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We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


I feel like a  German in 1933 awaiting the assumption of power by Adolf Hitler.

“President Trump” is the nightmare for America.

Jews for Trump is akin to Jews for Hitler.

I wonder what Jeb Bush is feeling today.

Real nightmare for Obama, talking with President Trump.

I guess Trump people actually believe he has AN idea about Something.

How did we Americans get into this place in life?

Mike Pence must feel pensive today.

Get me off this crazy planet!




Religion Still Matters To Some

Most liberals in America assume their ideas on social change are the same as most people in the western world. Liberals believe they are on the side of the future,  a world in which strict observance of fundamental religion belongs to the  disappearing past. Father Giovanni Caralcoli represents the world that feels challenged by new ideas that clash with the world of his birth. He announced to the world discovery  of an important scientific fact regarding recent earthquakes in Italy. NO, they are not the result of physical changes in Italy. No, whatever science claims to be true, is not true.

The good father identified the source of earthquakes. They are the outcome of anger by the guy up in the sky who is furious, and they are “punishment for gay and civil unions.” I guess the old guy just does not enjoy gays and lesbians getting hitched, and he has decided to hitch his star with a few disturbances that shake up buildings and folks. So, if you do not want any geological disturbances, just outlaw gays and lesbians!

Silence Of Hillary

Despite the fact that FBI head James Comey just announced there is no evidence that Hillary Clinton did anything wrong, other than placing thousands of emails on her personal sever. As of this date not a single email uncovered has any relationship to matters of ‘national security.’ So, Hillary is playing this one very smart, just a stony silence of ignoring that FBI head:

1. Broke Justice Department protocols to remain silent while an investigation is in process.

2.  Broke FBI rules when he commented that Hillary Clinton was guilty of bad judgement in having emails on her  personal server. The FBI head, states facts, NOT judgments on the character of a person under investigation, and certainly not on a person who was never convicted of a crime.

3. Hillary Clinton is just remaining silent. Any word she utters to defend herself will be seized upon by Trump to ask: “if she is innocent,then why is she defending herself? What is she hiding?

There are moments when SILENCE IS THE BEST POLICY! Do not respond to anything Trump says, he wants you to get into an argument with him. Silence will devastate the bully  from New York!

Donald Will Shake Up Washington

Donald Trump continues to promise that if elected he will ‘shake up Washington.” For some reason, neither Donald nor his surrogates ever get around to explain how or why he will shake up Washington. There are references to corruption and doing things the ‘old way’ which assumes Trump will do things the new way. Anyway, if the Donald man does become president, you can expect the following:

1. A conservative Supreme Court will reverse Roe vs Wade and women no longer will have control over their bodies.

2. Any  law seeking to protect our environment will be declared illegal.

3.  Nothing will be done to assist students in dealing with their student loan mess.

4. Each child at birth will be given a gun to play with in the crib.

5. The top five percent will no longer control 40% of the wealth, more like 50%.

6. Eleven million ‘bad hombres’ will be sent South.

Allow your mind to run wild, and you can figure out the rest of this shake up!

Dreary Halloween Night

I was raised during the Depression so we never went trick or treating on Halloween for the simple reason, who the hell had extra candy to give away during a Depression? Years later as a parent, I went trick or treating with my four children. Gee, they even gave dad a few of their precious candies. And, I did not have to pay for them.

Last night, there was not a single knock on my door. Not a single child came dressed in costume seeking free goodies. It was all Quiet on the Halloween front last night. So, who to blame?

1. The Hispanic rapists and murderers swarming over our borders?

2. Crooked Hillary Clinton out to steal candy from kids?

3. Muslim terrorists seeking to steal the most precious commodities in America– our candies?

4. The red headed guy who would make out with any female, regardless of age?

Alas, we once knew Halloween.

What Is At Stake?

There is no question this is among the most momentous presidential elections in our history. So, what is at stake?

1. Donald Trump is a dangerous person to be in charge of nuclear weapons. The president has the power to send nuclear bombs into other parts of the world. Does anyone with the slightest concern about the future of this world want this nut case in charge of nuclear weapons?

