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Where Have All The Idiots Gone?

I do understand that Trump supporters fervently believe this election is rigged. But, for some reason, knowing the election is rigged, these Trumpians insist they will vote two weeks from now. I am baffled. I would assume  if the election was rigged, every Trump supporter would head for the hills, get their guns ready for some action to save America from the horror of Hillary Clinton. I was expecting Trumpians to disappear into their homes, get their guns, and come out  ready for action. But, they are still  with  us.

Or, am I mistaken?Perhaps the Trumpians have gone to get organized for the revolution to save America. Perhaps, even as I write, they are gathering in darkened rooms, loading up weapons, running to the Gun Shop for more assault weapons, and getting ready for the last day of human civilization. Perhaps, we are only seeing robots at these Trump rallies, while the REAL Trumpians prepare for the FINAL BATTLE OF CIVILIZATION!

Trump Supporters Must Feel Weary

These days we worry about our Republican friends who support Donald Trump. Imagine what one must think every time the Donald man opens his mouth to utter some nonsense about why the media is against him, the elections are rigged, and why would any woman dare to charge this family man that he molested them by groping and kissing and having undesired sex?  How does any decent Republican respond to comments by friends and co-workers? How does one defend the most gross, the most ignorant, the most hating person ever to seek the Republican nomination?

Some Trump supporters in Arizona were weary of trying to call uninterested people about why they  should vote for Donald Trump. So, they decided to write a poem that expressed their frustration:

There once was a candidate named Trump

Who some said would never get over the hump

He wanted to make America great

In spite of Republicans who decided to skate

In the end, Trump was nobody’s chump.


Perhaps, you  guys might slumber on that one about not being a chump.

Muslims “Hate’ The West

The ongoing mantra of Republicans is that Muslims ‘hate the West.’ Republicans insist that ALL Muslims support terrorism and seek to destroy the foundation of Western civilization. The German government last month issues a warning about a  suspected Muslim terrorist named Jabar al Bakr. It turned  out that Bakr had gone to Munich and was worried about being caught. He approached a Syrian  refugee expecting this man would help him hide. The Syrian is now known as Ahmed,he cannot reveal his name since he has relatives in Syria.

Ahmed took Bakr to his home, then called two friends, Mohammad and Sami. The three men tied up Bakr. They called police, but  no one understood their language. Ahmed took a photo of Bakr being tied up, took it to the police station, and the result was that Bakr was arrested. Unfortunately, the police allowed him to commit suicide.

How many Western news media reports how Muslims aid police. German police estimate that one third of all tips about terrorists come from German Muslims.

Trump’s Anti-Semite Hero

During the recent debate with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump referred to one of his great heroes in life–General George Patton of World War II fame. Anyone familiar with WWII knows that General Patton was a notorious anti-Semite. Following is an excerpt from his Diary. Patton was in command of Bavaria after the war ended, and thousands of Jewish Holocaust survivors were near death.

Patton was ordered by General Dwight Eisenhower to attend a synagogue service. “We entered the synagogue which was packed with the greatest stinking bunch of humanity, I have ever seen. The smell was so horrible, I almost fainted from the smell.”

“Of course, I knew the expression, ‘lost tribes of Israel applied to the tribes which disappeared–not for  the tribe of Judah which the current sons of bitches are descended. It is my personal opinion that this too is a lost tribe, lost of all decency.”

Such speaks a HERO of Donald Trum!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


One day Trump will finally let us know who are ‘THOSE PEOPLE.”

I feel sorry for Republicans calling for Trump, they must encounter silence all too often.

Just imagine dinner table conversation at the Jeb Bush family gathering.

I wonder if there is A woman in America who was NOT groped by Donald.

Listening to Donald Jr. one can only say, ‘it runs in the family’ –ignorance.

It is now clear the Trump program to make America, Great Again, was ‘rigged elections.”

People die in Syria, and we in America, die another way.

How come Tiffany Trump never speaks up for dad?

Oh well, the NBA begins this week, finally, no talk about ‘rigged games,’ I think.

