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ZunZero Zeroed Out In Cuba

Shocking surprise in Latin America. We know the CIA and NASA were checking phone calls from the President of Brazil since it is their duty to protect the United States of America against foreign terrorists like the current Brazilian leader. It now turns out the CIA and other American agencies have organized a secret social network in Cuba which is called, Zunzero. At present nearly 50,000 Cubans who possess a cell phone are linked in this social network, which apparently is working to overthrow the government of Cuba. The Cuban government is upset because they never gave permission for the United States to spy in their land. Big deal, we Americans never gave permission for our government to spy in the United States!

Some Cubans enjoy being part of a social network that is not linked with their government although many do not wish to be part of an American spy network in their land. The basic principle of any social network is that others have the right to pester you day and night with their idiotic comments on life. Why are Cubans anything but glad to be pestered by an unknown body, this is what they have been experiencing for over half a century?

Anyway, I am glad the NSA or the CIA is working the Cuba beat, that means less time to pester those of us in the US who want some isolation from the big, bad government. We suggest that Cubans simply dial “S” for spy and yack along with another person.

So Long French Fries

The news from the Crimea poses untold problems for the people of Russia who are shouting their joy at the return of the Crimea to beloved Mother Russia. However, a dark cloud has appeared in the skies over the Crimea. McDonald’s has announced that it is closing their three stores located on the Crimea and will no longer serve French Fries to the folk of that region. Never again will a Crimean again here the famous words of, “do you want fries along with your order?” No more horrid McDonald’s coffee in the morning, no more free coffee during the first few weeks of April, alas, the Big Mack has gone to the big guy up in the sky. There are unconfirmed reports some McDonald’s staff have decided they can not endure life without the milkshake and fries and have decided to abandon the land of Crimea for the land of Big Macs located in the state of Ukraine.

Russian nationalist hater, Vladimir Zhirinovsky has declared war, with no mercy offered to any prisoners, with the Army of McDonald’s that remains in Mother Russia. “I want to get them out of my sight. Next, we will deal with Pepsi Cola.”

As of this moment, there are no reports of action to be taken against any American Pizza establishments and Kentucky Fried Chicken has been granted neutral status. FLASH I just received word that Coca Cola is sending in troops to take over any Pepsi Cola site that has been evacuated!

Revolution That Never Was

I admire the people of Italy for their historical past when Rome ruled a large part of the world. Of course, when it comes to waging war, the past century has not been a friend to the people of Italy. During WWII an Italian army of 250,000 invaded Egypt and it was met by about 75,000 British troops who surrounded the warriors and made most their prisoners. So, when I read stories concerning war and thunder in Italy, my mind hesitates. A group of about two dozen Italians were arrested in Venice for attempting to initiate a civil war and have the wealthy northern area of Veneto secede from the rest of Italy and become a nation. I assume this was based on a desire not to see dark skinned immigrants in THEIR city of Venice and keep Italy for the Italians.

Please do not mock these gallant soldiers for freedom. They had tank, yes, A tank, they had A cannon, yes, A cannon and they had some weapons of mass destruction known as rifles and revolvers. They intended to invade St.Mark’Square in Venice to announce the formation of their new government. At this moment, they are working on a revolutionary idea in jail. National Front leader, Marino Breitane announced the group was “fighting for the freedom of the people.”‘

I am not yet quite clear which people and how do I know these people belong to “the people?”

Here To Stay!

The long war against the Affordable Care Act may be drawing to a close despite efforts by Republicans to continue their campaign of demonizing the act of providing health care to those who lack such a luxury. Originally, the Congressional Budget Office predicted if every thing went OK about 7 million would sign up by the end of March, 2014. It is not April 1 and at lead 7.1 million have signed up with a few hundred thousand still to be accounted since they are still in the process of handling paper work. Naturally, Senator Mitch McConnell is upset because people have been forced to obtain health insurance. In his neck of the woods, people prefer not having health insurance because it stimulates a sense of being an individual and which is preferable–being an independent person with no health insurance who can stand on his own two feet and go bankrupt or become a part of GOVERNMENT program which provides health care to people.

Yes, some have lost their original policy with its high deductibles and now have improved services at less cost. In all honesty, there are those who will pay higher premiums because the Affordable Care Act offers a wider range of benefits. For President Obama the nightmare is over. As he put it: “there are no death panels, Armageddon has not arrived. The Affordable Care Act is here to stay.”

Priest For Guns

I am not of the Çatholic faith but was raised to have respect for those who were priests and nuns. I worked at a Catholic college who priests and nuns were wonderful people possessing love and good will to all. Thus, it is difficult for me to write about a priest who forsakes his vow and becomes someone other than a priest. Father Paul Gotta is charged with several sexual assaults on young boys that occurred over a period of a few years. Ironically, Father Gotta informed the police that several juveniles in his school were in possession of explosives and weapons they intended to use against students and faculty in the school.

It now turns out that Father Gotta gave explosives and weapons to juveniles! I admit to sometimes getting lost in this maze of sexual depravity which has impacted some people who took religious vows. I simply do not understand how they can abuse those who were entrusted to their care. Life sometimes is mysterious.

