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Stop Them Americans From Voting!

Republicans are constantly warning the American people that its greatest dangers come from Muslim fanatics or Ebola. The frightened masses of Americans went to the polls fearing some terrible danger that lurks on the borders of America, and it must be stopped. It is clear a majority of those who voted–remember that a majority of Americans never cast a ballot– were convinced their vote was a weapon to save America from—??? Less than forty percent of Americans actually cast a ballot. What have we learned from this election. If few Americans DO vote, then laws and restrictions against voting favor conservative forces.. Reality is that fanatics on the right will vote because their hearts are filled with the passion of hate. There is scant doubt that hundreds of thousands of Americans never got a chance to vote. The Republican party did a magnificent job of reducing voting. Reality check: the most important electoral power in possession of Republicans is reducing the number of those who do not vote. It worked!

So, what is the goal of those who seek that America is once again a land in which the right to vote is not abused.

1. A mass program using social media must make Americans aware of what happened to the right to vote in 2014.

2. The president must hold weekly press conferences in which he discusses the right to vote.

3. Groups like the AARP must make the elderly understand that their right to vote is being denied by Republicans.

4. High school teachers must begin to discuss this topic in Social Studies classes.

5. How about wealthy folk purchasing ads on billboards about the right to vote?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


A man walked by me laughing, how about making laughter compulsory when out public?

I learned to drive in my twenties, is that the reason I struggle backing into a parking spot?

I drove my wife to the airport at 5:00 am. when there was no traffic, we need 5:00 a.m. traffic throughout the day.

I always feel awkward when in an “upscale plaza”

When I was a child an overdue book in the library resulted in a penny fine. Ah, the good old days.

A “red light” day for me means hitting every red light.

I always dip into the dish of pennies that one can take to use for purchasing a bagel.

Rainy days are times to reflect upon life and God.

I have the ability to wreck an umbrella very easily.

So, What Went Wrong For Democrats?

I am currently a citizen of the state of Illinois and spent the past few months enjoying a campaign for governor of the state that resulted in a Republican winning that office in a state that is heavily Democratic. Let me review why Bruce Rauner, the latest millionaire won an election.

1. I do not recall a single political idea proposed by Governor Pat Quinn about what he intended to do if re-elected.

2. Governor Quinn did not speak about raising minimum wages, he did not speak about health care, he did not speak about jobs.

3. Governor Quinn spent untold millions informing we citizens that Bruce was an evil man.

4. I watched one political commercial after another about a company owned by Bruce that cheated elderly folk.

5. In a nutshell, the Democratic candidate ran an attack program that made clear that Bruce had gobs of money and cheated people. This apparently, meant that I should vote for Quinn.

The Democratic party this election focused on personal issues rather than on political issues. Democrats did NOT offer any ideas about how they would make America an economic powerhouse that provided higher wages and more jobs. In Colorado Mark Udall spent his entire campaign on the issue that he would protect women’s rights. The right to have an abortion IS important, but it is not THE issue for Americans. I doubt if Colorado voters were provided ideas to improve their lives. That is what doomed Democrats!

The Tragedy Of Israel

I regard myself as not only a Jew, but one is really cares about the nation of Israel. I have been told by fellow American Jew that I am a “self hating Jew” because I continue to cite crimes by the Israel government and demand that it cease persecuting Palestinians. According to AIPAc, I must always express only good words about the Netanyahu government and believe fervently in my heart that Israel is always right even when the government of Israel is wrong. The International Criminal Court just cited the Israel attack in 2010 on the Turkish ship, Mavi Marmavra in which eight Turkish citizens were murdered by Israel troops as a possible war crime. The ship was carrying humanitarian supplies to Gaza during the Israel invasion of that area. According to AIPAC, I should blame the Turks for bringing food to the people of Gaza since such things aided terrorists to continue their fighting.

The ICC wil not pursue this event. It will go down as another example of how “terrorists” endeavored to destroy Israel by sending food to people in need of food. Of course, the Netanyahu government will insist there were armed men on board the ship. Yes, a few probably had a pistol or so. But, what prevented the Israel government from simply allowing the ship to dock, supervising the unloading of supplies and allowing the ship to return to Turkey?

Oh, prior to this event, Israel and Turkish military conducted joint exercises. After this fiasco, Israel had its excellent relations with Turkey ended. Check with AIPAC about how Turkey insulted Israel and plotted its destruction by sending food to Gaza!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Blind Faith”

Barack Obama’s main problem, he has blind faith in his political knowledge.

China, China Daily: “Blue Skies Greet Leaders”

Not the leaders of the Democratic Party!

