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God Speaks Against Gays!!

It was simply a matter of time before we humans on this planet finally grasped the earthly design that God in His infinite wisdom bestowed upon this planet. It was eleven thousand years ago that our Lord appeared in the sky and set upon the planet two creatures, Adam and Eve(for some reason in the original days He did not think they needed a second name) and asked them to procreate. Now, if He truly believed that those of the same sex could procreate He would have bestowed upon the male a capacity to have children, but He did not. Thus, logic makes clear to all inhabitants upon this planet the Original plan of God Almighty. It is bewildering why so many go around arguing that people of the same sex were part of the Original Design. We can then be grateful that in the land of England reside some folk who truly grasp what He wanted from day one on this planet.

David Silvester of the UK Independent party(UJINP) attempted to ward off disaster by pleading with Prime Minister David Cameron. “I wrote to David Cameron in April, 2012 to warn him that disaster would accompany passage of his same sex marriage bill.” But, the prime minister simply could not understand that passing same sex marriage bills would result in floods and hurricanes which were simply “divine retribution for the government’s decision to legalize gay marriage.”

I trust we are now clear that HE does not want gay marriage!!

A Program For Twenty First Century America!

This blog will focus this year upon describing how the United States of America must dramatically change its institutions in order to create an effective government for the twenty first century. We begin by discussing the need for governmental changes in our Constitution.

PRESIDENT: It is time to switch from an electoral system which might have been necessary during early years of the American Republic. It is time to end the Electoral College and shift to the winner of a presidential election being the candidate who won the most votes.


Congressional Districts. It is time to end gerrymandering of congressional districts which currently ensure that either a Democrat or a Republican will always win the specific district seat. Two choices are available- a National Commission for Congressional District that is appointed by the Supreme Court or:
In each state the American Bar Association appoints a bipartisan commission to carve out congressional districts.

US Senate:
The top three states with the largest populations would be allocated three additional US Senators
The following seven would be allocated anywhere from one to two additional US Senate seats.
The House of Representatives would be doubled in size-based on population.

US Supreme Court

After twenty five years of service on the Court or reaching the age of 85, a justice must then retire.
The recommendation for service on the US Supreme Court or any Court shall be by a majority vote in the US Senate.
No sitting president can nominate more than four justices during their service as president. A vacancy would be held over to the following president.

Attorney General: The office of Attorney General shall not be held by anyone who is of the same political party as the President of the United States of America.The President has the right to nominate officers in the Justice Department who are subordinate to the Attorney General.

The Right to Vote shall not be abridged by any State law.

In future pieces we will discuss other necessary changes for a 21st century America.

Blame It On Them Romanians!

You don’t have a job, no sweat, just blame it on them immigrants. You lack money to pay for childcare, heck, it is the fault of them immigrants. Nigel Farage, head of the UK Independence Party, is able to explain the cause of his nation’s economic problems- just blame it on the Ro maniacs or the Bulgarians or those dark skinned blokes who wander the streets of England. About FIVE PERCENT of the people of England stem from immigration over the past two decades, and it is clear to this learned man those five percent have created the current situation of large scale unemployment. This has led God fearing NATIVE BORN ENGLISHMEN feel they have become a “stranger in their own country” and their neighborhoods have “changed beyond recognition.” If there is “tension” in the land, just blame it on the Romanians.

It is clear to any Englishman who wants to pick up garbage or work on farms that all those good jobs are being taken away from native born blokes. Farage only wants immigrants who earn $40,000 a year and have skills to develop jobs for native born Englishmen to be allowed in his nation. It is time to block entry of unskilled workers in order to ensure that England’s garbage is picked up by native born people! If the Conservative Party, led by native born Englishmen, can not fix the economy, you know who to blame for economic problems. It is them BULGARIANS!

Let’s Have A War

Things have gotten too quiet these days. The United States is no longer fighting in Iraq, it is winding down activity in Afghanistan, fewer folk are getting banged around in Egypt and even the Irish are quiet. We Americans become rather disturbed when things become so slow, in terms of shooting and bombing and blasting. Thank God! We finally got a rise out of the Chinese and Japanese who have not been fighting one another for over a half century. A new important issue has arisen which demands attention. Does the issue concern an important issue between these countries? Darn well, does! There are thes four rocky pieces of land somewhere in the South China Sea. No, there are no people on the islands. No there are no houses on the islands, but they demand attention.

The islands are called, Senkaku in Japan. The islands are called, Diaoyu in China. Now, this difference provides a rationale to fight and kill. Who gave the other guy the right to call my islands by his name! China insists upon an air defence zone. The Chinese are upset. Imagine if “their rocks” got under the control of another nation? Wow!

Friends, it is time for war. Ted Cruz could give a filibuster, John McCain could talk about American “honor” and we could allow Barack Obama to establish a web site. Republicans finally could become job creators with a few million soldiers. Naturally, we would have to end Food Stamps to pay for this tiny little war over rocks in the South China Sea.

Stop When I Say,Stop!

