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Putin Is Angry At EU

These are not the best of times, these are not the worst of times for Vladimir Putin and the semi-dictatorship that he runs in Russia. Last week a former trainer who worked with the Russian winter Olympic team revealed the entire team was doped up which led to their wining many Gold medals. Naturally, Vladimir was furious at this attempt to smear the noble, pure tradition of Mother Russia. There is no  question these charges stem from the EU and the American CIA.

So, yesterday, the Eurovision Song Contest added new evidence of an EU plot to overthrow the government of Russia. Jamal, of Crimean heritage who is from Ukraine, won the  song contest. Her song was entitled: “1994.” She is of Crimean heritage and the song recounts how  in 1944 during WWII, thousands of Crimeans were rounded up and shipped to Siberia by the Stalin dictatorship. The  Russian government denounced this “insult” to Mother Russia!

Recep Is Angry At EU!

Over the past fifteen years Recep Erdogan has gone from being a mayor in Turkey to its prime minister and when that got boring, he decided to become President of Turkey. When he became prime minister there actually were newspapers and magazines that were legally allowed to write about the government without having  to clear things with Recep. His Justice and Development party now rules the nation. In an election held early in the year, this party fell to only receiving 39% of the vote. Well, if one is the Big Guy in a nation, he created a “threat” from Kurdish groups seeking to obtain their rights and transformed them into a terrorist group bent on taking over the nation. Two months ago his party gained over 40% of the vote.

The European Union led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel has reached out to Erodgan with a plan. The EU would give Turkey over $8 billion if they prevented Syrian immigrants to head for Europe. One condition of this agreement was that Erdogan would adhere of EU guidelines on freedom of the press. Turkey now has the most journalists in jail of any society in the world. Well, Recep is furious at this example of “colonialism” which seeks to take away his right to take away the freedom of Turks!

Joe Saves Arizona!

Joe Arpaio is the man who single-handedly has saved the state of Arizona from he rapists and murderers who  swarm over the border and rampage through the streets of Phoenix. Of course if you wish to know who  is “America’s toughest Sheriff” just ask Joe. Of course, if you ask Donald Trump he will be glad to make clear that if elected president, Joe is the guy who will be in charge of our border to the south. Of course, one of those “liberal judges” who the immigrant from Kenya appointed, has a different view. According to Judge Jack Murray, Joe has “demonstrated a persistent disregard for the orders of this court.”

Joe is accused of racially profiling Hispanics and sending them to jail for the crime of being an Hispanic. Let’s be fair to Joe. For each Hispanic he sends to jail, there is one fewer rapists out there raping to their heart’s content. Just imagine how many Hispanics will wind up in prison once President Trump takes power?

Oh, I await Joe taking on the Islamic terrorists who want to swarm over our southern border.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


As ye sow, so shall ye reap, vote for Donald and get the results you do not want.

Republicans will rally around anyone who is not Hillary. Adolf is really not a completely bad guy.

Social media is usually not so social.

Schools have become a giant testing center for memorizing trivia.

I wonder what Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson think about their creation these days up in Heaven?

Strange how fear of ISIS has shifted to another fear.

Social media creates “truth” by simply repeating lies.

Bernie has to organize his folks to go on and on into the fall.

In my youth many years ago, we admired scientists since they knew more than we did. Times have changed.

These days people boast about their ignorance as a sign of intelligence!

I so wish Elizabeth Warren had sought the presidency.





Voice Of America

Edward Tucker is an68 retired carpenter and  he is very angry. “I think Trump is nuts, but I’d love to have him as president to see what happens. I wouldn’t want to end up in some kind of war or anything. But, something is going to change if he’s president, we just don’t know what.”

1933: “OK, so this guy Adolf Hitler is some kind of nut and says crazy things about Jews, but I’d love to have him as leader of Germany. I wouldn’t want to end up  in some kind of war or anything. But, something is going to change if he’s our Leader, we just don’t know what.”

