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Just A Guy Named Joe

For many years when referring to the average American it is quite common to refer to this unknown person by calling him–Joe. Well, the guy named Joe is going to announce that he will run for president. Joe Biden is throwing his hat or name or whatever into the ring of combat. As of yet,I am not clear whether he seeks the Republican or the Democratic nomination.Wouldn’t you just enjoy a parade on stage of people seeking the Republican nomination and one is named–Joe? So,what does Joe Biden have to offer?

1.His name is Joe.

2.His name is not Hillary.

3.He was never married to a guy named,Bill.

5. On the other hand wouldn’t it be fun to have a ticket headed by Joe and Bill?

6. Joe Biden is a decent man. He is an intelligent man.

7. Donald and Joe on the stage would be a fascinating incident. Donald never ceasing to talk and Joe just listening and shaking his head.

8. How come we never have a guy named, Moishe?

P.S.Anyone for a George?

Russian Views On Putin

A Russian polling group surveyed Russians in order to uncover their attitudes toward their President, macho man Vladimir. According to results obtained by the Lavada Center:

1. 56% insist that President Putin has not been able to obtain an accurate picture of the reality of life in Russia.

2. 19% insist that his advisors lie to him and that explains some of his actions.

3. 31% believe their leader knows exactly what is happening and he directs these actions.

4. 31% believe that his actions violate human rights, but they regard a good standard of living before human rights.

5. 38% do not believe it is possible in Putin Russia to openly and freely speak one’s mind.

Ferguson Forever

If there is one city that I know a lot about it is Ferguson, Missouri. For many years I taught teachers from the Ferguson school district. As long as I could remember, teachers were complaining about inadequate funding, discrimination against black children, and a total disregard for those whose skin was not white.The shooting of Michael Brown was not a shock, but in true honesty it was a shock that this murder took so long to happen. Here is the reality of St.Louis,Missouri:

1. The business community years ago left the city of St.Louis and relocated to the suburbs to escape blacks. This was told me by a Vice President of Monsanto Corporation who bluntly said, “business people just did not want to be in a city where most people were Negroes.”

2. Corruption has been the norm in St.Louis. On this point there is no discrimination, whites and blacks share in the corruption.

3. There are still suburbs in which black skins are not seen.

So, why any surprise for death and violence in Ferguson?

Advice To Rudy Giuliani

Rudy, your time has finally arrived. Republicans desperately need a new voice in the race for president. YOU are the only real American who is a Republican. Examine the facts:

1. You alone by your bravery saved the city of New York.

2. You were the first voice in America that warned us about those horrible Muslims.

3. You walked the streets of Harlem without any police by your side to show your bravery.

4. You can easily out shout, out boast that guy named Trump.

5. You now have gobs of money.

6. You alone have a plan to save America. SHOUT, BOAST, ATTACK, ATTACK ANY AND ALL DEMOCRATS!

Please Rudy, come and save America as you once single-handedly saved New York City!

Advice To Joe Biden

Joe, my advice is rather short:


Just enjoy your retirement with the grand kids.

You are a good decent man. You are respected. Go for the White House job, and you will wind up as the punch line for every comedian in America!


Advice To Marco Rubio

Marco, me thinks you need a few words of kind advice to prepare for the next global debate.

1. Have you considered speaking with a Mexican accent?

2. I know you are concerned about rape and abortion. How about adding to your argument with some slides of vaginas?

3. I strongly suggest a beard to add some years to your youthful face.

4. Do you have any Hispanic relatives from Cuba who could tell good anti-Castro jokes?

5. You definitely have to devote more time to the story of Dad who arrived without much money. This is definitely a new approach. Just imagine, a refugee who arrived without money and made a success!

6. I never see any photos of your wife and kid, they would help to prove that you are older than 23.

7. I strongly suggest a Mexican band playing good Mexican songs in the background.

Westboro Baptist Church

Every so often members of the Westboro Baptist Church sort of wander into the news because they want to show the world that it is going to hell due to the presence of gays and lesbians. They devote their time demonstrating in front of churches and so enjoy interfering with funerals. A common sight are members of the church holding up signs and chanting at the funeral of a dead soldier who fought in Iraq or Afghanistan. They decided that the funeral of Beau Biden was the time to show once again their love of God by making a stand for something.

Richard Pierce, a veteran, could not stand their presence and decided to throw hot coffee at the idiots. “I acted very foolish and childish, and if I had to do it over again, I would do it again in a minute.” So, would a million other people. Where did these “Christians” come from and what is their goal is the real question?

Turkish Paranoia Continue

Turkish President Recep Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party arrived on the scene a dozen years ago and instituted several important changes in society. The Army was finally prevented from interfering in the political process and the economy began to take off. But, somehow, along the way, Erdogan increasingly has become a man obsessed with the belief there are powerful forces throughout the world who spend their days and nights seeking to destroy both him and his party. The other day he informed the world about his “enemies.” According to him the American “Armenian lobby, homosexuals, and those who believe in Alevism, all those represent the representatives of sedition. (The Alevi are those who believe in a version of the Muslim religion which preaches tolerance for all).

He is very angry at the Turkish Democratic People’s Party which he claims receives support from “foreign media outlets seeking to make Turkey their colony.” Oh, among those “foreign media sources are The New York Times, the BBC and CNN.

Give it a break, Recep, I do not believe the New York Times has sessions devoted to infiltrating Turkey!


We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty four year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I wonder if there is a stage large enough to hold all those seeking the Republican nomination?

Rick and Rick are now in the race, just guess their last names.

I wonder if Republicans could just give a test on American history to see if anyone of these clowns could pass it.

So, whatever happened to Sarah? How come she is not running? Think of book sales!

I have a hunch that Republicans would be better to wander down to Skid Row and select one of the drunks.

I so long for John McCain, at least he could complete a sentence without insulting someone.

What would happen to this country i f a clown was president?

Rick Is In Race

There is good news for America because former Governor Rick Perry is going to run for the presidency of our great land. “I am running for president because I know that our country’s best days are ahead of us. We need a president who has done the right thing.” Of course, it would help if the next president actually knew who was in his Cabinet, let alone knowing how many people he had to appoint to those positions. This is a man who has governed a state which has the most people without health insurance. This is the man who governed a state in which thousands were denied the right to vote due to his machinations in deciding who could or could not vote.

Oh, and Rick was indicted by a Grand Jury because he threatened to withhold funds from an anti-corruption unit unless its head resigned due to charges of drunk driving. She refused and no funds were allocated. Yup, we need this man who knows how to run a state. Anyway, it is just one more comedian on the stage of Republican comics seeking the nomination for president.