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Let’s Cut Taxes Says Donald

Among the continual claims of the Republican Party is that reducing taxes will lead to an economic boom. Well,look at the record:

During WWII the top tax was 91% of income.

This tax rate continued throughout the 1950s while Dwight Eisenhower,a Republican was president. There is no question that during this period, job creation boomed and workers were able to earn a salary that enabled them to purchase a home and send kids to college. There are NO reports of any wealthy people dying due to paying this high tax rate.

A higher tax rate continued up to 1980 when Ronald Reagan reduced the rate and then discovered he had to RAISE TAXES.

Well,Donald is offering a solution that ends taxes on low wage earners, it REDUCES TAXES for the wealthy from 39.6% to 25%.Somehow losing this income will somehow enable the federal government to have sufficient funds to function.

Carly Is A Tough Woman

Each person who seeks the presidency must initially present a persona,an image that would resonate with people,and in some way or other present themselves as a tough guy-or gal–who is ready to meet the bad guy at the OK Corral and shoot it out. Carly Fiorina is determined to take on terrorist groups such as Planned Parenthood and let them know when the sheriff is in town, they had better head on out. Carly is not afraid to stand up to an organization that has been around most of the twentieth century without causing much fuss.

But, these are new times and we need tough sheriffs to save us from terrorists. After taking care of Planned Parenthood, Carly went after the US Senate which issued a comprehensive and well documented study that proved waterboarding produced little if any meaningful information. According to Carly, the report “undermined the morale of a whole lot of people who dedicated their lives to keeping the country safe.”

Carly,the EVIDENCE concluded they did NOT keep the country safe. Carly Fiorina is a modern version of Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Beware False Prophets

John Boehner issued his last hurrah about the state of American politics and it was not full of praise for his fellow Republicans. Boehner warned:”Beware of false prophets. There are people out there spreading voice about how much they can get done. We have groups here in town, members of the House and Senate,who whip people into a frenzy how they can accomplish things they know can never happen.” Mr. Boehner is NOT talking about Democrats, he is NOT talking about Barack Obama, he IS talking about the Tea Party and voices such as Ted Cruz and company.

There is something very sad about John Boehner, he really wanted to accomplish some goals for the Republican Party. He knew, as a politician that achieving goals in a democracy means-COMPROMISE. I did not agree with his goals, but he is right that democracy is based upon the principle of compromise.So, he departs with a sad farewell.

Donald Is Angry

Donald Trump is angry because his enemies in the Republican Party are out to get him and deny his right, yes,his right, to become President of the United States of America.Latest poll numbers show that he is leading the pack with that great American Ben Carson, right behind. Figures indicate:

Donald with 21%

Carson with 20%

Carly with 11%

Marco with 11%.

Ben Carson has to be the most ignorant person EVER to run for president of this nation. Yes, Donald, you have the right to be angry. He is the ONLY person who makes you come across as an intellectual who has knowledge of world affairs. Yes, Donald, Fox News coverage is “dishonest.” What has happened to America with such people being supported to run for the presidency??

Putin Pontificates On Everything

Lost in the incredible coverage of Pope Francis in New York,there was also another important world figure in town, but nobody paid much attention to the man whose mouth roars defiance to just about anyone who dares to challenge his views on world events.Macho man Vladimir Putin was in town,and he had words of advice for everyone. First, he wants the world to know that President Bashar al-Assad is the key figure in halting the spread of violence in Syria. Putin is shocked that western news sources claim Assad is guilty of something related to ‘war crimes.” I do know there have been reports of some sort of war crimes going on in Syria, but until Vladimir explained the true story, I somehow blamed Assad.

“Speaking as former member of the KGB, “I can tell you this kind of assessment is an active measure by enemies of Assad. It is anti-Syria, propaganda,”and anyone who follows my twitter or Facebook account knows that I already have exposed this terrorist attack on an innocent man who loves one and all. Well,if Vladimir says Assad is a good guy,who am I to contradict the wisest man on this planet??

