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As long as the war in Iraq continues, we shall present voices of American soldiers and discuss issues of concern to those compelled to risk their lives.

To My Heroes In Oregon

After many years wandering in the political wilderness that is American politics, I finally have met some brave men who deserve the support of the American people–the guys in Oregon who stand for freedom! After all, how many guys would occupy an empty building in the wilderness of Oregon and set up headquarters in order to protect our land. This land is My Land, and this Land will be protected by God-fearing Christian gentlemen.

These are men ready  to freeze their balls off in order to prove they have balls. These are intrepid soldiers who set up camp without bringing along clothes for the winter or enough food to eat. Talk about bravery! Here are my suggestions on how those who love liberty and freedom in America can support those who live in zero degree places arguing for zero degree ideas:

1. These guys should build a wall, and I mean, a HIGH wall in order to keep out Muslim terrorists or Obama agents of death.

2. These guys should set fire to the forest and show the GOVERNMENT that if they mess with OUR land, we will simply use fire to transform it into a desert.

3. We urge one and all who support the Second Amendment to head to Oregon and remain there until the Obama Nazis leave Washington D.C.

4. Lets create a new America and it begins in Oregon and in this America no Muslims or colored folk or LIBERALS are allowed to partake of our land of the free and home of the brave.

5. Just think, first we got a piece of Oregon, and next we will get a piece of downtown Los Angeles where those Muslims live– if they want to behead folks, we will make certain that Muslim heads are rolling.

No More Obama–NO More Liberals–NO more rag heads–NO more females who display their breasts– NO More Atheists–

Just God fearing Americans!

P.S. If one of you illegals tries to cross our border, we will introduce you tot eh American way of hanging.

Trump New Year Resolutions

After a long discussion with Donald Trump we are pleased to reveal his New Year Resolutions:

1. I will no longer discuss female toilet breaks.

2. I will send socks and heavy underwear to the brave men in Oregon who defend America from dudes from Africa.

3.I will do whatever it takes to retain Ben Carson as a candidate, as long as he is around, people think I make sense!

4. I will finally find out where the hell this Syria place is.

5. I intend to set up my presidential headquarters in an abandoned hotel in Atlantic City.

6.I will convert to Judaism and marry a nice Jewish girl– its votes, man!

7. I will begin construction of the famous Wall on the border with Mexico.

8. Perhaps I need to star in a new Star Wars film with me as Captain America who saves planet Earth.

9.  I promise to reveal the famous PLAN the day after I am elected.

10. I intend to challenge Bill Clinton to a fucking contest, the last guy  standing who can shoot from the penis, wins.

We Miss Ben Carson

We admit our growing concern that Ben Carson will soon be gone from the famous debates over nonsense. Let us  list our reasons for grieving the loss of this man of peace, quiet and ignorance.

1. His slow quiet voice which says something that has absolutely nothing to do with any issue is the only voice that addresses key non-issues.

2. He will be missed by Muslims refugees. He was the only Republican candidate who actually traveled to the  Middle East. OK, so he had absolutely not idea where he was or what the issues was, but at least, he DID go to the place others talk about.

3. In his absence from the medical profession countless patients were deprived of his wondrous hands, thank God he has returned to save lives.!

4. Ben Carson is living proof that in America each and every person, regardless of knowledge, insights,  political ability or capability of solving problems  can become the president of this nation.

5. Once Ben leaves the stage what then occurs– does someone at the kid’s table be allowed to come to the parent table? Is so, we want Rick Santorum!

6. On the  other hand, now that Ben will be departing, has anyone thought of inviting Rick Perry to take his place??

Mess In Syria

In the United States of America Republican candidates want to “carpet bomb” in Syria and support those rebels who want to overthrow President Assad. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to figure out who are the good and who are the bad guys in Syria. This is the reality:

1. Government forces of President Assad.

2. Iranian soldiers from the Revolutionary Guards.

3. The Free Syrian Army of moderates.

4. Al-Qaeda.

5. Hezbollah wich supports Assad.

6. Russian troops which support Assad.

7. Al Nusara which hates Assad.

8. ISIS which is against everyone but itself.

9 . Shiite Afghans from Hazra.

