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We offer observations on the human condition from a  25 year of mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


2016 is the year to sell political dreams to one and all.

Part of me would so enjoy President Cruz establishing a budget without the IRS.

I wonder what little Marco Rubio is doing these days.

ISIS  is retreating and losing territory which means, they must blow up some place in Europe.

I doubt that over the past year Donald Trump has expressed one intelligent idea.

I so enjoy when Donald talks to himself during a speech.

Gee, I wonder how many rapes were carried out yesterday by those illegal Hispanic immigrants.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I think John Kasich would so love to give one more victory speech.

These days the wisdom of Ben Carson is missed among Republicans.

I still think Republicans are missing a bet by not nominating Dick Cheney.

Another day in Chicago, another killing, when will they stop?

I wonder these days as to what teens actually learn about American history in high school.

At least last night we didn’t have to endure another “press conference” by Donald Trump that  lasted an hour.

Oh, would I love to be a fly on the wall in the home of Jeb Bush.


Due to some special investigation we were able to obtain a copy of Donald Trump’s own dictionary.

Cruz-holy-than-thou schmuck

Obama-Africanitis disease

Kasich–poor man’s Jeb Bush

America–fool man’s paradise

ISIS –Muslim nut-cases

Jeb Bush–George’s half wit brother

Money–what I got and you don’t

Romney –Mor-man’s coward

New York–Money, money, money

Woman — good for a lay

Ben Carson–my next valet

Blacks– keep hand on your wallet

Hispanics–my ace card to victory

Rand Paul–smart aleck

President– my stage to perform

Hillary Clinton–No fucking way for me

Bernie Sanders–big talk Jew-boy


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 854 year old body.


I await a Trump promise to nuke the entire Middle East and end the Islamic threat.

I spend hours attempting to identify SOME Republican who would make a good president–just a blank.

John Kasich tries so hard, so very hard to come across as someone who could lead something.

Ted Cruz  could easily  get a movie role as the evil guy in the flick.

Baseball, and finally SOMETHING that has a beginning and an end!

I await a Trump claim that he could hit the GREATEST home run in history.

We Americans can learn something from Europe and have a campaign season that runs a month.

Jobs Or Politics?

The Republican party is allegedly the party of business interests so it is rather bizarre that business leaders are making clear their disappointment with anti gender discrimination by Republican legislatures and governors.  Pepsi head Indira Nooyi has informed the governor of North Carolina that its state faces the prospect of losing millions of dollars of investments and thousands of jobs because of action by the legislature to prevent cities from passing anti-gender discrimination laws. Of course, the Republican base and candidates such as Ted Cruz and now,Donald Trump, are demanding the halt of protection for those in the LBGT cohort.

At least 120 business heads have made clear they will not invest in states that allow gender discrimination. Washington D.C. has already banned any city  official to travel to North Carolina.This trend will become the norm in many states. So,which is it, discrimination or jobs? Sorry Bernie, you can’t cater to white male voters on this one. Sorry,Donald, stand up for discrimination and you stand down for jobs!



OK, it is the twenty-first century and it is now over 250 years since we Americans  ceased to pledge allegiance to any English King of Queen. But, there are still nations such as Canada or Australia where people continue to pledge allegiance to their own nation and add the following: I pledge “to be faithful and bear true allegiance to  Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second,Queen of Canada and Her Heirs and successors.” Perhaps, it is time in America to restore some sort of pledge of allegiance.

1. Republicans: “I pledge to support any nut case and lunatic who gains the nomination of my party to run for president.”

2. GUN toting folk: “I pledge allegiance to my gun and promise to use it whenever anyone looks cross-eyed at me. I also pledge to attempt using my gun in movie theaters in order to provide opportunities for fellow gun lovers to blast away.”

3. Bernie Sanders: “I pledge to continue speaking in my Brooklyn accent and loud voice in order to make certain those on Wall Street hear the voice of doom.”

4. Ted Cruz: “I pledge allegiance to prevent any foreign born person from living in America as long as it is clear this foreign born person is, and, has always been a native born American born in Canada.”

5. Donald Trump: “I pledge allegiance to continue being Donald Trump, and let the chips fall where they may.”

Ted Cruz-New Beloved Hero?

