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Let’s Not Protect Babies

Members of the Republican Party have incredible concern for the protection of babies while in the womb, but, frankly do not give a damn about them when leaving the womb. According to Congressman Trent Franks, “it took the Civil War to make the State sanctioned practice of human slaver come to an end.”He wants new legislation– the Prenatal Discrimination Act which will prevent the murder of those in the womb. Trent is no different from any other Republican congressmen when it comes to “protecting”babies. But, for some reason, he has no interest in:

1. Free medical care for newborn babies.

2. Paying mothers to remain home with full pay and care for babies.

3. Paying fathers to remain home with babies.

4. High paying wages for all so they can provide for babies.

5. Free childcare for babies.

And, so on, and so on.

Whee Are The Jobs?

Donald  Trump, Bernie Sanders and millions of Americans blame the economic decline and loss of good paying jobs to China or Mexico or some other place in the world. Recent figures indicate the fastest growing jobs in America over the coming decades will  pay workers about $25,000 a year. That means they are paying workers about $13 an hour. A high  percent of these jobs are in some aspect of the health field.Three-fourths of these fast growing jobs pay less than $35,000  a year. Yet, Bernie Sanders insists that if we bring back jobs from China the result will be “13,000,00 high paying jobs.”

On one hand Bernie  Sanders attacks selfish wealthy people, and on the other hand, he insists they will  pay high wages. Let me inform the good Senator that for those with wealth, the solution is more and more technology and less and less human labor. Sorry, Bernie, they will NOT be offering high wage jobs. So,where does that leave the demand for higher wages?

I will address this issue in the coming weeks. However, there is one certainty, high paying jobs will not be coming back from China nor Mexico!

Brazil, Model For America?

For the past few decades the nation of  Brazil has been an alleged model as to how a nation can stimulate its economy and enter the ranks of the top countries of the world. But, somewhere along the path to economic growth, something went astray. Business success, business money, business corruption took over not merely in the economic sphere but in the center of running a government. Politicians came to believe that taking money from those who had money, not only aided economic growth,   but it certainly made their bank accounts reach new heights of success.

From President Dilma Rousseff to members of Parliament to the judiciary, and certainly to the police taking bribes became the new norm. These payoffs run to the hundreds of millions of dollars and the rare politician is anyone who did not join in the looting. President Rousseff has been impeached by the lower house of Parliament and now faces the final stroke of being removed from office. Naturally, she is shouting persecution. Most probably there will be riots, and it will be a miracle if the looters wind up in jail. In reality, this is something akin to what has happened in the USA. Grab the money, run, and shout that those who caught you are the bad guys.

Donald — Consider Philippines

It is very  difficult to  uncover any politician who can outdo the great Donald Trump but just gaze over to the Philippines where another presidential candidate can out Trump any day in the year. Rodrigo Daterk is seeking to become president of his nation. He currently is  mayor of  Davno City which is in the southern part of the Philippines.  A young missionary was gang raped and then murdered by some hoodlums. One would assume that any decent man would express sorrow or anger, but this guy wants to trump the Trump man.

“I was angry that she was raped, that was one  thing. But, she was beautiful. I think the mayor should have been first. What a waste.”

Has this guy considered seeking the job of being president of the USA?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25  year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


The fight for America is between liberalism vs the Wealthy, not Sanders vs Clinton.

These days Bernie gets a high from being before a large crowd.

These days Hillary raises her voice when she should raise issues.

Americans finally are angry at Wall Street but Americans  elected people who are the servants of Wall Street.

Oh, for a political leader who had an intelligent vision of a 21st century America.

One gets who one elects to public office.

I wonder how a Trump/Cruz ticket would perform.

Has Clinton Been Even Handed Toward Palestinians?

For some reason Hillary Clinton  has allowed Bernie Sanders to get away with  his claim that the Obama administration has not been even-handed in the Palestinian and Israel conflict. I assume that failure is the reason that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared before Congress as the special guest of Republicans. Here is the record:

In January, 2001, President  Bill Clinton attempted to negotiate a peace agreement between  Palestinians and the Israel government. His proposal would have given Palestinians 95% of the West Bank. Palestinian leader Arafat turned it down because he wanted 100%.

