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Americans like those on Fox News continue describing ISIS as composed of warriors who are going to sweep across the Middle East and enjoy increasing popularity. Those who lead ISIS must be among the most incompetent terrorists on this planet. Their one and constant tactic is to murder people in the most grotesque ways. Most probably they believe fear will result in Muslims rallying to their side. Well, look at the record:

1. They burned to death a Jordanian pilot whose family is part of the most important tribe in that land. Prior to the burning, Jordanians were divided about the government policy of fighting ISIS. Today, at least 95% of Jordanians want to destroy ISIS.

2. Egypt has been on the sidelines in the campaign against ISIS. NO Egyptian planes were bombing that group. So, what does ISIS do? They decide to behead twenty Egyptians who were working in Libya. Now Egyptian planes are bombing. Egyptian dictator General Sisi made clear the new policy of his nation. “We have to work together to defeat terrorism.”

ISIS may win a few battles and kill some people. However, it has lost support in the Middle East!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “I Thought I Would Die”

Sarah Palin spoke a coherent sentence!

Sweden, Local: “Gender Neutral Toilets”

In the end, shit is shit.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “NO Fare Says Uber Taxi”

I guess fair is fair.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Perfect Pancakes”

At least something is perfect in Russia.

Norway, Norway Post: “Winter Holiday Begins”

From now until 2016, the clowns run our Congress.

Republican Protects America, Once Again

About thirty years ago, Ronald Reagan, the guardian saint of conservative Republicans issued executive orders that allowed illegal immigrants from Mexico to remain in the United States of America. I do not recall any Republican protest about the Reagan policy of protecting illegals in our fair land. Throughout the history of the United States of America, our President is the one who sets foreign policy and handles issues of illegal immigrants. But, there is a Republican Federal judge in the great state of Texas who desires to protect the American people. Federal District Judge Andrew Hanen has issued an injection that supports the right of states to challenge policies of President Obama and Homeland Security to halt deportation of illegal immigrants. You can make one guess whether these are Muslim terrorists or just old fashioned Mexican ones who take jobs away from hard working decent Americans.

Judge Hanen says that Homeland Security does not have “discretion by law to give 4.54 million aliens a legal position” in this land of freedom. Anyway, President Obama will seek support from a different Federal Judge to support his actions. Word of advice, do not consult any Federal Judge who resides in the state of Texas. There is something in the air of that place!

So, What Is New In Ukraine?

A British investigating group has just released its study of the massive artillery attack that hit Ukrainian forces last summer. According to the Bellingrat investigation, it is certain, without a doubt, that most of the artillery shells came from INSIDE RUSSIA and were fired by RUSSIAN TROOPS. So, is this really new news? The investigation was based upon satellite imagery, the contours of shell contours and other methods of ascertaining who shot what. We can expect the following within the hour:

1. Vladimir Putin will inform the Russian people this is simply another Western attack upon Mother Russia.

2. Vladimir Putin will inform the Russian people that he will do anything to defend the Motherland from hostile forces.

3. Vladimir Purin will remind Russian people that during World War II, thousands of Ukrainians served with the German invaders.

4. Vladimir Putin will deny that Russia has any artillery forces.

In the end Ukrainians will die. But, Putin will live on as the greater savior of Russia.

Italian Army Into Battle?

Each day it becomes increasingly clear that Libya is becoming a center of chaos and destruction. Frankly, I doubt if there is a single political scientist who could even name the various groups now fighting for power, let alone being able to inform the world as to their goals for the land. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is proposing to send Italian troops to this land which lies as close to Italy as Cuba does to the United States of America. The dispatch of Italian troops to North Africa would be an interesting proposal. The last time Italian soldiers fought in northern Africa the results were not to the best. For example, when the Italian army invaded Egypt in 1941 it had 250,000 men who were opposed by about 50,000 British soldiers. For some reason, the British surrounded this invasion force and destroyed most of it.

I am not claiming the modern Italian army could not hold its own against Muslim terrorists. The initial problem is sorting out which Muslim terrorist is better of worse than the other Muslim terrorists. This is among the modern mysteries of life. Good Luck.

