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Conservatives Triumph And Conservatives Lose!

This is a story about two Conservative parties and two liberal parties. In England, the Labor party was crushed by Conservatives led by Prime Minister David Cameron. Most polls predicted that Labor and the Conservatives would both secure about 270 seats in Parliament. Cameron has imposed a bitter austerity package upon the British people and made it difficult for young people to even attend college. But, he and the majority of media outlets have been boasting for years that merry England is on the way to recovery. David Miliband, leader of the Labor Party is, most probably, the most inept speaker to run for the position of Prime Minister. He never made clear why Labor should be elected. And, in Scotland the Scottish National Party simply swept to victory gaining over 50 seats. The election was a Conservative victory and a liberal defeat.

Meanwhile in Alberta Province in Canda, Conservatives went from having 51 seats to eleven while the New Democratic Party went from 4 seats to 53 seats and assumed power. They had a program which attracted voters. So, what is the lesson for Hillary Clinton?


1. Interest rates on all college loans will be need.

2. The nation needs a minimum wage of $15 an hour.

3. We must rebuild our infrastructure and create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

4. We must create a path to citizenship.

5. We must work through diplomatics sources to assist Muslim nations to defeat terrorism.

Keep it simple, keep it clear and Conservatives will not win.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Boko Haram Captivity”

A trip to Hell.

Norway, Norway Post: “A Long Way Home”

If only Republicans could send Barack Obama back to his home in Africa!

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Dark And Stormy Night”

What would happen if Ted Cruz became President!

Japan, Japan Times: “Actress Pregnant”

Hopefully with lines not babies.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Sex Ed Homework”

Hopefully an example of hands-on education.

Conversations With Izanians

I have been in contact for decades with some representatives from the planet of Izan. It is located light years away from this minor planet. I asked my friends for their reaction to Republican candidates fro president.

Ted Cruz: You are not joking, are you? He really attended what you term to be a prestigious university? So, what do inferior universities produce?

Mike Huckabee: He appears sort of out-of-shape to combat any foreign soldiers, doesn’t he? On the planet of Izan we term such people, “those who speak the wind, and fart from the ass.”

Ms.Fiorina: Let me get this straight. She was fired from running a corporation and has never even been elected dog catcher and she wants to rule your land? On Izan, one must have previously been elected head dog catcher before seeking a position dealing with intelligent life forms.

Rand Paul: He appears to have a tendency to say one thing on Monday and another thing on Friday. On Izan, we term such life forms: “One who can not make up his mind.”

Jeb Bush: He looks sort of tired and is for something but it is unclear what he desires. OH, we do know he desires to be this president.

Marco Rubio: For some reason he has a deep affection for the people of Israel. He does not look very Jewish or is it the money of this evil looking creature, Sheldon Adelson that prompts his comments?

The question posed by my contacts on Izan is what ever happened to Sarah Palin. They found her delightfully weird. They know she does not know anything about planet Earth, but she is very good at looking out of her window and seeing Siberia. In terms of gazing, she is superior to anyone on Izan. They also miss Herman Cain and that man from Texas who does not even know who is in the Cabinet.

By the way, they really want to meet this guy named God who everyone loves.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Hungary, Budapest Times: “A Successful Invasion of Russia”


Japan, Japan Times: “Mike Huckabee Candidate”

Designated by God?

Kenya, Nation: “Mom, Leave Me Alone”

The cry of every teenager, everywhere!

France, Connexion: “American School Bully”

I believe his name is Ted Cruz.

India, Times Of India: “Government Makes Contradictory Statement”

So, what exactly are you concerned about, this is just normal.

Does America Have Moral Responsibilities?

There is fighting in Iraq, there is fighting in Yemen, there is fighting in Syria, there is fighting in Somalia there is fighting in Nigeria, three are hundreds of immigrants drowning in the sea as they desperately seek peace in some European nation. Once again, the United States of America has been drawn into fights and wars around the world. So, the question must be posed: “Does America have moral responsibilities to people of the world?” Examine the record of the 20th century

1. We came late to World War I and did play a role in the Allied victory. Most historians today agree that Imperial Germany did initiate the war. But, was the only solution to send American troops into combat? What would have happened if those fresh American soldiers had not arrived? Most likely both sides would have worked out a peace agreement.

