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John McCain, The American

Once upon  a time in America it was the norm for members of Congress to have served in their country’s armed forces. Every president from Harry Truman to George H.W. Bush had been a member of their nation’s armed forces. Many like John McCain had been in combat. McCain’s grandfather was an Admiral in WWI, his father was an Admiral in WWII and Vietnam. Senator McCain was shot down in combat in the Vietnam war and endured  years of torture. He was also raised, as were all who served,to respect the Code of Military Justice which includes American agreement to abide by the Geneva Conventions. I assume draft dodger Donald Trump has NO idea as to what is legal or illegal for those who serve the country.

Senator McCain made clear that “I don’t give a damn what the president of the United States wants to do or anybody else wants to do.We will not waterboard. We will not do it.”And, he added: “What does it say about America?” If waterboarding is done under the presidency of Donald Trump it says the American military has violated its OWN LAWS OF ENGAGEMENT!

Politicians Are All Alike

Throughout the recent election there were millions of Americans who insisted that ALL politicians, that All political parties were “the same.” Many Bernie Sanders supporters were angry that their hero was not the choice for president, and therefore they  just remained home on election day, or they voted for Stein or Johnson, I am certain some even voted for Donald Trump to express their anger at the ‘rigged election.’ A few weeks have gone by and Donald Trump is making clear that he is the most dangerous president in American history. Thus, anyone who did not vote for Hillary Clinton is partially responsible for this right wing pseudo dictator being our next president.

Oh, I know these idiots, these ignorant people will insist “there is NO difference between a Clinton presidency and that of Trump” On which planet do these people live? Tell that  to Muslims  living in fear, tell that to Hispanic children living in fear. The horror of Trump lies with those  who did not vote for Crooked Hillary Clinton!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Has anyone ever heard Rudy Giuliani speak in a low quiet tone of voice?

Who knows, maybe Lying Ted Cruz will head the Justice Department.

And, some people still argue, it makes no difference which person is elected president!!

I am upset, only 51% of tax cuts go to the top one percent, why so little?

Great news, the N.Y. Knicks won TWO games in a row!

These are Great Days for those on Wall Street.

Hate is the new American slogan. Of course, only for those not in the top five percent.

I wonder what the Bush family thinks today.


Honest Ben Carson

As you recall or do not recall, Ben Carson was a candidate of the Republican party seeking the nomination for president.  Mr. Carson’s name has been mentioned for  positions in the Trump Cabinet, including Secretary of Education. He declined to accept any Cabinet position because “he did not consider himself qualified to be in charge of a Federal agency.” Let me get this straight, Ben Carson believed himself qualified to be president of the United States,  but did not consider himself qualified to run a single government agency!

Ben, let me write very slowly, very slowly, but, believe it or not, if you had become president, that job entails running ALL FEDERAL AGENCIES! The real humor in this crazy Carson statement is that MILLIONS OF REPUBLICANS WANTED THIS IGNORANT MAN, THIS  UNQUALIFIED MAN AS THIER PRESIDENT!!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


My heart is broken thinking about Hispanic children who will be forced to live in Mexico.

I now harbor HATE for any Bernie Sanders supporter who did not vote for Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is the nearest president we have ever had who is akin to Fascism.

How can anyone not feel sorrow for AMERICA?

Isn’t it wonderful that Sanders supporters have ‘high principles!

Thinking Americans have two years to prepare for ending the Trump rule. This time, VOTE IN OFF YEAR ELECTIONS!

I can not do anything but feel anger toward those who elected Donald Trump.

Watch Your Tongue In Trump America!

As Americans recall, our president elect a few days ago expressed his pleasure that President Obama and Hillary Clinton were gracious in defeat. He ‘sort of ‘ indicated a desire to calm things down after the nasty election campaign. But, one of his key advisers, Kellyanne Conway, has become upset at the nasty comments being made by Democrats. After Senator Harry Reid blasted Trump for being a ‘sexual predator,’ the blond haired angry woman issued a warning against a United States Senator: “He should be very careful about characterizing someone in  a legal sense.”

So, from now on when speaking about our president, the following are OK.

