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Coup Madness In Venezuela

At this moment in the United States of America the population is focusing upon basketball madness, but in the nation of Venezuela its government has devoted countless hours raising the specter of a coup by members of opposition groups seeking to overthrow its government. President Nicolas Maduro who barely won the presidency after the death of Hugo Chavez has since day one of his securing the position warned about coups, threatened those who dared to oppose him about being members of coup groups, and warned students in the streets who were protesting they were part of a coup to drive him from power. Yesterday, President Maduro uncovered or did not uncovered a plot against his regime.”Last night we captured three generals who tried to raise the air force against the legitimate constitutional government.” He further charged that these plotters had “links with sectors of the population.”

There is no doubt the link with “sectors of the population” refers to political opponents or student leaders of demonstrations. Frankly, we do not know if these generals plotted anything, but we do know that Maduro is frightened and confused. He has no idea how to lead a nation other than beating up opponents or throwing them in jail.

Cry For Israel

This blog is firmly convinced that the state of Israel has an important role to play in the Middle East. It currently has an opportunity to support creation of an independent Arab nation in Palestine which could work with Israel in demonstrating that Arabs and Jews can cooperate. However, there are elements in Israel whose idea of “cooperation” entails that Palestinians accept what they are given and cease complaining to the world. A new report by Amnesty International blasts the Israel government for allowing violence in the West Bank, not by Jewish civilians, but by the Israel armed forces. Philip Luther of AI makes clear ‘the report presents a body of evidence that shows a harrowing pattern of unlawful killings” that have led to the death of innocent civilians. It specifically cites the performance of Israel armed force as an instigator of such murders of the innocent.

Naturally, the Israel government cries, “anti-Semitism.” Each time any respected organization provides evidence of lack of respect for law, the instant response is “anti-Semitism.” Let me make clear that anti-Semitism IS an important factor among Arab nations. They have repeatedly allowed their anti-Jewish views to interfere with possibilities of compromise and resolution of problems. But, the death of 67 Palestinian children is a FACT. It is the responsibility of the Israel government when provided such evidence to convey a fact finding committee and either present evidence that proves no such killings occurred or to accept responsibility and make certain such activities no longer will occur.

For a Jews, that is the ONLY course of action!

Liberation Not Liberated

Ah, how I remember my student days in Paris back in the fifties when one could approach a newsstand and select from among over a dozen newspapers representing every political viewpoint under the sun. Unlike the world of the Internet, these papers were staffed by people who had studied and actually read books and magazines prior to writing about the issues of the day. Liberation was founded by the great French writer, Jean Paul Sartre asa left wing voice in France. Today, like most newspapers, it struggles for its existence with “ONLY” 100,000 readers. Just think, each day a few hundred thousand read articles from those with leftist perspectives. But, owners of the newspaper announced a plan that would cease publication of Liberation and utilize its facilities for other purposes. It would become a “social network” area in which there would be a restaurant, a TV studio, and facilities to encourage start up ventures. I assume reporters would become waiters wandering around talking left wing ideas with patrons.

Eduoard de Rothschild, from a family with a few bucks and part owner of Liberation made clear to the staff if they refuse the new idea, “what’s at stake is its death.” The staff responded with a statement: “we are a newspaper, not a restaurant, not a social network, not a cultural space, not a TV studio, not a bar, and not a start up incubator.”

Death of another newspaper.

Cry For Venezuela

Historically, the country of Venezuela was dominated by a higher class who regarded it was natural for those with wealth and the right social connections to run the nation and ignore those in poverty. This led to the arrival of Hugo Chavez over a decade ago. Hugo pushed forth his “Socialist” program of providing the poor greater access to government jobs and financial support. In the process of redistributing wealth, it led to a government in which the new elite consisted of those with power in the party and members of the military who were bribed with money and goodies to retain power for supporters of Chavez.

