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Donald Forever Donald

“My friends, I got this wonderful plan to end all wars, to create an  economy  that provides each and every American with an income of at least $60,000  a year. It all begins with securing our  borders. Right, no more goods being allowed to enter our nation from China or Mexico. Once the borders are secured, we are on the road to safety and security.

Look, I like Jeb, I like Marco, I like Ted, heck, I even like the fat guy on the end, but how the hell can I put my arms around that body. And, I like women, Carly, when I am President, you can be my secretary, after all, you are the only  one on this stage who knows how to be a secretary. Now, about my wall, I personally will supervise its construction–think of the thousands of jobs that wall will create!

Now, about my plan. We bomb the hell out of ISIS or ISIL or whatever these Muslims call themselves. We don’t allow Muslims into our country which means more jobs for American born Christians –and definitely  for my friends, the Jews. Think about it-no more Muslims, no more foreigners in Silicon Valley, and gobs of jobs for we Americans.

I want every one on this stage to know when we get rid of all these foreigners, each and every one of you will have a job picking fruit in California!

God Bless America! Keep it Christian–and Jewish, forever!”

Chicago Deaths Mysteries

Then Chicago area does contain a few people of Muslim background but when issues of killing are concerned this is one 100% certified town where those who are Christians are leaders in death. The  current uproar is over the excellent work of a police officer who fired SIXTEEN bullets in to  the body of sixteen year old Laquan McDonald. Here is the  official police report as reported by several cops who were also at the scene of death.

Mr. McDonald had a knife–all six  inches of one.

Mr. McDonald was slashing tires with the knife.

Police arrived at the scene of this terrorist action and felt their lives were in danger.

Their official report is after Mr. McDonald had sixteen bullets in his body, he arose, walked toward the police waving  his knife.

So, what else could these brave men do but kill the terrorist?

This is only on of dozen such reports about terrorists–none of whom were Muslim-threatening the lives of police.

Finally, the Justice Department will conduct some investigations. Just another example of how LIBERALS  are conducting a war against the police!!

NRA Explains Everything

I decided to check with  our leading experts on gun violence, members of the NRA. John offered to present a defense of the GUN which all too often is charged with being the cause of anyone getting killed. So, let John explain the  entire situation.

1. We Americans have had guns since the birth of this nation and it was GUNS that made us a free people.

2. Decent Americans  purchase guns to protect themselves against bad people.

3. A gun is like a knife or a rock, yes, someone can use them to hurt others, but does this mean we eliminate rocks from our lives?

4. Of course, decent Christian folk only  use guns for protection, but then there are those Muslim terrorists.

5. The problem with shootings of the innocent lies with mental health issues. If you want to end bad shootings, just send those nuts to a mental hospital.

6. It is time to cease blaming innocent guns for the crimes of sick people!

Planned Parenthood At Fault!

There is a man named Robert Lee Dear and he has become dear to the hearts of Republicans seeking the presidency.

Carly Fiorina:  “There go the liberals again, demonizing the victim rather than those who cut  up baby body parts. OK, so Mr. Dear went a bit too far, but examine how far went Planned Parenthood!”

Jeb Bush on the killings: “Things happen, they just happen. It is time to move on and quit dwelling in the past.”

Ted Cruz: “How about focusing upon the hundreds, no thousands, of babies cut up and their body parts sold for money!”

Marco Rubio: “My folks made the long journey from Cuba and they opposed abortion. Fidel Castro makes this killer come across as a saint!”

Ben Carson: “As a member of the medical profession I am quite familiar with body parts. I do not think it is correct to carve up baby body parts.”

Donald Trump: “If elected I will build walls to block off entry to any Planned Parenthood clinic!”

He Trumps Them All

Donald Trump is very clear about one point–he knows how to make deals, Not only does he know how to make deals, he understands how to make a Great Deal, one that will clean out any opponent and make them admit they are stupid and they will do whatever Donald desires. Donald spent considerable time and energy discussing the new trade deal which President Obama is negotiating with Asian nations. Donald made clear this is one stupid deal which will allow China to rob us blind. He went on and on about how the deal was one that China would love because it would allow China to take more and more of our jobs.China cheats the US and this deal would enable China to cheat some more.