Cold Place For Hot Air

I do devote extensive time to the issue of how I can assist members of the Republican party to succeed in life. After all, if we continue allowing Republicans to devote their energies for the betterment of the United States–at least the Republican version of that goal– what lies ahead for poor Americans. Anyway, the United Kingdom has announced there are jobs available in Antarctic in the post office.

1. This would be perfect for Ted Cruz, he could speak every day without being interrupted. No one would halt his goals by voting against him. I assume Penguins are not Muslim terrorists.

2. Marco Rubio could finally be able to support the arrival of immigrant Penguins without losing votes.

3. Rudy Giuliani would become a one man hot air source that would finally melt the ice.

4. John Boehner would stand up against any coalition of Penguin Democrats.

5. Anyway, Jeb Bush could become the third Bush president.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Ranst And Raves”

That is no way to describe another day in the John Boehner Congress.

Norway,Norway Post: “Police OK To Carry Guns”

This is not a story about America, here they are OK to carry machine guns.

Sweden, Local: “Seven Swedish Nuts”

Big deal, we have hundreds of nuts just in our Congress.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “I Was A Guinea Pig”

I will give you five oinks!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Noses Can Backfire”


Jews – Come Home To Israel!

The people of Denmark live in the hearts and souls of those who are Jewish. Denmark was the country that made certain every Jew was able to escape from the horror of Nazism. From the King of Denmark down to the ordinary Dane there was a plan to smuggle Jews out of the country to the safety of Sweden. A few days ago A Jew was murdered by an Islamist terrorist. So, what is the response to this tragedy by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu-“we say to the Jews, to our brothers and sisters, Israel is your home.” He wants Danish Jews to leave Denmark and come to a land in which violence against Muslims and Jews is the norm. These comments by Netanyahu are insulting to the people of Denmark who risked their lives to save Jews!

Danish Ambassador to Israel, Jesper Vahr spoke the truth: “Our prime minister said an attack on the Jewish community is an attack on all Danish citizens.” As a Jew, I am shocked that Bibi Netanyahu would insult people who SAVED JEWS when no one else would!!

Saudi Government Concerned About Death

There is a feeling of comfort for we Americans knowing that the great nation of Saudi Arabia stands with us as allies in the fight to end terrorism in the world. The Saudi Press Agency is furious at the terrible murder of three Muslims in North Carolina. The Saudi government called for an end to incitement of violence against Muslims in the United States of America. Saudis are angry at the “racism and Islmamaphobia that is so prevalent in the United States of America. If there is one thing the Saudi government can not tolerate is “cowardly terrorist behavior” against the innocent. I must confess at feeling comforted that one of our allies does not like cowardly acts of terrorism.

Of course, I am a bit confused. During the past year at least two dozen people in the peaceful land of Saudi Arabia have been beheaded. Prominent critics who seek democratic rights for women or the people of Saudi Arabia wind up getting a few hundred lashes on their backs. I assume lashing people is simply an example of NOT behaving in a cowardly manner. Oh well, I am so happy we have the “good guys” on our side in the war against terrorism.

Another Death In Iraq

The war in Iraq continues and people are dying. NO, there is not another beheading by ISIS, no, terrorists are not killing the innocent. No, American planes are not bombing terrorists. It is simply a continuation of a war that has gone on for over a decade. A Sunni elder, Sheikh Qasim al Janabi was driving in a convoy with members of his tribe when they were halted at a checkpoint in Baghdad. One would assume that being halted within the city limits of the capital of this fair land would not pose a danger to life or limb. This sheik was an important leader of Sunnis and has been working to reduce tensions and gather support of the war against ISIS. So, what led to his death and those of members of his family?

His convoy was halted by members of Shiite militia whose concept of fighting ISIS is to murder Sunnis who seek to murder members of ISIS. A voice of moderation is dead. We can expect some form of retaliation for these murders. Prime Minister Haider al Abadi IS trying to end the madness of killing and killing of Sunnis by Shiites. NO, Iraq does not need more American planes. But, it does need common sense and respect for one another if the fight against ISIS is to become a victory.