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No More Starbucks!

It is November 13, a Friday the thirteenth so folks at Fox News go together and discussed what new stupidity could they unveil on this allegedly evil day.One of them went to church and then stopped by a Starbucks store where he saw the new coffee cup. Imagine a coffee cup without the picture of Jesus Christ or at least Santa or at least some reindeer! Wow! He rushed back to Fox News and had them announce to Christian viewers that there was another plot to end Christmas. How in God’s name can there be a Christmas without coffee cups with scenes of the holiday.

I have no doubt that in hundreds of Christian churches this Sunday there will be ministers urging their flock to avoid any contact with those who hate Christmas, those who hate the baby Jesus. If you gaze closely at the scene in the manger it is quite clear that baby Jesus was drinking from a bottle that had scenes of Santa Claus and snow and so on.

Did it really snow on the day he was born?

Dealing With “Criminals”

There is no question that we Americans are Number One in the world in–criminals. Or, at least, in people who have spent some time in a jail. President Obama has indicated a desire to make illegal allowing prospective employers to inquire if someone has a criminal record. Of course, since Wall Street folk daily commit crimes against ordinary people, they never have to bother with responding a “no” to that question. When was

There are some other steps that would help people who are in prison:

1. Bring back educational programs to prisons.Allow individuals to get their high school equivalency as well as college credits.

2. Institute a modern vocational training program in prison. Let them spend time LEARNING a trade.

3. Make certain each prisoner learns about psychology of who they are.

4. Institute physical training to improve their bodies as well as minds.

Down Argentine Way

Argentine is that country at the tip of South America. Believe it or not, but in 1900 many people believed that Argentine would become themes important nation in the Western Hemisphere. Unfortunately, on the way toward that goal, the people of Argentine got messed up with some petty pseudo dictators like General Juan Peron and his wife, Eva. –There is a musical about her life. Juan discovered a way to gain the support of most voters. Need higher pensions–you got it. Need shorter work hours–you got it. Just adore dear old Adolf Hitler–yes, indeed. For over half the century one imitation Peron after another has wrecked the Argentine economy. The latest being Cristina Fernandez Kirchner.

Poor Christina could not run again so a stooge named Daniel Scioli is running and he is currently behind a challenger named Mauricio Macrisi. His slogan is: “Let’s Change.” Yes indeed, it might be nice for the people of Argentine to actually have a government that focuses upon democracy and human justice. After seventy years that would be a welcome change.

Heroic Marco Rubio

Some men are born to greatness, some acquire the ability of being a great leader by taking strong stands in defense of human rights. Senator Marco Rubio is undoubtedly among the next generation of great Republican leaders. He is currently furious because the mainline media focuses upon trivia such as who shot Cecil the Lion. For some reason, the media fails to grasp the number one issue confronting the American nation. NO,it is NOT:

1. Terrorism in the Middle East.

2. Income inequality.

3.People lacking decent jobs

4. Health care for all.

NO, the real issue confronting America is -SANCTUARY CITIES. There are cities in America in which church groups have offered a sanctuary to immigrants seeking food and shelter. Marco is angry.”For those of us who step out and say this is wrong,” the media remains silent.

Of course, his Pope Francis has supported such sanctuary efforts by Catholic priests. Then again, how do we know that Pope Francis is really a secret MUSLIM!

Church Vs Life

A woman had a life threatening tumor which required her doctor to tie the fallopian tubes and end her ability to give birth a child. The doctor felt that another pregnancy might be deadly to her own life. However, administrators at the Genesys Regional Medical Center in Grand Blanc, Maryland said such procedures were simply another form of abortion and refused to allow this procedure.

I always find it fascinating how those insisting the “evil government’ should cease interfering in the lives of people also insist that a church can interfere in the life of an individual. Conservatives continually proclaim the right of people to have guns,but for some strange reason they do not support the right of the individual to control his or her personal life. For some reason, freedom halts at the door of a church.

