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As long as the war in Iraq continues, we shall present voices of American soldiers and discuss issues of concern to those compelled to risk their lives.

El Chapo And Hollywood Star

Among the most incredible rags to riches stories this year is that of Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman. Imagine a poor Mexican boy who grew up to murder a few thousand people, escape from prison time after time and has now gain the attraction of Hollywood stars such as Sean Penn. He was interviewed by Sean Penn as part of a potential movie based on his life.  El Chapo spoke from the heart about problems confronting an honest crook who simply wanted to be loved by one and all.

“I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world.  I have a fleet of submarines,  airplanes, trucks, and boats.” As he notes, if not for idiot nations making drugs illegal, this poor tike would be out of business. How about:

Contracting the ISIS job to El Chapo? At least it would be in the hands of a man who always keeps his word, and never defaults on a contract!

Oh, and he is a God fearing Christian to boot!

Oh Dem God Fearing Americans!

Latest news out of Oregon is that a bunch of strange looking dudes carrying weapons are wandering around  Haney County and threatening to overthrow the American government. The so called Militia Men are demanding that the American government turn over a few million acres of land to some guys or it will be lights out for the black dude in the White House. NO,NO, these are not them damn MUSLIMS, but real, genuine, red-blooded guys who claim  they simply want to do what our Founding Fathers did when they rebelled against the tyrannical English government.

David Ward, Sheriff of Haney County has sent his wife out of town after she was followed by these God loving man, and threatened and had the tires of her car slit. Ward says he receives death threats. Now, if those threats came from them MUSLIMS, he would not be afraid, but they are from God-fearing hate-loving lunatics who love the NRA more than they love the United States of America!

The Ted Cruz Question

We listened intently to Donald Trump discuss the mysterious questions as to whether or not Ted Cruz is a bona fide real American or some Canuck trying to pass himself off as a descendant of OUR Founding Fathers. It went something like this:

“Now, I’m not the person who is asking questions about Ted Cruz. Gee, I love that guy like I love my own daughter. Now, don’t get me wrong, I would sure love to screw my daughter, but Ted, after all, he is a guy not a gal. But,everywhere I go these days people ask me about Ted and if he really is an American. All I know is that his father was a Canadian citizen when he was born and Ted insisted until few years ago that he was a Canadian. So, the talk around America is how come we Republicans should send some foreigner to the White House? Now, I’m not saying that I agree with those folks who keep on asking about Ted, you know,that I love Ted like my own son. But, folks really are asking. Just think, if we nominate Ted and he winds up not being termed a “natural born citizen” like the Founding Fathers insisted, then Hillary will wind up being the  president.”

Let’s Ignore The Law

There are moments when one is left baffled by those who are candidates for the presidency of the United States of America. They engage in non-stop complaints that President Obama refuses to adhere to the Constitution while praising a group of nut cases in Oregon who seized FEDERAL PROPERTY in defiance of the law. Under the Obama administration twice the number of illegal immigrants from Mexico have been returned to that land than was accomplished under the administration of President George Bush — but who REFUSES to guard our borders and fails to adhere to laws about immigration–Barack Obama!

The Republican defiance of law and order is a disease that is sweeping the country.  Alabama Chief Justice  Roy Moore has ordered probate judges in the state to refuse issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Most judges  prefer to obey the Supreme Court which has created some problems for Moore. They’re’s a great confusion out there as to what orders to obey. I’m not causing the confusion. I’m trying to clarify it.”

How did this person become  judge??

P.S.  I do not have a  doubt if Donald Trump became president that Judge Moore would be headed to the Supreme Court!

The Real Terrorist

The American people are worried about Muslim terrorists who pose a threat to “our way of life.” Since 9/11 fewer than 50 Americans have been killed in the United States by those deemed to be “terrorists.” Actually, each month in the city of Chicago more people are killed by local terrorists than Muslim terrorists have killed since 2001. However, over in Asia there is a real terrorist who has missiles, and claims to have atomic and hydrogen bombs, but none of the Republican presidential candidates are worried about him.

Kim Jong-un, the pudgy guy with weird hair now claims to have tested a hydrogen bomb, and his people are working on placing a nuclear device on a missile that might reach the US. So, who do Republicans claim is the greatest threat to our way of life–IRAN! We do live in strange times when a nation that does not have any nuclear weapons and has agreed not to build them is the greatest threat to our way of life while a nation which DOES possess missiles and is working on nuclear devices is ignored!

