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Our world is experiencing a historic transformation as millions move from one area of the globe to another. We intend to openly and honestly confront issues arising from this vast migration as it impacts people and societies.

Bye Bye Baby-Have A Good Time

There are moments living in the Chicago area when one wonders how or why has this culture of death run rampant through the young people of the city. Tamika Gayden is the mother of a thirteen year old girl. Her daughter was going out to hang around with some other girls.Naturally, mom gave her a knife and kissed her goodbye. The girl headed for a park where her friends were. Somehow, for some reason her buddies and she decided the best thing to do was have a  good fight with some other girls.

Her child wound up in a fight with another girl. Who knows why the thirteen year old stabbed another girl. “I killed her. I killed her” she shouted to her friends.  A friend saw her wiping blood off her knife. She will wind up in juvenile court and spend some years pondering about what she did.Mom has been arrested for assisting the murder. Just another day in Chicago, or should we say, the capital city of murder!

And, we Americans wonder how those horrible ISIS Muslims can murder the  innocent.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Has ANY person seeking the presidential nomination ever read a history of America??They are completely oblivious as to what happened in the past.

Is it true that Donald Trump is a secret Muslim? Just wanted to begin an interesting rumor.

I wonder how many young people who adore Bernie Sanders will vote in state elections in 2018?

The worse insult to direct at any politician seeking the presidency is to charge the  person has EXPERIENCE!

A man just got a penis transplant, I wonder who is the woman who will boast she was impregnated by the first transplanted penis?

This generation of Americans is a fantastic market for con men. They will buy anything, just shout!

I spend my nights worrying what Marco Rubio will do to make money.



I do admire the passion and enthusiasm that Bernie has brought to his campaign. But, last night in California he uttered complete nonsense and made clear that he either never studied American history or was asleep when it was taught. Bernie told the crowd that every liberal change in America was NOT from the top down but  from the bottom up. He pointed out that working people formed unions and changed life in America. Well, examine the record:

1. The Constitution was written by wealthy people who invented the idea of allowing less wealthy people to vote.

2. Of the original five presidents, four were slave owners, and all fell into he classification of having money.

3. Yes, Abraham Lincoln was born poor, but the original founders of the Republican Party were wealthy folks. It was Lincoln and his fellow Republicans who passed the Homestead Act which gave anyone the right to own a farm–for free! It was Lincoln who pushed through laws that created the first–and at the time free-state colleges.In other words, these laws were from the TOP Down!

4. During the Depression of the 1930s laws –again TOP DOWN were pushed through led by Franklin Roosevelt -who was from the wealthy class– that provided for government jobs that gave four million work. It was from the TOP DOWN that laws enabled young people to attend college, laws that finally allowed Workers to form unions, and the Social Security Act –from the Top Down that aided the elderly.

5. Yes, Martin Luther King led demonstrations but it was the Civil Rights Act of 1965 that initiated the first important civil rights for black Americans.

John Kennedy was born into one of the wealthiest American families and worked for the average American.



Great News!

Anyone who  has heard at least one speech from Bernie Sanders knows that if he is elected president of the United States, the wealthy had better watch out  for what he will do to their bank accounts.Well Bernie, the good times are already moving to reduce the money of our beloved wealthy –poor people that is– who have been discriminated against for the crime of making money.

Well, here is the good news. In 2014 the top 500 corporate leaders made 373 times more money than did the average worker in America. BUT, in 2015, these CEOs were reduced to near poverty when they wound up with ONLY 355 times more money! They now are forced into near poverty and must make it on an average salary of about $13.5 million.

Oh well, blame their plight on the dude from Africa, the black guy in the White House!

Never Too Late

During my service in the US Army I was fortunate to wind up working on the Integration plan for the US Seventh Army in Germany. After returning to college in the spring of 1954 I was lucky to be in the class of Dr. Kenneth Clark whose psychological studies help convince the US Supreme Court in its 1954 decision in Brown vs Board of Education to declare segregation of students in public schools violated the US Supreme Court. Dr. Clark told us in May, 1954 that if the president did not declare that September the official end of segregation we would still be arguing about segregation in the 21st century.

