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Ted Cruz Calls For Trump

We have been given permission to listen as Ted Cruz makes phone calls for Donald Trump.

“Hi,I’m Ted Cruz calling for Donald Trump. Oh, that stuff I said about him during the debates,  heck, I’m  from Texas, you know how we people like to say things.

Hi, I’m Ted Cruz soliciting your vote for Donald Trump. Oh, that stuff about my dad being involved in the killing of John Kennedy, I agree with Donald that I can’t prove he didn’t do it.And, of course this all happened before I  was born.

Hi, I’m Ted  Cruz calling for Donald Trump. Ha, ha, so I said Donald was a liar, and Donald was ignorant. I confess, I have  told some lies in my life, so have you, and I would vote for you!

Hi,I’m Ted Cruz calling for Donald Trump. Oh, that stuff about my wife, OK, so she is not the gorgeous model that Melania is, of course, I can’t say that I am a handsome guy.

Hi, I’m Ted Cruz calling for Donald Trump. Oh, you are some Mexican, I really can not continue  this conversation, after all you  might be one of those drug lords or rapists!”

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

The ongoing tale of what were taxes paid,or not paid by Donald Trump continue in the media and on social media. The New York Times reports that Donald Trump back in 1998 declared a loss of $618 million which meant that he was not required to pay any taxes for the next twenty years. If one is wealthy in this country, there is always a tax loophole which enables the person not to pay taxes. Trump supporters argue not paying taxes simply proves that Donald Trump is a brilliant businessman. After all, only suckers pay taxes.

There is something very true about that belief. Hire a tax accountant and he is able to uncover one or another loophole to either lower the tax rate of ensure no payment of taxes. Warren Buffet, one of the richest Americans has an ongoing promise to give thousands to any businessman who pays at a higher tax rate than his secretary. So  far, he has yet to find such a businessman.

Voter Fraud In America

The Republican party of the United States of America has a remarkable capacity to invent problems where none exist. Donald Trump insists there are “hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants pouring over our undefended borders although there are more Hispanics LEAVING America than entering it. Under Barack Obama more illegal immigrants have been returned to Mexico than most American presidents. The latest non-story is Trump’s claim of voter “fraud.” During the last presidential election, when over one hundred million cast votes, there were no more than a half dozen cases of voter fraud.

Donald Trump was asked if he would accept the results of an election in which Hillary Clinton was declared the winner. ‘We’ll have to see.We are going to see. Voter fraud is a big, big problem in this country.”Actually, the real problem is denial of the right to vote for blacks and Hispanics and college students who are plagued by Republican legislature laws demanding voter IDs. People are required to present a driver license even though many Americans do not drive a car. That is the real voter fraud!

Donald Always Upset

It is 3:00 am. and Donald Trump is angry. “The media has spread lies about me, the mike was fixed, the debate was fixed, the moderator hated me, the fucking world is against me. There was the fat bitch, this Latino obese gal, I really suspect she was some whore, who now spreads lies about me.If it wasn’t for me, this bitch would be a no body. And,that Holt guy, he most probably was getting paid by the Clinton crowd to get me with his unfair questions. How come, how come, there was not a single question about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky? How come? How come no question about the Clinton Foundation? Well, I’ll tell you why, the system is rigged. They are trying to steal this election from me. I know who is behind this. I know it is the Mexican drug lords who want Crooked Hillary to win. She is being financed by the drug lords. They want to send thousands, I mean thousands of rapists and criminals over our unguarded border to rape our women and kill our children. This Holt guy never asked one question about crime in Chicago which is caused by Crooked Hillary and her black gangster supporters. I am the  ONLY person who cares for black folks. I have been kind to Obama, even though we know he really was born in Africa, and he is  Muslim. Notice, not one question about how Obama has wrecked this nation. Crime, no jobs, I mean, no jobs for anyone. Thank God there is Donald Trump, the job creator. And, that Latino bitch, that fat pig, that over weight broad, spreading lies about me. And, what about the emails? Not a question. This fat woman is trying to destroy me. I am the calm one in this election. I am the only one who wants to make America Great again. I am the only one who wants to build a WALL a Great Wall to keep out the rapists, and to certainly keep  out the fat  pig Latino women!”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind, trapped in an 86 year old body.


We can expect open anger from Trump in the concluding weeks of this campaign.

There is nothing any Republican can do to deflect the fury of Donald at this moment.

Funny, no discussion in the past few weeks about the GREAT WALL.

I can never figure out how deporting eleven million customers makes economic sense.

Do you ever sit and wonder how we reached this level of political discourse?

Imagine President Donald Trump with his hand on the nuclear device!

In the end, the  problem is not Donald Trump, it  is we Americans!

