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As long as the war in Iraq continues, we shall present voices of American soldiers and discuss issues of concern to those compelled to risk their lives.

Bernie Fell Down!

Little Bernie went out to play and somehow fell down and broke his crown. Bernie was playing with his toys when some nasty little girl swept in and took them all away! Bernie is a poor little boy whose folks don’t have much money, but that Hillary girl comes from some wealthy family and they are able to buy  up  all the toys so poor little boys have none to play with. And, just when Bernie was ready to  kick in the winning goal in the soccer game, this nasty little girl hit him in the groin and he fell down in pain.

Well, Bernie, put on some bandages and still wants to complete the game regardless of whether the bad little girl has scored more points. Oh gee whiz, imagine  having the game end, and the nasty rich girl wins the game! That’s just not fair! The fairy tale ALWAYS ends  with the poor little boy hitting the home run with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Are you guys telling Bernie that he is NOT Prince Charming!!

Republican Logic

During the past few nights I have heard several Republican apologists for Donald Trump explain their concept of logic and reason.

Donald Trump says a judge is a “Mexican” and not qualified to judge his law case.


Donald has promised to build a WALL, a great wall which will prevent Mexicans from entering America. Judge Curiel has relatives in Mexico so he is angry. How can he be an impartial judge. Once a Mexican, always a Mexican–ask any Mexican if what I just wrote is not right.

Liberals regard saying, “Mexican” is an insult. If this judge was so  proud of his heritage, why the heck does he take the Trump statement as an insult? The problem is not Trump, it is a judge lacking respect for his heritage.

Liberal bias is the problem. They insist everyone must “respect” other people, but they have NO respect for Republican principles! They have no respect for someone who calls Mexican rapists criminals even though most Mexicans call them criminals. So, who is the bigot?

To liberals it is OK to demonize Donald Trump because he speaks the truth, but if God forbid, anyone attacks those who hate blacks or Hispanics, they have no First Amendment free speech rights!

Hillary Blasts Away

Hillary Clinton is just beginning to demonstrate that she is ready to take on the Donald man. OK, so she may not be as able to deal with the white haired guy who does shout and scream, but when it comes to the red headed guy, Ms. Hillary is raring to go. “Donald Trump’s ideas are not just different, they’re dangerously incoherent. They’re not really ideas, just a series of rants, personal feuds, and outright lies. He should not  have the nuclear codes because he it’s very easy to imagine Donald Trump leading us into war.”

Now, wait a second.

1. If Donald Trump had the nuclear codes he would be able to swing a deal, a great deal for them. How about the nuclear codes for some wonderful beachfront areas in Saudi Arabia?

2. Personal feuds? OK, so Donald is willing to take on anyone. How about Donald challenging ISIS leaders to a poker game, winner take all?

3. Rant? I would so love to see Donald engaged in an insult game with Vladimir Putin, the winner takes the other guy’s nation.

4. Incoherent? Of course, this is the genius of Donald Trump. Speak complete gibberish and you totally confuse ISIS and al Qaeda because they have no idea what you are talking about or what you will do. Now, this is pure genius!

5. Donald will build a wall, a great wall. This will keep Hispanics working and they will not be out raping!

Join The Trump Bandwagon

It was simply a matter of time before just about every key Republican who once regarded Donald Trump as the embodiment of stupidity and ignorance has now come around to praising the vulgar man from New York. Paul Ryan has been playing the Hamlet game for weeks insisting that he has yet to make up his mind. But, alas, it became clear that most Republicans were headed into the Trump camp, and, if by some miracle, Donald actually became president, he would take revenge on any who dared to oppose his nomination.

So, the new Ryan: “I feel comfortable he would  help  us turn the ideas in his agenda into laws that would help improve people’s lives. That’s why I’ll be voting for him this fall.”

In 1933, Ryan would have said about Adolf Hitler: “I feel comfortable he would help us turn the ideas in his agenda into law that would help improve people’s lives. That’s why I’ll be voting for him this fall.And, let me assure my Jewish constituents, that some of his best friends are Jews.”

So, What Went Wrong?

It  is several days prior to the California primary and most evidence is the result is still up in the air. So, what went wrong with Hillary’s campaign?

