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As long as the war in Iraq continues, we shall present voices of American soldiers and discuss issues of concern to those compelled to risk their lives.

Tragedy Of Middle East

There has been an ongoing tragedy in the Middle East for over seventy years. It has to do with reactions of Muslim nations to their fellow Muslims. After the forced or voluntary departure of Muslims from the new state of Israel, not a single Arab/Muslim nation would allow their fellow Muslims to become citizens of the land in which they were now living. They have spent the next seventy years as aliens in Muslim societies. Today, over two million Syrians are now refugees in a Muslim society. They are not allowed to become a citizen, they are denied opportunities for work, for a role in society.

Syrians are NOT welcomed into Muslim societies anymore than Palestinians were or are. They live on the fringes of society. A Syrian who enters Sweden is allowed to become a citizen and enjoy the benefits of that role. But, not a single Muslim society offers Muslim refugees the same right. The question is why don’t Muslim societies integrate Muslim refugees?

So, What About Iraq?

We are now experiencing the resurrection of the triumphant trio of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld. In the new Republican narrative, these men were not only responsible for the overthrow of evil, terrible Saddam Hussein, but they saved the world from the bad man’s nuclear or chemical weapons of destruction. It was due to the intelligence and bravery of George Bush that peace and prosperity were restored to the people of Iraq. Alas, then appeared the black dude from Africa, whose blunders led to the rise of al-Qaeda, ISIS, and you name the other evil people.

1. It was the dynamic trio who appointed Nouri al-Maliki to the position of Prime Minister. It was this man who transformed the Sunnis who had worked with American forces into the enemy of the Iraq government.

2. The success of the so-called, Surge, depended upon cooperation of Sunnis. Guess who ended that cooperation.

3. President Obama DID offer to maintain US forces. BUT, he refused to allow American troops to be subject to Iraq law. THAT was the reason they left.

I await Jeb Bush publicly saying he was ready to have American forces placed under Iraq law.

Donald Has Some Ideas

It is now clear that Donald Trump DOES have solutions to rejecting the Iran nuclear deal and how to handle events in the Middle East. First, Donald is clear that accepting a nuclear deal with Iran is the first step toward a “nuclear disaster.” He promises to rip up any agreement with Iran if elected. I do assume he understands this agreement is with SIX nations, and if the US abandons the agreement, the other five can enter trade agreements with Iran. I assume he understands that Russia will sell anti-missile systems to Iran.

Donald also wants to take over Iraq oil fields, and is willing to send US troops into Iraq to fight ISIS. We get the oil, and we keep the money. What exactly then happens in Iraq, who the hell cares! I believe this step is the greatest recruiting step for ISIS, but Donald is not worried.

He also discussed his anger at Saudi Arabia, another country he intends to clean up.

We now know that Donald has a plan. At least he has one. Which other Republican candidate can make that statement?

World Terrorist Cup

The entire world and most Muslims are getting tired of the chaos in the Middle East,Somalia, Libya and Nigeria. It is time to organize an all-Muslim World Cup on who is the best terrorist. Of course, participants would agree that the group which comes out on top, would become the acknowledged top dog in terrorism. Oops, I forgot that Muslims do not like dogs. How about the top guerrilla?

1. Naturally, there would be shooting contests. Of course, one team against the other team.Last man standing, wins.

2. We could have a contest in which teams compete in rocket firing.

3. How about which team that first destroys a city?

4. Of course a main feature would be which group can produce the most suicide bombers.

5. The finale would be which team that most quickly destroys itself!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Butt Found In Salad”

Butt out of my food!

Sweden, Local: “Getting Pregnant Swedish Way”

I assume a man and woman are involved.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Pay Your Dues”

In Republican America, that means the middle class pays and the wealthy do not.

China, China Daily: “Should Children Kneel For Parents?”

What a day that would be!

Canada, Toronto Star: “Apologize For Shooting Black Man”

He threatened me with a water pistol!!

Blame It On George

Let me get straight the current Republican version as to what happened in Iraq:

After some blunders by President George Bush, he got things straight with the famous “surge” and al-Qaeda was ready to surrender. Then, this black dude assumed the presidency, and refused to support George’s successful ideas. The result was the current chaos.

