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John McCain, The American

Once upon  a time in America it was the norm for members of Congress to have served in their country’s armed forces. Every president from Harry Truman to George H.W. Bush had been a member of their nation’s armed forces. Many like John McCain had been in combat. McCain’s grandfather was an Admiral in WWI, his father was an Admiral in WWII and Vietnam. Senator McCain was shot down in combat in the Vietnam war and endured  years of torture. He was also raised, as were all who served,to respect the Code of Military Justice which includes American agreement to abide by the Geneva Conventions. I assume draft dodger Donald Trump has NO idea as to what is legal or illegal for those who serve the country.

Senator McCain made clear that “I don’t give a damn what the president of the United States wants to do or anybody else wants to do.We will not waterboard. We will not do it.”And, he added: “What does it say about America?” If waterboarding is done under the presidency of Donald Trump it says the American military has violated its OWN LAWS OF ENGAGEMENT!

Pope Francis Wants Equal Treatment

Once upon a time Catholics listened intently to the views, the ideas, of their priests, and, particularly to what their Pope said about daily life. Pope Francis definitely is not anyone who Donald Trump would pay attention to his words of wisdom. The Pope told his flock, the Pope told the world: “We see, for example, how quickly those among us wish the status of a stranger, an immigrant, or a refugee, becomes a threat, or take the status of an enemy. An enemy  because they come from a distant country a have different customs. An enemy  because of the color of their skin, their language or their social class. The enemy  because they think differently or even have a  different faith.”

No other comment but: AMEN and THANK YOU FOR BEING A POPE!


We offer observations on the human  condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


There is only ONE Donald Trump, he will not change now that he is president.

Why do we say “Islamic terrorists” but never “Christian Nazi terrorists?”

All who voted for Donald Trump voted for hate and anger.

This is the first election in which Americans did not believe their nation was GREAT.

Each day, each week in Chicago the innocent die by gun violence.

Every gun in America should be thrown into the Pacific ocean.

Steven Hawkins doesn’t believe this planet will endure forever, hopefully,for a thousand years?

To be selected for a government job with Trump, one must hate the “enemy” which is US.

Why not Ivanka for Secretary of Commerce, she sells products?

I await Donald’s grandson as Secretary of Education, he knows all about schools.

Now, Americans understand how Hitler came to power in a decent nation of people.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


These are joyous days for those with a million dollars in the bank.

These are joyous days for those who preach hatred.

Rudy Giuliani has extensive foreign policy experience, he has made numerous trips to Staten Island.

I forgot,  Rudy Giuliani wants to become Attorney General so he can lock up a candidate for president.

Ben Carson as a member of the Cabinet is akin to allowing a kindergarten child to run your classroom.

I assume that Donald Trump will decorate the oval office with pictures of  his heroes–Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

Hidden Fears Of Life

Each day brings stories of prejudice and hatred, once hidden from public view, but now out in the open. In a Michigan school at lunch, a group of children shouted with glee ‘Build A Wall, Build A Wall,’ while Hispanic children heard the voices, and some cried in fear. A teacher, John Sousa, in Florida, warned his black students, “Don’t   make me call Donald Trump and get you sent back to Africa,” ha, ha.

This is a new phenomenon in American history. Once upon a time, teachers and students would cite with pride the name of the president. Today, his name is shouted with hate and anger against the defenseless. Once upon a time, the president was a model of caring and love, today, he is the epitome of hatred and violence directed against those lacking the means to defend themselves.Welcome to life in Trump America.

Fascists Are Now In Power!

The word, Fascism, arose  in Italy after the end of World War I. The nation was wracked by conflict between labor and business, there were riots in the streets due to  poverty, and, many were  concerned about the end of an era in which there was ‘respect’ for the Catholic church, for traditional values, for the world of life prior to the rise of industrialism. Then, a man arose, his name was Benito Mussolini. He promised to make Italy a Great nation once again, he promised to give  people jobs. Mussolini crushed all opposition, and eventually became a dictator.

