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Oh Marco, We Miss You So!

Ok, so there were seventeen at the start line and Marco was only one of them. But, there was something heroic, awe inspiring, fresh and so nice about the story of this humble boy who rose from being the son of a bartender and a main into one seeking the highest office in the land. OK, so he was not a poor Jewish boy from Brooklyn, nor a solid middle class boy like Scott Walker whose dream for America was a land without a single union that seized money from job creators and gave them to lazy, Marxist union leaders.

Ah, Marco was so fresh. He had such cute kids  and a wife who adored him. Who can forget his cutting remarks about “small hands” that sent Donald into a frenzy of proving that he not only had large hands but a large penis as well. Ah, Marco, always fighting for an America without health care for the poor, fighting to protect our wealthy from becoming less wealthy. For Marco, it was morning in America when the poor finally understood their task in life was to remain poor so job creators could produce more and more jobs for the wealthy.

So, depart, Marco the magnificent. For decades to come, children will sing songs about your gallant fight for job creators and love of bartenders and maids.


We offer observations on the  human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I sure miss the mumblings and stumblings of Jeb Bush.

I sure miss not being able to hear a word that Ben Carson utters.

Each day Donald Trump reveals he is a poor man’s version of the boasting incompetent Benito Mussolini of Italy.

This year we have a new concept of who should be our president–the person who can punch out the most voters–physically, that is.

Ross Perot, where are you?

Hillary is simply not a natural born politician.

Bernie is getting better and better with his speech of hope.



Trump Audience Insurance Plan

I do understand that Donald Trump is a world class business man so he might be interested in a new insurance plan that would bring him millions–in cash, that is. Here are some features of the Trump Audience Insurance Plan:

1. As you enter a Trump rally, please fill out the form which ensures that if you punch someone in the face, your insurance plan covers all legal costs.

2. We also  offer a special at each  rally, if Donald Trump points to you and says, “take care of that bastard,” you win the $50,000 punch award!

3. We offer a family special insurance plan that covers any costs arising from any member of your family accidentally  discharging a weapon that wounds or kills someone in the audience. A special feature  of the plan is that you receive an additional $50,000 if the victim is holding a Bernie Sanders sign.

4. We also offer a free entry to each and every person in the LARGEST SHOUT FOR DONALD CONTEST. Winners receive an introductory lecture from a distinguished member of Trump University.

5. We also sell bottled TRUMP BOTTLED WATER which contains hot air ingredients that were taken from a real speech from Donald Trump!

Ben Carson Explains Future

“I do want the people of America who I love so very much to understand that I do not see a path to the future if I continue seeking the Republican nomination for president. Frankly, it has been very tiring finding out where so many countries are in the world. This Syria place seems to have some problems. I think if given an opportunity to solve their problems I could cut right to the heart of the problem. There are too many very, very nasty people in this nation.

Now, all this talk about immigrants. I DO know we have immigrants in America. My ancestors were immigrants from Africa, and here I am today, a doctor. But, no one in my family ever came from this place called–Mexico. And, my family always spoke English so I do not understand how someone in this country does not speak English. Very confusing.

Mr. Trump has been very nice to me. I can now stay at his hotel and only pay 50% of the price for a room. Very nice. I do get upset when Donald and Ted and Marco begin to shout. Shouting is not healthy for a person. Anyway, this has been one exciting experience, I sold gobs and gobs of books and made lots and lots of money. So, I finally learned why every American child should seek to become president– you sure wind up with lots and lots of money!”

P.S. But, you get one big headache from all the shouting.

Mitt Comes Out Swinging

Mitt Romney finally gave a powerful speech, he finally displayed passion and fervor and showed he was a man of ideas and action. Unfortunately, the speech was given yesterday and not during the 2012 election. Mitt blasted Donald Trump as a fraud and a phony who had stolen the Republican party. Ordinarily, Republicans want to “bring back America” from its vacation somewhere in the world, but now,the cry is to bring back the Republican party from Republicans.

Mitt offered a litany of Trump failures from several business bankruptcies to the infamous Trump University which as he noted, conned people and received a D Minus grade from the Better Business Bureau. Naturally, Donald insisted he got an “A” and just about every student was delirious with happiness and had become a multi  millionaire. Now, Donald, did admit that he began life with a million dollars from dad, just like the amount most ordinary folks have to enter the work world.

So, Mitt is angry. Sorry, a little too late to alter the Republican outcome. So, what  happens to the Republican establishment if Donald is the candidate??

