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Trump Folks Ain’t Happy

During the recent campaign, Donald Trump promised over and  over again how he would make America Great Again. As you recall, he assured all Trump supporters of :

1. I will  build a Wall, a Great Wall, the greatest wall since the wall of China. Today: Would you believe a FENCE? Oh, it will be the greatest fence, the longest fence, and, just maybe, a wall some place along the route of the fence.

2. I’m going to ‘lock her up,’ lock her up, send her to prison! Today: OK, she got two million more votes than me, would you believe, NOT lock her up!

3. Mitt Romney is a guy who is a loser, a real loser, he belongs to the establishment. Today: Mitt is a wonderful man, a real great guy, there must be some place in my Cabinet for an outstanding guy like him.

4. First day, “I’m going to veto Obamacare, the very first day.” Today, there are a few things I like about Obamacare, so maybe, I will not veto it on the first day.

5. I am going to deport All illegal immigrants, the first day, it begins. Today, OK, so maybe we just can’t get rid of eleven million people, they do handle a few million tasks here in America.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


So, Clinton ‘won’ by two million and ‘lost.’ Only in America!

Trump qualifications for serving in Cabinet, know NOTHING.

A ‘doctor’ will head housing and our infrastructure even though he only knows the infrastructure of a human BODY.

I so await a year from now when NO new jobs come back from China.

I assume Sanders supporters must feel happy, their worse nightmare came true!

So, does Ivanka become our new Chief of the Joint Staffs, she does know what a Joint is?

I guess Vladimir Putin smiles knowing he ELECTED the new American president!


Why Hillary Clinton Lost!

Each passing day it becomes clearer and clearer why Hillary Clinton  failed to win this presidential election. Actually, she did gain two million MORE votes than gained by Donald Trump, but she allowed this idiot to gain victory in the electoral college. So, why?

1. Hillary Clinton simply placed the votes of white men and women on the ‘they will vote for me because I am a Democrat’ column.

2.  At each debate Donald Trump boasted and claimed he would make ‘America Great Again’ by bringing back jobs. Each time he made these ludicrous promises, the Clinton response was to discuss his groping of women. She NEVER presented evidence that proved his promises were impossible to keep.

3. Hillary Clinton never discussed the impact of technology on work in modern America.

4. Hillary Clinton never proposed specific laws that could assist those losing their jobs to technology such as retraining for new careers.

5. Hillary Clinton played to  women and black and Hispanics based on their race and ethnicity rather than on how her victory benefited them economically!

6. Sorry, expressions such as ‘Black Lives Matter’ were divisive, they never made poor white people jump with joy. Clinton would have sent a more powerful message by saying: ‘All lives matter, and as president, my task is working to ensure that ALL Americans get high paying jobs.’

7, Trump  lied and lied about our economy and Hillary Clinton and they never were refuted leading many Americans to actually believe he could achieve these nonsensical promises! Simply, put, Hillary Clinton lacked a five point economic program to ensure jobs!

There Ain’t No Jobs Coming Back!

The American public was sold a snow job, not only by Donald Trump, but also by Bernie Sanders. Both promised, if elected, to ‘bring back jobs from China-or wherever.’ Both assured Americans the problem was “bad trade deals’ that had traded away millions and millions of ‘high paying jobs.’ This was ‘angry talk,’ words that angered men and women who had witnessed their good jobs apparently disappear by evil Chinese or Asian workers who earned a few pennies an hour, resulting in jobs leaving America and  headed west toward Asia.

Well, here are the FACTS. Since 2000 about five million factory have disappeared in America. BUT, despite five million fewer workers, production has risen 15%. Since 1997, production has grown by nearly 50% despite  fewer Americans working in factories. Ladies and gentlemen, the jobs did not go to Asia, the jobs are now being done RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA BY— TECHNOLOGY! Either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders lied, or both simply lacked understanding of the modern economy– each year technology assumes more and more roles in production.

Election That Was –Or Was Not

There is no doubt that at this moment, millions, yes, millions of Americans who were not ‘enthused’ about the nomination of Hillary Clinton are experiencing some first, or second, or third thoughts. THEY now stand accused of transferring power to a loud mouthed ignorant men whose only thought is HIMSELF. Latest results are the margin for ‘victory’ in three states is very, very, narrow:

Wisconsin –0.7%

Michigan –0.3%

Pennsylvania: 1.2%

Just imagine if a hundred thousand of Bernie Sanders supporters had voted for Hillary Clinton in those three states, then at this moment, America would be greeting its first woman president! The central question is whether Trump actually won those three states. We KNOW that he now trails Hillary Clinton by 2,000,000 votes!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Donald Trump would prefer if every newspaper in America allowed him to write a daily column to present  his views’

Then again, he would like one hour a day on every media outlet in which he explains why he is right.

