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Our world is experiencing a historic transformation as millions move from one area of the globe to another. We intend to openly and honestly confront issues arising from this vast migration as it impacts people and societies.

Clueless In Middle East

There is no question that President Barack Obama is rather upset about events in the Middle East. No, he is not angry at ISIS or terror groups as much as furious at refusal of Sunni leaders in the region to take a stand against terrorism. Leaders in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey, and a few minor places refuse to address the issue of terrorism in the region other than to demand that America do something about it. Oh, President Obama did get Saudi Arabia to send some planes to drop bombs. He did get a few Jordanian planes in the air and Egypt has promised their planes will shortly be in the air dropping bombs. Of course, this will come as a welcome relief to Egyptians since their armed forces ordinarily point weapons at them. So, the United States of America has compelled some Middle Eastern Sunni leaders to drop bombs.

The real issue is “troops on the ground.” Sorry, dropping bombs on ISIS or any terror group will result in some moments of terror, but within an hour they are all back to normal and will chop off some more heads. Only TROOPS ON THE GROUND will end terrorism in the Middle East. Of course, in addition to troops, there is need for economic reform to create jobs. Sorry, Republicans, President Obama is not at fault, how about directing your anger toward Sunni Middle Eastern leaders??

American Students Are Protesting!

The current group of teens in America ordinarily are most concerned about their iPad, their Face Book interactions or their “freedom” to behave as they desire. Apparently, students are gearing up for another cycle of protests against authority. NO, they are not protesting low wages for Americans, NO, they are not protesting growing wealth and power of the top 1% who currently have possession of 22% of the entire wealth of the nation. NO, they are not protesting wars in the Middle East. NO, they are not protesting denial of women rights to abortion in dozens of states. NO, they are not protesting shooting of innocent people. The new protest concerns dress codes in schools.

In Evanston, Illinois, students protested not being able to wear leggings. In Oklahoma a school superintendent told students they dressed like “Skanks.” In Bingham, Utah, students are protesting denial of girls to be admitted to a homecoming dance due to “inappropriate dress.” Are we witnessing another student protest movement? After all, during the 1960s students were furious at school denial of boys to wear long hair. OH, some students did protest the Vietnam War, and some marched for Civil Rights, but this generation simply has a rendezvous with fighting the good battle of how one dresses.

Ho Hum, Just Another Black Dude Dead!

There are few absolute certainties in life other than Death, but in the United States of America, even as I write these words, there is one definite certainty-today somewhere in this promised land a black skinned man will be shot by a policeman. A black skinned man will also be shot in such a manner as to result in death. James Crawford III was in a Walmart store which SELLS GUNS, and as like thousands of customers he lifted one of the rifles and aimed it at some shelf in the store. Check any gun store in America and you will see men lofting a gun and pointing it. Walmart footage reveals he was simply pointing the rifle at shelves. However, a customer called 911 and told police he was pointing a loaded rifle at customers. No such footage is seen in the video. Anyway, police arrived and pointed THEIR GUNS at him. He took the normal human reaction of attempting to flee and was then shot to death.

The Prosecutor told the Grand Jury that Crawford never did anything wrong. But, the Grand Jury, as usual, believed police claims their lives were at risk, and refused to indict the police. As I recall, Senator Mitch McConnell has a picture of himself holding aloft a rifle. As far as I know, he was never shot by any policeman. After all, he is white, he is a US Senator so how could he be a threat to anyone? Just image in if the customer has been a white man, the NRA would be descending armed to the teeth in that Ohio town!

Untold Story Of Sex In Schools!

I have educated over 12,000 teachers during my life in education. If one desires to create silence in a class of teachers, simply raise the topic of “how many of you during the course of the day have sexual feelings toward students?” Naturally, this emotion is most felt within those teaching secondary children from grades 7-12. I once interviewed teachers about stress in the classroom. Out of curiosity, I asked secondary teachers if they ever had a sexual feeling or encounter with students. Ten percent quietly admitted this emotion. Today, a news report from Garnet Valley Middle School in Pennsylvania revealed that teacher William Barber was charged with sexual relations with a fifteen year old female student.

The teacher claimed the girl sent him nude photos and kissed him while in his office. “Your body drives me crazy” he admits to telling the girl. Reality: A male or female teacher just entering the profession is in his or her twenties. They are teaching sixteen or seventeen or eighteen year old males and females. They would readily date these individuals if not in their classrooms. However, about ten percent may proceed with the dating.

The untold story about teachers and students!

Americans Believe Republicans Fight Terrorism!

Among the most incompetent of President Obama’s failures in leadership is his inability to make clear the origin of groups like ISIS. Perhaps, he might speak about the following:

1. In 2001, al-Qaeda consisted of about 5,000 followers. Today, in the thousands.

2. In 2001, Iran had two powerful enemies on its borders-Iraq and Afghanistan. Thanks to President Bush, enemies of Iran were destroyed.

