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Every so often one encounters a story about people that makes one wonder why Noah ever started the entire thing again about human evolution. Eric and Charlotte Kaufman decided to take their sailing ship on a voyage around the world. Sounds OK for a couple with nothing else to do. Oh, they have a one year old and a three year old who are nice sweet young girls, but unfortunately lack any ability or strength to be of any use on such a voyage. As I recall, my three young daughters at that age required a few visits to the doctor. Oh, I forgot, Eric and Charlotte are not only qualified sailors but also possess extensive medical skills.

It required the US Navy, planes, sailors jumping into the water to swim to the boat and a few million dollars worth of money to save their young daughter from an illness. Oh, the response of these two schmucks, “We were then and remain confident that when are prepared as any crew will.” Really! Arrogant, stupid, ignorant as any crew will be is more like it!

Putin Threatens And Roars

Vladimir Putin believes that he is sitting on top of the world. His popularity rate is nearly 80%, not a Russian opposition person dares to challenge his authority and people in the world fear that Vladimir will do something stupid. He enjoys possessing the fear of others which to him means that Vladimir calls the shots and he always has the ability to move from calling a shot to actually blasting away. Russian troops are on the border of Ukraine, Russian supporters inside the Ukraine are seizing buildings and urging Russian troops to cross the border and come to their rescue. So, what is his charge against Western foes? Deputy Foreign Minister Anatoly Antonov warned the world that “Russia has taken notice of the plans by certain members of the alliance(NATO) to deploy large military contingents on territories close to our border.”

Of course, this is nonsense, but creating uncertainty, instilling fear is what Vladimir so enjoys. To be feared is his goal, not to be respected or admired. He definitely has achieved that goal. The only remaining question is whether he is foolish enough to send Russian troops across the border into the Ukraine would mark the end of Russia as a prosperous nation. Why? Because, in the end, it is economics, not military that determines the future.

Brandeis Reacts In Fear

Ayaan Hirsi is a critic of the Muslim religion and has fought against Islamic fundamentalists in Africa,the Netherlands and around the world. She is definitely not a person who is loved by those of the Muslim faith. Her experiences in Somalia and in her childhood caused deep feelings of anger against those who insist on a fundamentalist interpretation of the Muslim religion. She deeply resents male domination of women by fundamentalists, she resents genital cutting by these members of the Muslim faith. She has been blunt and makes clear that in her view, the Muslim is a “violent and nihilistic cult.” These are not pretty sounding words to make about a religion,and there is no question she utters generalities. A generality results in the innocent as well as the guilty being branded by words.

For some reason, those in charge of Brandeis were not aware of that Ms. Hirsi was all about. They had invited her to accept an honorary degree but when a letter arrived from the Council on American Islam Relations, bells sounded in the administration office. Just remember, College academic leaders always place money before other objectives. “We cannot overlook certain of her past statements that are inconsistent with Brandeis University’s core values. We regret that we were not aware of these statements.” Huh? She has been talking this way for over a decade. What, in the first place, led you to invite her?

Another Day In Pakistan, A Few More Deaths

One reaches a point in discussing issues within Pakistan or its neighbors when there arrives a moment of wonder as to how did this nation ever reach this state of insanity? The people of Pakistan contain within its midst wonderful, intelligent and caring humans, but somehow the process of creating a nation resulted in so many unresolved issues that just getting through a day in that country without some bomb killing people is a wonder to behold. A fruit and vegetable market in Islamabad was filled with people doing their shopping when suddenly the place was torn apart by bombs exploding and killing. Afzai Khan put it this way: People were dying. People were crying. People were running. People were torn apart.Body parts were everywhere.”

Yesterday, the Pakistani Taliban were able to deny any connection. A “not us” statement emerged from their leaders. It turns out the bombers were from a Baluch separatist group that wanted to make a statement. Exactly, what is the statement remains unknown to me –or anyone else.

My question: will religious leaders emerge and go among their people insisting upon respect for fellow Muslims?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Some must lean elbow on something hard while listening.

Man introduces self, a Gulf War veteran, we chat about the military.

If you take the low road, it always leads you down.

I await the winds of change.

These days we ignore those who fought our wars.

Feel sense of security when cops are in the coffee shop.

I wonder how we would live without money.

Some cannot gaze beyond the end of their nose.

To change behavior requires changing minds.

People discuss their lives, but not the life of America.

America is trapped in infantile paralysis.

Americans are “against,” but have no idea what they are for.

Anger and hatred paralyze a mind.

To believe one must have trust in another.

I no longer see soldiers in my daily life.

Why did my ancestors leave the warmth of Africa?

