armed forces during the Vietnam war?

Donald wants to punch someone out, but, obviously, he never had the  urge to punch out Communist Viet Cong guerrillas in Vietnam.

While the brave John McCain was enduring endless torture in a Viet Cong prison, Donald was enduring the torture of being exhausted fucking models.


Republican Myths And Reality

I daily encounter people, including member of my own extended family who harbor the typical Trump nonsense about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s records in the Middle East. So, let me put to rest the myths and realities of the Middle East.

1. President Obama “withdrew American forces too early, and this  led to the rise of ISIS.”

2. “President Obama refused to maintain US troops in Iraq”

REALITY: The date to leave Iraq was set by President Bush. Obama simply adhered to the Bush deadline.

President Obama offered to leave 10,000 American soldiers in Iraq. The Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki insisted that if US troops remained and an American soldier was charged with a crime against an Iraqi citizen, the case would be tried in an Iraq court. Naturally,no American president would ever agree to such a demand.

3.”Al-Qaeda was defeated by 2007″ and then when Obama took office, he allowed in to return.

REALITY: Al-Qaeda was virtually defeated by 2007 due to two factors– the American military effort in cities, and the rise of Sunni Awakening Councils. These were organized by Sunni tribal leaders who were tired of al-Qaeda. They were assisted by US troops, and played a key role in virtually destroying  al-Qaeda. However, President Bush allowed Shiite Nouri al-Maliki to gain power. Maliki proceeded to arrest prominent Sunni leaders, broke his promise to US Military leaders to integrate Sunis and Shiites in the Iraq army. Maliki antagonized Sunni leaders and this caused was a key role in the tis of ISIS.

Neither President Obama nor Hillary Clinton had any role in the rise of ISIS. Guess whose mistakes created that organization?

Going My Way

Republican leaders are going crazy because their nominee for the presidency insists that he alone knows how to win the golden prize.Donald intends to walk the path toward victory by proceeding going his way to victory. Ironically, his success agains the bumbling gang of 16 went to his head, and if he could beat the likes of Paul and Carson and Christie, why not Hillary Clinton. If he received thunderous applause from the white folks in the Republican party, why not from the entire United States of America? Donald continues seeking to hear white people shouting with glee when he promises to knock the crap out of Muslims, whoever they are and wherever they be.

Fortunately for Donald, each day reveals more and more emails. Hillary and Bill decided they also wanted to become millionaires, and now they suffer the consequences of this decision. Instead of following the examples of Jimmy Carter or Harry Truman, both of whom preferred a post presidency of no money from businessmen, Hillary wanted more and more money. She wanted to go her way toward cash, and now suffers the consequence of losing respect from millions. Sometimes in life, instead of going your way, it might be wise to follow the path of others who were caring, decent people.

In the end, the best path is that of George Washington. He left the presidency, and returned home. He never sought any riches, never desired more power, just return to a life of hard work. There is the path of power, the path of money, and then there is the path of just being an ordinary American. We conclude with a story about Harry Truman. He had returned to his beloved Missouri and was being driven to the state capitol for a meeting by the police chief of Kansas City. They saw a woman driving some pigs. Harry got out of the car, helped the woman get her pigs across Highway 70. When later asked why he did that, Harry replied: “I was a farmer, before becoming President.” That is why he was loved by ordinary Americans.


We offer observations on the human condition from an 85 year old mind trapped in a 25 year old body.


Given the fantastic success of our athletes in the Olympics, will Donald promise to make America Great Again in future Olympics?

I suspect that Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump begin the day by gazing into the mirror and saying: “I’m the Greatest!”

What do the tax returns of Donald Trump reveal? How about the Russians hacking into them.

Some day a Trump economist will explain to me how reducing taxes by trillions for the wealthy enables the average American to go on a buying spree.

Each year thirty thousand die as a result of gun violence–most by themselves- but no one in Congress considers this a problem. Wonder why?

I’m still waiting for George H.W. Bush to comment on Trump.

Miracle in 2016, Donald Trump gave a speech with hands by his sides!

