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We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind, trapped in an 86 year old body.


We can expect open anger from Trump in the concluding weeks of this campaign.

There is nothing any Republican can do to deflect the fury of Donald at this moment.

Funny, no discussion in the past few weeks about the GREAT WALL.

I can never figure out how deporting eleven million customers makes economic sense.

Do you ever sit and wonder how we reached this level of political discourse?

Imagine President Donald Trump with his hand on the nuclear device!

In the end, the  problem is not Donald Trump, it  is we Americans!

It’s Not Me, Its You

For one year and a half, Donald Trump has wandered the lives of Americans shouting and waving his arms to make clear he wanted to make America Great Again. Latest reports indicate Donald is not only furious at the media, and Hillary Clinton, but his own staff. They dared to suggest he prepare himself for the next debate. He informed these ignorant fools that Donald Trump does not take one step back, but always moves forward. He had a Great Debate, and for some reason his staff did not see nor experience what he did. They continue insisting that he study issues, they he conduct himself with a calm demeanor.

So, Donald has made clear he is now out for revenge. He will be discussing the love lives and experiences of Bill Clinton. After all, if you lack a good job, what else but this discussion will enable you to get one.For Donald, the issues are Bill Clinton, Jobs, Security, Prosperity, and a Great Wall. He will NOT step back, but only go forward with his attacks on Bill Clinton.

Another Day, Another Shooting

It is Thursday in America, another day, another shooting. This one took place in El Cajon, California. We now have a photo of  a man standing in a shooting stance holding something in his hand as police surround him. We now know that a policeman fired and killed the man. His name is Alfredo Okwera Olango, age 38. For some reason, this man was halted by police. He apparently stepped out of his car, stood facing the cops and pulled out a vape smoking device from his car and pointed it at the  police.

He apparently had some concern about Black Lives Matter, and to prove it, he allowed himself to be shot and killed. There will be protests, there will be an investigation, and the results will prove, without any doubt, that the lives of police officers were endangered by the vape smoking device. Such is  life–and DEATH in America in the year, 2016.

Without a doubt, Donald Trump will make a speech defending the lives of police officers, and will decry, ‘political correctness.’

Death In Syria

Death is not taking a holiday in Syria. The city of Aleppo for the past few  years has been divided between forces representing the Syrian government, and rebel insurgents. Rebels control about 25% of the city and government troops control the  other 75%. It is rather a strange situation to have a city divided in the midst of  a civil war. Russian planes and Syrian planes are bombing and bombing rebel sectors of the city. They have specifically targeted hospitals, and it is now clear there are no important medical facilities still working to meet the needs of those who are wounded or sick.

A nurse reported the situation: “you cannot imagine what we see every day. Children are coming to us in body parts. We collect the body parts and wrap them in shrouds and bury them.” This is happening in the 21st century, not in the Nazi Holocaust of the 1940s.

Donald Is Angry

Donald Trump is angry. First, he is furious at the media for refusing to make clear that he creamed Hillary Clinton in the debate. People say, he has heard, everyone knows, it is believed, that Donald was the winner. In fact, he has poll numbers that clearly show he was the winner. So, why is Donald angry if he won the debate. Well, the only reason he did not win the debate was:

1. The microphone did not work.It is clear the mike was sabotaged.

2. He was given unfair questions.

3. The moderator was unfair.

However, Donald wants to make clear that he is tired of holding back. From now on, this campaign will be about who Bill Clinton slept with. After all, the key issue in America is who Bill was having sex with twenty or thirty years ago. So, expect a new Trump in the coming debate. Who the hell cares about climate change, inequality of income, racism, Hispanics raping and pillaging our nation, the REAL issue is the sex life of Bill Clinton.

Congress Opens Door To Chaos

The United States Congress passed a bill which President Obama vetoed, and then over rode his veto. The new law allows any citizen in the United States to sue a foreign  government if it believes that government aided terrorism or did anything  illegal. This will allow those who lost relatives in the 9/11 disaster to sue the government of Saudi Arabia. Just about every member of Congress voted for this new law. Of course, no one wanted to vote against a law that allegedly benefited Americans who lost loved ones –not in an election year.

