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Not So Gay Times In UK

Prime Minister David Cameron of England decided to have his nation join modern societies by supporting gay and lesbian rights. Unfortunately, about half of his Conservative party is rather conservative and prefers inhabiting a world in which if you are not straight, then you are a crooked person in need of psychological help. Those who opposed the “gay bill” are not happy about being termed “homophobic.” One can assume a high percent of  those opposing gay rights were raised to regard those who were homosexual as “strange.”

One can readily understand fear and anxiety from those fearing gay rights. I guess they are worried that a son or daughter will  wind up “queer.” Not to worry, better to be queer than a gun nut who wants to kill people. Now, they are “queer folk!”

Do Fascists Have Rights?

The Council of Europe is planning to ban right wing political parties which believe that Adolf Hitler and Nazism were just part of European culture. The ban would be directed at far-right groups which are affiliated with neo-Nazi and racist  anti-Semites who seek to rid Europe of those deemed to be undesirable. The Golden Dawn party of Greece which appears to love the old days of Fascism may be asked to leave the legislature. Hungary’s Jobbik party which recently blamed Jews for any and all problems in Europe may also be shown the door. Of course, all right wing political parties blame either Muslims or Roma for unemployment and recession.

Yes, right wing political parties are filled with ignorant nut cases. We in America have millions of such people who belong to the NRA or the Tea Party. I prefer allowing them to display ignorance and hate, eventually sound minded people will cease listening to their songs of hate.

Christmas Presents For All

In lieu of spending money this year, we offer Xmas presents for a select few.

John Boehner hopefully will receive a new assortment of nuts for the new Congress.

For Mr. LaPierre, we send a trip to the Congo where he can use his guns against militants in the jungle.

For Mitt Romney, we send a year supply of humanity.

For Barack Obama we send the latest version of a spine.

For UK PM David Cameron, we send a copy of Paul Krugman articles during 2012.

For Vladimir Putin, we send a full size copy of his ego, in technicolor, that is.

For Republican Party members in the House of Representatives we send a trip to Disneyland so they can feel at home.

For Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney we offer a free trip to Afghanistan and Iraq in order that they can survey their handiwork a few years later.

For George Bush, we offer a piece of the forest for cutting trees.

For Sarah Palin, we offer a free hunting trip in Afghanistan where she can display her prowess with the gun.

For Michelle Bachmann we offer a free operation to finally provide her with a working brain.

For Rick Santorum, we offer an accident that leaves him disabled and paying the full cost for medical care.

For Justice Scalia we send a copy of the Original Constitution which says that corporations are people and that is why they fought the American Revolution.


Wither France?

France currently has a Socialist president and hope for a new approach to dealign with austerity and deficits and work. “Hopefully,” that is although evidence is scant that President Hollande has a grasp at to how to move France economically forward. In the meantime, the party of former President Sarkozy is attempting to figure out what to do in France. A former prime minister Francois Fillon and a former secretary general of the Union for Movement Populaire(UMP), Jean-Francois Cope are vying for leadership and a return to power of their party.

They had a vote as to who would become the party’s leader. Fillon claimed he won by 93 votes while Cope insists he won  by 1,000. As an American, I am an expert when it comes to votes and who wins. Just remember that George Bush won a disputed election in Florida and we got the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. I wonder who the winner in France will be and just exactly what he will do that is different from Hollande.

I suspect these days whoever gains power had to cut, reduce, and make life miserable for those lacking money. Of course, show me the money and any wealthy person can have whatever he desires, regardless of power.We all have become cynics about political parties.

Was Karl Marx Right?

I was raised in a Socialist tradition of thinking and along the way of life departed from the ideas of Karl Marx after witnessing its failure in the Soviet Union and China. However, living in the United States of America, circa, 2012 his ideas increasingly become interesting since Marx actually described what would happen to capitalism. The essence of Marx is that capitalists have only one concern-accumulating more money and power for themselves with minimum  wage regards for those who labor in their business establishments. Marx may have uttered this ideas in the nineteenth century but they certainly describe the current economic situation of the United States of America and most capitalist nations of the world.

Marx predicted wealth would increasingly accumulate in the hands of a small number of wealthy and powerful people in society while the remainder increasingly became poorer. That is a perfect description of America which has witnessed the top 5% gain control of 45% of the nation’s wealth while the middle class constantly declines in wealth. Heirs to the Walmart fortune have more money than 100 million Americans. Just as Marx predicted.

