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Death Takes No Easter Holiday

I am an inhabitant of the United States of America. As a citizen of this country, the United States Supreme Court insists that I have the legal right to wander the streets armed to kill because the “2nd Amendment passed in 1787 says it.” Somehow, I doubt if those who wrote the Constitution really believed anyone, anytime, anywhere had the right to carry a gun and blast away if felt threatened. The Supreme Court, the National Rifle Association, our members of Congress and many state legislators insist the right to be armed is YOUR RIGHT! After all, “if you think” someone is a threat to your life, you have the right to shoot him! Given, this attitude, is it surprising that gangs of young men in Chicago believe since they are threatened they have the right to shoot and shoot?

Over the Easter weekend in Chicago 45 young people were shot with the result nine are dead and the others are in hospitals. According to Ronald Holt of the Chicago police, “fratricide” is occurring and many young people believe “the only way to resolve a conflict is to get a gun and go shoot to kill.” His 17 year old son died this way.

How are Chicago youth who shoot any different from NRA types who proclaim their right to use violence because they do not like this or that law? Right now NRA vigilantes are protecting the property of a rancher who refuses to pay the exorbitant fee of $1.35 per cow for grazing rights and Republicans hail these men as heroes!

Israel Again Displays Arrogance

There is no doubt the right of Jews to live in the state of Israel has never been acknowledged by many nations of the world. The reason is quite clear-there remains among many people an undying hatred of Jews. That is reality. However, the history of the Israel government in handling delicate issues pertaining to the religious center of Jerusalem which belongs to Jews, Christians and Muslims has been an adventure in disastrous public relations. Three religions converge on Jerusalem, three religions have sites they worship in Jerusalem, and three religions have the right to honor their legacy in Jerusalem. It is now Easter Week and Israel authorities have assumed the right to decide who can worship and who cannot. Robert Sergy, a UN official was even denied the right to enter religious sites in the Old City of Jerusalem because Israel police have barricades through which worshippers can only pass–with permission of the Israel government.

Father Firas Aridah expressed the feeling of thousands of Christians who live on the West Bank: “the Israel authorities have said they are giving more permits this year to come from the West Bank, but the point is that Christians should be able to come here without permits.” Christianity was born two thousand years ago in Jerusalem and Christians are entitled to the right to pray not only during Easter Week, but throughout the year.

The Israel government needs a few lessons in public relations. To deny the right of worship to others simply increases hatred towards Israel.

GOP For Working People!

Leading Republicans gathered over the weekend in New Hampshire at something termed a, Freedom Summit, in order to share with the people of America their vision for this nation. It may come as a surprise to some, but Republicans are the party of those who work for a living, Republicans oppose the wealthy of Wall Street and stand for the middle class. According to Senator Rand Paul, it is impossible for the Republican party to become “the party of fat cats and Wall Street.” He informed all Americans that his party stood for the rights of those unemployed, those without health care, and for the “middle class.” I gather other Republican candidates shook their heads in agreement that the poor and unemployed are the center of their efforts to return America to prosperity.

At this moment in history, the United States has witnessed a continued drop in size of the middle class. In 1953, in Life magazine, the leading Republican magazine in America, there appeared an article by Frederick Lewis Allen which boasted that under the new Eisenhower administration the goal of the Republican party was to reduce the figure of having the top 5% of wealthy people control the nation’s wealth from the current 27% and get it down to 17%. THAT was the Republican goal!

Today the top 5% control 43% of our entire wealth. A thousand families have more wealth than 100,000,000 Americans. I have a hunch the Koch brothers are laughing tonight at this silly speech. After all, they control the Republican party!

What Can Obama Do?

It is now lear that Democrats are headed to a disaster in the fall of this year due to the inept political leadership of President Barack Obama. He has never grasped that a President is also a politician in a democracy. A President may control the Executive, but there is also the Legislature and the Judiciary. Drawing upon what great American Presidents did, let us offer some suggestions to the President.

1. Weekly press conferences in which he hammers away at key points. A Press Conference means that for that day the entire media focuses on what the President is thinking.

2. Challenge the Republican Party to Debates. Begin with the issue of how the top 5% own 44% of the wealth. Do the debates live on national TV.

3. Use his great fund raising structure to raise money for Democrat candidates this fall. BEGIN Now!

4. Send to every American a brochure which explains -in clear terms– the Affordable Care Act. This should have been done two years ago.

5. Hold a Fireside Chat each month. Select one topic and explain it in CLEAR TERMS to the American people.

Why Is America Always Last?

We Americans so enjoy proclaiming to the world that we are NUMBER ONE and others are behind us in aspects of life. Select a category, check out world listings and what will you discover?

1. Life expectancy–about 25. But, ask a Tea Party stalwart and he will proclaim we are NUMBER ONE in having the best health care system. For some strange reason, in those societies with inferior systems, people live longer.

2. Poverty. Much less poverty in Denmark or Sweden or Germany or Singapore.

3. Upward mobility. During the 19th century we were NUMBER ONE. Today, just about every nation in the European Union leads us in enabling those born poor to rise to a middle class life.

