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So, What Now, Bernie?

The end of the road is now in sight for those supporting Bernie Sanders. He ain’t going to win  the nomination and Wall Street can take a deep breath. Actually, I doubt if any Wall Street guys lost a single night’s sleep over the white haired guy from Brooklyn. The real issue is what now for Bernie?

1. He can continue talking about speeches and Hillary money which makes Donald happy.

2. He can organize a movement to retake control of Congress by voting this year for US Senators, congressmen, state legislators and governors.

3. He can go home and sulk.

4. He can enter negotiations for him to run as her vice president.

5.He can identify Clinton  ideas that are consistent with his own.

Bernie, the time has come to behave as a leader in the fight to prevent a Republican victory this fall.

Key Anti-Terrorist Plan Revealed

Perhaps, Donald Trump is campaigning in the wrong country, and he might consider crossing the Atlantic Ocean and heading for France. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has identified the most powerful way to crush ISIS and all other Islamic terrorist groups. This tough talking leader of the free world has identified the most powerful way to end terrorism as  a threat to the people of Europe. Valls has called for banning the use of headscarfs from universities. He argues the vast majority of French  people believe this Islamic idea is incompatible with the values of the Republic.

OK, the Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkcan is agains this idea and is  now muttering something about freedom of conscience and liberty. Now,what the hell does freedom of conscience have to do with saving, not only France, but the free world from the horror of women walking around with a headscarf? I guess if having things on one’s head is a threat, how about those Jews who wear something on their heads?

Oh, I was raised as an Orthodox Jew and women had to wear a head piece while in the shul.

Exclusive: New Trump Immigration Plan

This intrepid reporter can now present to the American people a startling new Trump plan to resolve the immigration problem without building walls or deporting millions of Hispanics. Ivanka Trump is proposing a fascinating new approach to immigration in America by those of Hispanic background.  “As long as  you come here legally and get a proper job…we need immigrants. Who’s going to clean up after us? Americans don’t like to do that.”

So, here is the new Trump immigration plan:

1. Mexicans obtain a visa.

2. Waiting for the immigrants are thousands, heck no, hundreds of thousands of employer or housewives seeking reliable domestic help. From now on ALL Hispanic immigrants simply agree to work as domestic servants and make life easier for the top one percent.

3. Think of all the janitor jobs in our  factories that real Americans don’t want to do! Let the Hispanic clean up our shit!

4. And they can walk through a door which eliminates the need to construct walls!

P.S. And they are not Muslim Syrians!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


These days Republicans hold their noses when voting.

Not a single candidate from either party has discussed the impact of technology on unemployment–how come?

This is the first presidential campaign in history in which how one pisses or shits is an issue.

Republicans have shifted from the unborn child to the born penis as an issue.

OH well, baseball is back and we don’t have to vote who wins or loses.

Its Monday in Chicago and someone will get shot today.

American politicians talk about wiping out Muslim terrorists but not a single one has a son who will fight in such a battle.

Its Ted Vs Donald

Republicans who rejected such excellent candidates such as:

Jeb Bush –Rand Paul–Ben Carson–Carly Fiorina–Rick  Perry- Rick Santorum-Mike Huckabee –Ben Carson — and add any other name that enters your mind- are now confronted with the likes of Ted Cruz or Donald Trump. So, how do these two stalwarts stack up against one another?

Immigration– both want to deport twelve million

Hispanic terrorists–both want to build a BIG wall.

Taxes– Ted wants to  have everyone pay 10% and Donald wants to make everyone wealthy.

Terrorism–Ted wants to carpet bomb anything that moves–Donald wants to kill every single one of these bastards!

Women –Ted wants to control the bodies of women, Donald wants to insult every woman.

Israel –Ted loves Israel more than anyone, Donald has given more checks to Israel groups than anyone.

IRS–Ted wants to abolish it, Donald has yet to take a stand about it.

Health care–Ted  wants to end all government programs, Donald wants to give everyone a GREAT health care program.

GOD, both are for HIM.