2. The US was attacked by Japan in 1941 and entered World War II. Russian troops carried the main burden in the war along with British and American forces. There is no doubt we had to fight and end the threat of Nazi Germany winning.

3. After the end of WWII, the famous Cold War began. The theory of Containment was NOT to engage in war against the Soviet Union but to wait until internal forces within that nation ended communism. The
Vietnam war violated this theory. And, what happened? Internal forces changed the Soviet Union.

In other words, a nation can be a moral leader without engaging in war. We have never focused upon economic development in the Middle East. Perhaps, if we assisted the economic growth of Muslim societies there would not be wars now raging in the Middle East. Perhaps, peace and jobs is a the right moral stand for the US?


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

France, Connexion: “Patient Gets Artificial Heart”

I trust his name was Ted Cruz!

Sweden, Local: “Let Kids Be Kids”

No kidding!

Norway, Norway Post: “Mr. Irrelevant”

Ah, that his name was Sheldon Adelson!

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Don’t Lose Sight Of Big Picture”

What our attitude should be in negotiating with Iran.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Sex Crazed Chicken Terrifies Family”

I award three clucks to this story!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body


We Americans know how to burn down cities, but struggle with making them a place for all citizens.

I never understand why charging some police with a crime means I am charging ALL police with a crime.

There is a report that Republicans will once again repeal Obamacare.

John Roberts is to being a Chief Justice as Alex Rodriguez is to being a model for American youth.

I await a Republican fight for protect our dogs against same sex behavior.

I have never understood how burning your neighborhood somehow makes it more successful.

We have forgotten that Martin Luther King stood for nonviolence


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Banks Abandoned”

Yep, the wealthy took out all the money!

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Police, Army Raid House”

And, a good time was had by one and all with the women in the house.

Norway,Norway Post: “New Gas Discovery”

And, new earth quakes along with it.

USA, aol: “Hottest City”

It used to be Ferguson, but guess which city today is the hottest spot?

UK, Guardian: “Mr. Irrelevance”

Today in America, the title goes to –TED CRUZ!


We offer examples of headlines that appeared in the world press alone with our comments.

Norway, Norway Post: “Another Draw Of A Gun”

Another riot.

USA, New York Post: “Get Off My Lawn”

Dammit, this is Texas, stand on my lawn and it is death for you!

India, India Times: “Perfect Storm”

And thousands have died in Nepal!

Sweden, Local: “Children Locked Out Of Daycare”

Heck, they are three, time to get out and earn a living!

Australia, Canberra Times: “”New Gas Discovery”

Right in Central Park, so let’s drill baby, drill!

How To End Riots

There is no question that thousands are in the streets of America demonstrating their anger at what is more than police incompetence. Protesters are simply the outcome of a society that has turned its back on those who lack higher education and the right credentials that earn one a good paying job. Today, there are blacks in the cities, tomorrow there will be blacks, whites, Hispanics and Asians rioting because society has left them in poverty. We are simply witnessing the end result of a Capitalist economy that rewards those who do not need rewards and punishes those who are left behind. So, how to end riots?

1. We meed new legislation that enables our workers to form unions that fight for decent wages.

2. We need a new form of the GI Bill of Rights which allowed anyone who had served in the military to receive a free college education along with money to live on. Actually, such a law would pay for itself over time as people get higher paying jobs and give more back in higher taxes. They also stimulate the economy by increasing the demand for housing.

3. WE need to train police in the methods of handling violence without using guns. Check with Steven Segal, he never uses a gun.

4. We need to invent a new form of education that educates our youth for 21st century life.

5. We must return to the old days when workers were respected.

6. We must recapture the Depression idea that poor people just need a good job.