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Surprise News-Chemical Warfare In Syria!

The president of the United States revealed the shocking news of evidence the government of Syria actually used chemical weapons against its own people. Wow! I was completely ovcerwhelmed by this news, is it really true that President Assad employed chemical weapons against the people of Syria? I thought chemical weapons was the work of the Israeli Mossad whose goal was to smear the wonderful peaceful government of Syria with the brand of terrorism. A United Nations report claimed there was “no doubt” such weapons of war were being used by the Syrian army! The report cited specific areas in Syria where signs were discovered of the use of chemicals. It concluded, “this is a war crime.”

OK, we are now all clear on this point. Or, should I say some nations are clear on this point. President Vladimir Putin is not clear since, in his humble opinion,chemical weapons have been used by the terrorist opposition to his buddy, Assad. Vladimir wants to point out to one and all the US used chemical weapons during the Vietnam war so this clears Bashar al-Assad of war crimes. If one can do it, so can all!!

Inside Obama Mind

In the spirit of public service we offer a five minute trip through the mind of Barack Obama in order to ensure that all Americans are clear as to the operation of our chief exectutive’s mind.

1. Initially, President Obama deplored killings by President Assad and made clear he opposed killing anyone-of course when he opposes killing, he means killing of bad people.

2. Assad killed and killed and President Obama slightly raised his voice to make clear that he did not like the killing of anyone.

3. President Assad used artillery, and plane bomb attacks on his people. President Obama made clear to one and all that he did not approve killing.

4. President Assad escalated the bombing of towns, the killing of civilians and President Obama expressed in ever louder tones that he opposed the killing of civilians.

5. One day President Obama made clear that while he opposed the killing of civilians, he really meant the killing of civilians with chemical weapons.

6. President Assad killed more and more people. President Obama made clear that he did not like civilians to get killed. He made note of a red line in the sand if people were killed with

Next Syrian War

There currently is a war taking place in a country that goes by the name of-Syria. This nation is provided weapons and missiles and planes in order to attack the people of Syria because the government of Syria wants to protect the country of Syria against enemies of the government. In the name of peace and order, the government of Syria has murdered over 100,000 Syirans. The government has even used chemical weapons to kill its own people. The result is that the European Union and the United States are considering responding with an air assault. So, what might happen if outside forces attack the Syrian government. Please follow closely:

1. If Syria attacks Israel which has been on the sidelines, then Israel has promised to blast away at Syria.

2. This would lead to Hezbollah in Lebanon to send thousands of missiles into Israel

3. This would result in the US sending missiles into Lebanon and Syria.

4. This would lead Israel to send more missiles into Syria or Lebanon or the Gaza Strip.

5. This would lead the European Union sending missiles into Syria and maybe Lebanon.

6. This would lead Russia and Iran to send missiles to Syria and Hezbollah which would use them to send missiles into Israel and wherever.

The end result would undoubtedly be peace?

Wha’s New In Afghanistan?

There is only one certanty in the land of Afghanistan and that is DEATH. President George Bush introduced the latest version of the Death game but if one seeks the orgin, it is necessary to go back in time at least two thousand years.The land is brutal, the land makes for ease in fighting against some enemy and makes for difficulty defending against any group that wants to kill. The Afghan Taliban murdered six more men.The men were working on a program in western Herat that supposedly was aimed at developing new job sectors andto assist those living in rural areas to have knowledge and facilites to improve their lives. Talian insurgents dressed in Afghan army uniforms, stormed a court and proceeded to murder some men.

The only rational that makes any sense is the need to kill today. Taliban leaders insist they kill bad people from the West while western folk want to kill bad guys in order to bring law and order to areas lacking law and oder. Tomorrow will arrive in Afghanistan with one group or another proclaiming they are kiling in the name of peace. One wonders if eventually will arrive a time when there is no one left to kill someone in Afghanistan??

Blame It On Them Jews!

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has conclusive proof that Israel is behind events in Egypt. He is asking questions: “Who is behind this? Israel. We have evidence.” He has evidence that a French intellectual met with the Israeli justice minister in France before the 2011 elections.” Now, if you are looking for evidence, what better proof than this meeting between an unknown French “intellectual” and an Israeli minister to understand that Israel plotted the Egyptian coup. Let me support the argument of PM Erdogan:

1. It is a known fact that President Obama came from Kenya. Kenya is near Ethiopia. Ethiopia has thousands of Jews, some of whom migrated to Israel.What most people do not know is that President Barack Obama is Jewish!!