In Plain English–We Spy On Americans!

James Clapper is director of national intelligence and one would assume that a person in such a key position would have some command of the English language. However, if one is engaged in the spy business then one must resort to spy language which is a combination of gobbled gook and what passes for how people speak when seeking to make certain that no one understands a word that is spoken. Mr. Clapper appeared before Congress and responded to questions as to whether or not American spy agencies spied on fellow Americans. We provide his exact words: “There have been queries using US persons identifiers of communications lawfully acquired to obtain foreign intelligence targets non US persons reasonably believed to be located outside the United States.”

Let me take a crack at restating what he said in the English language. “We spied on Americans engaged in making a telephone call.” Last June, President Obama said: “When it comes to telephone calls nobody is listing to your phone calls.” Perhaps the president might attempt having a discussion with Mr. Clapper in which both speak the English tongue.

Catholic Bishops Vs Obama

President Barack Obama is engaged in another conflict with bishops in the Catholic Church. However, in this situation, Catholic Bishops represent forces fighting for human rights while the president represents those who oppose human dignity. No, they are not fighting about abortion or use of contraceptives or the rights of Catholic institutions to obey provisions of the healthcare law. The fight has to do with the rights of Catholics who migrated to the United States of America in quest of a decent life for their families. Most are devout Catholics and their priests have joined in the fight to prevent them from being forced to leave families. A Catholic Bishop Conference sent a letter to President Obama. “As parties who witness the human consequences of our broken immigration system, we are deeply troubled by the division caused by current immigration enforcement policies.”

The Bishop urged the president to “take steps within your authority to limit these deportations.” In other words, Barack Obama now has an opportunity to present himself as fighting for the rights of Catholics. This is a no brainer, announce your willingness to be an ally of Catholic Bishops. However, if history offers a clue, he will undoubtedly argue since Republicans oppose reducing deportations and he wants to cooperate with them, let them go back to where they came from. As always, the timid decision is his decision!

Christie Trumped In Bridge Game

Governor Chris Christie is not only somewhat physically overweight, but his brain just is weighed down with fear the infamous Bridgegate episode will end his dream of becoming the boy from New Jersey who wound up as president. Christie asked his own law firm to conduct an “impartial”investigation into what happened. In an amazing outcome, his lawyers were able to inform the world that Chris Christie is so clean that he could work as Santa Claus this coming Christmas. The blame for any and all problems was laid at the feet of his subordinates, and great blame was directed toward Bridget Anne Kelly. Ms. Kelly, mother of three, was fired by Chris in a post Xmas gift. She is now a single mom, unemployed, and with children to support. This is one Irish lass who is out for revenge.

Her lawyer, Michael Critchley, was quite clear as to who would be the object of her displeasure by the time smoke had cleared from this battle of the sexes. He described the Christie report as: “venomous, gratuitous, and inappropriate for sexist remarks concerning Ms. Kelly(and) they have no place in what is alleged to be an independent report.” He promised the Governor, that “if Ms. Kelly were provided with the appropriate procedural safeguards,” then my former buddy, she would be “fully cooperative” with any and all investigative bodies!

If I was Chris Christie I would drive with care when going over any bridge.

Religion And Health

Frankly, I am confused as to why there is even a discussion in the US Supreme Court regarding the so-called religious rights of businessmen to deny access to health care for their employees. Some businessmen argue since they do not believe in abortion on religious grounds they are not bound to provide women access to preventive health measures such as abortion. There are religions which do not believe in the field of medicine, I assume that a businessman can argue since his religion does not allow an individual to use hospitals or doctors, then he has a right not to pay for such services under the Affordable Care Act. How about:

1. Organize your own religion and then argue it does not allow any form of medicine.

2. Organize your own religion and argue that it does not allow any tax money you pay to be used for paying those on unemployment insurance.

3. Some are pacifists due to religion, I assume this means they do not have to allow any of their tax money to go to pay for weapons.

Ridiculous argument.

Life Of Venezuela Mayor

There is away going on in eastern Europe as Vladimir Putin imposes his madness upon the people of Ukraine, but there is also a war going on closer to the United States of America. President Nicolas Maduro who won the office about a half percent point is battling the people of his own nation because they are exhausted by his incompetence and brutality. Maduro and his predecessor Hugo Chavez came to power citing real concerns about a society in which those with money dominated the government and impoverished the people. Now, under Maduro, the only thing different is that,no only the poor, but just about everyone is confronting poverty. Try finding a roll of toilet paper in Caracas, let alone chicken for the night. In response to this growing chaos, people are taking to the streets, banging on pots, setting up barricades and demanding action to establish an effective economy.

The government arrested the mayor of San Cristobal and charged Daniel Ceballos with “failure to meet the obligations under the law” as well as “supporting irrational violence.”

I wonder if we could use such a law in America. When it comes to supporting “irrational violence,” we Americans can match any mayor in Venezuela, care to challenge Ted Cruz or John Boehner on the issue of being “irrational??”