Well, his prediction did come true. In the year 2016, the Cleveland School District in Mississippi announced that this September it would finally, yes, finally integrate its school system. So, a Constitutional right for black Americans that dates back to 1954 was finally given them in 2016. Oh well, better late than never.

Veterans Cheated By Veterans

I continually am bombarded with mail quests for money in order to aid veterans who are suffering from poverty or physical disabilities. It is rare for me to go through an evening without being told on TV that money is needed to help our suffering veterans and there is always some organization ready and willing to help  them. The National Vietnam Veterans Foundation wants each and every American to send in their dollars and ensure that no veteran goes without.

Unfortunately, this “Veteran Foundation” has taken in over $29 million and handed back to veterans the enormous amount of about ONE MILLION! Its President J. Thomas Burch WORKS FOR THE VA! This man drives to work in a Rolls Royce, and guess who paid for it? Frankly, these days I triple check before sending money to “veterans organizations.” Oh, the Charity Navigator rates this Veteran organization with a ZERO.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Some want to fuck Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina would fuck anyone who gave her a job.

Question: Which of his three wives would become the First Lady?

This is the first election in memory where voters say,”I really don’t like the candidate I’m voting for, but the  other candidate I hate.”

I assume at one point, ISIS will chop off the head of ISIS when they run out of heads to chop off.

Bill Clinton has really lost his voice, he sounds old.

Hillary continues to make idiotic comments, how come?

Are Republicans positive they don’t want to take another look at Mitt Romney?


“I’m Not Stupid”

Well Donald Trump once again defied his critics by offering another poignant statement concerning his qualifications for the presidency. “I’m not stupid” is a clear and powerful point when one discusses who should become the president. He also made clear that “I’m  unifier.” Well, examine the record to support that comment:

Rand Paul: OK, I know he is an ignorant imbecile, but he is a Republican and I’m  a Republican.

Marco Rubio: OK, so I sweat somewhat and I drink water, but at this point I simply I don’t have a job and the bills have to be paid. Up Donald!

Ted Cruz: There is always tomorrow and since I am the only person qualified to become president, I’m for Donald today, and he’d better be for me tomorrow.

John Kasich: Oh well, just let me eat my ice cream cone, so if it’s the idiot, give him a shot.

Jeb Bush: Who? Oh, that Trump. Never heard of him.

Carly Fiorina: I’m available to be  under Donald. I gather he DOES have a rather large one.

So Who The Hell Cares?

On  a recent CNN interview the head of the Republican Party when asked about the New York Times story concerning the behavior of Donald Trump toward women simply responded: “No one really cares.” Most probably, he is right. One could produce evidence that Donald Trump was a secret member of ISIS and his followers would brush off the information with a  shrug. How about some other, “no one cares?”

1933, Nazi Germany: “Oh, there you go again complaining because Adolf made  few remarks about killing Jews.You don’t have the right to demand leaders only make politically correct comments.”

2016, Syria: “All I ever hear from the US press are stories about so-called, beheadings by ISIS. Show me one person who was allegedly beheaded who can testify that he had a head chopped off!”

1930, Soviet Union: “OK, so a few million people are somewhat hungry, OK, so a few million people are now in camps.It just  goes to prove that our beloved leader, Joseph Stalin wants to make certain they have some place to live during the winter.”

2016, USA: “There you go again with those anti-Trump stories concerning alleged mistreatment of women. The fact that Donald had physical contact with so many women simply proves that he is physically attractive to those of the opposite sex! And, remember, where there is  smoke, there is fire!”


So Cover Up On TV!

Each and every night on television one can see in black and white or in technicolor, people having their heads blown to pieces. We witness horrific beheadings of innocent people by mad men. We see scenes of floods that leave people clinging to pieces of wood. We see scenes of fire burning up homes and leaving children with burned bodies. Name the horror and its on your nightly television station.

However, none of these scenes could match what appeared the other night on KLTA in Los Angeles. Meteorologist Liberte Chan was wearing a black cocktail dress that revealed parts of her body. Someone rushed over to her and demanded that she put  on a sweater so the viewing public would not be shocked! Thank God in this era of Obama and political correctness someone has stood up for the rights of common decency!!