US Senate Nuts Act Like Nuts

There are times when it is quite clear our Founding Fathers had a different interpretation as to what a Senate could be in reality. They envisioned a group of elderly white men who pondered great questions based on reading and thinking and discussing important issues. Alas, we are in 2014, and those who serve in the US Senate regard the almighty buck as the only almighty thought in their head. Our Senators seek money from right wing Jewish zealots in America who have gobs of money, and whose idea of fairness and diplomacy has nothing to do with the majority of American Jews. So, the US Senate wants legislation that prevents Iran from sending its choice as Ambassador to the United Nations because it is claimed that in 1979 he was involved in the Tehran Embassy crisis!

After World War II, we forgave the Germans even though they had murdered 30 million people. We forgive Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld and George Bush although their actions led to the death of thousands of Americans. But, Hamid Aboutalebi, former Ambassador to the European Union, Belgium and Italy, cannot be forgiven for NOT killing any Americans!

Republican Bizarro World

There is no longer any doubt but that Democrats and their left wing females seek to destroy the right of women to work for 77 cents for the same wok that for which men receive a dollar bill. Lefties want to deny females the right that God has given them to receive less money and thus ensure their husband or sweet heart can make more money and thus be able to afford to provide for her care. Rep. Lynn Jenkins from the state of Kansas wants she “strongly supports equal pay for women” and since women right now have achieved this goal, Ms. Jenkins wants Democrats to know that women do NOT need the government to decide they have the right to equal pay for equal work. If they have it, why must another law be passed to enable them to get what they have\?

Good question. Latest figures indicate women receive less money than men for the same work. As Senator Mitch McConnell points out, the idea that women receive less is simply another of those lefty “Bizarre obsessions.” He wants to know why Democrats oppose job creation. For example:

1. If all taxation was removed for those earning a million or more dollars, these wealthy folk would purchase more yachts and thus provide work for the unemployed.

2. Few dollars going to Uncle Sam in taxes for the wealthy means more dollars going for nanny jobs,for those in the diamond industry and I could go on and on.

What Teachers Should Do?

My initial job was a teacher of 8th grade in an all boys junior high school in Harlem where I was placed in charge of a class of boys who other teachers would not allow in their classrooms. My main issue was to ensure the boys remained in the classroom, learned, and were prevented to do harm to others because if they did, it would result in them winding up in a reform school. On several occasions, I had to pin a boy to the floor in order to prevent him from leaving the room. The boys knew that I cared and using physical violence to PREVENT violence was in their best interests. The boys always supported my actions because they knew if their fellow student left the room it would result in going to jail. I hail the effort of Mark Black who used physical RESTRAINT to prevent Blair Moore from leaving his classroom. Moore was charged with attacking a school official, having drugs and in possession of a box cutter.

The initial reaction of Superintendent Lyon was to suspend Mr. Black, but after a wonderful campaign by students which attracted 17,000 supporters the suspension was voided. Ms. Sandra Lyon admitted her action “caused great harm.” It is the responsibility of teachers to use physical force to PREVENT HARM TO THEIR STUDENTS.

No Emotion In Torture

Michael Hayden if a former director of the National Security Agency and a former head of the Central Intelligence Agency so, when it comes to issues of torture, this is one cool dude who knows how to control his emotion while watching someone water boarded and subjected to “advanced interrogation techniques.” General Hayden is now very upset because Senator Dianne Feinstein who used to agree with his assurances that his organizations never engaged in torture suddenly changed her tune and became angry learning that his assurances were simply a pack of lies. Hayden complained the actions of the Senate Intelligence Committee to blast the CIA for use of torture was the result of the “emotional” outburst by Senator Feinstein. I assume he means, how can we he-men operate for the safety of America when there are these soft females who do not grasp that torture in the defense of ending torture is the American way of waging war against terrorists

Senator Ron Wyden spoke for most American congressmen in his defense of Senator Feinstein. “General Hayden unfortunately has a long history of misleading the American public– he did it on domestic surveillance when he was head of the National Security Agency and he did it on torture when he was the CIA director.” In simple English, General Hayden and his torturing staff are, not only liars, but incompetent in the struggle to end terrorism in the world.

Shoot, Shoot, Shoot, Shoot, Shoot

The militarization of our nation’s police has resulted in some unusual and not so pleasant realities. Billions of dollars have been allocated to police forces based on the belief they must be armed and ready to go into action against terrorists with the most lethal possible weapons at their command. After all, the infamous Weapons of Mass Destruction from Iraq which never could fly more than several hundred miles were ready to be blown thousands due to evil winds under the control of al-Qaeda or other terrorist groups. So, it is not shocking, nor surprising when Miriam Carey and her one year old son were in a car she drove into a White House barrier resulted in dozens of police rushing to the scene of action prepared for action.

She drove the car into a barrier. She was suffering from severe depression. She attempted to drive her car away and was halted. When the Shoot-Out-At-The-White-House cafe ended, she had five bullet holes in HER BACK! I think Marshal Earp could have handled the situation with a single bullet.