Of course, the same power will now be given to foreign civilians to sue the government of  the United States. For example:

Any family who lost a loved on to a drone attack.

Anyone who was tortured during the Iraq war by members of the US military.

Anyone who has been hurt in any way by anyone in the US military.

Oh, and individuals can now sue members of the US military.

It is now open season on suing America. This is one law that soon will become the most hated in America!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26  year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


I await Fox News evaluating candidates upon the good or bad looks.

I think Donald Trump learned from Marco Rubio to drink water, to drink water.

No question, the moderator was anti-Trump and so was Donald, anti-Trump.

Shimon Peres, former Israel President, worked for peace and justice, unlike most current Israel leaders.

Many in America will vote for hate as their candidate for president.

I wonder if Donald Trump could actually speak a word without waving his arms.

If ignorance was bliss, Donald Trump would be the happiest man on this planet.

Oh, for the return of Richard Nixon, at least he knew something about foreign policy.

Donald Was Treated Unfairly!

I happend to see a report on the Clinton-Trump debate by a noted independent source,  one Rudy Giuliani. When it comes to honesty, to objectivity, there is no one who can surpass Rudy in being a voice of calm and peace. I was not surprised when Donald Trump echoed the words of Rudy and exposed the liberal plot to destroy an honest man who simply wants to bring peace and prosperity black and white people in this land, oh, and also to his beloved Hispanics.After all, he is the only candidate who actually visited Mexico.

So, what happened to Donald?

1. The moderator named Holt was a secret Democrat out to get him.

2. He was posed unfair questions by this black dude.

3. The mike was fixed in such a manner that it was hard to hear what Donald said.

4. He was denied enough water to drink. A parched voice is not as effective as a well oiled voice.

5. Hillary Clinton took advantage by reading and studying stuff.

6. She lied and lied without the moderator doing anything about it.

7. Hillary Clinton interrupted Donald at least 12 times! And, she got away with it.

8. At one point the audience broke out in laughter.

9. Donald was the symbol of a man who was restrained.

There is no question that Donald won this debate!

Shimon Peres Is Dead

Former president of Israel, Shimon Peres is dead. He, along with former Prime Minister Rabin was the voice of peace in Israel. His goal was always to seek any opportunity to attain a peaceful resolution with Palestinian leaders. He understood a basic fact of life in Israel, if the Israel government continues to rule the West Bank or incorporate it into the state of Israel, there is a definite outcome that must happen. At present, the state of Israel contains about 20% of its population which is Muslim or Christian. Jews control the state.

However, if the current Israel government of Prime Minister Netanyahu contains to build and build in the West Bank, and, at some point decides to incorporate that area into Israel, the demographics ensure an outcome that most Jews in Israel do not seek. By 2030, Jews in this new nation will comprise about 49% of the population.By 2040, they will number about 40%. The only way to ensure Jewish control of the government would be to end democracy in Israel. That outcome frightened leaders such as Shimon Peres.

In the end, birth rates determine the nature of a society.

Another White Terrorist Strikes

There is something rather strange going on in America, day after day, shooting after shooting, a white person is responsible for the chaos. Perhaps, this has something to do with the manner  in which white skinned people are raised. Most are from the middle class, they get enough food and drink, they have gobs of mechanical things to play with. They have the misfortune to be able to attend college.Something in this mix of opportunities leads white folks to gun down some folks, usually white folks.

Nathan DeSai, a disgruntled lawyer –what other kind is there– got very upset. He is a native of Texas, and if you are born and raised in Texas, the one thing drilled into your head is the right to carry a gun wherever you desire. So, Nathan got out his .45 caliber semi-automatic weapon and proceed to blast away in the quaint city of Houston, home of real tough Texans. Naturally, being a Texan he had the normal 2,500 rounds of ammunition, and he got off dozens of shots. He wounded  a several people, but was then shot to death.

So, wha is the moral of this tale? Keep out of the presence of white people, particularly those from Texas!