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Don’t Vote-Live!

The only certainty in the nation of Pakistan is the presence of some group which is angry at the government and wants to break away. The people of Baluchistan have been fighting for years to have their province become an independent nation. There will be a vote for the new parliament and president of Pakistan, but the folk of Baluchistan do not want to vote for these people, they want to vote to break away from the entire disarray that is known as-Pakistan. So, the message in Baluchistan is -vote if you want to get killed. On the other hand, there are folk in Baluchistan who insist people should vote for parties that want to secede from the entity of Pakistan.

In other words, you may decide to vote to secede which might anger someone who does not want any voting. Some actually believe they can get their own country by voting, others want it by the barrel of a gun. Ah life, in dear old Pakistan.

Rush Should Be In Rush

Rush Limbaugh has spent a few decades offering the American people his version as to who or what is needed in this nation. According to Rush, we suffer from having a president who “hates America” and seeks  to deprive our people of their God given right to possess a weapon of mass destruction. Latest figures indicate that his rating on WABC  is declining along with station revenues. According to Rush, it has nothing to do with his mellow voice and everything to do with ineffective sales personnel. OK, his insults of young ladies led several prominent companies to seek another voice for their products, but Rush always has the NRA to protect his rather large butt.

Rush Limbaugh is not THE problem, he is the Symbol of what infects the American spirit. We have too  many people spouting hate and anger, we have too many people believing that guns are the solution rather than the president. Once upon a time in this nation, political leaders competed against one another, but no one denied their love of nation. Today, hate reigns and Rush is the epitome of that anger.

Clean Ads For Freedom

Once upon a time in the United States of America our elected representatives at lunch together, laughed , enjoyed a game of pocker and regarded themselves as both friends and opponents. Today, the Republican National Committee will employ any and all dirty tricks in order to smear those who are not members of their alliance for wealth. The Republican National Committee released a new ad which depicts President Obama comforting Nicole Hockley who lost her son in the  Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. The ad has the president saying, “maybe I should pack up and go home?” The assumption being that he has not done a darn thing since being inaugurated in January.

It is perfectly legimimate to attack the president’s failures, but only a Republican would use pictures of  people who lost their children to score a political point. One is left wondering as to who are these people who claim to be Republicans?

Destroy The Airport

American policy in Afghanistan for over a decade has been to build military bases, airports and other facilities in order to destroy the Taliban. Ah, but by the end of next year most US troops will have departed from the land far, far away in which chaos and corruption reign. Losgistics teams at Forward Operating Base Sharana are currently engaged in destroying the airport which is believed to be lacking in Afghan forces in order to prevent its capture by the Taliban. The base would cost $250 million to operate and there is scant belief the current Afghan government could handle the cost. So, blast away.

The Afghan government is now demanding that destruction be halted at such bases. I guess someone in higher authority realized they could sell these bases to the Taliban and make some money. Let’s face reality, Hamid Karzai is president of Aghanistan and that includes his Taliban citizens. Save the airbase, save the Taliban. Save the Karzai government. Let’s MAKE MONEY!

On Armenia And Turkey

I am an American. Seventy years before my parents arrived in the United States of America a great war was fought to end slavery. Slavery was a horrible event in the history of my nation. I detest what it did both to those who were slaves and to the moral character of those who owned slaves. I am not proud of that aspect of my country’s past, but, I, had nothing to do with these horror. As a teacher I ensure students in my class know what happened to black skinned people, what happened to American Indians and to hatred and discrimination against Irish or Italian or Jewish people. For some reason, people in Turkey can not confront the fact that those living today had nothing to do with the Armenian massacre.

German educators today do an outstanding job ensuring that German youth understand the horror of the Holocaust. German youth are NOT responsible for the Holocaust, that was part of their nation’s past. It is time for Turkish people to move forward, acknowledge what happened and ensure that it never happens again.

