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As long as the war in Iraq continues, we shall present voices of American soldiers and discuss issues of concern to those compelled to risk their lives.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26  year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Huma Abedin married an idiot, and now the idiot determines American history.

The Weiner sickness has made America sick with fear.

When whites kill cops, no one blames whites, why?

The Cubs did it, is this hope for Trump?

OH, well, Cub fans just have to endure another 108  years for another World Series victory!

I’m a New York Knick fan, for us it has been 42 years in the wilderness of defeat.

Black folk better get to the polls or black folks will suffer under a Trump presidency.

The real question is how or why did we Americans get ourselves into this madness of a possible Trump presidency?

Real madness in Chicago, so far, over 600 shooting deaths!

Donald And KKK

Donald Trump has the support of many Jews in America. Heck, his daughter, Ivanka has even become a Jew. But, for some strange reason, the Trump guy seems to rack up even more support from every white racist anti-semitic group in America. The Ku Klux Klan newspaper, ‘The Crusader’ came out with a vigorous statement endorsing the man from New York as their favorite guy of all time. Pastor Thomas Robb, who most probably has never had a Jewish friend in his life, finally found a man with a Jewish daughter that he could support  for president.

According to the pastor, “America was great not because of what our fathers did, but because of who our fathers were. America was founded as a white Christian Republic. And, our white Christian Republic became great.” OH, Donald FINALLY decided to officially denounce the support of the KKK. But, the question remains, why does the KKK support Donald Trump??


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


James Comey is the new Republican propaganda machine.

So, the wieney of Wiener changed this election.

Republicans who derided Trump are now supporting him, guess why?

Spend a moment reflecting on President Trump with his hand on nuclear  weapons!

Who would have believed that emails decided who became president??

Republicans have become the party of prejudice, hate, and anger.

At  least white supremacists are now happy, one of their own might become president.

Who would have believed that Jews would be voting for a man who gets support from anti-semites!

Anthony Wiener On Wieners

Since the most important American in our lives has created the most important disaster in our lives, I decided to check with Anthony Wiener about life and his plans

M: So, how does it Anthony, sent any emails recently?

W. Fred, before I allow any  male to interview me, they have to pass the Wiener test.

M: So, what is the Wiener test?

W: Well, you have to jerk off so we can compare who has the biggest prick of all. OK, Fred, get going, good, oh, sorry, you just are not the prick I am.

M: So, Anthony, what about those emails to little girls?

W: Fred, I am on the Internet, just poking around to meet some chicks so I can show off the wiener in action, and along comes some neat chick. How the hell do I know if she is twelve or fifteen or even, sixteen?

M: Valid point, Anthony, so what about this Comey guy?

W: Fred, jealous is the word that describes this Comey guy. He just can’t get it up so he decided to get me down. I can out wiener him any hour or day or night  of the  year, pure jealousy.

M: Do you feel sorry for the mess that is aiding Trump? Any regrets?

W: Regrets about what? My wife left me, the Clinton broad is out to get me, even Bill will not respond to my emails about a prick contest. I’m the victim, not Hillary nor my wife, just another attempt to reduce my power in life.

M: Well, good luck in the email contest that has America glued to the media.

W: Now, if I could only reveal the real Anthony Wiener, I would be the winner pricks down!

Donald Will Shake Up Washington

Donald Trump continues to promise that if elected he will ‘shake up Washington.” For some reason, neither Donald nor his surrogates ever get around to explain how or why he will shake up Washington. There are references to corruption and doing things the ‘old way’ which assumes Trump will do things the new way. Anyway, if the Donald man does become president, you can expect the following:

1. A conservative Supreme Court will reverse Roe vs Wade and women no longer will have control over their bodies.

2. Any  law seeking to protect our environment will be declared illegal.

3.  Nothing will be done to assist students in dealing with their student loan mess.

4. Each child at birth will be given a gun to play with in the crib.

5. The top five percent will no longer control 40% of the wealth, more like 50%.

6. Eleven million ‘bad hombres’ will be sent South.

Allow your mind to run wild, and you can figure out the rest of this shake up!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


I wonder if FBI head James Comey wants to build a great wall to keep out the Hispanics.

