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US Drones On About Justice

After years of Drone attacks upon the bad guys and supposedly some good guys there is scarcely anything that can be written in order to condemn or support use of these weapons of minor destruction. President Obama wraps himself in the clothes of justice in order to explain why drones are necessary in the battle against terrorists. Of course, for some strange reason, despite these ongoing Drone strikes the ball game is not over and the bad guys continue to increase in numbers, NOT decrease! The Pakistan government charged that 3% of 2,2227 people killed in Drone strikes since 2008 were civilians. The Ministry claimed that 317 drone attacks killed 2,160 Islamic militants and 67 civilians since 2008. This figure simply does not agree with reports gathered by other agencies and prior claims by the Pakistan government.

Ben Emerson, a United Nations expert who studied drone strikes, earlier this month estimated that 400 civilians were killed by the drone attacks since 2004. There are two issues: how many civilians have died and is there proof that drone strikes reduce the power of Islamic militants.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


In life there is always death.

Some believe for the moment, some for life.

To be interested in people is to be interested in life.

Many do not acknowledge personal debts.

We all have obligations to humanity, we are human. At least, I think we are.

Always remember who you are.

Modern youth lack a sense of service to one another.

A nightmare, parked between two cars.

I assume that God can not be a racist.

Always check out the guy with a gun. He can kill.

I frequently wonder how other life forms explain their creation.

Problem of life, people think as people.

Some who are poor understand the pride of poverty.

I can never figure out whey people check the McDonald’s menu.

Rapidity of change is life’s form.

I would again love to walk five miles.

I only drink tea when ill.


A Republican president sent men and women off to war in Afghanistan. A Republican president sent men and women off to war in Iraq. Five thousand died in Iraq and about two thousand in Afghanistan. The Republican Party initiated the current shut down of our government. Four males and one female saoldier who died fighting the Bush war in Afghanistan have been shipped home for burial. Due to the government shutdown money that was needed to bury these brave warriors is not available. I am certain Senator Ted Cruz will give another speech how allowing a law to be carried out that provides medical aid to people will destroy America. After all, he believes this is the most horrible law in American history. Slavery, not as bad. Helping people to live-now, THAT is a destructive action.

There are simply no words to describe this atrocity against the brave Americans who risked their lives in service to the nation. Yes, Ted, stand up for America. Deny burial expenses for our soldiers!

Alternative To War??

On each occasion that a nation or leader insists there is no alternative to war, someone points out possibilities of peace rather than of war. The Russian government is proposing that Syria turn over its chemical weapons to a United Nations control and thus end the possibility of air strikes by the United States. Russia argues this would end the problem of using chemical weapons in Syria and restore the possibility of peace in the Middle East. Secretary of State John Kerry’s initial reaction was that Syria is stalling. If Syria is engaged in stalling activities it is simply a matter of weeks or a few months before this becomes transparent.

France will prpose a resolution which requires Syria to place its chemcial weapons program under UN control. russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is working with UN officials to gain control of Syrian chemical weapons. Some argue this is a diversion, so what? What exactly is another two or three weeks?

Always opt for the road leading toward peace. OK, it may take a bit longer to wander down this road, but no one will die. Always remember: JAW, JAW, NOT WAR, WAR!

How Gay Can Gay Couple Be?

The United States of America is currently at a stage of confusion regarding the right of gay people. Several states allow gay couples to marry, the armed forces are protecting the rights of gay couples to benefits, but in many states there is no such thing as gay rights. A same-sx couple in Kentucky is asking a judge to grant them the same rights as provided a married couple regarding issues of testifying against a spouse. Bobbie Jo Clary is accused to murdering a man in Louisville in October, 2011. The prosecution is demanding that her same sex partner, Geneva Case testify in the trial against Clary. The defense filed a motion to block teh subpoena on grounds is violates spousal privilege against testying when the issue pertains to a spouse.

