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Wow! What A Fantastic Secretary of Labor

I admit to making negative comments about those Donald Trump has appointed to Cabinet  positions, but his latest selections makes it clear that I do not grasp the brilliance of our newly elected president. Our new Secretary of Labor will be Andrew Rizder who currently is CEO of Hardee’s. Consider the brilliance of this choice, who else but a business leader would you desire as head of  a Cabinet position that focuses upon the needs of  workers, BUT A BUSINESS CEO?

There is overwhelming evidence that Mr. Rizder only considers the needs of workers.  He opposes raising the minimum wage because how can any business make profit if workers are earning such exorbitant salaries of $8 an hour? For every  dollar that goes to workers, one less goes to the business owner. I thought the Labor Department was designed to protect the rights of business people. Was I wrong? OH, the Hardee guy also opposes extending overtime pay to millions of people.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in a 86 year old body.


Democrats win the popular vote and lose elections.

James Comey  altered this election.

An October surprise is Christmas come early for Republicans.

Fear now rules  the streets of America for Hispanics, Muslims, and  liberals.

Republicans have power, can  they use it wisely?

Clinton talked about Trump more than she talked about jobs.

We  have a divided America led by a president who is divisive.

Conservative Republicans want to end Obamacare, great news for Emergency Rooms.

No doubt within one  year there will be buyer’s remorse among Trump supporters.

We now have the first racist to become our president.

Hillary allowed Trump to define who she was.

Historians will define this as the first email election.

I have a hunch Donald Trump must be wondering–what the hell do I now do?

Pity the poor Hispanic children who now are in fear.



Trump On Women

The election of 2016 has significant implications for women in America.Republicans constantly complain about treatment of women in Muslim societies while at the same time supporting a man who has spent his entire life deriding the dignity of women. He insults women, he treats them as objects, he is  open in making clear that any and all women are only important for one purpose in his life– to fuck them. He boasts that he can have any woman because he is important, and they would be so happy to have his penis inside their bodies.

But, there are other reasons why Donald Trump is a frightening source of problems for women. If he became president, Roe vs Wade will no longer protect their rights to decide what happens to their bodies. He will not seek economic equality in pay for women, he will not support paid leave when pregnant, and he certainly will not seek to end inequality  in treatment at work. Donald Trump is the greatest dangerAmerican women have ever faced. If you are a woman, make certain that on November 8 you are voting for Hillary Clinton. Her election marks the beginning of equality for women in the political arena.

Megyn Kelly Vs Donald

Blond haired gorgeous Megyn Kelly,who works for Fox news has suddenly become the enemy of Trump supporters. She was interviewing Newt Gingrich, who desires to return in some way to the political scene by supporting Donald Trump, when he suddenly turned on her charging she was  a tool of the Clinton campaign. Imagine, anyone who works for Ruppert Murdoch being a tool of the nefarious Democrats. Trump is Newt’s last chance to get a meaningful job in politics.

So, Newt spoke. “I am sick and tired of people like you using inflammatory language that’s not true. I think that’s what gets me upset.” Newt believes lies are being spread about the alleged sexual advances of Donald Trump. He is really a man of dignity who has never been sexually  active with women. These charges sort of upset Megan Kelly. She mentioned the famous tape of Donald talking with Billy Bush.

“That’s what we saw. Then, we saw 10 women come forward after he denied doing that. We saw reporters, we saw people who had worked for him from Apprentice, and so on and so forth. ” Gingrich retorted: “You are fascinated by sex, you don’t care about public policy.” Amen.

Where Have All The Idiots Gone?

I do understand that Trump supporters fervently believe this election is rigged. But, for some reason, knowing the election is rigged, these Trumpians insist they will vote two weeks from now. I am baffled. I would assume  if the election was rigged, every Trump supporter would head for the hills, get their guns ready for some action to save America from the horror of Hillary Clinton. I was expecting Trumpians to disappear into their homes, get their guns, and come out  ready for action. But, they are still  with  us.

Or, am I mistaken?Perhaps the Trumpians have gone to get organized for the revolution to save America. Perhaps, even as I write, they are gathering in darkened rooms, loading up weapons, running to the Gun Shop for more assault weapons, and getting ready for the last day of human civilization. Perhaps, we are only seeing robots at these Trump rallies, while the REAL Trumpians prepare for the FINAL BATTLE OF CIVILIZATION!

