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As long as the war in Iraq continues, we shall present voices of American soldiers and discuss issues of concern to those compelled to risk their lives.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in a 86 year old body.


I would hate to be a Trump surrogate on CNN responding to his idiotic behavior.

Why do Trump surrogates always say, MISTER TRUMP?Never, Donald Trump.

There is no question that Donald so enjoys listening to Donald.

NFL attendance is down, how come, maybe people prefer watching the war of   Donald Trump.

I so enjoy the sight of falling fall leaves.

I so wish there could be ONE day of just calm and peace in this world.

I constantly wonder if life forms on other planets kill one another?

Then again, I wonder if life forms eat other life forms.

At age 86, each day is such a wonder!

Mystery of life — which beauty contestant was NOT attacked by Donald Trump?

I feel very, very sorry for Trump’s daughters.

Oh, to sail out to the universe and see its wonders!

I sometimes wonder wha the election of 2020 will be like.

If you get disheartened, remember there is always –tomorrow!


Angry Americans For Trump

These days there are many angry people in America, most probably, the angriest is Rudy Giuliani. But, central to the anger of Trump supporters is  the belief that America is no longer a Great Nation, and foreign type people are swarming into our beloved land and transforming it into a den of iniquity and evil. Many recall the “good old days” when white males ran the land, and blacks, Hispanics and women knew their place. No blacks were marching in the streets, because if they did, a group of white men dressed in white robes would explain who ran the show, and who was expected to get into the gutter when a white person walked down the street.

They are angry at rise of minority groups to political power. Many also worked in plants producing automobiles or making shirts and pants, or dwelled in our coal mines. Ironically, these same people supported laws that made organizing workers into unions difficult, and the result was that the boss paid low wages and fired at will. They voted for Republican politicians who prevented laws that provided low cost colleges, decent health care, retraining programs  that would enable the displaced coal miner to get a technology job. They voted for Republicans who refused to pass legislation that would create high wage jobs rebuilding our infrastructure.

So, what happened? A high percent of Silicon Valley tech jobs are now filled by people from India,China or Pakistan. The angry people should gaze into a mirror if they want to know how our job situation became as it now is.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Chelsea Manning was sent to solitary confinement for attempting suicide. HUH?

The only institution that is not crooked in our society, according to Trump, is his campaign.

I have never encountered such ignorance as that displayed by Trump supporters.

I wish Pope Francis lived another twenty years so he would have time to change the power structure of the Vatican.

Not a day goes by without some hateful outburst from Donald Trump –and –his supporters.

I so enjoy Sunday football, at least I used to, now politics rather than touchdowns are the topic of discussion.

I increasingly believe that God is on an extended vacation from Earth.

Rigged Elections

The election of 1800 marked a new issue in American politics.The initial two presidents, Washington and John Adams were associated with the Federalist party. Actually,there were no political parties in our sense of the word. But, Thomas Jefferson representing the Democratic-Republican(no connection to the Republican party) won the election and America faced a new issue –would the group that had  power, accept the decision of the American people, and peacefully surrender power. In his inaugural speech, Jefferson made clear that ‘we are not Federalists of Democrats, we are all Americans.” Since that moment in every presidential election, the person defeated has gracefully accepted the verdict of the American people.

However, Donald Trump is the first and only candidate for president who claims that his defeat will be as a result of “crooked politicians.” Of course, thirty of the fifty governors are Republicans, and states, not the Federal government run elections. A Trump supporter named, Rhonda, told Mike Pence, “I will tell you if Hillary Clinton gets in, I myself am ready for a revolution, because we can’t have her in.” Dangerous words activated by the candidate, Donald Trump.

Theodore Roosevelt — White Supremacist?

We now are in the era of demolishing any and all prior leaders of American society on grounds they were  white supremacists. Every prior American president was white, of the original five American presidents, four  were slave owners. A group of protestors attending a Columbus Day rally in New York City demanded that a statue of Theodore Roosevelt who served from 1900 to 1908 be torn down on grounds that he was “a stark embodiment of white supremacy that Roosevelt himself espoused and promoted.”

As the author of a history of America, this is sheer nonsense. Examine the Theodore Roosevelt record:

1. Upon becoming president, he ended segregation in all federal jobs.

2. When the San Francisco Board of Education attempted to establish separate schools for Japanese American children, he personally tongue lashed the head of the Board of Education and made certain there was no segregation of children from Asian families.

3. He was the first president since Abraham Lincoln to invite Negro leaders for discussions in the White House.

4. He appointed Negroes to important Federal jobs in the South.

5. He has the respect and support of important Negro leaders such as Booker T. Washington.

6. Negroes had key positions in the Republican party.

7. Theodore Roosevelt aided workers, and supported their right to strike, he was the first president to enforce anti-trust laws, and he openly fought for the right of women to vote.