Kentucky law exempts spouses from testifying when their spouse is the subject of a crime. So, what gives, do gay couples enjoy the right to be truly gay and protet a spouse? Ah, the never ending issues raised by failure to have national legislation dealing with same-sex relations.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand Herald:  ”Meaningless Submission”

Caving in to t he know-nothing Tea Party stalwarts in Congress.

USA, aol:  ”Woman Admits Underage Sex”

Are you interested in over age sex with an 82 year old?

China, China Daily:  ”Biggest US Dog Show In Houston”

Frankly, I am dog tired of bitches in the Texas legislature in Austin.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  ”Fired For Faggot Comment”

Now, that is not a gay thing to say.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  ”A Pope And A Saint”

If only all clergy were saints.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian:  ”Promised Land To Poor”

A land of milk and honey is what they want.

Canada, Toronto Star:  ”Conservative Enemy List”

Anyone who believes in the Sermon on the Mount


We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old  mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


In olden days, girls held the purse, today the iPad.

White haired old men usually have smile on face.

I never wore a uniform as a child, I was born poor.

A quarter in my youth was a  lot of money.

Older sister pats younger brother on head as they walk.

Person who will pay is usually on end of  line.

After a while  unfamiliar faces become familiar.

INSULT! I was asked if I needed help with the bags.

Hot weather, sore toe, opposing forces in action.

Little boys enjoy flopping on the couch.

Mom should not talk with child  while having a full mouth.

There are no bad or good deeds, just deeds.

I wonder how a tall person can handle a tiny cell phone.

I am baffled at the American love affair with guns. After the Army, who wants to see one again?

Green tee shirt indicates one is involved in physical labor.

Tall men should marry tall women to raise our heights.

Girl wearing a plaid skirt attends parochial school.

It is half a century since I saw someone wearing knickers.

My ignorance of technology can not be underestimated.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald:  ”Gambling Aid Hotline”

Call it to help lose your money.

USA, NY Daily News:  ”IRS Ruined My Life”

My name is Barack Obama.

Russia, Moscow Times:  ”Vampire Stalin”

So, that’s why he loved blood so much.

France, Connexion:  ”French Wine Comes From Italy”

They have some Gaul.

Netherlands, Dutch News:  ”Ecstasy Pills Get Stronger”

And people get weaker.

Denmark,Copenhagen Post:  ”Chimpanzee Bullied”

Just pound on your  chest.

Canada, Toronto Star:  ”What To Do When Pregnant”

Stay away from an abortion clinic?


Tragedy Of Student Loans

Growing up in New York City during the Depression we had access to free colleges which offered both day and night opportunities for young males and females to gain college degree. Of course, the economic situation was five times worse than today, but people in that generation believed any child who wanted a college degree should not be held back by economic factors. Of course, that was before the emergence of a Republican party which is committed to the proposition that each and every wealthy person is entitled to every cent they can sweat off the back of those who work for them. President Obama urged Congress to keep the interest rate at 3.4% and prevent it from rising.

Student loan repayment is damaging the housing market and it damages the ability of young people to purchase cars and other items that would get millions back to work. Here is a simple solution to the student loan problem: Offer students the opportunity to pay 2% of their income over their lifetime to pay off the loan and once paid off,  any payment would cease.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Some girls take a hop when walking.

To be born in a Depression means never turning down a bargain.

From birth, I never doubted my ignorance.

Story of all famous people includes famous pain.

Some feel threatened by knowledge.

Superman came from another planet, I wonder if he ever returned home.

I always had a strong desire to succeed at sports.

To seek to go beyond the self, is to be with God.

Some spend life reviewing regrets, I do not.

Wise words: “Je ne sais pas.”

Never apologize for not knowing. Apologize for not desiring to know.

Remember, another mountain lies beyond this one.

I have an insatiable interest in people.

I do not enjoy sitting on a stool.

If woman has a baby with her, she goes in front of me on the line.

Most place left leg first in getting on stool.

Some point to sky but have mind trapped on the ground.

Human condition, any thing is possible, anywhere.

Some rub hands while walking, I do not.

I enjoy the warmth of the back of couch.

In reality, there are no surprises, someone already said or did it.