Donald insists that he does not understand why new-Nazis love him. They do.

A difficult Thanksgiving this year with relatives gazing at one another with different feelings about Tump.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the screams of Rudy Giuliani shouting why he is ALWAYS RIGHT!

I have become sorry  for Chris Christie, the forgotten valet now in the kitchen eating with the help.

Has anyone considered Ivanka for Secretary of State, she certainly has the ear Donald Trump.


We Republicans Are Friends Of Black Folks

Some Republicans want Americans to understand their party is not only the conservative party, but at the same time, it is the  party that champions  rights for blacks and Hispanics. Just check the vote total. The overwhelming numbers of black and Hispanic Americans voted for the party that represented their views and needs. According to Carl HIgbe, “we are the Republican party. We are the party that freed the slave. We are the party of Martin Luther King.” Sounds OK to me. Everyone knows that Martin Luther King voted for Republicans, everyone knows that Republicans for years have been the party that cares for black and Hispanics.

Actually, there Is something correct in this statement. Lincoln DID end slavery. Theodore Roosevelt DID end segregation in the federal government. Dwight Eisenhower did support the Brown vs Board of Education Supreme Court decision. BUT, things changed. New Republicans assumed power. And, they did NOT give a damn about blacks, about Hispanics, they decided to get the votes of right wing white conservatives. Then was then, now is now, and Donald Trump does not give a damn about Hispanics or black folks, except they can work as maids or kitchen staff in his hotels.

Why Are Whites Smarter?

I admit to not being the smartest person on this planet so reading and hearing words spoken by neo-Nazi supporters of Donald Trump has clarified some mysteries of life for me.  I was informed by a leading  thinker of the friends of Steve Bannon the reason why those with white skins are smarter, more intelligent and more brilliant scientists than those with darker skin colors.

It has to do with climate. If one lives in a cold climate then one has to plan how to get food when things are too cold to grow. So, one sits around THINKING which means the outcome is something brilliant. Where to store food, how to discover ways of securing food in the winter, and so on. BUT, if one is in the jungles where there is food everywhere, then one’s mental capacities are not challenged. One does NOT THINK. Just pick up the food and eat and eat

I trust this explanation explains why  white skinned folks are smarter than dark skinned folks. Just remember, these are the guys who voted for Donald Trump.

It’s Getting Warmer!

There is the real world and there is the world of those insisting the world is OK, and no climate changes are happening. US scientists are now claiming the Arctic is experiencing a hot sea surface and air temperatures which are halting ice from forming. This would lead to record lows of sea. According to Jennifer Francis of Rutgers University, “it’s being about 20C water over most of the Arctic ocean.” So, what does this mean? Scientists, not the type of people one will find at any  Trump rally or meeting to discuss the world, insist the climate IS changing and the result will be dramatic alterations in temperature, rising sea levels, and devastation for those living near the ocean.

Unfortunately, this is NOT a liberal or a conservative issue, it deals with the fate of our planet. The election of Donald Trump as president not only impacts the lives of Muslims, of Hispanics, of blacks, BUT the lives of our grandchildren yet to be born. WE, will live in infamy a century from now when the impact of our stupidity in electing Trump results in dramatic changes in climate, in  how people can live, and in the air they must breathe.

Our Next Attorney General

Senator Jeff Sessions twenty years ago appeared before the US Senate Judiciary committee in order to secure its approval to become a federal judge. J.Gerald Herbert, a civil rights attorney was  told in secret by Senator Jeremiah Denton that he was to testify that Sessions was a fantastic nominee and never to make any derogatory comments. However, Herbert told the Committee that had once told him the NAACP and the American Civil Liberties Union were “un-American because they they wanted to shove civil rights down the throats of people trying to solve problems on their own.” Oh, he also said anyone supporting civil rights was “a disgrace to his race.” And, the ‘race’ was none other than the white race.

So, fifty years after the murder of Martin Luther King we will have an Attorney General who has the support of the Ku Klux Klan and just about every white supremacist group in America. What was that about -time standing  still in the year 1952 when blacks knew their place, and stepped into the gutter when a white person walked on the sidewalk. Ah, the Good Old Days when being WHITE meant something!