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Barack Obama Just Can’t Communicate

I voted for Barack Obama twice, it was my assumption this was a man who would be able to uphold the rights of individual citizens, this was a man who would be able to curb the growing power of government, and this was a man who would be able to communicate issues to the American people. Boy, was I wrong. As of today, most probably, 80% of the American people still do not understand the Affordable Care Act and its provisions! On no occasion has our president clearly spoken to the American people about this law. For example:

The Affordable Care Act guarantees every American: (1) the right to affordable health insurance, (2) the right to select one’s doctor,(3) the right not to be denied health insurance due to pre-existing conditions, (4) the right of young people to remain covered by parent health plans,(5) financial aid from the government for health insurance. Every American should have been sent a one sheet statement from the government with this information. Then, let Republicans blast away.

The same failure to communicate is obvious today. President Obama should be on national television with this statement: “The United States protected the people of Iraq at the cost of thousands of our young men and women. We provided billions of dollars in aid to develop their economy and create a modern armed force. Prime Minister Nouri Maliki ignored our advice to work with all Iraqi groups in order to create a modern society. Instead, he persecuted Sunni minorities and rid the armed forces of effective officers. The Iraq government created this current problem. We are ready to assist Iraq, but only after its government is committed to equal rights for all, and its armed forces are led by the best available leaders. No American will be placed at risk until Iraq has a unified government. Period.”

All Americans would then understand the situation. That is the role of a President of the United States of America.

Oh Dem Corporate Dollars!

The UK Guardian newspaper, having nothing else to do, conducted an investigation into the financial behavior of Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. I understand there are some Americans who actually believe it is the responsibility of American newspapers and magazines to investigate possible corruption in AMERICAN government. The good news is the Guardian uncovered a rather messy rotten situation in the great state of New Jersey. But, then again, the great state of New Jersey gave us the Sopranos, so what is shocking that it also gave us the government of Chris Christie which is based upon the principle that whatever benefits the Republican party benefits the common folk of this state.

In reality, the same tale would emerge from study of any state government in the United States of America. The state of New Jersey has the New Jersey Economic Authority(EDA) which hands out billions of dollars to business folk in order to enhance the lives of ordinary citizens. Of the top thirty grants-worth $1.2 billion, guess who got most of the money? You are right- 21 went to Republicans, and one lonely grant went to a company led by a Democrat. Naturally, these companies are grateful and rewarded Republicans with millions of dollars for their campaign. To be honest, the EDA made clear it operates upon the principle of bipartisanship.

The good news is that none of the money went to rebuild the George Washington bridge.

Wither The Republican Party?

There was an interesting and sad television shot shown to the American people last night. On the anniversary of the fight for civil rights in the South, most members of Congress locked arms and sang the famous marching song of civil rights fighters, “We Shall Over Come.” However, neither John Boehner nor Senator Mitch McConnell moved their lips in order to display their opposition to anything that President Obama supported. A wonderful display of courage. If Jesus Christ appeared tomorrow and was walking with President Obama, the Republican party would come out against Christianity. A once great political party has become a negative, angry, hating group of men and women. Oops, sorry, I ignore the concern of Republicans for the oppressed minorities in our nation–the upper 5% of those with money and those who fight for the right to earn billions.

Let me review the history of this once great party:

1. Abraham Lincoln pushed through the first income tax. He gave away free land to all who desired in the Homestead Act. His government financed construction of the intercontinental railroad. He backed creation of colleges that were free to students. And, worst of all, he took property away–without compensation–from slave owners!
2. Theodore Roosevelt blasted the wealthy for their selfishness. He broke up monopolies and then had the Federal government supervise their operations. He advocated the Income Tax amendment. He ended segregation in the federal government. He also defended the rights of workers to have unions.
3. Wendell Wilkie lost the 1940 presidential election to Franklin Roosevelt. He then spent World War II as a special assistant for the president. Republicans in Congress worked with President Roosevelt to create a United Nations.
4. Dwight Eisenhower refused to lower the WWII top income tax level of NINETY PERCENT until debts were paid off. His administration fought for the Brown vs Board of Education Supreme Court decision that ended segregation. Eisenhower worked to ends segregation in the armed forces and ended it in Washington D.C.
5. Republicans worked with President Lyndon Johnson to pass the Civil Rights bill.
6. Heck, Richard Nixon supported Affirmative Action, came out for national health insurance, and even toyed with the idea of a guaranteed income for all Americans.

That used to be the Republican party!!


Once upon a time there was a young lawyer who taught constitutional law and urged that American civil rights must be protected from government intrusion into private lives. The young man grew up to become President of the United States of America which resulted in his shift from private rights of citizens to the right of government to intrude into every aspect of our rights. Fortunately, the US Supreme Court decided there was such a thing termed –privacy. In a vote of 9-0, each and every judge ruled against the right of government to search cell phones of citizens! Justice Roberts speaking for the court made clear that in modern life, “cell phones keep on the person’s digital record nearly every aspect of their lives.” To enter the cell phone records might result in “disclosure of intimate aspects of their personal life record.”

