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As long as the war in Iraq continues, we shall present voices of American soldiers and discuss issues of concern to those compelled to risk their lives.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Take away the word,”great” and Donald Trump is reduced to silence.

If Donald Trump can really build a 500 mile wall for only $10 million, he certainly should be the new president.

Every time I hear Ted Cruz speak, the word,”sleaze” comes to mind.

We need a president who believes ALL lives matter.

So, what happened in New York to Bernie Sanders?

Gee, John Kasich is  in heaven, he came in second in New York.

Some day John Kasich will explain to me how A member of Congress is in charge of determining the national budget.

Ted Cruz Speaks

There is no question that last night Ted Cruz sort of had a supposed ad day in New York. So, we asked Ted if he would explain  to real Americans exactly what happened.

“Thanks, Fred. At least you are not one of those foul mouthed un-AmericanNew Yorkers who defend queers and Hispanic rapists. I  said it before and I will say it again that we white Christian God fearing decent Americans have nothing to dow with New York values. Just remember that I am a Texan, and I can fire a rifle because I am a Texan. OK, so I am aTexan who was born in Canada, but I sure was not born south of the border.

Donald Trump was bound to win in New York. He is a foul mouthed woman chasing lying son-of-s-bitch which makes him so popular in New York City. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Israel, I love Jews,but those people in New York who claim to be Jews are simply self-hating folks of the Jewish persuasion. You will note that I did not hang around in that Place and headed for Pennsylvania i search of Americans who love God, who believe a man should marry a woman and make use of their spare time to blast away at the rifle range. Want to touch my NRA button?

I am a graduate of the Harvard School of Law which makes me so much more intelligent than any red-haired skirt chasing Donald Trump. I am currently working  on a plan that will compel any Trump delegate to join my campaign. I am intelligent, I am smarter than any politician and I am ready to make sure that when we meet in Cleveland, Trump delegates will be voting for me! I am brilliant, my wife is brilliant, my children are brilliant and we can out brilliant the entireTrump clan!”

Catch The Muslim Terrorist!

After a few years of non-stop hysteria about Muslims and terrorists and be on guard because those Islamist terrorists are mighty clever. One must give Donald Trump and the other boys and girls who appeared on the stage in what was supposed to be a ‘debate’ some credit for creating hysteria and madness in our lovely land. From Hispanic ‘rapists’ to Muslims carrying suicide vests to close down the mosques, if one happens to be of the Muslim faith, beware every moment for another experience with madness.

Khairuideen Machzooni is a Muslim and he boarded a Southwest plane on a trip home. He decided to give an uncle who lived in Baghdad a call to let him know what was happening in his life. A woman became frightened and went to call the police. The soon arrived, detained the man who spoke in a funny language and saved the passengers from instant death. Southwest claims the entire incident arose because of “potentially threatening comments.”

Hi uncle, how’s  by you?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Ah, to be young and to believe the world can be perfect!

In American history the only time there is great change is when Congress is controlled by a liberal majority.

Some believe that by saying something, it results in doing something.

Death in the city is not proud.

My life  has taught me to go one step at  a time. Begin with success and it builds toward greater success.

ISIS IS being slowly pushed back in the Middle East.

Barack Obama has consistently NOT been the great communicator Continue reading

Trump VS Sanders

I had a dream last night in which it was October, 2016 and Donald Trump was facing Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders in a debate.

Bernie: “When I am elected president of this great country, every single young man and woman will have free college, and when they graduate each and every one of them will have a HIGH PAYING job that earns them at least $120,00  a year, oops, I think that I meant “a month.” Yes, and the cost of this will be paid by the millionaires and Wall Street bankers and even by YOU- Mr. Trump!”

Trump “Really, you white haired Socialist, Really, well, when I  cut a deal, and when Donald Trump cuts a deal with China, they not only return our millions and millions of jobs, but they even pay the wages of our folks, and, Bernie, that means no small check like  $120,000  a month but $150,000. Just remember Bernie, when Donald Trump cuts a deal it is a fantastic deal!”

Bernie: “Oh, yeah, just remember Donald that I was no born in Queens as you were, I am BROOKLYN born. Along with the high paying jobs, every American will get free health care, free child  care if  parents, and every senior will receive $5,000 a month in Social Security payment.Beat that one, Queens jerk!”