In 2005, then Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offered Palestinian leader President Abbas a similar proposal of 9% of the West Bank. He turned it down. A few years later he admitted it was a mistake.

Secretary of  State has spent years attempting to negotiate a fair resolution of the West Bank situation. He HAS been even-handed and  he has failed to get  both sides to agree. Sorry, Bernie, the US government has been even-handed. And, a Clinton was the most even-handed of all!

Money From Wealthy–So What

The new battle cry of angry young liberal Democrats is that any candidate who takes money from the wealthy is, by definition, guilty of abandoning the liberal cause. There are reports the Koch brothers are organizing a coalition of the wealthy which seeks to donate over $800 million to the cause of halting any form of liberalism in this nation. Sorry, Bernie, there is no way that small donations would ever be able to match that sum. Ignoring wealthy donors who happen to be liberal makes absolutely no sense.

Barack Obama raised over $200 million from the wealthy in his second election. Is the Sanders camp ready to denounce Obama? George Soros, a rather wealthy man has donated over $200 million in order to foster the development of democratic values in eastern Europe. Yes, Bernie, there are SOME decent people who happen to be wealthy, and there are some Schmucks who happen to be poor. It must feel so righteous to denounce ALL wealthy people, but it also is stupid in the face of monstrous amounts of money being spent to halt any form of liberal thinking.

The Stages Of Bernie

About sixteen years ago Ralph Nader, the man who believes he is always on the side of virtue and decency obtained enough votes that allowed George Bush to become president of the United States and thus cause the lives of millions  to wind up dead, a refugee or a captive in the hands of terrorists. There is a good chance the candidacy of Bernie Sanders will wind up with similar results.

Stage One: Bernie said he was simply trying to get Hillary Clinton to move further to the  left and come out against the wealthy.

Stage Two: Bernie got prime time to urge America to fight agains the top one percent of bastard who run this nation. At this point, he was not so much focused  on running for president so much as changing the dialogue and getting the Democratic party to live out its liberal credentials.

Stage Three: Today. Bernie is going to do anything he can to become the nominee for president even if it means destroying Hillary Clinton as a candidate.  At this point Bernie most probably believes that a Trump or Cruz president will destroy the Republican party and allow him in four years to become the president. Bernie increasingly is becoming a new Ralph Nader.

Catch The Muslim Terrorist!

After a few years of non-stop hysteria about Muslims and terrorists and be on guard because those Islamist terrorists are mighty clever. One must give Donald Trump and the other boys and girls who appeared on the stage in what was supposed to be a ‘debate’ some credit for creating hysteria and madness in our lovely land. From Hispanic ‘rapists’ to Muslims carrying suicide vests to close down the mosques, if one happens to be of the Muslim faith, beware every moment for another experience with madness.

Khairuideen Machzooni is a Muslim and he boarded a Southwest plane on a trip home. He decided to give an uncle who lived in Baghdad a call to let him know what was happening in his life. A woman became frightened and went to call the police. The soon arrived, detained the man who spoke in a funny language and saved the passengers from instant death. Southwest claims the entire incident arose because of “potentially threatening comments.”

Hi uncle, how’s  by you?

Georgia — A State Of Mind

Each day produces evidence that living in Souther state leads to, at some point, developing a southern state of mind. It is clear those who inhabit states that once were part of the Confederate states of America have an interesting take on the human condition. A FIVE YEAR OLD BOY was captured by force of authority for  behaving  like a five year old boy. His mother, Shana Marie Perez, was told by school administrators  in a Jasper County Primary School that her son needed to be paddled in order to knock some sense into him.

Oh, she was also told that if she did not give permission her son would be suspended and she would be charged with assisting the truancy of her child. This occurred in Monticello, Georgia. In case you are traveling  through this city, don’t  stop–go immediately to the nearest human city.