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We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


It becomes increasingly clear FBI agents are leading information to Republican leaders.

There is one government employee who knows the Trump administration will retain–guess who?

Beyond emails, what else is the political debate about?

I sometime wonder how I got stuck on this mad planet with nutty people, do you?

Sometimes, I just desire that crazy Americans for Trump got their wish with a President Trump.

Donald Trump is clueless about actually what he will do!

The con man may finally sell the medicine that cures all illnesses.

If you want to make a million, just advertise to Trump supporters the cure all elixir of health.

The Trump Plan To Make America Great Again

This intrepid reporter has been able to gain access to Trump plans to make America great again.

1. End all taxes on anyone earning over $250,000 a year. They, naturally, will then use their money to create fantastic high paying jobs. Still unclear if those jobs are for them or for us.

2. End the Affordable Care Act. This will spur creation of hundreds of new Emergency Rooms, think of all the construction jobs this will create!

3. Dispatch eleven million Hispanics back to Mexico. Consider the thousands of great paying jobs for the rest of us as ditch diggers, fruit pickers, and working in meat plants!

4. If Putin does not get out of Syria within 48 hours, just let him see the mushroom cloud outside of Moscow as a warning.

5. OH, President Trump intends to atomic bomb North Korea unless they begin purchasing his ties and wallets –made in Bangladesh. And, of course,they have to allow construction of a Trump Tower in Pyongyang.

6. New Supreme Court justices make abortion illegal.Think of the thousands and thousands of jobs this will create for those conducting illegal abortions!

7. You want a union to represent you? Great. Your employer in Trump America will get one for you.

8. New law passed by the Republican Congress, groping females by red headed over weight men is now legal.

9. It will be illegal to speak Spanish in public, but OK in your home.

10.Any veteran who at one point in his military career became a POW  will now be denied benefits, why reward losers?

The FBI Goes To Bat

The actions of FBI head James Comey have created a fire storm of conflict. Two former Attorney Generals have blasted him for making announcements concerning an ongoing investigation. Republican Alberto Gonzales who served under the administration of George Bush made clear he is somewhat perplexed with what the director was trying to accomplish. We don’t comment on investigations because commenting on investigations may compromise the investigation.”

Oh well, finally like many Americans this blog is sick and tired of investigations over nothing. As of this date, the FBI has yet to state a single example of how any of the Clinton emails have actually ‘threatened national security.” Just ONE example would go a long way to prove that Hillary Clinton actually threatened anything of anyone! Ordinarily, it is the Justice Department, NOT the FBI which files criminal charges. This is the October present to Donald Trump.

FBI Chief Violated The Law!

Almost a hundred years ago both Democrats and Republicans passed the Hatch Act which forbid government officials from seeking to alter an election by favoring one side over the other. Democratic Senator Harry Reid has charged that FBI head James Comey violated the law by issuing a statement ten days  prior to an election for president that favored Republican Donald Trump over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

As Reid put it: “Your actions in recent months have demonstrated a disturbing double standard for the treatment of sensitive material, in what appears to be a clear intent to aid one political party over another. My office has determined  these actions may violate the Hatch Act which bars FBI officials from using their authority to influence an election.”

I find disturbing that Comey  sent a letter to REPUBLICANS congressmen without sending it to Democratic congressmen. This is unheard of in American  politics!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


I await how low Republicans can go int this election.

What ever happened to the hordes of Hispanic rapists pouring over the border?

Fact, 40% of new start up companies in Silicon Valley founded by IMMIGRANTS!

Watch out! Donald is sending Melania into bat for him!

Ted Cruz is being Ted Cruz warning Republicans will block ALL Justice nominations.

What was life like before Selfies arrived on this planet?

I await Donald sending in his ten year old grandson to explain his policies.

These are not the best of days for America.


Plot To Kill Mike Pence

Something very strange happened in New York City tonight. A plane carrying Indiana Governor Mike Pence mysteriously had problems in landing. The plane skidded as it landed, and finally came to a  stop. There are reports that Rudy Giuliani who single handedly saved New York City on 9/11 jumped into a car, raced to the airport, and single handedly halted the plane before Mike Pence could be hurt. Just another example of why  Rudy is called America’s Number One Hero of all time

This intrepid reporter was able to uncover the real story behind this so-called ‘accident.’ We have uncovered evidence that Crooked Hillary Clinton was frightened because Mike Pence was leading her in the polls. She instructed her team of secret Mafia operatives to spread oil on  the landing area. She was working in conjunction with a group of international Jewish  bankers and Rabbis  to steal the election from our beloved Donald Trump, and his side kick, Mike Pence. What next on the Crooked Hillary agenda to rig the election??


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


The last weapon I fired was on June 22, 1953, and I am still alive without a gun.

OH, I was in the US Army in Germany.

We do need to replace Obamacare with National Health insurance for all.

Some Americans seek a rendezvous with stupidity.

The issue for many Americans is saving the jobs of coal miners, what about blacksmiths?

Trump’s idea about a GREAT JOB is making $7.25 an hour.

I truly wonder if Donald Trump has actually read a single book in his life.

Of course, he never actually wrote the books he claimed to author, ghost writers did.

Wake up America, the idiots are at the gates!


Donald Won’t Quit

OK, just about everyone has counted Donald Trump out of the race. His poll numbers are down, his followers remain devoted, but there is scant evidence women are flocking to his banner. However, the man who knows there is a great plot to destroy his name, and destroy the lives of All Americans, remains in the shadows of this campaign. NO, the plot is not led by the international Jew conspiracy, NO, the plot is not led by the Catholic church, the plot is led by Crooked Hillary and the Democratic party!

Democrats are, at this very moment, fixing the election. They are pushing THOSE PEOPLE to vote for the Crooked woman from Chicago. How can Donald Trump surrender to these dark forces which seek to take the election away from me. NO question, the 30 Republican governors who control voting in their states will NOT allow Donald Trump to be the victor. They have been bought off by money from the Clinton Foundation and will cheat and steal votes from Donald Trump. In fact, the entire Republican party is against him.

Even worse,  most Americans are against him. BUT, he will not surrender to these dark forces of history. Donald, keep on fighting for the American people!!

Young Republicans For Trump?

A group of young Republicans gathered to watch the recent debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Steven Ridge was not particularly impressed by Donald, but he has strong feelings regarding the life of babies, unborn. “There were 6,000(actually, 4,000) troops killed in Iraq. That’s the number of babies killed in two days. These two points are not in conflict, they are consistent. It means we(Republicans) respect life, and are prepared to give the death penalty to stop people from killing each other.”

In other words, it is OK to impose the death penalty for crimes, that takes aways LIFE, but it is OK to take away the life of bad people.”  Mr.Ridge on Donald Trump: “I completely despise this man, he is a jerk..” Oh, Mr.Ridge will vote for the man he despises in order to get Supreme Court justices to end Roe vs Wade.

Go To Hell, USA!

Rodrigo Duterte is the new president of the Philippines. Since assuming power a few months ago, he has played a role in the murder of at least 1,500 people who were accused of being drug dealers–or even, using drugs. These people were killed by the police with the urging of the president of their nation. Another 1.500 suspects were murdered by local vigilante gangs, again with the urging of Duterte. President Obama condemned these killings only be insulted by President Détente with “you are a son of a whore!  comment.

Now, Détente has gone a step further.”No more American influence. No more military exercises. It’s time to say goodbye. I will not got to America, and your stay in my country is over.” From now on, he is headed to China. That is one country that doesn’t give a damn about how many innocent people he murders!