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We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


I assume, if  there are any historians still left, they will refer to WWIII as the TWEET WAR.

I must admit the nonstop, all night tweets of Donald Trump leave me envious at his energy.

There are unconfirmed reports that Ben Carson,by mistake went to  the Washington D.C, metro because he though he was now in charge of all transportation.

In fairness, as of this date, no one has actually ever explained to Ben what HUD stands for.

I sometimes think Donald wants to go to war simultaneously with Russia and China to prove he is a fantastic war leader.

Has anyone explained to Trump that when the US raises tariffs on foreign goods, those nations raise tariffs on American goods?

Why Do Republicans Pose As Heroes?

I find most intriguing how so many Republican leaders have never been to war although they pose as heroes from battles they waged. Examine the record:

1. Dick Cheney got several draft deferments during the Vietnam war because he had “more important things to do.”

2. George Bush spent the Vietnam war at home in the National Guard.

3. Scott Walker never entered the armed force.

4. Rudy Giuliani fought the battle of New York City surrounded by a dozen cops and somehow saved the city.

5. Sarah Palin compares firing a weapon at undefended animals as equivalent to being in battle against armed soldiers.

6. Rick Perry compares the battle of the Rio Grande against Hispanic children as a “war.”

These are heroes who saved America.

Ted Cruz, Our Modern McCarthy

The other day I watched a clip of Senator Ted Cruz from the great state of Texas making one of his now famous rants and raves about the evils of Obama and the need to close our border in order to prevent illegals from destroying our nation. I was particularly struck how this Harvard educated man employed expressions such as “gosh darn” and pretended to be one of the boys who wander around in jeans and high boots pretending to be homespun cowboys back from the range. It is doubtful if the Ivy League graduate ever got on a horse and rod the range rounding up cattle. He does work hard at seeking to project an image of an ordinary American who got a degree from Harvard. Of course, it is rathe ironic that someone born to an American mother in the great state of Canada insists that he a “real” American unlike the black dude who was born in Africa.

In many ways he reminds me of Senator Joseph McCarthy from the 1950s who rode the horse of anti-communism in order to frighten Americans and wreck the lives of thousands of Americans. Most historians believe that Joe got into the anti-communist business in order to get re-elected and then discovered it was a path to power. Ted Cruz really does not give a damn about illegal immigrants. His words of false anger simply disguise his desire for power, regardless of how many suffer. Ted, Joe McCarthy wound up the laughing stock of America. You already have won this distinction.

Economic Growth-Conservative Style

During the past election Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan insisted that  cutting government expenditures and reducing taxes on the poor wealthy folk of the nation would ensure economic prosperity to the entire nation. George Osborne, speaking for the Conservative government of David Cameron boasted the British economy had expanded by 0.3% and that good times were coming. Of course, unemployment is about 10% and at no time since austerity began has the economy grown by 1%. Ordinarily, if an economy grows at a 2% rate it should hit 10% over a five year time  period.

The David Cameron Conservative model has witnessed a CONTRACTION of 2.5% over this time period. Of course, the Obama plan has witnessed a growth in jobs and a growth in the economy. Now, if only Barack would listen to David, America could have a prosperous contracting economy!

Let’s Not Shoot An American Month

Last year just about every month witnessed an Afghan soldier turning to his American buddy, smiling and then blasting away. Afghan troops between January to October killed 35 American soldiers serving in their nation for the ostensible task of helping Afghans to deal with Taliban insurgents who kill, and bully people. A defense official noted; “there have been significantly fewer inside attacks over the last several months than before. However, I would not say  it’s a problem that’s been solved. It’s a problem we continue to address.”

Although Taliban leaders take credit for these attacks, American military leaders are reluctant to admit that is the case. However, in one way or another, these attacks stem from  people in Afghanistan who dislike the American presence. It is time to go, and allow Afghans to handle their lives, for better or worse.


Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post:  “Jesus Wife In Ancient Script”

So what, he was a rabbi and a rabbi can marry.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “Gay Wed Debate”

Is the debate over whether people marrying should be happy?

Sweden, Local:  “It Will Never Happen Again”

Not if your name is Mitt Romney!

Norway, Norway Post:  “Foreign Ministry Changes Course”

A lot better being Domestic Ministry and escaping riots.

Russia, Moscow Tmes:  “Church Replaces Communist Party”

Joseph, where are you now that we need you!

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald:  “Sharpen The Axe”

We are still feeding poor people when wealthy need bigger tax cuts!

Blame Crime, Violence On Women!

I finally discovered a hero among our political leaders in America. His name is State Senator Glenn  Grothman who has introduced a bill in the Wisconsin State Legislature that makes single parenthood a contributing factor to child abuse and would allow police to arrest single parent fiends. He argues that “unwanted or un-timed pregnancies are the choice of women.” Do you understand how women in this country are creating vast economic problems by having kids, training these kids to become criminals and dope fiends, and sending them off to prey on we married folk??

God bless you Senator Grothman. I finally understand the source of economic problems in America– it is the Fault Of Women!! I understand 9/11– it was caused by single parent female women!!

Oh, I just realized. I was a male single parent. Does that mean if I go to Wisconsin they will arrest me as a child abuser??


We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


Barack Obama’s major mistake was listening to rational thinking  rather than his heart thinking.

People constantly say, “there is no second chance.” Of course there is, and a third and fourth and so on.

It is a pleasant sight seeing mom with daughter and her boy friend.

Little children feel perfectly OK staring into the face of a strange adult.

I walked by a rabbit. It did not hop away. It just stared.

McDonald’s should have special coffee mugs for seniors.

I saw two men wearing football referees having coffee. I did not think these guys ate or drank anything. I have never seen them do such things.

All too often too fast is too slow to solve a problem.

I hate people who want this elaborate made latte coffee. I wait and fume.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


I am annoyed by people who dawdle while ordering.

I observe and elderly man enter the diner with stooped back and difficulty in walking and wonder if he is I –eventually.

These days conversations between parents and children invariably result in manipulating some piece of technology.

Some speak waving hands in air, I do not.

Children wave at all life forms–human and animal.

If Republicans led America in 1800 we never would have made it across the Mississippi. You needed the federal government to get across-safely.

The most honest human expression– I do not understand, explain it.

I  wonder who invented the pony tail worn by women.

All ends have a beginning.

Americans Are Number I, We Don’t Need….

In recent conversations with community college students and my daily review of Fox News it is apparent many Americans believe we are Number 1 nation in the world and have no need of things going on abroad.

1. Yes, China is building high speed train systems, but we prefer cars which allow us to get stuck in traffic jams and waste time.

2. OK, so people in other nations live longer, but we have the best medical system in the world. We get to see our doctors quicker if we have the money and that proves we are Number One.

3. Big deal, that some countries provide better pre-natal care. An American child knows from first breath this is a tough world and only the tough survive.

4. We are not impressed that children in other countries score higher on math and science tests. But, when it comes to scoring higher in basketball games, look to the good old USA!

5. Europeans are always talking about riding bikes and having solar panels or using wind energy. But, when it comes to packing streets with the SUV, man, we are Numero Uno in the world!

6. At least here in America a man or woman can pack a six gun when going to pray to their Lord. The road to perdition is sprinkled with the bodies of those who lacked a six gun to defend themselves.

7. Just remember, we are Numero Uno in Obesity in the entire world. So, if you want to pig out, come join the American pigs in action. USA, USA, USA!