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Ukraine In Chaos

During the past few weeks chaos has taken over in the Ukraine. The latest count is that at least 100 people are dead and hundreds are wounded because they want President Yanukovych to cease his cooperation with President Vladimir Putin of Russia and turn toward Europe which they regard as the future of the Ukranian nation. The past week has witnessed dozens of fires in Kiev, troops and police attacking the population and open gun fire from both sides. What then are the prospects for this country:

1. There will be an election and opposition forces will gain a victory.

2. There will be an election and Yanukovych will win. This will simply result in further riots and chaos.

3. Yanukovych will fix the vote and this will causes riots and chaos.

4. Russia will send military aid to the Ukranian government in order to establish a Russian style of semi dictatorship.

5. Democracy would triumph in the country.

6. Western Ukraine would secede from the eastern region which favors close relationship with Russia.

One of these outcomes will occur.

Cruz Out Of Control

Senator Ted Cruz from the great state of Texas is among the most fervent defenders of the American way of life. Oh, he was born in Canada, but who cares when it comes to allowing immigrants into our nation who have so much to contribute to our safety. His father, Rafael Cruz was born in Cuba and fled the tyranny of Fidel Castro which automatically confers upon him an expertise in understanding communism that few college professors who waste their time reading books could ever attain. Although there is no evidence he ever studied American history, the fact that he lived under the regime of Fidel Castro automatically confers a degree in US history. Rafael now devotes his time as head of the Purifying Ministries talking with Tea Party folk about how to end the tyranny of Obamism. “He’s no different than that bearded guy I left behind in Cuba.” Obama, the guy who saved Wall Street is nothing other than a secret Marxist!

According to Rafael, if the Republican party does not regain control of the Senate, “I don’t know if we have a country in 2016.” This one man leader of Christianity is the voice of America. As Ted says, “I love my dad, I’m glad to be his son.”

How about sending this alien back to Canada where he came from?

UN Tells Vatican To Cease And Desist

Among the stories that I hate to offer comments about are those dealing with sexual abuse on the part of members of a clergy. I was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family which emphasized that those men who devote their lives to religion are somehow set apart from the rest of us in possessing a holy spirit. I find stories concerning abuse by members of the Catholic Church difficult to believe even though I know they are true. My knowledge of priests initially came from the movies with Bing Crosby playing the priest and he was such a nice guy. Unfortunately, there is reality which portrays differing pictures regarding the holiness of priests. The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child issued a blistering demand to the Vatican. It demanded that the Pope “immediately remove all known and suspected child abusers from assignments, and turn the matter to the relevant law enforcement authorities for investigation and prosecution.”

That is as blunt as any group can get when making a point. It was furious that Vatican officials have “not acknowledged the extent of crimes committed.” Fair enough demand. No, not ‘fair enough,” a demand that must be obeyed. Pope Francis has done more than prior church leaders to address this issue and he should be provided sufficient time to clean up the mess. If anyone can do it, he can.

Poverty Myths In America

During the Great Depression which began with the stock market crash in 1929, the unemployment rate was somewhat different than what modern Americans associate with poverty. Of course, there was no unemployment money coming in, Social Security only began in 1936, there was no government medical care programs like Medicare so people made do. Until, that magic moment, three months after President Franklin Roosevelt was inaugurated in March. Thus began the famous 100 days when government program after government program was unleashed and by the summer about FOUR MILLION WERE WORKING AT GOVERNMENT SPONSORED JOBS.

In other words, about 25% of those reading these words had relatives who only survived the Depression because there were government sponsored work programs. In other words, about 25% of those who read these words are descendants of POOR PEOPLE. So, let’s explore the meaning of being poor:

1. Poor people work their butts off because they are hungry and have to feed self or family.

2. Poor people do NOT receive government handouts like making their lunch tax deductible or the hundreds of tax write offs the wealthy possess.

3. Work helps an individual define the Self. It makes no different if wealthy or poor, we all need work in order to have a healthy self concept.

4. Yes, the boss created the company, but its success depends on those who work in the establishment.

5. OK, so five percent of those who are poor seek handouts. Exactly, what percent of businessmen seek government handouts?

6. Believe it or not, those who work at $7.45 an hour at McDonald’s take pride in their work.

7. To be poor means going to bed wondering if there is food in the morning for the children. That adds stress and anxiety to the individual. Hardly the way to keep physically or mentally healthy.

8. Poverty sucks as anyone who has been poor understands. It is NOT a goal, it is a consequence for living in America where those without money lack political power which leads to lack of economic power.

It is time to cease making those who are poor come across as lazy. After all, is that the way you want your grandparents depicted??

Gay Times In Vatican

The Catholic Church is among the world’s most important institutions and its beliefs and actions impact the lives of untold millions of people. These days the only important news emerging from what happens in the Vatican, all too often revolve around issues of sexual conduct. At a time when Pope Francis should be focusing the Catholic Church upon new directions, day after day, there are stories concerning the existence of a gay network within the Vatican itself. Elmar Mader, former head of the Swiss Guards who protect the Vatican, admitted to a Swiss newspaper that within the Vatican, there is a network of homosexuals. “My experience would indicate the existence of such a thing. A Guard told the same newspaper that he had been the object of 20 “unambiguous sexual requests.”

