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Cry For Afghanistan

Afghanistan remans the great American experiment that went wrong. After the quick defeat of Taliban forces in the fall of 2001, the Bush administration decided to pay absolutely NO attention to the task of assisting Afghans in the process of creating a viable and democratic government. We can cry for the Åfghan people since there is no government in power that has the slightest interest in its own people. Hammid Karzai and his clique of money mad friends have but one interest-making gobs of money and maintaining their power. Yesterday, hundreds of Talibans attacked Army outposts in eastern Afghanistan, killed over twenty soldiers and demonstrated once again, they are the new power in this sad nation.

The Taliban made clear they have no interest in entering into negotiations with Hamid Karzai or the American government. They are confident that most of rural Afghanistan will shortly be under their control so why talk when their weapons are doing all the talking? Just another American attempt in nation building that went astray.

I guess President Obama will send in the Drones. We already have sent in the clowns.

Wither Afghanistan?

The situation in Afghanistan has shifted from a position of what will happen when NATO and American forces depart this year from the country to we now know what will occur when they are gone. President Hamid Karzai is the wrong leader at the wrong time and he intends to rid the country of the necessary forces that just might be able to create a degree of stability. It is now clear he will refuse to allow NATO and American soldiers or even a force of advisers to be around by the end of this year. There are about 373,000 Afghan soldiers but they still lack the necessary training in handling guerrilla forces, let alone the necessary equipment. The Afghan army lacks any air force, particularly attack helicopters which could quickly transport troops from one location to another.

What then are the possibilities for 2014:

1. Afghanistan becomes a nation divided into regional leaders and groups.

2. The Taliban assumes control of a large area of the rural nation.

3. The Afghan government controls the Kabul region and a few other areas.

4. The Afghan army collapses and chaos ensues.

Chaos In Somalia

As I recall, both President George Bush and President Barack Obama promised the American people that they would kill Osama bin Laden and then peace and joy would prevail in the world. Well, President Obama did kill Osama bin Laden, and there was much joy in the land. However, that part about peace seems not to have been achieved. The Obama theory that killing al-Qaeda leadership would lead to collapse has proved the opposite in Somalia. A branch of al-Qaeda has emerged in that poor war torn land. Aal Shabab carried out a raid on the residence of the president of Somalia. Two suicide cars crashed into the presidential residence, and following them came armed men who blasted away at troops guarding the residence in Mogladishu.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is apparently safe, the suicide group apparently is defeated and things will return to the normal chaos that prevails in the capital. That part about killing militant leaders in order to reduce terror apparently has led to the opposite result. Two months ago an American drone killed a Taliban leader in Pakistan who already had agreed to peace talks with the government and he was replaced by another leader who opposes peace negotiations.

When will Obama learn that guerrilla wars are NOT won by killing leaders!!

Leave Us Alone Says Karzai

American forces entered Afghanistan about a dozen years ago in order to wipe out the Taliban which had imposed a world of brutality and hate upon its own people as well as providing assistance to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. They dynamic trio of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld were able to wipe out the Taliban, but lacked any comprehension as to what next to do in order to aid this nation develop an organized and coherent government. Hamid Karzai was their choice, oops, I forgot, the choice of the Afghan people. The result has been a dozen years of incompetence, corruption, and chaos for the people of Afghanistan.

Yes, there has also been incompetence upon the part of the United States with its ill conceived Drone program which kills both the good and bad guys. The bottom line is the inability of the Afghan government to create an armed force which believes their leaders are honest and care about the people of this impoverished land. The Obama administration has been attempting to negotiate an agreement with the Afghan government in order to retain some US and NATO soldiers as advisers. Hamid Karzai refuses to sign the agreement.

Hamid Karzai is releasing Taliban prisoners, and most probably entering into secret negotiations with the Taliban. He is tired of hearing Americans complain about his crooked rule which benefits his family rather than the people of the land. As he put it to America: Afghanistan is a sovereign country. If the Afghan authorities decide to release a prisoner, it is not the concern of the US. I hope that the US will stop harassing Afghanistan’s procedures and judicial authorities. I hope that the US will now begin to respect the sovereign Afghan rights.”

Amen. Let us depart.

Afghanistan And Women

The women of Afghanistan have now endured over thirty years of brutality and oppression from a variety of governments, particularly from those who support conservative ideas of the Taliban. President Bush argued in 2001 that not only was Afghanistan the source of 9/11 terrorists, but the oppression of Afghan women justified an invasion in order to protect them from further violence. There is no question the lives of women contains greater rights since that invasion, but the forces of conservative attitudes toward women remain strong in the country. A new law passed by the Afghan legislature would not allow women to testify against a member of her family even if he abused her as a person.

