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Dominique Pimps Himself For Glory

Dominique Strauss-Kahn has provided the American people with his knowledge of  the economics of sexual activities. We are aware of his prowess in seducing hotel maids and escaping any form of punishment. French officials now  reveal the once powerful political and economic leader will be tried on charges of “aggravated pimping.” The ex-chief of the International Monetary Fund enjoyed wild parties in which sex was the topic, not economic issues confronting Europe. Dominique, the brilliant thinker insists that he had no ideas women at these parties were prostitutes. His lawyers insist that “he neither assisted or aided prostitution.”

It is quite clear to any objective individual. This short plump man simply overwhelmed women with the power of his physical presence. Money had nothing to do with it. Just one glance at Dominique and any woman would collapse in sexual frenzy.

No Voter Town

There are reports that God created the world and then created men and women. But, few really grasp that in creating two sexes, God never  meant that each would have the same rights as the other. There is a town in Pakistan that is named, Mateela, it is a remote village and it is ruled by remote ideas. It is one of 564 polling stations from among the 64,000 in which not a single woman has ever cast a ballot. Men decide, and men have decided that women are not capable of being able to vote. The evidence of this wise decision is clear, just check the Gross National Product of Pakistan, check its record of peace and prosperity and  the only conclusion one can arrive at is-don’t let women vote if you seek peace and prosperity for your nation.

Yar Mohammed, a village elder insists the decision to prevent women from voting is a public health one. “We stop our women from going to polling stations because we think if they do, men would tease them by staring or  touching them.”

I wonder if it is OK for a man to touch a man?


Death For The Poor In Bangladesh

I frequently play a game with people. I ask each to check where their clothes and shoes were manufactured. Rarely, does anyone use the word, “America” in offering a response. Our shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, sneakers, coats are being produced in  nations of Asia and the workers are those from impoverished groups who simply will accept low wages in order to survive. Unfortunately, thes people work in unsafe conditons, they work long hours, and receive minimal pay since owners have but one goal-make money. A clothes factory in Bangladesh collapsed this week with early estimates of  300 dead, but the final total might exceed 1,000.  No, the factory did not suffer from a fire, it just sighed and collapsed — of age?

Rescue efforts are hampered by lack of modern equipment and people are even using their bare hands to get rid of debris as they seek to find bodies. For some reason, when hundreds were initially evacuated, they were allowed to return for personal effects resulting in even more deaths.

Initial reports indicate the owner built the factory on marshy land and paid bribes to endanger the lives of workers. In reality, since they are poor people, there will be no punishment for wealthy people who murdered them.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Mystery of Death–is there noise?

A regret of my life is not becoming a bike rider.

Sound of child’s voice conveys life.

To call a female politician today, “beautiful” is an example of denigration. Why?

In a crowd one often hears words but no meaning.

Youth has clarity, age has complexity.

Circling for a parking spot hopefully concludes with, “finally.”

Person on driver car opens the car door before the person in passenger side.

My motto, “get on with life.” Nothing is worth the bother of continuing the argument.

My love of warmth over cold most probably comes from that short stint in Hell.

We live among, not with people.

Sometimes even I become weary of the human condition.

Some look up, some down.

Fear not tomorrow, it WILL come.

The end of a basketball season means the birth of a baseball one.

Music changes along with what we want to hear.

Grandparents always listen to grand kids very attentively

Mitt, We Need You-In UK!

During the past election, Mitt Romney and fellow Republicans, warned the American people that to follow Obama economic ideas was the road to serfdom and poverty. Mitt insisted the solution was to cut, cut, cut, and embrace austerity as the model for ending our recession. There has been a monthly increase of new jobs averaging at least 150,000 and today’s figure for February was–198,000! However, European nations like the UK, Spain or Greece report DECLINE in the number of jobs and continual loss so that in Spain, the unemployment figure is about 24% for youth. Oh, the report also reveals that 24,000 more jobs were created in January than initially reported.

Health costs declined since the Affordable Health Act was passed. The economy is growing about 1.8% but it is  growing, not declining as in  Engand. Perhaps it is time for Mitt to head for the UK and assist the efforts of Prime Minister David Cameron to increase unemployment and make certain there is a stagnant economy.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year  old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Never forget that God is a stand up comic, how else to explain this Earth?