Is this the mark of a white supremacist?

Trump Fights Back!

Since it is now clear the overwhelming winner of the second Debate was Donald Trump, we decided to ask the red headed guy to explain his wonderful economic ideas to our readers.

“Thanks, Fred. I am a  fantastic businessman, a fantastic, a wonderful, and it I might add a few words of praise for myself, the Greatest business man in the world. I have created thousands, untold thousands of Great jobs, high paying jobs, more jobs than any other businessman in this country. Fred, think about the fantastic jobs as maids in my hotels, the waiters, the waitresses, the bus boys, in my restaurants, incredible jobs paying wonderful high paying wages. Did you know that I do NOT pay the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, BUT I pay $10 and hour. Workers receive at least $400 each week!

When I become president, we will bring back jobs, Great jobs making shirts, making pants, making ties and belts and who know what Great jobs for the people of America! We will become a Great nation once again. And, think of the coal miners who will get back to their wonderful jobs down below. Enough with all this talk about technology, we need great jobs picking up garbage, putting together computers, Great Jobs that pay high wages. Do you know how much people can earn making ties? I expect just about every young male to get a great Job digging ditches, with fantastic wages!

God bless America, and head for meat packing places to get one of the new Great Jobs!”

Turkish Leader Upset At Joke

Once upon a time, a long, long,time ago,there was laughter and humor in the world.Today, we have very serious leaders who interpret a joke as simply attacks on their dignity. Turkish President Recep Erdogan is furious because a German comic made fun of him.So, he set experts to work, and they uncovered a law passed four hundred years ago that could be used agains the comic for insulting the dignity of a nation’s chief of state. Erdogan is demanding that the German government indict comic Jan Bohmermann for the insult to his dignity.

I see no reason why the campaign to protect foreign leaders should be expanded since first, the joke, then shit left on their doorstep, and finally, a revolution. So, how about some new laws:

1. Any locker room banter about a member of a leader’s wife or daughter must result in removal of a penis, and guess which one that means?

2. Draw a beard on the picture of a great leader such as Recep Erdogan, and you will be  literally skinned alive.

3. For each joke about Erdogan, you must make two jokes about a family member.

4. There is need for a national joke contest, the winner gets a free trip to the nearest prison.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26  year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Face it, Donald Trump is a boorish man.

Trump being Trump is the best thing for Hillary Clinton.

There is something sad about political leaders discussing opponent families.

Just when you think Trump can not go lower, he does.

I just wonder how Trump will go in the next debate, how about Chelsea, and her being flat chested?

I await a  miracle, Trump actually discussing trade policy which includes talking about EXPORTS.

There are millions of Americans who simply are not Americans.

First time in American history that a  politician threatened to send his opponent to Jail!

The US Constitution is one document that is a stranger to Donald Trump.


Donald On The Constitution

One wonders after watching the Debate between the woman and the red headed man if the guy who wanders around the stage while the woman is talking has ever read the US Constitution. I know that Donald Trump does not have a clue as to what is going on in the Middle East, but it is now clear he has no clue about the meaning and essence of the American Constitution. Donald, let me explain:

1. The President of the United States does NOT have absolute power regarding anything.

2. The US Congress after the sad situation with President Richard Nixon decided to place restrictions on the power a President has over the Justice Department.

3. The President can REQUEST, but the President can NOT order the Attorney  General to initiate a prosecution of anybody.

Donald Trump promised that among his first orders will be to ‘INSTRUCT’ the Attorney General to appoint a Special Prosecutor to place Hillary Clinton under indictment. And, he promised that Hillary Clinton would be sent to Jail!! This is the First time in American history that one person seeking the presidency promised to send his  opponent to jail!! Perhaps, Donald Trump thinks if he wins the new title he will possess is: KING DONALD I.

Goodbye Syria

Since the opening days of rebellion against the dictatorship of President Assad in Syria, there has been blood flowing in the streets of Syria. The growing numbers of dead has progressed year after year until when we see a new number, our minds are so numbed that we ignore it, and go on with  our evening meal. One day it is a hundred thousand dead, the next month it is two hundred thousand dead, and now it appears Russian, Syrian and other allies of  Assad are ready to give the final blow to wipe out the Syrian people who oppose Assad.

Russian planes are ready to completely demolish any and all rebel forces currently in the eastern section of the city of Aleppo. They will bomb,they will destroy,they will wipe out any and all rebel forces. Reality, we Americans are so consumed about the latest nonsense of Trump/Pence, we pay no attention to what is happening in the death throes of the Syrian people. Here today, all gone tomorrow!