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As long as the war in Iraq continues, we shall present voices of American soldiers and discuss issues of concern to those compelled to risk their lives.

Benghazi Forever–And A Day

There is no doubt the Republican party this election will focus upon THE most important issue confronting our nation–BENGHAZI. Two relatives of men who died in Benghazi will institute a court case against Hillary Clinton. Frankly,I have long since lost track as to the number of investigations, or the money spent to discover who was responsible for the deaths of four people.

Let me return you to October, 1983 in Beirut,Lebanon. Islamic terrorists sent trucks crashing through a Marine installation in Beirut. This attack led to the death, not of four, but of  TWO HUNDRED-FORTY-ONE MARINES. Technically speaking the Commander in chief of out armed forces in the President of the United States. So, what happened?

1.  Not  a single Democratic Congressman blamed President Reagan for the deaths of 241 Marines.There were no investigations, no partisan attacks on the Republican party.

2. The Beirut tragedy never lived on.

3. In other words, when 241 Americans died, no political leader in America used their deaths for political purposes. The fault was in failure of officers on the scene to have the necessary  precautions.

The Secretary of State, technically has over 120 Embassies over which she allegedly supervises. Officers on the spot are responsible for safety, not the Secretary of State.






No More Death Taxes

I realize that Donald Trump has gotten tied down responding to reactions to some of his comments. So, it was wonderful to learn that Donald Trump has come out with a program that will reduce taxes on each and every person who works for a living. He has some  out to end the Death Tax that we Americans pay on our estate when  we die. As Donald notes: “American workers have paid taxes their entire life. They shouldn’t be taxed again when they die.”

God, do I love this man who cares so much about the health and welfare of working men and women.Of course, as of this moment, under the existing tax  people pay on their estate when they die, $99.8% do not pay any tax  since their estate is too low. But, Donald, as always is concerned about the one percent. Hillary Clinton could not give a damn about the millionaires who spend their lives creating jobs. Under the Trump plan, the top 1% will only save $25 billion a year. Now, what the heck can anyone do with an extra $25  billion?

I have to vote for the man who always  looks out for the needs of our top 1% of wealthy folks. OK, so this tax plan would save the Trump estate a few billion or so. So what?

When Is Enough For McCain?

I rarely have agreed with any political ideas of John McCain, but I always respected his service to the nation, and his fight for veterans. Of course, HIS party’s candidate continually attacks McCain for failure to be concerned about veteran rights, which should get our attention since this complaint comes from a  guy who got four draft deferments during the Vietnam war, and spent his time fucking broads while soldiers were getting the fuck blasted out of them.

A group of veterans came to the  office of Senator McCain. Former Marine, Alexander McCoy, raised some issues.  “Donald Trump’s reckless ignorance about America’s responsibility to the world shocks me to the core. I have heard enough. Senator McCain, you served and sacrificed, you have heard enough to!”

I regret to say, John McCain will not have heard enough unless defeated in the primary. Silence is sad when it comes from McCain!

Donald On Cabinet

Many mock Donald Trump for failure to conduct himself in a presidential manner. He was asked by Angela Davis as to who he would place in his Cabinet. Donald responded: “There are so many different ones  to choose. I can tell you everybody would say, ‘place Ivanka in it. Put Ivanka in it. You know that!” I assume there are other noteworthy people  he is considering:

Sarah Palin: Who else but Sarah could be the Secretary of the Interior than a fast shooting person who loves the outdoors?

There is always Chris Christie as Attorney General, he has experience dealing with the law.

Anyone of the Kardashians can handle the job of Secretary of Commerce, they know a lot about making money.

Newt Gingrich could be Secretary of Education, he knows a lot about how to marry women and educate children.

Donald Trump Jr. can handle the job of Secretary of State, he knows how to negotiate with dad.

Rudy Giuliani is perfect for Secretary of Defense, he already saved America after 9/11.



We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Why is it that Republicans who never served in the armed forces are now the super patriots?

Donald Trump wants to punch out guys, but during the Vietnam war, he sure did not want to punch out any Communist Viet Cong guys.

Saudi Arabia, our  ally, chops off heads, but we never say a word about those executions.

Clint Eastwood is a Hollywood  tough guy, but never fought anyone in war time.

The Internet created these non-stop emails about donating money, but none that donate money to you.

It is Friday, so who did Donald insult today?

The concept of an “apology” is  no longer used in the modern political world.

Football has returned, and so have our dreams of Super Bowls.

