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As long as the war in Iraq continues, we shall present voices of American soldiers and discuss issues of concern to those compelled to risk their lives.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25  year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I assume Chris Christie knows the butler job is now available in the Trump family.

I sure will miss the sincerity and passion for bartenders from Marco Rubio.

Ted Cruz is simply another expression for EVIL.

We have come a long way to the point where Mitt Romney comes across as a defender of human rights.

If a party panders to hate and evil why the surprise when it is successful?

Bernie has to decide his future, but then again, he sure is having a great time.

I sure miss the profound observations on life from Ben Carson.

I wonder what God thinks about the situation in Syria? Any regrets for making humans?

John Kasich is the only Congressman who balanced the budget, I thought presidents balanced budgets.

Hillary is suffering from years of crazy charges of  that make no sense- the Secretary of  State now handles security at embassies throughout the world?

Is there anyone in the Republican party who can pretend to be a savior?

I assume Vladimir Putin wants the Nobel Prize for peace.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


The Republican circus is offering fewer and fewer acts these days.

I await pictures of Chris Christie carrying Trump’s bags.

I wonder what future historians will say about America of 2016?

Some hover in fear, some stand upright to meet challenges.

Marco Rubio is the kid brother who struck out in the ninth inning of his team’s loss.

A ticker of Trump-Fiorina is one made in Hell.

I wonder what George Bush thinks these days–“am I responsible for this mess?”

Rabbis For Social Justice

Once upon a time Rabbis in America were at the forefront in the fight for social justice. Two Rabbis were among the original founders of the NAACP, and Rabbis marched shoulder to shoulder with Martin Luther King. Unfortunately, the  power of AIPAC has transformed American Judaism into cheerleaders for those opposing human rights–it is unusual for Jewish organizations to support the efforts of Palestinian when they seek equal rights in Palestine.

AIPAC decided to ask the noted bigot Donald Trump to address the organization.  Rabbis such as David Paskin and Jesse OLitzky have formed “Come Together Against Hate” which will boycott the Trump talk. “At every turn, Mr. Trump has chosen to take the low road, sowing seeds of hate and disunion.” I understand AIPAC argues they are only inviting a candidate for president. I assume that in 1932, AIPAC would have invited Adolf Hitler, after all, it is only fair to hear all sides of political discourse.

How can Jews who have endured hatred and persecution for over 2,000 years invite a man who has openly said, “I hate Muslims?”

With God In His Mind

Ayanne Hassan Ali is nice young Muslim man who decided to enter a recruitment center in Canada and proceed to blast away. When captured, he explained the reason for his actions: “Allah told me to come here and kill people.” Now, this sounds like a logical rationale for his action. After all:

Sarah Palin has a direct line to God who halts anything He is doing to engage in conversations about why illegal immigrants should be terrorized.

Mike Huckabee essentially controls any  phone calls to the Big Guy up in the sky, and Mike is clear that God spends His waking hours worrying about whether or not a bakery should be allowed to use His name not to sell to queers.

Ben Carson was urged by God to get in this election race and defend religious rights. I assume God told Ben not to speak in the same tone as GOD uses and softly  and quietly say words that no one has the faintest idea as to what they mean. But, I do understand that when Ben speaks it is based upon his conversations with God Himself. So,if Ben is sort of confusing, it merely means that ordinary humans such as me simply do not grasp the profound ideas of the Big Guy up in the sky.



We offer observations on the  human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I sure miss the mumblings and stumblings of Jeb Bush.

I sure miss not being able to hear a word that Ben Carson utters.

Each day Donald Trump reveals he is a poor man’s version of the boasting incompetent Benito Mussolini of Italy.

This year we have a new concept of who should be our president–the person who can punch out the most voters–physically, that is.

Ross Perot, where are you?

Hillary is simply not a natural born politician.

Bernie is getting better and better with his speech of hope.



