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We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada, Toronto Star:  “Major Arrested, Gets Severance Pay”

Keep it in the chain of command for sake of officers.

Germany, Der Spiegel:  “Number One Charity”

In the Republican party that means the top 1%.

China, China Daily:  “China Loves Shoe Orders
That sure allows kicking butts.

UK, Guardian:  “Richard III Reburied”
You sure took your time!

USA, aol:  “Twinkies Demand Hit New High”

As good as marijuana for a high!

USA, NY Daily News:  “Manhunt Launched”

I assume  for the ever elusive Carlos Danger!

USA, NY Post: “Minnesota Town Has 4 Year Old Mayor”

Finally, hitting the intelligence level of the Republican party!

Send In The Troops

It is becoming increasingly obvious that anyone who becomes president of the United States of America must demonstrate to the world that he is one tough hombre and is ready to lead men into battle. The new immigration bill would soon unleash upon men, women and children the might force of the United States air force. In addition to building miles and miles of high fences, drones will shortly be seen  over the deserts of our border so they can send down a few missiles and blow to kingdom come any unfortunate Mexican family that dares violate the borders of our fail land. Vader, or Vehicle Dismount and Exploitation Radar is currently being tested along our border with Mexico. It will be supported by thousands of new Border Policemen.

We finally have discovered a way to persuade Republicans in Congress to become job creators. Just send some poor Mexicans headed for the border and within a few months there are thousands of new jobs and new work building drones to catch these impoverished folk. Frankly, permisson has been granted to create a new data base and just  be certain that one day YOUR name will be on that list!

Forever And A Day

We Americans enjoy being involved in wars. We have a  war on crime, a war on drugs, a war on terror and we have a daily war on being obese. Fortunately for those who enjoy wars that can never end we do have a law called the National Defense Authorization Act which allows the government in pursuit of its war on terrorism to detain people that it deems to be “terrorists.” They can be arrested, placed in jail and kept there until the “war on terror” concludes. Oh, that means an American who the government decides is a “terrorist” can be sent to prison -INDEFINITELY since the war on terror will never end anymore than the war on crime or the war on drugs will conclude.

Congressman Adam Smith introduced a bill that would require if an American is charged with being a “terrorist” that he/she would be entitled to a trial by a jury. It lost, 220 to 216. I must admit to feeling safe knowing there are Americans in prison who were never charged with a crime nor given a trial. I assume this is the America that our Founding Fathers fought for.

Nigerian Vigilantes

The nation of Nigeria is divided between Christians and Muslims. People of Muslim faith are divided between those seeking to live a life  based on modern ideas of tolerance and democracy and those desiring to impose Sharia law upon everyone in the country. Young armed men carrying machetes and sticks are getting tired of having radical Muslims enter their cities and attack people in order to make certain everyone in the land knows who is in charge of the land.The Civilian JTF is attacking militants and they really are not interested in law and order other than their own vigilante rule.

As one emphasized to the media: “we are into this to salvage our people from the Boko Haram who had killed our people.” I guess enough is enough and it is time for some to impose vigilante law since the Nigerian army is incapable of behaving  like an army which seeks to serve the people of Nigeria. Between the Boko Haram and the army, for many, vigilante justice is the only justice in town.

Barack Bush New President

There apparently is a  misaprehension that George Bush left Washington D.C. and headed for his ranch in Texas. There is a misaprehension among Republicans that some black dude who was born in Africa apparently sneaked into the White House and allowed a foreigner to become president. Each day makes clear the name of the current president of the United States is Barack George Bush Obama. Bush did not win the election in  2008, but his surrogate, one Barack Obama was the victor. Obama embraced Bush policies on collecting phone records of Americans, having the federal government track the  movement of American citizens and curtail freedom of the press by making difficult the right of reporters to interact with citizens.

There is a delictate balance between national security and the right of Americans to be free from supervision by government officials. Once Obama wanted to end Bush policies of restricting the right of Americans to enjoy the freedoms that once were part of our society. Bushabama forgot that freedom is too precious to waste on the ground there are bad people in the world. There have always and will always be bad people. If we allow those who are evil to determine the extent of our freedom, then evil has triumphed.

Don’t Touch My Gun!!

