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We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada, Toronto Star: “I Will Miss Him”

Say, whatever happened to Barack Obama?

China, China Daily: “Strengthen Graft Fight”

Never abandon the right to get a bit of graft, why else get elected?

France, Connexion: “Ruling On Flight Delays”

Yes, they are legal!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “You Still Here?”

I will fight for justice today and tomorrow!

Sweden, Local: “Stockhold Therapy Tax”

If only we had such a therapy tax in America for members of Congress!

Back Off Obama On Immigration

It has become increasingly clear that President Obama lacks knowledge about American history. He needs some old time Irish politicians around him instead of his Chicago buddies who inhabit a world apart from the daily lives of Americans. I suggest that he get a friend to just drive around America, halt in diners and talk with people about their daily lives. The President has thrown down a challenge to Republicans that he will act on immigration. A few months ago when asked about his strategy for ISIS, he responded: “I don’t have one.” Barack Obama must learn to shut his mouth! If you lack a strategy, simply say, “we are close to reaching decisions about deploying Americans but will not do so until we are certain to avoid deaths of our military.” Obama has the power to use his executive power to handle the immigration situation. But, now is NOT the time to do it. What should be his strategy?

1. Inform Republican leaders that he awaits their solutions to the problem and will not do anything until they first have had an opportunity to come up with a plan.

2. Arrange to meet with Republican leaders and ask them to inform him of their plans.

3. Hold weekly press conferences and arrange for the media to ask him about immigration reform. Respond that he awaits Republican action.

4. There are times to be silent and just wait and watch.

5. Do not issue threats.

6. On September 1, 2015 announce that he has waited a year and must now issue an executive decision.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


A man walked by me laughing, how about making laughter compulsory when out public?

I learned to drive in my twenties, is that the reason I struggle backing into a parking spot?

I drove my wife to the airport at 5:00 am. when there was no traffic, we need 5:00 a.m. traffic throughout the day.

I always feel awkward when in an “upscale plaza”

When I was a child an overdue book in the library resulted in a penny fine. Ah, the good old days.

A “red light” day for me means hitting every red light.

I always dip into the dish of pennies that one can take to use for purchasing a bagel.

Rainy days are times to reflect upon life and God.

I have the ability to wreck an umbrella very easily.

An Agenda For Democrats

The Democratic Party has for return to its roots as a party of ALL Americans rather than a party that has the one note of women’s rights. Of course, Democrats should protect women rights, but that alone will not win elections. So, here is a possible program:

1. Raise the minimum wage over a five year time period to $15 an hour.

2. Offer students in debt an option of the 2% plan. They could opt to pay 2% of their wages until the loan is paid off. In other words, if a student has a $30,000 debt and is earning $30,000 a year their payment would be $50 a month.

3. Present a ten year program to rebuild the infrastructure of this country that would provide jobs.

4. Have the Federal government work with community colleges to create job training programs that offer those interested in a college program leading to a job.

5. End the war on drugs and legalize marijuana. Place a detour on the road to prison.

6. In Federal prisons allow those in jail for drug use to go home. Empty the prisons of non-violent crime offenders.

7. Initiate law suits against Wall Street types who robbed the American people. How about a few months in prison for those Criminals!

8. Initiate a ten year program that will result in high speed trains– just like those in Europe and Asia!

9. Offer a law that provides a month paid leave for wives and husbands who want to remain home with the newly born baby.

10. Offer a ten year program leading to universal child care.

Now, this might just result in people voting!

So, What Went Wrong For Democrats?

I am currently a citizen of the state of Illinois and spent the past few months enjoying a campaign for governor of the state that resulted in a Republican winning that office in a state that is heavily Democratic. Let me review why Bruce Rauner, the latest millionaire won an election.

1. I do not recall a single political idea proposed by Governor Pat Quinn about what he intended to do if re-elected.

2. Governor Quinn did not speak about raising minimum wages, he did not speak about health care, he did not speak about jobs.

3. Governor Quinn spent untold millions informing we citizens that Bruce was an evil man.

4. I watched one political commercial after another about a company owned by Bruce that cheated elderly folk.

5. In a nutshell, the Democratic candidate ran an attack program that made clear that Bruce had gobs of money and cheated people. This apparently, meant that I should vote for Quinn.

The Democratic party this election focused on personal issues rather than on political issues. Democrats did NOT offer any ideas about how they would make America an economic powerhouse that provided higher wages and more jobs. In Colorado Mark Udall spent his entire campaign on the issue that he would protect women’s rights. The right to have an abortion IS important, but it is not THE issue for Americans. I doubt if Colorado voters were provided ideas to improve their lives. That is what doomed Democrats!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Blind Faith”

Barack Obama’s main problem, he has blind faith in his political knowledge.

China, China Daily: “Blue Skies Greet Leaders”

Not the leaders of the Democratic Party!

France, Connexion: “Court Throws Out Graffiti Case”

Chalk that one up!

