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Bad Air Everywhere

A basic assumption of those seeking the Republican nomination is that pollution or global warming is an American issue and there is no need to examine whether or not this thing is occurring in other parts of the world. If one simply ignores the issue elsewhere then we here in America can continue doing whatever we do. Believe it or not, as Pope Francis notes, we are ALL guardians of this planet.The India National Health Profile indicates that at least 3.5 MILLION people in this country are suffering from acute respiratory infection and that thousands will die.

Naturally, this pitch about pollution does not resonate with Republican voters in the good state of Iowa. The concept of ‘connection’ is one lost on the clowns who seek the presidency. If any health problem is happening in the world, it is occurring thousands of miles from Wisconsin so, who cares? Of course, incredible fires in California, yes, California IS part of the US, occur partly due to global warming. But,then again, California will vote for Democrats, so who cares?

At age 85, I do not recall any such narrow minded candidates seeking the presidency.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press and our comments.

Iran,Tehran Times: “Support Food Sanctions”

I assume Republicans want to starve out the Iranians.

Australia, Canberra Times: “My Worst Nightmare”

I don’t know yours, mine is President Trump.

France, Connexion: “McDonald’s Gunman Dies”

I assume he consumed a Happy Meal.

UK,Guardian: “Secret To Longevity”

Never watch Fox News?

China, China Daily: “China Economy OK”

It’s just that stock market that is not!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I never believed the carnival barker would wind up running for president.

I never believed my doctor would wind up running for president.

I never believed a person who was fired by her company for incompetence would wind up running for president.

I never believed the modern version of Joe McCarthy would wind up running for president.

I never believe a Senator Claghorn pompous pretentious bore from the South would wind up running for president.

I never believed I would have to vote no for a Bush running for president.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Canberra Times: “I Don’t Think I Lied”

Donald, do you ever think you told the truth is the question?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Work Exercise For The Aged”

Heck, picking up groceries for the aged is enough work!

Russia, Moscow Times: “Russia Bans US Wines”

I’ll drink to that one.

France,Connexion: “Gunman Gets 3318 Year Sentence”

Does he get time off for good behavior?

UK,Guardian: “Back Same Sex Marriage”

Not in the office of Kim Davis!

Uber Alles Not Certain

Uber is the ultimate result of modern society. Here is an organization which does not own anything, does not hire workers, and earns millions of dollars. Such an organization could only emerge because of social media. I offer Uber my car, I pay for gas, I pay for maintenance and Uber makes money by not doing anything other than enabling me to find customers. However, there are those who “work for Uber” who have decided they are being exploited. They are instituting legal action in which they hire lawyers in order to make Uber pay for something.

Judge Edward Chen is allowing drivers who “work for Uber” to proceed with their legal action. They want Uber to treat them as employees and pay for gas, pay for car maintenance, and pay for health benefits. How did such an organization arise which uses the labor, the cars, the intelligence of workers without paying a damn penny!

Another Shooting

There is one topic that is always on TV or discussed on social media or completely ignored by the NRA.A man who worked for a TV station was fired because of his strange behavior and, naturally, what else could he do,but prove that he is a man filled with rage and anger. Lester Flanagan had been working on a TV station in Virginia where he drove most people nuts with some rather strange words and behavior.He was finally fired,and, what else could he do to prove that he was not a nut–return to the studio while former colleagues were on the air and shoot them. He later turned the gun on himself.

The only sort of saving grace is that he was not another nut case white guy. Naturally, the NRA interprets this event as proof that guns save lives. If only all people on the set had a gun there could have been a shoot-out at the OK TV studio. There is no question this was one sick dude.The real question is why do people who display weird behavior have scant problems getting gun?

I expect the usual comments about too many guns and the need to regulate them.The only end to this madness is when American voters finally decide that common sense requires and end to gun ownership for most Americans!

Oh, for the record, he was a bona-fide Christian.

Kim Jong Un-ADVANCE!

Kim Jong-un is very upset. Perhaps, he gazed in the mirror and saw his haircut, one must say that when it comes to having an interesting haircut, the pudgy guy from North Korea is among the most powerful leaders in the world. After all, when one inhabits a world in which your kick of the day is having an uncle or a general or whoever shot is the highlight of power, there must be moments when the little guy wants to strut the world stage as someone important. So, he issued an order>

“The supreme commander(that’s me)of the Korean People’s Army will enter a wartime state to be fully ready to launch surprise actions.” Now, let me get this right, you want to “launch surprise actions” so you inform the world that you want to launch surprise actions! Perhaps, it is time to spend the day maneuvering your toy soldiers.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark,Copenhagen Post: “Naked Man Discovered In Bed”

Me, I would rather enjoy a naked woman.

UK, Guardian: “Who Controls The World?”

Easy one–those with gobs of money!

Israel, Jerusalem Post: “Rabbi Fired”

I assume this is Kosher.

USA, aol: “I will Deliver A Budget”

What is in it, is another question.

Sweden, Local: “I’m Alive”

So, fellow Republicans, just wait for some other comments!

Reflections On Baseball

I was raised in the golden age of baseball. Pitchers were expected to pitch an entire nine inning game, and players were expected to play the entire game, batting and in the field. In those days, a baseball game usually was completed within two hours. Today, one is happy if the game concludes within four hours. These days pitchers are restricted to about 105 pitches, in my youth a pitcher was expected to pitch the entire nine innings. It stands to reason the more innings one pitches, the stronger one’s arm becomes.

We baby, we coddle modern baseball players. Sorry, baseball is a passive sport with most players not in action more than a small percent of the game.Yet,players today must be “rested.” For God’s sake, the first baseman is just standing there catching a ball.An outfielder just stands and watches, occasionally, he must run to catch a ball. Now this is real hard work!

OH,and today, we pay someone $5 million for hitting 220!

Baseball has become a boring sport with pampered men as players.

Jimmy Carter Is Ill

Jimmy Carter has cancer and it is possible that he will die. This man has been vilified more than any other politician in American history. As of this date, Jimmy Carter remains the only American president who assisted Israel in attaining a peace treaty with an Arab nation. He worked to bring together Israel and Egypt and through his diligence and care, a peace treaty was accomplished. And, what is the current reaction of Israel and many American Jews–Jimmy Carter hates Jews and he hates Israel. Why? Because Carter has worked for peace that includes respecting the rights of Palestinians. In the world of AIPAC, one must blindly obey whatever Bibi Netanyahu says or does or the result is–YOU HATE JEWS AND YOU HATE ISRAEL!

We salute Carter as a great American. One day historians will give him credit for working for peace, for making human rights an important focus of American foreign policy and for devoting his post presidency to humanitarian efforts, not to make money!