Among the more difficult concepts for gun lovers in America to understand is that terrorists use guns. Honest, bad guys use guns and other such weapons and they can even walk into a gun store and purchase guns to their desire. More than 65 countries have signed a trade treaty that is designed to monitor the sale of conventional weapons by manufacturers and prevent their free flow into black market sources or to groups seeking death and destruction. The latest count is that 154 nations voted to support this treaty and three oppose it–Syria,Iran and North Korea. Now, we know the friends of guns in America, there nations who have the same mentality of thinking as does the National Rifle Association.

Naturally,Republican Senator Jerry Moran opposes this treaty since it fails to explicitly recognize the right of individuals to bear arms. “The United States should ratify treaties only when they are in our national interest, clear in their goals and language, respect our sovereignty, and do not create any openings to infringe upon our constitutional freedoms.”

Yes, Joe, we support the right of terorists to kill American soldiers. It is their constitutional right-read the second Amendment!!

Down Number One, Here Is Number Two

President Barack Obama continues insisting that drones are doing a great job killing bad people. In particular they are “devastating” the leadership of the Pakistan Taliban leadership. Yesterday, a drone killed Wali ur-Rehman, Number Two guy in the Pakistan Taliban. I regret to inform the president of the United States of America, but there was a meeting of leaders of the Pakistan Taliban, and for some strange reason it took them ONE day to identify a new Number Two guy to a leadership position. Please inform the Drone division that it has a new Number Two guy whose name is Khan Saud.

And, Mr. President after you send a drone to kill Kahn Saud there will be another meeting and another guy will be selected to be the Number Two man of the organization. When will Barack learn that ideas fostered by George Bush and the dynamic duo of Cheney and Rumsfeld just do not work in the real world? Barack Obama still does not grasp that some  people in this world actually believe in something.

Sheriff Joe Got His Gun Ready

Sheriff Joe is one mean dude and he is not the kind of man who gives a damn about laws and courts since God appointed him guardian of the borders of the United States of America. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has spent the past two decades guarding-almost single handedly–America’s border with Mexico and intends to make certain that no dark skinned folk can walk the streets of an American town without encountering a policeman who will make clear that OUR streets belong to white skinned God loving folk. There are some groups of people seeking to gather petitions to recall our God loving sheriff, but they will not put a halt to his efforts to clean streets of dark skinned folk whose ancestors come or came from Mexico.

OK, so there are over400 cases of sex crimes that Joe just didn’t get around to investigating. But,which comes first-protecting America against a Mexican invasion or paying attention to some gal who claims a guy assaulted her? OK,so Joe has cost the government about $25 million in charges against the police. The bottom line is that Joe is for US and will protect US against THEM and you know who THEM are, don’t you?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


If you are in search of a headache, just read any statement from the NRA.

Most place laptop under left arm.

If God takes a vacation,where does he go? I assume to another universe.

Each month my coffee intake drops.

I wonder at which part of the day humans  are most profound.

There is a  time when an athlete should realize it is time to take a time out.

One should know when to leave the stage of life.

Some females throw back the back and others throw forward their breasts.

We all too often do not know our strengths.

Some have eyes that light up with excitement.

Some thrust open door with determination.

Some play with lip while talking.

Some synchronize bites with spouse.

There is always a  moment when one does not know if winter has really departed.

Some give food order leaning on counter, others take a step back.

Some lean down to right while laughing.

Middle age daughter clears debris for mom.

It must be right if three heads nod in agreement.

If two are on one side of table and one on the other, guess who controls the conversation?

Kelly Ayotte DOES Believe In Guns

Reppublican Senator Kelly Ayotte is upset. She believes in gun control. She believes that every American has the right to control a gun. She believes that checking on backgrounds of those seeking guns gets in the way of protecting the rights of Americans to have a gun. She voted to oppose recent attempts to institute a background check for those seeking weapons of destruction. OK, it was a bipartisan proposal. OK, polls indicate that 90% of Americans support this form of checking. She simply stood up for her principles and the American way of life.

“Out of state special interests are running false advertisements attacking me, and even lying about my efforts to prevent gun related violence.”









































Senator Kelly Ayotte is upset. She is against people getting killed by guns. She believes that every American has the right to protect him or herself. She wants to take guns out of the hands of those who oppose guns in the hands of potential criminals. OK, so there was a bipartisan bill to institute checks into background of those seeking a gun. OK, so polls show that 90% of Americans believe in this form of background check. But, the National Rifle Association is opposed and how could any intelligent Republican vote against the NRA?

“Out of state special interests are running false advertisements attacking me and even lyingabout my efforts to prevent gun related violence.” As far as Kelly is concerned the only out of state special interests who should comment on gun issues in New Hampshire is the NRA.