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Scot,We Knew Ye Well

Well, Scot Walker will no longer be with us, he has departed the campaign trail in order to return to Wisconsin and deal with issues that he does know about– cheese and cutting pensions. I gather that Scott tried very, very hard to persuade Sheldon Adelson and his billions of dollars to give him a few hundred million. After all, this is Yom Kippur night,and the least Sheldon could have done was to be generous to this nice Catholic boy who adores, worships, loves Israel, or at least, the Israel of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Anyway,the good news is that since Scott no longer has to be on the campaign trail he can devote his energies to dealing with Wisconsin home-grown terrorists like teachers, social workers and firemen. After all, if he could stand up to social workers, imagine how President Walker would have dealt with ISIS!

The Doctor On Life

Ben Carson is a doctor. He does know and understand the workings of a human body, the inside,that is. However, when it comes to issues about what happens outside the human body, the good doctor is more in the class of Carly Florina or Donald Trump. Neither of this trio has the faintest understanding of what is happening in the world, let alone, in the United States of America. Ben informed Republicans, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.”

As I recall, about 90% of white folks back in the good old days of segregation would “not advocate that we put a Negro in charge of this nation. They absolutely would not agree with that.” I doubt if Ben knows:

1. Anything about the Muslim religion.

2. Anything about Muslim nations, let alone where they are in the world.

Oh, but he does know something about the inside of human bodies.

The Rick Santorum Story

The last time we saw Rick Santorum he was wearing sweaters, but has now decided to dress like the grown-up do–suit and tie.

1. Rick is the ONLY candidate with a direct line to the Big Guy up in the sky.

2. Rick loves children, no one can match this love of those born or unborn.

4. Rick does not want illegal immigrants here, the main problem he will soon solve is who picks the fruit and works as nannies.

5. Rick is ready to get rid of ISIS, they will never withstand speeches from him directed at the Middle East.

6. No candidate can match his love of wife and children, in fact, they will vote for him. So, he does have a foundation to win the nomination.

7. Oh, he is a Christian and is ready to fight Muslims in an arena any time, anywhere.

8. Rick wants every child born or unborn to have human rights, it’s just the illegal immigrants who should not get them!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


At least the Muslim problem has diverted Republicans from the Black problem.

Some seek to unravel the mystery of life, me, I just want to unravel they mystery of Trump’s PLAN.

Good to know that Jeb Bush is still alive.

Rand Paul is the only candidate who makes any common sense.

Carly Florina is ready to challenge Atomic Bomb Russia to prove she got balls!

Then again, each Republican wants to assure Americans that he got balls!

Not a single word on Wednesday night about problems facing young Americans.

Don’t Come To Science Fair!

I taught high school for over a decade and during that time attended many science fairs. We encouraged kids to invent some weird thing in order to demonstrate their creative thinking. Ahmed Mohamed is a student at MacArthur high school in the state of Texas. As you know, the federal government has been planning to take over the state of Texas and send its population into concentration camps. Ahmed decided to create an alarm clock. He took it to school Naturally, with a name like Mohamed, how could any Principal rest comfortably. Naturally, he called the cops. Think about it–a MUSLIM came to school with a thing he had created!

The cops arrived, placed handcuffs on the hands of a 140 pound fourteen year old boy. They naturally rushed the bomb squad to the school. Alas, it was just an alarm clock. Anyway, President Obama welcomed the boy to the White House. Another example of how Obama refuses to support our police!!

The John Kasich Story

For some strange reason there was actually a person on the stage who made some sense. How did he wind up with those people?

1. John wants to work with Democrats to solve problems.

2. John wants officials to obey the law.

3. John refuses to send 11 million immigrants home.

4. John has worked with federal officials to deal with poverty.

5. John had no comment to Donald Trump.

6. John had no comment to Carly Florina.

Again, how did he wind up with these weirdos??


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press and our comments.

Iran,Tehran Times: “Support Food Sanctions”

I assume Republicans want to starve out the Iranians.

Australia, Canberra Times: “My Worst Nightmare”

I don’t know yours, mine is President Trump.

France, Connexion: “McDonald’s Gunman Dies”

I assume he consumed a Happy Meal.

UK,Guardian: “Secret To Longevity”

Never watch Fox News?

China, China Daily: “China Economy OK”

It’s just that stock market that is not!

Just Pissing Through Life

I inhabit a world in which nut cases are running for the office of president of the United States of America while nut cases wander through the Middle East beheading and murdering children. There does come a point in which one gets the feeling, “Oh, just piss off and leave me alone!” Well, Mr. Jeff Rubin might be the most honest or outrageous man in America because he decided to just show the world what happens when a man gets so pissed off that he pisses off.

Jeff was on a JetBlue flight from Anchorage to Portland, Oregon when he fell asleep. Upon awakening, Jeff decided to urinate between the cracks of the seat in front of him. Then, he stood up, stumbled, and just pissed and pissed to his heart’s content. At least we have found the only honest man in America, or, at least, the only one who just wants to piss of the world.

America-Land That Used To Be The Dream

My parents were immigrants from Europe who decided to take the great step and head for the promised land of America. They were thrilled to arrive in New York City, see the Statue of Liberty, and enjoy a sense of peace and friendship. Millions made the long journey to the promised land. Untold thousands entered the country from the ever present Canada which allowed entry without going through Ellis Island. This nation was built on the backs of immigrants. During WWII, at least 30% of those who fought were the children of immigrants–legal or illegal. That was then, and today is now.

Immigrants coming from the Middle East now shout: Germany, Germany, we want to enter your nation. None say a word about America, the once promised land for those seeking a new life. Children of the immigrants now hate immigrants. The central question facing America is–what has happened to the soul and dream of this country? What have we become? A frightened nation which thrives on fear and hate.

Thank God, the other America existed for those seeking a new life!

White Lives Matter

An event occurred which finally took Republicans off the Benghazi kick, the movement called, “Black Lives Matter’ has aroused the entire Republican party and Fox News. Bill O’Reilly is just fed up. “Every time there is a controversy about an officer shooting a black person, they’re out there stirring the pot. It is a cam,pain to demonize the police.

Bill does have a point:

1. How come these blacks are not out there with “Jewish Lives Matter?” Iran is ready to drop its atomic bombs on Israel and all American blacks can do is moan and groan about black lives.

2. How come there is no organization called: “Irish Cop Lives Matter?” Start waving these banners and Bill O’Reilly will be leading the parade.

3. As far as I know, there is no organization that pleads “Bush Lives Matter” in order to assist Jeb to get what is rightfully his.

Black, black, black, but not one word about Red, Pink, or blue.