Putin Says Bye Bye

Vladimir Putin once again shocked the world by announcing that Russian personnel will be leaving Syria and heading home. He appears to have reached the conclusion that his thrust into the Middle East has been successful and it is time to leave the chaos for someone else or he may actually believe his short time   effort has really solved the mess in Syria. With Putin,no one really knows how his mind really works. There is no doubt the Putin thrust has resulted in:

1.Killing gobs of people.

2. Enabling President Assad to live another day.

3. Not really bothered ISIS that much since Russians were more interested in killing moderate Muslims.

4. Provided Republican candidates an opportunity to demonstrate they could take out Russians with their mouths.

5. Left a lot of cities with more bombed out buildings.

6.Increased the financial mess in Russia.

But, other than these occurrences, Russia once again proved it was a tough guy.

Tyrannosaur Reptile Did Live

I realize that many people actually believe we live in a modern era in which those  who attend school are smart. But, it was delightful to learn that millions of years ago, a distant life form roamed this planet who had greater intelligence than any person who attends Trump rallies. Ninety million years ago a horse like Tyrannosaur had an impressive sensory system. There is no doubt this animal could listen carefully and know when a noise in the distant was really a life  form shouting nonsense.

It appears this horse evolved into the dinosaur which grew  to a gigantic size and dominated the world. Today,  we have a  dinosaur  who roars and shouts and threatens the very existence of humanity. Imagine a President Trump with access to atomic weapons of mass destruction. Heck, this guy is ready to fight if someone shouts anger toward him, so how would he handle the Russian bully known as Vladimir Putin? Bombs Away!!

Bernie Hits A Home Run

Bernie Sanders, the old white haired Jew is rolling along on the path to victory in this primary election. He continues to be the Populist who promises the moon and receives enthusiastic response from young voters. They are dying to hear how all their problems  can disappear by the promise of a promise. Bernie is an excellent debater. Why?

1. He always is very specific about his goals.

2. He offers fantastic goals that any young person would love

3. He is AGAINST at a time when most Americans are AGAINST.

4. He has tapped into the anger toward Wall Street and corporations.

5. Bernie is against foreign nations that “take our jobs away.” Whether they do  or not, is irrelevant to most Americans. They want an explanation as to why a job has disappeared.

Sorry, Hillary, this is the year of hate, anger, and revenge against the wealthy.

So, look out America, it may well be the year of an old Jew becoming president.

Hillary Just Ain’t Got It

Hillary Clinton insists that she is not a natural politician such as her husband or Barack Obama. Each night when she is in a debate her observation becomes clearer and clearer. She tends to ramble, repeat herself, and lack clarity in explaining her ideas. Actually, she makes intelligent points, but they get lost in the inability to do what all successful political leaders and do.

1, Be specific.

2. Say clearly, this is point one, two, three and four. No more.

3. She has yet to provide an alternative to the Sanders attacks on trade agreements.

4. She has yet to raise the issue of–AUTOMATION as the greatest source of loss of manufacturing jobs. THIS IS, the real issue!

5. Hillary Clinton is sincere, she offers some important ideas, but they simply get lost in the rambling lack of clarity.

6. She does not know how to counter the Sanders promises to youth of jobs-free college, and student debt reduction.

Sorry, Hillary, either counter his arguments or you are NOT going to become president.

Oh Them Gun-Toting Todlers

I understand that Donald Trump is worried about Islamic terrorists. I understand he goes to sleep with a gun underneath his pillow in case one of those Muslim bad people enters his house seeking his wealth or life.  Jamie Gilt, a nice attractive mom who so loves guns and shooting and such, left a loaded .45 caliber handgun on the back seat of her car. Her four year old took the gun and shot mom.

Actually, this event is not unique in America.  In 2015 more people were shot and killed by kids in America than were murdered by Islamic terrorists since 9/11. In other words, an American is safer being in the company of a Muslim than being with his young child. Such is life in modern America!