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Wither Egypt?

The media discusses problems in Iraq or Syria or the ever present Iran, but few are interested in Egypt. Since the dawn of the Arab Spring there has been great hope that Egypt could step up to the plate and become a leader of secular Muslims who will reduce the power of Islamic terrorism. General Sisi replaced General Mubarak who had for the moment been replaced by Mr. Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, and of course Mubarak had replaced General Sadat who had replaced General Nasser. Lost in this endless shuffle of strong men has been the arrival of a single non-strong man who could focus upon developing an economy and providing jobs for the population.

General Sisi has handled the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood by arresting thousands and placing thousands on trial in order to get the court to rule they should all be executed, including the inept former President Morsi. The end result has been growing development of terrorism which can draw upon the presence of millions of unemployed men who just want to do something today. Yesterday, the newly arrived ISIS folks shot a missile that blew up a navy vessel. Neither ISIS nor the Muslim Brotherhood will be defeated by guns. How about trying some jobs?

Reactions To Iran Surrender

I decided to check with the only loyal people left in this nation after Obama and Kerry sold us out to Iran.

Donald Trump: Elect me president and I will personally lead the invasion of Iran.

Rick Perry: I need a few moments to check exactly what is the location of Iran.

Jeb Bush: My brother had it right, Iran is part of the Axis of Evil–Iraq, North Korea and Iran.

Chris Christie: If I can take out a bridge, just let me take out Iran!

Scott Walker: I stood up to teacher and firemen and police unions, just wait until I stand up against those Iran Muslims!

Rand Paul: Let me check with dad as to what I should be for.

Bibi Netanyahu: Elect me President of the US and just watch those bombers bomb!

George Pataki: Are you really asking me questions about world events?

Ben Carson: I stand for free enterprise and hard work. That solves all problems.

Plot To Take Over Texas!

During the past month thousands of Texans have gathered arms and ammunition in order to stand ready to protect their state against a Federal government take over of the loyal, God-fearing and Gun-loving folk of Texas. An Army military exercise, Jade Helm 15 has aroused the suspicions of the Texas government. The Governor and thousands of Texans know this is no “military exercise.” It is simply a cover for another Obama plot to destroy all we hold dear in our beloved land. Examine the facts and judge for yourself.

1. Walmart stores closed as part of the plan to store weapons for the US Army.

2. The Army was placing barbed wire to hold those arrested when Obamatakeover occurred.

3. Why was this exercise being conducted in a Red State? How come,not in a Blue state?

4. Many are wondering if this exercise was coordinated by ISIS. At this moment, ISIS forces are on the attack. Coincidence??

5. Is there a connection between the decision of former Governor Rick Perry to seek the Republican nomination and this so-callled military exercise? Was the special prison being built designed to hold Rick Perry?

If America elects a Muslim from Africa, is there any wonder that loyal Americans are frightened of the government??

Guns Blast Away And So Does Death

It is Friday morning in America and our people are upset and angry and furious at Muslim “terrorists.” A young Muslim man who had gone to college and received professional training drove to recruiting stations near Chattanooga,Tennessee, and began to blast away at members of the armed forces. When the shooting finally halted, four US Marines were dead as well as the gunman, 24 year old Muhammad YOUssef Abdulazeez. There was no prior evidence that would lead anyone to conclude this young man had become a firm believer in murder of infidels and non-Muslims. At this point in time, he remains a mystery.

But,there is no mystery to the fact that he, as well as anyone, was able to obtain rapid firing weapons since the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution gave him the right to stand up for principles and kill those he deemed evil. Ironically, this event came just as a jury in Denver found the man who murdered people in a movie theater- guilty. The simple fact is that as long as getting a gun is as complex as buying a coffee, there will be murders and mass killings. There are countless crazy people and they must be prevented from getting rapid firing weapons.

Lindsay Graham Is Confused

Lindsay Graham is a close friend of John McCain and a leader in the US Senate for being tough. By, “tough,” he means never giving into any bad people unless the bad people are bad people that we term to be good people. In 2013, Secretary of State John Kerry reached an interim agreement with the Iranian government concerning nuclear development. Naturally, since the agreement had been with bad people, Lindsay and John rushed to condemn Kerry for selling out to evil.

