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Same Sex Court Questions

Members of the US Supreme Court, having nothing better to do with their time have been posing some rather interesting questions to those arguing for gay marriage.

“What if two men and two women asked for a marriage license?”

‘What if a state required upon asking for a marriage license, you were required to respond to the question as to whether or not you intended to have children.”

I decided to pose my own questions:

1. What if two dogs appeared and requested a marriage license.

2. What if a cat and a dog appeared requesting a marriage license?

3. What if the bodies of a man and a woman were presented to the marriage bureau, would they be issued a marriage license?

4. What about a woman seeking to marry five men?

6. What would happen if a female Supreme Court Justice asked for a marriage license to marry a justice of the opposite sex?

and so on,and so on.


We offer examples of headlines that appeared in the world press alone with our comments.

Norway, Norway Post: “Another Draw Of A Gun”

Another riot.

USA, New York Post: “Get Off My Lawn”

Dammit, this is Texas, stand on my lawn and it is death for you!

India, India Times: “Perfect Storm”

And thousands have died in Nepal!

Sweden, Local: “Children Locked Out Of Daycare”

Heck, they are three, time to get out and earn a living!

Australia, Canberra Times: “”New Gas Discovery”

Right in Central Park, so let’s drill baby, drill!

How To End Riots

There is no question that thousands are in the streets of America demonstrating their anger at what is more than police incompetence. Protesters are simply the outcome of a society that has turned its back on those who lack higher education and the right credentials that earn one a good paying job. Today, there are blacks in the cities, tomorrow there will be blacks, whites, Hispanics and Asians rioting because society has left them in poverty. We are simply witnessing the end result of a Capitalist economy that rewards those who do not need rewards and punishes those who are left behind. So, how to end riots?

1. We meed new legislation that enables our workers to form unions that fight for decent wages.

2. We need a new form of the GI Bill of Rights which allowed anyone who had served in the military to receive a free college education along with money to live on. Actually, such a law would pay for itself over time as people get higher paying jobs and give more back in higher taxes. They also stimulate the economy by increasing the demand for housing.

3. WE need to train police in the methods of handling violence without using guns. Check with Steven Segal, he never uses a gun.

4. We need to invent a new form of education that educates our youth for 21st century life.

5. We must return to the old days when workers were respected.

6. We must recapture the Depression idea that poor people just need a good job.

Playing The Jew Card

The media is filled with stories about President Obama “playing the race card” if he dares to utter some common sense remarks concerning why people are rioting. According to Fox News anyone who dares to question the acts of police is playing the race card. But, no one ever refers to those who “play the Jew card.”

1. Every candidate seeking the Republican nomination has made a trip to Las Vegas to kiss the butt of Sheldon Adelson who gave a $1000,000,000 in the 2012 because he believes that Barack Obama “hates Israel.” Of course, the Obama administration provided funding for the Dome program which prevents missiles to hit Israel targets

2. Chris Christie made a boo boo when he referred to the ‘occupied area of the West Bank.” When reprimanded by Sheldon, he hurriedly flew to Las Vegas and got on his knees to beg forgiveness.

3. Marco Rubio has come out for demanding that Iran must recognize the state of Israel or no nuclear agreement. Huh! What does this have to do with American foreign policy?

AIPAc supports the interests of a foreign nation and gives millions to candidates for public office. No one dares to challenge this arrangement which violates our belief that only American national interests should guide our foreign policy.

Let’s turn over the Jew card once and for all!

Moms you Will Never See!

The American public has been shown pictures of a black mother who is beating the hell out of her son in order to prevent him from continuing to riot in Baltimore. Unfortunately, the American public will never see some pictures of moms in action.

1. “Mike, how many times has your mother told you to THINK before you shoot that gun? I thought you were a policeman who fought for law and order, not one who was lawless!”

2. Mother of Donald Trump: “Donald, where did I go wrong in raising you to speak with care and intelligence? Stop this nonsense about the birth certificate. Now!”

3. Mother of Sheldon Adelson: “Sheldon, Sheldon, how about being a mensch? Stop this silliness about how Jews hate other people. Be a JEW with love in your heart for all people!”

5. Mother of ISIS leader: “So enough with this Allah stuff. Where in the Koran does it talk about bashing in the heads of Muslim children? How about once in your life acting like a MUSLIM!”

6. Mom of TedCruz: “Teddy my darling son. So, you hate immigrants. For God’s sake, you were not born in the United States. You were born in another country. When will you stop hating and try some loving?”