Donald: “Schmuck, and I do not mean any  offense to my wonderful Jewish friends, remember that I have a Jewish grandchild. No one, and I mean,no one can cut a deal like Donald Trump. Not only will every Senior get $10,000  a month  but each and every Senior citizen will have a free maid to handle cooking and cleaning and the cost will be paid by Mexico! Just remember that I am going to build a Great Wall, and that Wall will  create millions and millions of high paying jobs. And, guess who is paying for the Wall?”

At this point it got boring. So, I decided to have a Great Sleep.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


All leading candidates complain the system is rigged, but they are the leading candidates!

Gee nothing from Donald about Hispanic rapists the past few weeks. How come?

If Donald wants to shout about violent killers, just take on Chicago, the capital of murder.

Slowly, gradually, ISIS is retreating. That is the reason for attacks in Europe.

NO question–Ted Cruz could make a fortune in movies as the EVIL man.

Imagine a conversation between Jeb Bush and Ben Carson.

Anyway, now that baseball is here, each day there is a winner and a loser and no one complains the system is rigged.


We offer observations on the human condition from a  25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


No political candidate these days ever discusses the situation in Afghanistan. We still have thousands of soldiers in it.

I confess to being absolutely bored with the lack of any coherent discussion concerning the Middle East.

I wonder if there is another Earth out there in the universe which contains intelligent life forms?

Republicans rant and rave about ending relations with Iran over the nuclear accord while there is North Korea which IS working on a-bombs.

If Ted Cruz is the BEST alternative for Republicans, why not just close down this political party.

These days I really miss the intelligence of Rick Perry.

I think Republicans should book a circus to entertain people during their convention.

Then again, they already have booked a circus!


Obama On What Went Wrong

President Barack Obama gave an interview with Fox News and during the session revealed what was his worse mistake. He now regrets there was no after Gaddafi plan on how to handle Libya. He claims that European nations failed to complete the job by carrying through on plans for reconstruction of the nation. Fair enough. At least some president admits that he made a mistake. However, there are a few other mistakes Obama may have failed to remember.

1. Barack Obama has held fewer press conferences than any president in the past sixty years. He failed to take advantage of opportunities to get his ideas across to the American people.

2. At no point did President Obama explain the basic principles of the Affordable Care Act to the American people. None even received a simple clear document from the Social Security Administration. He allowed Fox News to set the scenario as to what was the Affordable Care Act.

3. At  no point did President Obama explain to the American people what was our foreign policy in the Middle East. In 1943, President Franklin Roosevelt asked every American to get a map of the Middle East and gave  a radio talk explaining our military strategy in the region.

4.It is clear that Barack Obama has never studied the American presidency nor learned from great American presidents how to function as a president.

Sorry, Mr. President, you never grasped how an American President is the Chief Educator of the nation.

President Bernie Sanders

OK, it is the day after an election for president in 2016, and, lo and behold the white haired guy from Vermont via Brooklyn is now the president of the United States of America. So, what now happens?

1. Bernie informs the Republican controlled House of Representatives that he wants higher taxes placed on those with wealth. They respond with a  laugh.

2. President Sanders has a discussion with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He informs them to withdraw all American units from the Middle East and cease bombing in Iraq and Syria. ISIS openly celebrates

3. President Sanders insists that he has the power to break up banks. The US Supreme Court in a 9-0 vote says there is no such right.

4. President Sanders informs young Americans they will have to wait a few years before there is free tuition at public colleges because he still has not gotten Congress to pass the surcharge on wealthy folks to pay for it.

President Sanders meets with his Cabinet and complains about what has happened to the good old days when he made speeches and young folks went will with joy.

OH, President Sanders makes a phone call to Hillary and asks for some advice on how to get a law passed.

Republicans On Foreign Policy

We have now been treated to several months of Republican candidates pontificating on how they would handle foreign policy. Let me sum up their “ideas.”

1. Bomb whatever is moving. Who the hell knows how or why bombing guys who are hiding will result in their deaths.

2. Restore the American military to what it once was. The US military  budget is nearly $60o billion. That is greater than the next six nations. Oh, we have 12 Carrier groups and the Chinese navy has ONE old aircraft carrier.

3. Ted insists that he even knows where the Middle East is, but the only one that he surpasses in knowledge is Donald Trump.

4. Let’s build a wall on our southern border. I assume that is an example of foreign policy.

5. Let’s NOT build a wall on our northern border. Gee, do you think terrorists might figure out it is OK to get in by the northern border?

6. Be tough with China. Whatever that means.

7. Fuck NATO. Now that is a great example of foreign policy.