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We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


In fairness to Ben Carson, at least among the worst American presidents, Warren Harding, fucked women in the White House, while Ben will just fuck Americans.

My dying wish is to have Donald Trump make one of his fabulous deals with me.

Ted Cruz was born in Canada but sure hates those not born in America.

I now feel great pity for Jeb Bush, he looks so forlorn.

Rand Paul will never get into the center of the platform, always on the end.

I await Dick Cheney offering to be a candidate.

Say, whatever happened to the other black Republican, Herman Cain??

Donald Knows Vladimir

During the debate Donald Trump wanted the audience to know that he personally knows Russian President Vladimir Putin. In fact, noted Donald, he even was on a 60 Minute program along with the Russian leader, and I guess the two of them sort of hit it off. Of course, Donald was in a separate segment of the program which showed him in America and Vladimir was in a separate segment which showed him in Moscow. I assume this was a long distance friendship between two men who never spoke with one another.

Donald also boasted that President Eisenhower forced about one million illegal immigrants to depart from the US. HOWEVER, President Eisenhower allowed over a million Mexicans to come to America to work in farm fields.

By the way Donald, MY research of the year 1953 revealed that each year at least 200,000 illegal immigrants were entering America from Canada and all were immigrants from Europe.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


There is no question that a President Fiorina will engage in nuclear war to prove that she has balls.

The magic word at any Republican debate is OBAMA. Just say it and then say anything such is that he is the anti-Christ.

Poor Rand Paul is always at the end and always ends with a comment about no war that does not agree with the others.

Jeb wants the world to know that he knows something.

John Kasich wants the world to know that he has actually DONE something.

Ben Carson is the American nightmare candidate who just goes on and on mumbling nonsense.

One day Ted Cruz will make a statement without recalling his brave father who came to America with nothing.

He Trumps Them All

Donald Trump is very clear about one point–he knows how to make deals, Not only does he know how to make deals, he understands how to make a Great Deal, one that will clean out any opponent and make them admit they are stupid and they will do whatever Donald desires. Donald spent considerable time and energy discussing the new trade deal which President Obama is negotiating with Asian nations. Donald made clear this is one stupid deal which will allow China to rob us blind. He went on and on about how the deal was one that China would love because it would allow China to take more and more of our jobs.China cheats the US and this deal would enable China to cheat some more.

At this point, a moderator noted: “But, Mr.Trump, China is not part of the deal.” Well, the Donald man was quick to respond. He made clear that what he has just been talking about made clear that China was not part of the deal.From that point on, he wanted the audience to know that he knows how to make Great Deals and he will not allow China to beat us in any deal.

Who else but the Great Mouth could get away with this one. Naturally, the audience loved his denunciation of a deal that did not involve China. Only in the Republican party with its Republican idiots.

Let’s Have An Auction

Someone, somewhere decided to purchase the last remaining firs class menu for the Titanic voyage and the going rate for this precious piece of knowledge was $118,750. We thought there are other items that might be auctioned off.

1. The bullet that killed the American Ambassador in Benghazi. Definitely worth at least two more years of Congressional investigations of the bullet.

2. The entire bank account of Marco Rubio which is worth at least 100,000 votes.

3. A picture of Chris Christie all naked taking a shower. Would you pay $2 for this photo?

4. The tape of a conversation between Jeb and George Bush in which they discuss the best policy to handle Islamic terrorists. How about a $1.50?

5. The tape of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz discussing handling Hispanic immigrants. A jump of 1% in the polls.

6. Dick Cheney hunting when he shoots a friend instead of the deer. This is worth a free trip for him to Iran–all expenses paid.

Ben Carson Saga

This intrepid reporter has been able to secure previously unknown material dealing with the life of one, Ben Carson. Ben Carson is more than a candidate for the presidency of this fair land, he is among the great heroes of America over the past forty years. From the greatest surgeon known in the history of American medicine, to the man who almost single-handedly ended war, famine and pestilence, here is the Ben Carson story.

He was born in slums. But, at the age of seven, he single-handedly broke up an entire gang of murderers. Once they saw the little boy with fists of iron appear, they decided to leave their urban existence and head west.

At the age of eight, when his math teacher collapsed, he assumed the role of teacher and made certain that each and every child became a noted scholar. At the age of ten, he went to Lebanon and wiped out Muslim terrorists who had killed US marines. Details will come later.

At the age of eleven, President Reagan summoned the boy scholar to assist him in dealing with Russian leaders.

At the age of twelve he entered a McDonald’s, saw three gang members seeking to rob the store and organized a posse to rush the counter and ensure that every starving person in sight had free hamburgers.

Some claim the Berlin Wall collapsed due to the efforts of Ronald Reagan, but note the little black boy in the pictures who is among the first to destroy the infamous Berlin Wall.

Space does not suffice to recount all the exploits of this tiny black youth.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments

China, China Daily: “Should Women Propose To Men”

Not in a country where there are way more men than women.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Let Them Have Air Rifles”

Heck, they are already six years old!

Russia, Moscow Times: “Anti-Social Drivers”

The least they can do is be social enough to hit the other car.

Sweden, Local: “Dogs Vs Porcupine”


Denmark, Copenhagen Post: ‘Rail Expert Gather”

I trust they keep on track during discussions.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I expect that at any moment,Rudy Giuliani will enter the presidential election. After all, he single-handedly saved America in 2001.

I so wish to give Ben Carson a simple quiz on American history.

Not in his wildest nightmares did Donald think he would be behind Carson in a poll.

Dick Cheney is eligible to become president. I would so love to see him on the stage of clowns.

I bet Carly is on a strict diet. She looks so trim.

I wonder if Donald Trump can have his wife run for vice president with him.

Jeb Bush has become the poor man’s Bush in hand.

New Debate Rules For Republicans

Members of the Republican party who are running for the office of president are very upset. They simply do not like the manner in which moderators pose questions. They do not want any pictures of any of them sweating. They want the room temperature to be set at 67 degrees.They insist on the right to censor graphics shown during the debate. They are really upset when the camera shows no one at his or her podium. And, most of all they do not like any “gotcha questions”

In the interest of fairness, we suggest some new rules:

1. Ben Carson should only be posed questions dealing with heart surgery. After all, he lacks any knowledge of anything other than that topic.

2. Jeb Bush should be allowed to have brother George take his place using the name,Jeb.

3. Carly should only be asked questions dealing with how one goes about laying off people. Allow her to play to her strength.

4. Donald should be allowed to discuss his ventures into the world of real estate.

5. Ted Cruz should be allowed to discuss his childhood in Canada.

6. I think Marco Rubio should be allowed to discuss why Cuban refugees were worthy immigrants unlike those from Mexico.

7. John Kasich should only be posed questions dealing with his life in Ohio.

And, at the beginning and end of the debate they all should be allowed to sing: “Onward Christian Soldiers.”

Shoot The Bad Guys

Paul Armand Rafer is a grandfather and he was asked by his daughter to take care of a five year old grandchild. For some unexplained reason, grandpa decided to take his five year old granddaughter on a walk in the desert. Don’t ask me why,but where else would you take a young child but into the desert. Grandpa got hungry and thirsty and just needed a cool drink, so he plopped down his darling grandchild–under a tree– and handed her a .45 caliber handgun with instructions: “shoot any bad guy.” Fortunately, mom realized her idiot father was with the kid and found her.

Oh, grandpa insisted that he was hungry, needed a cheeseburger with a beer and why couldn’t the kid take care of herself? After all, she did have a loaded gun cocked to fire! What the hell is happening to kids these days?

My question to grandpa: Exactly how does one know who are the bad guys?