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From 1914 To 2014

We are gradually working our way to the anniversary of the beginning of World War I back in 1914. The actual conflict began when the son of the Emperor of Austria Hungary was murdered by a young man named, Princip who believed the Slavic people were being persecuted and had to stand up for their rights. The actual scenario resulting in war took about eight weeks to unfold as nations warned one another about getting their armies ready for war. No one actually believed the road being taken was the road to war since diplomats were talking with one another and the thought that the end result would be war appeared too crazy to even consider. British Foreign Secretary William Hague warned the Russian government it had to end the attempt to make the Crimea part of Russia. Even as he spoke, thousands of Russians were cheering in the streets about the need to aid their Slavic brothers in the Crimea against oppression by Western Fascists. Most probably the Russian people support actions by their president.

Putin feels powerful sending troops into the Crimea knowing he has control over atomic weapons of destruction and he just wants to dare the West to oppose him. He also has control over oil and gas supplies that are needed by Western European nations. In the summer of 1914, the Russian government did not believe Germany would actually go to war over someone getting shot. The road to war just seemed to get shorter and shorter as nations threatened the use of force. William Hague warned of “the real danger of a shooting conflict.”

Is this a repeat scenario??

Poland To the Fore?

Historically Poland, was an area in Europe which continually for the past two hundred years was divided up by its neighbors and only gained a sense of having its own government in post Word War I. Even that nation was divided between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia in 1939. After WWII, a new Poland was created and soon fell under the control of the Soviet Union. It was not until the end of communism in Russia that Poland became a “nation” able to conduct its own affairs. Entering the European Union during the 1990s enabled Poland to become a nation that had power and voice in foreign affairs. The current Ukraine crisis has allowed Poland to become a leader. It has strongly supported the Ukranian rebels who thew out former President Yanukovych and now provides political and economic aid to Ukraine. Poland has also brought together nations that formerly were under control of Communist Russia–Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic into the Visegrad Group.

The Visegrad Group has been the most aggressive force within the European Union demanding a strong response to Vladimir Putin. It has made clear that unless Putin enters negotiations with Ukraine “within a limited time frame work” then additional punitive action will be taken against Russia such as freezing assets or bans on travel or other economic sanctions. Poles have not forgotten how Russia bullied them for years and now they are prepared to give the Russians a taste of their own medicine!!

Venezuela Tales Of Grief

It is a year since former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez died and left the government in the hands of former bus driver Nicolas Maduro. Chavez initially offered the poor people of Venezuela an opportunity to gain power and raise their standard of living. It was always a great ploy in Latin America to pose as the enemy of the colossus of the north, the United States of America. Chavez embraced Cuba and received support to improve the educational and health system of his nation. In the process, he infuriated the middle and upper classes of the country. One result was a flight of talent and investment money. By the time he died, inflation was rising and shortages of goods so common that a roll of toilet paper was considered to be a gift from God.

Maduro won the election for president by a few hundred thousand votes despite controlling television and counting the ballots. Since then there have been constant riots and violence in the streets as the middle and upper classes, and increasingly among the poor, demands rise for creating a stable economy and ending government control of the society and economic system. Yesterday, a few more dead in the streets as gangs of motorcycle men wander the streets seeking to fight and prevent opponents of the regime to engage in protests. Just another day of grief in Venezuela.

Christie Supports Equality For Drivers!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a fighter for freedom for all people. He wants everyone who gets behind the wheel of a car to have the right to drive straight ahead on the road to economic freedom. Oh, the LIBERALS are attacking this brave hero who is ready to physically take on, not just one or two, but a dozen elementary school teachers in a wrestling match for freedom. He is a fearless fighter for the right to steal the state of New Jersey blind. Make a list of the ten most powerful political bosses in the state of New Jersey and you can bet Chris is their buddy for life. For some reason this brave man is being charged with manipulating life in New Jersey in order to hold down the number who drive across the George Washington Bridge. Have you been on that bridge in the morning? Thank God Chris held down the number driving across the bridge.

Anyway, Chris is under attack by the LIBERAL MEDIA and he informed those at the Conservative Political Action Conference that reports of his being a moderate are simply propaganda by LIBERALS to destroy the career of true conservatives. Heck, he is against raising minimum wages because “we don’t have an inequality problem, we have an opportunity inequality problem.”

I trust you follow his reasoning. OK, so 5% of Americans own 45% of the wealth. OK, so 85 families on this planet have more wealth than over three billion people. That is simply the law of equality in action. Anyone who cannot raise a family of four on $7.50 an hour is simply lazy and shiftless. And, next time, you Democrat fink driver if you vote Republican don’t expect to get all away over the bridge. Some never complete the drive.

I Reserve The Right…

Each day I give a blessing to God that he has made certain that America is defended by his chosen son, Ted Cruz, and the brave men and women of the Tea Party. These brave souls have been fighting to preserve the right of every God fearing decent Christian in America to have the right to decide whether he or she has to serve the pervert gays and lesbians. I thought it might be beneficial to list the rights which every Christian is entitled to in the United States of America:

1. I reserve the right to look you in the eye and decide that you are a gay and lesbian and then refuse any service requested.

2. I reserve the right to not pay income taxes since my religion forbids supporting a government that hates Jesus Christ.

3. I reserve the right to shoot anyone whose gaze toward me sends a chill down my back.

4. I reserve the right to have those with black skins walk on the other side of the street. Check the Constitution if you doubt this right!