Finally, President Hamid Karzai has gotten the point this piece of legislation has infuriated people around the world. His spokesperson, Aimi Faizi told reporters “we are not going to allow such a law to come into force unless the necessary amendments are in place.” It appears a women will have the right to testify against a relative who violated her dignity. The mere presence of such a law, with or without amendments violates the rights of women. Imagine a woman being “asked” is she wants to testify against a relative who raped her??

Yassuh Mr.Clarence Thomas

US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas must rank among the most uneducated person ever to attain the high office of that court. He gave another speech in which he insists that back in the “good old days,”black folk had a wonderful time living without all those damn rights. “I was the first black kid in Savannah, Georgia to go to a white school. “Rarely, did the issue of race come up. My sadness is that we are probably today more race conscious and difference conscious than I was back in the 1960s.”

“Yassuh, Massa, back then you’ll white folk treated us real nice and we had a separate water fountain and a separate school for we all ignorant black folk and we didn’t have to mess our minds up with all that voting nonsense. We could spend our time, shuffling our feet and playing music and shouting for the Lord to deliver us up onto the land of Israel, like it says in the good book. Them were the good olde days when we colored folk knew our place and you white folks patted us on the head when we did something right. Yassuh, massa, why can’t we go back to them good olde days?”

Do Spy Agencies Really Protect Us?

After the end of World War II, the CIA was invented to replace the Office of Strategic Services(OSS) which operated as our spy agency during the war. Since that date following are examples in which the CIA or other spy … Continue reading

Afghanistan Continues War On Women

As I recall back in those distant times when a man named George Bush was president of the United States both he and his wife argued that invading Afghanistan to rid that nation of its Taliban backward leaders would provide safety to the women of that country whose rights had been taken away, even the right to education or medical care. Ah, that was then, and now is now. President Hamid Karzai, the man whose family became not only famous but fantastically wealthy as a result of the office he holds, used to proclaim his devotion to women rights. That was then, and now is now. A new bill passed by the Afghan legislature would make it a crime to allow a relative to testify against another relative. Sounds innocent, doesn’t it?

This would mean that if a woman was being battered by her husband or any other male relative, she would not be allowed to file charges against these men. Heck, the new law would not even allow police to pose questions to the woman as to whether someone was beating the hell out of her. Catherine Ashton, the EU policy leader on foreign affairs put it bluntly: “I am very concerned that this new law would restrict prosecutions for domestic violence and child abuse.”

Yes, we did enter Afghanistan to protect women. That was then and now is now!

Obama Administration Anti-American

For years members of the Republican Party have been attempting to make the American people grasp that Barack Obama is NOT a real American, let alone even being born in this country. Fortunately, we now have concrete evidence that Obama favors foreigners over Americans, after all, he wants Mexicans to take away good jobs picking peaches and strawberries. A CANADIAN rock band, Skinny Puppy, sent a bill to the Pentagon because they used Skinny Puppy music while torturing prisoners at Guantanamo. “We sent them ann invoice for our musical services considering they had gone ahead and used our music without our knowledge.” Look, if Skinny Puppy wants to drive people crazy with noise from their rock band, they have the right to decide who listens.

I am very upset. Once again, Barack Obama has disregarded the issue of jobs for Americans. Instead of using the services of an AMERICAN rock band, he sends our jobs to Canadians! I insist that any torture be conducted by AMERICAN citizens so we can keep money we spend on torture in house. For God’s sake, Obama, what type of message are you sending to the world–Americans can’t even use 100% American sources when torturing!!


If you thought the fiasco which led to the death of America’s ambassador to Libya at Benghazi, just wait until you read this report. Once again, failure of the Obama administration to protect those sent into dangerous situations has led to the capture of an important American fighting man. There was a fire fight in Afghanistan and either President Obama or Secretary of State John Kerry ordered our troops to flee the battlefield and leave a comrade all alone to be captured. Hillary Clinton had Benghazi and now John Kerry will be questioned as to why US forces abandon Americans so they can be brutalized and killed by the enemy. This is Benghazi five times more powerful.

The Taliban has released pictures of the captive. It is a Belgian Malinois dog who holds the rank of colonel in the United States army. The dog looks confused, who wouldn’t look a bit confused if left to be captured by the Taliban? Dancing around the dog are well armed members of the Taliban who are shouting: “Allah gave victory to the mujadhideen.” They also shout hate toward American spies!

My questions:

Why did John Kerry allow this capture?
What was President Obama doing when this dog was captured? On another political trip to get money?
Where was Hillary Clinton during this capture? Why didn’t she provide more troops in Afghanistan to prevent capture of our dogs?
When will Congressional investigating committees get going on this serious matter of American pride??