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New Face In Republican Party

It was just a matter of time before Marco Rubio entered the race for president of the United States of America. He immediately made clear that this Cuban is a new face in this country and it is time to cease gazing at ancient relics of the past. “Too many of our leaders and their ideas are stuck in the twentieth century. Many have forgotten that when America fails to lead, global chaos inevitably follows, so they appease our enemies, betray our allies, and weaken our military.” Let me get this straight, here are some twentieth century ideas:

1. Social Security.

2. Medicare

3. Minimum wage laws.

4. Civil Rights Act.

5. Containment which led to end of the Soviet Union.

6. Roe vs Wade which gave women control over their bodies.

7. Medicaid which provided aid to poor people.

8. A few laws that protect the lives of children in need of food and shelter.

And, so on and so on.

I assume when Marco says Obama is betraying our allies, he means the current prime minister of Israel. Recent negotiations were in accord with our allies in Germany, France and England.

At this moment in time the budget for the United States military forces is larger than the next seven nations in the world. How much more does Marco want to give them??

News On Hillary Clinton Front

Once the evil woman who sends emails announced that she was running for president of our beloved land, Fox News swung into action in order to prove that if Americans want an evil person in the Oval office, then she is the one. We report breaking news about her recent activities.

1. She was seen in a Chipotle restaurant wearing dark glasses. Why the dark glasses?

2. She was not seen in the company of Bill Clinton. Does this indicate the end of their marriage?

3. She ate a burrito and had a glass of tea! At no point was she seen eating AMERICAN FOOD!

4. Neither her daughter nor her granddaughter were seen with her. Does this indicate a lack of love for children?

5. At no point in her statement about running for President did she indicate that God had urged this decision. Does she love God?

6. Then again, does God love her??

7. At no point in her statement did she express support for Bibi Netanyahu. Does this mean she hates Israel??

We will keep you informed about the Hillary Clinton front.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


People with guns kill people.

These days children with guns kill other children.

Since we all came out of Africa, we all are refugees in which ever land we currently reside.

I have yet to hear any alternative to the Iranian agreement other than bomb the hell out of them.

Why do so many Christians fail to turn the other cheek?

Why do baseball games take three hours to play?

I await the entry into the presidential race by a clown. Any clown will do.

Speaking of clowns how about Rudy Giulini or Dick Cheney?

Boat People Doomed

As I write these words somewhere in the Mediterranean a boat load of people are huddled together as their piece of junk that passes as a boat slowly, and I mean, slowly meanders across the water headed to some island off the coast of Italy or even the mainland of that nation. They are escaping poverty, they are escaping mad civil wars, they are escaping the nut cases known as Boko Haram, they are escaping death and rape and brutality because their so-called, “nation” lacks any semblance of a nation that can provide for its inhabitants. These are the BOAT PEOPLE who can only wander away from their native land in hope that somewhere out in the world a sanctuary exists which enables them to live in peace.

Europeans, like Americans, do not want strangers in their land unless they have lots of money to invest. If you have a million and will bring it to Italy, their are open arms waiting for your arrival. But, it you are poor or sick or frightened, stay away. Once upon a time my father and mother had to wander from Russia and Poland seeking refuge. Fortunately, they were able to find safety in America. Today, their children and grandchildren turn their backs on refugees. In reality, all we humans once lived in Africa until we left and became refugees in Europe or Asia.

Today, boat people can only find hate. Such is modern life.

Young Guns In Action

It was just one of those stories which are buried in the newspapers, and which might earn a few blips on the Internet. It is a story about the great American mystery. Why is it that the overwhelming number of Americans do NOT own a gun, but the overwhelming number of Americans support the right of any and all Americans to own such a weapon of mass destruction? Heck,in the old Western days, if you came to town, then you had to check your guns with the sheriff. Any such idea today will encounter the claim this act violates the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution. A three year old boy was playing at home. For some reason, his parents happened to leave their gun out in the open. The little boy picked up the weapon, and fired it into the head of his baby brother. I have lost count of the number of such incidents.

Police Chief Calhoun Williams spoke for all little children. “This fascination we have with handguns, not just in this city, but in the country has to stop. This is a senseless loss of life.” Common sense. But,this is America where common sense has long since disappeared.


WE offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

China, China Daily: “Who Stole Spring?”

Who else but Barack Obama!

Denmark,Copenhagen Post: “Conflict With Modern Times”

Where else but in the Middle East?

