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Continue Email Story

The Republican party continues to focus on the infamous email story they expect will result in the end of Hillary Clinton. Actually, the email saga is the best news that Hillary Clinton can get. For example:

Republicans want to get across the issue that Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy.

Most Americans agree with that idea.

However, more Americans believe that Donald Trump is even less trustworthy.

So, while Hillary Clinton talks about higher taxes on the wealthy, and tuition aid to students, and daycare, Donald talks about emails. Donald, the vast majority of Americans are sick and tired of emails, they want someone to offer plans to aid them. Emails and ‘law and order’ do not put money in my paycheck, it does not help my kid who is in college. So, continue talking and yelling about emails.

Donald Trump is the best pro-Hillary person in America!

Donald Is Upset–Again–Always

As you recall, for over one  year, Donald Trump was given extensive access to the media. He was allowed to say whatever came into his mind. Some estimate that he received nearly two billion dollars of free advertising. We all recall those endless “debates” that allowed him to display his prowess over the likes of Ben Carson and hapless Jeb Bush. So, now that polls indicate the Donald man is headed for a disaster, who is the cause of this oncoming calamity?

“I’m not running against Crooked Hillary, I’m running against the crooked media.” If the media was fair, then when Donald says something, they would report it and NOT engage in fact-checking. Donald does not believe the media should engage in partisan activities such as fact check what he says. After all, he does not read newspaper columns and then fact check what is written. So, why, does the Crooked media,the Biased media, continue to check  what he says!

Oh, Politfact reports that 95% of sites that checked Trump found 158 fact-checks of Trump were false. See, who told them to fact check? Donald did not!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I gather that Donald Trump will go to Russia where none can question the leader.

Police might consider the following rule, “think once before shooting.”

It must be difficult for Donald Trump to be losing to Crooked Hillary, what has happened to fairness in this world?

According to Republicans, freedom of the press means no one is allowed to write the “wrong things.”

Sorry, but I still fear the power of the gun will play a role in this election.

Each day another Republican finds religion.

I bet Jeb Bush is beside himself with joy. Finally, the bully is getting beaten.

Say, whatever happened to Marco Rubio, still seeking a bottle of water?

For some reason, Ben Carson no longer is in the news, I guess he is too busy selling his books.

Donald Upset At Media

In life, when someone provides help, money, and popularity, then one should be happy,but for Donald Trump, whenever things get bad for him, there is only one resort, blame others for mistakes. Consider what Donald Trump is now confronting. His poll numbers are not very good, so who is to blame? Naturally, in the Trump world, it is the media. Of course, it was the media that created the thing we term, Donald Trump. It is estimated that he received over two billion dollars worth of free publicity, but, Donald is not one to gaze inside the self, he always  gazes outside.

According to Donald Trump, “it is not freedom of the press when  newspapers and others are allowed to say and write whatever they want even it is completely false.” The only solution in the Trump world, is to allow him to sue the hell out of anyone who dares write something about him, without first getting permission to write it. Unfortunately for Donald, his buddy, Vladimir Putin in Russia is able to close down newspapers that write nasty things about  him. If only Donald was a petty dictator, alas for the unfair situation he encounters, people CAN write bad things about him, and not go to jail!

Another Shooting In Milwaukee

The scenario is always the same. A traffic stop, a black skinned male walking the streets with a “suspicious” appearance,, a kid playing with a toy  gun,a black male who was selling someone without a permit, whatever, wherever, why ever, the end result is the same.Two days ago in Milwaukee, 23 year old Sylville K. Smith (now,that is one suspicious name, imagine someone walking the streets claiming his name was, Smith) was halted for a traffic violation. Raise your hand is at one point in time you were halted for a traffic violation. Raise your hand if a cop shot you for the traffic violation.

Anyway, Mr. Smith, for one reason or another, ran, and that initiated a conflict in which police blasted away. Police insist that Mr. Smith was carrying a gun. OK, but, as of this moment, there is no evidence the gun was fired. For some reason a police officer felt “threatened” by a man whose back was toward him. So, he fired his gun,and Mr. Smith is dead. So, are businesses and homes that were destroyed in the ensuing  riots. Each time there is a riot, innocent people wind up having their home or business destroyed.

So, how does this calm down?Step one is to use guns as the LAST WEAPON OF USE.

The Danger of Words

Anyone who lived through the 1960s is quite familiar with the power of words to destroy. Within a ten year period, President John Kennedy was murdered, Malcolm X was killed, Martin Luther King was murdered, and two months later Robert Kennedy was murdered. Perhaps, perhaps, Donald Trump is oblivious to the danger of his words, I  am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. But, his nonstop shouting hate and anger toward Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton could easily be interpreted by some of the nut cases attending his rallies to blast away.

Yuval Rabin, son of former Israel Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin warned Americans of the danger of shouting hate. His father was killed by an Israel hater who was  urged on to hate by people like Benjamin Netanyahu. ‘Trumps’s  words are an incitement  to the type of political violence that touched me personally.” Netanyahu continued to claim Rabin was a “traitor” for seeking peace with Palestinians. One day, someone transformed those words into action. Will the same occur in America?