Capitalism vs Socialism

During the past hundred years two economic ideas have competed for success. One is Capitalism which is predicated upon the assumption that government has no role to play in the economy other than protecting businessmen from competition from capitalists in other societies–tariffs. Under this form of capitalism, business and wealthy folk are allowed to earn huge salaries and pay low taxes since the more money they possess the more jobs they will create. The issue for pro-businessmen is they understand that paying low wages it encourages workers to work harder and thus the wealthy grow richer. This is the divine order of life desired by God. On the other hand there is the idea of Socialism which argues the government is supposed to create a level playing field and protect the right of workers. Of course, under Stalin, the government took over the role of capitalists. Of course, democratic nations such as Denmark or Sweden have always ensured that workers have opportunities to earn decent wages.

So, what about the future?

We argue the world needs a combination of Capitalism and Socialism. The mass of people in a society are entitled to basic level of life and income. Yes, we need free enterprise. But, we also need free enterprise in work which means workers should have the right to form unions. America was most productive when strong unions existed, and workers earned a decent wage. In the 1960s, a union worker earned the equivalent today of about $60 an hour and was able to purchase a home and send his kids to college. Let’s return to that form of Capitalism!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I assume there shortly will be a law in Texas requiring that each dead body be accompanied by a rifle. One never knows what awaits.

I assume that Republican candidates for president are required to kiss the ass of Sheldon Adelson.

I wonder if God demands each person who enters Heaven has a gun.

Ted Cruz is living proof why no one should send their child to Harvard.

I so await the arrival of Rick Perry with his interesting comments on events of the day.

I so miss Sarah Palin, each day a morsel of brilliance from her mind.

Then again, whatever happened to Michele Bachmann?

God Bless Israel!

Members of the Republican party in Congress intend to prove to Sheldon Adelson they are prepared to hamper the interests of the USA in order to make clear to the Godfather of Jewish extremism that the interests of what they conceive to be Israel take precedence over the interests of the USA. They seek to make part of any negotiations with Iran a proviso that that evil nation must recognize the state of Israel. How about?

1. Iran must attend sessions with Sheldon Adelson and seek his advice prior to doing anything? Heck, Republicans now do this.

2. Iran must promise to provide any decent basketball player to the New York Knicks.

3. Iran must donate at least one billion dollars in the coming US election to the Republican National Committee.

4. Iran must allow Donald Trump to build his gambling casinos in their nation.

5. A law must be passed allowing people to carry guns into mosques.

6. OK, the Iranians already make illegal abortions so they get one brownie point.

Republican Candidates Galore

It is one year before the election of our next president which means the list of those seeking this position contains more and more names each passing day. At current, we have:

1. Jeb Bush who is a secret Hispanic, a devout Catholic and he has no connection to anyone carrying the last name of Bush. He is really related to Busch beer.

2. Chris Christy can never attend a meeting on time because he gets stuck in traffic jams on bridges.

3. Rich Perry is still working to memorize how many Cabinet members there are and what are the names of those Cabinets.

4. Rich Santorum is busy buying new sweaters so he can come across as just another Joe.

5. Rand Paul wants everyone to know that what he advocated yesterday has no relationship to what he stands for today.

6. Marco Rubio is young at heart and therefore this entitles him to become our next president.

7. Donald Trump is currently very busy in Africa tracing down the birth certificate of you know who.

8. Lindsay Graham is seeking to persuade anyone outside the state of South Carolina that he is running for president.

Oh, for the days of Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. I so miss these two female clowns!

An Election Was Held

Every few years the people of Sudan are allowed to hold an election. It is a three day event in which people are encouraged to go to a building, enter a booth, and cast a ballot. I assume they at least get some refreshments or perhaps a drink. The President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir gets elected. This year the vote was only 94.5% of those who cast a ballot. Let me explain the difference between an election in the Sudan and one held in the United States of America.

1. About 46% of the people of Sudan voted, in America we get at least 47% who vote.

2. In the Sudan, those with guns make certain people vote the right way. In the USA, we make certain those with gobs of money make certain who wins.

3. In the Sudan, they use weapons to make certain people vote the right way. In the US we use television like Fox News to get information to voters explaining how and who to vote for.

4. In the Sudan imams get out the vote. In America, Christian preachers and rabbis get out the vote.

In the end, someone gets elected, but life goes on much as it did before the election.