It was a quiet Halloween without kids asking for candy. Wonder why?

As a  child of the Depression, we sure never got ANY candy on Halloween!

Republican seen shouting about USA and then about ‘Jew S A.” Anti-semites just love Donald Trump, wonder why?

Never can figure out how  or why some Jews love Donald Trump.

I wonder what ONE day of peace in this world would be like?

I seriously doubt if Jesus Christ would be welcomed at Trump rallies, the guy loved ALL and just wanted peace.


On Classified Documents

The FBI has arrested Harold Thomas Martin III, a contractor who has worked for over a decade for the US government, on charges that he stole over five million top secret classified documents that pertain to our national security. As of this moment, there has not been a single word from Donald Trump about this alleged threat to our national security. Oh well, he only stole FIVE MILLION CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS, and, then again, his name is not Hillary Clinton. I do not have a doubt that these so-called ‘classified documents’  had no secrets that threatened our national security. Can anyone name a single incident in which any of those ‘CLASSIFIED’ documents played a role in our national security?

I was cleared for NATO TOP SECRET while working at 7th Army headquarters in Germany in 1952-1953. I, literally, read hundreds of Top Secret classified documents, and, for the life of me, do not recall any SECRET that I actually came across. OH, I did discover that if the Russians attacked, my headquarters would be hit with atomic bombs. WOW, what a secret to discover! I believe that over two million people have Top Secret clearance. I have no doubt there are other Harold Martin III type folks out there. In reality, Top Secret is placed on thousands of documents that do not contain any secret about our national security.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


THE issue of American politics is the sex emails of Anthony Wiener.

Hillary Clinton should have fired her friend who, unfortunately, was married to Anthony Wiener.

Donald Trump can not talk without waving those small, small, hands.

I gather there are Christians who believe Donald Trump is the new Jesus Christ. JESUS CHRIST!

Once upon a time the Hatch Act was passed to prevent government officials from interfering in political campaigns.

HATE is the main campaign issue for Trump supporters.

Just once, just once, I would so love to know what are the Great Economic ideas of Donald Trump.

Have not heard much  lately about the GREAT WALL.

What Is At Stake?

There is no question this is among the most momentous presidential elections in our history. So, what is at stake?

1. Donald Trump is a dangerous person to be in charge of nuclear weapons. The president has the power to send nuclear bombs into other parts of the world. Does anyone with the slightest concern about the future of this world want this nut case in charge of nuclear weapons?

2. Donald Trump would lower taxes on the wealthy, most probably double our national debt, and issue in wild stock market fluctuations that could result in another massive drop in the stock market.

3. Donald Trump would end the important drive to save our planet from climate change. This would impact future generations forever, yes, forever!

4. Donald Trump would NOT create jobs. We  EXPORT over three BILLION dollars worth of goods, any tariff war would impact those exports, and those jobs.

5. Donald Trump would pack the Supreme Court with justices who would end women rights to control their bodies.

6. The Trump Supreme Court would allow restrictions in voting aimed at Hispanics and black Americans.

7. Donald Trump  has NO plan to deal with the Middle East. Just further chaos when the chaos is now being handled.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


I await how low Republicans can go int this election.

What ever happened to the hordes of Hispanic rapists pouring over the border?

Fact, 40% of new start up companies in Silicon Valley founded by IMMIGRANTS!

Watch out! Donald is sending Melania into bat for him!

Ted Cruz is being Ted Cruz warning Republicans will block ALL Justice nominations.

What was life like before Selfies arrived on this planet?

I await Donald sending in his ten year old grandson to explain his policies.

These are not the best of days for America.