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As long as the war in Iraq continues, we shall present voices of American soldiers and discuss issues of concern to those compelled to risk their lives.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Decent people worry about the fate of Hispanic children.

I wonder what Sanders supporters who believed there were TWO evil people seeking the presidency now think.

Donald Trump simply will NEVER grasp the meaning of American democracy.

Trumps means more money for the wealthy, and less for all others.

Trump is giddy with the thought of  power,  and his power over people.

Obama will have crushed ISIS in Iraq and Trump will take credit.

In the end American democracy will survive, but there will be a price that has been paid–by the defenseless.

Israel, The Democracy

Defenders of the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel argue that Israel is the ONLY democracy in the Middle East so it must be supported irregardless of how it behaves to Palestinians. For some reason, these defenders never mention that Israel discriminates against people of differing religions who seek to marry. A Jew seeking to marry  a Muslim or a Christian can  not have a legal marriage in Israel. A Muslim can legally marry a Muslim, a Christian can legally marry a Christian, but no Jew can legally marry a Christian or Muslim. Such couples usually go to Cyprus or Europe to get married.

Jewish married couples are still governed by Jewish law. A Jewish female must get permission from her husband to get a divorce. Rabbinical authorities seized the passport of an American businessman because his son would not grant his  wife a divorce. This situation places any woman seeking a divorce to possibly give in to her husband if he wants custody of the children. Some, democracy when it comes to women rights.

I Just Wonder

I have encountered during the past days members of the Republican party who say nice things about “Crooked Hillary”because she has uttered words of conciliation to the newly elected president. Heck, Donald Trump who has been shouting to LOCK HER UP even praised the service to her country. So, what has changed? Donald Trump won and from now on there are NO RIGGED ELECTIONS!

One can only wonder how Donald Trump would have reacted if Hillary Clinton received fewer votes while  winning the election. I have a hunch it would have gone something like this:

Fellow Americans, the Establishment has stolen this election from we the people. Fellow Americans, it is time to grab your guns and march on Washington D.C. to restore power to the American people. The Establishment, the  Muslims, the gangsters have taken away our beloved country. TAKE BACK AMERICA. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!

World Cries Over Donald

World leader are even in a greater state of shock than are Americans over the impossible becoming the reality  of “President Donald Trump. Following are some comments from periodicals.

Guardian, UK:  “The unthinkable is only unthinkable if it happens. The Trump  triumph has echoes of the increasing alarming right ward shift in politics of other post industrial democracies to which  progressives have produced inadequate responses. It will be cheered in Moscow and Damascus which will feel embolded. But this is primarily an American tragedy.”

Der Spiegel, Germany: “Crude populism has triumphed over reason. Trump’s success is a shock for all those who had counted on the political wisdom of America. For Trump’s islamophobic, nationalistic, hateful statements only one thing can be said for it,  it won’t be good.”

Gerard Araud, French Ambassador to the US: “This is the end of an epoch. After this vote, anything is possible.”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


You can fool the American people by offering hate and anger.

So, the Con Man did a great Con Job.

It is now clear that Bernie Sanders was The Man.

Hillary, ye tarried too long.

Americans voted from their hearts, not their minds.

I fear for Hispanic children and the terror many now confront.

Many Americans believe in tooth fairies bearing gifts.

Trump lacks any ideas on how to address economic problems

Barack Obama failed to educate Americans about world affairs.

Americans are helpless and hopeless at this moment in time.



Donald At Night

There are now new reports that Donald Trump is experiencing difficulty in sleeping at night. Jed Kushner, his son-in-law has become a frequent night time caller who spends many evenings  soothing the gentle red headed boy who is experiencing some nightmares.

‘Now, Donnie, the big bad Hillary witch is not going to get in your bed, and make  you do something that is naughty. Calm down, calm down, the people just love you, they spend their every day dreaming of the  Great Wall that you will build, bigger than any wall in China or Egypt, or anywhere. See, I just looked under the bed and there is not a single Hispanic rapist or murderer out to get you while asleep. They are still back in Mexico with all the terrorists and bad people who hate my darling, darling sweet red headed boy.

