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Joe And Elizabeth

Last night Elizabeth Warren was on the Stephen Colbert show and displayed, once again, a fiery determined commitment to issues of social justice. When she speaks, the intensity, the determination, the desire simply explode from her lips. There is no question that she impacts voters, there is no question that voters regard her as a fresh voice and one that will not be bought by Wall Street. She is the perfect running mate with Joe Biden. Both these candidates will take on the pharmaceutical companies which continually raise drug prices. Just let Elizabeth go after those criminals who need ten times the cost of the product in order to have sufficient profit. They are willing to allow millions to go into poverty to gain more profit. The drug Darapin has just gone up SEVEN HUNDRD PERCENT!

Hillary Clinton, at this point in time, is too covered by the past. Voters want someone who will challenge Wall Street,and try as she does, Hillary just does not come across as the enemy of those from whom she solicits money. Old face Biden along with fresh face Elizabeth Warren represent a new dynamic duo to arouse people with hope.

So Long, It’s Been Good To Know You

Robert de Niro was being interviewed by a reporter who posed some questions that he did not wish to answer. So, he picked up his bags, and told her, I’m not doing this darling”and departed. How about:

To Ted Cruz: Ted, you are a fucking ignorant jerk, so long, this interview is over.

Carly Fiorina: Carly, you have a wonderful hair style, now go to a library, me, I’m leaving.

Marco Rubio: Marco, you come from immigrants, so go pick peaches, this interview is over.

Jeb Bush: Jeb, sorry your last name is Bush, go hide under one.

Chris Christie: Chris, they are looking for a cop to handle traffic on the bridge, do something that will lose some pounds.

Donald Trump: Donald, go build some buildings in the sand with the other kids, me, I’m going.

A Bush Fairy Tale

I have now heard Jeb Bush recount the true story about what happened in the Iraq war on two separate occasions. So, let me recite the story which has now emerged as the Republican narrative for the coming election.

Once upon a time there was a land across the sea ruled by a terrible man.The people hated him and so longed for a savior. Georgie Bush and his fellow inhabitants of the sand box heard the pleas of these poor persecuted people, and then led a gallant troop of men into battle with Georgie at the head encouraging the troops to go faster and faster. Finally, they vanquished the evil giant, and then sent him off to that place in the sky where all bad people go. Or, perhaps, they sent them down into a deep,deep hole where fire burned twenty-four hours a day.

The people were filled with joy and happiness and so welcomed the soldiers who were led by the gallant Georgie Bush. But, alas, Georgie had to return to his kingdom. Unfortunately, there was a bad, bad black man who secretly poisoned the minds of the peasants and he became the king. The bad black man hated the people who dwelled in the land across the sea. He gave weapons to an evil group led by Osama bin Laden, and they created chaos and disaster in the land which had just become peaceful.

So, now the people who dwell across the sea are unhappy because the bad black man and his evil, evil, lying girl friend transformed a land that did not have any bad people into one in which the evil ones created a terrible mess.

Who knows, perhaps, Ted Le Cruz will arrive with sword in hand and restore peace and prosperity?

Russians Blast America

Russia is a land governed by Vladimir Putin,a sort of Donald Trump, Dick Cheney and Ted Cruz put together. Vladimir has convinced the Russian people they are surrounded by evil nations seeking to take over the only prosperous nation in the world–RUSSIA! Slowly,but continually, the Russian government is driving off the TV screen any pictures or words that might contradict his version of reality. A recent poll, conducted by the Russian government,reveals that many Russians believe:

1. America is an immoral nation.

2. Americans are not warm to one another.

3. Americans only repeat as truth what they see or hear on TV.

4. Americans hate and envy Russia.

Ironically,just about everything they say about the US would aptly apply to Russia.

The Russian economy is tumbling each day. The Russian ruble has lost most of its value.There is inflation and loss of jobs. So, Russians, how about heading for immoral USA?

Oh, in Russia it is against the law to publicly support gay rights. I wonder if American gays would enjoy the free land of Russia?


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

USA, Newsday: “I Just Lost Everything”

Today’s lament in America!

Russia, Moscow Times; “Take A Trip To Crimea”

For Putin that means not only a trip but take over Crimea.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Take A Trip To Mars”

Any place just let me escape Donald Trump’s voice!

Australia,Canberra Times: “My Worst Nightmare”

Being forced to spend eternity watching Fox News.

Egypt, al-ahram: Nudists In Despair”

But, not those watching them!

Just A Guy Named Joe

For many years when referring to the average American it is quite common to refer to this unknown person by calling him–Joe. Well, the guy named Joe is going to announce that he will run for president. Joe Biden is throwing his hat or name or whatever into the ring of combat. As of yet,I am not clear whether he seeks the Republican or the Democratic nomination.Wouldn’t you just enjoy a parade on stage of people seeking the Republican nomination and one is named–Joe? So,what does Joe Biden have to offer?

1.His name is Joe.

2.His name is not Hillary.

3.He was never married to a guy named,Bill.

5. On the other hand wouldn’t it be fun to have a ticket headed by Joe and Bill?

6. Joe Biden is a decent man. He is an intelligent man.

7. Donald and Joe on the stage would be a fascinating incident. Donald never ceasing to talk and Joe just listening and shaking his head.

8. How come we never have a guy named, Moishe?

P.S.Anyone for a George?

Russian Views On Putin

A Russian polling group surveyed Russians in order to uncover their attitudes toward their President, macho man Vladimir. According to results obtained by the Lavada Center:

1. 56% insist that President Putin has not been able to obtain an accurate picture of the reality of life in Russia.

2. 19% insist that his advisors lie to him and that explains some of his actions.

3. 31% believe their leader knows exactly what is happening and he directs these actions.

4. 31% believe that his actions violate human rights, but they regard a good standard of living before human rights.

5. 38% do not believe it is possible in Putin Russia to openly and freely speak one’s mind.

Ferguson Forever

If there is one city that I know a lot about it is Ferguson, Missouri. For many years I taught teachers from the Ferguson school district. As long as I could remember, teachers were complaining about inadequate funding, discrimination against black children, and a total disregard for those whose skin was not white.The shooting of Michael Brown was not a shock, but in true honesty it was a shock that this murder took so long to happen. Here is the reality of St.Louis,Missouri:

1. The business community years ago left the city of St.Louis and relocated to the suburbs to escape blacks. This was told me by a Vice President of Monsanto Corporation who bluntly said, “business people just did not want to be in a city where most people were Negroes.”

2. Corruption has been the norm in St.Louis. On this point there is no discrimination, whites and blacks share in the corruption.

3. There are still suburbs in which black skins are not seen.

So, why any surprise for death and violence in Ferguson?

Advice To Rudy Giuliani

Rudy, your time has finally arrived. Republicans desperately need a new voice in the race for president. YOU are the only real American who is a Republican. Examine the facts:

1. You alone by your bravery saved the city of New York.

2. You were the first voice in America that warned us about those horrible Muslims.

3. You walked the streets of Harlem without any police by your side to show your bravery.

4. You can easily out shout, out boast that guy named Trump.

5. You now have gobs of money.

6. You alone have a plan to save America. SHOUT, BOAST, ATTACK, ATTACK ANY AND ALL DEMOCRATS!

Please Rudy, come and save America as you once single-handedly saved New York City!

Advice To Joe Biden

Joe, my advice is rather short:


Just enjoy your retirement with the grand kids.

You are a good decent man. You are respected. Go for the White House job, and you will wind up as the punch line for every comedian in America!