There must arrive a moment when Pope Francis can shift the conversation away from whether or not there are homosexual priests to one in which the Catholic Church accepts the presence of homosexuality as part of the human experience. Ironically, many homosexuals seek to become members of the Catholic Church at a time when millions are drifting away. Why not welcome them into the fold of Christianity??

Unresolved Troubles In Ireland

Ah, there is still hope in the United States, thank God there are always the Irish to make we Americans understand the presence of people who are even crazier than a nation which contains members of the Tea Party. I wrote my MA thesis in 1956 about the conflict between Protestant and Catholic Irish folk who have been in conflict for over a few hundred years. Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland have been engaged in “talks” for longer than most reading these words have been alive. American diplomat, Richard Haass has been the negotiator attempting to resolve issues between the opposing groups, but he finally made clear they simply are unable to compromise on important issues of state and security. So, what are these issues that tear apart people?

1. Who murdered whom during the Troubles when there was armed conflict and people were being killed by the Irish Republican Army and the British army.

2. Which routes can Irish and Çatholics use when marching.

3. Which flags can be flown.

As one negotiator put it, “the biggest disappointment of this process has been the refusal to face up to the issue of flags.”

I think it is time to send in John Boehner!!

Religion And Health Don’t Mix

The health of people is one thing, the religion of people is another aspect of their lives and the essential basis of freedom of religion in American history is separation of those two concepts. The Affordable Care Act provides for health care for all participants, regardless of their religious beliefs. It includes provision for assisting women who seek to make decisions as to whether or not they will have a child. Now, some employers argue that providing for contraception is a violation of their religious freedom of choice. We expect the Supreme Court to render a decision as to whether the government health plan is constitutional if it offers medical assistance to women and their right of choice. Of course it does because in the United States of America there is separation of church and state. If an employer can cite right of choice as to which medical assistance can be provided, it opens a chasm that will haunt the law forever.

1. What if an employer argues that his “religious beliefs” forbid using medical aid of doctors?

2. What if an employer argues that his “religious beliefs” forbid resorting to surgery?

3. What if an employer argues that his “religious beliefs” insist on using drugs to cure disease?

4. What if an employer argues that his “religious beliefs” forbid use of aspirin to cure a headache?

And, so on and so on…

English Supermarket Stands For Equality!

This blog wishes to hail the policies of Mark & Spencer, a British supermarket chain which is taking a stand for equality for all people, and we just do not mean their customers. Muslim employees are given the right not to sell pork or alcohol or other items in the store which they do not use because their religion does not allow them to engage with alcohol or pork, along with a few other items and ideas. The store, when told an employee, due to religion, does not wish to sell an item, the store seeks to place them “in a suitable role, such as in our clothing department or bakery in foods.” How sweet and generous. I assume that applies to one and all in their employ.

1. As a devout follower of the New York Yankees it is against my religion to serve anyone who roots for the Boston Red Sox. I assume the right to question any customer as to their baseball religious views and refuse to serve anyone who leans towards Boston.
2. As a devout believer in lox on bagels I refuse to sell a bagel unless the customer also purchases cream cheese and lox.
3. As a devout believer in free sex, it is part of my religion, I insist on the right to sleep with any attractive female customer. After all, let’s not deny me the pleasure of praying and fucking, my religion says I can!
4. I just became a member of the Nudist Religion. Our fundamental belief is the right to gaze at naked bodies. Hopefully, I will not be transferred to the bakery just because I want to see your naked body!

Catholic Church Will Change

Pope Francis has been a welcome addition to the Catholic Church, and in a different century his arrival would have led to significant changes in the church. He is a kind, a generous, a caring Pope who has won the admiration of millions. But, Pope Francis has yet to address key issues of the church in the 21st century. Students attending Seattle’s Eastside Catholic High School walked out of their classes because a popular vice principal was forced to resign due to his committing a heinous crime, he got married. Mark Zmuda took advantage of a new policy in the state of Washington which allows men to marry one another. Mr. Zmuda was told by the Church that it simply does “not condone such acts between same sex partners.”

Fifty years from now there will be a Catholic Church in America. Only, it will be called the, “American Catholic Church” and it will not owe allegiance to a Pope in Rome. Such is the fate of those who dwell in the past and do not adjust to modern life.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Bust Fatty Myth”

If you do, stand far away when it busts.

Sweden, Local: ‘Models Too Thin”

In Jewish neighborhoods, we like them Softik!

Italy, Local: “Half Italian Men Live With Mom”

Mama mia for sex!

France, Connexion: “Staff Takes Part In Shoplifting”

At least they know what has been stolen.

Germany, Der Spiegel: “Citizenship For Sale”

In America, it is citizenship, heart, soul and life for sale.

Norway, Norway Post: “Good Day For Democracy”

Not in America!

Israel, Jerusalem: “Cheese And Salami Heist”

Doesn’t seem kosher to me!