2. Donald Trump would lower taxes on the wealthy, most probably double our national debt, and issue in wild stock market fluctuations that could result in another massive drop in the stock market.

3. Donald Trump would end the important drive to save our planet from climate change. This would impact future generations forever, yes, forever!

4. Donald Trump would NOT create jobs. We  EXPORT over three BILLION dollars worth of goods, any tariff war would impact those exports, and those jobs.

5. Donald Trump would pack the Supreme Court with justices who would end women rights to control their bodies.

6. The Trump Supreme Court would allow restrictions in voting aimed at Hispanics and black Americans.

7. Donald Trump  has NO plan to deal with the Middle East. Just further chaos when the chaos is now being handled.

Idiot Of The Day

Confession. I, at age 86,have no idea as to what a selfie is other than the word, which for me indicates something to do with one’s Self. Miranda Rader, age 19, was driving her car and decided to send a Selfie to her boy friend. Naturally, what better view of herself other than being topless. So, after a few drinks of wine, the young maiden unbuttoned her blouse,  took off her bra, and made a Selfie for the  boyfriend. Unfortunately, she was so involved that her car plowed into a police car.

This,in a nutshell, is the story of modern America. Concern for self, concern for taking pictures, but no concern for other people. So, we crash our cars, we hurt other people, but, the good news is our boy friends have a picture of our boobies!

Republican Trials And Tribulations

Once upon a  time in American presidential elections, members of Congress welcomed their candidate to visit them during their campaign to get elected.  They wanted a picture of them standing next to the smiling white guy who waved at the crowd and told cheering folks that their Republican candidate was his best and dearest friend, so please elect him. BUT, this is 2016 and Republicans have Donald Trump at the head of their ticket. You know, the guy who is caught in a video extolling his sexual powers over women.

Joe Heck is the Republican candidate for the US Senate seat in Nevada. After he saw the famous Trump picture of the man who loves women, exiting a bus discussing how he would make out with women, Joe simply could not support Trump. “I can no longer look past the pattern of behavior and comments that have been made by Donald Trump.” So, he announced two weeks ago that he would not endorse the Republican candidate. However, Joe soon received angry emails and letters from staunch Republicans who love Donald that uttered threats of voting for his opponent.

So, Joe has now changed his mind. I wonder what Republicans who do NOT like Donald will now say?

Plot To Kill Mike Pence

Something very strange happened in New York City tonight. A plane carrying Indiana Governor Mike Pence mysteriously had problems in landing. The plane skidded as it landed, and finally came to a  stop. There are reports that Rudy Giuliani who single handedly saved New York City on 9/11 jumped into a car, raced to the airport, and single handedly halted the plane before Mike Pence could be hurt. Just another example of why  Rudy is called America’s Number One Hero of all time

This intrepid reporter was able to uncover the real story behind this so-called ‘accident.’ We have uncovered evidence that Crooked Hillary Clinton was frightened because Mike Pence was leading her in the polls. She instructed her team of secret Mafia operatives to spread oil on  the landing area. She was working in conjunction with a group of international Jewish  bankers and Rabbis  to steal the election from our beloved Donald Trump, and his side kick, Mike Pence. What next on the Crooked Hillary agenda to rig the election??

Trump On Women Bodies

I confess that for years it has been my assumption that, finally, women had been given the right to decide what happens to their bodies. This election has reopened the anger and hate that accompanies any discussion of abortion. It would be so nice if political leaders actually engaged in a discussion that does raise moral dilemmas. A few months ago, Donald Trump made the comment that women seeking an abortion should be subject to”some sort of punishment.” During the last debate, as usual, Donald went through one of his rambling, wandering discussions, and got into the issue of abortion. “Based on what she’s saying, you can take a out of the womb on the ninth month, and final day.”

Actually, no one is really saying any such thing. Neither doctors nor women want abortions in the ninth month as the baby is ready to be delivered. As always, Donald lacks any conception as to the real issues of abortion. It concerns an earlier period after the fetus has been created. Anti-abortion folks regard that fetus as a human being.That is  an interesting moral issue which can be debated without hysteria. I confess to feeling somewhat confused on this issue.