Japan, Japan Times: “Band Of Jihadists”

Off with their heads!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “You Still Here?”‘

The feeling of many Democrats this morning about Barack Obama!

An Agenda For Democrats

I am 84 years old and have lived through other such nights as last night when Republicans gained a great political victory. The bad news is that Republicans won, the good news is that Republicans won. This Republican party is clueless regarding what is necessary in modern America in order to address needs in modern America. They lack any program that addresses economic and social needs of Americans. So, what must be the political strategy of the Democratic Party? The Democratic Party must provide Americans with a program that seeks to create a 21st century society.

1. Student Loans are hindering the ability of young people to purchase homes and enjoy a successful economic life. Short term program: reduce interest rates on student loans to 2%. Long term solution: offer students the option of paying 2% of their wages for student loans. This dramatically reduces payments for all students. For example, a student with a $30,000 loan who earns $30,000 will only pay $50 a month for their loan repayment.

2. JOBS. Propose a huge rebuilding program for our infrastructure. Get people working.

3. Propose a new health program that offers initially: all those from birth to age 22 are now covered by Medicare. The following years all other Americans will be covered by Medicare. Simple solution to the health care issue in America.

4. Promise Americans that a Democratic President will hold weekly press conferences as well as monthly Talks With The American People.

5. Promise to ask members of Congress of both parties to meet and devise a program that will address the issue of Drugs in America. We need a new direction.

6. Promise that a new Democratic President will appoint a Republican as Attorney General. Make clear to the American people that a President should have an Attorney General who is not beholden to the President.

7. Ask Congress to create a commission that will address the issue of too many people in jail. We need a new direction.

These are an initial factors in a new political direction.

Obama’s Night of Sorrow

In 2008, many Americans such as yours truly decided we needed a new voice after eight years of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld and we rejected Hillary Clinton because we assumed she was too close to the world that must be changed. So, we elected a former college professor who had spent a few years as US Senator. We assumed that he had new ideas and would institute changes in American society. Unfortunately, we did not realize his complete lack of knowledge concerning how politics operated in a federal system of government. Barack Obama must rank among those elected to the presidency who lacked any understanding of government in this nation. He has made clear a distaste with the political process which he regards as beneath his contempt. The result has been six years of incompetent leadership in America. Please do not get me wrong, Obama has some excellent ideas, but it is one thing in American politics to have ideas, and another to get them transformed into laws. So, what went wrong with the Obama administration?

1. Barack Obama never established a working relationship with Democrats in Congress. He rarely speaks with members of Congress let alone listens to their political needs.

2. Barack Obama has pushed legislation without any consideration as to whether these laws politically benefit Democrats in Congress.

3. Barack Obama assumed the presidency in the midst of an economic crisis. He was urged by some of his advisors to read carefully how Franklin D. Roosevelt handled the Depression, but he never studied this model. FDR focused on two issues for the short term–fixing the banking system and then JOBS, JOBS, JOBS. He took office in March and by August about 4,000,000 men and women were working rebuilding roads, bridges, reforesting our forests and building hospitals or bridges, etc..

4. Barack Obama was elected with support from young Americans. He failed the first requirement of a good politician, reward those who elected you. Where was any legislation to address the issue of Student Loans? Nothing was given youth for their hard work. A successful politicians MUST reward his supporters. Yes, that is “politics,”but that is how one governs in a huge nation such as the United States of America.

To sum up: former Professor Barack Obama though the was still back teaching in college where students took notes and obeyed the professor.

The Mexican Sadness

It is increasing difficult to report any news from Mexico without at some point halting to discuss the issue of drugs. Of course, those drugs have less to do with Mexico and more to do with the United States of America which has created more problems in Latin America than any pestilence in the history of this area of the world. The old saying, “so far from God and so near to the United States of America” is still true. In every area of Mexico there is bound to be one or another gang of drug lords whose only belief is murder and mayhem. In a small Mexican town the mayor was a man named Jose Lusi Abavea and he assumed the town belonged to him and his wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda. Of course these two people were simply placed in a power positions by the local gang known as Guerros Unidos. Some college students decided to protest the power of the mayor and his wife. As of this point, at least six are dead and 42 are still missing. The major crime committed by these students was to openly express disagreement with the mayor and his wife.

The mayor and his wife are now prisoners of the police. They insist they were only attempting to teach these kids “a lesson.” Most probably the lesson was about life and death. Such is life in Mexico, whose problem is being too close to the United States, land of drug users and drug laws.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Hungary, Budapest Times: “We Are Tops When It Comes To Corruption”

Sorry, we in America have the Koch brothers, try topping them!

Sweden, Local: “Your Number Is Up”

I believe this pertains to President Obama and his failed leadership.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Dog Acquitted”

it was the cat!

USA, Newsday: “Cop Testifies On Flushing The Toilet”

Sounds like a lot of crap to me.

UK Guardian: “Day At The Races”

Ah, to just watch horses run instead of these jackasses running for office!