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Hillary Comes Out Swinging

Many political pundits are praising Hillary Clinton for “moving to the left.” These days making any intelligent comment about the political issues within America comes across as “moving to the left.” So, Hillary wants to raise taxes on the wealthy. Under Republican President Dwight Eisenhower the top tax rate was NINETY PERCENT. And, he was considered to be a CONSERVATIVE. Heck, even under Saint Ronald Reagan the top tax rate was 40%. Yes, this Clinton has to argue for higher taxes on those with wealth.

All she has to do is simply seek basic human rights for women, and naturally, this will be construed as “moving to the left.” Under Richard Nixon, the one-time Conservative Republican, the first laws dealing with environment control were passed, so fighting against climate change used to be a CONSERVATIVE idea. I hate to inform Republicans but the initial income tax was an idea of leftist Abraham Lincoln, and the current income tax came from Republicans like Theodore Roosevelt.

So,Hillary,keep on “moving to the left” and one day you will meet up with those on the right who have a brain in their head.

Trans Pacific Partnership

After living 84 years there area few things that one has learned. Among them is the continual human movement towards international trade. Reality is that one decade jobs from America headed to Europe, the next decade they headed to China and then Vietnam and then Bangladesh. The new Trans Pacific Trade(TPP) has aroused anger among Democratic congressmen who insist they must protect “jobs” here in America from the low cost ones that are present in Asia.I continually hear comments about “protecting good solid blue collar jobs right here in the good old USA.” Reality, those jobs face greater threat from technology than they do from places in Asia. Within fifty years they will all be handled by some wonderful thinking robots. So, what are the alternatives:

1. Create new no-cost training centers to provide technology jobs for those who currently are in factories.

2. Redistribute the wealth and guarantee each American a guaranteed income.

3. Vastly raise the number of jobs in human relations such as education or social welfare.

4. Invent new jobs that could not be handled by robots.

Sound bizarre, but this is modern reality.

Geert Gets Going Hatefully

Geert Wilders has been around for over a decade in the Netherlands with his fight to preserve the purity of his nation from the influx of those Muslims. His approach is to draw pictures of Muhammad or to use cartoons in order to arouse hate and anger from Muslims.For one reason or another Muslim leaders play into his hate drama. Geert now has turned to the idea of freedom of speech as the center of his desire to get Muslim leaders going bonkers about some silly cartoon.

Muslim leaders have yet to grasp that Geert is the Ted Cruz of Holland. Pay attention to his hate and he loses making the 6:00 o’clock news. There are times to ignore those whose desire is arousing the hate that may lurk in human hearts. Let him draw and draw and eventually he will not draw any attention.


We offer observations on the human condition from a24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I am sick to my heart at the shooting in Charleston.

But, the commentary by Fox News people is even sicker than the shooter.

South Carolina displays Confederate flags on public buildings. Honor traitors!

I wonder if there is an antidote to the sickness that pervades many in the South?

Where did this love of guns begin? With the assassination of John KennedY?

In my New York City youth we had the Sullivan Act which regulated gun use.

In my New York City slum youth anyone with a gun was termed, CRAZY!


I tuned in to Fox News in order to learn about their handling of the horrific news from Charleston, South Carolina where a 21 year old man entered a Black church and murdered nine people. As he blasted away, Dylan Roof shouted,”you rape our women, you’re taking over our country. You have to go.” So, he shot six black women and there black men. I was informed by Fox News commentators that we should not get into any talk about–RACISM- since this young man was engaged in a war against Christians. Race had nothing to do with the shootings.

Let me get this straight, Dylan Roof drove past a few dozen white churches and halted at the famous BLACK African Methodist Episcopalian Church because he hated Christians. According to Fox News, this shooting is simply part of the war against Christianity which we all know was begun by the Muslim in the White House. How do these people on Fox News sleep at night? What exactly do they tell their children? Yes, Dylan Roof is sick, but his sickness is not as serious as the one suffered by those on Fox News.

Climate Change Wars!

