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WE offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

China, China Daily: “Who Stole Spring?”

Who else but Barack Obama!

Denmark,Copenhagen Post: “Conflict With Modern Times”

Where else but in the Middle East?

Norway, Norway Post: “Meet Nudist Friends”


Egypt, al-Ahram: “65 Year Old Pregnant”

This definitely requires a pregnant moment of thought on my part.

Sweden, Local: “Don’t Go To Mars”

We need the peace of Venus!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local: “Athlete Charged With Murder”

On or off the field?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Cashier Thought Robbery a Joke”

Hopefully, hopefully so did robber.

Norway, Norway Post: “Movie Fires Blanks”

These days more like atomic bombs.

Russia,Moscow Times: “First President Implant”

I assume a heart for President Putin.

France, Connexion: “Big Void”

Compassion for the poor in our Congress

Obama Meets Bad Guy!

Once again, Barack Obama is doing something very bad. First, he worked with Iran in order to help them get an atomic bomb, and now this weekend he will be talking with Cuban leader, Raul Castro at the summit meeting of western hemisphere leaders that is being held in Panama. Imagine, an American president who sits down and talks with bad people who murder their own people!!

1. Republican President Richard Nixon opened diplomatic relations with Communist China whose leader, Mao Tse-tung had murdered at least TWENTY MILLION Chinese as well as klling 20,000 US soldiers during theKorean war.

2. St. Ronald Reagan met with leaders of the Soviet Union and worked out agreements.

3. Today, the US has diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia, a nation which lacks religious freedom and yearly chops off the head of a few dozen people.

4. Actually, during the 1980s,St.Ronald worked with Saddam Hussein when he murdered thousands with gas attacks.

5. The US has had diplomatic relations with Sri Lanka in which a few hundred thousand Tamils were murdered during a civil war.

6.Then again, we had diplomatic relations with President Assad of Syria.

Name any evil leader in this world and we have worked with that person.

So, Barack, go ahead and talk, it is better than going ahead with war and violence.

Oh, it is legal in Communist Cuba to practice the Catholic religion although not legal in our ally, Saudi Arabia.

Cuban Nights And Days

For the past half century there has been one idea that all American politicians agree upon- it is a crime to speak with anyone connected with the evil Cuban government. After all, how could we Americans engage in dialogue with a nation that is run by an evil ruler? Never utter any words to anyone who belongs to that bad country. We Americans stand for freedom and oppose any and all agreements with dictators such as the Castro boys.

1. Richard Nixon opened diplomatic relations with the really evil Chinese Communist government.

2. St. Ronald Reagan met and negotiated with the evil Communist leader, Gorbachev.

3. John F. Kennedy negotiated with Communist leaders.

4. The US currently has relations with at least twenty nations whose leader is dictatorial.


President Obama will be in Panama for a Latin American summit. He WILL speak with Raul Castro and hopefully persuade him to end imprisonment of opposition leaders and enable Cubans to have greater access to the Internet. At least he might slightly expand the limits of dissent for those in Cuba. Just another talk with another dictator, which means things are normal.

Oh, there is freedom of religion in Cuba although there is no freedom of religion in our ally, Saudi Arabia!

People With Bad Ideas

There is a popular view among conservatives in America that the cause of all and any problem in this nation stems from those who have bad ideas. Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, you name the person, and they will carefully explain that we do not have any economic or social issues in this nation, any and all problems stem from the bad ideas of that man in the White House. According to Fox News this nation is engaged in a great war, and the war is all about who has the right ideas. Naturally, those with bad ideas are members of the Democratic party and all it takes to get this nation back to happiness and prosperity is to elect people who have the right ideas.


Raise taxes on wealthy. This idea violates the Ten Commandments of our Lord Jesus Christ

Give people food stamps. They will just spend the money on liquor and gambling.

Rebuild our infrastructure, this leads to people driving on Sunday when they should be in church praying.

Talk rather than shoot when encountering a black boy on the streets.

Enable women to get power in business, that means they are not at home with the kids.

Pass a law in Congress that controls business power, this means less money from lobbyists.

Then again, pass any law in Congress.

Talk with Iran rather than bombing that land.

Oppose our greatest mind in the Middle East, Bibi Netanyahu.

Oh, for people with GOOD IDEAS!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local: “Melancholy News”

Republicans still control Congress

France, Connexion: “Nuns Take To Flight”

One way to get out of traffic jams.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “$10 For Vote”

Not when the Koch brothers are in town!

Norway, Norway Post: “Give Women Right To Stay Home”

A Tea Party plea for equal rights for women.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Need More Writers Of Color”

Which color?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Why is it OK to hack other nations but it is not OK for them to hack us?

Rand Paul is not a chip off the block of his dad.

Some day someone will explain the fighting in Yemen so I can understand it.

Long time since I head from Rick Santorum.

Whatever happened to Herman Cain?

Then again, when does Rick Perry speak out about something?

We live in strange times with strange people.

Russia Hacks White House

President Obama and the American government are upset because Russia hacked the White House. For some reason, he believes that other nations have no right to hack into any American facility. This is an interesting approach given that America hacks into each and every nation’s facilities. Heck, we even hacked the emails of German Prime Minister Angela Merkel!! Name any nation that has escaped the attention of the NSA, the CIA and God knows which other American spy agency over the past two decades? What we need in the world is:

1. A day each year in which other nations can hack into your records. Just one day.

2. Or, we could just reveal all those secrets that really are not secrets. After all, there are over one million Americans who have access to Top Secret. Heck, when I was in the US Army I was cleared for NATO Secret!

3. How about a Share the Secret Holiday?

4. It would be wonderful if the US government actually shared with the American people some of the secrets they know about each and everyone of us.

5. Why not simply inform President Putin he can access any of the following twenty secrets in exchange for seeing twenty of his secrets?

Enough withe the secret game.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Ban Lifted On Delays”

Of course, no packages will be sent, so no delays.

Japan, Japan Times: “Shut Down Minstrel Show”

You mean, close Congress down?

France, Connexion: “Man Married Bride’s Twin”

One out of two is not a bad average.

UK, Guardian: “Stuck In Train Toilet”

A heck of a lot better than being stuck in Texas with Ted Cruz!

Russia, Moscow Times: “First President Transplant”

I assume they were placing a heart in Putin.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Death is our companion every hour of the day and night.

People kill for God, does He kill for people?

Ted Cruz has the limelight for the moment,and he is shouting with glee.

If Ted Cruz graduated from Harvard, now you know where not to send your children to college.

So glad that U. of Kentucky basketball team lost.

So, did you hug a loved one today?

If Obama does anything right, it will certainly be called wrong by Fox News.