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As long as the war in Iraq continues, we shall present voices of American soldiers and discuss issues of concern to those compelled to risk their lives.

On Classified Documents

The FBI has arrested Harold Thomas Martin III, a contractor who has worked for over a decade for the US government, on charges that he stole over five million top secret classified documents that pertain to our national security. As of this moment, there has not been a single word from Donald Trump about this alleged threat to our national security. Oh well, he only stole FIVE MILLION CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS, and, then again, his name is not Hillary Clinton. I do not have a doubt that these so-called ‘classified documents’  had no secrets that threatened our national security. Can anyone name a single incident in which any of those ‘CLASSIFIED’ documents played a role in our national security?

I was cleared for NATO TOP SECRET while working at 7th Army headquarters in Germany in 1952-1953. I, literally, read hundreds of Top Secret classified documents, and, for the life of me, do not recall any SECRET that I actually came across. OH, I did discover that if the Russians attacked, my headquarters would be hit with atomic bombs. WOW, what a secret to discover! I believe that over two million people have Top Secret clearance. I have no doubt there are other Harold Martin III type folks out there. In reality, Top Secret is placed on thousands of documents that do not contain any secret about our national security.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


THE issue of American politics is the sex emails of Anthony Wiener.

Hillary Clinton should have fired her friend who, unfortunately, was married to Anthony Wiener.

Donald Trump can not talk without waving those small, small, hands.

I gather there are Christians who believe Donald Trump is the new Jesus Christ. JESUS CHRIST!

Once upon a time the Hatch Act was passed to prevent government officials from interfering in political campaigns.

HATE is the main campaign issue for Trump supporters.

Just once, just once, I would so love to know what are the Great Economic ideas of Donald Trump.

Have not heard much  lately about the GREAT WALL.

What Is At Stake?

There is no question this is among the most momentous presidential elections in our history. So, what is at stake?

1. Donald Trump is a dangerous person to be in charge of nuclear weapons. The president has the power to send nuclear bombs into other parts of the world. Does anyone with the slightest concern about the future of this world want this nut case in charge of nuclear weapons?

2. Donald Trump would lower taxes on the wealthy, most probably double our national debt, and issue in wild stock market fluctuations that could result in another massive drop in the stock market.

3. Donald Trump would end the important drive to save our planet from climate change. This would impact future generations forever, yes, forever!

4. Donald Trump would NOT create jobs. We  EXPORT over three BILLION dollars worth of goods, any tariff war would impact those exports, and those jobs.

5. Donald Trump would pack the Supreme Court with justices who would end women rights to control their bodies.

6. The Trump Supreme Court would allow restrictions in voting aimed at Hispanics and black Americans.

7. Donald Trump  has NO plan to deal with the Middle East. Just further chaos when the chaos is now being handled.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


I await how low Republicans can go int this election.

What ever happened to the hordes of Hispanic rapists pouring over the border?

Fact, 40% of new start up companies in Silicon Valley founded by IMMIGRANTS!

Watch out! Donald is sending Melania into bat for him!

Ted Cruz is being Ted Cruz warning Republicans will block ALL Justice nominations.

What was life like before Selfies arrived on this planet?

I await Donald sending in his ten year old grandson to explain his policies.

These are not the best of days for America.


Republican Trials And Tribulations

Once upon a  time in American presidential elections, members of Congress welcomed their candidate to visit them during their campaign to get elected.  They wanted a picture of them standing next to the smiling white guy who waved at the crowd and told cheering folks that their Republican candidate was his best and dearest friend, so please elect him. BUT, this is 2016 and Republicans have Donald Trump at the head of their ticket. You know, the guy who is caught in a video extolling his sexual powers over women.

Joe Heck is the Republican candidate for the US Senate seat in Nevada. After he saw the famous Trump picture of the man who loves women, exiting a bus discussing how he would make out with women, Joe simply could not support Trump. “I can no longer look past the pattern of behavior and comments that have been made by Donald Trump.” So, he announced two weeks ago that he would not endorse the Republican candidate. However, Joe soon received angry emails and letters from staunch Republicans who love Donald that uttered threats of voting for his opponent.

So, Joe has now changed his mind. I wonder what Republicans who do NOT like Donald will now say?

