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Yassuh Mr.Clarence Thomas

US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas must rank among the most uneducated person ever to attain the high office of that court. He gave another speech in which he insists that back in the “good old days,”black folk had a wonderful time living without all those damn rights. “I was the first black kid in Savannah, Georgia to go to a white school. “Rarely, did the issue of race come up. My sadness is that we are probably today more race conscious and difference conscious than I was back in the 1960s.”

“Yassuh, Massa, back then you’ll white folk treated us real nice and we had a separate water fountain and a separate school for we all ignorant black folk and we didn’t have to mess our minds up with all that voting nonsense. We could spend our time, shuffling our feet and playing music and shouting for the Lord to deliver us up onto the land of Israel, like it says in the good book. Them were the good olde days when we colored folk knew our place and you white folks patted us on the head when we did something right. Yassuh, massa, why can’t we go back to them good olde days?”

Do Spy Agencies Really Protect Us?

After the end of World War II, the CIA was invented to replace the Office of Strategic Services(OSS) which operated as our spy agency during the war. Since that date following are examples in which the CIA or other spy … Continue reading

Afghanistan Continues War On Women

As I recall back in those distant times when a man named George Bush was president of the United States both he and his wife argued that invading Afghanistan to rid that nation of its Taliban backward leaders would provide safety to the women of that country whose rights had been taken away, even the right to education or medical care. Ah, that was then, and now is now. President Hamid Karzai, the man whose family became not only famous but fantastically wealthy as a result of the office he holds, used to proclaim his devotion to women rights. That was then, and now is now. A new bill passed by the Afghan legislature would make it a crime to allow a relative to testify against another relative. Sounds innocent, doesn’t it?

This would mean that if a woman was being battered by her husband or any other male relative, she would not be allowed to file charges against these men. Heck, the new law would not even allow police to pose questions to the woman as to whether someone was beating the hell out of her. Catherine Ashton, the EU policy leader on foreign affairs put it bluntly: “I am very concerned that this new law would restrict prosecutions for domestic violence and child abuse.”

Yes, we did enter Afghanistan to protect women. That was then and now is now!

Obama Administration Anti-American

For years members of the Republican Party have been attempting to make the American people grasp that Barack Obama is NOT a real American, let alone even being born in this country. Fortunately, we now have concrete evidence that Obama favors foreigners over Americans, after all, he wants Mexicans to take away good jobs picking peaches and strawberries. A CANADIAN rock band, Skinny Puppy, sent a bill to the Pentagon because they used Skinny Puppy music while torturing prisoners at Guantanamo. “We sent them ann invoice for our musical services considering they had gone ahead and used our music without our knowledge.” Look, if Skinny Puppy wants to drive people crazy with noise from their rock band, they have the right to decide who listens.

I am very upset. Once again, Barack Obama has disregarded the issue of jobs for Americans. Instead of using the services of an AMERICAN rock band, he sends our jobs to Canadians! I insist that any torture be conducted by AMERICAN citizens so we can keep money we spend on torture in house. For God’s sake, Obama, what type of message are you sending to the world–Americans can’t even use 100% American sources when torturing!!


If you thought the fiasco which led to the death of America’s ambassador to Libya at Benghazi, just wait until you read this report. Once again, failure of the Obama administration to protect those sent into dangerous situations has led to the capture of an important American fighting man. There was a fire fight in Afghanistan and either President Obama or Secretary of State John Kerry ordered our troops to flee the battlefield and leave a comrade all alone to be captured. Hillary Clinton had Benghazi and now John Kerry will be questioned as to why US forces abandon Americans so they can be brutalized and killed by the enemy. This is Benghazi five times more powerful.

The Taliban has released pictures of the captive. It is a Belgian Malinois dog who holds the rank of colonel in the United States army. The dog looks confused, who wouldn’t look a bit confused if left to be captured by the Taliban? Dancing around the dog are well armed members of the Taliban who are shouting: “Allah gave victory to the mujadhideen.” They also shout hate toward American spies!

My questions:

Why did John Kerry allow this capture?
What was President Obama doing when this dog was captured? On another political trip to get money?
Where was Hillary Clinton during this capture? Why didn’t she provide more troops in Afghanistan to prevent capture of our dogs?
When will Congressional investigating committees get going on this serious matter of American pride??

Russian Schmucks Can’t Shut Up!

I assume that if one inhabits a land which is governed by a boastful petty little tyrant it is only natural for those who care about their jobs to adhere to the Putin philosophy that he alone knows the truth and the world is jealous of his handsome bare chested body. Irina Rodina, a member of a group called the United Russia Party, attempted to curry favor with the man of action who has just spent over 50 billion dollars to stage an Olympics which already has become an economic farce. People check into hotels in which one can not use the toilet and yellow water pours on one’s body while attempting a shower. Anyway, Irina decided to show the world that lackeys of Putin really do not display much creativity in seeking to insult anyone. She posted on twitter a picture of President Obama eating a banana.

