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Bombs Away In Kabul

I was a much younger man when the United States sent troops into Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban. In those days I could walk at least three miles in an hour. My children had just entered college and would go on to their careers. Our national debt was $5 billion  but our wealthy folk had to pay the outrageous high tax rate of 39%(of course, none actually did pay at that figure, would you believe, 7%?) As I recall, most Taliban had left Afghanistan by the end of  2001. Fast forward twelve years and bombs are exploding in Kabul and they were set by the Taliban which, allegedly, had departed the fair land about a dozen years prior.

At least sixteen people died in car bombs while they waited to go home from Afghanistan’s supreme court building. Most had just entered their bus when Kaboom! Cars were blown up, bodies were sent flying, and chaos once again was the norm in Afghanistan. Our sorrow is for the people of this troubled land. They have murderers awaiting their every move during the day. They have a corrupt government, they have no  security. They only enjoy the chaos of winning a war.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Dove is sign of peace and eagle of war, why?

For some, fear stems from lack of money, for others lack of ammunition.

Some feel guilty for what they have done, others for what they have not done.

To  love is either to become less or more of a person.

They say what goes around, comes around, not for those working on Wall Street.

Some claim to be God’s messenger, funny, they don’t have wings.

I have  lost count on the number of lists containing my name.

The only list worth a damn is tomorrow’s death list.

There is a rhythm of life, always go with it.

Some admire self, others, life.

I am currently in the September of my life.

Some, holding cup of coffee, tred carefully.

My mind has a tendency to proceed too fast -for other humans.

I see the details of life that few do.

Some enjoy life, some, pain.

I chronicle life, so does God.

We all too often underestimate others as they do us.

Love should be the permanent guest in your home.

Never forget from whence you come.

“God Is Great”

Major Nidal Hasan worked  at Ft. Hood where he was allegedly a psychologist whose task in the armed forces was to aid its members to become healthy. One day, he walked into a building shouting “Allahu Akbar” -God is Great, and proceeded to blast away until he had killed  13 soldiers and wounded a few dozen. After refusing the assistance of a defense counsel the man of God intends to explain his behavior on ground that he was simply trying to protect other people from being killed by killing members of the armed forces who were going to kill  members  of the Taliban.

Let me see:

I will kill American soldiers in order to protect the  lives of Nazi soldiers.

I will kill American soldiers in order to protect the Red Coats from being killed.

This man is crazy. OH, I guess that’s why he became a psychologist.

Hungary Not Hungry For Democracy

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has done his best to remove those who oppose his regime from any source of power. He has welcomed those with Nazi ideas into his company and urged that Romas be sent to other areas of Europe rather than remain in his racially pure Hungary. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made him angry because of her opposition to removal of democratic procedures in Hungary. A German politician, Social Democrat Peer Steinbruck, raised the issue of asking Hungary to leave the European Union only to infuriate Orban.

Orban compared Nazi occupation of Hungary to current complaints about his dictatorial regime. “The Germans have already sent cavalry to Hungary-they came in the form of tanks.” I hate to teach the Hungarian some Hungarian history.  Hungary was an ALLY of Nazi Germany. Thousands of Hungarians took part in the invasion of the Soviet Union and thousands died there.

Oh, Mr. Ovban, over 500,000 Hungarian Jews were rounded up with the assistance of Hungarian police and sent to their deaths. The people who killd them would agree with his views on democracy-or, should we say, the absence of democracy!

Sex And The Military

I see films about the US military in action. These flicks depict gorgeous female soldiers who embrace some fellow soldier and are so glad to be kissed and fucked by her brothers in arms. But, for some strange reason, there are reports of female soldiers who are being attacked and raped by her buddies in combat. According to latest figures, about 26,000 military members have been sexually assaulted the past year. Yesterday, the colonel in charge of preventing sexual assults was arrested for sexually attacking a woman in a parking lot. President Obama exploded in anger at this story. He wants those who assault to face the consequence of violence.