Flight Of Republicans

Just about every day one Republican or another declares their inability to support the candidacy of Donald Trump. Meg Whitman, the Republican candidate for governor in California and executive at Hewlett Packard said she would not only refuse to support Trump, but would vote for Hillary Clinton. Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger served with the armed forces in Iraq,, and made clear: Donald Trump for me is beginning to cross a lot of red lines of the unforgettable in politics. ”

He can no longer support a candidate who “throws put all Republican principles. I am an American before I am a Republican.” I wonder when John McCain will utter such words of patriotism since we know he IS a patriot!

Tough Guy Clint Eastwood Speaks!

As anyone who  has been alive for the past half century knows, Clint Eastwood is one tough guy. He has been a two gun shooting cowboy, he has been Dirty Harry, the fastest gun in the police force, and he has single-handedly won most wars. So, when Clint speaks, we should listen. On Donald Trump:

“He said a  lot of dumb things, so have all of them. Both sides. But, everybody–the press and everybody says, “oh well, that’s racist, and they’re making a big hoodoo  over it. Just fucking shut up. It’s a sad time in history. We have a pussy generation.”


Clint Eastwood was born on May 31, 1930.

I was born on August 31, 1930.

Clint Eastwood was drafted into the US Army.

I joined the US Army.

Clint Eastwood spent the Korean war as a swimming instructor at Fort Ord, in California.

I volunteered for front line combat.

Clint, if you were so fucking brave, how come you never volunteered to actually fight in a real war!!

P.S.Your fucking hero, Donald Trump got five deferments during the  Vietnam war!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


The real issue in America is whether Rudy  Giuliani or Donald Trump has the biggest ego?

I still await the Bush family announcing it will vote for Hillary Clinton.

To obtain a Purple Heart requires: one is in the Armed forces, one is in a combat zone, and one is wounded. For some reason, Florida is not a combat zone.

Donald Trump has gone from ignorance to stupidity.

Hillary Clinton should simply say, “I made a mistake.”

Some Sanders supporters would vote for Hitler because he is simply “another one of those politicians.”

The real problem in America is not Donald Trump, it is those who want him to be president.

One must admit that Donald Trump is loved by his children.

Katrina Pierson On Life

I had never heard of Katrina Pierson until the past few months when this person   began to appear on CNN. She is designated as a “Spokesperson” for the great Donald Trump. Ms. Pierson always refers to Donald Trump as “Mister Trump” in order to prove that Mister Trump is someone important. If Mister Trump makes one of his daily idiotic remarks, then Ms. Pierson will explain the how and why of it. The other night Ms. Pierson explained the death of Captain Khan in order to prove that this tragedy, that occurred in 2004, was the fault of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. He died because President Obama and Hillary Clinton “changed the rules of engagement.”

So, let me ge this straight. In 2004, George Bush was president, but somehow, Senator Obama and Senator Clinton had the power to alter how the United States military functioned in Iraq. If Senator Hillary Clinton could order the US military to alter its rules of engagement, then she certainly deserves be president of the United States of America. This is one fantastic person!

Intervention For Trump

There is now growing evidence that leading Republicans will hold an Intervention for Donald Trump in order to get him  back on message. Or, more accurately, offering a  coherent message. Following are those who will assist the Republican candidate:

Sarah Palin: Donald, you just come across as too fat. How about some shots with me blasting away at deer? Or, we can show pictures of you skinning a wolf. Then again,  sure winner is you and I having a shooting contest. You don’t have to worry, I will miss the target by a mile. I was also thinking about  an arm wrestling contest between you and me. Women would go wild if I beat you, and you gave me a hug. See, it will show you as a considerate, caring male.”

Rudy Giuliani: Donald,I am the man who really “Saved America.” From now on you have to role play me with  my boasts and displays of pseudo toughness. From now on, begin each speech with: “I am endorsed by Rudy Giuliani,the man who saved America after 9/11! Rudy has promised to head our Armed forces after I become president. You want action, just wait until those atomic bombs destroy ISIS along with the entire nation of Syria!”

Newt Gingrich: “Donald, let’s be honest, when it comes to boasting and leaving wives, you don’t compare to me. First, we have to go after Hillary the right way. I will arrange for a man to come forward who claims to have fucked Hillary while Bill was working in the Oval office. I then will arrange for a women to claim that she is the wife of Hillary, and display a marriage certificate from Mexico. This will keep Hillary answering questions, which means no more attacks on you!”