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Beware False Prophets

John Boehner issued his last hurrah about the state of American politics and it was not full of praise for his fellow Republicans. Boehner warned:”Beware of false prophets. There are people out there spreading voice about how much they can get done. We have groups here in town, members of the House and Senate,who whip people into a frenzy how they can accomplish things they know can never happen.” Mr. Boehner is NOT talking about Democrats, he is NOT talking about Barack Obama, he IS talking about the Tea Party and voices such as Ted Cruz and company.

There is something very sad about John Boehner, he really wanted to accomplish some goals for the Republican Party. He knew, as a politician that achieving goals in a democracy means-COMPROMISE. I did not agree with his goals, but he is right that democracy is based upon the principle of compromise.So, he departs with a sad farewell.

Storm In A Teacup

The Tea Party decided to have a tea party but the enemy was not the British, but one of their own kind. They declared war on John Boehner who undoubtedly represented the worse form of liberal. He simply did not wish to wage war on Planned Parenthood since there were a few more important issues than an organization which provides information and services to women. Gee, they assist women to remain healthy even when hey are dealing with pregnancy.Boehner understood the House of Representatives could pass a bill that defunded Planned Parenthood, but President Obama would simply veto the bill and everyone would be back to square one.

No doubt, Congressman Boehner, a devout Catholic took to heart words of compassion from the Pope. Boehner is a tired man who has spent past few years defending hate and hate. He just got so tired that he needed a time out from politics and so he has resigned. The Tea Party will continue on its juvenile delinquent path and there will be speech after speech, but the end result will be– nothing changes.

Pope Francis Vs Republicans

Pope Francis did appear before Congress, John Boehner cried because this nice Catholic man was finally standing close to his Pope. Of course,t he question was–did what the Pope say impact your ideas on climate change, immigrants, or social justice? Me thinks not. Pope Francis asked Republicans to remember that “most of us once were foreigners.” He urged them to recall the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It was strange, his words caused Democrats to immediately rise in applause, there was a moment of hesitation upon the part of Republicans as the words caused them to pause and reflect. Act mean to opponents? Lord, that is the operating mode of the Republican party!

Pope Francis proved by his demands for action on the issue of climate change that he would never be a candidate for president in a Republican primary. Yes, they applauded. Yes, they denied his call for social action on the issue of income inequality. Frankly, they claim to love him while denying what he said. Sound familiar in the life of Jesus Christ??

UN Inspections For All

As of June 1st there were six nations that refused to allow UN inspectors into its nuclear facilities. They are: China,India,Pakistan, North Korea, Iran and—-? Now that Iran has agreed to such inspections, how about the last one on this list to accept such action. Oh, the last one is the state of Israel. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continually expresses concern as to whether inspections will prevent Iran from securing atomic bombs. As of this moment, Israel is adamantly opposed to allowing UN folk into its facilities. Israel Atomic Energy Commissioner, Ze’eve Snir warned that the world must be on guard against nations such as Iran who will cheat on inspections.He also warned that Iraq, Syria and Libya had attempted to develop atomic bombs.

Well, we know that Israel has at least 70 atomic bombs and can blast into dust any and all Muslim nations in the Middle East. Now, that Iran has agreed to inspection, how about demanding that Israel join the club for peace and security?

Bad Air Everywhere

A basic assumption of those seeking the Republican nomination is that pollution or global warming is an American issue and there is no need to examine whether or not this thing is occurring in other parts of the world. If one simply ignores the issue elsewhere then we here in America can continue doing whatever we do. Believe it or not, as Pope Francis notes, we are ALL guardians of this planet.The India National Health Profile indicates that at least 3.5 MILLION people in this country are suffering from acute respiratory infection and that thousands will die.

Naturally, this pitch about pollution does not resonate with Republican voters in the good state of Iowa. The concept of ‘connection’ is one lost on the clowns who seek the presidency. If any health problem is happening in the world, it is occurring thousands of miles from Wisconsin so, who cares? Of course, incredible fires in California, yes, California IS part of the US, occur partly due to global warming. But,then again, California will vote for Democrats, so who cares?

At age 85, I do not recall any such narrow minded candidates seeking the presidency.

