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Salary Cap For CEO?

Members of the Republican Party have been shouting for nearly four years about the so-called SOCIALIST ideas of Barack Obama. You know, the bail out of bankers, the loan to General Motors which prevented that company going bankrupt, these were the perfect example of Obama SOCIALIST ideas that seek to prevent the destruction of private corporations. Newly elected French President Francois Hollande is finally offering Republicans an example of a Socialist leader in Europe–all the rest of European leaders believe in capitalism–so we can all be assured that Obama will be compared to Hollande

President Hollande announced new pay rules for those who head Public Companies. The CEO will be restricted to a top income of 20 times that made by the lowest worker in his public company. The new law does not impact a CEO of a private company.

In America during the administrations of SOCIALIST presidents like Dwight Eisenhower or Harry Truman or John Kennedy or Richard Nixon the top tax rate was over 80% beyond a certain income.

We support a new law which limits CEO income!

Greece Is Still Greece

There was an election in Greece to determine if the people of that troubled land wanted to walk out of the European Union or remain and be broke. Several political groups urged departing the European Union, saying the heck with debts and — actually they never clearly explained what a bankrupt Greece that did not pay debts would do for money. The New Democracy Party led by Antonis Samaras pledged to remain in the EU and work out some form of economic solution.

In reality, Greece will not emerge from the current mess without Germany and other EU nations adopting the Obama approach of economic stimulus instead of economic unemployment. People need jobs, people need wages, and then people will purchase goods and pay taxes. It is time for common sense economic stimulation and an end to Republican nutty ideas of not forcing the wealthy to pay more taxes and firing people.

It is time for Europe to learn how the Great Depression ended–GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION.

Did Rupert Tell A Fib?

Rupert Murdoch is a great man, he is a great famous man, he has a great way of discussing issues with great leaders of nations, and apparently, he may even be great at telling a fib. Rupert told Parliament: “I have never asked a prime minister for anything.” Frankly, it is difficult  believing that someone as powerful as Rupert never once asked a prime minister for something. Former Conservative Prime Minister John Major who led England in 1997 told Parliament that on February 2, 1997, at a private meeting with Rupert Murdoch he was informed that unless he changed his government’s policies in Europe, “his papers could not support nor would support the conservative government.”

Major noted that in his remarks, the great man referred to “we” indicating that Rupert Murdoch decided editorial policy, not an editor. Far be it for us to claim that anyone as powerful as Rupert Murdoch told a fib, but we sure would like to hear his response to what Major said.

American Ido No Idol To Tea Party

A fundamental belief of regligious fundamentalists in America is that those who oppose the sanctity of marriage by supporting gay rights seek to impose SOCLIALIST ideas on we God fearing Americans. In their world of fantasy, God hates gays because God is a somber god so if anyone goes around with a gay attitude toward love and relationships it is evidence that individual is not in harmony with God. Tea Party folk want all to adhere to the ideas of The American Idol show and only select as winners those who are shining examples of true believers.

Carrie Underwood, blond haired, blue eyes winner of the American Idol show came out in support of gay marriage much to the shock of  many who adore this woman. “As a married person myself, I don’t know what it’s like to be told I can’t marry somebody I love and want to marry. We should all have the righ to love.”

This is a rather Socialist Communist concept that people have rights. What has happened to God fearing Capitalist ideas that the majority have the right to compel the minority who to love and marry? I guess this proves if you believe in Capitalism, you believe THE GOVERNMENT decides who we love!!


Newly elected President Francois Hollande confronted the issue of at which age should people be allowed to retire and returned France to the age of 7=60 rather than 62. His defined retirement at age 62 as some form of injustice. The French law only applies to those who have worked for at least 41 years prior to attaining the age of 60. This is an interesting issue. Forty one years is a mighty long time to work and this is being written by someone who has been working for over sixty years.

We believe the issue of retirement has less to do with length of work versus the  issue  of what type of work. An individual working in a coal mine should NOT have to wait for 41 years to retire, how about 25? An individual  who works on Wall Street may have mental issues, but not the physical ones of those who work lifting boxes or  lugging meat.