I would have loved to  play tennis with Donald Trump and hear, ‘you are rigging this game by making all those good shots!’

I would so love to hear what Trump surrogates say in the private of their homes about the Great Man.

These are great days for Vladimir Putin, controlling an American election!

Donald Won’t Quit

OK, just about everyone has counted Donald Trump out of the race. His poll numbers are down, his followers remain devoted, but there is scant evidence women are flocking to his banner. However, the man who knows there is a great plot to destroy his name, and destroy the lives of All Americans, remains in the shadows of this campaign. NO, the plot is not led by the international Jew conspiracy, NO, the plot is not led by the Catholic church, the plot is led by Crooked Hillary and the Democratic party!

Democrats are, at this very moment, fixing the election. They are pushing THOSE PEOPLE to vote for the Crooked woman from Chicago. How can Donald Trump surrender to these dark forces which seek to take the election away from me. NO question, the 30 Republican governors who control voting in their states will NOT allow Donald Trump to be the victor. They have been bought off by money from the Clinton Foundation and will cheat and steal votes from Donald Trump. In fact, the entire Republican party is against him.

Even worse,  most Americans are against him. BUT, he will not surrender to these dark forces of history. Donald, keep on fighting for the American people!!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


I have more confidence in the emails from Nigeria promising to make me millions than I do with the nonsense from Donald Trump.

Only Donald Trump at a dinner sponsored by Catholics would shout that Hillary “hates Catholics.” Oh, that was his version of –humor.

I do get belly laughs from promises to make America Great Again by cutting taxes on the wealthy.

For some reason, dark clouds cover the entire American nation.

Good News: the NBA starts next week.

I wonder why NFL viewing is declining.

Republicans have a rendevous with reality.

The Big Surprise

There simply is nothing left to say about the candidacy of Donald Trump. He, without doubt, is UNIQUE in the history of American politics. This is a man whose economic policy consists of “I will make Great Deals on trade.” Which ‘deals’ are never explained. Which jobs will be brought back, are never explained.  As of this date, this man has created “great jobs”as hotel maids, clerks, bus boys,and car hops, I guess,these are ‘great jobs.’

General Trump is going to ‘wipe our ISIS, how or when, tune in for further details. OH, he is going to ‘surprise’ ISIS with his 80,000 troops in a desert. Now, if he could pull that off, he would be one UNIQUE military officer. Of course,when it comes to fighting in the military, Donald preferred to get draft deferments so he could fight battles in bed with women.

When asked if he would accept his inevitable defeat, the great man initially said, “you will have to wait, I will keep you in suspense.” The next day he announced:”I will completely accept the outcome of the election, IF I WIN. There is no doubt this is a UNIQUE CANDIDATE.

Young Republicans For Trump?

A group of young Republicans gathered to watch the recent debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Steven Ridge was not particularly impressed by Donald, but he has strong feelings regarding the life of babies, unborn. “There were 6,000(actually, 4,000) troops killed in Iraq. That’s the number of babies killed in two days. These two points are not in conflict, they are consistent. It means we(Republicans) respect life, and are prepared to give the death penalty to stop people from killing each other.”

In other words, it is OK to impose the death penalty for crimes, that takes aways LIFE, but it is OK to take away the life of bad people.”  Mr.Ridge on Donald Trump: “I completely despise this man, he is a jerk..” Oh, Mr.Ridge will vote for the man he despises in order to get Supreme Court justices to end Roe vs Wade.

Go To Hell, USA!

Rodrigo Duterte is the new president of the Philippines. Since assuming power a few months ago, he has played a role in the murder of at least 1,500 people who were accused of being drug dealers–or even, using drugs. These people were killed by the police with the urging of the president of their nation. Another 1.500 suspects were murdered by local vigilante gangs, again with the urging of Duterte. President Obama condemned these killings only be insulted by President Détente with “you are a son of a whore!  comment.

Now, Détente has gone a step further.”No more American influence. No more military exercises. It’s time to say goodbye. I will not got to America, and your stay in my country is over.” From now on, he is headed to China. That is one country that doesn’t give a damn about how many innocent people he murders!