General Ray Odierno, who was part of the Surge, but is now Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has a slightly different version. According to the General, “I remind everybody that us leaving at the end of 2011 was negotiated by the BUSH ADMINISTRATION. That was always the plan. We promised them(Iraq government) that we would respect their sovereignty.” The Maliki government insisted that American troops would be subject to Iraq law. When, they refused to back down on this point, President Obama had troops leave.

I can just imagine the reaction of Republicans to President Obama allowing American troops to be subject to Sharia law!

Advise To Republicans

I thought it might be neighborly of me to offer a few words of friendly advice to those running for president as Republicans.

Mike Huckabee: Mike,there is job opening at Tucker’s Used Car Dealership in Hope,Arkansas. They need a fast talking man who can spout bullshit as long as cars are sold.

Rudy Giuliani: Rudy, you are the only man in America who can stand up to Donald Trump. The sound of two hot air specialists would warm the hearts of all Republicans. Just imagine you and Donald on the stage all by yourselves!

Marco Rubio: You continue insisting that “I am not a scientist.” Since I am your buddy, I have purchased a place in a college course in science so you can, at least argue, I have yet to complete my science course.

Jeb Bush: How about promising that if you get the nomination you will go to Mexico and face down the drug lords?

Scott Walker: Scott,we now know that you are a Catholic. From now on have by your side a Rabbi and a Priest.

Rick Perry: Rick, I just don’t think the glasses make you come across as wise. How about a clown face?

Just Picking Up Medicine

Charnesia Corley hopped in her car and headed to get some medicine for her sick mother. That is how her criminal career began. She did not make a full stop at a Stop Sign–how many have done that every day? Raise your hands. She was pulled over in a parking lot, the police “smelled something funny” and proceeded to check her car for marijuana. She was told to lie on the ground and pull her pants down–IN PUBLIC! She responded: “Well ma’am, I don’t have any underwear on.” Response: “Well, that doesn’t matter. Pull your pants down.” She was then placed under arrest for “resisting arrest and possession of 0.2 ounces of marijuana.

If every woman in America who was arrested and forced to pull her pants down, we would have a line from coast to coast of women displaying their naked bodies. Just about every one who has driven a car has not made the full stop at the Stop Sign. At worse, we wind up with a ticket and pay the $25 fine. This incident occurred in –where else but Texas. If Texans are so damned concerned about illegal people entering the state why not quit worrying about Stop Signs and head for the border!!


Imagine that a group of men just arrived in Ferguson, Missouri who had come to assist in the quest for law and order. They are carrying rifles, dressed in armor and wear camouflage. These men checked in with local police in order to make clear their goal was law and order. John Karriman, “we checked in with law enforcement when we got there and told them what we were doing.” Oh, the men were WHITE MEMBERS OF OATH KEEPERS! This is a right wing group of former members of the police force or the military. Even as they walked the streets of Ferguson, black males were being harassed. A group of three black men standing by a salon were frisked for weapons–none were found.

How in hell can white vigilantes walk the streets of Ferguson armed with weapons and no police halt them, not frisk them, they are left alone. Just imagine black men armed with rifles and dressed in armor in the streets of Ferguson. Have the police lost their minds!!What the hell is going on in America!

Jeb Bushed By Events

During the recent Great Debate, Jeb Bush stood out by not standing out. He had all the impact of one who already has his $100,000,000 and believes that God in His wisdom believes the Bush family is entitled to become a President. In reality, since announcing his candidacy,Jeb has not caused any impact on the race, but stands on the stage with a look akin to the deer caught in the headlight of an oncoming car. He DOES look serious, he Does come across as someone who has no idea why these other people are on HIS stage. Frankly,he does not give a damn about Donald Trump nor does he even know that Marco Rubio is also from the state of Florida.

The only reaction from members of the media is his inability to confront the War in Iraq. OH, sorry, he now admits it was a MISTAKE. Jeb is the only Republican candidate who makes Hillary Clinton come across as a fighter for something. Let me summarize his platform:

1. We have to do something about the Middle East.

2. We spend too much money on women. How about a few bucks for the Koch brother?

3. I do not like the Affordable Care Act. I will eventually inform America about health care.

4. Student Debt? Never heard of this.

5. Hispanics? I married one.

Anyway,Mom and Dad are on my side.