Republican Myths And Reality

I daily encounter people, including member of my own extended family who harbor the typical Trump nonsense about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s records in the Middle East. So, let me put to rest the myths and realities of the Middle East.

1. President Obama “withdrew American forces too early, and this  led to the rise of ISIS.”

2. “President Obama refused to maintain US troops in Iraq”

REALITY: The date to leave Iraq was set by President Bush. Obama simply adhered to the Bush deadline.

President Obama offered to leave 10,000 American soldiers in Iraq. The Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki insisted that if US troops remained and an American soldier was charged with a crime against an Iraqi citizen, the case would be tried in an Iraq court. Naturally,no American president would ever agree to such a demand.

3.”Al-Qaeda was defeated by 2007″ and then when Obama took office, he allowed in to return.

REALITY: Al-Qaeda was virtually defeated by 2007 due to two factors– the American military effort in cities, and the rise of Sunni Awakening Councils. These were organized by Sunni tribal leaders who were tired of al-Qaeda. They were assisted by US troops, and played a key role in virtually destroying  al-Qaeda. However, President Bush allowed Shiite Nouri al-Maliki to gain power. Maliki proceeded to arrest prominent Sunni leaders, broke his promise to US Military leaders to integrate Sunis and Shiites in the Iraq army. Maliki antagonized Sunni leaders and this caused was a key role in the tis of ISIS.

Neither President Obama nor Hillary Clinton had any role in the rise of ISIS. Guess whose mistakes created that organization?

Trump Idiocy Reaches New Level

I have taught a course on the Middle East for over twenty years which, I gather enables me to comment on the Middle East. But, every time I watch  CNN program where the name, Donald Trump, is mentioned, this dark haired idiot woman at some point begins to babble about  what has or is been happening in the Middle East. One can readily win a bet that it is simply a matter of time before incredible ignorance pours from her mouth.

According to Katrine Pierson, President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are responsible for the war in Afghanistan. I must confess that somehow I recall that American forces invaded Afghanistan in the fall of 2001 in response to the 9/11 attack. She then went on to claim that al-Qaeda was defeated in 2007, and then it came back due to Obama. She also claimed: “remember, we weren’t even in Afghanistan at this time. Barack Obama went into Afghanistan.”

Of course, her rambling is simply utter nonsense. And, she is a “chief spokesperson” for Donald Trump. Frankly, I doubt whether Ms. Pierson or Donald Trump even knows where Afghanistan is. And, forty percent of Americans want this idiot king for their president!!


We  offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


The lesson Hillary never learned, no one can get you if you talk rather than write.

All too often Donald Trump talks to himself when speaking to an audience.

Rudy Giuliani can never say anything about anything without praising himself.

There was the Battle of the Bulge in 1944 in which 100,000 American soldiers were killed, wounded or captured, and there was the more important battle of Benghazi in which four Americans died.

Republican presidents create the mess for which Democratic presidents get blamed.

The silence of the Bush family is deafening.

Most of Donald’s  problems arise when he just has to add something to what he said.

I guess Ted Cruz must be enjoying the Trump collapse. After all, he was the one who openly refused to back Donald.

This is the first presidential campaign in which one’s children play a key role.

I spend my nights wondering which Cabinet position will be filled by Ivanka.

Donald’s “Death Tax” proposal would give his family an extra $4 billion if he  died.

Someone should tie Donald’s hands  when he rises to give a speech.


Going My Way

Republican leaders are going crazy because their nominee for the presidency insists that he alone knows how to win the golden prize.Donald intends to walk the path toward victory by proceeding going his way to victory. Ironically, his success agains the bumbling gang of 16 went to his head, and if he could beat the likes of Paul and Carson and Christie, why not Hillary Clinton. If he received thunderous applause from the white folks in the Republican party, why not from the entire United States of America? Donald continues seeking to hear white people shouting with glee when he promises to knock the crap out of Muslims, whoever they are and wherever they be.

Fortunately for Donald, each day reveals more and more emails. Hillary and Bill decided they also wanted to become millionaires, and now they suffer the consequences of this decision. Instead of following the examples of Jimmy Carter or Harry Truman, both of whom preferred a post presidency of no money from businessmen, Hillary wanted more and more money. She wanted to go her way toward cash, and now suffers the consequence of losing respect from millions. Sometimes in life, instead of going your way, it might be wise to follow the path of others who were caring, decent people.

In the end, the best path is that of George Washington. He left the presidency, and returned home. He never sought any riches, never desired more power, just return to a life of hard work. There is the path of power, the path of money, and then there is the path of just being an ordinary American. We conclude with a story about Harry Truman. He had returned to his beloved Missouri and was being driven to the state capitol for a meeting by the police chief of Kansas City. They saw a woman driving some pigs. Harry got out of the car, helped the woman get her pigs across Highway 70. When later asked why he did that, Harry replied: “I was a farmer, before becoming President.” That is why he was loved by ordinary Americans.