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What Next For Hillary Clinton?

It becomes increasingly clear that the Hillary Clinton campaign is in trouble. Just about every day some new story in which the word, emails, or the words, Clinton Foundation, reveals some stupid decision on her part. Latest is that Bill Clinton had the title of “Chancellor” for some private colleges and  got paid $16 million for allowing his name to be used so people could fleece innocent students. Is there anything this man would not do in order to get money? I DO understand the money went to his Foundation, but it is disgraceful to allow the name of  a president to be  used to raise money.

Frankly, I am disgusted, as are millions. The president’s name should never be for sale. After leaving the presidency, Harry Truman refused on ANY occasion to allow ANY business to use his name to make money. Jimmy Carter has spent the post presidency building homes for the poor or working  for peace in the world. He has never trafficked in selling his name for money. What can the Clintons do?

1. Announce the Clinton Foundation will be placed under the control of a new Board of Directors and neither one of them will be on the Board.

2. List the good things being done by the Clinton Foundation and cut all ties.

Strange Stories In America

Every so  often we encounter an interesting story about life in America which gets our brain thinking. Ivan Ceron was arrested on Long Island for being drunk and driving the wrong way on the Long Island Expressway. It got me thinking:

1. How about getting Donald Trump drunk and sending him in a  truck filled with illegals back to Mexico?

2. How about Donald Trump really getting plastered prior to the debates–most probably, he will be coherent for the first time since he began to run for president.

3. How about Hillary Clinton getting drunk and finally explaining in English the good work being done by the Clinton Foundation to save lives.

4. Why not get everyone at a Trump rally dead drunk. Finally, they will be speaking sense about issue of the day.

5. Could you imagine what a drunk Ted Cruz would say?

6.Gee,I would so love to hear a drunken Bernie Sanders expressing what is in his heart at this moment.

7. The only way to get a Trump surrogate speaking on CNN to express a coherent idea is to get them drunk, and, I mean DRUNK !

8. Of course, getting Bill Clinton drunk would just get the lower part of his body rising to a new sexual occasion.

What I’m Tired Of

The past few weeks have been rather strange with stories concerning God knows what about God knows why events. So, here is my list of stories that belong in a space probe to outer limits of the universe.

1. Emails, we all use them, we all delete them, we all have no idea which email we deleted last month, last week, or one hour ago.

2. Trump and illegal immigrants. We have now heard just about every conceivable position by Donald Trump concerning this issue.

3. Naturally, Benghazi, no one knows where the hell this place is, no one knows, what the hell went on, all they know is somehow Hillary Clinton killed four people, although it is uncertain whether or not she actually pulled the trigger.

4. Muslims, Syrians, Egyptians, Turks, Iraqis, Kurds, Libyans, and any other person from the Middle East who has dark features. You are ALL bad, bad, people.

5. Kardashians, frankly, I have no idea who they are, what they do, but for some reason they are important. OH, throw Beyonce into this boring topic.

6. Obamacare. For some reason providing people without health insurance, some form of health insurance will lead to their deaths. Beats me how or why.

7. Ted Cruz, he crops up on boring days for the media, oh hum, I wonder why he is still around.

8. Who Paul Ryan supports, the story of the ages for Republicans.


Death In Chicago

I have only been a resident in the Chicago area for about two years. I was raised during the 1930s in my beloved Bronx. In those days we had many gangs, a high percent were run by Jews and Italians. They beat up people, they robbed, they demanded protection money, they ran prostitution and gambling, but they did have certain rules of behavior. One never, and I mean,never, attacked a woman, one never hurt a family member of the guy you would murder, and one was careful never to harm children.

I now am in Chicago. In the month of August, 90 people were shot to death. Many were children, many were women simply out at the wrong time in the wrong place. Apparently, what has happened in Chicago is that large gangs disintegrated to small factions which lacked any rules of behavior, no mature men to control behavior of young punks. Ironically, the presence of large organized gangs ensured some control over violence. One guy insults the other, then his friend comes by later in the day and blasts away. Complete and total anarchy in the streets.

There is a world here in Chicago of young men without any job prospects who are left with drugs and crime to ensure some sort of life. So, what to do? At this point, who the hell knows!

The Anti-Trump Speaks

I do  understand there is a red headed man wandering around the United States–with a side trip to Mexico– who yells and screams hatred and violence to all daring to oppose his idiotic statements. However, this intrepid reporter has been able to uncover the unknown secret twin brother of Donald Trump. His name is Dwayne Trump.

Dwayne Trump speaks: “My fellow Americans, and when I say, Americans, I mean those of all religions, those of all ancestry, and even those who are Democrats. We Americans have always welcomed the poor, the persecuted, those fleeing religious intolerance, and we greet them with open arms. This is a nation founded by immigrants–in those days, anyone was automatically a legal one– for immigrants and with love for all. Yes, we Europeans  committed horrible crimes against the Iroquois, the Sioux, and dozens of other people who preceded us in this land.