Let me explain her “humor.” She seeks to get across an idea that has been circulated in America for years that states Barack Obama was born in Africa and that Africans are uncivilized people. Got the joke? Wow, I wonder what the next joke is about?

Footprints In Time!

Scientists have discovered the footprints of human like people who were wandering around what is known today as England. The footprints of five human like people is about 800,000 to one million years ago. They may be related to a human like group which died out about that time period who are now termed: “pioneer man.” I decided to check out how religious leaders explain this situation since this group is not discussed in either the Bible nor the Koran.

1. Rush Limbaugh: “This is nothing but another liberal trick to get people to disbelieve in Jesus Christ and his teachings.”

2. My local minister of the faith, Tom the Man. “Anyone who reads the Bible knows the Earth was created 10,000 years ago. There never was any pioneer or Indian or liberal or Muslim 800,000 years ago. Jesus came two thousand years ago and that is the truth.”

3. Michelle my Conspiracy Theorist: “The pioneer man is really an alien from the planet Xul who came here to begin a new pattern of life. Do you really believe anything told you by scientists who receive gobs of money from the government?”

US Repeats Mistakes In Iraq

As I recall, former President George Bush was happy when the famous “surge” in Iraq led by General David Petraeus “defeated insurgents” and restored peace and prosperity to the people of Iraq. After all, from day one of the Bush initiated invasion of Iraq prevailing wisdom was all one needed was a powerful armed force and terrorists would be driven into surrender. Almost a decade later, there are still terrorists in Iraq and they are growing more powerful than ever before. Why? Mr. Maliki was elected as Prime Minister and, instead of reaching out to the Sunni minority in Iraq, he initiated a campaign of terror against its leaders. Instead of focusing on economic development and offering the people of Iraq and honest and efficient government, all they received was the same old conflict over the spoils of office.

Iraq needs more than ever a government which comprises those of all political beliefs.(Just check with Tunisia which just has created such a government). Step two is ensuring that Sunni leaders possess power in government. Step three is allowing loyal Sunni leaders to create fighting groups which will clear out terrorists who belong to the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant(ISIL).

So, how does the Obama administration respond? The US will provide new Boeing made Apache attack helicopters, hundreds more Lockheed Martin Hellfire missiles and fifty new Drones. The US did NOT receive any guarantee from the Maliki government that in exchange for these weapons of war, it would work for compromises and create a government that represents the entire Iraqi population.

Shades of George Bush!!

Hamid Karzai-Friend Or Enemy?

Hamid Karzai has been part of the Afghan experience since the Bush team allowed him to become president of the country. In reality, becoming president was simply his opportunity to allow members of his family and clan to gather power and use that power for their economic advancement. The reality is that those with Karzai make money and make certain their families live the good life in a nation torn by violence. It now appears that during the past several months while Afghan, American and NATO forces were fighting against the Taliban, he was engaged in secret negotiations with the Taliban. Karzai even blasted the United States for seeking to engage in discussions with the enemy.

Karzai for the past year has been constantly criticizing American and NATO forces for killing innocent civilians instead of the Taliban. In an effort to please the Taliban Karzai just released prisoners who will head for the hills and join their Taliban colleagues. So, what is the Karzai plan?

1. Blame western forces for war in Afghanistan.

2. Pretend to be a greater enemy of the west than is the Taliban.

3. Attempt to form a coalition government with the Taliban.

It will not work. The Taliban is using Karzai, not the other way around. He is simply preparing the way for a Taliban victory.

Iraq Failures Continue

Republicans in Congress like John McCain utter words of complaint because President Obama refused to allow the presence of American troops in Iraq and this is the reason for renewed violence in that country. At this moment, Iraqi soldiers, along with police and armed members of tribes are battling in the streets of Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province. The Iraq army i=has enough common sense not to enter the city of Fallujah which is in the control of Sunni groups that have allied with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants who have seized control of many areas of Iraq. Why? Shiite Prime Minister Maliki began a systematic program of anti-Sunni actions including charging Sunni leaders who were working with him to be secret enemies of the country. He refused, as prior agreed, to allow Sunnis to become equal partners in the armed forces. In face of these actions which threatened the existence of Sunnis in Iraq, they have turned towered cooperation with Islamic fundamentalists.

The problem is the government of Maliki which failed to build a religious alliance in which those of all religions would cooperate, obtain equal access to jobs, and equal opportunities to practice their religion. Actually, of the 900,000 Christians who lived in religious peace while Saddam was the ruler, only 400,000 are still in Iraq under the supposed democratic government of Maliki.

Sorry, Senator McCain, the fault is not Obama, it is that of Maliki!