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Bernie Just Doesn’t Get It

I agree with ideas being expressed by Senator Bernie Sanders during the past few months about income inequality and the need to reduce power of the wealthy. But, his recent comments that he has the ability to gather together those now supporting Donald Trump is not merely wishful thinking, it is completely wrong.  “What Trump has done with some success  is taken that anger  from those fears,  which are legitimate, and unleashed them into anger against Mexicans, against Muslims.”

Bernie, it is not merely income inequality that drives that anger. Its foundation is   hatred toward Hispanics,  hatred toward Muslims, hatred toward those who are socially, if not economically, below the white working class. Yes, these people hate the wealthy, but their hate is more vicious toward minority groups. This is an old pattern in American history. Donald Trump is merely the latest demagogue who uses prejudice to gain political power. If there were no wealthy, these white groups would still be hating Mexicans and Muslims.

No Come Santa

This blog has been in secret conversations with Trump headquarters in order to alert these vigilant defenders of Christianity against the heathen Muslims. The nation of Brunei has struck a blow for all those who are weary with the endless plump guys sporting white beards and ringing a bell. The  Brunei government has officially banned Christmas from the land. It is designed to “control the act of  celebrating Christmas excessively which could damage the beliefs of the Muslim community.”

First, these Muslims just about wipe out the entire American population,and now they are striking at the very foundation of Xmas–buying presents, singing the same songs over and over again, and listening to ministers preaching something called, ‘brotherly love.” All I know is that the Donald man is ready to strike a blow for Xmas–ban the arrival of anyone from the state of Brunei!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Send In The Clowns”

No need to, they are already in Congress.

Egypt, al-Ahram: “Charged With Spreading False News”

Come on, what else is Fox News supposed to do!

Israel, Jerusalem Post: “Perfect Female Body”

I don’t know about her body, but when it comes to perfect nonsense, Carly Fiorina gets the prize.

China, China Daily: “More Polluted Air”

Just another day in Communist land.

India, Times of India: “Epic Love Tiangle”

Trump, Rubio and Cruz?

Ben Carson-One Dumb Guy!

Ben Carson once again was on a debate stage and sort of mumbled some thoughts about the world and his work cutting open skulls. He was asked if his skills and knowledge enabled him to order bombing attacks that would kill innocent children.

“I have spent my life cutting open skulls of children, and they are afraid for a moment, but when I am finished they love me. I have no problem ordering bombing attacks in Syria, of  course, I would need some further information as to where in the world is this place.”

He was asked his opinion about  ISIS. “From early childhood I have always loved ices. In particular, I really enjoy a cold raspberry ice. OH, you mean the terror group. As a Christian I love all people. I would so enjoy sitting down with these people and allowing them to get to know me. I am certain once they knew who Ben Carson was they would, not only buy my book, they would invite me into their home. It is very  important to talk slow so these people could understand my English. I will tonight ask Jesus to embrace them as brothers.”

The 25% Modern Dilemma

The world is currently living in the 21st century, but in nation after nation there remains a solid 25% of people who prefer the good old days of nineteenth century living. Here in America, a solid 25% do not believe in climate change,they do not believe in “science” which is regarded as some sort of “liberal”plot to destroy the nation, and they DO believe our President was born in Kenya and is a Muslim.

Unfortunately, this 25% is found in France where the National Front, a right wing party  led by Marine Le Pen, won 28% of the vote, but was unable to gain control over any region. This same 25% is in England, in Turkey, in India, and every nation of the modern world. They simply can not adjust to life in the modern world. We in America will be voting in November, the real question is whether or not we elect one of the 25% as our next president.

Donald VS / Ted

Donald Trump has an interesting capacity  to attack those who are getting close to him in Republican support. So, now is the time to go after Ted Cruz. Ted is among the leading advocates of preventing immigrants into America. Of course,  his dad was born in Cuba and he was born in Canada. Of course, since his mother was US born, then Ted is an American citizen.

But, Donald wants Republicans to know: “I do like Ted Cruz but not a lot of evangelicals come out  of Cuba.” He also mad note of the fact that Ted is supported by big oil companies which oppose ethanol and now Ted is against it. “If Ted is against ethanol, how does he win in Iowa? Because that’s very anti-Iowa.”

Who knows, maybe Donald is right on this one?

No Room In The Church For Jews

During the past two thousand years we Jews have been  murdered, we have been compelled to abandon our religion and become a good Christian in order to save our souls.  Pope Francis decided that it was time for the Catholic Church to get out of the  business of converting Jews and let them be who the heck they want to be. “The Church is therefore obliged to view evangelization to Jews  who believe in one God  in a different manner. The Church neither conducts or supports  institutional mission  work directed at Jews.”

He also noted that Christians “never can be an antisemite because Jews were the root of Christianity.”

NOW, he tells them!

Chicago Wars Continue

It is difficult these days in the Chicago area to pick up a newspaper or watch the 6:00 clock news without some video which depicts police blasting away at unarmed –black young men. It took Mayor Rahm Emanuel over a  year to finally release the video which clearly shows officer van Dyke blasting SIXTEEN bullets into the body of Laquan McDonald. Unfortunately,  each day another video surfaces and questions are raised about the efforts of Emanuel to control illegal police behavior.

The latest figure indicates that over the past decade the city of Chicago has paid out $475.,000,000 to relatives of black men who were shot without any reason. By the way, Chicago is in a $500,000,000 education budget hole. The police culture is to protect your buddy when it goes bonkers. The police culture is for cops to write descriptions of shootings that lack any semblance to reality.

Perhaps, it is time for Rahm Emanuel to resign and allow a complete house cleaning from top to bottom of the police department?

Just Say NO!

I never thought in a million years that I would express praise for the great Dick Cheney, but even he can’t take Donald Trump any more. The Donald man finally made certain that all candidates for president joined together to denounce his latest explosion of nonsense. “We used to be called the  quiet majority,but people are fed up–they are fed up with incompetents, they re fed up with stupid leaders, they are fed up with stupid people. We need a total and complete shut down of Muslims entering the U.S. while we figure out what the hell is going on. By the way, I  have Muslim friends, they are great people.”

He is proposing that each person seeking to enter the United States be asked the following question: “Are you a Muslim?” If the answer is, “Yes,” then the person has to return from whence they came. I am still confused as to whether the question would be asked of Muslim American citizens. But, wha the heck, this is America, the land in which people enjoy religious freedom. Even Dick Cheney says this nonsense.

Venezuela Has Hope

After Hugo Chavez gained power in Venezuela he imposed what he termed to be a “Socialist”revolution in which those with wealth would pay to  ensure that poor people got a decent form of life. Somewhere along the road of this “Socialist” revolution things sort of went in the wrong direction.  After Chavez established his own form of kleptocracy in which those who claim to be “Socialists” simply took the wealth of middle and upper classes in order to enrich their own lives.

Fortunately, the people of Venezuela finally had a fair election for the National Assembly and  a Center-Right coalition won an overwhelming majority. President Nicolas Maduro  has promised to obey the voice of the  people. Frankly,we have doubts that  he will.  Maduro might  just claim those with wealth want to return to the good old days before the “Socialist” revolution. Venezuela needs a moderate government whose initial task is creating a viable economic system.