France, Connexion: “Court Throws Out Graffiti Case”

Chalk that one up!

Japan, Japan Times: “Band Of Jihadists”

Off with their heads!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “You Still Here?”‘

The feeling of many Democrats this morning about Barack Obama!

Libyans Think To Be In Libya

The good news is that British armed forces are attempting to train soldiers from Libya about the manner in which soldiers engaged in battle are expected to conduct themselves. The bad news is that Libyan troops are being trained in England on how to perform on a battlefield. A contingent of Libyan soldiers were sent to Bassingburn in Cambridge and placed with British troops who were attempting to teach them how a modern armed force operates on fields of war. The Libyan soldiers became confused and thought they were back in dear old Libya. When they went to town, these men proceeded to grop women on the streets and even assaulted a few females just like they do every day back in good old Libya. Naturally, British officials were infuriated and those soldiers were returned to Libya, post haste.

At some point the manner in which women are treated in some Muslim nations must change. Despite all Muslim cries about how Western women are too loose, the real problem is that too many Muslim men in the Middle East are too loose. From now on when any Libyan soldiers in England go to town, they will be accompanied by British soldiers. And, women head in the other direction.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


City kids have greater opportunity to explore the world than those living in the suburbs.

My kingdom for a good Jewish rye bread!

Americans yell about what they hate, but have no clue as to what they desire.

I resent changes in libraries, I still desire the card catalogue system.

A woman in McDonald’s handed sections of the daily newspaper to people.

Life in rural America means limited access to good medical facilities.

Old folk devote considerable time to discussing illnesses.

When I observe a table of four talking, one is usually silent.

I always sink to my knees when speaking with a child.

America should shift to the four day work week and save on gasoline.

Who Supervises The Spooks?

In England there is an organization named, GCHQ which is engaged in watching us in order to prevent the bad terrorists from killing us. Robert Hennigan who is the head of this spook group is very concerned because technology companies constantly prevent his organization as well as other anti-spook groups like the CIA or NSA from doing their jobs of protecting us against those who will destroy our society. Robert believes that American technology groups hamper the effort to save the free world from those who only desire a sharia world. He wants to engage in a healthy debate about this topic. Fair enough:

1. If we have spooks checking us to ensure that we are not aiding bad folk, then who checks the spooks?

2. What exactly is permissible in the new world of bad and good guys who use technology?

3. Do we have a criteria about what is OK? The US Supreme Court a hundred years ago coined the expression that free speech did not mean one could shout, “fire” in a crowded theater. So, what is the technology limit on free speech?

We certainly need a discussion and some laws in order to address these issues!

Great News! Only One More Night Of Ads!!

The only good news about this election is that it will be over on television after tonight. I so enjoy watching the ad that informs me that person X is the worst individual in human history only to have this information followed by an ad that insists person Y is really the most cruel and savage individual since the death of Adolf Hitler. My mind spins with hearing allegations and claims and visual images about the evil people running for public office. In just about all cases, the image of the evil one is encased in shadows and darkness because how else to get across the concept of evil. In all honesty, I have not seen a visual image that depicts the bad person as Dracula. I can state with certainty that no one has been presented as a person who devours children for dinner. Of course, interwoven within these ads is the face and voice of the “wife” who testifies with an earnest face and voice that her husband is the best thing on this planet since the arrival of Jesus Christ.

Jus think what this nation could do with the billions spent on this travesty of words? Of course, these barrage was for electing members of Congress, just imagine what the Koch brothers have in store for us in 2016! I would vote for the candidate who simply says that he will not say a negative word about his opponent but just concentrate on his ideas!

Eric Frein, Another Nut Case

I do not have a single doubt that within a year, conservatives in America will be composing songs about the gallant fight of Eric Frein who stood alone in the hills of Pennsylvania fighting his lonely battle against oppressive BIG GOVERNMENT. The elusive Mr. Frein murdered a member of the police, you know, one of those agents who descend from black helicopters seeking to bang down our doors in the quest by Big GOVERNMENT to take away our sacred liberties. Who does not believe that Frein will now be the hero of the National Rifle Association, he is now THE man who fought Big Government. OK, so some police died along the road of his fight for liberty and social justice. It is no mystery that this nation contains men and women who believe they are living in the days of Revolutionary America when decent man took up arms against the oppressive Big Government of England.

He has been captured. He will go on trial. The NRA will be selling pictures of their new hero. Men and women will be wearing tee shirts with his face on them. Welcome to the new hero of America–ERIC FREIN! how did this nation come to the point when a murderer who killed police is now a hero??