How about a new formula which identifies at what age people can retire that is based on type of work??

Jon Stewart Admits Being A SOCIALIST!

Roger Ailes, head of Fox News, was having a drink at a bar with Jon Stewart when this critic of his network made the startling admission that he was a SOCIALIST! Gee, that is a horrible thing to admit. Of course, Roger Ailes has absolutely no idea about the meaning of American socialism. Eugene Victor Debs who ran for president as a Socialist received nearly million votes in 1912, the equivalent of about four million today. And, the votes came from people born in the United States  of America! Oh, what was the platform of the Socialist Party:

1. Right of women to vote.

2. Control of Wall Street to prevent gouging of rates on railroads that farmers had to use in getting goods to market.

3. Direct election of US Senators.

4.  Right of workers to  form unions.

5.  Decent minimum wage laws.

6.  Laws to ensure safety at work, an important issue for miners and those working in factories.

7.  An end to child labor.

8.  An end to monopolies–an issue that Republican President Theodore Roosevelt fought for.

9. An end to war and getting colonies like in  the Philippines.

I wonder how many Americans today believe in these ideas??

End Death Penalty!

Another example from Texas emerged which revealed that an innocent man was sent to his death in the state which remains fixed on a state of denial concerning human rights. Former Governor George Bush once boasted that doubt never entered his mind when denying clemency for anyone who was convicted of murder. His assumption was that if a jury convicted a person, the jury must be right.

Alas, being placed on trial in the state of Texas for murder, particularly when one has the misfortune of possessing a black skin, is the most certain way to, not only receive a guilty sentence, but also being sent to Death Row. It is time to review every single case of those on Death Row using modern DNA information. It is time the USA joined the human race by ending the killing of people.

God supposedly said, “vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.” Fair enough, let God handle punishment of death, but take it out of the hands of we ordinary humans.

TSK For DSK In France

Prosecutors in Lille, France, have charged former leading French politician, Dominique Strauss-Kahn with being part of a group that organized orgies all over  the country. DSK was charged by a hotel maid in New York of raping her and, of this point, the charge has yet to be proved. French authorities claim DSK and three other men were involved in what could  be “described as  gang rape”and they go on to claim that the group was into “aggravated pimping in an organized gang in Lille to get orgies ” swinging into action. DSK “absolutely contests any connection to the slightest act of violence.”

We believe any individual is innocent until proven guilty.  DSK has an unfortunate capacity to have a little dark cloud hovering over his head whenever attending a gathering at which there are women. There are times in life to keep the penis locked, armed and ready to swing into action. There are times in life when it is preferable remaining home with the wife and doing it in your own bed.

Alas, DSK seems to attract charges of rape for some reason.

Ami, We’re Going Home

Francois Hollande is now president of France, and now must confront the reality of being president of an important nation. Nicolas Sarkozy came across as the buddy of America, and thus supported the presence of French troops in Afghanistan. Francois prefers to bid adieu to that far away land and return all French combat forces  immediately rather than waiting until 2014.  This will not endear him to President Obama.

After dealing with foreign policy issues, Francois has the minor issue of confronting Angela Merkel and urging less austerity and more  stimulus to a woman who does not  take saying  ”no” to her very lightly. Ah, it was so nice being in the opposition, but win and one must confront reality.

Dominique Straussed Out Over Maid

Dominque Strauss Kahn is very upset at a maid who he seduced because she claims  he forced sexual intentions on her. He charges that Natissatou Diallo. a hotel maid that he impregnated with his fluids lied by charing that he  raped her. DSK says she “knowingly and intentionally made a false  report to law enforcement authorities.”

DSK is convinced her rape claims stemmed from a Sarkozy plot to destroy his candidacy for president of France. He agrees to having sex with the maid, the issue is whether she was attacked or seduced. Frankly, given the dozens, if not hundreds, of women the great French lover has seduced,who  can doubt this innocent female was simply overwhelmed by the chubby little man?

DSK, you might be a great economist, but sexual dynamism is not your strong suit.