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As long as the war in Iraq continues, we shall present voices of American soldiers and discuss issues of concern to those compelled to risk their lives.

Ted Cruz-New Beloved Hero?

The so-called Republican Establishment has reached the bottom of the barrel and now must cling to the ideas of Ted Cruz as their salvation from the Donald Trump heroics. The current hero is an individual whose ideas include:

1. Ending the IRS and replacing it with post cards. Of course, we assume each and every American will just tell the truth about their income.

2. Carpet bomb terrorists in Syria. How or why is an interesting question? I assume Ted believes ISIS will stand up and watch themselves get bombed.

3. Patrol Muslim neighborhoods. Oh, the believer in Original Intent of our Founding Fathers certainly believed in this concept.

4. This is the man Lindsay Graham once said lacked a single US Senator as his friend.

5. This is the candidate that Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio derided for his nutty ideas.

6. This is a man who wants abortion made a crime.

7. This is a candidate who wants to deport 12,000,000 people!

Besides these minor  issues, Ted stands strong when compared to the Donald man.

Ah Nature, The Future, That Is

I do understand that recent  political discussions in America among the leading thinkers of the Republican party have revolved around IMPORTANT issues such as which wife is prettier or who pushed who to the ground. But, it appears to me there just might, just might, be some reference to this thing called global warming. A recent UN study was discussed by Dr. Robert de Conto of the University of Massachusetts.  He noted there is a significant increase in melting of the Antarctic. Of course, asking Republicans to turn away from the key issues facing humankind such as Second Amendment rights, does shift discussion from minor things such as global warming.

Dr. de Coto puts it this way: “This doubling could spell disaster for many low-lying cities. The bad news is that in the business-as-usual high emissions scenario, we wind up with very, very high estimates  of the  contribution of Antartica to sea-level rises.”

Ah, these dooms-day critics who want attention diverted from the need for cutting taxes and creating jobs. After all, if the sea rises, consider the new jobs that will be created!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


From George Washington to Donald Trump disproves the concept of evolution.

At one Republican debate I expect a real good food fight.

Anderson Cooper had no right to term Trump’s comment that of a five year old, it definitely was that of a four year old.

The real mystery of life is why so many guys and gals want to blow themselves up and go to heaven. It’s the END of life, guys.

Am I the only one who  has never seen a Kardashian?

Just a few more days to baseball where there always is a winner and a loser.

Strange, no one these days ever mentions, Afghanistan.

Teddie Is Upset

The children had another opportunity to come together in the playground and it was not a pleasant day for little Teddie. He was making a nice big mud pie when Donnie came over and kicked it so that Teddie became upset. He just does not understand why Donnie is always destroying whatever he creates in the playground. And, even worse, Donnie is always yelling and calling the other children bad, bad names. Sometimes, little John tries to calm the other kids but Donnie is just too big, too brash and will never calm down.

Little Anderson Cooper asked Donnie some questions about  his behavior and Donnie said in a  loud voice: “Teddie started the fight, he is the one who began the fight.” Anderson told Donnie, “that sounds like a five year old comment.” Now this really upset Donnie even though Teddie was crying and asking for his mom to come and take care of him. Donnie insisted that Teddie was the one who began the fight and he should say that he was sorry.

As I left the playground, Teddie was still crying and Donnie was still yelling the other kids began the fight. Little John was speaking loud insisting that he was the best mud pie maker and just check out how many mud pies he made in Ohio!

Handling The Refugee Crisis

After months of haggling and horrific pictures of dead drowned children, members of the European Union have finally developed a “Plan.” According to agreements with Turkey, the EU will accept about 72,000 refugees currently trapped in Turkey. The EU will provide Turkey with at least $3 billion in order to provide temporary living areas for the two or three million refugees that have been unable to reach an EU nation and seek to be admitted as a seeker for asylum. This so-called “plan’ is simply akin to shifting the chairs on the Titanic just before she crashed into an iceberg.

The reality is there can not be a resolution to the refugee problem until the war in Syria has ended,and people feel assured they can return home to their past lives without being subjected to death and poverty. This means:

1. President Assad has to depart according to a specific schedule. This is not negotiable –even if it means he retains power for a year or so.

