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Headlines From World Press

We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Court Reaches Riot Sentence”

In Putin Land, that means– off to Siberia!

USA, aol: “Collect Dead Students’ Debts”

Can they pay monthly?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Lion Makes It Home”

Would you like to be around those gun nuts in Texas?

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Cyclist Hits Truck”

Truck is doing well at last reports.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Oscar Pistorious To Take Stand”

On his knees, I assume.

UK, Guardian: “Stuck In Traffic”

Some stuck in traffic, some stuck in poverty, take your choice.

France, Connexion: “President’s Love Nest”

Which one are you referring to?

Republican Health Plan

It is quite clear that Republican leaders do not wish to witness any form of success for the idea of national health insurance. Of course, a peculiar aspect of this attitude is the fact that Republican presidents in the past supported at least one form of health insurance. The initial governor who pushed through a state health insurance program went by the name of Mitt Romney. Naturally, after supporting health insurance he decided that he was against health insurance. In fairness, he just meant that he was against health insurance proposed by any and all Democrats. So, where does this leave Americans with the Republican party?

1. If Republicans gain control of the Senate they will pass -along with the House of Representatives, one bill after another to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This will result in one veto after another by the President.

2. By the fall of this year, at least 8,000,000 Americans will be covered by the Affordable Care Act along with millions of others who are on Medicaid. Oh well, just end these laws and then…I forgot, there is always the Emergency Room. That wonderful capitalist invention in which someone pays for the health care of someone else who could not afford preventive health care insurance.

3. OR, the Republican Party will make minor changes in the Affordable Care Act and claim they are the ones who brought health insurance to those lacking it.

Buy Another Election Says Court

There are two numbers which will go down in history as the numbers which doomed the American people to the rule of wealth. Once again, the Roberts Supreme Court majority ruled that any and all attempts to limit spending on political elections violated the principles that our Founding Fathers believed were the foundation of democracy. Justice Roberts, speaking for the majority, insisted that free speech means if you have the money, then you can use your money to outspend poor folk and get YOUR person elected to a high office. Justice Stephen Breyer decried the decision terming that it “undermines, perhaps, devastating, the campaign finance reform.”

It is rather ironic that when a law passed by Congress with the support of both parties is declared “unconstitutional, Republicans who constantly complain about “an activist court” cheer wildly! I think the decision is AN EXAMPLE OF AN ACTIVIST COURT!

Farewell, Hello ObamaCare?

Yesterday was the deadline for those seeking to become members of the newly famous Obamacare network of concerned citizens who lacked any form of health insurance and were compelled to become members of the Emergency Room family of deadbeats. For a nation that could place a man on the moon or organize the most complex naval attack in human history, the D-Day invasion of June 6, 1944, we were simply unable to organize the process by which American citizens purchased a product. The real tragedy of the entire Obama approach to health care is how he transformed a simply process and transformed it into a study in complexity. For example:

1. A new law simply could have allowed any American from birth to 65 to enroll in Medicare.

2. Or, stage one could have placed all Americans from 40-65 under Medicare.

3. Stage two a few years later could have placed remaining Americans under Medicare.

Popular Medicare would have been supported by most Americans.

End of controversy!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Some have natural look of anger on face.

Nothing more boring than false camaraderie of TV folk.

I wonder if there really was a first human.

We cannot escape our genetic heritage.

These days boredom more quickly surfaces at nonsense.

To some, love is their captor.

Some think from their guts and some from their mind.

I am a student of thinking.

All to many are more interested in responding to thinking than think.

Study the patterns of life.

As we grow older we bend over more and more.

Long time since I heard, “shake a leg.”

Some read newspaper with grim face.

In the Depression, we grew lean with age.

Some fold arms when listening to others.

America Vs Human Rights

The vat majority of those who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 regarded his victory as one that would result in respect for human rights and the end of brutality in prisons containing those charged with crimes during fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan. It is clear that was a hope deferred. The United Nations human rights committee issued a damning report on the state of human rights in the USA. Among its targets is the infamous Guantanamo prison which still contains 150 human beings that the American government views as risks. It countered questions raised with the argument that detainees in this prison are being kept there “lawfully based under international and American law.” Just read the Bill of Rights which specifically states that people can be kept in jail for years without charges of crime being brought nor an actual trial. The Obama administration argues “continued lawful detention is necessary to protect against a continuing threat.”

OK, fair enough. But, if there was never a specific charge and never a trial to ascertain if the charge was viable, how does anyone know if Mr. X IS the guy who committed the crime? To claim “we think he is”is NOT in accordance with the US Constitution. The unresolved question is: will this damn prison ever close??

Republicans For Freedom Challenge Free Speech

The ongoing refrain of Republicans like Ted Cruz or John Boehner is that President Obama seeks to impose a dictatorship upon America and stifle the voices of freedom. His policies are portrayed as dictatorial and lacking in respect for individual rights. This has resulted in American voices for freedom to fight tenaciously for the right of free speech. Just check Fox News each night for those who stand for the right to oppose tyranny as represented by the figure of Barack Obama. Congressman Daniel Issa held still another hearing about the IRS and its war against Christianity and the Republican party. Once again IRS official, Lois Lerner, was being bullied about efforts by the IRS to prevent organizations which ostensibly were non-political to engage in political action efforts. Finally, Mrs. Lerner invoked the 5th Amendment. This led Issa to once again shout and threaten the woman.

Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings became tired of the assault upon Mrs. Lerner and took the microphone to explain his objections to the Issa line of questioning. At this point Congressman Issa cut off the microphone and ended the hearing. When Democrats complained to House Speaker John Boehner about this violation of freedom of speech, the defender of freedom of speech for Republicans made clear his support for Issa in halting Democrats from speaking!

Such is life in the bastion of freedom, Republicans in Congress

Agony Of Barack Obama

I have been able to hear or see State of Union presentations for over 75 years. On Tuesday night, President Obama came before Congress. He talked and talked as an audience sat quietly listening to words that few actually ever believed would result in action, if the word, “action” relates in any manner to new legislation. It is quite clear the Republican party has committed itself to a program of sabotage of any legislation that does not result in greater wealth and power to the wealthy. It is quite clear that Barack Obama has lost connection with members of the Democratic party and they simply do not regard him as a leader who will move the party and nation forward. So, what went wrong?

The problem began on election night of 2008. Barack Obama had a model as to how to confront a nation which had a collapsed economy and millions headed for unemployment–March, 1933 with the swearing in of Franklin D. Roosevelt as president. Instead of studying and adapting the famous 100 Days of FDR, Obama, for some strange and mysterious reason, selected Ronald Reagan as his model!! The FDR model was centered on two basic ideas: Banks, Wall Street and the wealthy were responsible for the Depression. Period. Secondly, the IMMEDIATE ISSUE WAS-PROVIDING JOBS FOR PEOPLE. Obama did NOT have his 100 days of action even though Democrats controlled both House and Senate. Instead, he ignored the job issue( Between March, 1933 and August, 1933, FDR provided work for FOUR MILLION JOBLESS PEOPLE).

FDR’s assistant was Harry Hopkins, a former social worker. As Hopkins once told an administrator who said the task could be handled next week, “people eat today, not next week.” Obama surrounded himself with Wall Street types like Geithner and Summers, there was no Hopkins to focus on needs of those without work who needed aid NOW.

Franklin Roosevelt was adored by those without work, Obama is regarded by those without work as not caring and only concerned with his relations with Wall Street. True or not, that is his image among those without work. FDR held news conferences three times a week, he got the message out about his concern, Barack Obama does not like press conferences and never has gotten the message out about his concern for those without work.

During the 100 days, there were laws to provide 1,000,000 young men work with the CCC so they could gain some money as well as pride rebuilding our forests. There were laws to provide jobs to men and women who build schools and hospitals and rebuilt ports as well as new airports. People had their faith restored in self. There was no Obama legislation to provide financial assistance to young people faced with huge student loan debts although hundreds of billions were available to save banks and General Motors.

In other words, Obama failed from day one to get across the image of a leader determined to help people NOW. Instead he pushed for health insurance, an important idea, but one that could have been initiated two years later. He failed to lead. He failed to communicate. He failed to pay attention to what mattered the most–JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!!

Now, few regard him as a leader who is concerned with the needs of those without. What is more ironic than a president who wanted to help those without now regarded as a leader who is only concerned with himself and his image??

Planet Earth Still Exists

I regret to inform members of the Republican party the sun is still shining someplace in America, roads are still filled with cars and people are shopping for their dinner. Oh, there is war in Syria, people are stuck in snow storms in Sweden and cricket is still being played in England. After dire predictions from the Republican party that democracy would end in America if the US Senate adopted the concept that it only requires a majority vote of 51 to pass something, a federal judge was actually nominated, voted on and confirmed with a vote of 56-38. Believe it or not, some Republicans actually voted to confirm Patricia Millet as a judge in the American court system.

Oh well, Marco Rubio is opposed to the confirmation of a judge from his state of Florida, most probably because he is black and gay, not white and Republican. It is time to end this system. One day Republican nominees will be confirmed by a majority vote and democracy will finally be practiced.

P.S. If Republicans had gained a majority next year, they would have changed the rules to ensure Republicans get confirmed. So much for the nuclear option.

Israel Lobby In US Congress

Historically, it is the responsibility of the United States Congress to focus on the national interests of their country, not that of the nation of Israel. After three decades of conflict with the nation of Iran, a group of five leading countries banded together to hammer out an agreement to cap Iran’s work on nuclear weapon development. It does place limits on this work, but to Senator Schumer and fellow Republicans and Democrats compelling Iran to halt work on nuclear weapons is selling out Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu terms the agreement an “historic mistake.” Israel President Shimon Peres disagrees, “the success or failure of the deal will be judged by results,not words.” Perhaps, Senator Schumer believes President Peres wants to sell out Israel?

Bibi Netanyahu has refused to work with Palestinians in order to reach an agreement. He has sabotaged the rights of Palestinians, he has insulted Palestinians, he has hampered a Palestinian government which seeks peace with Israel. THAT, is an “historic mistake!”