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Christian Anger

Every single person on the stage last night promised to bring back jobs, wipe out ISIS and their families, deny any woman or child refuge in the United States and made certain the Christian religion was protected. Each  promised to end the “war on religion” which usually refers to males marrying males and females marrying females.Candidates assume a tough voice in demanding freedom of religion which ordinarily winds up somehow connected to my right to have an assault weapon.

There is slight doubt millions of Americans have come to believe the essence of Christianity is having a gun at home to shoot any interloper or not allowing people to get married. The link between Christianity and guns is now an accepted concept of the religion. This modern Christian has hatred toward Muslims, towards Arabs, toward poor Christians from Mexico,and anyone who has suffered in a war.

Somehow, this somehow  does not resemble the Christian church that allegedly was founded by a Jewish guy who  preached love and peace. Frankly, there is no way whatsoever that Jesus is coming back to this crowd of haters. I have a hunch spends his days and nights up in Heaven crying at what somehow was created in his name.

The Childrens Hour

Like millions of Americans I have now heard a dozen of what passes for a “debate.” As of this moment, these “debates” increasingly have deteriorated in to insults and wild claims and boasts as to who should be the leader of the free world. Last night, Donald responded to insults from Marco about his “small hands” with a ringing boast that he did possess a large you-know-what in the lower extremities of his body. This is perhaps the first time in American political history that an issue centers upon penis size.

At another point while Donald refused to calm down, the adult in the room, Ted Cruz gently whispered, “now Donald, take a deep breath, breathe easy, relax” I do not recall during my 75 years watching political conflicts every having a candidate talk to an opponent as though he was a raving little boy who simply had lost control of his temper.

The sum total, as usual were promises to:

1. End Obamacare and bring back millions of jobs. Which jobs has never been made clear.

2. Make businessmen bring back jobs from China or Vietnam or Mexico. How a president in a free enterprise system does that is never made clear.

3. As always, “Make America Great Again.” In which way is never explained.

After all, this is a group of little kids who are boasting.

Marco, Marco

Marco,Marco I so enjoy a fighter who has been knocked down a few times and still believes the other guy is the one who lies on the canvas. Marco,Marco, your words of victory resound in my heart and make me feel as though when my team loses twenty games in a row, it is merely a warm up to win the whole shebang. Marco,Marco, you are an optimist, too bad you were not around at Hiroshima when they dropped the atomic bomb and could lead people in cheering at their great victory –they forced the Americans to use up an atomic bomb!

Marco,Marco, I know it is time to move on to other areas of the nation. Marco,Marco, just imagine how millions will react to your words of victory  when you come in third? I have asked the NÏL leadership is they would consider changing the Super Bowl to a contest between the two teams with the worse records. Anyway,Marco, I don’t care of Ted Cruz calls you a whining spic, just remember that Ted thinks he is the winner after losing seven states. Just make this lousy Hispanic remember, that you won ONE northern state!

Chris Hails Donald

Chris Christie introduces Donald Trump. “I would like to take a moment, after all, getting a moment for yourself when with Donald is one great achievement. Donald has some GREAT PLANS, almost as great as the great plans I had for the state of New Jersey. Now, about those traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge, oops, back to Donald Trump.

I would like to apologize to this Great Man because during those things we have had for months in which some guys attempt to get a word in, a few times I sort of lost my cool, and said a few bad words about this Great Man. I only hope that all true Republicans will rally round the red haired guy and stand tall for America, and bring back America, and carpet bomb ISIS, oops, I sort of got carried away and began to recite Donald’s speech.

Anyway, Donald, I am now your man. I have finally realized that no one really wanted me to be the candidate so the next best thing is to hitch on to the winning candidate and maybe there will be a job for me. Folks in New Joisey sort of are down on me these days. Anyway, here’s the GREAT MAN!!”

Children Of Bigotry

At this moment in American history we have a political party which is consumed with hatred. Republicans have demonized Hispanics transforming a group of humans into some source of terror. Donald Trump never ceases his story about AN Hispanic who raped and murdered a woman. The facts are: crime rates for Hispanics in America are half that of “OTHER” groups such as southern whites.

There was a basketball game in Iowa. The Dallas Center Grimes High School lost to Perry High School. Perry has many Hispanics and half the basketball squad was Hispanic.  So, their opponents began shouting: “Trump,Trump, Trump.” Such is the real consequence of a campaign of hate. Donald Trump has ceased to be a comic character, he is now the source of violence against Hispanics.

We Need A Republican Candidate

There is no doubt that Donald Trump will sweep the famous March primaries and head on to the Republican convention as the man who has captured the imagination and enthusiasm of millions of Americans. He is the voice shouting, “Bring America Back Again” from wherever it has gone. We offer our Republican friends some possible alternatives:

1. Dick Cheney has been a Secretary of Defense, a Vice President, but never a President. When is comes to dirty tricks, he makes Donald look like a good fairy.

