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Eric Frein, New NRA Hero?

I recently had a conversation with a member of the National Rifle Association regarding Eric Frein, the man currently in the woods who shot two policemen.

M: So, what is your reaction to Eric Frein?

N: Eric Frein is a man who is simply exercising his rights to live in the forest and fend for himself.

M: But, he did kill a cop?

N: Any member of the NRA has the Constitutional right to defend himself against authority seeking to take his rights away.

M: But, he killed a policeman, is that a Constitutional right?

N: If you check the Second Amendment it clearly says any God fearing red blooded American has a right to defend himself.

M: Are you saying that criminals have a right to defend themselves against police?

N: It is one thing when some crazy black dude threatens a policeman, and another when a decent Christian white man simply wants to live in the forest.

M: So, Eric Frein is now a hero?

N: All we are saying is that the facts of this situation are still unclear. Did Police threaten an innocent man, and he defended himself is the question?

M: Oh well, another hero for the NRA against oppressive government!

Is There A UAV In Your Future?

Police in the city of Grand Forks, North Dakota are currently introducing new approaches to the science of criminology. A report is received about a possible crime on Maple Avenue, police rush to the scene, open the trunk of the car and pull out a 5.5 lb box. It contains four rotor blades, and is three feet long. Within moments the Drone is up in the air. This is an unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The UAV has arrived to fly over the criminals, take pictures and make clear to police what is happening. How about:

1. A Robot cop who then approaches the criminals and gently lifts them into his arms?

2. An unmanned tank which crushes the criminals?

3. A robot Superman who flies over the scene and then swoops down to get the bad guys?

Consider other possibilities.

1. An unmanned American Congress composed of robots who pass laws?

2. A robot President who, not only speaks about curbing violence, but flies to the Middle East and wipes out terrorists?

Just dreaming

Hong Kong Masses Mass For Freedom

The sight of tens of thousands marching in protest is a welcome sigh to those of us tired of thousands marching in the name of terrorism and violence. The streets of Hong Kong have been filled with the sight of over a hundred thousand people, many being young students, who are furious withe the government of Hong Kong and its new electoral law that would allow leaders of the Communist Party to take care of electing the chief official in Hong Kong. This is the first time in over twenty years that Chinese youth are seen marching in peace for the right to exercise their democratic rights as humans. We all recall prior events when the Chinese government murdered hundreds who dared challenge their rule. As of this point those who protest are engaging in peaceful civil disobedience. There is not an example among the tens of thousands of violent behavior.

One does not know what is in the mind of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Will he allow the sight of these students marching for democracy? Will he consider these pictures which are now on Facebook and other social media outlets to continue being shown? Will there be new murders in Hong Kong? No one knows. We can only pray that guns do not appear in Hong Kong.

Turkey: Playing With Fire!

Each day the guns of war draw closer and closer to the border of Turkey. Each day, thousands of people fleeing from the destructive force of President Assad as well as the mad Islamists reach and cross the border of Turkey. On one hand, the Turkish government is pleased that ISIS is killing Kurds since the destruction of Kurdish forces reduces their fears of the rise of an independent Kurdish state. At least ten percent of Turks are of Kurdish heritage, and they are considered to be a security risk by the Turkish government. So, the current game is destroying Kurds, and…..? The current, “and” is rise of Islamist fanatics who desire to take over the nation of Turkey and impose their brand of the Muslim religion.

The game may come across as an attractive alternative, but it poses incredible risks for Turkey as a society. At least 35% of Turks are moderate Muslims who fear any appearance of Islamist fanatics. President Recep Erdogan risks his nation’s security because he is gambling that ISIS can destroy Kurds, but leave Turkey alone. This is a risk.

Bobby Jindal: I Did Go To College

Governor bobby Jindal has led the fair state of Louisiana for several years, but he desires to perform on a much larger stage of politics. He attended a session with some Republican Conservatives who believe the world is only 12,000 years old. They are daily in contact with God who informs them it was his creation, and all humans derive from the original Adam and Eve. Bobby Jindal attended an Ivy League institution where he majored in Biology. You know,the course that teaches one about evolution of life forms, and other such outlandish ideas. Bobby was asked if he was one of those heretics who believe in the crazy idea of evolution. So, a man with a major in Biology had to confront a question concerning evolution. Bobby drew upon his vast college knowledge and responded: “I am not one of those evolutionary biologists!.” Naturally, these words were expressed with a straight face and there was not a sign of irony.