Muslims– both do agree to get rid of them over there and over here.

On the Republican Party– both are disliked, but Ted less so.


Republican Alternatives To Be President

In an effort to assist our Republican friends we offer some suggestions as to who might be their candidate in the fall.

1. There is always Rudy Giuliani, a man who can out boast Donald any day in the year. After all, he single-handedly saved America after 9/11.

3. Why have Republicans forgotten Dick Cheney?  A man who was vice -president is eligible to run for president–that’s  lot more than Ted Cruz can say.

3. Rand Paul was the only guy on the debate stage who made any common sense. At least he is not full of hot air and he does have a biting send of humor.

4. Carly Fiorina is a natural born bitch who, unlike Donald Trump, only sent one business into an economic collapse.

5. Gee, I miss good old Rick Perry, at least he was born in Texas unlike the Cruz fellow.

7. Herman Cain has a few plus factors- he is black, he is a business man, he knows how to make pizza, he is a low key bull-shit artist, and he is dying for  another gig on the stage of life.

8. Then again, there is always Don Rumsfeld. OK, so he fucked up in Iraq,  a person is entitled to one more chance to fuck  up in the Middle East!

9.There is a guy named Mitt. He does not need any introduction.

10. Last but not least is the quiet black guy who may not know how to cut up people in a debate, but he sure knows how to cut up people.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Have Republican  leaders thought about Rudy Giuliani–after all, he single handedly saved America on 9/11.

Then again, there is always chubby boot-licking Chris Christie.

I guess a good export we can get into is suicide-bomber vests.

I wonder if Donald understands that if one builds walls, people can build tunnels.

Some day I will figure out who the hell the Kardashians are or what they are.

These days when April arrives we get snow showers in Chicago, not rain showers.

Of course, in south Chicago people get bullet showers every day of the year.

Ted Cruz had a new career as the evil guy in the movie.

I wonder if Ben Carson is available as a foreign policy adviser for Donald?

New title of law School for George Mason University- Antonin Scalia School Of Law -ASSOL.

Ah, for the days of strong unions and high paying jobs!

So now, Hillary and Bernie are having a food fight.

John Kerry is awful quiet these days.


We offer observations on the human condition from a  25 year of mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


2016 is the year to sell political dreams to one and all.

Part of me would so enjoy President Cruz establishing a budget without the IRS.

I wonder what little Marco Rubio is doing these days.

ISIS  is retreating and losing territory which means, they must blow up some place in Europe.

I doubt that over the past year Donald Trump has expressed one intelligent idea.

I so enjoy when Donald talks to himself during a speech.

Gee, I wonder how many rapes were carried out yesterday by those illegal Hispanic immigrants.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 854 year old body.


I await a Trump promise to nuke the entire Middle East and end the Islamic threat.

I spend hours attempting to identify SOME Republican who would make a good president–just a blank.

John Kasich tries so hard, so very hard to come across as someone who could lead something.

Ted Cruz  could easily  get a movie role as the evil guy in the flick.

Baseball, and finally SOMETHING that has a beginning and an end!

I await a Trump claim that he could hit the GREATEST home run in history.

We Americans can learn something from Europe and have a campaign season that runs a month.

Give A Rebel Yell!

There are still many folks in the state of Mississippi who think back with regret to the days of the Civil War and just wish the beloved Confederate army had won and preserved the wonderful world of slavery and mint juleps and women who had the respect of men in those days when she had a few slaves to boss around. Governor Phil Bryant has proclaimed April to be “Confederate Heritage Month.” April 25 will now be Confederate Memorial Day. This state information was released on the web site of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. How about:

1. Those darkie kids in school sitting in the back of the room>

2. Certainly, all blacks should sit in the back of the bus.

3. I see no reason why blacks in Mississippi should at least on one day, become servants. It would be a great way to honor those who enslaved their ancestors.

Oh, the state of Alabama has made clear that “slavery was one of the issues of the Civil War and slavery should be condemned.” Who says Alabama is not a great state!