Watching The Olympics

I was raised in the slums of t he south Bronx in New York City during the Depression so the only sp0rts that had any meaning in our lives were baseball, football, and basketball. Tennis or hockey required  uniforms and special equipment. For us, all it took to play football were some newspapers and a rubber band.But, every four years I find myself watching  the Olympics. I gaze, sometimes in curiosity, sometimes in wonder, when people hurl themselves through the air or do acrobatics that simply are beyond my physical capacity, either now at 86 or when I was 16.

My major dilemma is whether I should only root for the home team– the USA- or whether it is OK to root for the underdog. Of course, in the Olympics Black Lives Matter is not a matter of discussion, since there are plenty of black lives that matter in the Olympics. Confession, I do root for the home team, I do feel patriotic when they play the Star Spangled Banner, and for some reason, there is a sense of pride when Michael Phelps over and over wins a swimming event.

Confession, this year I rooted against ALL Russian athletes since they have a proven record of using drugs. I must admit if there are no Americans in an event, I root for the Australians or the Brits–I remember their role in helping to win WWII.

P.S. Some day someone will explain how they score gymnastics.


P.P.S. Is Donald going to attack the Obama record on this year’s Olympic?

No More Death Taxes

I realize that Donald Trump has gotten tied down responding to reactions to some of his comments. So, it was wonderful to learn that Donald Trump has come out with a program that will reduce taxes on each and every person who works for a living. He has some  out to end the Death Tax that we Americans pay on our estate when  we die. As Donald notes: “American workers have paid taxes their entire life. They shouldn’t be taxed again when they die.”

God, do I love this man who cares so much about the health and welfare of working men and women.Of course, as of this moment, under the existing tax  people pay on their estate when they die, $99.8% do not pay any tax  since their estate is too low. But, Donald, as always is concerned about the one percent. Hillary Clinton could not give a damn about the millionaires who spend their lives creating jobs. Under the Trump plan, the top 1% will only save $25 billion a year. Now, what the heck can anyone do with an extra $25  billion?

I have to vote for the man who always  looks out for the needs of our top 1% of wealthy folks. OK, so this tax plan would save the Trump estate a few billion or so. So what?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind,trapped in an 85 year old body.


I wonder why Don Rumsfeld is  silent about his party’s nominee?

Short sure is great when engaged in gymnastics.

I spend my nights thinking about which Cabinet position, Ivanka will fill.

If only Hillary would just say, “I was wrong,” the topic of emails would disappear.

These days Mitt Romney comes across a great statesman.

God, would I welcome one HONEST comment from Paul Ryan!

John Boehner sleeps peacefully these nights.

It apparently is OK for men to hug and kiss in the Olympics.

When Is Enough For McCain?

I rarely have agreed with any political ideas of John McCain, but I always respected his service to the nation, and his fight for veterans. Of course, HIS party’s candidate continually attacks McCain for failure to be concerned about veteran rights, which should get our attention since this complaint comes from a  guy who got four draft deferments during the Vietnam war, and spent his time fucking broads while soldiers were getting the fuck blasted out of them.

A group of veterans came to the  office of Senator McCain. Former Marine, Alexander McCoy, raised some issues.  “Donald Trump’s reckless ignorance about America’s responsibility to the world shocks me to the core. I have heard enough. Senator McCain, you served and sacrificed, you have heard enough to!”

I regret to say, John McCain will not have heard enough unless defeated in the primary. Silence is sad when it comes from McCain!


We offer observations on the human condition from a  25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Chris Christie said he was upset about the Khan issue, he must have realized Donald will not win.

Donald Trump is the only man in American history to earn a Purple Heart for making money.

I expect a Trump Cabinet consisting of Trump children.

Hillary should learn the art of an apology.

I await a Trump rally in which all his Muslim friends cheer him on.

If John McCain loses his primary, expect an explosion of anger against Trump.

Only in a Trump campaign is the Republican candidate attacking Republicans,  not Democrats.

Turns out Melania is an illegal immigrant, send her to Mexico!

I await Donald citing his grandson as Secretary of Education, after all he knows about schools.

Strange silence from Donald’s other wives, wonder why?

I  wonder what Ted Cruz is thinking these days.

I still think Donald made a mistake in not having Ben Carson as his running mate, a white-black  ticket would  have been powerful.