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As long as the war in Iraq continues, we shall present voices of American soldiers and discuss issues of concern to those compelled to risk their lives.

Russia’s Afghanistan??

During the 1980s, when Vladimir Putin was an obscure operative for the Russian secret police, the KGB, a Russian Communist leader decided to come to the aid of some Afghan Communists and sent Russian troops into the land. About ten years later, and thousands of dead Russian soldiers later, the Russians departed that land of sorrow. Now, there is another Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, who has decided to send in the troops, this time, not to Afghanistan, but to Syria. Putin insists his soldiers will mainly be members of the air force or navy,no boots on the ground.

So, welcome, Vladimir to the mess in Syria. Send in your troops, sent in your air force, send in your navy. There will come a day when some Russian soldiers will be killed on the streets of Damascus,and Vladimir will demand revenge.Again Russian troops will die.

Barack, just remember, there is NO western solution to the mess in Syria, remain out and let them fight it out. In the end, Muslims must solve their own problems.

Why We Failed In Iraq

Every Republican candidate for President yells the same mantra–Obama refused to leave American soldiers and once they are president there will be more boots on the ground. Not a single one has the faintest idea why a decade after Saddam Hussein was defeated and then executed, there is nothing but chaos in Iraq. So, what went wrong?

1. The Americans disbanded the Iraq Army and allowed one million men to head home with arms. Nothing was done to work with Iraq officers to establish law and order. If there was one thing those dudes understood was how to impose law and order.

2. At the time of 9/11 Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, at best,numbered about 2,000. The US invasion opened opportunities for al-Qaeda to recruit thousands of followers determined to drive out the infidels. Guess who were the “infidels?”

3. Since day one of the end of Saddam, one corrupt group of Iraq leaders after another group of corrupt leaders has been in charge of Iraq

4. Actually, Joe Biden at the time uttered some common sense– establish a federal concept in which Sunni Iraqis had their own state. This would have destroyed al-Qaeda.

5. Bush folk pushed for installation of Prime Minister Maliki whose goal was to crush Sunnis and allow his pals to get rich while running Iraq.


Yes, Carly,we need more boots on the ground.

Headlines From World Press

We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Rub Out Rivals”

In Putin Russia is either rub out or prison out opponents.

UK,Guardian: “Spin Doctors Guild”

We in America prefer spin doctors to medical ones.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Oldest Fuck Word Found”

Oh, fuck off, who cares?

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Let’s Get Trumped”

OH, just send in the Carly woman.

France, Connexion: “Life Built On Rubbish”

These days we have a society built on mouths spouting rubbish.

The Doctor On Life

Ben Carson is a doctor. He does know and understand the workings of a human body, the inside,that is. However, when it comes to issues about what happens outside the human body, the good doctor is more in the class of Carly Florina or Donald Trump. Neither of this trio has the faintest understanding of what is happening in the world, let alone, in the United States of America. Ben informed Republicans, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.”

As I recall, about 90% of white folks back in the good old days of segregation would “not advocate that we put a Negro in charge of this nation. They absolutely would not agree with that.” I doubt if Ben knows:

1. Anything about the Muslim religion.

2. Anything about Muslim nations, let alone where they are in the world.

Oh, but he does know something about the inside of human bodies.

Oh Dem Muslims!

Critics may attack and defame Donald Trump for being boorish or loud or insulting, but there is one issue on which Donald Trump is the leading expert in this nation–MUSLIMS. Donald understands that Muslims are continually taking over this nation, and they are aided by the Number One Muslim in America–BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! After all, it was Donald who challenged this Muslim president to produce his birth certificate, and to this day there are serious questions about the document he produced. A man asked Donald about the Muslim problem in New Hampshire, and he responded: “We have a problem in this country. It’s called MUSLIMS”

Why else would the “President wage a war against Christianity?” Huh? “Christians need support in this country. There is a war being waged against them.”

Did you know that black shirted troops are at this very moment being trained to enter the home of EACH AND EVERY CHRISTIAN IN THIS NATION AND TAKE THEM TO CONCENTRATION CAMPS ALREADY BUILT IN NEVADA??

Thank God He has sent a savior to save this nation–DONALD TRUMP!

Jeb Bush Story

Jeb Bush came out swinging in order to make clear to Donald Trump and the world that he IS a Bush in hand, and ready to take on ISIS, al-Qaeda and other sundry enemies of the United States of America.

1. He made clear that his name is, Jeb, not George Bush.

2. Jeb wants to get the economy moving again at a rate of 4% instead of the current 3.9%.

2. Jeb wants the world to know that Barack Obama created the mess in Iraq.

4. Jeb is proud to be able to speak Spanish, so there, Donald!

5. Highlight of evening is giving a high five to Donald.

6. Jeb is a job creator,just cut taxes.

Rand Paul Story

The initial comment directed at Rand Paul came from Donald Trump who wanted to know how this guy got on the platform and he was wasting time that Donald could use. Rand, as usual,was calm and somewhat bored to be on the platform with people who never ceased speaking.

1. Rand wants drugs to be legal.

2. Rand wants to cease arresting young black and Hispanic people and sending them to jail.

3. Rand wants the US to cease getting involved in wars that will only result in increasing the number of jihadists.

4. Rand blames the mess in the Middle East on George W. Bush and his terrible decision to invade Iraq.

5. Rand believes the US cannot defeat Islamic terrorism with guns, only with ideas.

Naturally, not a single other Republican agreed with his ideas.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press and our comments.

Iran,Tehran Times: “Support Food Sanctions”

I assume Republicans want to starve out the Iranians.

Australia, Canberra Times: “My Worst Nightmare”

I don’t know yours, mine is President Trump.

France, Connexion: “McDonald’s Gunman Dies”

I assume he consumed a Happy Meal.

UK,Guardian: “Secret To Longevity”

Never watch Fox News?

China, China Daily: “China Economy OK”

It’s just that stock market that is not!

Russia In Syria?

Russian troops are headed to Syria. Reports indicate at least one thousand Russian soldiers have landed, they are constructing housing and other facilities to establish a military presence in the country. There are also reports that tanks are being sent and all indications are the Russians are prepared to do battle. So, what is the Putin plan:

1. Stabilize the Syrian situation and ensure the rebels cannot win.

2. Care out a safe area around Damascus which is free of any rebel forces.

3. Sit down and have a quiet talk with President Bashar al-Assad.

4. Identify a successor to the man who has completely destroyed his nation.

5. Persuade America to go along with the Putin Solution to Syria.

At least it it a Plan. At this point, President Obama lacks any Plan.

America’s Dubious Ally

In theory, Turkey is allegedly an ally of the United States and NATO, and has been so for over fifty years. But, its leader, Recep Erdogan is a man with one goal in life, and that has nothing to do with ISIS or al-Qaeda or any other terrorist group. He seeks POWER,that is for himself. At this point in time, Kurdish soldiers are among the most fearless in the war against ISIS. They are among the few groups that have actually defeated ISIS in battle. BUT, to Recep Erdogan, they are THE enemy!He is attempting to stir up anger and fear against Kurds in order to win an election. He has transformed Kurds into the greatest threat confronting Turkey.

Ironically, for years he has been arguing the importance of reaching an agreement with Kurds who live in Turkey since previous governments have never attempted reaching out in peace. But, when his Justice and Development Party suffered an electoral defeat, Erdogan decided to play the “Kurdish card” of hate. So, he bombs Kurdish forces in Iraq and Syria rather than ISIS forces. Such is the behavior of America’s “ally.”