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As long as the war in Iraq continues, we shall present voices of American soldiers and discuss issues of concern to those compelled to risk their lives.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Republican slogan: Ignorance in the defense of freedom is a virtue.

There must be ONE intelligent mind in the Republican party.

I have no idea why this Beyonce is important or who the hell she is.

We need to give every baby a copy of the US Constitution at birth.

Oh, for a day of  silence in Syria.

Only in America do twenty million people get to decide what 200 million want.

I wonder what Dick Cheney is doing these days–then again, is he still alive?

How About A Palestine?

It has now become part of the Republican mantra that anyone seeking the presidency must get on his knees, lick the boots of Sheldon Adelson and promise never,k ever to mention the word, Palestine. Israel Prime Minister inhabits his own special area of the Twilight zone where there is a nation called, Israel, which covers the entire planet and all who are Jews own every part of the planet. For Bibi Netanyahu under no condition can anyone who claims to be a friend of Israel support the idea of an independent Palestine.

Recent polls in Palestine reveal that over 67% of young people believe that stabbing an Israel Jew is in accordance with the Koran. Who are these young people? They have virtually no prospect for  decent job. They must go through one check point after another to get anywhere. They can be arrested for whatever the Israel police claims is evidence of “terrorism.” Yes, many want to commit some form of violence. That is the norm for people without hope. If Israel wants to end stabbing the first step is to agree on the establishment of an independent state of Palestine.

The details of how to reach such an agreement will take time. But, step one must be an official statement from the Israel government that it accepts this concept.

Israel Sometimes Not Israel Of Yore

The birth of Israel in 1948 was heralded by many as finally the birth of a true democracy in the Middle East. Founders of Israel in 1948 were committed to the principles of democracy, especially respect for the rules of law and order. When the Israel  Defense Force was created it was presented to the world as an armed force based upon principles of the  Geneva Convention which required respect of those captured by member of the IDF.

Sgt. Elar  Azaria captured a Palestinian and the man was helpless as he lay on the ground. The sergeant than shot him. Many right wing fanatics in Israel who hate Muslims believed his action was a blow for democracy  General Gadi Eisenkol,head of the IDF made clear the IDF “has rules and principles”and this shooting violated basic rules of combat. Naturally, the right wing in Israel regards Palestinians as Donald Trump feels about Muslims and Hispanics! No wonder why Ted Cruz loves the Israel right wing.

Exchange Terrorist Program

Each day Republican candidates rant and yell that America is under attack. They warn one and all to beware  because Muslim terrorists are hiding in our parks, they wander our streets at night seeking to rape Christian and Jewish girls–Muslim girls are off limits. At the same time each day there is one  story after another concerning white Christians blasting away at on another. The  other main  Piketon, Ohio, some WHITE CHRISTIAN TERRORIST murdered EIGHT people of the Rhoden family including men, women, and children. But,not a  single word from Ted Cruz or Donald Trump about these terrorists.

We therefore are proposing a simple way to rid this country of WHTE CHRISTIAN TERRORISTS!  How about:

1. Exchange 1,000 white terrorists for 1,000 Muslim Syrians.

2. If this program proves successful we can rid our nation of each and every WHITE CHRISTIAN TERRORIST and receive in return at least one million hard working Syrians who will not go near any weapon of  death!

Bernie Talks With Sanders

We were able to organize a discussion between Bernie and Sanders.

Sanders: Well, Bernie my boy, imagine getting clobbered in New York City, and we are the Brooklyn boy!

Bernie: It’s all those super pacs,all those hedge fund guys giving millions against me. I scare the living shit out of them.

Sanders: Bernie,  we are not on a  stage and there are no young people gazing at you with adoring eyes. It’s me, Sanders!

Bernie: You forget that I began with nothing behind me, no super pacs, no Goldman Sachs money,just me against the top one percent.

Sanders: I think by now even  Hillary can give that speech word for word. Stop being a schmuck, it’s time to move on. You won the fight. Hillary is now sounding like you. Where now my brother?

Bernie: I get such a rush, I get such a jolt when they shout my name and love what I say.  How can I give that all up?

Sanders: If you continue on  this path, then a few years from now you will be the most hated person by those now who love you so. Do you want to be the Ralph Nader of 2016 who gave Donald Trump the presidency??

Bernie: Stop talking common sense. I have never before in life been so famous and so loved. So, you want me to walk into the sunset, is that it?

