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As long as the war in Iraq continues, we shall present voices of American soldiers and discuss issues of concern to those compelled to risk their lives.

Just Another Day In Iraq

The good news from Iraq these days is that one knows the day before what will be the news from Iraq tomorrow. A majority of people in Iraq are Shiites and a minority are Sunni Muslims. Under Saddam Hussein, the Sunnis ran Iraq. Now, that he is gone, Shiites are making up for lost time with discrimination against Sunnis, including arresting Sunni political leaders. So, one can daily expect the following:

Yesterday in Baghdad, 67 dead and 87 wounded in a Shiite marketplace. Later in the day, a suicide bomber wearing a vest blew himself up and murdered 17 Shiites and wounded a few dozen. We can expect tomorrow that suicide bomber will blow himself up in a Sunni marketplace area.

And, so on, and so on, and so on. Will this madness ever end?

So, Whose To Blame?

I believe there is a group in the Republican party who claim to be “moderates.” The entire Bush family, dear old Mitt Romney, and guys like Lindsay Graham or Don Rumsfeld or Dick Cheney are presently casting themselves as leaders of the “moderate” wing of the Republican party. They finally, yes, finally, are upset at  Republican who makes outrageous comments concerning Obama or Hispanics or Muslims or even Wall Street Bankers, and so this group is gathering together in order to “save” the Republican party.

Of course, the real question is–save the Republican party from whom? Donald Trump  has merely been shouting the same words spoken in a  softer tone by every Republican over the past 12 years. Republicans have turned down every offer to create a health care system, and when Obama created one  based on REPUBLICAN ideas, they shouted to heaven–SOCIALISM! Republicans denounced “Big Government” even while expanding Big Government into Bigger Government. They have shouted that only cutting taxes could save America from the evil of taxing those with wealth who are the job CREATORS. Donald Trump has turned their  own words around and gained millions of supporters. Donald ?Trump is the creation of “MODERATE” Republicans!

If one creates a Frankenstein,  beware when he strides around.

Sarah Palin Can Say It!

It would be difficult to discover in the entire history of American presidential campaigns a more incompetent idiot than Sarah Palin. I suspect that John McCain will go to his grave wondering how the heck he ever thought for a moment that she was qualified for anything other than a speaking voice on some TV program about killing bears? Sarah is now angry at both McCain and Paul Ryan for daring to make negative remarks about the great Donald Trump.  She now promises to do “whatever I can for anyone who opposes Paul Ryan in the primary process.

She also is supporting the primary opponent of John McCain. Does this idiot understand how much money he gave her by making the idiot a member of his presidential ticket? Unfortunately, for McCain, about 30% of his state  population are Hispanics and they will be voting for his opponent–if he makes it through the primary.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I wonder if Donald would hump Carly Fiorina?

Modern times– forest fires in Canada just forced 80,000 to evacuate an entire city!

Hillary – ask Bernie to run with you!

Donald Trump is the logical result of 8 years of Republican obstruction in Congress.

I wonder what ISIS leaders think about the American presidential election?

So, how come the EU is breaking up while the new American colonies agreed to come together?

Miracle in Chicago –the Cubs headed for a World Series win for the first time in a hundred years?


Paul Ryan Got Concerns

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives though it was OK to have George Bush as president, he thought it was OK to have Mitt Romney run for president, but for some strange reason, he just is not sold on Donald Trump. When asked if he would support the Donald man, Paul  responded: I’m just not ready to do that at this point.” Well, when someone speaks with disdain about the Donald man, he should expect to get a come back. “I’m not ready to support the Ryan’s agenda. Perhaps in the future we can  come to an agreement about what is best for the American people. They have been treated so badly for so long.”

Perhaps, Paul Ryan can learn from Chris Christie and get on his knees and lick  the Donald man’s boots. Donald is willing to cooperate with any Republican who is read to be his valet and finally do  something for the wealthy American people who have been treated so badly for so long.









