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We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I feel cheated when my pen runs out of ink.

She sits gazing at screen, mom arrives to gaze at screen, another lunch by daughter and mother.

I wonder if they celebrate Christmas on other planets.

I wonder if there was ever a day without a human murder.

I adjust to any and all situations in life.

Doctor told me no more coffee. Such is life.

I so enjoy hot soup on cold days.

As we grow older we seek restaurants closer to where we live.

I have always been a short gait walker.

In the end there will be a new beginning.

Zombie Nativity Scene Nixed

I confess to a complete lack of interest in Zombie movies, Walking Dead folks, ghouls and witches and little girls ready to chop off the heads of innocent people. Just never caught on to the rage for Walking Dead wandering the streets and eating corpses. A man in who lives in Sycamore Township just outside of Cincinnati is the owner of a haunted house and decided since his job in life is to frighten people why not continue to do so even during the Xmas holiday. As he explained, “I wanted a Nativity scene and I worked with what I had.” So, this is the Zombie Nativity scene that he created:

Baby Jesus with bruised eyes and a face filled with scars while teeth protruded from the infant’s mouth.

A severed head of a magi.

Three kings with skeletal faces and jaws open in screams.

Just a normal Nativity scene for those interested in the Walking Dead.

Each day a few dozen cars come by to witness yet another orgy of horror.

For some reason public officials are not pleased and he was sent the following notice: “REMOVE ACCESSORY STRUCTURES FROM FRONT YARD”

I guess Zombies do not have First Amendment Rights!

Xmas In Middle East

It is the day after Christmas and all is as is has been for several years in the Middle East. Oh, some tourists are visiting Bethlehem or singing Christmas songs, but life is somewhat normal for those living in the area.

1. The government of Jordan is warning ISIS that they should not behead the Jordan pilot who was captured while bombing ISIS. So, what is the protocol for handling someone who drops bombs on you?

2. Terrorists in speed boats attempted to capture oil terminals in Libya, killed twenty two soldiers but never go the oil.

3. South Lebanon is worried that war in Syria will soon spread to its land.

4. In Israel, settlers continue seizing land from Palestinians and Prime Minister Netanyahyu complains that no one wants to negotiate with him.

5. In Gaza leaders of Hamas are planning and plotting some sort of revenge.

6. Tunisia has a free election and militants were wiped out by voters.

7. In Turkey, President Erdogan continued his efforts to restore the Muslim religion to its former prominence. Much to the chagrin of secular Turks.

None of these events made Fox News.

Just another day in the Middle East.

Shoot First, Think Later

Most Americans are still in shock from the brutal murder of two police officers in New York City who were shot by a deranged African American male. Mayor de Blasio is blamed for this killing because he dared to challenge members of the police department to be careful before they fired their weapons. Such talk for some members of the New York Police Department is simply evidence that the mayor wants them killed. I doubt if any New York cops will be furious at the act of murder by Milwaukee police officer Christopher Manney. He respond to a call about a man sleeping on a bench. He tried to frisk the man which resulted in a scuffle and the man somehow got possession of his baton and hit him with it. What else could Manney do but blast away and fire FOURTEEN bullets into the body of Dante Hamilton, an individual who had been classified as suffering from schizophrenia?

Manney insists that he acted in self defense. I assume New York cops will now be furious at Edward Flynn, police chief in Milwaukee who fired Manney on grounds that “you don’t go hands-on and start frisking somebody because they appear to be mentally ill.” Naturally the police association in Milwaukee is on the side of Manney and passed a resolution against Flynn. Yes, being a cop is a dangerous occupation, yes, being a cop leads to situations of ambiguity, but being a cop means one must act with care and firing a weapon is an action of the LAST RESORT!

Terrorism In Saudi Arabia

I understand the concern of America’s social media over events in Syria and Iraq where ISIS is beheading people, murdering and raping, and having a jolly time this Xmas proving that infidels fail to adhere to the precepts of the Muslim religion. There is no doubt that terrorism is among the key events in the Middle East, but for some reason, few Americans are paying attention to the outbreak of terrorism in Saudi
Arabia. As you recall, we feel horror at the use of beheading by ISIS. But, for some strange reason there has never been any out cry of anger at beheading in our deal and faithful ally, Saudi Arabia. For every person who had been beheaded by ISIS, ten were beheaded in Saudi Arabia.

And, how many stories have been presented by Fox News over the latest acts of terrorism in Saudi Arabia? Two female terrorists were caught by Saudi officials. Loujain al-Hathlouli and Maya al-Amoudi were caught red handed for carrying out their terrorism plan in public. These notorious criminals decided to drive their cars! And, to make it worse, they attacked laws of Saudi Arabia on social media. Well, you can sleep in peace tonight, the two terrorists will shortly be before the Terrorist Court where hopefully they will receive a sentence of beheading!

A Chat With Santa

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit Santa in the North Pole. He had asked what I want for Xmas, and my reply was to chat with the man who is actually beloved by members of the Tea Party and Barack Obama.

M: So, Santa, is there anything different about this Christmas from previous ones?

S: Well, to tell the truth it has been a rough one. Can you imagine what it is like getting this sleigh across open water when in the old days we had gobs of snow?

M: I hope you are not like those Socialist Liberals always complaining about the sol-called global warming?

S: Santa cares about all folks, whether or not they be liberals, socialists, or wealthy.

M: So, what did you bring to those working on Wall Street?

S: Actually,nothing. They already got their Xmas present in November. Bonuses and new laws to prevent them from paying any taxes.

M: Are you against those job creators?

S: Well, it would sort of help if we Santas got some health benefits, carrying those loads is mighty tough on my back.