1. Always bow down to the superior wisdom of our Leader.

2. Preface remarks to me by say, “Crooked Hillary Clinton,’ and then complete the sentence.

3. Begin any and all comments with: “Let’s Make America Great Again.”

4. Anyone caught saying that America was GREAT under the Obama administration will have their mouth washed out with soap.

Thank God after the divisive campaign of Democrats, we now have a man who is above the fray, as he always  has said, “when they go low,  we go high.”

Donald Meets Joint Chiefs of Staff

In my secret dream I am able to witness the initial meeting between newly elected President Donald Trump and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It would go something like this:

Donald: Hi guys, just dropped by to give you a copy of my battle plan to wipe out ISIS in Iraq, in Syria and just about every place on this earth. Look, I know you guys know a little bit about war, but, me, I was a war hero for most of my life. Did you guys know that I fought in the terrific battle of TITS which happened on beds on Park Avenue. So, first, we wipe out ISIS by bombing the hell out of them.  Then, you guys show them a  video of me telling them to surrender or I will personally come to Iraq, oh, what was the other name, oh, something like Seeria?  Once they see and hear me, this war is over. NO one, and I mean NO one wants to mess with this red headed fighter who can beat the crap out of any Muslim, seven days a week.

At some point, one of the generals might interject: Mr. President, over the past five months under the Obama administration we drove ISIS from Mosul, oh, that is a town in Iraq, and killed over five thousand of them. We just got reports indicating the ISIS stronghold has been captured.

At this point, President Trump will go on national television to announce he has personally wiped out ISIS.

Why Did Trump Win–Part Two

So, why did Donald Trump, the ignorant candidate, win the election?

This was probably the first Social Media election that determined who won and who lost. The very nature of social media precludes intelligent discussion of ideas. Individuals only read those who agree with them,and block out opposing ideas. Social media also segments individuals into a narrow group of similar thinkers, which precludes engaging in discussions with those of opposing ideas.  In the past, Americans ALL read the same newspapers or magazines and thus had a similar body of information that was considered to be valid.

The election of 2016 witnessed people only  seeing, hearing, and reading a small segment of those with contrasting viewpoints. Each person on social media inhabits a knowledge bubble and never ventures forth. The personality of Hillary  Clinton is not designed for such a world. She seeks to present solid information to people who want wild ideas that promise them glory and great jobs and a wonderful life.

Not once did Donald Trump present  a coherent plan nor did he ever offer a budget or name some numbers as to cost. He just lied and lied,and it was difficult for any American to believe that presidential candidate would so openly lie. He understood the more outrageous the lie, the more likely it was accepted by Americans.

Religion Still Matters To Some

Most liberals in America assume their ideas on social change are the same as most people in the western world. Liberals believe they are on the side of the future,  a world in which strict observance of fundamental religion belongs to the  disappearing past. Father Giovanni Caralcoli represents the world that feels challenged by new ideas that clash with the world of his birth. He announced to the world discovery  of an important scientific fact regarding recent earthquakes in Italy. NO, they are not the result of physical changes in Italy. No, whatever science claims to be true, is not true.

The good father identified the source of earthquakes. They are the outcome of anger by the guy up in the sky who is furious, and they are “punishment for gay and civil unions.” I guess the old guy just does not enjoy gays and lesbians getting hitched, and he has decided to hitch his star with a few disturbances that shake up buildings and folks. So, if you do not want any geological disturbances, just outlaw gays and lesbians!

Silence Of Hillary

Despite the fact that FBI head James Comey just announced there is no evidence that Hillary Clinton did anything wrong, other than placing thousands of emails on her personal sever. As of this date not a single email uncovered has any relationship to matters of ‘national security.’ So, Hillary is playing this one very smart, just a stony silence of ignoring that FBI head:

1. Broke Justice Department protocols to remain silent while an investigation is in process.

2.  Broke FBI rules when he commented that Hillary Clinton was guilty of bad judgement in having emails on her  personal server. The FBI head, states facts, NOT judgments on the character of a person under investigation, and certainly not on a person who was never convicted of a crime.

3. Hillary Clinton is just remaining silent. Any word she utters to defend herself will be seized upon by Trump to ask: “if she is innocent,then why is she defending herself? What is she hiding?

There are moments when SILENCE IS THE BEST POLICY! Do not respond to anything Trump says, he wants you to get into an argument with him. Silence will devastate the bully  from New York!