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Turkish Mystery

Turkish President Recep Erdogan is a man whose main quest in life is-POWER. He has destroyed the ability of the Turkish armed forces to intervene in the political affairs of the nation. He has destroyed the ability of the judicial system to thwart his efforts of gaining more and more power. He was shocked when the electorate denied his Justice and Development Party of a majority in the legislature. Recep does not allow anyone or anything to deny him –POWER. He initiated war against the Kurdish minority since his goal was to enable fear to restore his control of government.

Suddenly, out of the blue when Kurdish peace groups were gathered in Ankara for a demonstration, bombs hit them with force. It was the worse bombing in the history of Turkey. A hundred are dead and dozens are wounded. Police prevented ambulances from the scene, and police interfered with rescue efforts. Was this connected with the Erdogan aim of –POWER?

Kim Jon Un On Anything

Among the certainties of life is that Kim Jon un will make a statement about his great army and his ability to destroy any nation in the world, and that means– you Americans. ‘Our revolutionary force is ready to respond to any kind of war the American imperialists want. Our People’s Liberation Army has become the strongest revolutionary force and our country has become an impenetrable fortress as a global military power.”

OK, Kim Jong, since you think North Korea can beat anyone at anything, how about:

A basketball game between North Korea and Ecuador?

A baseball game between the North Korean baseball stars vs. any Little League team Kim identifies?

A rifle target shooting between the best North Korean shot and Donald Trump? He can blast anyone to dust.

A bowling for bombs event,winner takes home all the bombs?

North Korean bomb experts vs ISIS in IED success.

So, Who Should Be Speaker?

The Republican party is having sort of a problem finding someone to serve as Speaker of the House of Representatives. In the spirit of public service we offer some names that might be of interest to these people. Nothing in the Constitution says the Speaker must be a member of Congress.

1. How about bringing back Dick Cheney? He hates better than any Republican in the House.

2. There is nothing unconstitutional about having Ted Cruz hop over to the House for a few hours each day.

3. Carly Fiorina has extensive executive experience, after all she got fired, which certainly qualifies her to head up the mad men of the Republican party.

4. A long shot would be Jon Stewart. He is currently unemployed, he can get people laughing. And, if there is one thing Republicans need is a good laugh.

5. Personally, I like Ben Carson, his level of intelligence certainly qualifies him to join the merry band of ignorant men-and women.

6. Of course, there is always Vladimir Putin, he sure could get some organization and obedience among the wild men of Congress.

7. There are numerous two-bit dictators around Africa to fill the void and they certainly would add some color to the House.

8. Then again, there is always Donald, heck, he could handle the job on a consulting position.

Let’s Check Out Jesus

I continually see signs from Trump supporters that declare: “THANK YOU JESUS FOR DONALD TRUMP.” I decided it was necessary to go right to the Jesus guy myself and check out why he sent Donald Trump to planet Earth.

M: So, Jesus, why Donald Trump?

J: Who?

M: Donald,Donald Trump,the guy who has plans to change this planet.

J: Oh, the red haired guy who wakes me up every night with those incessant phone calls!

M: You mean that Trump actually speaks with you?

J: “Speak” would not be the word I would use. More like, shout and demand and insist that I return to Earth and appear at one of his rallies.

M: You mean that you would support Donald Trump for president?

J: Fred, it is now a question of whether I support him or he will buy out Heaven and kick me out!

M: So, what will you do, my good friend?

J: Well, I talked to Dad and he warned me to be careful because Donald has his eyes on the Big Guy in the sky job!

Let’s Investigate Comedy Hour

There would be important news from Washington DC. if the Republican Congress announced they were NOT going to investigate Hillary or Planned Parenthood or the Socialist ideas of Bernie Sanders. So, in the interest of investigation, we offer some issues to be investigated

1.Why the Republican party has problems deciding who will lead them in Congress.

2.Why the New York Knicks have not won an NBA championship in forty years.

3. Why McDonald’s is offering breakfast all day long.

4. The Ben Carson sort of laugh.

5. Whatever happened to Sarah Palin? Is she still alive or is she a prisoner of ISIS?

6.Why the House of Representatives does not have a comedy hour to liven up things.

7. Why did John McCain allow himself to be captured. Donald will be presiding judge, jury and executioner.

8. So, where exactly was Donald Trump during the Vietnam War?

Oh,I forgot,at least one more shot at Benghazi.

What About North Korea?

The American press and the American political scene is focused on issues such as the Middle East or the potential of an atomic weapon in the hands of Iranian leaders. Bibi Netanyahu is worried sick that ten years from now Iran MIGHT have a nuclear weapon. Of course, Israel already HAS atomic weapons but the world should trust Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu who continually demands attacks on Iran.

On the other hand, Admiral Bill Gortney, head of the Northern Command, reminded Americans there might be nation RIGHT NOW which can attack the US. He is greatly concerned about North Korea. “We assess that they have the capability to reach the homeland(USA) with a nuclear weapon from a rocket. i’m pretty confident that we’re going to knock down the number that are going to be shot.”

So, Iran has NO atomic weapons, but North Korea HAS them and we are worried about–IRAN??


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I wonder if someone out of the blue will cast their name into the Republican race–Dick Cheney?

So, what ever happened to Rand Paul– a lot of silence?

So, what does Scott Walker now do–take on Planned Parenthood or the AA group?

I would so love to hear what a wealthy guy says to a Republican seeking his money.

I know that guns in hands of good guys halt shootings, but how does one define a “good guy?”

The Oregon shooter had a wonderful mom, she even loved guns more than he did.

The state of California has just passed the California Fair Pay Act. This new law forbids companies from paying women at a lower rate than males are paid. From now on, women must be paid “substantially similar pay for substantially similar work.” This is definitely a long time coming and makes perfect sense. However, there are also some problems yet to be solved:

1. Seniority. Those around a longer time get higher pay.

2. People already locked into a salary structure that is higher than those for women will still be ahead of the parade.

3. Of course, there is the constant problem that the bosses make so much more there is less and less for those at the bottom.

4. I await court case which allow judges to decide: “substantially similar work.”

So, Who Bomber Kunduz?

There is one thing very clear–American planes bombed a hospital in the city of Kunduz in Afghanistan. According to General John Campbell:

1. US forces were being attacked by the Taliban and called in an air strike. The pilot of AC-30 gunship had difficulty in locating the target.

2. Afghan forces were under attack by the Taliban and called in the air strike.

3. Well,that was not exactly it. According to General Campbell: “Afghan forces had not directly communicated with US pilots in the AC-130 gunship.

Anyway there are now dead doctors, dead nurses, and several dead patients.

In other words, no one is to blame except the Taliban which started the fight.

Afghan Mess As Always

The Afghan story continues to reveal that blunders are just a normal event for the US military. American bombers bombed the city of Kunduz because Afghan soldiers were scared shit to go into battle, as always. They informed American military that the bad guys were in front of them and they needed a few bombs. According to US sources: “On 3 October we have now learned that Afghan forces advised they were taking fire and asked that for air support. An air strike was called in to eliminate the Taliban threat.” So,US planes bombed and they killed a dozen people in a hospital including several doctors and staff members.”‘

According to the US military it is not their fault for the killing of Doctors without borders because “the Taliban have purposely chosen to fight from within a heavily urbanized site.” It is the fault of the bad guys that we killed innocent doctors and nurses.

When will this horror end??