Norway, Norway Post: “Meet Nudist Friends”


Egypt, al-Ahram: “65 Year Old Pregnant”

This definitely requires a pregnant moment of thought on my part.

Sweden, Local: “Don’t Go To Mars”

We need the peace of Venus!

Rand Keeps On Being Rand

It is a characteristic of the American way of politics that candidates must be able to handle members of the media and so far, Rand Paul is coming across as a petty,angry little man who does not believe that members of the media have a right to pose questions without first checking with him about the question. He has been in a spat with Savannah Guthrie, an English reporter because he does not believe that she poses questions that he must answer. She dared to ask him why he had changed his ideas about foreign policy and this infuriated him because when he changes his mind about foreign policy he should at least have the right to explain that it is not a change, but another approach to the issue. In other words, he was against something before he was for it. Heck John Kerry made such a statement back in 2004 so why can’t he utter it? Rand insists that when someone asked why he “changed” a view it is an example of “editorializing.”

How about:

1. Submit questions to Rand Paul

2. Ask his permission prior to posing a question.

3. Initially say, “I know that your position is correct, but..”

4. Just remember that I am a Christian and will not curse.

5. I am a libertarian which means I believe in free speech for those running for President.

I’m Running For President

Well, another person has entered the field of candidates who are seeking the presidency of the United States of America. We know that it is not Herman Cain and it is not Mitt Romney. It is our old friend, Hillary Clinton. For someone who was born in 1992 over twenty years of life have been spent with either Bill or Hillary in some important aspect of their life. It must seem to those in that category that Clintons are always with us and their trials and tribulations are an important aspect of our lives. Then again, if one counts Bush I, the Bush or Clintons have been around for over thirty years. Now that she announced her decision, the experts are dissecting every aspect of her personality.

1. She is not “warm” enough.

2. She does not come across as “genuine.”

3. She carries too much baggage.

4. She lacks a good sense of humor.

5. She was married to Bill and his sexual escapades.

6. She has yet to articulate a program.

7. She comes across as “too smart.” This is a crime in American politics.

8. And, always, and forever–BENGHAZI!

WE Did It, You Didn’t

Among the historical topics that are not taught very well in either the United States or Russia is what happened during World War II. Most Americans believe “we won World War II,” all by ourselves. In Moscow the Melendov Museum of Photography decided to offer an exhibit of photos about World War II. It was entitled: “The Allies During World War II.” This meant the exhibit was focusing upon efforts by England and the US during the war. Many Russian leaders are furious because they believe “western news outlets today are trying to impose that the war was won without us(Russia).” Unfortunately, this comment is correct. Few if any American students are taught that throughout World War II at least 70% of German soldiers were facing Russian troops and that Russia lost over twenty million people while the total of American deaths in Europe was under 300,000. I do understand the Russian concern about distortion of history within American schools.

Russia bore the brunt of the war. But, England was all alone against Nazi German for two years, a period when Russia was supplying the Nazis with goods and services. The war required the cooperation of three major nations. It is true that Russia suffered the most and Russian troops did the major fighting, but there were a few million German soldiers fighting the Americans and British.

Oh, for the record, a majority of soldiers who landed on D-Day were NOT American. We constituted 40% of those who landed. However, after sixty days the majority were American. Such is history.

Orthodox Jews Join Orthodox Muslims!

Among the most amazing developments of the twenty first century has been the growth of orthodoxy within Judaism and the Islamic religion. Both faiths increasingly have returned to the idea of thousands of years ago and both insist that God commands them to do this or that. Both insist that women are not the equal of males and both insist there is need for certain clothing arrangements in our daily lives. Orthodox political groups now dominate Israel politics, which enables them to take over land on the West Bank because “God” wants Jews to spread out over the entire area that used to be known as Palestine. Only rabbis can marry people in Israel, and Jews are not supposed to fall in love with Muslims. Orthodoxy means that religion is a factor in making decisions within Israel or within Muslim lands.

Ironically, Israel was founded by secular Jews who believed that religion should not control the lives of ordinary people. Something has happened to modern humans since so many insist that religion is the dominating issue of their lives. Of course, this attitude is not that of modern young Americans except for so many modern Jewish youth and the crazies who are known as the Tea Party. With God on their side followers can now understand how to live, how to hate, and how to ignore the reality of life. Orthodoxy always means follow the narrow path of thinking.