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We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


All leading candidates complain the system is rigged, but they are the leading candidates!

Gee nothing from Donald about Hispanic rapists the past few weeks. How come?

If Donald wants to shout about violent killers, just take on Chicago, the capital of murder.

Slowly, gradually, ISIS is retreating. That is the reason for attacks in Europe.

NO question–Ted Cruz could make a fortune in movies as the EVIL man.

Imagine a conversation between Jeb Bush and Ben Carson.

Anyway, now that baseball is here, each day there is a winner and a loser and no one complains the system is rigged.

A Fixed System?

Donald Trump has uncovered a fascinating aspect of the American political system. “The system, folks, is rigged. It’s a rigged dirty system. I say this to the RNC and I say this to the Republican party. You’re going to have a big problem folks, because there are people who don’t like what’s going on.” Donald believes there is only one person who should be the Republican party and guess who is that man?

Ironically, it is Donald Trump who has now become the spokesperson for reform of American politics. Yes, Donald, the system is rigged. Imagine that a wealthy person with gobs of dough to throw around winds up as a candidate of the Republican party? We certainly have come a long way from an era in which ordinary men could become a President. Harry Truman was a high school graduate who lacked any source of income and HE became the president. Oh, and after leaving the office of president he refused to allow his name to be used by any business corporation. The sum total of what he received after leaving the presidency was –ZERO. When was the last time an ordinary political leader won the office of president. Another ironic aspect of this idea is that was Bill Clinton -before he became wealthy using the names of “President.’

The system is rigged for those with money who want to use the system to help those with money get more and more money. And guess who is the symbol of this rigged system?







Bernie — The True Believer

Bernie Sanders entered the 2016 primary season as a man determined to shake up the Democratic Party and make certain it once again was the party of those seeking  an America in which ALL those within society had an equal opportunity to succeed. Well, Bernie has succeeded far beyond  his wildest hopes. Hillary Clinton is now speaking as a true liberal and supporting efforts to reduce the power  of our beloved one  percent. But, something has happened to Bernie along this path of being a disrupting force, he now wants to become the candidate for president.

All those who are a True Believer at some point actually believe they alone know the truth. Bernie is now shifting from arguing for ideas to arguing that Hillary Clinton is “not qualified” to become president. In essence, he has joined the Republican smear campaign against Hillary Clinton. There is only ONE goal in this election–defeating Republicans. Bernie has forgotten what is the goal and gone from talking ideas to talking personal attacks. Such an approach only makes Democrats angry at Hillary Clinton rather than Republicans  who are the  target. If Sanders reduces a Democratic turnout the only ones who benefit are the one percent he hates.

Rick Snyder–Come Home

It was just a year ago that former business executive and current governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder entertained ideas of seeking the Republican nomination for president. Just think if we had a Rick Snyder who does not believe in any government agencies telling states what to do this nation would have millions and millions of more high paying jobs. Unfortunately, along the road to this  dream goal, Rick sort of got side tracked. Flint, Michigan wound up with contaminated water because Rick and the anti-EPA crowd wanted to end government telling we people how to behave and how to get water.

Fortunately, for Rick he changed the law which originally said that citizens had 90 days to secure  names on petitions for a recall election. Now they must accomplish this task in 60 days. So far, there are 108,000 who have signed up of the 790,ooo needed. Of course, this entire mess was created by a bunch of people who for one reason or another do not want to drink flavored water.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I have yet to hear Bernie Sanders explain WHAT he would do in foreign policy other than what he would NOT do.

Republicans have reached the point where Ben Carson now comes across as the only calm person in sight.

Republicans miss the calm cutting insights of Rand Paul.

If I was Ted Cruz I would not wander Bronx streets alone at night.

NO one these days discusses Afghanistan–how come?

Americans will vote for anyone these days who promises the MOON.

Do you think Jeb Bush believes he will emerge in the brokered convention as the party’s savior?


Mississippi Stands For Freedom!