“I don’t want any more speeches or awareness programs or training, o ultmately folks look the other way. We’re going to have to step up our game, we have to exponentially step up    our game to go after this hard.”

I assume the first step is to hold someone accountable for sexually assaulting. I assume the second step is to  hold officers accountable for sexual assaults in their command.

Jews In War

For most people, the word,Israel, conveys a strong military power and people who use force whenever they deem necessary. However, from the Diaspora in the first century until World War I and World War II, Jews were not noted for their military ability. Over 1.5 million Jews fought in World War II with 550,000 in the US Army, 500,000 in the Russian army and 30,000 in British units including the Jewish Brigade from Palestine. Recently opened archives in Moscow reveal that Jews were at the highest command level during World War II even though dictator Joseph Stalin attempted to hide from the Russian public that Jews were active participants in combat. He preferred the myth that Jews were lazy parasites who allowed others to fight for Russia.

Perhaps, it is time for Israel to cease displaying its fighting spirit and recognize that peace and caring are also Jewish virtues.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

UK, Guardian: “Call The Midwife”

I think there is some water on the floor.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “Bad Men Slip Through Cracks”

I think two Chechens slipped through a huge hole.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “A Lotta Laughs”

A Republican plan to cut jobs in  order to create jobs.

USA, NY Post:  “Bigger Boobs”

When it comes to bigger boobies, just check Republicans in Congress.

Sweden, Local:  “Abused Ghosts”

I think they were haunted by the past.

France, Connexion:  “Trousers Strike”

They want more freedom!

Russia, Moscow Times:  “I Feel Like A Traitor”

I did not kiss the portrait today of Vladimir Putin.



We offer samples of headlines that appeard in the world press along with our comments.

UK,Guardian:  NY Next Stop On Bombers List”

I guess they wanted to make a big bomb on Broadway.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Bigger Pig Profits”

Let’s not get piggish about this.

Norway, Norway Post:  “When Is Enough Not Enough”

When it comes to lower and lower taxes for the wealthy accoding to Mitt.

Sweden, Local:  “Historic Prayer Call”

From God Himself?

France, Connexion:  “Haunted Family Rehoused”

T0 the spook house in the circus?

UK, Independent:  “One Giant Leap For Mankind?”

We found a Wall Street manager who reduced his salary??

USA, NY Daily News:  “Collision With Hens”

This is one story not to cackle about!


American Gutless Wonders

I am an inhabitant of the United States of America. In this land of 313,000,000 people about two million are members of the armed forces. In other words, less that one  percent of these brave, noble folk are willing to place their bodies on the line in order to defend their own nation. But, there are millions of brave folk who would gladly place their votes or bodies on the  line to protect the National Rifle Association. Americans are very brave and nobel. They protect the right of mass murderers to spray a movie theater with bullets because to force the shooter to reload takes away his Constitutional right to kill. As Senators refused to proceed with a reasonable law that provides background checks, a mother of a son who was killed in a massacre shouted, “they need to be ashamed of themselves, they have no souls. They have no compassion.” But, they will have money to use in getting elected.

We Americans will allow a gunmen to spray bullets without having to reload his weapon-it says so in the Constitution! Unfortunately, President Obama is a gentleman and did not call these men who they are-COWARDS. Or, should we really call them who they are-SCUMBAGS!

Being Mentally Safe Is OK

The modern world allows government to explore the domain that lies within our minds in the name of “security.” Government probes into every aspect of our personal life in order to protect the nation from some alien assault. New guidelines issued in the military allow sexual assault victims to avoid having to reveal mental health counseling when applying for government security clearance. This will encourage those sexually assaulted to more often reveal the incident since it will not result in the need to reveal to government officials each aspect of their personal life.

Retired Navy Admiral James Clapper hopes the result of this change will ensure more honesty from those sexually abused who “may not otherwise have sought treatment out of concern for their career or security clearance.”

It is rather strange that a person who was sexually abused and was the victim could be punished because she was the victim.