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No News From Iran

There is no good news, there is no bad news from the negotiations with Iran over issues of nuclear weapons. Secretary of State John Kerry and his colleagues continue to talk and the Iranians continue to talk. It is clear that Iran seeks some sort of agreement in order to end its economic isolation and become part of the world economy. Iran contains a large number of well educated young people who just want to become linked to other young people and have the right to a decent job in a modern economy. They want their nation to move beyond the world of just depending upon oil for jobs and depend upon high technology and communication with other young people in the world. So, what is delaying any form of settlement of issues?

1. Iran wants an immediate end of sanctions. This will NOT occur. The Big 5 plus one demand evidence of compliance with the agreement.

2. Iran refuses to send some of its nuclear product to a safe place in another land. Kerry and the others want proof that Iran could not build a nuclear weapon within a year.

There simply is not enough trust on the part of either side. Trust is the initial issue. Iran must recognize they are not trusted and the Kerry group must recognize they are are not trusted.

Has anyone considered the idea of sending in Ted Cruz and John Boehner to demonstrate how opposing sides can work with an opposing force in a peaceful manner??


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “First Presidential Implant”

I believe Republicans would like President Obama to have implanted the Constitution.

Japan, Japan Times: “Raid On Brothels Finds Police”

I believe they were doing undercover work.

France, Connexion: “Man Weds Bride’s Twin”

So, who did the other twin wed?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Mental Floss”

Make certain you go up and down.

Norway, Norway Post: “Good Samaritan Injured”

Is their a good samaritan in the crowd?

Sweden Calls Pot Black

Let me describe a nation:

1. It is the home of Osama bin Laden.

2.It has provided untold millions of dollars to terrorists throughout the world.

3. Women have no rights, in fact, they cannot drive a car or go out without permission of a male.

4. Dozens of people have been beheaded.

5. Hundreds of people have been lashed for blasphemy.

6. Christians are not permitted to pray.

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstroen has denounced the government of Saudi Arabia for all of the above. In blunt terms she describes our “Ally” as a dictatorship that “violates the rights of women.” Oh, and she makes clear that it employs “medieval methods” of punishment. The Saudi government is rather upset because this Swedish leader tells the truth. They do not want Swedish businessmen in their land. They certainly do not want world leaders to inform them the pot is covered black.

Putin Blues

Many years ago the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill referred to the Russian government as a mystery wrapped in an enigma, and I think that is true today. Russian President Vladimir Putin has employed a foreign policy that has left Russia out of the main stream of European life. He has just about angered every nation in western Europe along with the United States. The Russian ruble has taken a nose dive, unemployment is rising, food costs are rising, teachers, workers are going on strike, but the overwhelming majority of Russian people are happy with their leader. More and more people are watching their income decline and their jobs disappear, but to the Russian people, the Great Leader has restored: PRIDE! Look at his accomplishments:

1. Russia once again controls the Crimea.

2. Ukraine is in shambles.

3. Europe has imposed sanctions.

4. People have lost jobs.

But, PRIDE is now returned. Putin wants the people of Russia to understand that problems are caused because the rest of the world does not respect Russia and defies his dictates. Go ahead and eat PRIDE.

Yemen Blues

Fighting continues in Yemen but to understand what is going on one must have a scorecard. Let me explain:

1. Former President Saleh who we once considered to be one of the good guys is now viewed as one of the bad guys.

2. We do not like al-Qaeda whose forces are in Yemen.

3. The Shiite sect Houthis hate al-Qaeda.

4. But the Houthis overthrew the government of President Hadi.

5. We like President Hadi.

6. Saudi Arabia and other Sunni nations like Egypt do not like the Houthis.

7. So, everyone is bombing everyone else.

If you understand what is going on, please let me know.

Iran, Iran, Iran

As you will recall, Republicans and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been shouting about the ill timed negotiations with the evil government of Iran. According to the Republican party, the incompetent President Barack Obama is giving into the government of Iran and thus surrendering to the forces of terror. For some reason, the offers being made to the Iran government are being refused on grounds that the so called 5 Powers plus one refuse to give into Iran demands. I do get confused. On one hand, Bibi insists we are giving into the demands of Iran while Iran insists their opponents refuse to accept their terms. Heck, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov even walked out of the room in disgust with the Iranian refusal to accept a fair plan.

Basically, Iran wants an immediate end to sanctions while the other side wants a gradual relaxation of sanctions. I wonder what next Republicans will charge Obama with doing–refusing to accept the demands of Iran??


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I wonder which right I have that I do not have according to Republicans?

If Christians have rights exactly which freedoms for non-Christians must be respected?

All the teams I rooted for are not in the Final Four. Another example of anti-Semitism.

America was a healthier land before people were forced to have health insurance.

I think God would support my right to pollute the world.

There are days when I wonder if God will ever return to the scene of his greatest creation disaster!

Iran On Our Minds

The American people will know within the coming twenty four hours whether or not John Kerry and fellow negotiators have been able to convince the government of Iran to agree to a process of ensuring that nation does not proceed on the road to nuclear weapons. At this point the only Middle Eastern nation that is permitted to make nuclear weapons is Israel. After all, we know that Israel would never invade another area in the region. The only nation that is allowed to bar UN inspectors into its nuclear facilities is Israel. So, it is time for Iran NOT to follow the Israel path and open its facilities to the United Nations and not to proceed with creating nuclear weapons. I do not know if an agreement will be reached. I do know that Iran has the right to develop a nuclear industry if it is based on principles of no nuclear weapons.

Reality: at some point the world has to bestow trust on the government of Iran. The agreement, if reached, will not be perfect. That is reality. Hopefully, with economic sanctions ending and goods and trade with Iran the young people of that nation will eventually get the right to express their desires for peace and the threat of war from Iran will end.

Israel Always On Our Minds!

I confess to actually believe that important issues confronting the United States of America are healthcare, the rising inequality of income, student loans, the need to rebuild our infrastructure or decent wages for those who work. But, in the state of Maryland it is now clear that whoever becomes their next US Senator must focus on the most important issue of the day– where does the candidate stand on the issue of Israel! Democratic candidate Chris Van Hollen wants Democrats to know that he will stand with AIPAC, the American Public Affairs Committee which is a mouth piece for the Netanyahu government. He promises to love Israel and these days in many American Jewish circles that means back Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. On the other hand Donna Edwards likes the J Street crowd of those who are soft on Israel and really hate Israel. It has now come down to the issue of whether or not one hates or loves Israel.

To LOVE ISRAEL, a candidate must support the Netanyahu government.

To Hate ISRAEL a candidate opposes the Netanyahu government.

I am an American who is a Jew, I am not a Jew who is an American.

Life Before Obamacare

It is now two years since that hated event when President Obama imposed the worst example of tyranny this nation has endured. He imposed a law that requires people to be healthy. In the annals of tyranny this must be the most vile and hateful law that has ever been passed since it takes away the right of the American people to be ill. So, what has happened to this nation since we now must become healthy?

1. Nearly ten million people who lacked health insurance now have it.

2. The cost of health care has declined.

3. People with pre-existing conditions now have low cost access to health insurance.

4. Doctors are not rebelling.

5. Senator Ted Cruz who denounced this evil has now asked to become a member of Obamacare!!

And, the sky has not fallen!