Donald Loves The Darkies

I realize the crooked polls show that Donald Trump is only getting about five percent of the black vote in America. BUT, Cory Lewandowski, a key aide of Donald Trump informed me that I should not pay attention to any polls. Of course, if the poll shows Donald ahead, it is one of the accurate polls. “Fred,”  he said to me: “I can show you polls that  place Donald Trump ahead of Crooked Hillary Clinton in  the ghettoes of big cities. The Darkies just love Donald Trump, finally a businessman who understands how to get them high paying jobs. Did you know that black maids in Trump hotels make at least,$7.25 an hour! When Donald appears, the Darkies dance and sing, you do know that Darkies have special dancing abilities, don’t you?”

I did listen carefully to Trump plans for the ghetto folks. He wants to get them Great jobs, just Great high paying jobs, the details will come after the election. He also wants them to understand that some of his best friends are dark skinned guys,  the dark skinned females he sees in his bedroom. There you have it–Donald Trump has promised to get each and every dark skinned person a job in his hotel as a maid, a waiter or a car hop!

Giuliani Defends Trump

Rudy Giuliani, the man who single handedly defeated Islamic terrorists on 9/11 has rushed to the defense of Donald Trump. Remember, it was Rudy who walked the streets surrounded by 100 policemen to show terrorists if they mess with the Rudy man, death awaits them. Anyway, Rudy came to the defense of his buddy, Donald. He told the lying media that Donald Trump is NOT a racist. He has many, many, in fact, hundreds of black and Hispanic friends. Hell, he even plays golf with black guys!

And, and, Donald makes certain that the Hispanic maids earn at least $7.25 an hour! Remember, Donald has a plan, a Great Plan to end poverty in the inner cities. He wants to hire hundreds, thousands of cops for the inner city in order to get rid of the bad hombres who inhabit those regions. Hell,the other day watching a Trump rally I saw a huge sign that said, BLACKS FOR TRUMP! Hell, it was even being carried by two white women! So, how can anyone say that Trump is a racist!

Tragedy In Calais

My parents were among the twenty five million Europeans who voyaged to  America during the period of 1880–1924. So, the concept of people fleeing their native lands was an accepted reality of my life. Of course, the ENTIRE group of people who drove out the native tribes inhabiting what we call the United States of America came from EUROPE as well as parts of Asia.The story of what is happening to about 6,000  people in France just shocks me. They are the refugees now in camps in Calais.

Each and every person in these camps,at this very moment, is being placed on trucks and buses and taken to various places in France. They will have two choices–seek asylum in France or return to their native lands. Of course, the likelihood of being granted asylum is slight. Most probably, these tired, these unwanted, these victims of our time, will most probably wind up in various parts of Africa. A lot poorer than what they were two years ago.

Thank God, my parents lived at a time when refugees were accepted to live a new life in America.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


I wonder if Donald Trump lacked hands he would become president of the United States?

I wonder if God is on anyone’s side in this election?

I wonder how I got stuck on this planet with all its violence and hatred?

I wonder if Ted Cruz is furious for endorsing Donald Trump?

I sure wonder if the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series?

I wonder as I wander why so many Americans actually believe Donald Trump has ANY idea to how make America Great Again?

I certainly wonder what would happen to America if the red headed idiot became president?



General Trump On Mosul

Candidate Donald Trump is raising important issues on military strategy to defeat ISIS  in the battle for Mosul. Of course, as anyone who has studied military strategy knows,Donald Trump has an incredible grasp of military strategy. His work in conquering women in the battle of Park Avenue bed sheets has been exhaustively studied by the great military experts of the world. Donald tried desperately to persuade American military people to follow his strategy to defeat ISIS in the battle for Mosul.

General Trump believes in the concept of fooling the enemy so they will never learn where or when you will attack. It is unfortunate that incompetent military guys conducting the Mosul offense, never sought the advice of Donald Trump.His ideas were brilliant:

1. Construct an underground fort in the desert.

2. Place 40,000 troops in the fort.

3. Place your tanks,your trucks,your artillery,your planes, underground in order to prevent ISIS from knowing you have tanks or planes or artillery.They will never figure out that you have such weapons.

4. Then, as dawn breaks, have the entire 40,000 men with their equipment suddenly appear in the desert. At exactly 6:00 a.m. all will rise, shout at the top of their voices, ISLAMIC TERRORISM and,voila, ISIS will disappear!