Women And Men Against Trump

It is Friday, and without doubt  somewhere in this promised land some woman or some man is either defending or screaming at Donald Trump for the plethora of females now accusing him of making sexual advances. The red headed guy has become a white Bill Cosby when it come to assaulting women. Ironically, both have used their power and money to unleash their bodies upon women, their assumption being, I am powerful, I am important, you should get on your knees and than God for the honor of being sexually molested by me.

I am fascinated by responses of Trump surrogates. It sort of goes this way:

1. Let’s talk about Bill Clinton.

2. Let’s talk about Hillary Clinton, she was the wife who did NOTHING to protect women who her hubby assaulted.

3. It was years ago,and these women never complained at that time.

4. Gosh, some of these women are not attractive, so why would Donald Trump even spend a moment with them?

5. It was just a couple of guys shooting the breeze about their sexual conquests.

6.What about Benghazi???

The central issue is that Donald Trump is most upset because people are upset.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Hate and anger roam the streets of America these days.

Donald Trump simply can not restrain his mouth.

These days Ben Carson seems to have been a voice of reason among Republicans.

Republicans are convinced that wealthy folk sit around at night thinking up great schemes to make ALL Americans wealthy.

God does not make  well performing bodies, one muscle can collapse the entire body in pain.

I really do miss Rand Paul, he has wit even though I do not agree with his political views.

I can not understand how so many  want to make America, Great Again, the assumption being America is not today a Great nation.

NFL football is here and my favorite team is not carrying out MY ideas to win games.

Guns Everywhere

There is definitely one certainty in life, at any moment in the state of Texas someone will be walking into a church, a bar, a movie theater, heck, into a school with guns ready to blast away at bad people. Students at the University of Texas are angry that any person can enter a classroom with loaded guns. Naturally, gun lovers argue what if  a guy walks into the room with guns, we have to be ready to shoot first, and straight. Later on, we can worry as to whether of not the guy we shot was a bad person.

I can not argue with that logic, but I must admit to being disappointed in the NRA. For example:

1. Why can’t I walk into the governor’s mansion armed to the teeth? Is he hiding something?

2. How come I can’t walk into the state legislature with my assault rifle, ready to blast away at those obnoxious Muslim loving liberals??

3. The next time a president visits Texas, we ALL should be allowed to observe his motorcade armed to the teeth. What makes the president so damned important we can’t be armed when he appears?

Think about the issue this way, if we shoot the president, it prevents him from being shot by Muslim terrorists!

Health Of Hillary Clinton

This entire campaign has been characterized by discussion of non-issues. Remember attacks on Marco Rubio for taking water while speaking? Critics wanted to know WHY he had to take a drink. We witnessed over fifteen investigations of the famous  Benghazi raid which resulted in the deaths of four people. When President Reagan in 1985 sent US Marines to Beirut, Lebanon and 241 were killed by Muslim terrorists, there was not a single investigation by Congress. Not a single Democrat attacked Reagan.

So today, the real issue confronting the American people  is the fact, and it is a FACT that Hillary Clinton was seen coughing. It turns out that she has pneumonia. Naturally, no person could be president who had this life threatening disease. I  await Congressional investigations into the secret of why Hillary Clinton never told the American people that she had this disease! I confess to having coughed numerous times in my life, naturally, this is the reason I never won a Pulitzer prize for my writing. It is a proven fact that anyone who has a cold with a cough is in the initial stage of mental collapse.

Let’s see what comes next:

1. Is it true that Donald Trump won the hot dog eating contest on Coney Island?

2. Is it true that Hillary Clinton requires aid and assistance in handling her hair?

3. It is time to reveal the horrible secret that Hillary Clinton is hiding–she did not clean up her dog’s poop on March 17, 1998! It was just another example of how Hillary Clinton shits on America!


We offer observations on the human condition from an 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year  old body.


These days I even feel sad for Paul Ryan who constantly has to refute his party’s candidate.

I wonder if Hillary and Bill feel a twinge of regret for selling the name of the president for money.

Jimmy Carter has raised money for  one thing–to help poor  people.

I suspect Vladimir Putin must be happy these days,  not only running Russia, he even may run America.

Old expression, “idiot’s delight” always makes me think about our  current idiot’s delight.

Day one Donald says he knows more than “our generals.” Day two, he says he wants their plan to end ISIS. And, day three…..

Face it -the current group seeking the presidency, are not the best of our society.

Or, are they???