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As long as the war in Iraq continues, we shall present voices of American soldiers and discuss issues of concern to those compelled to risk their lives.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


If everybody in America is Great according to Donald, how come the US is not  A Great Nation?

Not a single Republican seeking office expresses a single word about the needs poor people.

Republicans insist the US paid “ransom” to Iran. This is the first time in history when the group seeking ransom wanted the other guys to pay them their own money in ransom.

So now, according to Republicans, Hillary is mentally unstable. Difficult to believe when a mentally unstable person charges others with being mentally unstable.

I wonder if in France one must take off the towel when in a steam bath to protect French values?

After a speech by Donald Trump I’m ready to listen with sympathy to Ryan Lochte. Ryan has such a soothing voice.

So Donald is going to get “95%” of  the black American vote. Sounds reasonable since Obama only got 93%.

There is one characteristic of Trump that is familiar to this New Yorker, he can’t utter a sentence without waving his arms.

I feel suddenly lost, no Olympic contests to watch, only men and women shouting about how we must vote.

Bombs Away In Turkey

The government of President Recep Erdogan is committed to the goal of ending democracy in Turkey. The so-called ‘coup’ attempt by soldiers has been crushed. Of course,no  one knows if this ‘coup’ was organized by President Erdogan as part of a plan to destroy opposition parties. He used this “coup’ as the means of arresting over 50,000 people,including members of the military, judges, lawyers,teachers,professors,deans of colleges,journalists and he made certain to close any and all opposition journals.  These steps were taken in order to “save democracy” from evil opponents of the president.

At the same time as seeking to end democracy, President Erdogan has stepped up his campaign to destroy the rights of Kurds in Turkey. He prefers to fight Kurdish soldiers who oppose Syrian President Assad even though Erdogan wants to end the regime of Assad. Yesterday, a 13 year old boy walked into a marriage ceremony of Kurds and blew himself up. Most probably by ISIS. In one word, Turkey has become a MESS!

Trump Spells Out His Plan

The “new” Donald Trump made a speech. OK, he continued to wave his tiny arms in order to make a point. But, Donald wanted one and all to know that he had a plan to make America Great Again. We offer the specifics of his plan:

I am going to bring back high paying jobs from China.

I am going to make certain that coal miners have high paying jobs.

I am going to wipe out ISIS, frankly, it will be easy.

I am going to end the Death tax and make certain those with over a few million do not have to pay a Death Tax.

I am going to build a Great Wall.

I am going to ensure that each American young person can attend college.

I am going to cut taxes.

I am going to balance the budget.

Trust me,trust me, I am a Great Businessman who has created thousands and thousands of jobs. Just ask the maids in my hotels about the high salaries they earn!

OH, please, let’s not get into details.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I gather that Donald Trump will go to Russia where none can question the leader.

Police might consider the following rule, “think once before shooting.”

It must be difficult for Donald Trump to be losing to Crooked Hillary, what has happened to fairness in this world?

According to Republicans, freedom of the press means no one is allowed to write the “wrong things.”

Sorry, but I still fear the power of the gun will play a role in this election.

Each day another Republican finds religion.

I bet Jeb Bush is beside himself with joy. Finally, the bully is getting beaten.

Say, whatever happened to Marco Rubio, still seeking a bottle of water?

For some reason, Ben Carson no longer is in the news, I guess he is too busy selling his books.

Buddies Again

There is an old expression that birds of a feather flock together. Well, we now have an example as Turkey and Russia agree to end their conflict and work together on issues in the Middle East. The drive to become buddies after Turkey shot down a Russian plane, and refused to apologize arose from the recent attempted “coup”by some Turkish officers to overthrow the Erdogan government. Erdogan insists the coup was planned by Fetullah Gulen, a former ally, who Erdogan insists is involved in secret plans to overthrow his government.

Actually, Erdogan has used the failed coup to virtually end democracy in Turkey. Over sixty thousand Army officers, police officers, judges, lawyers, deans of college, classroom teachers and journalist are now in prison. President Erdogan demands the American government turn over Gulen who currently lives in the US. “Sooner or later the US will make a choice. Either Turkey or FETO(Gulen’s group.”

Unfortunately for Erdogan, in the US there are courts -not under control by the government to obey its demands. In order to send Gulen back to Turkey necessitates a court procedure. It is NOT a decision the president can make by himself. This concept of limited power by the president is foreign to President Erdogan and President Putin.

Rudy The Ignorant

I was an inhabitant of New York during those horrible days of 9/11. In fact, I was in Manhattan on September 12 and witnessed the heroism of so many members of the police and fire departments. I was also compelled to listen over and  over again to the bombastic self congratulation of Rudy Giuliani. He insisted that HE had saved New York from terrorism.These days Rudy is a shill for Donald Trump, who is simply a red headed version of Rudy.

On a recent interview with Chris Cuomo, Rudy once again displayed his ignorance. “Before Obama, ISIS was almost unknown.” He blamed their rise to the decision of Obama to “withdraw troops from Iraq.” This is what happened:

1. After US forces defeated the Iraq army, the Bush administration made an incredibly stupid decision. They completely disbanded the Iraq army,and allowed soldiers to take their weapons, and whatever other weapons they desired from unguarded weapons depots.