Karl Marx did a fantastic analysis of Capitalism, but failed to offer an alternative economic system. Let us remember what he predicted and fight to make his prediction NOT come true!

One Child Too Many?

During the 1970s China’s communist government decided a continued population  increase posed problems for economic development of the nation. They imposed a one child per family limit. The China Development Research Foundation warns that continuing this policy poses serious economic problems for the nation in the coming decades. “China has paid a huge political and social cost for this policy, as it has resulted in soical conflict, high administrative costs and led indirectly to a long-term gender imbalance at birth.” In other words, too many boys and not enough girls–at  least in China.

In the long term the policy means fewer workers in the coming decades even as the number of elderly people will experience a dramatic increase. There will be an enormous number of retired people and a small working class to support them. The end result will be conflict, political turmoil and disorganization.

I Do Not Understand

I have studied history, particularly the centuries of religious conflict within Europe as Catholics and Prortestants vied in desire to kill one another. There are numerous examples of horrific murders on either side against the other. Yesterday, once again, a Taliban suicide bomber blew himself up before a Mosque. The attack in the town of Maymana occurred as people had come to pray in order to celebrate the Eid al-Adha holiday. A bomber blew himself up and caused the death of 36 while numerous others were wounded.

I assume the bomber is on his way to heaven or wherever one goes who murders innocent men,  women and children. I am certain he felt happy as his body disintegrated since he knew many others would soon be dead. I know what he did, but am completely baffled how one can kill those of YOUR religion and your village and your country.

Isn’t there something sacred about a Mosque? Or, is there nothing that is sacred to Taliban followers? I am confused.

Sad News From Israel

As a young Jewish man in New York City there was a surge of joy at news that an independent Israel nation had been created. For the first time in nearly 2,000 years Jews could have a homeland. It was also exciting to  witness a Socialist government in power which could reach out to Arabs and prove to the world that people of differing religions could live in peace. That was then, today is now. The dream of cooperation,  respect for all humans has died in Israel, leaving one to wonder if it ever had a chance to succeed.

A new poll reveals that a majority of Israelis believes their country practices “apartheid” agaisnt Palestinians. A third believe Palestinians should be denied the right to vote and 47% believe Arabs living in the state of Israel should be stripped of their citizenship and forced to go live under the Palestinian Authority. In a spirit of Judiasm, 59% would like to see Jews given preference for public sector jobs while half would like to see  Jews treated better than  Arabs.

A shocking figure is that 40% of respondents would prefer separate housing and classrooms for Jews and Arabs. Of course, in pre WWII Poland, Jewish college students sat in separate sections of classrooms. My mother on her first day in class in Poland was told to sit in the back and she never came  back to school.

When asked, SEVENTY PERCENT said if Israel takes over the Palestinian state, Palestinians should  be denied the vote. The poll reveals a sick Israel society   which contains creatures claiming to be Jews who have no conception as to the meaning of being a JEW!

Hugo Demands Huge Victory

Hugo Chavez believes that he alone can lead the nation of Venezuela and if, by accident, the opposition candidate, Henri Capriles has won the election the forces of right and justice would have been defeated. Hugo has spent years dolling out hundreds of millions to the poor and disadvantaged in order to purchase their allegiance. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a few bucks being given to the faithful, but when one uses the government controlled media and warns government employees to vote the right way, then something is rotten in the state of Venezuela.

He won the election in a free election, however there was nothing very fair about this election. Hugo purchased the vote. Hopefully, he learns that about half the population does not wish his version of democracy. Frankly, there is scant hope he can become a leader of ALL THE PEOPLE!

Liberals Claim Global Warming!

Them libeals and communists are at it again claiming there is something called ‘global warming.” They want to take away our constitutional right to drill, baby, drill for oil and use coal and other such nice things. Some climate guy(I suspect he is a secret Muslim terrorist) named Walt Meier claims the ice is melting all over the world. He makes this outrageous statement that during the past six years ice is melting and “it is an indication that the  Artic sea cover is fundamentally changing.”

God gave us this world about 12,000 years ago. I never heard God say anything about global warming. Heck, it is the summer, of course ice melts. Obama and liberals want to stop drilling for oil, they want us to fire thousands of coal miners. It is all part of the Muslim Barack Obama plan to have Muslims take over America by making us afraid to produce anything.

I checked with Mitt. Mitt promises to drill, to forget things like global warming and to bring back jobs. Anyone who wants a job in a coal mine, simply send us your name.