Get the picture? The answer is clear. Our top five percent own 44% of our entire wealth. Yes, we are NUMBER ONE in that category. Unless we redistribute the wealth, we will never be NUMBER ONE.

In 1953, a leading Republican magazine, Life, boasted that under Republican President Dwight Eisenhower, the top 5% owned 27% and the goal was to get it own to 17%!!

Teacher Of Year Schmeared!

I taught high school for ten years and have worked with thousands of secondary teachers. Anyone who works with young people understands there are ethical lines that cannot be crossed. One does not tell students how to think or about my political preferences or whether or not I like this or that political leader. Such comments do not belong in a classroom. Science teacher Gil Voight apparently has a differing view of teaching. He recently informed a black student in his class who said his dream was to become president of the United States: “I think we can’t allow another president like Obama whether he is black or white.” When told his words were not appropriate, Gil insisted that if he had said we couldn’t afford a white president no one would be upset.

The Board of Education has heard prior comments such as pointing a laser pointer toward a black student while commenting about an “African American Rudolph(red nosed reindeer). He has also been charged with calling a student, “stupid” and another “gay.” Mr. Voight insists some students are out to get him and that he is the Victim of plots. I believe Voight voided his right to teach children.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


I wonder if all planets have hot and cold regions.

Some seek summer warmth, some seek winter cold.

Humans are territorial from birth.

We are prisoners of our emotions.

In the end, we are who we became in life.

Sometimes too much, too soon.

Sometimes too little, too late.

Sometimes, nothing.

Parents follow the child into the play area.

For Americans, there is never enough of anything.

For the elderly, just another day suffices.

There ARE things money can not buy.

Always reward love with love.

There are times to run like hell.

Some are born old.

Some are born young at heart.

War Against Women In America

I continue reading articles in publications of those sympathetic to the Teas Party who repeatedly insist “the government” is intruding into the lives of ordinary American citizens. They hate the new Affordable Care Act because “the government” is forcing people to have health insurance. In other words, Conservatives in America are AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT INTRUDING INTO THE LIVES OF CITIZENS. That is quite clear to me. So, could a Republican conservative please explain a new law that soon will become passed by the legislature and signed by the Republican governor. Under the proposed law if a pregnant woman uses an illegal drug that does harm to the foetus, she faces up to 15 years in jail. However, those who oppose “the government” getting into our lives most probably support this law which allows THE GOVERNMENT to tell pregnant women how to behave!

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists opposes the proposed law because it fears that “drug enforcement policies that deter women from seeking prenatal care area contrary to the health of a mother or foetus.” A woman who becomes confused might so fear taking a legal drug that she would impair her chances for a healthy pregnancy. Enough of THE GOVERNMENT intruding in our lives.

It fascinates me that conservatives never appear interested in passage of laws that pertain to males or the manner in which men engage in sexual activities. Heck, it is the prostitute who winds up in jail, not the guy who uses his penis!

Tea Party Defies American People!

Mr. Cliven Bundy is a determined citizen who intends to secure his rights as an American to live off the land owned by the American people and not pay a damned single penny. Pseudo heroes have rallied around the latest “hero” of Fox News and the Tea Party. Mr. Bundy has a melon ranch and runs hundreds of cattle on land that is the property of this nation, not that of another corporation out to make money for itself. The process of saving western lands began under the regime of that notorious SOCIALIST –President Theodore Roosevelt, a REPUBLICAN. Teddy wanted to prevent greedy capitalists from taking over land that should be held in trust for future generations of Americans. Thus, was born great national parks and efforts to protect wild life and the soil of America.

The Bureau of Land Management charges ranchers who seek to graze the land $1.35 per month for each cattle. Without this grazing land, ranchers would have to pay much larger sums in order to provide food for their cattle. Mr. Bundy now owes $1.1 million and insists that he can have his cattle graze without paying for grazing American land. Naturally, hundreds of Tea Party zealots are rallying against “the government” and are armed and ready to blast away at Federal agents. “Come Stand With Us For Freedom” is their banner. Once again, the wealthy refuse to pay even minimum charges to their government. Once again, the wealthy only have one concern-MAKE MONEY OFF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!

How To Start A War?

In late August, 1939, some Nazi German soldiers dressed in uniforms of the Polish army attacked a German outpost on the border of Poland. Naturally, Adolf Hitler had to “defend Germany against attacks by the Polish army,” and thus began World War II in Europe. In April, 2014, pro Russian militants established road blocks in the country of Ukraine and suddenly according to one man, “four cars pulled up to our roadblock. We wanted to conduct a check and then they opened fire on us with automatic weapons.” A few days ago an agreement had been reached between Russia, the US and the European Union which called for an end to violence in eastern Ukraine. The Ukraine government denies opening fire on anyone, but it does insist that Ukraine soldiers should be in charge of Ukraine territory.

We await a speech by President Vladimir Putin in which the bare chested leader announces that Russian troops must invade the Ukraine in order to “protect Russian citizens” from the Ukraine government. I guess that means Mexico can send troops into the United States to protect Mexican citizens from the American government.