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As long as the war in Iraq continues, we shall present voices of American soldiers and discuss issues of concern to those compelled to risk their lives.

Good Old Days?

The Republican party insists this nation must return to the “good old days” when real Americans were in charge of the country. You know, the period from 1890 to 1924 when twenty four million ( a million each year) came to America in search of riches and a life freed from daily brutality. In 1914 one out of four Americans was either an immigrant or the child of one. Yes, the good old days when those “furriers” spoke English and respected American culture by eating good old fashioned American foods such as spaghetti or bagels or tacos. Perhaps, the Tea Party wants to go further back into the Good Old Days when them furrin Catholics like the Irish arrived speaking a strange form of English, drinking themselves drunk with whiskey or perhaps they mean them furring Germans who brought beer and other such customs to the American scene. Arriving with Irish Catholics came the original urban slums and dirt and horse shit in the streets along with criminal gangs.

Of course, there were not any of our furrin Mooselems among these hordes of criminals and drunken bums, just good old American Catholics and drunks! We did not have Muslims among us, but we did have children working in coal mines, over a hundred thousand prostitutes in New York City and political bosses who persuaded poor folk to vote the “right” way. There has always been a group to be despised, always a group to pick up the shit most Americans would not touch. And, above all, there was always a new foreign born people to dig our ditches, die in our mines and beg on the streets of our city. THOSE were the GOOD OLDE DAYS OF OUR YOUTH

There has always been some group at the bottom, and, of course, some group at the top who enjoyed slandering the poor, who once were their parents. Stick around long enough, and there will be people to blame for your troubles!

Do Spy Agencies Really Protect Us?

After the end of World War II, the CIA was invented to replace the Office of Strategic Services(OSS) which operated as our spy agency during the war. Since that date following are examples in which the CIA or other spy … Continue reading


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “French President Splits With First Lady”

Which First Lady?

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Reject False Prophets”

Not if you are a member of the Republican party!

Australia, Sydney Morning Post: “Marlboro Man Dies Of Smoking”

But, he did die with his boots on.

Italy, Local: “Thieves Steal Pope John Paul’s Blood”

They were simply trying out for a role in The Walking Dead.

US, NY Post: “Billy Nye Defends Evolution”

Wow, this is one daring man!

UK,Guardian: “Putin Cosy With Snow Leopard”

How about the snow leopard getting cozy with Putin?

Russia, Moscow Times: “Sochi Ready For Some, Not Others”

I have a hunch the “not others” are the athletes.


If you thought the fiasco which led to the death of America’s ambassador to Libya at Benghazi, just wait until you read this report. Once again, failure of the Obama administration to protect those sent into dangerous situations has led to the capture of an important American fighting man. There was a fire fight in Afghanistan and either President Obama or Secretary of State John Kerry ordered our troops to flee the battlefield and leave a comrade all alone to be captured. Hillary Clinton had Benghazi and now John Kerry will be questioned as to why US forces abandon Americans so they can be brutalized and killed by the enemy. This is Benghazi five times more powerful.

The Taliban has released pictures of the captive. It is a Belgian Malinois dog who holds the rank of colonel in the United States army. The dog looks confused, who wouldn’t look a bit confused if left to be captured by the Taliban? Dancing around the dog are well armed members of the Taliban who are shouting: “Allah gave victory to the mujadhideen.” They also shout hate toward American spies!

My questions:

Why did John Kerry allow this capture?
What was President Obama doing when this dog was captured? On another political trip to get money?
Where was Hillary Clinton during this capture? Why didn’t she provide more troops in Afghanistan to prevent capture of our dogs?
When will Congressional investigating committees get going on this serious matter of American pride??

