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All Quiet On Syrian Front?

Believe it or not but we have now witnessed two entire days without massive fighting in Syria. I realize this sudden interlude is bothering Republican military heroes such as Donald Trump or Ted Cruz who want to carpet bomb someone to prove they understand how to win wars against terrorists. However, for the most part, rebels against Assad are enjoying the first quiet time in years. OK, so the cease fire agreement is not 100% satisfactory since Russia retains the right to bomb “terrorists.”

The real question is whether this strange interlude could result in something that is long term in Syria. So, what are the options for American leaders?

1. They must accept the reality that for the immediate future, there will be a President Assad in Syria.

2. They must accept the reality there will be areas set aside for various rebel groups.

3. The US must realize that Russian is now a power in the Middle East.

Any good news in sight?

1. It is now time for the US to work with Iran in order to get the Russians out of the Middle East. Sorry, Republicans, but Iran is the only hope right now to create some sort of quiet time.

2. It is time for Israel to shut up about the “Iranian menace.”

3. The people of Syria need PEACE AND QUIET so they will cease heading for Europe.

Such is reality. A concept that is foreign to the minds of those seeking to become president of the United States.

Trump Triumphant In Nevada

The worse nightmare for Republicans and the American people has now occurred, Donald Trump is headed for the nomination of the Republican party. He has tapped into the anger felt by most Americans that something is amiss in their nation. Congress has failed, the Supreme Court behaves as an arm of the business community,and we have a president lacking the ability to communicate reality. Trump shouts, “bring back America to greatness,” and millions cheer. Of course, the reality is that America’s economy is probably the best one in the world. He shouts, “secure the border”even as 140,000 more Hispanics LEFT America than entered it!

Donald won a smashing victory in Nevada. He continues saying wild, crazy things and no one contradicts him. Yes, he wants to bring back, waterboarding and the cheers are thunderous. He threatens to “punch out” a heckler,and cheers come from the crowd. Of course, this “brave”man made certain that he never served in the military during the Vietnam war, but now he poses as some sort of tough guy. Donald Trump is living proof that a bully, and a braggart can gain traction in this nation. It is difficult to witness some challenge from lying Ted Cruz or the squirt named Marco Rubio.

So, on to victory is the boast of Donald Trump and then what…………… ?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Someone once told Marco Rubio the goal of the game was to lose in order to win.

Each day, each speech, reveals that Ted Cruz has only one thought in life–POWER.

John Kasich has decided to make a right turn in life,  I refer to direction, not to values.

I would so love to be the proverbial fly on the wall when the Bush families get together.

I have a hunch that somewhere, some place, a young Bush is dreaming of becoming a president.

I would  so love to hear the conversation between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin!

Anger never leads to peace and prosperity–just a lot of hate!

I wonder what God thinks about when he gazes down to Syria?





We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Marco Rubio feels  very comfortable when the only one on the stage.

Ben Carson’s handlers should sit him down and have him read a history of the United States of America. He confuses the 1920s with the 1930s.

Then again, Ben Carson is living proof that any American who can breathe is qualified to become President.

Republicans are convinced that Barack Obama was responsible for the disaster in Iraq. I though it was the Kardashians.

Ted Cruz was most probably the smart kid in every class he attended.

We need a fact checker on stage with Republicans when they speak.

It’s February and every baseball fan believes his team will win the World Series.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I feel sorry for George Bush, all he wants to do is  paint pictures and now he has to paint over his past mistakes.

Ted Cruz could easily play the heavy bad guy in any film.

Bernie should consider becoming an orchestra conductor, he sure knows how to wave his arms.

Hillary is just too old and has too much baggage for young Americans.

Marco Rubio looks like the kid brother who wants everyone to finally listen to what he says.

John Kasich comes across as the  guy who wants to play the mediator when some kids get into a food fight.

From Lincoln, to Theodore Roosevelt, to Dwight Eisenhower to Donald Trump.

How About Many Candidates?

There is no question that Donald Trump WILL be a candidate for the presidency this year. It is impossible to imagine a situation in which Republicans select someone other than the Donald man for their candidate without Trump running as an independent. America must accept the reality  that the bull shit man who considers himself a political genius is raring and determined to be a candidate this year with the Republican party or without.