The court made clear to each and every police force or government security agency that before they explore personal cell phone records they must GET A WARRANT! I am certain that President Obama is now upset at this assault by the court upon NATIONAL SECURITY. Isn’t it wonderful that our president once taught about private rights of individuals?

Chairwoman Hillary Speaks

It was merely a matter of time before Hillary Clinton came out with her views on what should have been American foreign policy during her tenure in the job of Secretary of State. Her new book, “Hard Choices” is, most probably, an attempt to establish that she was under the orders of the president during her tenure in that position, and she wants one and all to know that she always did not agree with Obama on issues of foreign policy. Hillary argues in her book that the Obama views on Egypt was wrong. She wanted former strong man, Hosni Mubarak to hand over power to a successor and allow a free election while Obama and his advisors wanted to allow the Arab Spring to follow its course–which, of course, led to the election of Morsi as president. We are now into, “you should of rather than do what you did.”

Hillary also believes America should have insisted that East Jerusalem be included in areas in which new settlements were not allowed. She believes failure to include East Jerusalem resulted in failure of the Palestinian government under President Abbas to support continued negotiations. Frankly, the history of the past decades is a study in refusal of American presidents to use the power of money to force Israel to cease and desist in its construction of West Bank settlements.

Headlines From World Press

We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Court Reaches Riot Sentence”

In Putin Land, that means– off to Siberia!

USA, aol: “Collect Dead Students’ Debts”

Can they pay monthly?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Lion Makes It Home”

Would you like to be around those gun nuts in Texas?

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Cyclist Hits Truck”

Truck is doing well at last reports.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Oscar Pistorious To Take Stand”

On his knees, I assume.

UK, Guardian: “Stuck In Traffic”

Some stuck in traffic, some stuck in poverty, take your choice.

France, Connexion: “President’s Love Nest”

Which one are you referring to?

Republican Health Plan

It is quite clear that Republican leaders do not wish to witness any form of success for the idea of national health insurance. Of course, a peculiar aspect of this attitude is the fact that Republican presidents in the past supported at least one form of health insurance. The initial governor who pushed through a state health insurance program went by the name of Mitt Romney. Naturally, after supporting health insurance he decided that he was against health insurance. In fairness, he just meant that he was against health insurance proposed by any and all Democrats. So, where does this leave Americans with the Republican party?

1. If Republicans gain control of the Senate they will pass -along with the House of Representatives, one bill after another to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This will result in one veto after another by the President.

2. By the fall of this year, at least 8,000,000 Americans will be covered by the Affordable Care Act along with millions of others who are on Medicaid. Oh well, just end these laws and then…I forgot, there is always the Emergency Room. That wonderful capitalist invention in which someone pays for the health care of someone else who could not afford preventive health care insurance.

3. OR, the Republican Party will make minor changes in the Affordable Care Act and claim they are the ones who brought health insurance to those lacking it.

Buy Another Election Says Court

There are two numbers which will go down in history as the numbers which doomed the American people to the rule of wealth. Once again, the Roberts Supreme Court majority ruled that any and all attempts to limit spending on political elections violated the principles that our Founding Fathers believed were the foundation of democracy. Justice Roberts, speaking for the majority, insisted that free speech means if you have the money, then you can use your money to outspend poor folk and get YOUR person elected to a high office. Justice Stephen Breyer decried the decision terming that it “undermines, perhaps, devastating, the campaign finance reform.”

It is rather ironic that when a law passed by Congress with the support of both parties is declared “unconstitutional, Republicans who constantly complain about “an activist court” cheer wildly! I think the decision is AN EXAMPLE OF AN ACTIVIST COURT!

Farewell, Hello ObamaCare?

Yesterday was the deadline for those seeking to become members of the newly famous Obamacare network of concerned citizens who lacked any form of health insurance and were compelled to become members of the Emergency Room family of deadbeats. For a nation that could place a man on the moon or organize the most complex naval attack in human history, the D-Day invasion of June 6, 1944, we were simply unable to organize the process by which American citizens purchased a product. The real tragedy of the entire Obama approach to health care is how he transformed a simply process and transformed it into a study in complexity. For example:

1. A new law simply could have allowed any American from birth to 65 to enroll in Medicare.

2. Or, stage one could have placed all Americans from 40-65 under Medicare.

3. Stage two a few years later could have placed remaining Americans under Medicare.

Popular Medicare would have been supported by most Americans.

End of controversy!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Some have natural look of anger on face.

Nothing more boring than false camaraderie of TV folk.

I wonder if there really was a first human.

We cannot escape our genetic heritage.

These days boredom more quickly surfaces at nonsense.

To some, love is their captor.

Some think from their guts and some from their mind.

I am a student of thinking.

All to many are more interested in responding to thinking than think.

Study the patterns of life.

As we grow older we bend over more and more.

Long time since I heard, “shake a leg.”

Some read newspaper with grim face.

In the Depression, we grew lean with age.

Some fold arms when listening to others.