3. It was the war in Iraq which created terrorist groups. This was the legacy left to the next president.

4. It was President Bush who arranged for American troops to leave Iraq in 2011.

The Bush blunders created havoc and chaos in the Middle East. NO president could have eradicated what was the Bush legacy unless he simply packed up our troops and left!


Economics 101 In Middle East

President Obama is organizing a coalition of death and destruction which will blast bad terrorists to bits. Planes and missiles from the US, France, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and a few other Arab states have sent planes, drones, and missiles hurtling toward ISIS positions in Iraq and Syria. I assume this assault actually killed some of the bad guys. But, the entire premise of the Obama Doctrine is that the best way to solve problems in the Middle East is to blast away. How about a reality check:

1. The unemployment rate in most Middle Eastern countries(aside from Israel) hovers about 35% at a minimum.

2. This means that millions of young men and women have no jobs, no income,and live by part time work or aid from parents.

3. This means there are hundreds of young boys willing to blast themselves to pieces since life offers no economic solutions.

4. This means angry imams can rouse anger within young people who have nothing in life and offer them something in the after life.

There is need for an ECONOMIC PLAN that provides jobs and meaningful lives to the young people of the Middle East. How about engaging them in work rather than become engaged in death? Where is the Obama Doctrine of Economic Development??

Terrorist Group Of The Week

Growing up there were several ice cream chains that advertised a “flavor of the week.” These days it is now common for the American government to advertise a terrorist group of the week. For years all we heard was that al-Qaeda was plotting further attacks upon the United States and we had to be prepared for an eventual assault. Well, the years went by, a decade went by, and no al-Qaeda attack. For the past few months the new terror group is ISIS which, allegedly, poses a threat to the very existence of the United States of America. I continually hear on television from those who are experts in terrorism that ISIS is right at this moment preparing an attack on America that will result in widespread destruction and the death of millions. Exactly how 31,000 guys who wear dark masks over their faces are going to descend upon Americans and run wild through our streets wrecking havoc and mayhem is a tale yet to be told.

Oops, the American government just announced the new terror group of the week. Its name is Knorasan, and it is composed of Muslim terrorists who had fought in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This group, whose numbers range from about fifty to a few thousand is preparing special explosives which will blast planes from the sky. How about?

1. Draw upon the Israel method of checking passengers. Their approach has worked for nearly forty years. Try it out.

Protests Gone Wild

It is a given that Michael Brown was deliberately shot by policeman Darren Wilson. OK, it is understandable that ordinary people exploded in anger. OK, it is obvious this event was merely the culmination of dozens of such incidents that entail harassment of people who simply are trying to live in a work without violence and chaos. Yesterday in Ferguson, Missouri someone or some people burned a makeshift memorial to Michael Brown which resulted in further demonstrations of anger. Perhaps, this is not politically correct, but there is the possibility some people anxious to use demonstrations and violence to cover up their criminal intentions burned the memorial. OK, so I assume the Ferguson police may be racists, but are they that stupid is the question? I have a hunch they are not that dumb, although there are moments when one wonders if Ferguson police have any sense of reality?

The time for protests in Ferguson is over. It is now time to build, to construct, to create a viable successful community. Further demonstrations no longer serve any purpose other than allowing criminals to succeed.

Solving Police Brutality

During the course of my life, I have taught courses in the history of crime, and many of my students were members of the police force. I respect cops. But, it is increasingly obvious that all too many police simply cannot shake from their minds, an attitude that wen one puts on the uniform, everyone had better get out of the way. Sandra Anezquito was in a park in Brooklyn along with her seventeen year old son and husband. She is pregnant, the belly clearly displays budding life. A cop spotted the boy with a knife on his belt and prepared for action. During this episode a cop grabbed the pregnant woman by the arm and flung her belly forward to the ground. Her husband was arrested. Let me get this clear, a seventeen year old boy was with mom and dad in a park, and had a knife on his belt, so this required police action. How about:

1. Approaching mom and dad in order to request them to have the boy remove the knife?

2. How about approaching the boy and quietly telling him to remove the knife?

3. How about shooting the boy in the leg so he falls to the ground rather than mom?

It is time for police to relax and try talk, not bullets!


We ofer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “You’d Better Believe It”

Reducing taxes results in less money for government, not more!

France, Connexion: “Shocking French Video

A French President NOT making love to a woman!

USA, Washington Post: “Why Is John McCain Always on CNN?”

He is THE expert on who should lead America, after all, he identified Sarah Palin!

Sweden, Local: “Donald Duck Gets Votes”

He may quack, but he is not a quack politician!

South Africa: “Life After Oscar Pistorious”

At least we will not hear gun shots.