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We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Some turn to see, some just turn.

Sometimes the Emperor IS without clothes.

Listen to advice.

The unknown simply is the unknown.

I hate driving in the snow and ice.

Winter brings a frozen silence.

From whence we come, we cannot return.

For where we go, we cannot return.

It is said, we are the Çaptain of our fate, more like the private.

To help others is to help ourselves.

Humans originally depended upon visual memory.

To enrich living one must live with a richness of spirit.

Age causes difficulty in rising from a seat.

We recall what is important for our lives.

Sun brings warmth, sun brings life.

The story of a single human life is the story of humanity.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Some must lean elbow on something hard while listening.

Man introduces self, a Gulf War veteran, we chat about the military.

If you take the low road, it always leads you down.

I await the winds of change.

These days we ignore those who fought our wars.

Feel sense of security when cops are in the coffee shop.

I wonder how we would live without money.

Some cannot gaze beyond the end of their nose.

To change behavior requires changing minds.

People discuss their lives, but not the life of America.

America is trapped in infantile paralysis.

Americans are “against,” but have no idea what they are for.

Anger and hatred paralyze a mind.

To believe one must have trust in another.

I no longer see soldiers in my daily life.

Why did my ancestors leave the warmth of Africa?

Republican Health Plan

It is quite clear that Republican leaders do not wish to witness any form of success for the idea of national health insurance. Of course, a peculiar aspect of this attitude is the fact that Republican presidents in the past supported at least one form of health insurance. The initial governor who pushed through a state health insurance program went by the name of Mitt Romney. Naturally, after supporting health insurance he decided that he was against health insurance. In fairness, he just meant that he was against health insurance proposed by any and all Democrats. So, where does this leave Americans with the Republican party?

1. If Republicans gain control of the Senate they will pass -along with the House of Representatives, one bill after another to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This will result in one veto after another by the President.

2. By the fall of this year, at least 8,000,000 Americans will be covered by the Affordable Care Act along with millions of others who are on Medicaid. Oh well, just end these laws and then…I forgot, there is always the Emergency Room. That wonderful capitalist invention in which someone pays for the health care of someone else who could not afford preventive health care insurance.

3. OR, the Republican Party will make minor changes in the Affordable Care Act and claim they are the ones who brought health insurance to those lacking it.

America Needs Healing

Dianne Feinstein who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee has steadfastly defended the CIA and the NSA in the name of “SECURITY.” She has always supported their behavior and claimed those who seek to besmirch the reputation of our security forces are simply unwitting agents of terrorism because to allow the truth to emerge how the CIA handles prisoners would harm the American reputation in the world. FINALLy, Senator Feinstein has emerged from her dream world and confronted the reality of how CIA agents are, in fact, agents of depravity when it comes to the interrogation of those CHARGED with crimes. There actually IS a difference between being told the CIA BELIEVES you are a terrorist and the CIA being able to prove the charge the claim in a court of law.

Her committee has declassified by a vote of 11-3 large portions of a so-called, “classified document” that deals with interrogation. According to the Senator, these documents are “shocking” and the behavior of CIA agents stands in “stark contrast to the values as a nation” that we Americans cherish. “The nation admits its errors as painful as this may be.”

Thanks for honesty. Now, the time has come to appoint a bipartisan committee that will investigate interrogations techniques used against captives. We can follow the ideas of Nelson Mandela’s Truth Committee which granted immunity to anyone who abused people as long as they admitted their guilt and openly apologized.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Some lean with one hand on counter.

I wonder if other life forms have numbers.

We enter the world in ignorance and depart….?

Always allow the child to make choices.

Some sleep through life.

I learned young how to survive.

No one can speak for God but God.

Life is simply a fight to survive.

I am rarely surprised by human stupidity.

So enjoy witnessing an old man making out with old ladies.

One’s stomach often reveals one’s feelings.

We have become a nation waited down with pounds of flesh.

Some women follow a man with a forlorn look.

I have never worn black boots.

I accept disappointment as normal.

I eat less these days and think more.

In the end, we are simply some human beings.