Trump Plays ISIS Card

There are moments these days when I wonder if the entire ISIS creation was a Republican plan to help its party win an election. After the debacle of Iraq and the failures in Afghanistan, Republicans simply had to find some way to come across as having any idea how to deal with the Middle East. So, what else could they do but hire a few thousand extras to play Islamic bad guys? Now, they can blame    Islamic terrorism on something that happened during the Obama watch.

Donald Trump continues insisting that  he has a PLAN to wipe our ISIS. We do know that he has a PLAN. What we didn’t know is the plan is simply to cease paying those extras who are playing being Muslim terrorists to pack up and go home. Oh, I forgot. First Donald is going to place the  biggest carpet  all  over the Middle East and call it “Carpet  Bombing” and emerge as  great, great military commander. Folks, there is NO ISIS, it is simply a group of Arab actors playing at pretend chopping off heads.

Ah Ted, We knew Thee Well

Ted had some words to say to the American people after his wonderful loving feast with the people of Indiana.

“I was the best debater at Princeton and now I will venture out into the new world of post primaries. I do love everyone in Indiana, I love my wife Heidi, I love my two darling daughters who have been part of the great adventure for the past seven months. I want everyone to remember Ronald Reagan, the man who ended the Soviet Union, I want everyone to remember Ronald Reagan who made us once again a Great Nation. I love the Constitution, and have worked so hard the past seven months protecting the Constitution from the illegal immigrant from Kenya who wants to destroy it.

I know more about the Constitution than anyone who has been running for president, I went to Princeton, and Donald went to some second rate college. Frankly, I am a bit disappointed that Republicans selected a sexual philanderer and bully and loud mouth jerk over a  Princeton intellectual who knows more than anyone about the Constitution. So, what now for the most intelligent person in the Republican Party? I do know that Donald has insulted my wife, he has insulted my  father, but I am a Princeton man and am ready to forget the past and stand side by side with Donald as his running mate come November! And, Donald, remember that I am an immigrant, I love Israel, and I am an Hispanic!”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85  year old body.


A great opener for the Republican convention is a good old fashioned food fight between Donald and Ted. John can be the referee.

I just do not believe ANY of the Founding Fathers would support any candidate today.

Heidi Cruz says Ted is an immigrant but she never said from which country.

My TV went dead on me, just another example of Chinese and Hispanics taking things from we God fearing Americans.

After listening to college graduates running for president, I am left wondering exactly what is being taught in college?

Do you ever wonder what John Kasich really thinks about anything?

How about substituting political conventions for a beauty pageant  and having candidates display their bodies? Makes a lot more sense than displaying their minds.

Iran Moves To Left

A fundamental belief of Republicans who desire money from Sheldon Adelson is that Israel can do no wrong and Iran can do no right. There were run-offs in Iran as a follow up to the recent legislative elections. Iran moderates who support the nuclear agreement with America and other nations, gained many seats in these elections. They won 38 of 68 contested seats and now hold 143 of the 298 seats. However, there is an independent bloc whose votes will enable moderates to gain a majority over hard right anti-change conservatives.

Logically, those seeking change in Iran should welcome this development but Sheldon only gives millions to those who hate Iran. Change is occurring within Iran. It is moving slowly, but it is moving.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I think Republicans need Rudy Giuliani to save America just as he single-handedly did on 9/11.

Cruz and Fiorina– a match made in heaven!

In all honesty, Bernie left Brooklyn but Brooklyn never left Bernie.

Donald prefers being Donald to presidential.

A miracle that will never occur is a day of peace in Syria.

Republicans never explain what “Making America Great Again” means,great in which respect?

It becomes increasingly clear the only purpose of Republican primaries is to  help some folks sell their books.

At age 85, I somehow missed the meaning or purpose of the Kardashian age.

These days I have come to conclude that Hell is being forced to sit before a TV set listening to the Republican debates for ETERNITY!

My great regret this year is that Elizabeth Warren did not seek the presidency.

Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn has identified the greatest threat confronting America– the Government wants to regulate our ceiling fans!

First they came for our health care, then they came for our light bulbs, then they came for our ceiling fans, and next, no doubt, is regulation of our toilet seats!!