Hillary Comes Out Swinging

These are not the best of times, nor the worst of times for Hillary Clinton so she decided to cease being on the defense and come out swinging. Since she cannot blast those checking out her emails,Hillary decided to go after a guy who is not particularly liked in most parts of the world outside of China-President Xi Jinping. NO,she did not accuse him of cheating in ping pong games, something much worse-he was “hosting a meeting on women rights at the UN while persecuting feminists back home.”

Let me offer a defense of the Chinese leader. As authorities correctly pointed out these women were “creating a disturbance.” First we allow women to make disturbances, and then we allow women to go to college,and before you know it, those damn women have taken our corporate jobs! Xi is simply fighting to protect men all over the world from having contact with women who create disturbances.

Another Day, Another Dead Black Man

Some wish for gorgeous sunny days, some wish for finding money on the street, and some wish for a day without the shooting of an unarmed black man. Keith McLeod may not have been the wisest person on this planet, most probably, he was sort of angry and bitter and fixing for a fight with someone. Those of us raised on the streets of New York early learned an important lesson–never pick a fight with someone who has the ability to hurt or kill you. In those cases, head in the opposite direction.

Keith went to a pharmacy and attempted to get cough syrup using a false prescription. This was not the brightest ideas one can have, but, what the heck, what is the worse scenario for seeking medicine without a proper prescription? For Keith,the end result was a confrontation with police and he wound up getting killed for using a finger as a weapon of mass destruction.Oh Keith, the number two lesson I learned in the slums is–when you encounter a cop, be extra polite and do as he desires. At least you will not wind up dead.

Pope Francis Vs Republicans

Pope Francis did appear before Congress, John Boehner cried because this nice Catholic man was finally standing close to his Pope. Of course,t he question was–did what the Pope say impact your ideas on climate change, immigrants, or social justice? Me thinks not. Pope Francis asked Republicans to remember that “most of us once were foreigners.” He urged them to recall the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It was strange, his words caused Democrats to immediately rise in applause, there was a moment of hesitation upon the part of Republicans as the words caused them to pause and reflect. Act mean to opponents? Lord, that is the operating mode of the Republican party!

Pope Francis proved by his demands for action on the issue of climate change that he would never be a candidate for president in a Republican primary. Yes, they applauded. Yes, they denied his call for social action on the issue of income inequality. Frankly, they claim to love him while denying what he said. Sound familiar in the life of Jesus Christ??

Watch Out For Men In Wheelchairs!

Scarcely a day goes by without some strange tale about police confronting people with guns–or at least cops thought they had one, and the story always concludes with the person charged with threatening police dead from bullets fired by police. In Wilmington, Delaware, Jeremy Dole was sitting in his wheelchair when somehow, in some bizarre manner, he wound up being confronted by police ordering him to lay down a weapon else. There were at least four cops confronting the man in his wheelchair. At this point, the story becomes murky, we do know that cops were shouting–at the same time– for Mr. Dole to lay down his weapon of mass destruction.

Shots were fired.

1. Mr.Dole died of bullet wounds.

2. A bystander said Mr.Dole looked confused.

3. Why did four police have to immediately utilize guns and blast away?

4. Did anyone consider leaving him in the wheelchair,surrounding him,and quietly asking him to drop the weapon?

Why, why, must the first response be firing away?

UN Inspections For All

As of June 1st there were six nations that refused to allow UN inspectors into its nuclear facilities. They are: China,India,Pakistan, North Korea, Iran and—-? Now that Iran has agreed to such inspections, how about the last one on this list to accept such action. Oh, the last one is the state of Israel. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continually expresses concern as to whether inspections will prevent Iran from securing atomic bombs. As of this moment, Israel is adamantly opposed to allowing UN folk into its facilities. Israel Atomic Energy Commissioner, Ze’eve Snir warned that the world must be on guard against nations such as Iran who will cheat on inspections.He also warned that Iraq, Syria and Libya had attempted to develop atomic bombs.

Well, we know that Israel has at least 70 atomic bombs and can blast into dust any and all Muslim nations in the Middle East. Now, that Iran has agreed to inspection, how about demanding that Israel join the club for peace and security?