Donald Gets Endorsements

Say what they may, but opponents of Donald Trump would so love to get the endorsements the red haired guy gets every day–and night. He got the OK from his fellow bully, one Chris Christie, you know the sort of chubby guy who is now the favorite of about 30% of the people of New Jersey. But, Donald has now hit the jackpot. First, he was given the OK by Jean Marie Le Pen. OK, so you don’t know this man. Jean Marie founded the National Front in France years ago. He informed the French people that being occupied by the Nazis was really not that bad. He also has insisted for over a half century there was NO HOLOCAUST. The kind Nazis simply wanted to give Jews an opportunity to get clean in the shower room.

After the French OK, Donald even hit a bigger jackpot. David Duke joined in the chorus of those wanting to “bring back America” with the leadership of Donald Trump. The Duke man used to be a big shot in the KKK in Louisiana. Mr. Trump welcomes the support of all Americans and sees no reason to deny the help of those who believe in white supremacy. If they are living breathing Americans and can vote in November, welcome to the Trump circus. After all, David opposes Hispanic rapists and murders along with Donald.

It’s just too bad Adolf is no longer alive. After all, he hated all inferior races and certainly those rapists and killers from down South fit into the lower race category of the Nazis. Anyway, Donald has now got the entire Nazis vote–both here and everywhere!

P.S. I have been informed by sources that ISIS soon will announce its support for Donald Trump. You want chaos in the Middle East, what better than a President Trump??

Marco Intends To Make His Mark

The little guy who stands on the platform desperately seeking to prove that he is a fighter and can take on bad people is really getting angry. I fear this growing fury will lead Marco to shift support to the loudest angry person in the room–Donald Trump. It appears that a person on the staff of Ted Cruz got a copy of  video someone made in a hotel lobby. The video shows Marco walking past a Trump supporter who was reading a Bible.

The Cruz version of the video has Marco saying to the man, “that book has all the answers.” After Cruz operatives got through with the video, the Senator from Florida is mouthing, “that book does not have any answers.” Ted finally fired his staff man. So, we can expect at the next debate both Marco and Donald going after the sleeve bag from Texas.

The real question is how the people of Texas elected this lying, cheating, dishonest person for any position in government? He really should be tarred nd feathered and sent on the first train heading back home to Canada!

Jeb Bush A Bush Leaguer

Ah, the cool winds of February when every baseball fan has dreams of his or her team spending a few weeks preparing to win a pennant and go on to victory in the World Series  of 2016. It is a month fantasy, a month when one can trump over enemies and attain goals that surpass the wildest desires of the human heart. Such was the dream of Jeb Bush as he entered the month of February. OK, he had a few missteps in Iowa, but now came New Hampshire and when that temporary obstacle was not overcome, there was always, South Carolina.

Jeb expected this citadel of military personnel had nothing but fond memories of the great General George Bush who had proclaimed: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! And, so Jeb strode into the state with high expectations. Alas,  the Jeb Bush dream turned into a nightmare and Jeb has announced that he no longer will be playing exhibition games in the forthcoming weeks. He has decided to return to a non-playing role. We can expect that Jeb and George will spend their remaining days sipping cool drinks and sharing dreams with one another!

Jeb, Jeb, When Will It Be All Over

Jeb Bush once again was on a platform where he confronted an audience. In theory, lacking opponents it was an opportunity for Jeb to shine. So, what happened?

1. Asked about the Pope’s statement that Trump behavior was not that of a Christian, Jeb decided to pass.

2. Asked about immigration,he once again refused to stand up for a reasonable plan to handle the situation.

3. Asked how he would deal with Iraq or Syria, he just had to make certain the world knew that his brother was a great man. He insisted the invasion of Iraq was right, and all subsequent problems were caused by President Obama.

Jeb simply is unable to take a strong stand on anything.He will soon disappear from the political scene because he displays the backbone of a  chocolate eclair. Goodbye Jeb, we never knew you well.

Chris Calls In The Godfather

Chris Christie has decided to forgo any further trips out of the great state of New Joisey and will get back to the world of common sense and decency. His first call was to the Godfather who wanted to know how come a good New Joisey boy was beaten up by a bunch of pansies from the other side of the track. He did give Chris a hug  for putting down the little queer from Florida who can’t utter a single fucking sentence without repeating the previous sentence.

Chris assured the boys  that New Joisey  is not to be concerned about the bull shit  coming from the clown of Wall Street, one Donald Trump. “He’s full of hot air, he promises the moon and can’t even deliver Hoboken! Godfather, don’t spend a moment concerned about this bull shit artist, hell, he couldn’t even keep the casinos making money!”

There are reports that Chris will now work on closing down the George Washington Bridge and restricting who is allowed to enter the great state of New Joisey.