2. Over one million soldiers and officers had weapons. Thousands joined al-Qaeda since they had just lost their jobs and needed a source of income.

3. During the period of the famous “surge” US troops worked with Sunni leaders in what became known as the Sunni Awakening Councils. These groups defeated al-Qaeda in many regions.

4. The Bush administration allowed Nouri al-Maliki to become Prime Minister. He proceeded to disband the Sunni groups, arrest their leaders, and cut off funding to Sunni villages. This resulted in thousands of Sunnis seeking work and means to defend their village.

5. ISIS arose from elements of al-Qaeda, plus these Sunni groups. Even today, some top officers in ISIS are former soldiers from the disbanded Iraq army.

6. Finally. President Obama offered the Maliki government 10,000 US soldiers to help in the process of creating a new Iraq army. Maliki insisted that any US soldier accused of a crime against an Iraq civilian be tried in a Sharia court. The President refused  this demand.

Rudy, as always, you are a bull-shitter.

Watching The Olympics

I was raised in the slums of t he south Bronx in New York City during the Depression so the only sp0rts that had any meaning in our lives were baseball, football, and basketball. Tennis or hockey required  uniforms and special equipment. For us, all it took to play football were some newspapers and a rubber band.But, every four years I find myself watching  the Olympics. I gaze, sometimes in curiosity, sometimes in wonder, when people hurl themselves through the air or do acrobatics that simply are beyond my physical capacity, either now at 86 or when I was 16.

My major dilemma is whether I should only root for the home team– the USA- or whether it is OK to root for the underdog. Of course, in the Olympics Black Lives Matter is not a matter of discussion, since there are plenty of black lives that matter in the Olympics. Confession, I do root for the home team, I do feel patriotic when they play the Star Spangled Banner, and for some reason, there is a sense of pride when Michael Phelps over and over wins a swimming event.

Confession, this year I rooted against ALL Russian athletes since they have a proven record of using drugs. I must admit if there are no Americans in an event, I root for the Australians or the Brits–I remember their role in helping to win WWII.

P.S. Some day someone will explain how they score gymnastics.


P.P.S. Is Donald going to attack the Obama record on this year’s Olympic?

Benghazi Forever–And A Day

There is no doubt the Republican party this election will focus upon THE most important issue confronting our nation–BENGHAZI. Two relatives of men who died in Benghazi will institute a court case against Hillary Clinton. Frankly,I have long since lost track as to the number of investigations, or the money spent to discover who was responsible for the deaths of four people.

Let me return you to October, 1983 in Beirut,Lebanon. Islamic terrorists sent trucks crashing through a Marine installation in Beirut. This attack led to the death, not of four, but of  TWO HUNDRED-FORTY-ONE MARINES. Technically speaking the Commander in chief of out armed forces in the President of the United States. So, what happened?

1.  Not  a single Democratic Congressman blamed President Reagan for the deaths of 241 Marines.There were no investigations, no partisan attacks on the Republican party.

2. The Beirut tragedy never lived on.

3. In other words, when 241 Americans died, no political leader in America used their deaths for political purposes. The fault was in failure of officers on the scene to have the necessary  precautions.

The Secretary of State, technically has over 120 Embassies over which she allegedly supervises. Officers on the spot are responsible for safety, not the Secretary of State.






No More Death Taxes

I realize that Donald Trump has gotten tied down responding to reactions to some of his comments. So, it was wonderful to learn that Donald Trump has come out with a program that will reduce taxes on each and every person who works for a living. He has some  out to end the Death Tax that we Americans pay on our estate when  we die. As Donald notes: “American workers have paid taxes their entire life. They shouldn’t be taxed again when they die.”

God, do I love this man who cares so much about the health and welfare of working men and women.Of course, as of this moment, under the existing tax  people pay on their estate when they die, $99.8% do not pay any tax  since their estate is too low. But, Donald, as always is concerned about the one percent. Hillary Clinton could not give a damn about the millionaires who spend their lives creating jobs. Under the Trump plan, the top 1% will only save $25 billion a year. Now, what the heck can anyone do with an extra $25  billion?

I have to vote for the man who always  looks out for the needs of our top 1% of wealthy folks. OK, so this tax plan would save the Trump estate a few billion or so. So what?

When Is Enough For McCain?

I rarely have agreed with any political ideas of John McCain, but I always respected his service to the nation, and his fight for veterans. Of course, HIS party’s candidate continually attacks McCain for failure to be concerned about veteran rights, which should get our attention since this complaint comes from a  guy who got four draft deferments during the Vietnam war, and spent his time fucking broads while soldiers were getting the fuck blasted out of them.

A group of veterans came to the  office of Senator McCain. Former Marine, Alexander McCoy, raised some issues.  “Donald Trump’s reckless ignorance about America’s responsibility to the world shocks me to the core. I have heard enough. Senator McCain, you served and sacrificed, you have heard enough to!”

I regret to say, John McCain will not have heard enough unless defeated in the primary. Silence is sad when it comes from McCain!