We return to the issue of life of the adult vs life for the unborn.

Let’s Get The Baby Killers!

Republican congressmen had their knives ready for the arrival of Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood. Among other attacks on Ms. Richards, Republicans were upset that she earned $520,000! Day after day men and women from Wall Street appear in Congress and they ordinarily earn millions of dollars, heck, some earn $100,000,000 but not a squeak out of Republicans –they probably want to solicit some of those millions in campaign donations.

Cecile Richards was calm,she spoke with clarity, she responded to their questions with a sense of dignity. “Planned Parenthood has been in the news recently because of deceptively edited videos released by a group dedicated to making abortion illegal.”

She displayed dignity and responsibility. Sorry, those qualities are not ordinary ones found in this Congress.

Pope Francis Is Gone–For Now

Well, Pope Francis has left the United States and left in his wake some Republicans such as John Boehner wondering which moral and ethical principles a Catholic must adhere to in the political world. There is no doubt that John Boehner was impacted–as a Catholic- regarding his political beliefs–and behavior- which resulted in his departure as leader of House Republicans. Unfortunately, Catholics like Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush were left in confusion regarding moral issues for a Catholic.

For Pope Francis, the real story is what comes next in his life as a Catholic leader.For example:

1. Can he institute any changes for the role of women in the Catholic church?

2. Can he speak for the rights of homosexuals as Catholics?

3. Can he alter the power of conservative Cardinals?

4. Can he address the issue of birth control and abortion?

Most probably the answers to these questions begin by reducing the power of conservative Cardinals to hamper reform.

Beware False Prophets

John Boehner issued his last hurrah about the state of American politics and it was not full of praise for his fellow Republicans. Boehner warned:”Beware of false prophets. There are people out there spreading voice about how much they can get done. We have groups here in town, members of the House and Senate,who whip people into a frenzy how they can accomplish things they know can never happen.” Mr. Boehner is NOT talking about Democrats, he is NOT talking about Barack Obama, he IS talking about the Tea Party and voices such as Ted Cruz and company.

There is something very sad about John Boehner, he really wanted to accomplish some goals for the Republican Party. He knew, as a politician that achieving goals in a democracy means-COMPROMISE. I did not agree with his goals, but he is right that democracy is based upon the principle of compromise.So, he departs with a sad farewell.

Storm In A Teacup

The Tea Party decided to have a tea party but the enemy was not the British, but one of their own kind. They declared war on John Boehner who undoubtedly represented the worse form of liberal. He simply did not wish to wage war on Planned Parenthood since there were a few more important issues than an organization which provides information and services to women. Gee, they assist women to remain healthy even when hey are dealing with pregnancy.Boehner understood the House of Representatives could pass a bill that defunded Planned Parenthood, but President Obama would simply veto the bill and everyone would be back to square one.

No doubt, Congressman Boehner, a devout Catholic took to heart words of compassion from the Pope. Boehner is a tired man who has spent past few years defending hate and hate. He just got so tired that he needed a time out from politics and so he has resigned. The Tea Party will continue on its juvenile delinquent path and there will be speech after speech, but the end result will be– nothing changes.

Pope Francis Vs Republicans

Pope Francis did appear before Congress, John Boehner cried because this nice Catholic man was finally standing close to his Pope. Of course,t he question was–did what the Pope say impact your ideas on climate change, immigrants, or social justice? Me thinks not. Pope Francis asked Republicans to remember that “most of us once were foreigners.” He urged them to recall the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It was strange, his words caused Democrats to immediately rise in applause, there was a moment of hesitation upon the part of Republicans as the words caused them to pause and reflect. Act mean to opponents? Lord, that is the operating mode of the Republican party!

Pope Francis proved by his demands for action on the issue of climate change that he would never be a candidate for president in a Republican primary. Yes, they applauded. Yes, they denied his call for social action on the issue of income inequality. Frankly, they claim to love him while denying what he said. Sound familiar in the life of Jesus Christ??