We live in the age of “stop and frisk.” Initially, that idea was introduced in an effort to identify potential criminals bent on robbing or murder or some form of horrible action. Once the concept of “terrorism” was introduced, the world entered a new era of what constitutes “suspicious” acts. Since the word, “terrorism” has multiple definitions and cannot be physically described, the only alternative is to ‘stop and frisk” anyone who challenges authority. David Miranda happens to be the partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is known for his provocative analysis of American policies toward spying and snooping into the lives of people. So, let us introduce an old concept that worked rather well during the anti-communist hysteria of Joe McCarthy during the 1950s–“guilt by association.” Miranda was on his way through the Heathrow airport when halted by security police because he was close to Greenwald.

Miranda is arguing that his detention was illegal. He wants to establish the principle that just because I am close to a person who is disliked by authority, I am not guilty of anything other than having a friend you do not like.

Oh, the legal response was:”We assess that Miranda is knowingly carrying material, the release of which would endanger people’s lives.” So, how is this proven since nothing ever happened?

Le Pen Rides Hysteria

French President Francoise Hollande has certainly accomplished a great deal for the people of France. His inept government botched up the economy, it lacks any sense of economic planning other than shouting abour the wealthy and taxes. Yes, there is need for additional taxes, yes there is need for stimulating the economy and there is certainly need for a new economic plan. But, now clear that forces of hate are using this inept government in order to foster their ideas of right wing extremism in France. The National Front, a party of Le Pens, gained an important victory in a by election by riding the forces of discontent with the Hollande government. Lauent Lopez gained 54% of the vote in a by election and now raises the prospect of allowing the National Front to come to the front of the government with new power.

Marine Le Pen took over dad’s right wing nutty party and is attempting to make it respectable in the eyes of French people. Just another example of Tea Party hate gaining attention at a time of fear.

Surprise News-Chemical Warfare In Syria!

The president of the United States revealed the shocking news of evidence the government of Syria actually used chemical weapons against its own people. Wow! I was completely ovcerwhelmed by this news, is it really true that President Assad employed chemical weapons against the people of Syria? I thought chemical weapons was the work of the Israeli Mossad whose goal was to smear the wonderful peaceful government of Syria with the brand of terrorism. A United Nations report claimed there was “no doubt” such weapons of war were being used by the Syrian army! The report cited specific areas in Syria where signs were discovered of the use of chemicals. It concluded, “this is a war crime.”

OK, we are now all clear on this point. Or, should I say some nations are clear on this point. President Vladimir Putin is not clear since, in his humble opinion,chemical weapons have been used by the terrorist opposition to his buddy, Assad. Vladimir wants to point out to one and all the US used chemical weapons during the Vietnam war so this clears Bashar al-Assad of war crimes. If one can do it, so can all!!

Inside Obama Mind

In the spirit of public service we offer a five minute trip through the mind of Barack Obama in order to ensure that all Americans are clear as to the operation of our chief exectutive’s mind.

1. Initially, President Obama deplored killings by President Assad and made clear he opposed killing anyone-of course when he opposes killing, he means killing of bad people.

2. Assad killed and killed and President Obama slightly raised his voice to make clear that he did not like the killing of anyone.

3. President Assad used artillery, and plane bomb attacks on his people. President Obama made clear to one and all that he did not approve killing.

4. President Assad escalated the bombing of towns, the killing of civilians and President Obama expressed in ever louder tones that he opposed the killing of civilians.

5. One day President Obama made clear that while he opposed the killing of civilians, he really meant the killing of civilians with chemical weapons.

6. President Assad killed more and more people. President Obama made clear that he did not like civilians to get killed. He made note of a red line in the sand if people were killed with

Next Syrian War

There currently is a war taking place in a country that goes by the name of-Syria. This nation is provided weapons and missiles and planes in order to attack the people of Syria because the government of Syria wants to protect the country of Syria against enemies of the government. In the name of peace and order, the government of Syria has murdered over 100,000 Syirans. The government has even used chemical weapons to kill its own people. The result is that the European Union and the United States are considering responding with an air assault. So, what might happen if outside forces attack the Syrian government. Please follow closely:

1. If Syria attacks Israel which has been on the sidelines, then Israel has promised to blast away at Syria.

2. This would lead to Hezbollah in Lebanon to send thousands of missiles into Israel

3. This would result in the US sending missiles into Lebanon and Syria.

4. This would lead Israel to send more missiles into Syria or Lebanon or the Gaza Strip.

5. This would lead the European Union sending missiles into Syria and maybe Lebanon.

6. This would lead Russia and Iran to send missiles to Syria and Hezbollah which would use them to send missiles into Israel and wherever.

The end result would undoubtedly be peace?

Wha’s New In Afghanistan?

There is only one certanty in the land of Afghanistan and that is DEATH. President George Bush introduced the latest version of the Death game but if one seeks the orgin, it is necessary to go back in time at least two thousand years.The land is brutal, the land makes for ease in fighting against some enemy and makes for difficulty defending against any group that wants to kill. The Afghan Taliban murdered six more men.The men were working on a program in western Herat that supposedly was aimed at developing new job sectors andto assist those living in rural areas to have knowledge and facilites to improve their lives. Talian insurgents dressed in Afghan army uniforms, stormed a court and proceeded to murder some men.

The only rational that makes any sense is the need to kill today. Taliban leaders insist they kill bad people from the West while western folk want to kill bad guys in order to bring law and order to areas lacking law and oder. Tomorrow will arrive in Afghanistan with one group or another proclaiming they are kiling in the name of peace. One wonders if eventually will arrive a time when there is no one left to kill someone in Afghanistan??