Blame It On The Poor

The never ceasing mantra of members of the Republican Party is that our economic woes stem from “entitlement” demands  of poor people who insist of robbing those who work of their entitlement to keep 100% of whatever that sum turns out to be. President Obama, once again, in the spirit of “compromise” with Republicans has proposed cuts in Social Security payments. He is willing to change the process by which yearly Social Security rates are planned. Obama’s hope is this will please Republicans and lead to some sort of compromise. Dream on Barack.

In reality the norm for those on Social Security is about $1500 a month. That is the sum many wealthy folk pay to park their car in a month. Reality is that wealthy folk during the past twenty years have gained enormously in money while middle class and poor people have barely kept even. Few in America who exist on Social Security are living in a lavish fashion.

I believe that President Obama and members of Congress can reduce their own income.

Shoot Black Dude, Save Guns

My name is John Rifle and I was born in a Christian owned gun factory in Connecticut. I want to emphasize that since birth my heart and soul has been for Jesus Christ and the American way of life. I know there are peple who hate me, particularly this black skinned dude who was not even born in this blessed United States of America. He, along with other Socialist, Communist, Muslims want to take away my life in order to take away the rights of all God fearing decent Christian folk in this wonderful nation. I do acknowledge there are some  decent Jewish folk, but I sure wish they would accept our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Why do they hate me? I possess the power to protect the American people aganst the black booted military forces that seek to end our right to kill. If you take away my right to kill, what is left? An America without guns!! An America without guns like me is a weak America that will soon lose its basic rights. I am what protects the Bill of Rights. I am what protects your Second Amendment rights.

Just remember that this Christmas give a gun for Christ to all you love.

Iraq Redeux

We are coming to the tenth anniversary of American troops entering  Baghdad in 2003 and overthrowing the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. John Howard was Prime Minister of Australia in 2003 and warmly supported the war in Iraq. Today, ten years later, he claims disbanding the Iraq army in 2003 “was a mistake” and getting rid of anyone who belonged to the Baath party “went too far.”Howard went on “the post invasion conflict, especially between Sunnis and Shiites..did more damage.. to the credibility o f the coaliton operation in Iraq than the failure to find stockpiles of WMD.”

Like his buddy George Bush, the prime minister continues to insist invading Iraq was the right thing to do. He went on to argue that Arab Spring was an outcome of the Iraq war. Dream on, John, dream on.

Anyone Seen Barack Lately??

Barack Obama was always the smartest kid in class, the one who raised his hand with the correct answer and wrote a beautiful essay to explain his views on what was being studied. He was the apple of the teacher’s eye and the one who got a recommendation for a scholarship or award. He did brilliantly at college, and wound up with excellent recommendations for whatever future occupation he desired to pursue. Along the way, Barack learned to be the nice guy, the guy who never stood out as possessed with anger toward oppression. He handled oppression with kind words and deeds.

Once again, President Obama seeks to please Republicans who do NOT believe in compromise. Their interpretation of “compromise”is simply another word for surrender. Obama now discusses reductions in Social Security payments to please Republicans. The average person on Social Security gets about $1,500 a month to live on. Try living on that for a month, Mr. President. The Social Security solution is simple-maintain the same Social Security tax as present, but extend it TO ALL INCOME! Problem solved.

Down Another GOP Governor

There are three certainties in Republican political life in America-lower taxes on wealthy results in prosperity for all, one must believe in guns for all, and one must never admit to making a mistake since to do so is a sign of weakness. Governor Bobby Jindal a few months ago was regarded as a possible presidential candidate in the 2016 election. Alas, that was before he broke commandment number one by saying Republicans must “stop being the stupid party.” After all, if one is stupid, why let the world know you are.

Since he was a Republican it was necessary to support measures that benefit those with money. He proposed eliminating the state income tax and replacing it with a 56% increase in the sales tax. I hate to inform Bobby, but any  intelligent person in Louisiana knows that this “reform” benefited those with wealth and INCREASED TAXES ON THOSE WITHOUT.

Latest poll figures indicate Bobby is only supported by 36% of inhabitants of his fair state. I hate to inform  Bobby but there are many more middle and lower income folk in this nation than those with millions. Stupid, it is the voting math!!