At this point, a moderator noted: “But, Mr.Trump, China is not part of the deal.” Well, the Donald man was quick to respond. He made clear that what he has just been talking about made clear that China was not part of the deal.From that point on, he wanted the audience to know that he knows how to make Great Deals and he will not allow China to beat us in any deal.

Who else but the Great Mouth could get away with this one. Naturally, the audience loved his denunciation of a deal that did not involve China. Only in the Republican party with its Republican idiots.

Jeb Bush At Debate

Jeb sort of said some things at the debate that sort of, not exactly totally,but sort of allowed him to come across as someone who actually had an intelligent idea. There is no question that Jeb is just as tough as brother George. He wants to establish a No Fly zone in Syria, he wants to wipe out ISIS, and boy, this is one boy who can really handle any Muslim terrorist group. After all, his brother wiped out Saddam Hussein. As far as Jeb is concerned, if only we had not pulled out of Iraq there would not be any problems. It was all the fault of the dude born in Africa who simply lacks the balls of the great George Bush.

Gee, Jeb, President Obama was carrying out the time table established by some dude named George Bush. So, tell me Jeb, would you have allowed American troops to remain in Iraq if they could be arrested for a local crime and tried in a Sharia court? I sort of have a hunch those Republican religious nuts would have gone sort of wild with anger.

Anyway, we know that Jeb is one tough dude.

Joe –Don’t–Go

There are reports that Vice President Joe Biden is considering a run for the presidency. Joe Biden is a decent man, he is an intelligent man, he is a brave man, he is a wonderful father to his children who witnessed horrible deaths in their family. Perhaps,perhaps, a month ago or several weeks ago his hat in the ring might have aroused joyful shouts of welcome. Sorry, Joe, that moment is past. If Biden runs it will simply hurt him and his family.

Joe, every great entertainer knows when to depart the stage, even if the audience is still applauding. Go with your dignity intact, announce support for Hillary Clinton and then move on to newer ventures. At least one good book is waiting for an author.

Erdogan, Trump Of Turkey

Turkey,like most nations in the Middle East includes people of various ethnic and religious backgrounds. It is currently led by President Recep Erdogan who leads a Muslim centered Justice and Development Party which seeks to impose greater religious controls in the country. Orhan Pamuk, a Nobel prize winner expressed the views of Turks who oppose the installation of a central government that would stifle freedom. “The electoral defeat enraged Erdogan(his party lost its majority in the legislature. He didn’t succeed in persuading the Kurds to give him their votes for his plan to create a presidential republic.”

Erdogan has aroused hatred of Kurds as the path to gain political power. Suicide bombers recently murdered over a hundred people, and he is using this tragedy as a means of arousing hate, hate against any group, just hate to retain power.

Joe And Elizabeth

Last night Elizabeth Warren was on the Stephen Colbert show and displayed, once again, a fiery determined commitment to issues of social justice. When she speaks, the intensity, the determination, the desire simply explode from her lips. There is no question that she impacts voters, there is no question that voters regard her as a fresh voice and one that will not be bought by Wall Street. She is the perfect running mate with Joe Biden. Both these candidates will take on the pharmaceutical companies which continually raise drug prices. Just let Elizabeth go after those criminals who need ten times the cost of the product in order to have sufficient profit. They are willing to allow millions to go into poverty to gain more profit. The drug Darapin has just gone up SEVEN HUNDRD PERCENT!

Hillary Clinton, at this point in time, is too covered by the past. Voters want someone who will challenge Wall Street,and try as she does, Hillary just does not come across as the enemy of those from whom she solicits money. Old face Biden along with fresh face Elizabeth Warren represent a new dynamic duo to arouse people with hope.

So Long, It’s Been Good To Know You

Robert de Niro was being interviewed by a reporter who posed some questions that he did not wish to answer. So, he picked up his bags, and told her, I’m not doing this darling”and departed. How about:

To Ted Cruz: Ted, you are a fucking ignorant jerk, so long, this interview is over.

Carly Fiorina: Carly, you have a wonderful hair style, now go to a library, me, I’m leaving.

Marco Rubio: Marco, you come from immigrants, so go pick peaches, this interview is over.

Jeb Bush: Jeb, sorry your last name is Bush, go hide under one.

Chris Christie: Chris, they are looking for a cop to handle traffic on the bridge, do something that will lose some pounds.

Donald Trump: Donald, go build some buildings in the sand with the other kids, me, I’m going.