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Oregon Terrorism

Imagine the following scenario, a group of Muslim terrorists attacked a federal building, seized control, and then dared the US government to drive them out? Or, imagine this scenario: a group of black skinned Christian terrorists seized control of a federal center, blocked federal authorities from entering and just dared any Federal law enforcement agent to enter? If these groups  carried out such terrorism the following would happen:

1. Donald Trump: “make me president and terrorists will finally learn not to mess with the government.”

2. Ted Cruz: “carpet bomb the entire place!”

3. Marco Rubio: “whatever Cruz said, I double it and will make certain it happens!”

4. Carly Fiorina: “I personally will lead armed forces to wipe out these terrorists. And, you should see the neat outfit I will be wearing!”

5. Mike Huckabee: “I’m from Arkansas and God is on my side in any fight!”

6. Ben Carson: “could you please show me where this Oregon is?”

7. Rand Paul: “Who cares about Oregon?”

8. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:  “God himself gave us this land, and I will lead the Israel army to once again make this land, Jewish!”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


So, do we deport the well known Canadian, Ted Cruz?

Perhaps it is time to build a wall on the border with Canada to prevent immigrants from entering our nation?

Don’t mess with the Donald Man by getting a lot of votes. He will retaliate.

An entire week went by without a single comment from that profound thinker, Ben Carson.

Barack Obama committed a heinous crime, he cried in public!

I was never more shocked when two major football games were played on New Year’s eve. The result now shows few watched those games.

Is Carly Fiorina still alive?




The Real Terrorist

The American people are worried about Muslim terrorists who pose a threat to “our way of life.” Since 9/11 fewer than 50 Americans have been killed in the United States by those deemed to be “terrorists.” Actually, each month in the city of Chicago more people are killed by local terrorists than Muslim terrorists have killed since 2001. However, over in Asia there is a real terrorist who has missiles, and claims to have atomic and hydrogen bombs, but none of the Republican presidential candidates are worried about him.

Kim Jong-un, the pudgy guy with weird hair now claims to have tested a hydrogen bomb, and his people are working on placing a nuclear device on a missile that might reach the US. So, who do Republicans claim is the greatest threat to our way of life–IRAN! We do live in strange times when a nation that does not have any nuclear weapons and has agreed not to build them is the greatest threat to our way of life while a nation which DOES possess missiles and is working on nuclear devices is ignored!

I’m Black And I Got Blackened by Republicans

Seven years ago a black dude from Chicago won the nomination to run for president, and since that moment, there has been a non-stop effort by Fox News, Rush, Bill O’Reilly and sundry Republican politicians to charge the Christian, first that he was close to a radical black minister,and when that did  not work, to claim he was a Muslim from Kenya. Obama raised the question: “Are there certain circumstances around being the first African American president? Absolutely.”

However, in fairness to Republicans, just about every stupid charge that he was born in Africa was also cited by opponents of Abraham Lincoln,. They also claimed he was an escaped gorilla from Africa. Franklin D.Roosevelt was accused of hiding his real name–Roosenvelt. There is no question Barack Obama was non-stop charged with one crime, one scandal, one religious challenge, and he definitely was the first president who lied about his birth certificate–he was really born in Kenya, just ask Donald Trump!

Be Fair To Putin Month

Anyone who has read anything about what is happening in Russia sort of knows those who dare utter words against the Great Leader usually wind up in the morgue or in prison. Donald Trump is deeply concerned about slander being uttered about his new buddy-Vladimir Putin. When asked to comment on the FACT that dozens of Russian activists are dead or in jail,  Donald is sort of upset. “In all fairness to Putin, you’re saying  he killed a few reporters. I think that is terrible. But that isn’t like somebody” who actually did the shooting.  After all, one is innocent until proven guilty.”

Donald does have a point. After all there is not a shred of evidence that Adolf Hitler ever directly murdered any Jews, or anyone else. He was never convicted for murder,he was never convicted for robbery, he was never convicted for rape, so why does the Liberal Media continue attacking this man?

Suggestion, Donald.Go to Moscow and open a newspaper that attacks Putin and seed if don’t wind up in prison!

