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We offer observations on the  human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Hillary has to decide whether she wants to be the first women president or the first woman who placed her nation before her own goals.

Donald Trump is definitely a Great Persuader who sells nonsense as Sense.

Over 200 gun deaths in Chicago before June 1–how or why?

Within America exists a vast youth population whose life goal is –DEATH.

Some cops do not obey the law, the problem is those cops who do ignore those who don’t.

Millions of Americans seek a rendevous with disaster because they are angry about something.

We live in the era of flawed leaders and those not flawed do not  wish to be leaders.

Ah, it would have been wonderful seeing Trump debate Bernie!

LeBron James is a great basketball player but I always root for his opponents.

Gee, Alex Rodriguez hit a home run, sorry, he is a shell of the player he once was.

I have no idea who or what the Kardashians are, am I the only one?

The Social Media is destroying the fabric of politics, but we have no idea what it is creating.

Trump On Nothing

There is no question that Donald Trump is a master of uttering words of nonsense that come across to millions of Americans as powerful insights into the issues of the day. Donald offered his wisdom on handling ISIS. “Why can’t we be blockading so they can’t sell oil, why shouldn’t we be bombing the hell out of them?”

Valid questions. Of course, we ARE blockading ISIS, we ARE bombing ISIS, we are destroying their oil facilities. Donald has this gift of demanding   something that is Already being done! Of course, no one can ‘bomb the hell out of guerrilla forces which do not congregate together in one spot.

Donald has this gift of taking nothing and making something out of it. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton has the opposite gift. She takes something and makes nothing out of it. She makes blunder after blunder in her private life and allows him to label her as “Crooked.” So,when Donald speaks about nothing, it comes out as something.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Reality: The FBI report on Hillary Clinton will only add to her woes.

How did America reach this point when the only candidates are Trump or Clinton?

Reality we all learn in life: It is not what we did yesterday that counts, but what we do today.

A good offense often makes the defense much more successful.

Donald feels great, unfortunately, America does not.

By  the way, am I  the only American who has no idea what a “server” is?

Most probably the invention of emails may loom as a great human disaster.



Hillary Defense Only Offensive

Once again, Hillary Clinton found herself on the defensive. Her actions with the notorious “server” have resulted in yet another example of her “defending” actions rather than focus on what she can do for the nation. Reality for Hillary is that nearly 60?% of Americans do NOT regard her as an honest person. I do believe she is honest, BUT, when over half of Americans do not share that belief, it is time to go another direction.

It is necessary for Hillary Clinton to make decisions, not on the basis of what is goof for her career, but on what is necessary for the American nation. There is no question that I Donald Trump presidency will be disastrous for the rights of Americans since the Supreme Court will be controlled FOR DECADES by right wing justices. This REALITY is more important than the career of Hillary Clinton. It is time for her to recognize the need for a different Democratic candidate for president. And, the time is NOW!

Trump On Trump

The good news about having Donald Trump around is that  anyone writing about politics is guaranteed each day the Donald man will just say something that either does not make sense, or can be interpreted by his devout supporters as the word of God himself.

“You know over the years I have  used aliases. When I’m in real estate and especially out in Brooklyn with my father and wanted to buy something. I would never use my name because you had to pay more money for the land. If you tried to buy land, you used a different name.”

Now,let me get this straight–Donald Trump refers to “Lying Hillary!”Of course,the good news for Trump is that when he lies, his followers get upset at when Hillary lies!

Foreign Leaders On Trump

We decided to poll key foreign leaders regarding their views on Donald Trump

Kim Jong-un: They call me ‘chubby’ and a bull-shit artist who does not allow anyone to contradict my always correct views on any topic I admit, that when it comes to boasting and braying, no one can out do the Donald man.

Vladimir Putin: A man after my own heart. He has this wonderful egoism,this belief that each word spoken MUST be accepted as the TRUTH. Frankly, Donald is my twin except that if we fought, this chubby man with small hands would wind up  with his face in the mud!

Pope Francis: Well, the good news is that Donald Trump is NOT a Catholic. The bad news is that he regards God up on high as his valet who shines his shoes every night. I DO love all humankind, but, remember, I said HUMANKIND.

