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Our world is experiencing a historic transformation as millions move from one area of the globe to another. We intend to openly and honestly confront issues arising from this vast migration as it impacts people and societies.

Just Following Jesus

As I recall, Jesus Christ lived about two thousand years ago, and during his lifetime he preached for peace and justice for all humanity. Since his death, thousands of men have argued they are in contact with the dead dude of peace and justice. Mark Driscoll is an evangelical minister of Mars Hill church and he preaches some mighty words about how men should be head of the household and teach their women how to behave. I find ironic that someone who believes in Jesus the man of peace heads a church with the name of MARS, the god of War. Anyway, Mark has been engaged for years in a war with the elders of his church, and finally came forth with some words of sorrow. “I readily acknowledge I am an imperfect messenger of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Specifically, I have confessed to past pride, anger and a domineering spirit.”

Elders of the church complain he is guilty not only of being a bully, but of plagiarized actions. It always amazes me that men argue they are a messenger of Jesus who was a man of peace and they so enjoy being a man of war. As far as I know, there is no evidence Jesus hired Driscoll to be his messenger.

P.S. How does one apply to be a messenger for Christ? I am currently without a job and sure could use one delivering messages from the Jesus man!

Obama Plays Lawyer Rather Than Leader!

Once again, President Barack Obama has decided to play law professor rather than assume the mantle of leader of the nation. A college professor makes clear to students that he is always right, and for any comment by a student, he is quick with a retort to prove them wrong. The White House is arguing that the 1973 War Resolution which allows Presidents a sixty day window in which to respond to violent acts does not apply to bombings in Iraq against ISIS. In theory, October 7 would mark the end of legal bombings in Iraq, and require an act of Congress to continue such action. However, lawyer Obama now cites the 2001 and 2002 Authorization Military Force resolutions passed to allow President Bush to pursue Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida as justification for bombing in Iraq.

When will Barack Obama learn how to be a leader. He should have rushed to Congress and obtained authorization for bombing in Iraq. Does he actually believe that Republicans would vote against such action? How dumb can Obama be? No Republican running for re-election would provide his opponent the opportunity to blast his failure to “protect America.” This was a golden opportunity to get Republicans as your ally in this war. Instead, he allows them to stay on the sidelines offering negative comments. He took them off the hook of responsibility.

Barack Obama needs an old time Irish politician in the White House to guide his behavior.

A Baseball Lesson

Every so often in capitalist America emerges a story about those without who triumph over those with. The Kansas City Royal baseball team is headed to the World Series despite the fact its payroll is about one third that of other major league baseball teams. This is one of those few examples in our lives when the rich and wealthy can not purchase victory. Of course, in the political arena the Koch brothers are spending untold millions to buy this Senate seat or that congressional seat, but even the Koch brothers can not purchase an entry into the World Series. What do the Kansas City Royals teach America?

1. Focus on the player who is not hailed by the media as the next coming of Christ.

2. Offer opportunities to baseball players who work their butts off.

3. Create a TEAM of players who work together rather than having “Stars” who only think of themselves.

4. In the end, talent and teamwork can not be purchased with millions.

On to victory in the World Series!


The New York Daily News headline proclaimed to a picture of President Obama:


Now, let me get this clear, if there is an illness in our nation, somehow, some way the President can cure the patient. Barack Obama has nothing to do with Ebola, he has no power, he lacks any skill to treat this disease. The Center for Disease Control is in charge. Can we Americans for once, keep politics out of an issue that has nothing to do with politics? Does the Daily News want the President to offer advice to doctors? This is madness become even more madness by the constant nonstop attacks on Obama for every ill in the world.

I hate to inform the Daily News but the Texas Health Presbyterian hospital committed the mistakes. Not the CDC. So, how about another headline directed at Texas Governor Rick Perry:


Hezbollah, The Good Guys?

I recognize any words that depict members of Hezbollah as other than savage terrorists would annoy the Israel government. Of course, the Palestinian branch of Hezbollah has agreed to serve in the Palestinian Authority government which means it can not engage in terrorist activity. The complexity about Hezbollah grows even more interesting when one discusses ISIS. In the valley of Bekaa, which lies on the border with Syria hundreds of Hezbollah are fighting ISIS which it regards as a threat to Lebanon, as well as to the Syrian government. Hezbollah soldiers told a correspondent their aim is to “degrade and destroy” ISIS. So, let me explain:

1. The Israel government considers Hezbollah a threat to Israel.

2. The Israel government wants ISIS to be destroyed.

3. Hezbollah wants ISIS destroyed.

4. Turkey, allegedly is an ally in the fight against ISIS.

5. At this moment, Turkish planes are attacking Kurds who are fighting ISIS.

Question: How did we Americans get caught in this mad world??