US Repeats Mistakes In Iraq

As I recall, former President George Bush was happy when the famous “surge” in Iraq led by General David Petraeus “defeated insurgents” and restored peace and prosperity to the people of Iraq. After all, from day one of the Bush initiated invasion of Iraq prevailing wisdom was all one needed was a powerful armed force and terrorists would be driven into surrender. Almost a decade later, there are still terrorists in Iraq and they are growing more powerful than ever before. Why? Mr. Maliki was elected as Prime Minister and, instead of reaching out to the Sunni minority in Iraq, he initiated a campaign of terror against its leaders. Instead of focusing on economic development and offering the people of Iraq and honest and efficient government, all they received was the same old conflict over the spoils of office.

Iraq needs more than ever a government which comprises those of all political beliefs.(Just check with Tunisia which just has created such a government). Step two is ensuring that Sunni leaders possess power in government. Step three is allowing loyal Sunni leaders to create fighting groups which will clear out terrorists who belong to the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant(ISIL).

So, how does the Obama administration respond? The US will provide new Boeing made Apache attack helicopters, hundreds more Lockheed Martin Hellfire missiles and fifty new Drones. The US did NOT receive any guarantee from the Maliki government that in exchange for these weapons of war, it would work for compromises and create a government that represents the entire Iraqi population.

Shades of George Bush!!

Iraq Failures Continue

Republicans in Congress like John McCain utter words of complaint because President Obama refused to allow the presence of American troops in Iraq and this is the reason for renewed violence in that country. At this moment, Iraqi soldiers, along with police and armed members of tribes are battling in the streets of Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province. The Iraq army i=has enough common sense not to enter the city of Fallujah which is in the control of Sunni groups that have allied with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants who have seized control of many areas of Iraq. Why? Shiite Prime Minister Maliki began a systematic program of anti-Sunni actions including charging Sunni leaders who were working with him to be secret enemies of the country. He refused, as prior agreed, to allow Sunnis to become equal partners in the armed forces. In face of these actions which threatened the existence of Sunnis in Iraq, they have turned towered cooperation with Islamic fundamentalists.

The problem is the government of Maliki which failed to build a religious alliance in which those of all religions would cooperate, obtain equal access to jobs, and equal opportunities to practice their religion. Actually, of the 900,000 Christians who lived in religious peace while Saddam was the ruler, only 400,000 are still in Iraq under the supposed democratic government of Maliki.

Sorry, Senator McCain, the fault is not Obama, it is that of Maliki!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local: “Man Offers Burglar Coffee”

How come no Danish as well?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Can Rob Ford Save Toronto”

Definitely, by leaving.

China, China Daily: “More Chinese Travel Overseas”

If you want some freedom, where else?

France, Connexion: “102 year Old Sets Record”

For me, at 83 the record I want is seducing twenty year olds!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Gurgle Don’t Guzzle”

Oh, just spit it out!

USA, NY Post: “We’re Not Extreme Right”

No, modern Republicans are to the right of the right.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Thief Caught With 450 Pairs Of Shoes”

If you try to figure out which to use, of course, you will be caught!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Holidays have lost historic meaning in modern America.

Some reach deep into purse.

The numbers we desire for the lottery are usually a day too late.

Better to pay later, why now?

Wise adage: “It’s only money.”

Ah, to be at the birth of something new.

Cherish the moment, it only lasts a moment.

My main allegiance is to the truth.

Always leave the compromise door open.

In the end, we are not who we are not.

Children invent ways to climb onto chairs.

Ii wonder what Gods talk about when together?

Never underestimate the stupidity of athletes who went to college.

Some eat daintily, I do not.

I would pay higher taxes for higher security.

Many seek what can never be found.

I am a Dreamer who is a Realist.

Agony Of Barack Obama

I have been able to hear or see State of Union presentations for over 75 years. On Tuesday night, President Obama came before Congress. He talked and talked as an audience sat quietly listening to words that few actually ever believed would result in action, if the word, “action” relates in any manner to new legislation. It is quite clear the Republican party has committed itself to a program of sabotage of any legislation that does not result in greater wealth and power to the wealthy. It is quite clear that Barack Obama has lost connection with members of the Democratic party and they simply do not regard him as a leader who will move the party and nation forward. So, what went wrong?