Act, don’t think about hunch.

To all comes a moment when we shuffle through life.

I wonder why God talks to some but not others.’

Once we all were children in body, hopefully we are always children in spirit.

Some seek peace in world, some in mind.

In my youth we begged for pennies and said, “a penny earned is a penny gained.” Today, all too many penniless.

Some sit gently, others with force.

I have never doubted being my brother’s keeper, I just have one, who else would be it?

Eventually there will be a war between the drones.

I take off jacket before sitting, others when seated.

I have decided to win a lottery.

To wave at a child is to wave at God.

Rule of life: there is always a hitch in any plan.

To be a  man alone is to be a man with God.

Mom’s focus is on dad, the child on meal being eaten.

I spent my life with nameless people.

One cannot love without surrendering part of soul.

He and she enter, he sits at table, she at booth. Another mystery of life.

Machinery teaches child to gaze, not to wonder.

I Can Kill, You Cannot!

The  current person who is president of the United States of America once taught constitutional law at the college level. President Obama once again defended his actions in ordering the murder of “terrorists”by drones because they posed a “threat to America.” According to White House spokesman, Jay Carney, “we conduct those strikes because they are necessary to mitigate ongoing actual threats, to stop plots, to prevent future attacks and, again save American lives. The strikes are legal, they are ethical and they are wise.”

Obviously, the concept of “imminent threat” is inherent in ordering drone strikes. Several words do pose issues: plots, legal, ethical and “threats.” Ordinarily, one prevents evidence if a person or group is charged with posing a threat. President Obama insists such information is classified and thus one must accept his claim that X threat is a threat. Are we to assume that any person who is president should be trusted?

Not So Gay Times In UK

Prime Minister David Cameron of England decided to have his nation join modern societies by supporting gay and lesbian rights. Unfortunately, about half of his Conservative party is rather conservative and prefers inhabiting a world in which if you are not straight, then you are a crooked person in need of psychological help. Those who opposed the “gay bill” are not happy about being termed “homophobic.” One can assume a high percent of  those opposing gay rights were raised to regard those who were homosexual as “strange.”

One can readily understand fear and anxiety from those fearing gay rights. I guess they are worried that a son or daughter will  wind up “queer.” Not to worry, better to be queer than a gun nut who wants to kill people. Now, they are “queer folk!”

Do Fascists Have Rights?

The Council of Europe is planning to ban right wing political parties which believe that Adolf Hitler and Nazism were just part of European culture. The ban would be directed at far-right groups which are affiliated with neo-Nazi and racist  anti-Semites who seek to rid Europe of those deemed to be undesirable. The Golden Dawn party of Greece which appears to love the old days of Fascism may be asked to leave the legislature. Hungary’s Jobbik party which recently blamed Jews for any and all problems in Europe may also be shown the door. Of course, all right wing political parties blame either Muslims or Roma for unemployment and recession.

Yes, right wing political parties are filled with ignorant nut cases. We in America have millions of such people who belong to the NRA or the Tea Party. I prefer allowing them to display ignorance and hate, eventually sound minded people will cease listening to their songs of hate.

Christmas Presents For All

In lieu of spending money this year, we offer Xmas presents for a select few.

John Boehner hopefully will receive a new assortment of nuts for the new Congress.

For Mr. LaPierre, we send a trip to the Congo where he can use his guns against militants in the jungle.

For Mitt Romney, we send a year supply of humanity.

For Barack Obama we send the latest version of a spine.

For UK PM David Cameron, we send a copy of Paul Krugman articles during 2012.

For Vladimir Putin, we send a full size copy of his ego, in technicolor, that is.

For Republican Party members in the House of Representatives we send a trip to Disneyland so they can feel at home.

For Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney we offer a free trip to Afghanistan and Iraq in order that they can survey their handiwork a few years later.

For George Bush, we offer a piece of the forest for cutting trees.

For Sarah Palin, we offer a free hunting trip in Afghanistan where she can display her prowess with the gun.

For Michelle Bachmann we offer a free operation to finally provide her with a working brain.

For Rick Santorum, we offer an accident that leaves him disabled and paying the full cost for medical care.

For Justice Scalia we send a copy of the Original Constitution which says that corporations are people and that is why they fought the American Revolution.