Two years ago, Bobby Jindal warned Republicans that we “cannot be the stupid party.” He argued it was time for Republicans to come up with modern ideas. Now, we know that among the modern ideas of Republicans is that Adam and Eve were the original humans. Another Republican groveling for recognition from Republican idiots!


We offer the observations about the human condition of a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Never allow a child to go to bed with anger in heart.

Become the guardian of love in your family.

If you can’t do something find a way to do something.

For some, the best company in life is their iPad.

I feel awkward encountering new employees in the coffee shop.

There is a time and place to walk away.

I assume up in Heaven there is a Customer Service Desk.

The great mystery of Life is God’s connection to humans.

These days man opens door and wife follows him.

Each day one needs a moment of silent reflection.

Danger Signs In Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation in the world,but it rarely is discussed by those who believe they know all about MUSLIMS. Indonesia is a democracy and within its borders there are Christians and various sects of the Muslim religion. It recently held a presidential election which witnessed the victory of Joko Windodo, a poor boy who rose to fame and victory. He is the symbol of millions seeking to make their nation even more modern, reduce religious strife and endeavor to prove to the world that a Muslim society can contain within its borders those of varying religious and political views. Hew has promised reforms, he has promised to end corruption.

However, the man he defeated for the presidency Prabowo Subianto is furious. His political coalition is now considering pushing for laws that would end direct election of President and allow the legislature, which he controls, to elect a President. Prabowo represents those seeking to end religious freedom and return Indonesia to a state of conflict. Hopefully, Joko can organize Indonesians to fight for freedom!

Another High School Shooting

A few moments ago I read initial reports about a shooting at Albemarle High School in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Apparently one student shot another. Without any further information, I feel safe in reporting the following about the shooting:

1. Both students were white.

2. Both students are Christians.

3. One of the students felt bullied or considered himself to be alone.

4. No Muslim was in any way involved in this shooting.

5. The shooting occurred in a suburban high school-Not in an urban one.

6. School faculty are surprised at the shooting.

Sorry, this is the pattern of school shooting in America. They NEVER occur in an urban school and they NEVER involve black or Hispanic students.

Let’s Secede

The recent defeat of Scotland’s effort to secede from Great Britain is simply one of a few dozen desires by people to secede from their mother country. Nationalism, the concept that diverse people could come together as part of one nation is a relatively new concept in human history. Yes, leaders like Alexander the Great conquered different peoples, but most retained their national identify although now part of an empire. However, the French Revolution ushered in the concept of allowing peoples to come together and form a “nation.” I recall in 1954 attending college in Paris, France and sharing a dormitory room with a French student. He quickly made clear to me that he was from Normandy, that was his identity.

The people of Catalonia in Spain were told by the nation’s Constitutional Court they could not have a referendum in order to vote for secession. As for the idea of secession, how about?

1. Encouraging the people of Texas to take a fling being on their own.

2. Allowing anyone who is a member of the Tea Party to become an independent nation. That means, no Social Security, no roads in front of their home, no Health care, no attendance for their children at public schools, etc..

3. Then again, what exactly does America lose if the great state of Mississippi is no longer with us?

Killing Leader Of Bad People Is No Policy

The foreign policy of the United States of America for over a decade has been predicated upon the assumption that if one kills the leader of bad people, the result will be the end of bad people. From George Bush promises to kill Osama bin Laden to President Obama’s joy at killing Osama bin Laden the American people have been assured that if one gets rid of those on the top of terrorist groups the end result is no more terrorist groups. This is an interesting theory, but the facts do not support the theory. From day one of the aftermath of 9/11 there have been promises, actions to kill the leader of bad guys since once he is gone, then… This has always been a THEORY, not a policy supported by evidence. Each day drones go out to spot a bad guy, and then blast him to pieces. The only result of this policy is that another ad guy emerges to take his place.

Terrorist groups contain men and women who believe in ideology based upon hate. Yes, they do follow a leader, but if he is gone, another person will step up to the role of leadership. One cannot defeat ideas with bombs. It is time to end the belief that killing one person ends the group. Sorry, no evidence supports this theory!