By the way, exactly who did Edward Tucker vote for these past twenty years? I’ll be he voted for Republicans who created the inequality that bothers him!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year  old body.


I await Donald assuring one and all  that his best friends are illegal Hispanic immigrants.

For some, their greatest fear is ISIS, for others, who pisses next to them in the toilet.

Butterflies are disappearing, I guess they heard Republicans were nominating Trump.

I wonder if I could bottle Bernie’s enthusiasm and sell it for $4.95 a bottle.

It is still early enough in the baseball season to hope your team will win the World Series.

The belief that Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy simply proves if you repeat endlessly a lie, it sticks.

I have a hunch that God has taken a long vacation from his  creation.

Interview With Suicide Bomber

This is the record of a suicide bomber ho wakes up above.

I: Hi Kassem, feelling OK?

K: What happened where am I? How come I’m all together, I thought by blowing myself up, I would now be in pieces?

I: Well, right now you are in what we  call, Limbo. Sort of a way station on your voyage to a destination.

K: But, I did a real nobel act. So, I must be headed to Heaven, isn’t that right?

I: Well, not sort of right. Come with me into the next room. See those broken bodies, well,  your first task is to put them together. Oh, they are the people you blew up.

K: Put them together? ?Why, I did something courageous.

I: Let me get this straight. You blew up  children, and think that is what God desired to happen to His creations?

K: But, they were evil Shiites. I am  confused.

I: Well, let me clear eternity for you. First, you will spend years in this room putting  together bodies of those you destroyed.When, that task is completed, you will spend eternity in a room with those you blew up and they will simply gaze at you in silence. You are doomed to a silent eternity.

K: But,..

I: Sorry, no ‘buts’ just get to work making whole what you destroyed– for eternity in silence!!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Since Donald believes a candidate can change ideas, I assume he will have an Hispanic running mate.

Drought, fires, storms and Republicans just say, weather changes.

The word, “Socialist” used to be an insult, today, many young people shout it out with joy.

Mystery of my life, when did it become normal for criminals to kill kids?

Then again, when did it become normal for kids to kill kids?

Then again, when did it become normal for kids to kill themselves with guns?

All members of Congress should be compelled to read a history of the Constitutional Convention and learn what our Founding Fathers actually believed.

Oh well, its Thursday in Chicago and who gets killed today?

So, What Now Bernie?

It is now quite clear that Bernie Sanders will not win the presidential primary and become the Democratic candidate this fall. It is also quite clear that Bernie Sanders has been pushing and pushing Hillary Clinton to the left on issues such as minimum pay or confronting income inequality. Bernie intends to continue pushing and pushing right up to the first day of the convention. So, what has Bernie proven to the Democratic party?

1. People are tired of the same old faces running for public office.

2. People are just pissed off at their stagnant wages while a small group makes gobs of money.

3. People have no idea as to what is happening in human society as we move ever closer to technology driving out workers and replacing them with machines. Unfortunately, Bernie has no answer to this question, but it IS the question of modern times. Someone, has to educate Americans as to this shift in human society.

4. Young people want someone to believe in. Sorry, Hillary, at this point you are not that person.

So, what now Bernie?

If Hillary Clinton  has a political brain in her head she will ask Bernie Sanders to run with her this fall as candidate for the vice presidency. In so doing, she will arouse young people and get them to the polls!

Just Another Day In Iraq

The good news from Iraq these days is that one knows the day before what will be the news from Iraq tomorrow. A majority of people in Iraq are Shiites and a minority are Sunni Muslims. Under Saddam Hussein, the Sunnis ran Iraq. Now, that he is gone, Shiites are making up for lost time with discrimination against Sunnis, including arresting Sunni political leaders. So, one can daily expect the following:

Yesterday in Baghdad, 67 dead and 87 wounded in a Shiite marketplace. Later in the day, a suicide bomber wearing a vest blew himself up and murdered 17 Shiites and wounded a few dozen. We can expect tomorrow that suicide bomber will blow himself up in a Sunni marketplace area.

And, so on, and so on, and so on. Will this madness ever end?