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We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Athletes Banned For Taking Dope”

Who else but a dope would take dope?

France, Connexion: “Police Appeal For Bomber Identity”

OK, bomber, turn yourself in, PLEASE!

USA, NY Post: “Police Issued New Guns”

Great, now they can shoot new people.

Sweden, Local: “Town Hall On Fire”

Did anyone see Ted Cruz in the area?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “I’m A Sane Gun Owner”

I just do insane things.


We offer observations on the human experience from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Donald Trump should turn to writing fiction. That’s all he talks about.

At some point, all Americans were refugees.

Such tough talk of war from Republicans who never served in the military.

Talk about ISIS turns Americans away from talk about higher minimum wages.

Bernie Sanders is dead, he simply does not come across as a leader in war.

Who knows what awaits America when fear rums rampant?

I wonder who we next hate when Muslims are not the topic?

Words Not Spoken By Republicans

Following are words that will not emanate from the lips of Republicans seeking the presidency.

Donald Trump: About that Plan. There is none, but I can build a wall of bullshit.

Ben Carson: OK, I admit it. I don’t have the faintest idea what a president does.

Jeb Bush: OK, OK, so my brother was a damn idiot!

Carly Fiorina: I’m a fuck up artist, and I would screw anyone, and that includes the American people.

Ted Cruz: If I encountered a man holding a gun pointing at me, I would run for my life!

John Kasich: I can’t win this damn primary, but I sure enjoy the attention.

Rand Paul. How did I get stuck on this platform with these fools?

Chris Christie: I’m a big fat fuck up.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


If Republicans want to end terror in America, how about banning all guns?

A piece of paper flew in the window and landed on the desk of Ben Carson, he signed it.

Listen to cries of hate about Muslims and think about cries of hate against Jews.

I am so relieved that Republican candidates have a PLAN.

My dream: General Donald Trump leading men into battle.

I wonder if any doctor has considered operating on the head of Ben Carson.

Has anyone in the Republican party considered contacting Cheney or Rumsfeld for ideas?

Alas, No Bobby Jindal

I do not understand, I do not feel happy, I do not want to live another day. There is news that Bobby Jindal has ceased his magnificent run for the presidency of this great land. Imagine a world without the wisdom, the caring, the love, the intelligence of Bobby Jindal.I do understand there are those who do not know about the accomplishments, the leadership, and the courage of this man whose parent came from India. You are the ones who should feel sad for not knowing about Bobby Jindal.

For the record, these are among the accomplishments of Bobby Jindal.

1.He is a living and breathing human.

2.He was a Hindu before becoming a Catholic. Now, HOW many American politicians can make that statement!!

3. He did get elected as governor of Louisiana.

4. He did decide to run for president.Now, how many Americans can make that statement!

6. He—————————. Now how many Americans can make that statement!

Let’s Shoot First!

I was raised in an era of the Old West when men were men and boys were boys. Among the unwritten rules of the good old West was that children and women were off limits to any gun fights. I was raised that the sheriff gave a look to the bad guys so they knew when he said check your guns, they removed their weapons and left them at the sheriff office. I was raised that sheriffs were deadly shots who could blast the gun out of the hands of bad men and then lead them calmly to the jail cell. Ah, that was then and now is now.

A new report indicates that over 1,000 people were killed by American police in 2015. Naturally, that figure includes men, women and children. We sure have come a long way from the Western sheriff who could disable a bad guy with one shot. Has anyone considered training modern day police to be dead shots who can at least hit the bad guy’s leg and then take him to the jail cell? Instead,the only thing modern police can do is shooting to kill. How about going back to the good old days of the West?

Donald Vs Marco

Since he began the quest for becoming president, Donald Trump has focused on one of his opponents until he thought the person was out of the game. Poor Jeb Bush is most probably the first candidate that was forced into ending his quest, given the disdain and mocking he was subjected to by Donald. Well,now is the turn of Marco Rubio. Trump told CNN Erin Burnett, that “Rubio was always in favor of amnesty. He was always in favor of letting people pour into this country.” Of course when people(that means Iowa conservative voters) found out about his heresy, Marco became one of our greatest opponents of amnesty.

So now Marco has Donald yelling he is an “amnesty traitor” and he has Ted Cruz shouting that he is a friend of terrorists pouring in across the border and God knows what else. After all, Marco is the son of IMMIGRANTS! Has anyone checked to see if he is also a MUSLIM!!

Sheriff Ted Cruz Rides To Rescue

There is an old American tradition that those who come from immigrant background, are sympathetic to the plight immigrants. Not so, Ted Cruz who was burn in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban national. In other words, Ted’s dad is an IMMIGRANT. But, as far as Ted is concerned, lets round up the immigrants who do not belong here and send them packing. OK, so children of immigrants were born in America and under the Constitution, they are citizens of this land. But, Ted went to Harvard where they, for some reason, do not teach Constitutional law.

So, Donald, do you think the wall you want will hold back the hordes of immigrants seeking to pick our peaches or be nannies for women who are working. Not so says Ted. He wants to “build a wall that works.” Perhaps, we can have watch towers manned by guys with weapons to blast away at any damn immigrant who wants to take jobs away from Americans who are dying to dig ditches.

Oh, Ted has been a strong supporter for immigrants arriving under H-1B visas to take jobs away from Americans who work in the field of technology.

P.S. I wonder if Pope Francis gave a blessing to this devout Catholic?

Life In Republican America

I have endured the presidency of George Bush and his two clowns, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld so the thought of another Republican president is not that crazy. Last night I dreamed that America elected either Carson or Donald or Ted or Marco or even the hapless Jeb.So,what would life be like in that sort of America?

1. Those with wealth would be exempt from paying taxes so the could create gobs of jobs paying $7.25 an hour.

2. There would be a ‘value added tax”of 15% to pay for lower taxes.

3. Gays and lesbians would be denied the right to have babies.

4. Every damn woman who got pregnant would HAVE that baby.

5. President Ben would have an assistant who pointed out places like Syria or Iran.

6.Cops would be urged to shoot first and think later.

7. You want to go to college, work for twenty years to have the money to attend. NO more handouts!

8. Hungry? Go pick peaches, the illegals are now gone.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


In fairness to Ben Carson, at least among the worst American presidents, Warren Harding, fucked women in the White House, while Ben will just fuck Americans.

My dying wish is to have Donald Trump make one of his fabulous deals with me.

Ted Cruz was born in Canada but sure hates those not born in America.

I now feel great pity for Jeb Bush, he looks so forlorn.

Rand Paul will never get into the center of the platform, always on the end.

I await Dick Cheney offering to be a candidate.

Say, whatever happened to the other black Republican, Herman Cain??