Before getting into this story I must confess that I am not a scientist and therefore obtain my science news from blond haired women onFox News. They may not be scientists,but they can read the cards that are displayed to assist the ignorant to pretend to know something about everything. Joseph Kurtz, Archbishop of Louisville, announced that Catholics have a responsibility to help save this planet, the one that Jesus came to bring peace and love to. He hailed the encyclical issued by the notorious LIBERAL, Pope Francis, which made clear what over 95% of real scientists have been saying–humans are altering the climate on this planet.

“It’s our marching orders for advocacy. It really brings a new urgency to us.”He was joined by Reverend Canon Sally who said: “I really think it will change enough minds to get the critical mass we need to get our house in order and cut greenhouse emissions.” Of course, the real scientists in the Republican party know that climate always changes. So, why the rush? It rains one day and the sun shines the next. They understand about this topic, after all, they listen to the scientists on Fox News!

Fleeing To Horror

There is no question that social media has generated a flood of young Muslims who somehow adore men committed to violence and hatred. I assume that in every generation there is a solid 5% of young people who enjoy burning cats and hurting others. Social Media now enables Muslims sitting at home with their computer to become fascinated with pictures of people having heads cut off and men,women,and children being murdered. Three British Muslim sisters, Khadija, Sugra, and Zohra Dacoud decided to take their nine children on a pilgrimage to Mecca. Their husbands agreed. Off they went. But, unknown to husbands, they then flew to Ankara,and made the, now common,trip to Syria to become part of ISIS.

In this case, the women already had husbands and children, but decided they wanted to enjoy a sense of purpose by joining those who murder fellow Muslims. Some trip to Mecca,some trip to ISIS. The only question is what exactly got them to abandon life with husbands and take their children into a den of violence and hatred?

Let’s Play Dixie One More Time

The day that Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Union General Grant, a crowd gathered at the White House to cheer Abraham Lincoln. He turned to a band and said: “Please play Dixie,” the battle song of the Confederates. He hoped that treatment of those who had rebelled against the government and killed over 300,000 Union soldiers would set the nation on a road to reconciliation. There are still many people in the South who adore Confederates, those who, technically, were traitors to this land.The Sons of Confederate Veterans-SCV- wanted to adorn their automobiles with a license plate that shouted love of Confederates. After all, why not proclaim love for those who killed 300,000 loyal Americans and sought to continue slavery?

A Supreme Court 5-4 decision said the state of Texas could ban such license plates. “Texas speciality license plate designs constitute government speech,and thus Texas was entitled to refuse issuing plates featuring SVC proposed design.” For some reason the leading Conservative on the Supreme Court, ever silent Clarence Thomas, came out for suppressing these bigots.

Let’s Blame Obama-Who Else?

Michael Oren used to be the Israel ambassador to the United States of America. I assume that during his tenure in that position, there were many occasions when he spoke with the President of the USA. He wrote an article, naturally in the Wall Street Journal,in which the claim issued that any and all problems between this nation and Israel are the fault of the American black dude. He now charges that Obama is responsible for conflict with Bibi Netanyahu because he forsake two important principles of this relationship–“avoid public discord and do not pull surprises.” He also claims that after the first inaugural,Obama “put daylight between Israel and America.”

1. During the first Obama term he made certain that Israel received TWENTY BILLION DOLLARS OF MILITARY AID>

2. The US helped to fund the Dome which shoots down incoming missiles.

3. As I recall, Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu accepted an invitation from Republicans and blasted the Obama foreign policy in Congress.

4. Secretary of State John Kerry has been in Israel at least twenty times seeking to assist in negotiating a resolution of problems between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Some distancing of relations with Israel!

Stars Of Yesterday

An entire new generation of telescopes are coming on the scene and we can now see back much further to the origin of our universe as well as the origin of all universes. We now can see the original stars that exploded and sent the elements of oxygen and carbon and iron into space where those elements finally led to the creation of life. I do understand that Republicans seeking the nomination for president are not scientists, but they might gaze into the past in order to grasp the enormity of our present. We were created billions of years ago. Our planet is merely a speck in space, we are, most probably an accident of creation.

We are the creatures of some distant event in time. Perhaps,we should recognize our responsibility to safeguard this mysterious creation and not destroy it with our stupidity. What is, is an accident, not a creation by a God with intent to create. This precious land, this precious piece of carbon and oxygen and iron needs to be gently cared for. We are the creation of a scientific accident,we are all scientists. We are all caretakers of this planet.