Chavez died a couple of years ago and was replaced by Nicolas Maduro, a poor speaker as well as an incompetent leader. The country has been plagued by rising inflation and a shortage of goods with all ills blamed on the Collusus of the north, America. Maduro just barely got elected and he has put the squeeze of those who oppose his brand of dictatorship. Thousands flocked to the streets in protest at the collapse of the economy and he has blamed this outburst of reality as a plot by opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez working with the CIA.

Sorry Nicolas, our CIA could not organize a rebellion of Boy Scouts. This is simply President Maduro using his power to buy off the people and end democracy. Lopez surrendered to the police. “I have nothing to hide. I present myself to an unjust judiciary. May my jailing serve to wake up a people.”

Sorry, this is one time those from the upper class have more class than those from the lower class.

Brave Scotland??

Many recall the Mel Gibson film, “Braveheart” in which courageous men of Scotland fought against the evil men of England. Today, there is a political party in Scotland which seeks to leave beloved England and become an independent nation. Jose Manuel Barros, President of the European Commission offered some words of advice to those seeking to leave one country and become a new country. “In case there is a new country coming out of a current member state, it will have to apply–this is very important–the application and accession to the European Union would have to be approved by ALL member states.”

Just remember that many European Union nations have groups within their boundaries that would like to leave. As Barros emphasized to the Scots, “It will be extremely difficult to get approval of all other member states to have a new member come from an member state.”

No membership in European Union would be a disaster for an independent Scotland. Stay with the Brits.

Cry For Venezuela

Let me make clear from the beginning that I support efforts in Venezuela to aid those living in poverty and those who are tired of men of wealth dominating the nation. Yes, Hugo Chavez did some important changes in the political structure of a society in which the wealthy dominated and most lived in poverty. But, with any change eventually becomes the reality that a new oligarchy will emerge, and that is the reality of modern day Venezuela. Those who portray themselves as “for the people” or “Socialists seeking freedom” have simply become a new regime whose only goal is POWER FOR THEMSELVES and give a few goodies to the poor to keep them happy. Venezuela is wracked by inflation, a shortage of goods and widespread crime which threatens the lives of both rich and poor. Oppositon to the regime of President Nicolas Maduro took to the streets in protest(Nick, remember the old days when you were in the streets protesting an oppressive government?). Naturally, the president sent in the police to break up protests led by “fascists.”

Rupert Colville, UN Commissionar of Human Rights sent a strong protest to President Maduro about his brutality against those who protested. “We are deeply concerned about the escalation of violence,and, in particular, the deaths of at least three people.” He wants those who committed these crimes to bye prosecuted. Sorry, Mr. Colville, the government is responsible for the deaths and how does a government prosecute itself??

Bigotry Wins In England

Once upon a time, the people of England lived among those whose ancestors came from places like Germany or France or such other lands. Of course, these migrants arrived in the noble island of England hundreds or thousands of years ago and thus since they came early were entitled to be termed the real inhabitants of the blessed island. Since the United Kingdom entered the European Union, it h as become necessary to allow people from your organization to migrate to the UK and take up residency. There are also those who come from members of the British Commonwealth of nations which includes folk whose skin is sort of darker than those descended from German folk and European barbarians. They is white folk, 100% of so pure. Of course, recent evidence reveals that most from Europe contain about 1% to 3% of Neanderthal DNA. I am confused as to whether this means someone with this in their body is white or whatever.

In recent years in England, the United Kingdom Independence Party)UKip) has burst on the scene of political action. They want an end to immigrants, at least those whose ancestors did not arrive hundreds or thousands of years ago. The UKip does not like the government of Conservative David Cameron since it supports continued membership in the European Union. Another by election was held, the Labor party won the seat. But, the UKip came in second beating the Conservative party and the Liberal party. I assume it received votes from those whose ancestors go way, way back.

Poverty Myths In America

During the Great Depression which began with the stock market crash in 1929, the unemployment rate was somewhat different than what modern Americans associate with poverty. Of course, there was no unemployment money coming in, Social Security only began in 1936, there was no government medical care programs like Medicare so people made do. Until, that magic moment, three months after President Franklin Roosevelt was inaugurated in March. Thus began the famous 100 days when government program after government program was unleashed and by the summer about FOUR MILLION WERE WORKING AT GOVERNMENT SPONSORED JOBS.

