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Georgia Days And Conversations

Governor Robert Bentley is rather upset and there are several members of the Georgia Legislature who are upset, if not angry at their fellow Republican governor of the state. It appears the governor committed a real boo-boo. For some reason and in some way,someone got a copy of a phone conversation between the Governor and his aide over his desire to sort of do some sexual things with the woman.

Quite a few Republicans in the legislature are now seeking to institute a process by which the good governor is impeach. I assume the Republican governor was seeking to restore individual liberty to all those who reside in the state.

1. How does someone get a copy of a phone conversation between the governor and his aide? Did she give the public what was t old her?

2. When or how do we go back to the good old days when anyone could speak on the phone without the world knowing?

3. Who the hell, other than the aide would even know about the conversations? Are we now in 1984?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body


Given revelations of the Panama Papers, will Donald Trump open up his files?

If you area  middle class person in America, these are not the best of times.

Heck, if you are a working class person, these sure are NOT the best of times.

There is a large body of people in this country who complain and then seek to elect politicians who want to keep the wealthy in power.

There MUST be a Republican politician who makes sense.

In my youth in New York City only nut cases and criminals had guns.

Donald Trump is a person who  gets clobbered and thinks he has just gotten praised.

Ah,Them Earthquakes

In America, we frack, we drill, we get oil, and we get some unintended consequences such as a minor thing called–earthquakes. Mark Peterson of the United States Geological Survey made clear the “primary source of recent events)(earthquakes) was related to human activities.”In other words, what used to be unusual in Oklahoma or Kansas has now become a common event. So, the question for these solid Republican areas of America is whether it is preferable to have communities wracked by earthquakes or require those with wealth to hold off from destroying communities.

Once again, the issue of our beloved one percent who make the money arises. In the world of the  rich-only-create-jobs mentality, a few earthquakes are really no problem since we get jobs. Such is the American ethos in the year 2016.

P.S. I await Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders blaming this event on our lousy trade agreements.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


From George Washington to Donald Trump disproves the concept of evolution.

At one Republican debate I expect a real good food fight.

Anderson Cooper had no right to term Trump’s comment that of a five year old, it definitely was that of a four year old.

The real mystery of life is why so many guys and gals want to blow themselves up and go to heaven. It’s the END of life, guys.

Am I the only one who  has never seen a Kardashian?

Just a few more days to baseball where there always is a winner and a loser.

Strange, no one these days ever mentions, Afghanistan.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I await the arrival of a political leader who knows WHICH are the new jobs in this society.

I believe that Donald Trump has reached the point in which most Americans are bored hearing what a Great Guy he is.

Ironically,the American economy is among the most successful in the world. So,

This is definitely the era of IGNORANCE.

There is something about the face of Ted Cruz that is the personification of EVIL.

I feel sorry for John Kasich,he does try hard to be heard above the Trump clamor.

America awaits a Savior, but Jesus simply is busy on other planets.

Oh Marco, We Miss You So!

Ok, so there were seventeen at the start line and Marco was only one of them. But, there was something heroic, awe inspiring, fresh and so nice about the story of this humble boy who rose from being the son of a bartender and a main into one seeking the highest office in the land. OK, so he was not a poor Jewish boy from Brooklyn, nor a solid middle class boy like Scott Walker whose dream for America was a land without a single union that seized money from job creators and gave them to lazy, Marxist union leaders.

Ah, Marco was so fresh. He had such cute kids  and a wife who adored him. Who can forget his cutting remarks about “small hands” that sent Donald into a frenzy of proving that he not only had large hands but a large penis as well. Ah, Marco, always fighting for an America without health care for the poor, fighting to protect our wealthy from becoming less wealthy. For Marco, it was morning in America when the poor finally understood their task in life was to remain poor so job creators could produce more and more jobs for the wealthy.

So, depart, Marco the magnificent. For decades to come, children will sing songs about your gallant fight for job creators and love of bartenders and maids.


We offer observations on the  human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I sure miss the mumblings and stumblings of Jeb Bush.

I sure miss not being able to hear a word that Ben Carson utters.

Each day Donald Trump reveals he is a poor man’s version of the boasting incompetent Benito Mussolini of Italy.

This year we have a new concept of who should be our president–the person who can punch out the most voters–physically, that is.

Ross Perot, where are you?

Hillary is simply not a natural born politician.

Bernie is getting better and better with his speech of hope.




We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


This is definitely a unique political campaign or should we say a boxing campaign?

Americans are angry, but also completely ignorant as to the real problems in their society.

No one ever explains what constitutes one of those “millions of jobs that will return?”

Bernie insists workers in Mexico make “25cents an hour.”  Would you believe $9 an hour?

The word “automation” is completely absent from an speech. Wonder why?

Encourage people to be angry, and one encourages people to become violent.

The Supreme Court is  partially responsible for the current political madness.

No political candidate can match the earnestness of Marco Rubio. He tries SO hard.

Anyone making a movie about the Devil just has to look at the face of Ted Cruz to know this is the man for this role.

I will not miss Ben Carson since I never knew what he was for or why.

Oh well, at least the baseball season will soon arrive and we can enjoy conflict.

Have Republicans considered Vladimir Putin for president?


Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were asked if they could  understand what it is  like to be a black person in America.Each stumbled over words which,in essence, conveyed the idea the black experience in America was unique. Both tried very hard to convey THE important  issue confronting modern America is racism in our society.

1. First, let me make clear that racism against black skinned and Hispanic people  is a critical issue. The experience of being black in America is unique to those who experience hate, violence and even death.

2. However, being a human who must confront hate, violence and death is NOT only the experience of those with black skins. Half the entire population which originally lived in what we call-the United States of America–were murdered by those from Europe.

3. One million Armenians died in mass murders in Turkey during World War I.

4. Six million Jews were murdered in Europe,and for two thousand years, Jews have endured every form of hate experienced by black skinned people in this country.

5, I could describe the prejudice against Catholics, Italians, or the Irish in this country, including formation of the Know Nothing Party in the 1850s who wanted to ban the arrival of Catholics in America–it got 20% of the vote.

If Americans seek to end prejudice and hate,the best way is to connect modern Americans with how THEIR ancestors confronted this issue in their daily lives.

The Great Dick Fight

I was distressed that at the last Republican debate an important issue finally, finally, was being discussed by the panelists. I also was very, very sorry, that some men who could have brought some light and flesh to the debate were not present on the stage. Oh, for Chris Christie or the black dude who has a large you-know-what that all black men possess, or Don Rumsfeld or the greatest dick of the last century–Dick Cheney– was not around.

Finally, Republican candidates got down to an issue that is number one for Americans seeking jobs or health care or the money to purchase a home–the size of dicks! Marco insisted that Donald did not have one large Dick, but Donald noticed the bottom portion of his body and smiled. Finally, Republicans got down to REAL ISSUES! The man who has the largest Dick will have the balls to challenge ISIS and pee on them until they flee in terror.

This means there is only one Great DICK in the Republican party. Who else but a big, big, Dick could build a big, big wall?? Donald, come to center stage. As far as Hillary Clinton is concerned– he will just piss on her!