10. And US, French and assorted other air forces.

Terrorist Government Beheads!

The American government  for years has been fighting a war against Muslim terrorists. Among our key allies in this struggle is none other than the nation which has done more than any other group in the world to arm, assist, and defend terrorists–none other than our  wonderful friend, Saudi Arabia. A few days ago the Saudi government murdered 46 people using methods such  as hanging, cutting off heads and swords.

Among the dead is Sheikh Nimr al Nimr whose crime was to preach a form of fundamentalist Islam. Ironically, the nation which not only preaches this form of fundamentalism, but funds Islamic terrorists and teaches  hatred of the United States and other western powers is –none other than Saudi Arabia. These deaths have aroused anger throughout the Middle East and we can expect some form of terrorism to be the result. Hopefully, if there is terrorism, hopefully, why not at the source of this hatred?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Who doubted for a moment that Donald would at some point introduce Monica Lewinsky?

I guess when the Great Shoot-Out is over there will be two men still standing.

Ted Cruz so reminds me of Senator Joseph McCarthy. The only difference is that Joe was an alcoholic and Ted is drunk with his own ego.

Is Carly Fiorina still alive?

I wonder where Ted Cruz wants to carpet bomb in Iraq?

At some point in the spring the DEBATES will cease and we will be down to one person.

As New Hampshire goes — so goes New Hampshire.


Ramadi Today, Mosul Tomorrow

It has been a long, long road for the leaders of Iraq, but who knows, maybe, just maybe they can see some light around the corner of devastation. Iraq troops have apparently taken control of Ramadi. There are some pockets of ISIS remaining, but within two weeks they should be destroyed or captured. Next on the list is moving on Mosul.

Believe it or not, but this victory is a result of American policy that focused upon retraining Iraq soldiers, training Sunni militia, and pounding away with air strikes.  Of course, this victory is very, very bad news for Republican presidential candidates whose theory of bombing would end the existence of ISIS. Score one for Barack Obama, and this is among the first items he can list on his terrorist score card.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Thank God the Iraq military finally listened to the ideas of General Trump and beat ISIS in Ramadi.

So, what do Republican military experts now discuss in their debates?

What ever happened to Carly Fiorina, rather quiet. Oh, perhaps she is in Russia telling off Putin?

I sure will mist Rand Paul with his bored look at the idiots rambling on and ranting on.

Chris Christie is rather ponderous,not only in weight but in his tough talk. Oh, it is only talk.

Political story of the year -the disappearance of Jeb Bush.

I wonder if George Bush gives advice to his brother?

Ramadi Taken-Virtually

As you may recall or not recall, during the infamous Republican debates, one and all of those on the stage, insisted if they were the president, there would not be an ISIS. Donald Trump has this ‘great plan,’which for the moment will not be openly discussed because he does not want the enemy to know what is in store for it. Well, Donald, time is sort of beginning to run out for ISIS. Ramadi is just about captured and then Iraq troops, Sunni militia, and forces from Iran, will move on to bigger game.

Iraq Prime Minister Hadi is now announcing victory in Ramadi. And then, “we are coming to liberate Mosul and it will be the final and fatal blow for Dash.” Perhaps, the Iraq government consulted Trump and is now carrying out his “great idea.” If ISIS is wiped out from Iraq, what then do Republican generals propose in the middle east?

Rand Paul Not Seeking Boredom

Throughout Republican debates Senator Rand Paul has stood out for his quiet tone of voice and his acid comments about what was being yelled and screamed by other candidates. He has now been informed that due to ratings in New Hampshire that he will be forced to sit at the table with the other naughty kids and perform in the hour before the real debate. Senator Paul told the network not to count him as a member of the child’s table.

Rand Paul is the only voice among Republicans who knows that “carpet bombing’ or ‘boots on the ground’ simply mean a repetition of the infamous  2003 invasion of Iraq. He has consistently ignored the shouts of Donald Trump to get rid of Muslims or deport eleven million people. He also understands that  performing with the “kids” is simply a waste of time.

I assume there must be someone interested in hearing Santorum, Huckabee, and  now, Fiorina.