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Church And Sex

I confess to examine issues pertaining to sex when it comes to those who claim to somehow be connected to the Big Guy up in the sky. Father Gerald Ridsdale is a priest in Australia and finally what he has been doing for the past thirty years has emerged into knowledge of the entire world. Ridsdale confessed that over a few decades of time he has been sexually molesting young boys and girls. He commonly informed these children that allowing him to enjoy their bodies was simply an act on his part to serve the Lord. In all honesty, he did give children a reward for their encounters, each received a nice bag of candy. Oh, along with instruction to the girls not to reveal their “little secret” to any nun.

Cardinal George Pelll does have some explanation to provide, not only to his church, but to police. He apparently destroyed important documents related to these cases of sexual molestation. I have a hunch that God up above really does not seek to have those on this planet sexually abuse its inhabitants in His name!

Venezuela Descends Into Chaos

It is now over sixty years since Fidel Castro overthrew a dictator in Cuba and installed his version of dictatorship which he termed. “communist.” Fidel promised the people of Latin America that “communism” would rid the continent of hated “Yankees” and herald the arrival of a new democratic way of life in which oligarchs and imperialists would no longer control the nation. He found a fervent admirer in Hugo Chavez, the leader of Venezuela. Chavez is now dead and his disciple, Nicolas Maduro still is trapped in an ideology that long since has meant anything resembling the truth. Venezuela has oil and it has used oil income to support an ineffective economic structure that no longer functions to meet basic needs. Pedro Perez, a 64 year old man, noted, “I spend five or six hours in a queue just to buy two packs of flour or two bottles of cooking oil.”

Such is life in Venezuela. Thousands now protest in the streets demanding an economic structure based on sound principles that can restore vitality to their economic lives. Maduro responds with brutal force and sends to prison those opposing his regime. In the last election, Maduro won by less than one percent of the vote, but he insists “Venezuelans” support his policies. Violence is escalating and there will be more dead or in jail. A touch of reality is needed in Venezuela.

Wither America Demographically?

The nation we call, the United States of America was founded by those of the Christian Protestant faith. Until 1800, about 96% of Americans were either Protestant and about 3% were Catholic, and there were a few thousand Jews. Of course, slaves represented about 15% of the population. The initial demographic change occurred during the period 1830-1870 when large numbers of Irish Catholics and German immigrants arrived. Later in the second half of the 19th century came those from Sweden and Finland and Denmark. However, the next great change occurred between 1880-1924 when over 20,000,000 immigrants arrived from eastern Europe, and Italy. Included within this group were about 3,000,000 Jews. By 1914, one out of four people in America was either born in another land or the child of an immigrant.

Of course, there were always slaves(freed in the 1860s) and those of Spanish heritage who lived in the southwest and California. Two years ago, a majority of people in California were no longer of European heritage and now the latest figure is that 39% of California inhabitants are of Mexican heritage. Those of white European heritage are now the minority. There are now large numbers of people from Asian background along with African Americans.

By the year 2050, those who trace their ancestry to Europe will become the minority in the United States of America. If the Republican party does not change its attitude it will vanish in the dustbin of history. Demographics, in the end, decide the fate of nations.

Abortion Wars Continue And Continue

First, let me make clear that this blog does have mixed feelings concerning the issue of abortion. It is a complex one in which those on both sides of the issue offer pertinent points. Certainly, the issue as to when does”life” commence is a philosophical one, and should be debated. The Red River Women’s Clinic is the last remaining place for women seeking an abortion in North Dakota. The state legislature attempted to close down the clinic by requiring any doctor who works at the clinic to have admitting right in a local hospital. The clinic has instituted legal action since the 3 doctors who perform the 1200 abortions fly in for the abortion.

This requirement has nothing to do with health and safety of the patient and everything to do with the politics of abortion. Reality: if there was no abortion option available, many women would seek illegal options and thus endanger their lives and health. If abortion depends upon money, then denying it to the poor is not ethically correct.

Fortunately, Sandford Health offered admitting rights to the doctors, but the issue is making abortion impossible based on monetary considerations.

St. Patrick Day Parade In Trouble

I was born and raised in the slums of New York City and if there is anything one quickly learns is that one must not mess with the Irish politicians who ran the city. I saw movies in which wonderful Irish priests solved problems and helped poor kids box their way out of poverty with a few good blows to their butts. Each year there was the wonderful St. Patrick Parade which allowed men and women to drink their full of beer and whiskey and all were happy. But, these days there are groups like the Boston Mass Equality which want to march carrying a banner that proclaims to the world: LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL TRANSGENDER VETERANS. The Allied War Veterans Council had no problem with gay and lesbians in the parade, but just wanted them to march without informing the world of their sexual orientation. For some reason, Mass Equality refused.

Mayor Walsh will not march unless all those who are gay are also allowed to march and carry whatever damn signs they desire. Organizers emphasized at least they HAD talked with gay folk, and that was a first, and they just “will not allow anyone to march who expresses harmful or inappropriate messages.”

I guess we wait until next year to get dead drunk and be happy!