The so-called Republican Establishment has reached the bottom of the barrel and now must cling to the ideas of Ted Cruz as their salvation from the Donald Trump heroics. The current hero is an individual whose ideas include:

1. Ending the IRS and replacing it with post cards. Of course, we assume each and every American will just tell the truth about their income.

2. Carpet bomb terrorists in Syria. How or why is an interesting question? I assume Ted believes ISIS will stand up and watch themselves get bombed.

3. Patrol Muslim neighborhoods. Oh, the believer in Original Intent of our Founding Fathers certainly believed in this concept.

4. This is the man Lindsay Graham once said lacked a single US Senator as his friend.

5. This is the candidate that Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio derided for his nutty ideas.

6. This is a man who wants abortion made a crime.

7. This is a candidate who wants to deport 12,000,000 people!

Besides these minor  issues, Ted stands strong when compared to the Donald man.

Guns For Kids

I do understand there are people called, “liberals” who refuse to adhere to the U.S. Constitution and deprive our youth of the right to own and fire weapons of self defense. Actually, most states do allow youngsters to be real Americans and handle a gun. However, I believe the American people refuse to carry out the original intention of our Founding Fathers. After all, we remember that George Washington was caught by  his dad chopping down a cherry tree. But, few know that he needed the lumber in order to make a rifle.

So, following is an American program for kids who just want to be 100% God fearing gun toting gun owners and  users.

1. At birth each American will be given a free gun. Of course, the gun should be sized to fit the child.

2. Instead of playing with dolls or teddy bears, allow the child to play with a gun while in the crib.

3. Instead of snack time in kindergarten, how about rifle practice time!

4. If we want to raise grades on tests, the answer is simple. Allow kids to bring their guns to a test and guess who is going to wind up with straight ‘A” grades?

5.Of course in fairness, teachers should be allowed to bring their gun to class. Fail the test, and let’s have a shoot-out determine who comes to class tomorrow!

I do not have a doubt that Ted and Donald will support these common sense Second Amendment rights for all Americans.

P.S. OK, you Muslim terrorists just try messing with American kids!


Teddie Is Upset

The children had another opportunity to come together in the playground and it was not a pleasant day for little Teddie. He was making a nice big mud pie when Donnie came over and kicked it so that Teddie became upset. He just does not understand why Donnie is always destroying whatever he creates in the playground. And, even worse, Donnie is always yelling and calling the other children bad, bad names. Sometimes, little John tries to calm the other kids but Donnie is just too big, too brash and will never calm down.

Little Anderson Cooper asked Donnie some questions about  his behavior and Donnie said in a  loud voice: “Teddie started the fight, he is the one who began the fight.” Anderson told Donnie, “that sounds like a five year old comment.” Now this really upset Donnie even though Teddie was crying and asking for his mom to come and take care of him. Donnie insisted that Teddie was the one who began the fight and he should say that he was sorry.

As I left the playground, Teddie was still crying and Donnie was still yelling the other kids began the fight. Little John was speaking loud insisting that he was the best mud pie maker and just check out how many mud pies he made in Ohio!

Pledge Not To Pledge

It seems a long, long time ago that seventeen people stood on a stage and presented themselves to the nation as potential candidates for the Republican nomination. Frankly,I doubt if five percent of Americans today would be able to name half of those who took the pledge that if some one else was the nominee  they would stand right beside him or right behind her. God knows how many  words, how many promises, how many angry retorts have been uttered by the gang of seventeen.

Anderson Cooper posed the following question to Trump, Cruz, and Kasich- “Would you support the nominee of the Republican party?” Neither one of t these men answered in the affirmative. The Republican party is in the process of unraveling. The animosity between Trump and Cruz has reached the point where neither of these men could even pledge to have a drink with the other. So, what can happen in Cleveland?

1.  A behind the scene deal involving key Republicans who hate Ted Cruz decide to support him for the presidency.

2. If this scenario becomes reality then Donald is  headed out the door and will arrange another convention to nominate him for the presidency.

The more interesting aspect of this growing split is implications for the  future.Is there a place in the 21st century for a political party that hates Hispanics, women and Muslims? Most probably about 25% of Americans fit into these beliefs, enough to win some state elections, but not the presidency.