There is a state in the USA called Mississippi. Once upon a time this area of America rebelled against the government which was attempting to end slavery. The years went by, the people of Mississippi, rather reluctantly, decided that perhaps this thing called slavery was not the best of ideas. Well, when one takes slavery off the agenda, something else has to take its place. The state of Mississippi has decided that from now on it will fight for the right of people to enjoy protection when they decide to abuse those lacking protection of a state government.

Governor Paul Bryant signed into legislation a new law designed to ensure the right of each and every God fearing fighter for democracy not to be prevented from enjoying this right. The new law protects ” sincerely  held religious beliefs and moral convictions of individuals, organizations and private association” from any attempt by the “government” to compel them to treat LGBT creatures as human beings. It allows government agencies to prevent gays from marrying or adopting children.

I assume if you have a “sincerely held moral and religious conviction” to rape women, no government should prevent you from carrying out your convictions!

Question: Is there some test or something that determines if your actions really stem from “sincerely held convictions?”






Give A Rebel Yell!

There are still many folks in the state of Mississippi who think back with regret to the days of the Civil War and just wish the beloved Confederate army had won and preserved the wonderful world of slavery and mint juleps and women who had the respect of men in those days when she had a few slaves to boss around. Governor Phil Bryant has proclaimed April to be “Confederate Heritage Month.” April 25 will now be Confederate Memorial Day. This state information was released on the web site of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. How about:

1. Those darkie kids in school sitting in the back of the room>

2. Certainly, all blacks should sit in the back of the bus.

3. I see no reason why blacks in Mississippi should at least on one day, become servants. It would be a great way to honor those who enslaved their ancestors.

Oh, the state of Alabama has made clear that “slavery was one of the issues of the Civil War and slavery should be condemned.” Who says Alabama is not a great state!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


So, who is the fool who created April Fool’s day?

Given, the Republican candidates, every day is April Fool’s day.

No question, Donald Trump is the Greatest–fool, that is.

Choice-Ted Cruz or Donald Trump hand on the atomic bomb?

In Chicago, there is NO day of rest from gang murders!

Modern day Republicans never mention the names of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt or Dwight Eisenhower-wonder why?

Never can figure out how or why someone wants to blow self up for God?

Then again, given the current state of humans, maybe God wants to blow himself up?

I always become angry checking my Mega millions numbers because for some reason, they never match up!

I would so appreciate one presidential candidate who spoke in quiet tones of voice.

Perhaps,  it is time to ask dinosaurs to return and take over.

I continue to be shocked at the indifference to the world for Syrian children who die daily.

When did the religion of Jesus become one of hate and violence?


Trump, The Non-Job Creator

Every so often the complete ignorance of Donal Trump comes to the fore. He recently complained that America “spend billions of dollar on Saudi Arabia and they have nothing but money, and I say, why?”Donald,you are partially correct in your comment. Saudi Arabia Does have billions of dollars. But, when you say “spend,”there is a slight problem. We do NOT SPEND money on Saudi Arabia, we SELL PRODUCTS TO SAUDI ARABIA–especially military equipment which results in thousands of jobs for AMERICANS!

Donald, selling products to other nations is a job creator. OK, I must admit those products wind up in the hands of Muslims! The good news is that Saudis use the planes and bombs to kill Muslims, the bad news is that all too often they wind up killing thousands of innocent Muslims which leads to more terrorists. As you well know, Donald, nothing in this world is perfect. Ooops, I forgot you–the exception to the rule of life.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


If Ted Cruz is the Republican ‘hope’ what next, resurrect David Duke?

I would so love to  hear what the Bush clan says these days in their homes.

John Kasich just keeps running on and on –but to what destiny?

So, for American Republicans, the two best candidates you can deliver are Cruz and Trump?

Anyway, it is March and I can get mad about a basketball team.

In Chicago each month fifty people are murdered by Christian terrorists.

Oh, and the streets are patrolled by cops!