The essence of fascism was an alliance between government and business in which  worker rights ended, and the wealthy and powerful ruled in alliance with Mussolini. The military was given billions of dollars, and freedom of speech ended. The Catholic church recognized the dictatorship, and, in return it was the official religion of the State. Sorry, but the Trump government is making similar promises, it is promising religious groups they will not have to buckle under to government rules and regulations, and the media is warned that ‘incorrect stories’ can result in law suits.

Donald Trump is the poor man’s version of dictator Benito Mussolini.

All Politicians Are Crooks?

I continually encounter on social media statements by individuals that all political parties are the same, that all politicians are crooks, that it makes no difference in the lives of Americans if a Republican is president or a Democrat is president, because the outcome is always the same. At this point the person claims the system is ‘rigged,’ Wall Street controls everything, and why waste your vote, let alone,  your time  for bothering vote. My initial reaction to such statements is– this person has a decent job, this person has medical insurance, this person, most probably, owns their own home, and, definitely, this  person is not worried about student debts.

The real sadness in such comments is the complete lack of care and concern for Hispanic children who might be deported,along with their parents, the inability to recognize the prejudice, the fears of Muslim children in America as they confront open hatred. A ‘President’ Clinton would not deport Hispanics, nor end efforts to deal with climate change, nor ignore the need for higher minimum wages, nor fight for women rights. POLITICAL PARTIES DIFFER! And, POLITICIANS DIFFER. Wake up to reality.

Honest Ben Carson

As you recall or do not recall, Ben Carson was a candidate of the Republican party seeking the nomination for president.  Mr. Carson’s name has been mentioned for  positions in the Trump Cabinet, including Secretary of Education. He declined to accept any Cabinet position because “he did not consider himself qualified to be in charge of a Federal agency.” Let me get this straight, Ben Carson believed himself qualified to be president of the United States,  but did not consider himself qualified to run a single government agency!

Ben, let me write very slowly, very slowly, but, believe it or not, if you had become president, that job entails running ALL FEDERAL AGENCIES! The real humor in this crazy Carson statement is that MILLIONS OF REPUBLICANS WANTED THIS IGNORANT MAN, THIS  UNQUALIFIED MAN AS THIER PRESIDENT!!

Donald Trump And The Constitution

I was raised at a time in American history when most young men served in the military, either being drafted or joined. I joined the Army in 1951 during the Korean War.This was five years after the Nuremberg Trials when leading Nazis were placed on trial for war crimes. Among those prosecuted were officers in the German army who enforced orders to murder millions of innocent people. They were found guilty of violating the Geneva Conventions which makes it a crime to kill civilians. During basic training, we were given lectures about the importance of adhering to the Military Code of Justice which respects the Geneva Convention. We were told that if an officer gives us an unconstitutional order we were to refuse to obey it.

Donald Tump has publicly said he would order ‘waterboarding’ and he would order members of the military to murder, not only terrorists, but their families. Such actions would violate the Code of Military Justice and make any soldier who carries out such orders subject to prison. Donald Trump apparently does not understand that those entering the Armed Forces take a solemn oath to DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION, and if given an order by the president that contradicts the Constitution, they must refuse such orders.

Unless Donald Trump begins to conduct himself as a President, then he would cause a Constitutional crisis, never before witnessed by members of the US Armed forces!

Why Did Trump Win–Part Two

So, why did Donald Trump, the ignorant candidate, win the election?

This was probably the first Social Media election that determined who won and who lost. The very nature of social media precludes intelligent discussion of ideas. Individuals only read those who agree with them,and block out opposing ideas. Social media also segments individuals into a narrow group of similar thinkers, which precludes engaging in discussions with those of opposing ideas.  In the past, Americans ALL read the same newspapers or magazines and thus had a similar body of information that was considered to be valid.

The election of 2016 witnessed people only  seeing, hearing, and reading a small segment of those with contrasting viewpoints. Each person on social media inhabits a knowledge bubble and never ventures forth. The personality of Hillary  Clinton is not designed for such a world. She seeks to present solid information to people who want wild ideas that promise them glory and great jobs and a wonderful life.

Not once did Donald Trump present  a coherent plan nor did he ever offer a budget or name some numbers as to cost. He just lied and lied,and it was difficult for any American to believe that presidential candidate would so openly lie. He understood the more outrageous the lie, the more likely it was accepted by Americans.