Imagine this scenario–Republicans nominate John Kasich as the only one left who has not shouted and screamed at the other candidates. Donald decides to run an an independent. Democrats nominate Bernie Sanders and suddenly the name of Michael Bloomberg enters the picture. Four white men seeking to become the president. The vote is split four ways.

Ah, but Ben Carson decides there is room for a black candidate and also decides to run. So, we go from four to five. Then,out of the blue, Ted Cruz is told by God Himself to run and save America from the godless folks seeking to run.The list could go on and on. Too bad Justice Scalia is no longer with us, since he was a Saint himself to Republicans, most probably he would have entered the race.

Oh, I forgot about Carly Fiorina!

Jim No Longer With Us

I understand there are many Americans who do not know who Jim Gilmore is, but future historians will hail this man as a symbol of what is right about America. Jim Gilmore was among those who decided to run for president in the year 2016. OK, so Jim never made it to center stage, but the important thing is that he wanted to be president. Then again, so did Ben Carson who made it to center stage and there are few Americans who have any idea as to what he said or why he said what he said.

Jim Gilmore was once a governor of the state of Virginia. Of course, he never offered the nation a Great Plan to wipe out ISIS or build any walls. He just mumbled his way to infinity. Perhaps, if Jim had Great Plans and could shout  and scream and insult, he might still be in the running to become president. He simply did not understand this is  the year to SHOUT AND THUNDER!

So, alas, Jim has disappeared into oblivion. As he wanders into never land, Jim will be wandering with Ben and Carly and Mike and Rick, and Rick, and Chris, and Rand, and shortly Marco.

God Bless you Jim, we never knew you well!

Bernie Has Dreams

Bernie won another one and he is all hot to trot down to South Carolina where many await hearing his dream to end income inequality and make poverty disappear from the world.  We can expect for the coming months Bernie to discuss his dreams of how America can once become a land that allows each and every person to get a good solid middle class life.

Actually, it is rather easy to accomplish this goal. Examine how Bernie will do it:

!. Bernie will propose and Congress will unanimously vote to raise the top tax rate to 70% of money over $1,000,000.

2. Bernie will propose and Congress will vote to pass a bill canceling all student debts. Pretty easy, just propose and Congress passes.

3.  Bernie will propose and Congress will pass a law that ends college tuition for all Americans–and any immigrants as well.

4. Bernie will propose and Congress will pass a law that ends stock manipulation and sends directly to jail any businessman who is below the law on any issue.

5. Bernie will propose and Congress will pass a bill ensuring the end of coal use in manufacturing. And, Congress will agree to any international agreements dealing with climate control.

Actually, it is very easy, just  present the bill and Republicans vote for it. Check past history if you doubt me!

So Who Is A Progressive?

Senator Bernie Sanders wants Democrats to know that he is the only “Progressive” running for the presidency. He uncovered some statements from Hillary Clinton in which she either said that she was a “moderate” or that she was a “Progressive.” According to Bernie, “you  are either a progressive or a moderate, you  can’t have it both ways.”

Well Bernie, it is clear that you do not know the origin of the word, “Progressive.” It originally was used by supporters of Republican Theodore Roosevelt who after being denied the Republican nomination, formed the Progressive Party and ran for president in 1912. Oh, Bernie, Teddie hated Socialism and argued that only a Progressive could wean working people from socialism. Bernie, “you are either a Progressive or a Socialist, you  can’t be both!

Chris Christie On Any Topic

During the Republican debate, Governor Chris Christie was asked about the criminal behavior of his staff in blocking lanes on the George Washington bridge. The Governor offered a powerful defense.

“I want to make on thing clear, as Governor I worked to end the corruption that I found from previous Democratic governments.  If I am elected President of this great nation, feel assured that I will protect the farmers of Iowa. I will make certain that not a single college graduate has any loans to pay off. I am a problem solver, unlike those on this stage who are US Senators spending their days  arguing about nothing. You raise the issue of immigrants, well, I am the only one who will end such  discussion by a  law that ensures those immigrants who do not belong here, head back to Mexico and those who are from Muslim nations are returned to the Muslim group who sent them here. I WILL protect our borders!!”