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As long as the war in Iraq continues, we shall present voices of American soldiers and discuss issues of concern to those compelled to risk their lives.

The Plane That Blew Up

As you recall, last year the pro-Russian Ukrainians shot down a passenger plane and insisted the plane just sort of broke up in the air. Well,two days ago a Russian plane flying from Egypt somehow broke up in mid-air and came crashing to the ground with 222 passengers. ISIS now insists that it was the one responsible for the tragedy. Perhaps, they are piggy backing on a tragedy, perhaps, they were responsible, what are the implications?

1. Just about every group in the Middle East now has weapons,not necessarily to create mass destruction,but they sure as heck can shoot down planes.

2. Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu insists a firm fist will crush the spirit of Palestinians. Sorry, Bibi, it is simply a matter of time before just about any Palestinian group can gain possession of such weapons and shoot down Israel passenger planes. NO strong fist can prevent soft fists from gaining control of weapons to down planes.

3. We are entering a new era in which such weapons can appear in any nation and be used for destructive purposes.

4. Peace is the ONLY solution to this potential nightmare.

Republican Debate Rules

The dozen or so folks who make up what constitutes the Republican “debate”are very angry at the questions posed to them. Donald Trump was furious at questions posed by the Fox News crew and now is even angrier at those other guys from those other networks. In an effort to be fair and impartial we offer some guidelines for future questioning.

1. Each participant must initially be given the following question: “Why is Hillary Clinton a danger to America?”

2. The follow up question which should be posed to Ben Carson is: “Explain to the American people why life under slavery was much happier than life under Obamacare?”

3. The Donald man must always be given the center position. After all, he IS the center of attention.

4. Carly, being a woman, or at least, pretending to be one, should be asked: “Given your prominence in the fight for women rights, why is electing Hillary a triumph for those who hate women?”

5. Marco Rubio should be allowed to answer at least one question in Spanish with Jeb translating for him into English.

6. Please allow John Kasich at least ten minutes to complain how he got stuck with this crew of idiots.

7. As for Jeb, why not allow his brother to stand in for him?

8. Oh, Chris Christie should be allowed to discuss bridges.

Republican Debate– Ted Cruz

“OK, those out in the audience, just to get you prepared for the Storm Troopers that a President Hillary Clinton will use to establish a dictatorship– there is a fire in this place, run for your damn lives! Look, I don’t give a damn about government, politics, all I give a damn about is ME and my desire to become President. So, how does one get power in a democracy– very easy and every demagogue has used this ploy since this nation was founded. Cry ‘WOLF, WOLF” at the top of your lungs till everybody is scared shitless.

So, what are my ideas about government? Simple: eliminate each and every government body in this nation, and when I say, EACH that means from local government to Washington D.C. Yes,my friends, I am the only honest voice on this stage. We need some chaos to get things calmed down and the Koch Brothers running the country. I will not be satisfied until the Pledge of Allegiance says: “I pledge allegiance to the Koch brothers and promise not to allow them to be taxed. So,guys, do I come across as the most loyal person to the Koch brothers dynasty??”

Syria Always Syria

Today is October 28, 2015 and we are only able to report that it was NOT all quiet on the Syrian front. Russian planes blasted away at villages that had previously not been dramatically impacted by the civil war causing thousands to flee and you can guess where they are headed. ISIS blew up some ancient columns while making certain about a dozen prisoners were part of the blast. President Assad returned from his visit to Moscow,but there is no evidence he got President Putin to provide Russian troops to aid in his battle.

President Obama confirmed that after spending $500,000,000 to train moderate Muslim warriors we did succeed in forming a battle force of five men. After all, no plan is perfect. Syrians can only find peace and a little bit of quiet if they head for Greece or Hungary or some place where there are no planes blasting away.

Another day in Syria. Nothing was quiet on the Western Front.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I would so love to have listened in when Ben Carson spoke to a patient interested in an abortion.

The nearest person to become president to Ben Carson was Millard Fillmore. He wanted to end immigration of CATHOLICS!

So, what will Jeb say to Donald at the debate this week?

Say, whatever happened to Carly Fiorina?

I wonder if Republicans can bring back, Herman Cain, after all, he has black skin.

We now know the last words breathed by a Republican on his death bed–BENGHAZI!