The problem began on election night of 2008. Barack Obama had a model as to how to confront a nation which had a collapsed economy and millions headed for unemployment–March, 1933 with the swearing in of Franklin D. Roosevelt as president. Instead of studying and adapting the famous 100 Days of FDR, Obama, for some strange and mysterious reason, selected Ronald Reagan as his model!! The FDR model was centered on two basic ideas: Banks, Wall Street and the wealthy were responsible for the Depression. Period. Secondly, the IMMEDIATE ISSUE WAS-PROVIDING JOBS FOR PEOPLE. Obama did NOT have his 100 days of action even though Democrats controlled both House and Senate. Instead, he ignored the job issue( Between March, 1933 and August, 1933, FDR provided work for FOUR MILLION JOBLESS PEOPLE).

FDR’s assistant was Harry Hopkins, a former social worker. As Hopkins once told an administrator who said the task could be handled next week, “people eat today, not next week.” Obama surrounded himself with Wall Street types like Geithner and Summers, there was no Hopkins to focus on needs of those without work who needed aid NOW.

Franklin Roosevelt was adored by those without work, Obama is regarded by those without work as not caring and only concerned with his relations with Wall Street. True or not, that is his image among those without work. FDR held news conferences three times a week, he got the message out about his concern, Barack Obama does not like press conferences and never has gotten the message out about his concern for those without work.

During the 100 days, there were laws to provide 1,000,000 young men work with the CCC so they could gain some money as well as pride rebuilding our forests. There were laws to provide jobs to men and women who build schools and hospitals and rebuilt ports as well as new airports. People had their faith restored in self. There was no Obama legislation to provide financial assistance to young people faced with huge student loan debts although hundreds of billions were available to save banks and General Motors.

In other words, Obama failed from day one to get across the image of a leader determined to help people NOW. Instead he pushed for health insurance, an important idea, but one that could have been initiated two years later. He failed to lead. He failed to communicate. He failed to pay attention to what mattered the most–JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!!

Now, few regard him as a leader who is concerned with the needs of those without. What is more ironic than a president who wanted to help those without now regarded as a leader who is only concerned with himself and his image??

Chairman Mitt On Vladimir Putin

Mitt Romney ran for president and Mitt Romney lost the contest. I assume that qualifies him to be an expert on world affairs. In a television interview Mr. Romney provided his interpretation regarding world leaders. It is his conclusion that Russia pseudo dictator, Vladmir Putin is among the most successful figures in the world. “I think most observers of the international political scene suggest that Russia has elevated itself in stature and America has been diminished.” Putin has out performed President Obama”time and time again on the world stage.” `This is a rather interesting interpretation of what is occurring on t he world political scene. OK, Mitt, let’s examine the record:

1. There are riots and virtual civil war in the Ukraine because Putin pressured Ukrainian President Yanukovych to reject the European Union.
2. Over 100,000 people in Syria have been murdered and two million are refugees due to arms supplied President Assad by Mr. Putin.
3. Putin’s anti gay and lesbian policies have made him the object of ridicule throughout the world.
4. Putin’s policies in the Caucasus have created havoc and created thousands of terrorists who now impact nations in the world.
5. Many athletes attending the winter Olympic games are terrified for their lives due to Putin actions.

Who exactly holds Vladimir Putin in “high stature?” Oh, Assad in Syria and the Iranian government of former President Ahmadinejad. Leaders in the European Union hold him in contempt!

Yes, President Obama has committed blunders. But, then again, he did end the war in Iraq and is attempting to get American soldiers out of Afghanistan. Mitt, they were there due to actions by former President Bush who made America an object of ridicule in the world.

I assume if Mitt was alive in the 1930s he would regard Adolf Hitler as possessing “stature” in the world.