On Yom Kippur

As a good Jewish boy I went to services at my Temple–of course, in my youth we only went to a soul, and temples were places where the Christians went to pray. As the hours went by, I read page after page about the evil deeds committed against Jews throughout the ages. I read words urging God to take care of those who did evil to Jews.For some reason,God was not implored to take action against those who persecute Muslims or Hispanics or minority groups throughout the world. Just punish those who did evil to Jews.

Let me make clear that few groups of humans can match the hatred aimed at Jews throughout the past two thousand years. Jews certainly should win the hate-persecution-murder trophy. But, I found myself feeling uneasy as the reading continued, I wondered: is God only supposed to destroy those who murder Jews or does the Big Guy up in the sky save some of the revenge for those who murder and rape innocent people who are not Jews? Based on the reading, God sure is not an equal opportunity revenge sheriff.

So God, save some of your anger for those in the Middle East who murder and rape, nonstop. Then again, please God wipe out any and all murderers regardless of where they are in the world or whatever is their religion.

Pope Francis, Enemy Of GOP

There is something ironic about Republican Catholics who rush to judgment about the Muslim religion, and are compelled, due to their ideology to rush to judgment about the Catholic religion. Suddenly, this nice conservative religion has become a part of the plot to destroy America and allow the shiftless and lazy to take away money from our wonderful job creators. Overtime Pope Francis urges support for the poor, Catholic Republicans recede in horror from this man who pretends to know something about poverty or the needs of those without.

He really got to Republicans yesterday in Washington when he came out for fighting the evil of climate change and praised the efforts of that notorious hater of job creators-Barack Obama. “It was encouraging that you are providing an initiative for reducing air pollution.” For some reason fighting for clean air has become an attack on the American way of life.

Oh, I forgot, Pope Francis is no scientist, actually, he is one. At least one idiot Texas congressman will be boycotting the Pope’s speech today.

Always, the Abortion Wars Continue

I am presently 85 years of age, and for about sixty years of my life, arguments concerning abortion have filled the airwaves, the television waves, the talk show waves and God knows where else! Well, its Wednesday and we must have an abortion story. Republicans introduced a law that would ban abortion after twenty weeks of fetus existence. Mitch McConnell, the man who so enjoys working with members of the Democratic party appealed to their sense of decency. “We in this chamber are never going to agree completely on the abortion question. But, we should at least be able to agree that an unborn child has reached the point where he or she can feel pain, that child deserves protection.”

Republican Senator Susan Collins rejected his plea with the comment: “A well-meaning but flawed bill.” Sorry,Mitch, there is absolutely no evidence that a fetus feels pain.

How about a moratorium for ten months without these bills that will never become law. And,most likely,if they did, the Supreme Court with its Republican majority would strike down the law.

Ted Cruzo on Saint Ronald

Ted cruz was on the Stephen Colbert show and, as usual, was determined, blunt and spoke the Republican truth about Saint Ronald Reagan. He informed the audience that Saint Ronald cut taxes, he dealt firmly with protecting our borders and he initiated a job boom unknown to prior presidents. Mr. Colbert noted a few FACTS:

1. President Reagan pushed through an AMNESTY PROGRAM FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS which allowed over two million to become American citizens.

1. President Reagan did cut taxes, but he then RAISED TAXES because the government needed more cash inflow.

3. It has now become accepted truth among economists that the beginning of the decline of our middle class can be traced to the Reagan administration. Ted: the greatest job growth occurred during the Clinton eight years in office.

Anyway, Ted was right on that he loved his daughters and his wife.

Let me note the Fact that Ted graduated from Harvard Law School. This is proof that never send your child to Harvard if this ignorant man represents what Harvard graduates.

Scot,We Knew Ye Well

Well, Scot Walker will no longer be with us, he has departed the campaign trail in order to return to Wisconsin and deal with issues that he does know about– cheese and cutting pensions. I gather that Scott tried very, very hard to persuade Sheldon Adelson and his billions of dollars to give him a few hundred million. After all, this is Yom Kippur night,and the least Sheldon could have done was to be generous to this nice Catholic boy who adores, worships, loves Israel, or at least, the Israel of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Anyway,the good news is that since Scott no longer has to be on the campaign trail he can devote his energies to dealing with Wisconsin home-grown terrorists like teachers, social workers and firemen. After all, if he could stand up to social workers, imagine how President Walker would have dealt with ISIS!