2. Arab nations within the region must come together as part of an army that is committed to wiping out every militant force in Syria. The US and Russia can provide the air power.

3. The issue is NOT democracy–it is stability so that people can lead normal lives. Most probably, they will not be living in democratic societies for at least a decade.

4, Any  policy requires COMPROMISE. Again, THE issue is -stability and normality.

Ted Cruz On Muslim Terrorists

There is no doubt that most politically correct Democrats want to be nice to American terrorist Muslims. Ted Cruz stands as among the most vigilant political leaders in this nation who is alert to the danger posed by American Muslim terrorists. “We have to be very vigilant as to who we let in this country. We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.”

Last night Ted was asked how many Muslims there are in America. His response, “I really don’t know.” Let me get this straight, Ted is concerned about American Muslims but lacks any clue as to how many there are in America. Oh, and he could not identify any “Muslim neighborhoods” for the simple reason, few Muslims in America live in a neighborhood that is overwhelmingly Muslim!

Ted, have you given some thought to Portuguese terrorists? Check them out! And, some live in Portuguese neighborhoods.

Trump, The Non-Job Creator

Every so often the complete ignorance of Donal Trump comes to the fore. He recently complained that America “spend billions of dollar on Saudi Arabia and they have nothing but money, and I say, why?”Donald,you are partially correct in your comment. Saudi Arabia Does have billions of dollars. But, when you say “spend,”there is a slight problem. We do NOT SPEND money on Saudi Arabia, we SELL PRODUCTS TO SAUDI ARABIA–especially military equipment which results in thousands of jobs for AMERICANS!

Donald, selling products to other nations is a job creator. OK, I must admit those products wind up in the hands of Muslims! The good news is that Saudis use the planes and bombs to kill Muslims, the bad news is that all too often they wind up killing thousands of innocent Muslims which leads to more terrorists. As you well know, Donald, nothing in this world is perfect. Ooops, I forgot you–the exception to the rule of life.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


If Ted Cruz is the Republican ‘hope’ what next, resurrect David Duke?

I would so love to  hear what the Bush clan says these days in their homes.

John Kasich just keeps running on and on –but to what destiny?

So, for American Republicans, the two best candidates you can deliver are Cruz and Trump?

Anyway, it is March and I can get mad about a basketball team.

In Chicago each month fifty people are murdered by Christian terrorists.

Oh, and the streets are patrolled by cops!


Ted Is Jus Ted

Each morning Ted Cruz gazes at daily newspapers or checks out Fox News and CNN for stories about Muslims doing something that is not kosher. Some thrive on the beauty of life, while Ted hungers for death and destruction so he can carry out his boyhood dreams of moving around toy soldiers with real human soldiers. Ted is one of our modern gun-ho fighters for freedom who prefer doing their fighting on TV or in a speech in Texas.

So, Ted wants to check out ALL Muslim communities in this nation. “We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.” Well, Ted, here in Chicago we have law enforcement on patrol in neighborhoods which contain real radical Jihadists.They are native born Americans who murder —each month– at least 50 people. And, the killers are nice Christians. Ted, for some strange reason the patrols wind up having MORE people die.

I sure would like an explanation as to how you will secure these neighborhoods, Actually, the overwhelming number of Muslim communities in America have LOW crime rates and few jihadists. Of course, the real jihadists in America are those who support Ted Cruz.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I wonder if Donald Trump would be so upset at Megyn Kelly if  she had dark hair?

March Madness always winds up with madness when some unknown team wins in the last second.

Baseball dreams of March end up with baseball nightmares of September.

I REALLY miss the calm nonsense of Ben Carson.

I do NOT miss the shrillness of Carly Fiorina.

I hear there is an opening for a shoe shine spot at Grand Central Station that Chris Christie should grab.

Say,whatever happened to Rick Perry, is he still in Texas?

Jeb, Jeb, we sure wish these days you were hiding behind a bush and ready to pounce on Donald Trump