Now, Donnie, if you want someone to be in bed with you, should I call Ivanka, she still is one real hot piece of ass. You have to get to sleep, you need some rest for your arms, they are real tired being waved around ten or fifteen hours a day. The wicked witch of Washington is not going to put you in her big pot and boil you. She has gone away, she is back with Bill, and you have no interest in that boobless piece of garbage. Have a real nice dream, there she is on her knees just begging you to do it to her. Honest, Donnie, that’s why she hates you, one fuck and she will do whatever you want.

So, sleep tight my little boy and dream of white houses and cheering adoring crowds, the American people just love you.’


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


The FBI has now become the FBIR- the Federal Bureau  of Investigation for Republicans.

Did you know Trump’s grandpa ran a whore house in Canada?

If Melania speaks a coherent sentence, the media goes wild with joy at her ‘brilliant’ talk.

For some reason our devout Christians are not interested in nude pictures of Melania.

In all honesty, the nude pictures reveal why Donald prefers his daughter’s boobs over those of his wife.

Whatever happened to the hordes of Hispanic rapists swarming over our borders?

In my youth, one was disqualified for running for president if divorced, today, it is a requirement to be a sexual predator.

These days Rudy Giuliani goes wild over any dirt he can find about Hillary Clinton. He becomes incoherently giddy with delight.

Does any Trump supporter actually know one thing their candidate will do as president other than saying, Make America Great Again?

Trump proves that you can con the American people very easily.

Donald Trump never utters a word of concern for dead Syrian children.

I wonder what Republican parents tell their children how to justify supporting Donald Trump


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


It becomes increasingly clear FBI agents are leading information to Republican leaders.

There is one government employee who knows the Trump administration will retain–guess who?

Beyond emails, what else is the political debate about?

I sometime wonder how I got stuck on this mad planet with nutty people, do you?

Sometimes, I just desire that crazy Americans for Trump got their wish with a President Trump.

Donald Trump is clueless about actually what he will do!

The con man may finally sell the medicine that cures all illnesses.

If you want to make a million, just advertise to Trump supporters the cure all elixir of health.

The Trump Plan To Make America Great Again

This intrepid reporter has been able to gain access to Trump plans to make America great again.

1. End all taxes on anyone earning over $250,000 a year. They, naturally, will then use their money to create fantastic high paying jobs. Still unclear if those jobs are for them or for us.

2. End the Affordable Care Act. This will spur creation of hundreds of new Emergency Rooms, think of all the construction jobs this will create!

3. Dispatch eleven million Hispanics back to Mexico. Consider the thousands of great paying jobs for the rest of us as ditch diggers, fruit pickers, and working in meat plants!

4. If Putin does not get out of Syria within 48 hours, just let him see the mushroom cloud outside of Moscow as a warning.

5. OH, President Trump intends to atomic bomb North Korea unless they begin purchasing his ties and wallets –made in Bangladesh. And, of course,they have to allow construction of a Trump Tower in Pyongyang.

6. New Supreme Court justices make abortion illegal.Think of the thousands and thousands of jobs this will create for those conducting illegal abortions!

7. You want a union to represent you? Great. Your employer in Trump America will get one for you.

8. New law passed by the Republican Congress, groping females by red headed over weight men is now legal.

9. It will be illegal to speak Spanish in public, but OK in your home.

10.Any veteran who at one point in his military career became a POW  will now be denied benefits, why reward losers?


We offer stories that no media outlet will publish because telling the  American people the truth is what the Establishment will never do!

Did you know that Chelsea Clinton is the love child of Hillary and Donald Trump?

Did you know that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are really the same person? Have you ever once seen them together?

Did you know that Rudy Giuliani is really a Muslim terrorist? How come he was the first on the streets on 9/11? He already knew of the attacks!

Did you know that Donald Trump has absolutely NO idea how to bring jobs back to America?But, the words sound GREAT!

Did you know that Eric Trump has secret connections to certain right wing groups?  I can not reveal the connections due to fear of death.

Did you know that Republicans don’t actually have a back-up health care plan after they end the Affordable Care Act?

Did you know that Bill Clinton and Megn Kelly were secret lovers, she has for years been a secret Clinton spy on Fox News!

Did you know that President Obama has already allowed hordes of Hispanic rapists and murderers to come to America. They are the voting frauds that Donald has been warning about.

ISIS spelled backward is SISI. SISI is the secret name the CIA has assigned to Hillary Clinton!