I await Fox News sponsoring a debate on the most important issue facing America–BENGHAZI!

Finally, An Apology

Once upon a time, Tony Blair was prime minister of England. He was also the close friend of a man from Texas whose name was George Bush. Well, one day, the President of the United States told his buddy in England there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in a place known as Iraq.Well,Tony Blair asked members of British intelligence if this report was valid. Naturally, they said there was not a shred of evidence that Saddam had any such weapons. So, what did Tony Blair do” Naturally, he sent British troops to join in the invasion of something that did not exist.

Unlike the United States, the British government set up the Chilcot Inquiry to find out what did happen as the Iraq war began. A few days before the report has been issued, Tony decided to beat them to the punch. “I also apologize for some of the mistakes in planning and, certainly our mistake of what would happen as you removed the Saddam regime.”

After the apology,Tony could not hold back his final observation: Getting rid of Saddam in 2003 “had no responsibility for the situation in 2015.” I guess one out of two is not a bad average.

Trump—Carson Ticket?

We are almost up to November and the two leading Republicans are Donald Trump and Ben Carson. If you combine their votes it would result in two men who almost have enough to secure the nominations for President and Vice President. Think about it–Trump and Carson leading our nation. Wow. What a combination of talent, talk, and trivia.Examine their strengths.

1. Donald can out talk anyone.

2. When Carson talks one must listen intently since his voice is low.

3. Donald has plans.

4. Carson has no plans which might be good for the nation.

5. Both want to end taxes. Fantastic. We now have a nation without money for its government. Wow!

6. Since Donald is going to single-handedly end the war in Syria there is a possibility of him getting killed. That would enable the most ignorant man who ever ran for president to take over. Wow!

7. Once both are in office, each and every American will be issued a gun. From the time one is five years old, each American citizen will have a gun to protect him or herself. Wow!

8. Then again, when a killer is trapped by police, all they have to do is contact Vice President Carson who will run to the scene and lead a charge to get the killer. Wow!

9.Imagine the exodus to Canada with these two in charge. Wow!

Let’s Investigate

The Republican Party wants to have investigations. Well, let me suggest some topics that would lend themselves to an investigation.

1. Mitt Romney once tied his dog to the top of the car. I believe we must investigate how to prevent such cruelty to dogs.

2. Republicans have spent twenty million dollars and eight investigations on Benghazi. How about investigating the 1985 Hezbollah bombing in Beirut that resulted in the death of TWO HUNDRED FIFTY AMERICAN SOLDIERS! Of course, we can not recall President Reagan to explain why he ALLOWED this to occur.

3. Well, we could always go back to the Watergate investigation. It NEVER got eight investigations. Only ONE.

4. Shouldn’t we find out why Benedict Arnold turned traitor during the American Revolution?

5. As I recall, four thousand Americans have died as a result of the invasion of Iraq. How about an investigation to prevent such tragedies?

6. Carly Fiorina was fired as head of Hewlett Packard. I want to investigate WHY!

7. As of this point there has not been an investigation of the Benghazi investigations!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local: “It Makes Sense”

Eight investigations of the same topic.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Hypocrites Everywhere”

Certainly on the Republican debate stage.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Nursing Cuts Hurt Hospital””

They sure do bleed the nurses.

UK,Guardian: “Carson Heads Trump”

Not in bullshit!

USA, NY Post: “Purpose Of Tests”

To make money for test making companies?

The Benghazi Epic: Scene 25

There is scant doubt that Republicans are deeply concerned about the death of Americans. There is no doubt the seventh or eighth or whatever number of investigations into the death of FOUR Americans is ONLY concerned about their demise. Hillary Clinton once again confronted men who were seeking the truth. There are over a hundred US diplomatic centers around the world and any patriotic people-caring person who leads the State Department would check out the security activities each day of these centers if she REALLY cared about those who serve in them. She made a few points:

The CIA was deeply involved in security in Libya.

She just accepts what CIA operatives say is going on.

NO, she did not rush to Libya to check out security for the Ambassador.

For some reason the security has been working for OK for the other 99 facilities.

Republicans made clear they are NOT interested in the FOUR THOUSAND MILITARY PERSONNEL WHO DIED IN IRAQ.

The circus went on and there is no doubt it will continue until at least 2030.