In other words, about 25% of those reading these words had relatives who only survived the Depression because there were government sponsored work programs. In other words, about 25% of those who read these words are descendants of POOR PEOPLE. So, let’s explore the meaning of being poor:

1. Poor people work their butts off because they are hungry and have to feed self or family.

2. Poor people do NOT receive government handouts like making their lunch tax deductible or the hundreds of tax write offs the wealthy possess.

3. Work helps an individual define the Self. It makes no different if wealthy or poor, we all need work in order to have a healthy self concept.

4. Yes, the boss created the company, but its success depends on those who work in the establishment.

5. OK, so five percent of those who are poor seek handouts. Exactly, what percent of businessmen seek government handouts?

6. Believe it or not, those who work at $7.45 an hour at McDonald’s take pride in their work.

7. To be poor means going to bed wondering if there is food in the morning for the children. That adds stress and anxiety to the individual. Hardly the way to keep physically or mentally healthy.

8. Poverty sucks as anyone who has been poor understands. It is NOT a goal, it is a consequence for living in America where those without money lack political power which leads to lack of economic power.

It is time to cease making those who are poor come across as lazy. After all, is that the way you want your grandparents depicted??

God Speaks Against Gays!!

It was simply a matter of time before we humans on this planet finally grasped the earthly design that God in His infinite wisdom bestowed upon this planet. It was eleven thousand years ago that our Lord appeared in the sky and set upon the planet two creatures, Adam and Eve(for some reason in the original days He did not think they needed a second name) and asked them to procreate. Now, if He truly believed that those of the same sex could procreate He would have bestowed upon the male a capacity to have children, but He did not. Thus, logic makes clear to all inhabitants upon this planet the Original plan of God Almighty. It is bewildering why so many go around arguing that people of the same sex were part of the Original Design. We can then be grateful that in the land of England reside some folk who truly grasp what He wanted from day one on this planet.

David Silvester of the UK Independent party(UJINP) attempted to ward off disaster by pleading with Prime Minister David Cameron. “I wrote to David Cameron in April, 2012 to warn him that disaster would accompany passage of his same sex marriage bill.” But, the prime minister simply could not understand that passing same sex marriage bills would result in floods and hurricanes which were simply “divine retribution for the government’s decision to legalize gay marriage.”

I trust we are now clear that HE does not want gay marriage!!

A Program For Twenty First Century America!

This blog will focus this year upon describing how the United States of America must dramatically change its institutions in order to create an effective government for the twenty first century. We begin by discussing the need for governmental changes in our Constitution.

PRESIDENT: It is time to switch from an electoral system which might have been necessary during early years of the American Republic. It is time to end the Electoral College and shift to the winner of a presidential election being the candidate who won the most votes.


Congressional Districts. It is time to end gerrymandering of congressional districts which currently ensure that either a Democrat or a Republican will always win the specific district seat. Two choices are available- a National Commission for Congressional District that is appointed by the Supreme Court or:
In each state the American Bar Association appoints a bipartisan commission to carve out congressional districts.

US Senate:
The top three states with the largest populations would be allocated three additional US Senators
The following seven would be allocated anywhere from one to two additional US Senate seats.
The House of Representatives would be doubled in size-based on population.

US Supreme Court

After twenty five years of service on the Court or reaching the age of 85, a justice must then retire.
The recommendation for service on the US Supreme Court or any Court shall be by a majority vote in the US Senate.
No sitting president can nominate more than four justices during their service as president. A vacancy would be held over to the following president.

Attorney General: The office of Attorney General shall not be held by anyone who is of the same political party as the President of the United States of America.The President has the right to nominate officers in the Justice Department who are subordinate to the Attorney General.

The Right to Vote shall not be abridged by any State law.

In future pieces we will discuss other necessary changes for a 21st century America.