Sanders: NO, you are not going into any sunset. Let’s get those inspired young people to vote and take back Congress. That now is your mission!!

Bernie: I have to think about it.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


From Ted Cruz: “America is always at  her best when she is flat on  her back on the mat.”

From my three month old grandson: “America is always at her back when she is flat on her back and peeing in her diaper.”

From a Trump supporter: “America is always at her best when she is flat other back as long as she buys American made goods.”

From the NRA: “American babies in cribs are always at their best when flat on their backs in cribs when they have a gun to protect themselves.”

From Donald: “America is always at her best when she is flat on her back gazing up at the Greatest Wall ever built.”

From John Kasich:  “America is always at her best when she is flat on her back figuring out how to balance the budget–as I single-handedly did!”

From Ben Carson: “America is always at there best when she is flat on her back getting ready for me to cut open her body and save her.”


Brigham Young University is a nice Mormon college which is dedicated to preparing nice Mormon boys and girls  to enjoy a nice, clean Mormon life. Made Barney, 19, met a supposed nice Mormon man named Nasiru Seidu who did not tell her that he was married, did not tell her his right age, and did not tell even tell her his real name. They went out, he assaulted her even though she shouted, NO, and she was raped. Normally, a college would be concerned about this incident.

Authorities at BYU sent her a letter. “We have received information that you have been a victim of behavior that is addressed by the University Sexual Misconduct Policy. We have also received information that you have engaged in behavior that violates the BYU honor code.” She has been barred from registering for further classes. It appears that quite a fews BYU students regard this statements outrageous. I wonder why.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Take away the word,”great” and Donald Trump is reduced to silence.

If Donald Trump can really build a 500 mile wall for only $10 million, he certainly should be the new president.

Every time I hear Ted Cruz speak, the word,”sleaze” comes to mind.

We need a president who believes ALL lives matter.

So, what happened in New York to Bernie Sanders?

Gee, John Kasich is  in heaven, he came in second in New York.

Some day John Kasich will explain to me how A member of Congress is in charge of determining the national budget.

Ted Cruz Speaks

There is no question that last night Ted Cruz sort of had a supposed ad day in New York. So, we asked Ted if he would explain  to real Americans exactly what happened.

“Thanks, Fred. At least you are not one of those foul mouthed un-AmericanNew Yorkers who defend queers and Hispanic rapists. I  said it before and I will say it again that we white Christian God fearing decent Americans have nothing to dow with New York values. Just remember that I am a Texan, and I can fire a rifle because I am a Texan. OK, so I am aTexan who was born in Canada, but I sure was not born south of the border.

Donald Trump was bound to win in New York. He is a foul mouthed woman chasing lying son-of-s-bitch which makes him so popular in New York City. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Israel, I love Jews,but those people in New York who claim to be Jews are simply self-hating folks of the Jewish persuasion. You will note that I did not hang around in that Place and headed for Pennsylvania i search of Americans who love God, who believe a man should marry a woman and make use of their spare time to blast away at the rifle range. Want to touch my NRA button?

I am a graduate of the Harvard School of Law which makes me so much more intelligent than any red-haired skirt chasing Donald Trump. I am currently working  on a plan that will compel any Trump delegate to join my campaign. I am intelligent, I am smarter than any politician and I am ready to make sure that when we meet in Cleveland, Trump delegates will be voting for me! I am brilliant, my wife is brilliant, my children are brilliant and we can out brilliant the entireTrump clan!”

Catch The Muslim Terrorist!

After a few years of non-stop hysteria about Muslims and terrorists and be on guard because those Islamist terrorists are mighty clever. One must give Donald Trump and the other boys and girls who appeared on the stage in what was supposed to be a ‘debate’ some credit for creating hysteria and madness in our lovely land. From Hispanic ‘rapists’ to Muslims carrying suicide vests to close down the mosques, if one happens to be of the Muslim faith, beware every moment for another experience with madness.

Khairuideen Machzooni is a Muslim and he boarded a Southwest plane on a trip home. He decided to give an uncle who lived in Baghdad a call to let him know what was happening in his life. A woman became frightened and went to call the police. The soon arrived, detained the man who spoke in a funny language and saved the passengers from instant death. Southwest claims the entire incident arose because of “potentially threatening comments.”

Hi uncle, how’s  by you?