Court Aborts Abortion Bans

The state of Texas is more than a physical entity, it is also a state of mind. Governor Rick Perry, among the great thinkers in our society, believes the “greatest threats to America” are caused by bans on guns and women who insist on having an abortion. Texas has passed one law after another to impede the right of women to have an abortion. Thank God,the US Supreme Court placed a hold on the latest attack on women, the 2013 anti-which closed all but a few abortion clinics in Texas. The law requires doctors working in an abortion clinic to have access to a hospital. Of course, many hospitals fear being connected with abortion so they block doctors from gaining access to the hospital.

The new ruling will enable about 2o of the existing 30 odd abortion facilities to remain open. Texas has ben attempting an end run against the Roe decision which allows abortion,. The government of Texas simply blocks access to abortion facilities, as part of its plan to end abortion in the state. The most remarkable aspect of this endeavor is lack of anger on the part of women to have their rights taken away. Vote against Republicans to vote for women rights!

Republicans Want ISIS Strategy

Fox News and Republicans are up in arms because there are not enough arms up in action in Iraq. They blame Barack Obama for the rise of ISIS and want to know why this group of terrorists have yet to be defeated. Let’s examine the record:

1. In 2006, when George Bush was president, his administration backed Nouri al Maliki to become head of the Iraqi government.

2. Since he assumed office this crooked, corrupt man has driven out from any place of responsibility Sunni men as well as sending thousands to jail. Maliki believes Shiites must dominate all aspects of Iraqi society, and the result is that thousands of Sunnis welcomed the arrival of ISIS.

3. ISIS consists of about 25,000 soldiers. The Iraqi army, allegedly has 250,000 soldiers. Do the math.

4. President Obama offered to retain US military advisers in Iraq but Prime Minister Maliki insisted that Americans would be subject sharia law if accused of a crime. Imagine what Fox News and Republicans would have shouted if President Obama had agreed to that demand.

Turkey is our “ally.” As Turkish troops stand idle, ISIS is blasting away at the Kurdish city of Kobani. Oh, the Turkish military is doing something–it is attacking Kurds. So, let me get this straight: Kurds are fighting ISIS and Turkey is fighting soldiers who are fighting ISIS. Sorry, the blame for problems in the Middle East rests on heads of Muslims in the region.

Return Of Poll Tax

I have ben voting for seventy years, and at no time during this time period did anyone ask me to produce a government issued photo ID. During the past presidential election over 100 million Americans voted, and fewer than 100 cases of voter fraud were ever uncovered. The most important words that any member of the Republican party can utter are: “this is the greatest threat in American history to our national security.” Of course, requiring voter ID has nothing to do with honest elections. It is simply a modern version of the Poll Tax. During segregation, any black who dared to seek to vote was required to pay money for that privilege. Let’s examine the issue:

1. A high percent of elderly people have ceased using automobiles. So, where do they get a government issued ID?

2. Millions of poor people do not own a car, so where do they get a government issued ID?

This supposed “greatest threat” can be solved by having each state government issue an ID to people. Naturally, Republicans will then chant, “this is the greatest threat to freedom in America.” I wonder if there is a Republican think tank that sits up nights identifying “greatest threats to America?”

‘Dr. Ryan On Climate Change

It has become a basic premise of any Republican politician to demonstrate a complete lack of knowledge concerning what is happening in America as well as the world. Representative Paul Ryan ran for the office of Vice President of the United States of America which, ordinarily, would result in a desire to a grasp concerning issues of world importance. But,he is a Republican who must adhere to ideas that make no scientific sense, and simply cast the individual as illiterate and ignorant. Ryan was engaged in a debate with a Democrat and was asked by a moderator to state his views on climate change. He insisted that since climate change had occurred throughout history, we should not blame people today for influencing our climate.

The moderator pushed the issue and noted that 97% of scientists believed human actions have influenced climate. Of course, Ryan replied, that was their view, and he disagreed with it. Again he was asked about climate change and insisted, “I don’t know” what has caused climate change. There is no doubt he earned an ‘A’ grade from the Tea Party. How can college educated people believe this nonsense? What has happened to education in America??


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

UK, New Statesman: Riot Club Lads”

How about a Peace Club to handle the Riot Club?

Sweden, Local: “Are Youth Today Boring?”

No, but their iPads sure are!

USA, aol: “Two Shot In Shoot Out”

They were simply exercising their 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights!

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Rat On Rivals”

How about just sending rats to your rivals?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “How Could It Have Been Mislaid?”

In the House of Representatives, they only mislay their sense of ethical behavior!