I want an America in which those with wealth pay a much higher tax than those without. We need to guarantee every young person a free college education, we have to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, we have to educate youth for jobs in the  post industrial world. This can only be achieved if Republicans and Democrats work together.

Please, please never listen to my brother, the bully, Donald!”

Syria These Days

OK, it is now over four years since the conflict in Syria began. Quick quiz: how did the conflict begin? Who were the initial actors in the conflict? Who is now fighting in Syria? What exactly is the American policy–today, that is– concerning the situation in Syria? What is the Trump policy in Syria — of course, he first must be able to identify exactly where is the nation of Syria. Donald, it is NOT on the border of Mexico.

In all honesty, I doubt if the most informed Syrian expert could answer the above questions. But, to provide some knowledge, here goes:

1.  The US supports Kurdish forces  fighting in Syria.

2. Our ally, Turkey, hates these Kurdish forces and wants to wipe them  out.

3. Russia, Iran, part of Lebanon are supporting the regime of President Assad.

4. There is something called the Free Syrian Army which hates Assad.

5. There are al-Qaeda groups which are fighting for something.

6. There are ISIS forces which want to create a Caliphate.

7. There are millions of refugees, who just want some peace and quiet.

Girls: Lower The Skirts!

I do not know if any women planning to visit India in the coming months are reading these words, but the Minister of Tourism has a message for you. Mr. Mahesh Sharma has a  few suggestions for all  you foreign women who seek to spend a few weeks, and dollars, in his fair nation. “They should not venture out alone at night in small places, wear skirts,and they should click the photo of the cab, and send it to friends.” I assume in  case you got raped or killed.

He also emphasizes to foreign ladies, do not “wear short skirts of short dresses.” However, he does want every foreign woman to have a great time in India. Perhaps, they should wear a burqa and then get Americans angry at them, not  to speak  of the French.

Christian Terrorist Kills!

Once again Christian terrorists struck the innocent in America. Christian terrorist Derrick Ryan Dearman murdered five people in Alabama, but was caught in Mississippi. For some reason, American newspapers and TV commentators always mention the word,ISLAMIC, or MUSLIM when a person who is of the Muslim religion kills people. People like Bill Maher insist there is something “wrong” with the Muslim religion because some Muslims engage in acts of terrorism. Over and over again Maher must make the comment about “something is wrong with the Muslim religion”

Each year in America over 30,000 people die because of guns, the overwhelming majority are members of the CHRISTIAN religion. Twenty  years ago in Rwanda, Christians murdered 800,000 fellow Christians. In Christian nations of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania it is illegal for gays and lesbians to be who they are. In fact, in these Christian nations, albino children are murdered for their BODY PARTS! YES, this is done by  CHRISTIANS! Is there something wrong with Christianity?

Stay Out Whitey!

Stop me if I am wrong, but wasn’t it just a few years ago that people were protesting over laws that banned black skinned people from entering a college? The Martin Luther King movement was predicated upon the principle that a person’s color should not be a factor in whether or not they can attend a college. Fast forward to the year 2016, and head toward southern California where a group of Claremont colleges have decided to restore segregation based  upon skin color.

Students at the five liberal arts colleges have now printed demands for room mates based upon POC–people of color only. According to Jasue Pasilas,
student of color should have the right to create spaces where they feel comfortable on campus and off campus.” I assume since this guy believes in equal  rights the same right should be allowed people who are of white color skin. After all, they also are PEOPLE OF COLOR.!

Trumpian Economics

I do understand there are LIBERALS and SOCIALISTS who demean the character and idea of Donald Trump. However, Donald came out with an innovative idea to restore abundance to the American economy. He wants to give corporations  tax cuts,he wants to give parents tax credits for child care, and he wants to bring back MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of HIGH PAYING jobs to America. How can anyone fail to vote for a man with such fascinating ideas to restore the American economy? Of course, 48% of Americans do not pay federal taxes so they can’t get a tax break for child care. Has Donald considered financing construction of child care institutions that would offer low cost child care?

The New York Times interviewed a new Chinese reporter who will be covering national affairs in Washington D.C. She wondered why Americans wanted to bring back low paying factory jobs from China? She noted if high tariffs were placed in Chinese products, then American manufacturers would  send the work to Indonesia or Vietnam or some place in Africa.

Donald fervently believes that if business were given more tax cuts, they would use that money to hire workers. Why? Most probably,they would use the money to  purchase more technology and REDUCE  the number of workers. As always, Donald is in another world, not the world of twenty-first century economic activities.