Yesterday, Lindsay offered a rather bizarre explanation as to why he opposes the current agreement with Iran. He now believes the 2013 agreement, is one that “worked better than I,myself, thought so hats off to John Kerry.” In other words,the 2015 agreement that John Kerry helped to negotiate is bad so let us return to square one when Kerry was the good guy. I leave to others an explanation as to how Senator Lindsay Graham thinks.

Iran Deal Or No Deal

One of America’s leading authorities on foreign policy has weighed in on the recent deal with Iran,and given his past ability to grasp the subtle aspects of conducting negotiations with other nations, it is time for President Obama to reflect on what he claims to have accomplished. Former Governor Rick Perry’s comments should make Obama pause and reflect for a moment. The man who sort of got confused as to which departments are in the Cabinet is dead sure that Obama made a terrible mistake. “What I saw out of the President today, and this is of great consternation to me, I saw a very naive man who does not know how the world works, who cannot put the dots together.”

President Obama was working with five other important nations who, I assume, have some grasp as to how the world works. Frankly, I doubt if Perry could even locate Iran on the map. His comment is that of just about every man or woman seeking the Republican nomination. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one of them could actually offer an ALTERNATIVE PLAN! Oops, I forgot, Donald Trump wants to lead soldiers into battle.

Bibi Says NO, NO, NO!

It is quite apparent that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the chief foreign policy advisor for Republicans. After all, he “speaks for Israel.” Of course, he has never captured more than 30% of the Israel vote. He made clear the agreement with Iran was a “disaster” that would change the world and lead to permanent war. An assumption of the current Israel government is that a permanent state of war is the best path to peace. UK Foreign Minister Philip Hammond expressed the frustration of many: “The question you ask yourself is what kind of a deal would have been welcomed in Tel Aviv. The answer of course is that Israel does not want any deal with Iran.”

The basic question to pose Netanyahu is what exactly is his alternative. Ordinarily, he cries out for war against Iran. So,what would occur if US planes bombed nuclear sites in Iran?

1.Hezbollah would send its 30,000 missiles towards Israel.

2. Assume that 95% are shot down. That leaves about 5,000 missiles hitting Israel.


Pluto Gets A Visitor

I am 85 years old this year so there is only a slim possibility that I will be around when in 2030 a new giant telescope that is five times the size of the Hubble telescope is swung into action. However, I was alive today to see pictures from Pluto. Gee, Pluto has mountains, gee, Pluto has a smooth surface. Sorry,there is absolutely no sign of any form of life on this planet. Pluto is at the end of our galaxy and soon will be heading past our minor point in the universe on its way toward the stars.

I believe we Americans made a horrible mistake in giving up further exploration of the Moon. After the fifteen or sixteen or God knows how many Republican candidates leave the stage, the real human drama will continue as we take the first hesitant steps on the voyage that must be taken-venturing into the unknown. I hate to inform Republicans but if there really is a God, that entity is somewhere in the stars.

Heck,all this science stuff gives Republicans a headache.

Bill Cosby, Hero Or Villain?

I encountered Bill Cosby while in my thirties and never regarded him as a classic comic. He had his “bit,” and it was popular for many years. Then he went into television and portrayed the humorous, but loving father who was always ready to utter some wise words of advice. Unfortunately, Bill Cosby never got around to listening to the advice he handed out to his television children. There now is no question that Bill was a predator who abused women. He used his popularity, his fame as the wise decent man on the Cosby show to entice women into his bed, along with a few drugs.

President Obama at his press conference sort of summed up the Cosby epic. “If you give a woman, or a man for that matter, without his or her knowledge– a drug and then have sex with that person without consent, that’s rape.” Period!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Israel, Jerusalem Post: “Driver Took Bomber To Bomb”

This is one explosive story!

Australia, Canberra Times: “Same Sex Myths”

Back before front?

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Great Expectations”

We will have a single week without a new Republican presidential candidate?

France,Connexion: “Keep Cool”

These days in Chicago, we would so enjoy saying the word, “HOT.”

Norway, Norway Post: “Probe Liquor Breaches”