Wise Words About ISIS

Following are some wise words about the necessity of fighting ISIS. “All must join hands to put into effect an immediate end to the bloodshed. We must close ranks in the fight against extremist violence and terror, while abstaining from letting rage come in the way  of necessary collective reflection and wisdom for rational and joint responsibility.”

They were spoken by Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif who spoke with the permission of Ayatollah Khamenei. You know, the evil one according to Republican loudmouths. Republicans might reflect on the words of anti-Communist English Prime Minister Winston Churchill who explained when condemned for allying with Communist Soviet Union: “I would join hands with the Devil if it meant the survival of the British empire.”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


My dream moment-Carly Fiorina arm wrestling Vladimir Putin.

My dream moment-Jeb Bush punching Donald in the mouth.

My dream moment, Chris Christie sitting down with the dead King Hussein of Jordan.

My dream moment, Ted Cruz actually displaying his Harvard education.

My dream moment, Vladimir Putin standing with Republicans to debate.

My dream moment, Marco Rubio just letting out  his frustration to Ted with a punch.

My dream moment, Donald finally explaining how the WALL will be built and how much it will cost.

Ted Cruz, Poor Man’s Donald Trump

It is now quite clear that while Ted Cruz was at Harvard  he spent considerable time in the library reading books about war and bombing an so on. As his poll numbers rise, Ted is moving closer and closer to center stage and he hopes one day  to be right next to the Donald man. At this point he is reduced to verbal battles with fellow Cuban, Marco Rubio. This leads to fantastic one liners:

1. Marco, you know that is not true.

2. There you go again, Marco not telling the truth.

When Ted is not dazzling the world with his erudite Harvard education, Ted explains how to defeat ISIS

1. Carpet bomb the hell out of ISIS.

2. When asked if this might lead to civilian deaths, General Cruz  noted: Only carpet bomb areas where there are terrorists and don’t  bomb civilians.

My hunch is that Ted never actually read a book about war. If he studied WWII the brilliant mind would have learned that during the day 1000 US bombers hit German cities and at night, 1000 British bombers blasted away. Without Russian, British and American  boots on the ground Germany would still be fighting.

Barack Talks Tought

Ordinarily President Obama sits in the Oval office and talks with his small group of folks who regard him as the most brilliant person in life. In moments of crisis he comes across as Cool Hand Luke, the coolest person in town. He has now decided to show Donald and the clowns that he is one tough dude who can not be pushed around.

“We’re going after ISIL from this straight right down-right in downtown Raqqa to Libya, where we took out Abu Nabi, the ISIL leader there. We’re taking out ISIL leaders and killers one by one.” Wow! This is the new tough sheriff in town.

Sorry,Barack, taking out leaders will NOT destroy ISIL or ISIS or any other terrorist group. Have you forgotten we took out Osama bin Laden and it did not alter the direction of terrorism? What is needed?

1. An economic development program that provides jobs to young Muslims in the Middle East.

2. Imams have to become more assertive and offer a vision of the Muslim religion that offers meaning in modern times.

3. Tough talk is worthless,we need tough action that offers a new moral,economic,and social world for young Muslims.

Is World Moving Rightward?

As one surveys the world it is increasingly clear that most humans are moving to the right,and by the “right” it does not necessarily mean this movement is right. What has happened?

1. The growth of technology has been a blessing and a curse. For the first time in history, every nut case can simply go online and link up with every other nut case.

2. Modernization is both a curse and blessing. It means that every aspect of life changes within a few years,and in some cases, within a few months. Many people simply can not adjust to their world lacking stability and the presence of ‘certainties” is disappearing.

3. Many feel lost and disoriented in the acceleration in the pace of change. What I believed was true suddenly is transformed into a new truth for my mind. Very difficult for most people.

4. The incredible growth in power for the wealthy enables them to  control what we see, what we think, and what we believe- and they want us to believe they are the good guys.

5. Disappearance of unions means working people lack institutions which defend their economic interests, and they are left defenseless in the modern world. They believe themselves abandoned by those with power and money.