2. Donald Trump has never run for President. He, more than anyone, knows how to create a mess in Iraq, so who else would know how to end a mess in Syria?

3. Jeb Bush might be damaged, but he is still a BUSH. How about a ticket of Jeb for President and George for Vice President??

4. Let’s not forget Chris Christie. He is the only Republican who can out -bully the bully.

5. O f course, there is always David Duke. Or, how about a Trump-Duke ticket??

Donald Gets Endorsements

Say what they may, but opponents of Donald Trump would so love to get the endorsements the red haired guy gets every day–and night. He got the OK from his fellow bully, one Chris Christie, you know the sort of chubby guy who is now the favorite of about 30% of the people of New Jersey. But, Donald has now hit the jackpot. First, he was given the OK by Jean Marie Le Pen. OK, so you don’t know this man. Jean Marie founded the National Front in France years ago. He informed the French people that being occupied by the Nazis was really not that bad. He also has insisted for over a half century there was NO HOLOCAUST. The kind Nazis simply wanted to give Jews an opportunity to get clean in the shower room.

After the French OK, Donald even hit a bigger jackpot. David Duke joined in the chorus of those wanting to “bring back America” with the leadership of Donald Trump. The Duke man used to be a big shot in the KKK in Louisiana. Mr. Trump welcomes the support of all Americans and sees no reason to deny the help of those who believe in white supremacy. If they are living breathing Americans and can vote in November, welcome to the Trump circus. After all, David opposes Hispanic rapists and murders along with Donald.

It’s just too bad Adolf is no longer alive. After all, he hated all inferior races and certainly those rapists and killers from down South fit into the lower race category of the Nazis. Anyway, Donald has now got the entire Nazis vote–both here and everywhere!

P.S. I have been informed by sources that ISIS soon will announce its support for Donald Trump. You want chaos in the Middle East, what better than a President Trump??


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Ah, for the glorious days of another Donald, Rumsfeld, that is.

One must admit that Dick Cheney looks better and better these days.

The problem is not Donald Trump, it is that millions of Americans actually believe he has a single intelligent idea.

Sorry, the current mess is PARTLY the result of a president who never talks with the American people about issues.

Then again, who does Barack Obama talk with?

Sorry, Black Lives Matter folks, Martin Luther King was concerned about ALL LIVES.

I have no idea how people in Syria survive this madness.

We have become a nation of slogans rather than solutions.

What passes for religion these days is a bunch of old guys with old ideas that make no sense.

The most abused word in the English language is –racism.

I wonder what the Bush family talks about these days.

The Myth Of Evolution

For over a hundred years most intelligent humans on this planet have accepted the concept of evolution. Of course, there are always members of the Republican party who insist this planet began about 12,000 years ago when God, Himself, took out a week from his busy schedule around the universe to populate the planet. As I recall, there were Adam and Eve and then their sons, Cain and Abel. To prove what a wondrous God we have, two males were able to impregnate one of them and out came babies.

After watching the clowns cavort and shout and insult one another, it is damn clear this so called idea about, “evolution” makes absolutely no sense. Who in their right mind actually believes that Donald Trump is smarter than any gorilla in the jungle?? The modern Republican party is committed to the proposition that stupidity and ignorance are the goals  of the intelligent person. Let’s come to grip with reality– the Zik mosquito is really stinging each and every American with a stupidity bug.

And, the clowns danced and insulted on and on…

Putin Takes Center Stage

We Americans have Donald Trump and the world has Vladimir Putin. Trump is a shouter and bully who has  never done much other than push around some people who work for him, but Vladimir Putin is now pushing around a lot of people in the Middle East after getting his way in the Ukraine. Putin is now the main player in Syria and intends to make the world pay attention to his demands  that Russia be respected and allowed to make important decisions. Unlike Trump,he  knows how to gain power in the world other than shouting and ranting.

There is no question that the entry of Russian air power, special forces, and extensive bombing have resulted in a significant decline opposition groups in Syria. His strategy is clear. Bomb the hell out of those opposing President Assad, but ignore ISIS. In fact, he uses ISIS to get rid of those seeking to gain traction in the fight to end the power of Assad.

Putin also seeks to make thousands flee Syria and head for Europe. He wants to create a refugee crisis in order to destabilize the European Union. A demoralized EU means it can not exert power to thwart his efforts to become the dominant player in Europe. Sorry Donald, he would eat you up in five minutes because Vladimir Putin understands how to handle a bully. After all, he has been one all his life and become quite successful.