1. She has run as a candidate of the 1990s.

2. She hesitated coming out strong for the fight against Wall Street.

3. She portrays herself as the candidate for women–Hillary, half the voters are MEN!

4. She never began with a concrete program to address the needs of youth, particularly, college students.

5. She continue to do stupid things like the emails.

6. Hillary has a solid program at a time when people want dreams promised.

7. Hillary has a tendency to shout when a quiet tone would be more presidential.

8. Bill is always around when she needs to separate herself from Bill.

9. Like President Obama, Hillary NEVER explains our policy in the Middle East.

10. Hillary being Hillary for twenty years.




We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year  old mind.


Give credit to Mitt Romney for refusing to kiss the ass of Donald Trump.

The saddest commentary is the acceptance of Trump by John McCain even though Donald insulted all POWS.

When will Hillary place the nation before her desire to become president?

Sorry, but old fashioned patriotism is no longer in practice by those who claim to be “leaders.”

These days those who shout the loudest are considered to be real leaders.

Somewhere in this promised land the sun is shining bright and people are happy and proud to be Americans.

These days the cowards and draft dodgers shout the loudest for war!

Attack ISIS In Iraq

As you recall or do not recall, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and other stalwart leaders of the Republican party have been promising to “carpet bomb” ISIS and wipe them out. Of course, General Trump, you know, the tough talking guy who is ready and willing at any time to punch out someone, has told one and all that once he becomes president it is the end of ISIS. After all, this is one tough guy.

Of course,during the past six months, Iraq, and Kurdish troops in Iraq have slowly but  steadily driven back ISIS. Please do not tell the Republican party but ISIS already has lost about forty percent of areas it  once controlled. There is now a major push in which Kurds peshmerga forces are finally working with Iraq Shiite troops to drive out ISIS. It will not be a sudden victory, but they are Finally going into coordinated action against ISIS!

Israel Jews On Muslims

During my east European Conservative Jewish childhood it was constantly impressed upon my mind that we Jews are God’s “Chosen People.” I assumed this meant that as a Jew it was impossible for me to hate groups of people or treat them with disrespect. Why else would God select me as one of his Chosen People? He certainly did not want me to behave like the rest of humankind which can never cease murdering and mistreating those who are different.

Recent polls in Israel reveal some interesting views held by the Chosen People of that land:
1. Half of Israel Jews do not want Arab teachers working with their Jewish children.

2. 82% of Orthodox Jews prefer a Christian to a Muslim teacher.

3. 48% of Orthodox Jews would like to expel Muslim from Israel.

4. 64% say Arabs should leave Israel, but they are willing to give them some compensation for their property. Now,that’s a mighty nice Christian sentiment!

True Story Of Vince Foster

On July 20, 1993, shortly after the Clinton regime grabbed power in Washington D.C. a man was found shot to death next to a cannon in Washington D.C. The man’s name was Vice Foster, an alleged childhood friend of Bill Clinton. Naturally the Clinton gang immediately claimed the death was a suicide. However, this reporter intends to present the TRUE story of this –MURDER!

Fact One: The day previously, Vice Foster was seen secretly exiting the office of Hillary Clinton. Why the SECRET departure?

Fact Two: It is now well known that Hillary Clinton was having a secret affair with a well-known red headed New York businessman.

Fact Three: It is now established that Vince Foster saw Hillary and her red headed lover in a restaurant on 22nd street. Hillary caught a glimpse of Vince as he tried to quickly depart.

Fact Four: Vice Foster was a happy man, a man with a good job, and, allegedly, in the midst of this happiness, this nice, decent man suddenly decided to kill himself!!

Fact Five: The only question is WHO ordered the murder of Vince Foster? Was is liar, liar, Hillary, or Bill-trying-to-untangle-his-love=affairs? Or, was it the mysterious red headed man?

Thank God America now has a Blunt Speaking Bull-Shit candidate who wants to get to the bottom of this MURDER!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


In American politics, repeat a lie and eventually, due to social media, it becomes a truth.

Bernie Sanders wants to become the 2016 Ralph Nader.

Donald fervently believes, all one has to do, is say something, and the Tooth Fairy makes it come true.

Bill Clinton has lost his voice, some age early in life.

Me, at age 86,can out shout Bill any day in the year!

Some days, I sit quietly, and reflect on the wise words of Ben Carson.

These days any plane crash, or ANY crash, is the result of ISIS!