2. The real name of Secretary of State John Kerry has never been revealed. This intrepid reporter is ready to expose the real John Kerry. His name if Kerrfelt.

3. We have it on secret authority that Mohamed Morsi is really a Jew– his name is Morsenfeld. He became president and proceeded to wreck the economy in order to cause a coup so that his colleagues in Israel could assume power in Egypt.

Honest, that is the truth.

Dominique Pimps Himself For Glory

Dominique Strauss-Kahn has provided the American people with his knowledge of  the economics of sexual activities. We are aware of his prowess in seducing hotel maids and escaping any form of punishment. French officials now  reveal the once powerful political and economic leader will be tried on charges of “aggravated pimping.” The ex-chief of the International Monetary Fund enjoyed wild parties in which sex was the topic, not economic issues confronting Europe. Dominique, the brilliant thinker insists that he had no ideas women at these parties were prostitutes. His lawyers insist that “he neither assisted or aided prostitution.”

It is quite clear to any objective individual. This short plump man simply overwhelmed women with the power of his physical presence. Money had nothing to do with it. Just one glance at Dominique and any woman would collapse in sexual frenzy.

No Voter Town

There are reports that God created the world and then created men and women. But, few really grasp that in creating two sexes, God never  meant that each would have the same rights as the other. There is a town in Pakistan that is named, Mateela, it is a remote village and it is ruled by remote ideas. It is one of 564 polling stations from among the 64,000 in which not a single woman has ever cast a ballot. Men decide, and men have decided that women are not capable of being able to vote. The evidence of this wise decision is clear, just check the Gross National Product of Pakistan, check its record of peace and prosperity and  the only conclusion one can arrive at is-don’t let women vote if you seek peace and prosperity for your nation.

Yar Mohammed, a village elder insists the decision to prevent women from voting is a public health one. “We stop our women from going to polling stations because we think if they do, men would tease them by staring or  touching them.”

I wonder if it is OK for a man to touch a man?


Death For The Poor In Bangladesh

I frequently play a game with people. I ask each to check where their clothes and shoes were manufactured. Rarely, does anyone use the word, “America” in offering a response. Our shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, sneakers, coats are being produced in  nations of Asia and the workers are those from impoverished groups who simply will accept low wages in order to survive. Unfortunately, thes people work in unsafe conditons, they work long hours, and receive minimal pay since owners have but one goal-make money. A clothes factory in Bangladesh collapsed this week with early estimates of  300 dead, but the final total might exceed 1,000.  No, the factory did not suffer from a fire, it just sighed and collapsed — of age?

Rescue efforts are hampered by lack of modern equipment and people are even using their bare hands to get rid of debris as they seek to find bodies. For some reason, when hundreds were initially evacuated, they were allowed to return for personal effects resulting in even more deaths.

Initial reports indicate the owner built the factory on marshy land and paid bribes to endanger the lives of workers. In reality, since they are poor people, there will be no punishment for wealthy people who murdered them.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Mystery of Death–is there noise?

A regret of my life is not becoming a bike rider.

Sound of child’s voice conveys life.

To call a female politician today, “beautiful” is an example of denigration. Why?

In a crowd one often hears words but no meaning.

Youth has clarity, age has complexity.

Circling for a parking spot hopefully concludes with, “finally.”

Person on driver car opens the car door before the person in passenger side.

My motto, “get on with life.” Nothing is worth the bother of continuing the argument.

My love of warmth over cold most probably comes from that short stint in Hell.

We live among, not with people.

Sometimes even I become weary of the human condition.

Some look up, some down.

Fear not tomorrow, it WILL come.

The end of a basketball season means the birth of a baseball one.

Music changes along with what we want to hear.

Grandparents always listen to grand kids very attentively

Mitt, We Need You-In UK!

During the past election, Mitt Romney and fellow Republicans, warned the American people that to follow Obama economic ideas was the road to serfdom and poverty. Mitt insisted the solution was to cut, cut, cut, and embrace austerity as the model for ending our recession. There has been a monthly increase of new jobs averaging at least 150,000 and today’s figure for February was–198,000! However, European nations like the UK, Spain or Greece report DECLINE in the number of jobs and continual loss so that in Spain, the unemployment figure is about 24% for youth. Oh, the report also reveals that 24,000 more jobs were created in January than initially reported.

Health costs declined since the Affordable Health Act was passed. The economy is growing about 1.8% but it is  growing, not declining as in  Engand. Perhaps it is time for Mitt to head for the UK and assist the efforts of Prime Minister David Cameron to increase unemployment and make certain there is a stagnant economy.