Bibi Netanyahu: Donald Trump is a man after my own heart. Just too bad that he is not Jewish and does not live in Israel. I would appoint him Minister of Defense and send him to wipe out ISIS with his mouth!

Chancellor Merkel of Germany: There are moments when I get depressed about the refugee problem that I wish to  possess his nonsensical ideas how to handle immigrants.If he was in the EU we would be  building a wall in Greece to keep them out!

Israel Jews On Muslims

During my east European Conservative Jewish childhood it was constantly impressed upon my mind that we Jews are God’s “Chosen People.” I assumed this meant that as a Jew it was impossible for me to hate groups of people or treat them with disrespect. Why else would God select me as one of his Chosen People? He certainly did not want me to behave like the rest of humankind which can never cease murdering and mistreating those who are different.

Recent polls in Israel reveal some interesting views held by the Chosen People of that land:
1. Half of Israel Jews do not want Arab teachers working with their Jewish children.

2. 82% of Orthodox Jews prefer a Christian to a Muslim teacher.

3. 48% of Orthodox Jews would like to expel Muslim from Israel.

4. 64% say Arabs should leave Israel, but they are willing to give them some compensation for their property. Now,that’s a mighty nice Christian sentiment!

Send Them To Jail With Baby

Finally, finally; we have a governor who is willing to stand up to those damn women who want to have a baby and then decide they don’t want to have a baby. Nikki Haley has signed into law a bill that makes it a crime to  obtain an abortion after the pregnancy has reached  twenty weeks. The bill is termed an attempt to prevent the fetus from undergoing pain and discomfort. Of course, there is no evidence that the fetus could feel pain until the third trimester. Another facet of this bill to protect women is there are NO exceptions, even for rape or incest.

What I find confusing is somewhere in my life I was taught that it requires both a man and a woman to create a baby. But, for some reason, NO one ever refers to the guy who did the impregnation. If Republicans are do determined to  prevent women from having an abortion, how about some laws that make it a crime to impregnate a woman who does not want to have a baby??


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Why, oh why, didn’t Elizabeth Warren seek the presidency?

Along with his nonsensical political ideas, Donald Trump, simply lacks the temperament to be a president.

Say one good thing about Jeb Bush, he refuses to get on the Trump bandwagon.

Singers know there is always a moment to leave the stage even when there is applause.

I would so love to hear the conversation between President Putin and President Trump.

Say one thing about Trump, he is undoubtedly the greatest con man in American politics.

So, exactly is the job in the Trump administration for Ben Carson?



Hillary: Time To Depart!

The Republican Party and conservative media folks have finally won a great victory. They have convinced a high percent of the American population that Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy, and that she is a liar and that she only  thinks about what is best for the Clinton family. Not a single word of these words is true, but,  the key point is that millions of Americans have reached the conclusion that Hillary Clinton has not been telling the truth.

During the 1960s, Lyndon Johnson inherited a war in Vietnam. At home, he pushed through the greatest reform  program since the New Deal in the 1930s. He was the first American president who finally got African Americans the right to vote and some sort of equal treatment in their daily lives. BUT, the war in Vietnam ruined his reputation. In 1968, instead of seeking re-election, he left the stage of politics and retired. He believed the future of America was more important than his political life.

Hillary Clinton has reached the same point in her political life. Yes, it would be great to become the first woman president. Yes, it would be wonderful to become the first wife of a former president to become president. BUT, her reputation is in tatters. She simply cannot persuade millions of Americans that she has always been honest, that she has always fought for human rights. The latest email fiasco simply adds to her woes. It is time for Hillary Clinton to follow in the footsteps of  Lyndon Johnson, and depart the world of politics. She has many years to continue her life fighting for human rights.

Defeat of Donald Trump IS the most important thing at this moment for the future of America. A Sanders-Warren ticket would sweep to victory, and might ensure control of the US Senate. A fifth liberal Supreme Court Justice would end the infamous Citizens United decision which allows unlimited money in politics, and other court decisions have denied the right to  vote.