I wish to apologize for my mistaken approach to the story of a plane that currently is missing and is somewhere in Asia or Russia or in Arizona. I failed to recognize underlying factors that really are in play. So, here is the real story:

Version I. A Sociological expedition from the planet Xul took possession and the entire plane is now in the hold of a space ship while Xulian scientists attempt to uncover the process of h9ow a human mind functions. Earth is the first planet containing supposed “intelligent” life which as rather bizarre explanations as to the process by which life develops and ideas regarding God are unusual. It is a process, not a being.

Version !!: Mossad agents kidnapped the plane as part of a joint operation with the CIA. Note the attempt to blame two Iranians for the disaster. Blame it on the Iranians is the new mantra.

Version III: Some teens were playing with their iPads when four adults were berserk and took over the plane and crashed it.

Version IV: Fox News was running out of crazy ideas about blaming Obama for disasters when they got the idea of creating their own disaster and blaming the wimp for not preventing the disaster.

Version V: Vladimir was feeling real high about Crimea which led him to think about taking over Malaysia. There was one Russian passenger which now allows Putin to send the Russian army to Malaysia in order to protect Russian citizens.

Cry For Venezuela

Juan Resquesen is a nice college boy living in Venezuela who at the moment is not in a student dorm but at home with mom and dad while he zooms around Caracas on his motorcycle organizing students and giving speeches to his fellow students. His goal is to get President Nicolas Maduro to lay off the rough stuff, free those who are in jail for the crime of not liking the current nation’s leader, and proceed with creating a modern stable and effective government. He has been urged by the government to head for the western state of Tachira where students have erected barriers in the streets in protest against a government that lacks any sense of how to run a country so that people can actually go to stores and purchase food and at least one roll of toilet paper. These days one would give my kingdom in Venezuela for some paper to wipe my ass.

Juan has been urged by some students to engage in violence, but he seeks to establish an alliance with poor people in order to get rid of Maduro without violence. At this point 22 are dead and a few hundred wounded. Frankly, Maduro is scared shitless since he has no idea how to run an economy and Cuba is hardly a model on economic effectiveness.

Missing Plane Theories

An important goal of this blog is keeping the public up to date regarding breaking news in the world. In an endeavor to discover what happened to the plane that fell from the air and no one knows where it landed, so we asked some experts to explain.

Tea Party: What else do you expect when you elect savages from Africa as your leader? Just another Obama bungle.

George Bush: I think the pilot discovered the Weapons of Mass Destruction and was thus blown out of the sky before he could tell their location.

Rural Christian American: It was the anti-Christ come down to punish we sinners. Remember the plane was loaded with Muslims!

Mitt Romney: If you only allowed the wealthy to fly the skies no such events would ever occur.

Sarah Palin: Did you note that Hillary Clinton was not on the plane? Is that a coincidence?

Vladimir Putin: We had to take defensive action against Fascists from the Ukraine.

Taliban Leader: Mess with us and you can expect to get blown up, you infidel!!

John Boehner: The solution to finding this plane is reducing taxes on the wealthy and emphasizing individualism!

Barack Obama: I know what happened but it would require you to take a graduate course in philosophy before I could explain the entire event.

John McCain: One Word: BENGHAZI!

GOD: I have enough problems explaining you Earth life forms to the other Gods!

Oh Them Darkies!

There are many in the Republican party who so enjoy poking fun at “those people,” which in English means, those of the African American persuasion. Representative Pat Garofolo in Minnesota frequently makes comments about “According to Pat, “70% of teams in the NBA could fold tomorrow, nobody would notice the difference with possible exception of street crime.” In other words, black people are the ones who commit crimes in America. I assume that anyone whose name concludes with the letter, “o” may well be of the Italian American persuasion. In my childhood, leading gangsters in America were frequently Italian American or Jewish. The origin of the Mafia stems from an alliance between Jewish gangsters like Meyer Lanksy and Lucky Luciano. Blacks were the victims of crime, not the originators.

Reality is that crime attracts those at the bottom of the economic ladder. Once they were Irish, then Jewish and then Italian. Frankly, hard to imagine any player in the NBA who turns to crime.

On The Death Of Humanity

The madness of the human race raises the question as to whether or not at some distant point we humans will make some drastic mistake that results in the end of being able to continue the human race. What would occur if at some point, we humans could not create new life and thus at some distant moment in history, the race we know as “human” would simply disappear, not only from this planet but from the universe? How would we think, feel, conduct our lives if there was no human race that continues to exist. Suppose, as we die along with other human deaths we reach a point in time when there are no children, just a increasingly declining group of elderly people who inhabit a world without youth and without a human destiny? What is we are today, and at some moment in time, we humans just disappear from the planet and the universe?

I believe that it is our faith in the inevitability of tomorrow that enables us to confront today. If there was no tomorrow then we would crumble into passivity and simply give up use of our mind. We need the existence of a collective tomorrow that spurs our efforts today to become creative thinking life forms. We humans without any thought constantly destroy life forms and end their existence on this planet. Just remember, that possibility also exists for we humans!