Saudi Arabia Vs Iran

There is a battle for power going on in the Middle East between Iran and Saudi Arabia that is more critical to US interests than all the terrorists in the area. Iran is the most important Shiite power and it is challenging Saudi Arabia which is the center of conservative Sunnis. Newly installed King Salman has changed Saudi attitudes and is using its air force to bomb away. But, more importantly, he continues the Wahabbi religious fanaticism which fuels terrorists throughout the region.

These are some possibilities in the Middle East:

1. Saudi Arabia is hit by powerful terrorist groups causing turmoil within the country.

2. Iran clerics finally get the message their best goal is an alliance with the United States to combat Wahabbi fanatics.

3. Both nations financially and militarily support terrorism causing increasing destabilization of the Middle East.

Bernie Goes After Wall Street

There is scant doubt that Hillary Clinton will be the nominee of the Democratic Party this November, but Bernie Sanders is assisting her if she has the intelligence to follow his lead. Bernie came out swinging at Wall Street, something Hillary must do. “Greed, fraud, dishonesty,and arrogance, these are the words that best describe the reality of Wall Street today. Greed is not good, the fact the greed of Wall Street and corporate America is destroying the fabric of our nation.”

Bernie is proposing that within 100 days after assuming office he will identify  banks, shadow banks and insurance companies that are too big to fail without a government bailout and break them up under provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Are you listening Hillary??

Again The Gun Battles

I am 85 years old. I was raised at a time in America when most places in this land had strict gun control laws. I was raised in an America in which the Supreme Court supported the government’s right to restrict who could obtain a weapon that shoots bullets. Somewhere along the way of my life came Supreme Courts which concluded the Second Amendment which referred to “Militias” really meant individuals. The rest is history. Since 9/11 over 350,000 Americans have died as a result of guns, and of those who died, about 50 were killed by Muslims.

President Obama once again urged Americans to support his new effort to restrict the right of those who are  mentally ill from obtaining a gun. Naturally, this has aroused the anger of Republicans seeking public office. Once again the cries that HE IS TAKING AWAY OUR GUNS! Yes, indeed, he would like to take guns away from criminals, from the mentally ill, and even from Muslim terrorists. There were tears in the eyes of President Obama because he knew making sense about guns is the most certain way to be termed a Dictator.

He still does not accept the principal that our Gun Dictators go by the name of the NRA.

To My Heroes In Oregon

After many years wandering in the political wilderness that is American politics, I finally have met some brave men who deserve the support of the American people–the guys in Oregon who stand for freedom! After all, how many guys would occupy an empty building in the wilderness of Oregon and set up headquarters in order to protect our land. This land is My Land, and this Land will be protected by God-fearing Christian gentlemen.

These are men ready  to freeze their balls off in order to prove they have balls. These are intrepid soldiers who set up camp without bringing along clothes for the winter or enough food to eat. Talk about bravery! Here are my suggestions on how those who love liberty and freedom in America can support those who live in zero degree places arguing for zero degree ideas:

1. These guys should build a wall, and I mean, a HIGH wall in order to keep out Muslim terrorists or Obama agents of death.

2. These guys should set fire to the forest and show the GOVERNMENT that if they mess with OUR land, we will simply use fire to transform it into a desert.

3. We urge one and all who support the Second Amendment to head to Oregon and remain there until the Obama Nazis leave Washington D.C.

4. Lets create a new America and it begins in Oregon and in this America no Muslims or colored folk or LIBERALS are allowed to partake of our land of the free and home of the brave.

5. Just think, first we got a piece of Oregon, and next we will get a piece of downtown Los Angeles where those Muslims live– if they want to behead folks, we will make certain that Muslim heads are rolling.

No More Obama–NO More Liberals–NO more rag heads–NO more females who display their breasts– NO More Atheists–

Just God fearing Americans!

P.S. If one of you illegals tries to cross our border, we will introduce you tot eh American way of hanging.

Trump New Year Resolutions

After a long discussion with Donald Trump we are pleased to reveal his New Year Resolutions:

1. I will no longer discuss female toilet breaks.

2. I will send socks and heavy underwear to the brave men in Oregon who defend America from dudes from Africa.

3.I will do whatever it takes to retain Ben Carson as a candidate, as long as he is around, people think I make sense!

4. I will finally find out where the hell this Syria place is.

5. I intend to set up my presidential headquarters in an abandoned hotel in Atlantic City.

6.I will convert to Judaism and marry a nice Jewish girl– its votes, man!

7. I will begin construction of the famous Wall on the border with Mexico.

8. Perhaps I need to star in a new Star Wars film with me as Captain America who saves planet Earth.

9.  I promise to reveal the famous PLAN the day after I am elected.

10. I intend to challenge Bill Clinton to a fucking contest, the last guy  standing who can shoot from the penis, wins.