M: I have always wondered if Santa ever got angry at anyone?

S: Have you ever dealt with little Teddie Cruz, he gets so angry if I leave some presents at the homeless shelter. He claims I am encouraging laziness and giving the money of those with wealth to a bunch of bums who live off the work of others. A real gem is little Teddie.

M: How do you feel about President Obama?

S: That is one curious dude. He could use a present of a good speech writer. I call him the Great Miscommunicator.

M: Anything for Vladimir Putin?

S: Vodka and a muzzle for his mouth is the best I can do.

M: Anything for Sarah Palin or Ms. Bachmann?

S: A bear to wrestle for Sarah and a history book for the woman who could use a bit of knowledge.

M: What can I get for you?

S: Snow would help.

ISIS Got A Prisoner!

It was simply a matter of time before a plane was shot down or experienced engine failure before a pilot bombing ISIS positions fell into their hands. A plane flown by a pilot from Jordan, Lt. Muadhi al Kasabeh, age 26, was captured when he ejected from his jet and landed in a lake where he was captured by joyous ISIS soldiers. Videos depict them leading the pilot with arms draped around the shoulder of the downed pilot. So, what is next on the agenda of life?

1. Republican Congressmen will blame President Obama for not preventing planes from having engine problems.

2. Republican Congressmen will blame President Obama for allowing planes to be shot down by ISIS.

3. Fox News will have an interview with Dick Cheney who will point out that under the Administration of George Bush no pilot was shot down!

4. Fox News commentators will demand sending in Special Forces to free the pilot.

5. President Obama will urge calm in America, then head for Hawaii for his vacation.

6. There will not be a single demonstration in the US, after all, he is a Jordanian.

7. ISIS will promise a beheading and tease the world with several mock trials.

8. Vladimir Putin will offer to go in by himself and free the pilot.

Rush Limbaugh Upset

The past few years have been difficult ones for Rush Limbaugh, a black man who was born in Africa is president of the United States, clear violation of what our white only Founding Fathers wanted for this nation. Add on passage of laws that provide health care to the poor, a violation of what Jesus Christ wanted in this world. Everyone knows that blond haired, blue eyed Jesus wanted the poor to suffer from poverty so they would have a better chance to make it to Heaven where they could work as servants to the wealthy who enjoy a free pass into that hotel in the sky. Now Rush is really angry. Listen to his words of concern. “But now, they are suggesting that the next James Bond should be Idris Elba, a black Britain, rather than a white from Scotland. But, this is not who James Bond is, and I know this is racist top probably point this out.”

Hell NO, Rush, it is so wonderful that you insist James Bond be a Scot who is white skinned. For God’s sake, next they will have women playing roles for men in violation of what Shakespeare wanted. Once we allowed the Black Dude who was born in Africa to become our leader is was simply a matter of time before them blacks demanded the right to play James Bond. James Bond was supposed to be a Scot just like Sean Connery. Oh, Roger Moore who played the role was from England, Pierce Brosnan was Irish and George Laznenby was from Australia, the home of criminals. I thank God we have Rush to continue fighting for the right of white Christians with blond hair and blue eyes such as those possessed by our Lord Jesus Christ to enjoy all the benefits of power in our society.

Gee Rush, how do we handle that minor problem that Jesus was a Jew, and not allowed in your Country Club??

Pope Francis Frankness Angers US Cubans

About half a century ago, thousands of Cubans fled their native land when Fidel Castro overthrew a dictator and established a communist government. Today, Cuba is among the few “communist” societies that is still based upon communist economic concepts and political ideas conceding which freedom should be allowed the people. A high percent of those who initially left Cuba were from the middle or upper classes of society. They departed with anger at loss of property, of business, of power. Today, many in Florida have not forgotten what they lost and continue hating the Castro boys. There is growing anger within this group of Catholic without a Pope.” Miguel Saavedia now believes “the church is contaminated” because Pope Francis worked to end isolation of Catholics in Cuba. Antonio Suarez-Ramos is ready to hear an announcement from Pope Francis that gays can become priests.

Reality check: Most polls reveal that those under the age of 35 in Florida who are Catholics tracing their ancestors to Cuba refugees now believe it is time for diplomatic relations with Cuba. They understand that those living in Cuba now just might, and I mean, “just might” have a chance to witness relaxation of communist ideas and growth of free enterprise opportunities. It is all well and good for those in Florida to insist continue present policies, but they do not have to live with them each day of their lives. After all, after sixty years of the same, what is the problem in at least attempting something new. Thank God for Pope Francis whose only concern is the welfare of fellow Catholics!

St. Louis Blues Continue

As a former inhabitant of the city of St. Louis there is always something that is certain, another day, another shooting in this formerly fair city in the midwest. Since the death of Michael Brown, there have been three deaths in which young black males were shot by the police. The latest episode occurred in the city of Berkely which is an area that is poor, it is black, and no one gives a damn about what happens in this metropolis of poverty. According to police, a white policeman responded to a call about a robbery in a convenience store. According to the cop, as he was questioning the young black male, the boy drew a 9mm handgun, which caused the cop to stumble backward and let off three rounds from his revolver. The boy’s name is Antonio Martin, and he has a record of armed robbery among his prior activities. The policeman did not have a body camera which means there will be questions as to exactly what happened.

Berkely is a city that is about 99% black. At least for the moment, it would make sense to allow black policemen to patrol its streets. It would make sense to have all cops wear a body camera, at least for the immediate future. Most probably the police account is correct. Then again, given emotions in this area of St. Louis County, it makes sense to get black faces on its streets, at least for right now.As far as many black inhabitants in the St. Louis area are concerned, the war against them still continues.