Religious Freedom For All

There is an area in the United States of America known as the “state of Mississippi.” For some, there is no such state although there is a Mississippi state of mind. Over a hundred years those with white skins living in this neck of the woods rebelled against the American government to protect their right to have a few slaves. Their religion insisted those with white skins could enslave those with dark skins, this idea came from God so how could any decent Christian fail to obey God? There are still some of those white folk inhabiting the region of Mississippi. Yesterday, they passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which defends the rights of those who believe in God not to have anything to do with those who believe in gay or lesbian rights. This means, I do not have to sell them things, I do not have to allow them in my hotel or business establishment as long as I obey the words of God.

Tony Peters of the Family Research Council hailed the law as a “victory for the first and 14th amendment right to live and work according to my conscience” So, gays and lesbians stay away from my business and go eat a hamburger elsewhere. I was wondering:

1. My religious belief is that having any of my money taken away in taxes to help feed the hungry violates what God told me. So, I do not pay taxes.

2. My religious belief is “an eye for an eye” which grants me the right to kill anyone who gives me a
dirty look.

I have a few more religious views but will not bother you with them. Just make certain to do what I demand be done or else–God will speak with my weapon of mass destruction.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.

Sometimes, too much, too soon.

Sometimes, too little, too late.

Sometimes, nothing.

For most Americans there is never too much.

For the elderly, just another day alive is enough.

Always reward love with love.

There ARE things money can not buy.

Time in life to run like hell to live.

I am elderly but think like a 23 year old.

Some are born young at heart.

I have always waited for Godot.

A President must be historical minded.

We must live IN, not Åpart from history.

Splatches on hand reveal age.

Today in America, both elderly and young feel abandoned.

Some stumble through life.

One must have faith in life to be mentally healthy.


We offer observations on the human condition from 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


I prefer women wearing tight to loose jeans.

To truly think, requires work and thought.

Some walk with hand on hip.

Few humans explore their inner world.

Some seek,some are sought.

Some grow old, some grow young in their mind.

After integrity, few things are as important.

The future lies undiscovered.

I was born in the working class and shall die in it.

In each life, resides a great story.

Some communicate through silence.

To test Death is to test Life.

Anyone can become a hero.

Some must shake the bottle before opening it.

Some doze through life.

To know what I don’t know is to know.

Some boast of their ignorance.

There ARE things that should remain silent to others.

There ARE times to tell off people for their stupidity.

Some fear the night, some the day.

Some never fear.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Red headed boy with dark haired mom raises questions.

Some while waiting convey loneliness.

When alone, I prefer being alone.

We come, we depart, the question is when?

Jeans accentuate the butt.

I am the child of God, few are.

Some slurp soup quickly.

I wonder why God made us with different colored hair.

As she completes meal, husband sits with legs crossed-waiting.

Sad news is that Death works every day in year.

I wonder why the smile evolved.

I struggle to hate anyone.

Some talk with assurance.

There ARE times to fire the coach.

Some put on gloves while inside, others when get out.

Some shake head in delight.

One must know in life when to punt the ball.

Beghazi Caused Ukraine Crisis!

Thank God the American people have Senator Lindsay Graham keeping the cowardly President Obama under the telescope of scrutiny for his foreign policy failures. Senator Graham explained to the American people why there is conflict in the Ukraine and why President Putin is able to persecute opponents and homosexuals. The cause of the current crisis in Ukraine is rooted in failure upon the part of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to protect our Ambassador in Libya, and after he was killed to track down the killers. “It started with Benghazi when you kill Americans and nobody pays a price, you invite this kind of aggression.” I sort of beg to differ with the senator because the root of the current Ukraine crisis lies with former President Dwight Eisenhower. In 1956 when brave Hungarians rose in rebellion against communist leaders, the cowardly Eisenhower stood by and did nothing.

Another example of how we got to the present occurred during the 1980s when MUSLIM TERRORISTS bombed a US Marine Barracks and the cowardly Ronald Reagan did NOTHING! I urge the senator to dig further into the origin of the Ukraine crisis, how about that Abraham Lincoln who started the Civil War??