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We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

France, Connexion: “I Will Deliver A Budget”

And, it damn well will reduce taxes on our poor wealthy folks!

UK,Guardian: “Fleeing Refugees”

And, no Statue of Liberty to Greet Them.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Worse Reverse For Seniors”

Elect Jeb Bush as President?

Sweden, Local: “Who Worries The World?

I can name 17 clowns who do.

Israel, Jerusalem Post: “Rabbi Fired”

Is that allowed in the Torah?

Reflections On Baseball

I was raised in the golden age of baseball. Pitchers were expected to pitch an entire nine inning game, and players were expected to play the entire game, batting and in the field. In those days, a baseball game usually was completed within two hours. Today, one is happy if the game concludes within four hours. These days pitchers are restricted to about 105 pitches, in my youth a pitcher was expected to pitch the entire nine innings. It stands to reason the more innings one pitches, the stronger one’s arm becomes.

We baby, we coddle modern baseball players. Sorry, baseball is a passive sport with most players not in action more than a small percent of the game.Yet,players today must be “rested.” For God’s sake, the first baseman is just standing there catching a ball.An outfielder just stands and watches, occasionally, he must run to catch a ball. Now this is real hard work!

OH,and today, we pay someone $5 million for hitting 220!

Baseball has become a boring sport with pampered men as players.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


If ignorance was a virtue, we Americans would all be Saints in Heaven.

Freddie Kruger has arrived, only he now works for Fox News.

I so await the day when someone will actually tell me their idea as to what occurs if we turn down the Iran deal.

American Jews ignore anti-Jewish statements by the Chief Rabbi in Jerusalem.

What about a Non-Stop people day by the police?

Just legalize ALL drugs and end the drug lords!

Just Picking Up Medicine

Charnesia Corley hopped in her car and headed to get some medicine for her sick mother. That is how her criminal career began. She did not make a full stop at a Stop Sign–how many have done that every day? Raise your hands. She was pulled over in a parking lot, the police “smelled something funny” and proceeded to check her car for marijuana. She was told to lie on the ground and pull her pants down–IN PUBLIC! She responded: “Well ma’am, I don’t have any underwear on.” Response: “Well, that doesn’t matter. Pull your pants down.” She was then placed under arrest for “resisting arrest and possession of 0.2 ounces of marijuana.

If every woman in America who was arrested and forced to pull her pants down, we would have a line from coast to coast of women displaying their naked bodies. Just about every one who has driven a car has not made the full stop at the Stop Sign. At worse, we wind up with a ticket and pay the $25 fine. This incident occurred in –where else but Texas. If Texans are so damned concerned about illegal people entering the state why not quit worrying about Stop Signs and head for the border!!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local: “I Need Your Help”

We Koch brothers need some tax relief.

China, China Daily: “She Fakes Pregnancy”

Hell, Megyn fakes blood!

USA, aol: “Forgive The Unforgivable”

So, let’s all forgive the Donald Man.

France, Connexion: “Hot Air Balloon Sets Record”

Hell, Donald can beat this one with one tirade.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Block Pornography”

We can block it online, but not in life.

Marco Stands For Life!

Marco Rubio is a nice young man with a wife and kids. He is also a Catholic and feels the need to behave according to the dictates of his religion. “I personally and deeply believe that all human life is worthy of the protection of the laws. I believe irrespective of the conditions under which that life was conceived or anything else.”In other words, Senator Rubio does NOT believe in the laws of the United States of America because the US Supreme Court has ruled that abortion is a right of a woman. When it comes to issues of rape or incest, the Senator does not believe in exceptions.

I hate to inform Senator Rubio but our FOUNDING FATHERS did NOT believe that your personal religious belief took precedent over the laws of the land They wanted complete separation of state and religion. Actually, most of our Founding Fathers were Deists who did not want any religion to impose its ideas upon the people of America.

Marco you always boast about how your ancestors came from Cuba, but this is NOT a Catholic nation.

Talk About Nothing

There was a “debate” a few nights ago between ten men in which the great issues confronting America were discussed. Let me list the key issues confronting the United States of America:

1. Illegal immigrants taking jobs away from Americans. Naturally,most college graduates these days are dying to pick peaches, apples and lettuce.

2. I hate Hillary,more than you.

3. Who supports the Republican Party the most.

4. Who hates the dude from Africa the most?

5. Who likes or dislikes Megyn Kelly the most?

6. Who wants to save women from making a mistake the most?

7. The guy named Donald.

Of course, a few minor issues were not discussed.

1. Student debt.

2. Our crumbling infrastructure.

3. Income inequality.

4. Health care for women.

5. Something about that thing about RACE!

Advice To Donald Trump

Donald, I realize that Rudolf Murdoch and the wealthy big shots in the Republican party are out to get you,so let me offer some advice on how to beat these guys.

1. Be a real Populist. Attack, attack, the wealthy in America.

2. Promise if elected to raise taxes on those with wealth in order to pay for rebuilding America.

3. At the next, so called, Debate, look the Murdoch people in the eye and say: “How about asking this group to raise their hand if they are willing to pledge not to take any money from the Koch brothers or any of the other people who will give money if you do their bidding?

4. Promise if elected to end all Student Debt, if we can bail out banks,why not students?

5. Promise if nominated not to run with a vice president in order to show how from day one, you will reduce government expenses.

6. Promise if elected that you will do without a Cabinet, who needs a bunch of ignorant people giving you advice? Are they kidding, someone giving DONALD TRUMP advice!!

7. Promise on day one of your presidency, you will go to Syria and Iraq to personally supervise wiping out these Muslim terrorists.

8. And that wall, instead of a wall you will build a moat five miles deep and supervised by motor boats.

Donald -give them HELL!

Advice To Rudy Giuliani

Rudy, your time has finally arrived. Republicans desperately need a new voice in the race for president. YOU are the only real American who is a Republican. Examine the facts:

1. You alone by your bravery saved the city of New York.

2. You were the first voice in America that warned us about those horrible Muslims.

3. You walked the streets of Harlem without any police by your side to show your bravery.

4. You can easily out shout, out boast that guy named Trump.

5. You now have gobs of money.

6. You alone have a plan to save America. SHOUT, BOAST, ATTACK, ATTACK ANY AND ALL DEMOCRATS!

Please Rudy, come and save America as you once single-handedly saved New York City!

Advice To Jeb Bush

Jeb, you need a new narrative about your life,so here it is:

“My real mother was a Jewish seamstress who worked in the slums of New York. She was married to an illegal Mexican farm worker,but they lacked money so my darling mother left me in a basket at the home of some people named Bush. I have no DNA which contains any Bush material, my DNA is solid Jewish and Mexican. My so called brother, George and I had absolutely no close relations when growing up. He was cruel to me and always treated me as not one who belonged to the tradition of being a Bush. So, I was the unwanted brother who endured horrible treatment when growing up. My so called, mother and father, forbid my real mom and dad to see me. That is why from early childhood my sympathies were always with Mexicans. Heck, I even married one. I have always been on the side of those who are poor and persecuted.

Let me put it this way. I am the only COMPASSIONATE REPUBLICAN in this race for the presidency. God bless the poor people of America, I AM your champion!”