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We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Most children trust parents until….

I do not like feeling of being crowded.

Fewer children per family alters parent attitudes toward children.

I wonder if ‘hate’ is a universal emotion.

When one speaks on cell phone others in booth gaze upward.

Snow advisory to older folk not important, we are not going out.

I would have made an excellent ‘character actor.”

Place four teen girls in a booth and laughter emerges.

In modern America, few who regulate are regulated.

I frequently wonder what I will never know.

Death should be compelled to take a holiday if there is a blizzard.

Fewer men these days pull out chair for woman.

Some sit with hands folded in front of face.

We all agree that we live, we die, and there is where we disagree.

In most groups the iPad controls conversation.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


There is always another alternative.

Cynicism is the opiate of modern youth.

I feel proud paying a library fine, contributing to good.

All too many express angry towards those who are poor.

If a light emerges on my dashboard so does fear and anxiety.

There are baggy pant and trim pants people in life.

In the end, it is merely another act in a drama without a conclusion.

Problem: these days people retire and become bored.

Active minds can lead to active bodies.

I see more fathers with kids these days.

There are times to take a vacation from being cynical.

If God takes a vacation, why not me?

Some classify restaurants by food, me, by bathroom cleanliness.

I still at 83 check if woman has ring on finger.

For some, lechery never dies.

Evil resides in the person, not their money.

For the NRA, how about a daily shoot out at high noon??

I wonder if people watch television in Heaven.

There are moments when curiosity invites Death.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


I was an innocent child and became an innocent old man.

To understand the future, study the past.

Always err on the side of adventure into unknown.

Some know what they always have known.

I’d rather be wrong than not pose the question.

I never allowed my hair to cover my eyes.

Once inside a store I never walk with hands in jacket pockets.

Young girl in bagel shop sadly says, “I guess that I will be here forever.”

Always remember, the sun will shine, sooner or later.

I never divide newspaper with anyone.

In the end, a boss is a boss.

In the end, we become who we always were.

There is a symmetry to life, the issue is finding it.

When seated, I prefer back to wall.

These days I stumble through life.


We offer samples of headlines from the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Do It Backwards”

You are describing Congress.

Sweden, Local: “Models Too Thin:

We need softik Jewish models.

Italy, Local: “I Would Never Go Back To Italy”

Last words of Silvio Berlusconi

Norway, Norway Post: “Cheese And Salami Heist”

Jewish gangsters at work.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Stabbed Mayor Out Of Danger”

In Toronto that means getting drunk.

USA, NY Post: “Where To Celebrate Thanksgiving”

Not in Texas if you are poor.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Leaders Are Cowards”

At this point I would settle for any type of leader!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


By November, one knows what winter will bring.

Some have no idea they have no idea.

Be an explorer of life.

Venture into the unknown to know.

Some old folks walk side by side, others do not.

Long time since I heard: “straight and narrow.”

A certainty of life, we all wind up as dust.

Some enter the Rest Room with a determined look.

In the end, there is only an “I,” not a “we.”

Does God prefer to vacation in cold or warm climes?

Mystery of life: how crowd in coffee shop disappears.

Mystery of life: elderly woman with motorcycle helmet.

I enjoy the company of elderly men who served in the armed forces.

Obama And Paroles

The president of the United States of America has the power to parole those who have been unjustly convicted of crimes or to mitigate sentences that are way out of line with the crime and punishment. There are cases of a person receiving a life sentence for stealing a jacket-his crime was to possess a black skin. President Obama waited until 280 days had passed prior to issuing a parole for someone in jail. As of this date, he has only pardoned about 39 people for crimes. This is among the lowest number of paroles by an American president in history. This is stocking, every day a man or a woman goes to jail for a minor crime because of their skin or ethnic background. Surely, the president can set those people free. They never would have gone to jail if they had money or their skin was white.

The president can strike a blow for the madness of our sentencing system which sends the vulnerable, the poor and the ill to jail because they lack money for a competent lawyer. Obama is great at rhetoric, but lousy at justice.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

UK, Guardian: “CIA Officer Unmasked”

And, it turned out to be Sarah Pali!

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Rape Question Unprepared”

The question was -how about a rape?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Release Rob Ford’s Paper”

I assume it was soaked in marijuana.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Nun Power Broker”

Not in the Vatican!

Pakistan, Dawn: “Stadium Closed To Public”

In Pakistan, safer not to have anyone in the stadium.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Circumcise Son”

A schtick here a schtick there.

Sweden, Local: “Urge Teachers To Vote”

These days they need to vote for themselves.

US Drones On About Justice

After years of Drone attacks upon the bad guys and supposedly some good guys there is scarcely anything that can be written in order to condemn or support use of these weapons of minor destruction. President Obama wraps himself in the clothes of justice in order to explain why drones are necessary in the battle against terrorists. Of course, for some strange reason, despite these ongoing Drone strikes the ball game is not over and the bad guys continue to increase in numbers, NOT decrease! The Pakistan government charged that 3% of 2,2227 people killed in Drone strikes since 2008 were civilians. The Ministry claimed that 317 drone attacks killed 2,160 Islamic militants and 67 civilians since 2008. This figure simply does not agree with reports gathered by other agencies and prior claims by the Pakistan government.

Ben Emerson, a United Nations expert who studied drone strikes, earlier this month estimated that 400 civilians were killed by the drone attacks since 2004. There are two issues: how many civilians have died and is there proof that drone strikes reduce the power of Islamic militants.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


In life there is always death.

Some believe for the moment, some for life.

To be interested in people is to be interested in life.

Many do not acknowledge personal debts.

We all have obligations to humanity, we are human. At least, I think we are.

Always remember who you are.

Modern youth lack a sense of service to one another.

A nightmare, parked between two cars.

I assume that God can not be a racist.

Always check out the guy with a gun. He can kill.

I frequently wonder how other life forms explain their creation.

Problem of life, people think as people.

Some who are poor understand the pride of poverty.

I can never figure out whey people check the McDonald’s menu.

Rapidity of change is life’s form.

I would again love to walk five miles.

I only drink tea when ill.


A Republican president sent men and women off to war in Afghanistan. A Republican president sent men and women off to war in Iraq. Five thousand died in Iraq and about two thousand in Afghanistan. The Republican Party initiated the current shut down of our government. Four males and one female saoldier who died fighting the Bush war in Afghanistan have been shipped home for burial. Due to the government shutdown money that was needed to bury these brave warriors is not available. I am certain Senator Ted Cruz will give another speech how allowing a law to be carried out that provides medical aid to people will destroy America. After all, he believes this is the most horrible law in American history. Slavery, not as bad. Helping people to live-now, THAT is a destructive action.

There are simply no words to describe this atrocity against the brave Americans who risked their lives in service to the nation. Yes, Ted, stand up for America. Deny burial expenses for our soldiers!