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We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I offer no apologies for my intense sense of patriotism.

Signal from far off planet, if I was them, never contact this  planet filled with violence and hatred.

Then again,maybe they know who we are and are simply warning  us off.

It is Wednesday, time for another Trump immigration plan.

Has anyone ever told Donald,one can build UNDER a Wall?

To get elected, Marco Rubio would suck Trump’s rear end.

In my youth women were told to cover up, these days in France told to take it off!

I never could figure out why Donald did not take Palin as running  mate, it would have been a marriage of egos.

Every group killing people has God on Their side. God bless them.

All too many Americans these days honor hatred.

I’m 86 today, and you are not!

Syria These Days

OK, it is now over four years since the conflict in Syria began. Quick quiz: how did the conflict begin? Who were the initial actors in the conflict? Who is now fighting in Syria? What exactly is the American policy–today, that is– concerning the situation in Syria? What is the Trump policy in Syria — of course, he first must be able to identify exactly where is the nation of Syria. Donald, it is NOT on the border of Mexico.

In all honesty, I doubt if the most informed Syrian expert could answer the above questions. But, to provide some knowledge, here goes:

1.  The US supports Kurdish forces  fighting in Syria.

2. Our ally, Turkey, hates these Kurdish forces and wants to wipe them  out.

3. Russia, Iran, part of Lebanon are supporting the regime of President Assad.

4. There is something called the Free Syrian Army which hates Assad.

5. There are al-Qaeda groups which are fighting for something.

6. There are ISIS forces which want to create a Caliphate.

7. There are millions of refugees, who just want some peace and quiet.

What About Israel?

For some reason the nation of Israel is no longer in the news. The Netanyahu government continues to destroy the rights of Palestinians, their lands are being taken over by Orthodox Jews who simply are carrying out  the words of God. Tamir Pardo, former head of the Israel spy agency, Mossad, urged his fellow Jews to reflect on their current policy of becoming a apartheid state.

“There is no existential threat to Israel, the only real existential threat is the internal division. Internal division can lead to civil war. We are already on the path toward that. Without a diplomatic solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict,  we will never be able to achieve normalization with our  neighbors.”

The problem is that most Israel Jews do not wish to behave as Jews who respect the right of people to govern themselves.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


It’s Tuesday, another Trump immigration plan!

How about sending blacks back to Africa and creating  high paying jobs for white people?

Colin Kaepernick made his “statement”and prejudice ended in America.

There are statements, and there is action.

I do miss Rand Paul’s biting remarks, whatever happened to him?

God should allow us to turn in old bodies for a new one.

I so miss at age 85 running against the wind.

Donald Trump runs for the presidency, and the KKK is back in the news.

Do you ever get the feeling, God has taken a vacation from this planet?

Why Blacks Love Donald?

I understand that some black Americans for some reason do not want to vote for Donald Trump, but when any sensible person with a black skin examines the issues, it is clear the red headed guy is the only one they can vote for the presidency.

1. Donald repeatedly, and I mean, repeatedly, has expressed his love for all those with black skins.

2. Donald will serve as a bridge between black folks and the Ku Klux Klan. He will guarantee the end of lynching!

3. Donald will end crime and violence in ALL black communities, and that will occur within two months after he becomes president!

4. Many, and I mean, Many, black pastors just love him.

5. Donald has promised NOT to send black folks back to Africa!

6. Once president, millions of high paying jobs at $7.25 an hour will be there for black Americans!

7. Donald will marry a black woman!

8. Donald can out dance Hillary any day or night of the year.

9. No more Hispanics in America, more jobs for Black Americans!

10. Guns for all means each and every black person can have a gun to shoot down criminals!


Shoot To Kill In Philippines

The new  president of the Philippines, one Rodrigo Duterte is  combination of Rudy Giuliani, Don Rumsfeld and Donald Trump all rolled into one. He is bombastic, he wants to kill people, and he has absolutely no respect for law and order  even while boasting that he is restoring law and order. Since he assumed the presidency, over 1,900 people have been killed. About 700 were killed by actions of the police or soldiers, but the other 1200 have been murdered by vigilante mobs.

But, the president is just warming up. “Double your effort, triple your effort. We will not stop until the last drug lord, the last financier”has been put to death. Can’t you just hear President Donald Trump uttering these words? One person decides who is right or who is wrong, and one person is prosecutor, judge, jury,and the judge imposing a sentence. Welcome to Trump America!

Girls: Lower The Skirts!

I do not know if any women planning to visit India in the coming months are reading these words, but the Minister of Tourism has a message for you. Mr. Mahesh Sharma has a  few suggestions for all  you foreign women who seek to spend a few weeks, and dollars, in his fair nation. “They should not venture out alone at night in small places, wear skirts,and they should click the photo of the cab, and send it to friends.” I assume in  case you got raped or killed.

He also emphasizes to foreign ladies, do not “wear short skirts of short dresses.” However, he does want every foreign woman to have a great time in India. Perhaps, they should wear a burqa and then get Americans angry at them, not  to speak  of the French.

Colin Kaepernick, a football player refused to stand for the national anthem, and has become the latest great issue confronting America. No one gives a damn when Donald Trump makes certain that he will not fight in Vietnam, no one demands that Donald Trump apologize for insulting thousands of American soldiers who were captured in combat. But, Trump supporters who excused Trump’s insult of John McCain, have suddenly become patriots.

Fox News commentator Brian Kilmeade, really put it to Colin. He demanded that Colin be grateful because two WHITE parents raised him. “And, let’s be honest, he was adopted by two white parents.” Lost in this nutty comment is any issue being discussed.

Colin Kaepernick wants to make a “statement” It has something to do with oppression of black people, and “people of color.” I wonder if that includes people of white color? So, how does his “statement” alter the world? He still has his money, he still is playing football, and…….. As Shakespeare noted: “much ado about nothing.”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I sure do hope that Ben Carson is still alive and selling his books.

Oh well, just a matter of time before another sex scandal dealing with Bill Clinton.

After departing the presidency, Jimmy Carter built homes for poor people, the Clintons built homes for themselves.

Gee, it would be wonderful if Trump actually laid out a single of his plans to make America Great Again.

Donald Trump is living proof of that old adage–  a sucker is born every minute in America.

In modern America it is easy to convince Americans to vote for them, just mention–emails and Foundations.

In most presidential elections, candidates argued how they would do something, today, they argue they would not be a bigot or use emails.

It is Monday, and time for another immigration plan from Trump.

Trump To Offer Immigration Plan

It is now August 29, and Donald Trump is once again going to offer an immigration plan. He has a few small problems. Donald has been spouting immigration plans for over a year to joyous acclaim from his followers. He has promised to wipe out the hordes of rapists, the millions of lazy illegal immigrants whose only goal in life is depriving God fearing native born whites from opportunities to work picking fruit and being nannies.

So, what can we expect? Most probably, something like this:

1. I am going to build a Wall. A Great Wall to keep out illegals.

2. There will be some doors in this Great Wall.

3. All I want is for ELEVEN MILLION illegal immigrants to walk through those doors and return to Mexico.

4. After they reach Mexico, the eleven million can apply to return to America as legal immigrants.

5. Naturally, we  don’t want any rapists and drug dealers in our nation.

6. So, if you are not a rapist, if you are not  drug dealer, if you are a nice person, we will be happy to inform you that we do not accept anymore immigrants.

I trust this clears up my immigration policy.