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As long as the war in Iraq continues, we shall present voices of American soldiers and discuss issues of concern to those compelled to risk their lives.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Not a single person seeking the presidency has explained their foreign policy-in detail!

A Trump/Palin ticket will sweep the idiot population of America.

For some reason, Sarah did not discuss her hunting prowess in Iowa. I wonder why?

At moments when Donald is listening to people like Sarah Palin he comes across as a little boy awaiting winning the great prize.

Barack Obama will not leave a legacy  of being a great educator for America.

There are moments when I feel great sorrow for Ben Carson, he looks so lost.

Is Carly Fiorina still alive?


Bad Days For ISIS

Republican candidates for President have created this great monster, this all powerful force known as ISIS which threatens the very foundation of America’s existence as a nation. How 30,000 en lacing armored vehicles, planes, ships, and heavy artillery can destroy the United States of America is among the great mysteries of modern times. Yes, ISIS agents can kill a few dozen people in shoot-outs that result in the death of ISIS fighters. This type of attack creates danger for people in a particular area, but will NOT result in the end of America.

An ISIS statement to its forces: “Because of  the exceptional  circumstances   that the Islamic State is  passing through, a decision was taken to cut the salaries of the mujahedeen in half. No one will be exempt from this decision.”

In other words, bombing attacks and ground operations are slowly impacting the fighting ability of ISIS. So much for the end of America!

The inhabitants of Israel have increasingly assumed a defensive position when anyone dares to question policies toward Palestinians. If one makes ANY comment concerning treatment of Palestinians or failures on the part of Israel to work toward peace in their relations with Palestinians, the only comment that comes from the Israel  government is: ANTI-SEMITISM.

US Ambassador Daniel Shapiro was attending a conference called by the Institute for National Security in Tel Avid when he said some very, very bad things.  He questioned whether of not Israel wanted to work toward creation of  two states, one being Israel and the other being Palestine.  He complained: “too much  vigilantism goes unchecked,  and at times there seems to be  two standards, one for Israelis and one for  Palestinians.” He questioned whether or not the current Israel government was committed to seeking peace for all?

God Bless Donald Trump

Once again while the Obama administration was trying to figure out how to handle Iran, our beloved leader and sage, Donald Trump beat him to the draw. Yes, Iran has agreed to exchange people held in prison, and guess who was the man who made this happen? No, it was not John Kerry. No, it was not Barack Obama, Yes, it was Donald Trump!

“I have been going wild for years about the prisoners(in Iran). I call them ‘hostages’. So, I have been hitting them hard.  I might have had something  to do with it(exchange of the  prisoners) if you want to know the truth.” Somewhere in Iran some religious leaders at this moment are on their knees praying that Donald Trump will not come after them. Thank God they did his bidding and released the four prisoners.

I trust Ted Cruz is  paying attention how a REAL LEADER functions in dealing with them Muslim terrorists!

Democratic Debate

There was a debate on Sunday night between Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and the other guy, the one from Maryland. Much  like Republican debates the Democrats were united on key issues, wealth inequality, health care, jobs, infrastructure, women and black and Hispanic people. Oh, the difference was that Republicans love wealth inequality, hate health care, see no reason to build highways,  or bridges or other such construction since it would cost money. Oh, and they think women, and blacks, and Hispanics have got it made.

Bernie wants to create a government run health insurance program such as is found in most civilized nations. Hillary is for it but prefers to improve the Affordable Care Act and the other guy agrees with both of them. Reality check, it is doubtful if Republicans will lose control of both houses of Congress and will be around for more years to block any meaningful change in American society. The bottom line is too many Americans hate –POLITICS. Of course, it is POLITICS  which daily impacts their lives, but they so do hate POLITICS.

Oh yeah, there was a debate but I never could figure out how Bernie and Hillary and the other guy really differed on anything.

US –Get Ready To Bomb And Bomb

The ongoing mantra of Republican presidential candidates is lets have a  bombing party one day after the next.  Ted wants to carpet bomb the desert, and Donald has a Great Plan to bomb the hell out of ISIS who hide in cities. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter made clear that Drones are going to enter the campaign against ISIS so you Muslim bad people better learn to duck.  “We will begin by collapsing ISIS control over both cities(Raqqa and Mosul) and then engage in  elinimation operations.”

In other words, identify a city where ISIS is fighting, send in the planes, then send in the drones, and wipe out the bad people. Unfortunately, in the  end some boots on the ground will really have to do the work of wiping out ISIS. Now, exactly who are those boots on the ground? They certainly are not American boots!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I wonder how a President Donald Trump would handle armed guys taking over Federal property.

There are thousands of Americans of Latin American heritage in our armed forces and not a single one is named–Ted Cruz.

Republicans so want to fight someone –with someone else’s boys.

Is Jeb Bush still in the race for the Republican nomination?

It’s Tuesday and somewhere in Chicago some innocent child will die today.

We need El Chapo to be handed the job of cleaning up the Middle East of terrorists.

A meeting mad in hell–President Trump with President Putin!

Saudi Arabia And Iran Conflict

Iran is a Shiite Muslim nation of over eighty million people which has an army of at least one million, Saudi Arabia is a Sunni Muslim nation of about twenty-nine million people and an army of about  200,000. Iran’s armed force has fought in major wars against Iraq, while Saudi Arabia’s army has never fought against any group other than some guerrilla forces. So, what does Saudi Arabia do– murder forty seven men by hanging or cutting off heads, including an imam whose worst crime was to peacefully urge changes in the policies of the Saudi Arabian government.

The end result of riots in Tehran against the Saudi legation or bombing in Yemen by the Saudi air force which has never once in its existence fought against planes from another nation, bomb away at Shiite fighters in Yemen. Each side is now engaged in a  war of words. Each claims to be the leader of Muslim nations in the Middle East. In the end, neither wants to have a war so they each will assist in the deaths of innocent non-Iranian, and non-Saudi Muslims in the Middle east.

The Great war of Words has begun!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Strange silence from Trump about those Mexican rapists.

I have a hunch that Rand Paul would  appreciate not having to spend three hours listening to his fellow Republican idiots.

One must admit that Mike Huckabee THINKS he has God on his side.

I am  surprised that Ben Carson did not visit Oregon to check on those refugees seeking to overthrow the US government.

I would love to be the fly on the wall listening to a conversation between Trump, Putin and Kim Jong-un.

I really wonder what Barack Obama is thinking these days.

Alas Jeb Bush, we knew yee well.

Iraq Remains Iraq

Once upon a time there was a country known as Iraq. It was not ruled by a fairy King, but by a cruel, horrible man named Saddam Hussein. This ruler kept the house in good order, say a nasty thing about him and welcome to the torture chamber. But, there was one thing he could do–maintain law and his order. Today,something called, ‘democracy’ has arrived in Iraq and along with this wonderful idea has come disorder and mayhem in areas such as Basra.

Basra is in the south, and while the nation pays attention to ISIS in the north no one apparently cares about the south. Shiite gang militias roam the streets, robbing, kidnapping for ransom and demanding payoffs from innocent citizens. Tribes seek to outdo other tribes in this mass thievery while people lock their doors at night and hope no one knocks on them. During the past four months here have been 1,200 killings. I guess southern Iraq is a version of Chicago these days!