It’s Not Me, Its You

For one year and a half, Donald Trump has wandered the lives of Americans shouting and waving his arms to make clear he wanted to make America Great Again. Latest reports indicate Donald is not only furious at the media, and Hillary Clinton, but his own staff. They dared to suggest he prepare himself for the next debate. He informed these ignorant fools that Donald Trump does not take one step back, but always moves forward. He had a Great Debate, and for some reason his staff did not see nor experience what he did. They continue insisting that he study issues, they he conduct himself with a calm demeanor.

So, Donald has made clear he is now out for revenge. He will be discussing the love lives and experiences of Bill Clinton. After all, if you lack a good job, what else but this discussion will enable you to get one.For Donald, the issues are Bill Clinton, Jobs, Security, Prosperity, and a Great Wall. He will NOT step back, but only go forward with his attacks on Bill Clinton.

Donald Was Treated Unfairly!

I happend to see a report on the Clinton-Trump debate by a noted independent source,  one Rudy Giuliani. When it comes to honesty, to objectivity, there is no one who can surpass Rudy in being a voice of calm and peace. I was not surprised when Donald Trump echoed the words of Rudy and exposed the liberal plot to destroy an honest man who simply wants to bring peace and prosperity black and white people in this land, oh, and also to his beloved Hispanics.After all, he is the only candidate who actually visited Mexico.

So, what happened to Donald?

1. The moderator named Holt was a secret Democrat out to get him.

2. He was posed unfair questions by this black dude.

3. The mike was fixed in such a manner that it was hard to hear what Donald said.

4. He was denied enough water to drink. A parched voice is not as effective as a well oiled voice.

5. Hillary Clinton took advantage by reading and studying stuff.

6. She lied and lied without the moderator doing anything about it.

7. Hillary Clinton interrupted Donald at least 12 times! And, she got away with it.

8. At one point the audience broke out in laughter.

9. Donald was the symbol of a man who was restrained.

There is no question that Donald won this debate!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Donald Trump proved that he is Donald Trump in the debate.

Donald simply wishes that Carly Fiorina was his opponent.

Strange, not a single word from Donald about the swarm of illegals pouring over our border.

Stop and Frisk is simply another expression for Stop and Arrest blacks and Hispanics.

At least Rudy Giuliani supports Donald’s ideas for peace and security.

Oh well, at the next debate, Donald will blast Bill Clinton’s sex life, and make America Great Again.

Some have a great penis, Donald’s penis just happens to be in his mouth.

Donald proved that he has no idea about the war in Iraq.

Trump As President

The other night I had a nightmare and in it Donald Trump became president.

Donald arrives in the White House: “Ok, I got great  plans, great plans to  make this nation great again. First, we are going to build a Great Wall, a great Wall, and it will be so high that no one could get over it. So, what’s that, the Wall would go through national parks, it would cause hundreds of people to lose their land, so what, I want to build a Great Wall.

OK, now we handle China. Let’s show those chinks that we mean business.So, from now on we raise tariffs on every fucking nation until they allow our exports into their country without paying tariffs. So, the Chinks are going to raise tariffs on our exports and this will cause the loss of thousands of jobs. We have to be tough.

Now, we have to lower taxes on the top one percent. Right, great.So, what is the problem, if we cut taxes our deficit will grow by another three trillion dollars. Bit deal, once we get people working again at great jobs that pay $12 an hour we will have gobs of money to spend.

Oh, fuck it, just nuke Iran. Oh, fuck it, just nuke Syria and end this fiasco!”

Presidents And Trump

At the age of 86 I have witnessed many presidents assume office. I thought it might be interesting to compare Donald to prior presidents.

Herbert Hoover was the only businessman to become president. A Donald Trump president would create the same results as that of the first president.

Franklin Roosevelt and Trump. Fred, you must be kidding!

Harry Truman was famous for “telling it as it is.” Donald Trump is famous for “not telling it as it is.”

Dwight Eisenhower was a Republican president who refused to lower the top tax rate of 90% since the wealthy had to pay their fair share of taxes. Guess what Donald Trump would have done with the 90% rate.

John Kennedy was a president who fought for his nation at war, Donald Trump is a coward who dodged the draft and has insulted POWs who served their nation.

Richard Nixon was a devious president, but he did open negotiations with Communist China, Donald will not even want negotiations with Iran.

Jimmy Carter was a decent person, then again, there is Donald Trump.

Ronald Reagan lowered taxes, and then raised them, sorry Donald, you are no Ronald Reagan.

George H.W.Bush raised taxes and got defeated, Donald Trump would only lower taxes on the wealthy one percent.

Bill Clinton witnessed a dramatic growth in jobs and balanced the budget, Donald Trump would increase our national debt by over three trillion dollars.

George Bush got us into the Iraq war, Donald Trump would get us deeper and deeper into the ISIS war.

Barack Obama was born in Africa while Donald Trump was born in New York City.