5. I reserve the right to insist that teachers who teach my children have a white skin and are of the Christian faith.

6. I reserve the right to live in a neighborhood with those of my religious faith.

7. I reserve the right to have the power to do whatever any right I want insists that I do.

Cry For Venezuela

The government of Venezuela led by Nicolas Maduro is a throw back to another time and place. Its origin began in 1953 when some idealist Cuban college students attempted to over throw their dictator, a man named Batista and failed. One of the students eventually succeeded and his name was Fidel Castro. So, he created what is termed a “Socialist” government in Cuba that became a model for some people in Venzuela who has been attempting for a decade to create a dream world in Venezuela they term a “Socialist” world. Of course, what they term to be “Socialist” is, in reality, a warmed over version of the decrepit theory of “Russian communism.” Nicolas used to drive a bus but thanks to Hugo Chavez he became a vice president and when Hugo died he became a president. It is sort of a long jump from driving a bus to driving a nation.

At present inflation has gone through the roof, one has difficulty finding a roll of toilet paper and the Maduro government believes it should shower money on the poor in order to create a conflict between the poor and middle class. There have been demonstrations, the army and local thugs have killed over a dozen people and Nicolas insists things are great in Venezuela. Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the UN is begging Nicolas to talk and cease murdering people.

I shortly expect President Putin to send a few billion dollars along with toilet paper in order to wipe out opposition to the government of Venezuela!

Good Old Days?

The Republican party insists this nation must return to the “good old days” when real Americans were in charge of the country. You know, the period from 1890 to 1924 when twenty four million ( a million each year) came to America in search of riches and a life freed from daily brutality. In 1914 one out of four Americans was either an immigrant or the child of one. Yes, the good old days when those “furriers” spoke English and respected American culture by eating good old fashioned American foods such as spaghetti or bagels or tacos. Perhaps, the Tea Party wants to go further back into the Good Old Days when them furrin Catholics like the Irish arrived speaking a strange form of English, drinking themselves drunk with whiskey or perhaps they mean them furring Germans who brought beer and other such customs to the American scene. Arriving with Irish Catholics came the original urban slums and dirt and horse shit in the streets along with criminal gangs.

Of course, there were not any of our furrin Mooselems among these hordes of criminals and drunken bums, just good old American Catholics and drunks! We did not have Muslims among us, but we did have children working in coal mines, over a hundred thousand prostitutes in New York City and political bosses who persuaded poor folk to vote the “right” way. There has always been a group to be despised, always a group to pick up the shit most Americans would not touch. And, above all, there was always a new foreign born people to dig our ditches, die in our mines and beg on the streets of our city. THOSE were the GOOD OLDE DAYS OF OUR YOUTH

There has always been some group at the bottom, and, of course, some group at the top who enjoyed slandering the poor, who once were their parents. Stick around long enough, and there will be people to blame for your troubles!

Republicans Do Not Cry For Venezuela

Imagine a country which openly insults the American government, forces American diplomats to leave the nation, allows its police to beat and torment those in the opposition, but is more than willing to sell oil to the United States of America. Republicans would be shouting for sanctions against this nation, but as of this date not a single Republican leader wants action against Venezuela. In other words, Republicans are not upset that Venezuela openly opposes the United States while continuing to sell oil. I thought Republicans were ready to halt any oil producing nation from selling its products if it openly opposed–and insulted– American interests. Venezuela is led by Nicolas Maduro who took over from Hugo Chavez when he died. Venezuela openly expresses hate toward the United States and seeks to reduce its influence in Latin America. But, no Republican anger.

Paratroopers were just sent to western areas of Venezuela to put down opposition opponents. No Republican party anger. Students are being beaten in the streets, but no Republican anger, however when Iran did the same thing, Republicans like John McCain were ready for military action. Reality, we purchase oil from Venezuela and ignore its brutality against those who oppose the government and Republicans never utter a word of complaint.

Cry Fascism Say Tyrants

In the United States of America our Republican party cries out, “communism” or “socialism” if they do not like an idea proposed by President Obama. In the Ukraine, outgoing President Yanukovych cries, “Fascism” as he departs for other climes, and in Venezuela, President Maduro cries very loudly and very often, the word, “fascism”in order to depict his opponents as evil forces. Members of the Republican party in America do not have any idea as to the meaning of Socialism or Communism. Ironically, it was Republican Presidents like Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft who supported the ideas of an income tax, breaking up monopolies, government aid to education and so on. In 1912 nearly a million Americans voted for Eugene Debs to become president and he ran as a SOCIALIST!

President Maduro in Venezuela came out swinging against protesters charing they were violent people and held terrible ideas. “I’m going to keep protecting the Venezuelan people with the National Guard. If Fascist elements seek to eliminate me, I authorize you to take to the streets to defend the homeland.”

The so-called “fascist elements” are comprised of ordinary citizens and students. His thugs beat up students and pour gasoline over them in the name of law and order.

Post Sochi Will Not Be Peaceful

The Sochi games are concluding and dozens of athletes now possess a gold or silver or bronze medal they can display as proof of their athletic ability. Members of Pussy Riot who dared to sing without permission have some bruises on their bodies and gays in Russia continue to huddle in dark corners hoping that police or thugs do not beat the crap out of them. Tanya Lokshima of the Russian Human Rights organization expects that once all athletes have left Sochi, the people of Russia are in for a dose of Putin the Great proving to one and all that he runs Russia and there is no more need to placate the World by releasing members of Pussy Riot or former businessmen Mikhail Khodorkovsky who was released from prison to prove that Putin was really a warm and gentle man once you got to know him.

She expects a massive crack down on dissidents and homosexuals once those who came to the Sochi games have departed the premises. “When the festivities end, will international partners watch Russia as closely as they are now?” That, is the question of the day and we all know the answer–NO!!