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Ted Cruz On Muslim Terrorists

There is no doubt that most politically correct Democrats want to be nice to American terrorist Muslims. Ted Cruz stands as among the most vigilant political leaders in this nation who is alert to the danger posed by American Muslim terrorists. “We have to be very vigilant as to who we let in this country. We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.”

Last night Ted was asked how many Muslims there are in America. His response, “I really don’t know.” Let me get this straight, Ted is concerned about American Muslims but lacks any clue as to how many there are in America. Oh, and he could not identify any “Muslim neighborhoods” for the simple reason, few Muslims in America live in a neighborhood that is overwhelmingly Muslim!

Ted, have you given some thought to Portuguese terrorists? Check them out! And, some live in Portuguese neighborhoods.

AIPAC President Blasts Donald

I am not a great fan of AIPAC which has done more harm than good for Israel. It continues to push American politicians into support for the current status quo in the Middle East rather than urge American leaders to fight for long term peace between Israel and Palestinian leaders. So, it was shocking, to say the least,when its president, Lillian Pinkus, blasted Donald Trump for his repeated insults of President Obama during his speech to an audience of Jews who somehow thought a man who insults minorities and disdains women is somehow connected to the Jewish experience.

“Last evening, something happened which has the potential to drive us apart, to divide us. We say unequivocally that we do not countenance ad hominem attacks and we take great offence against those are levied against the President  of the United States of America from our stage We are disappointed that so many  people applauded a sentiment that we never agree with or support.” The crowd stood and applauded her comment.

Once again Donald Trump conducts himself as the schoolyard bully anxious to prove that he can beat up anyone in the school. He simply has not demonstrated any semblance of respect for the office of president of the United States. He has cheapened politics and transformed this primary season into an endless series of childish and dangerous attacks on the integrity of those who differ from his views. He does not understand that we Jews KNOW what it means to be termed, “un-American” and told to go back to where we came from. After 2,000 years of hatred and persecution we cannot support hatred toward those who are vulnerable in our society.

Trump Enemy Number One

As you may or not recall, Fox News has been a 100% opponent of any connection with the anti-American Democratic party and a staunch defender of anything that smacks of concern for free speech or the rights of women. Alas, into the life of Fox News suddenly appeared a very, very evil force known as Donald Trump. For some strange reason, Donald has been focused upon the life of Megyn Kelly. There are non-stop attacks upon her for being unfair or hating him or the appearance of a blond haired female who dares posing intelligent questions to Donald. So, why the anger?

1. He tried to seduce her and she said no?

2. She tried to seduce him and he couldn’t ejaculate?

3. She is blond-haired and in Donald’s world that is evidence she is a bimbo?

4. He automatically becomes furious when posed a question that does not lead to  his histrionics?

5. She is really a transgender and Donald does not make out with THEM?

6. Megyn Kelly is not her real name–it is really Maria Montez and she comes from Mexico?

Whatever the situation she gets his balls in an uproar!

Oh Marco, We Miss You So!

Ok, so there were seventeen at the start line and Marco was only one of them. But, there was something heroic, awe inspiring, fresh and so nice about the story of this humble boy who rose from being the son of a bartender and a main into one seeking the highest office in the land. OK, so he was not a poor Jewish boy from Brooklyn, nor a solid middle class boy like Scott Walker whose dream for America was a land without a single union that seized money from job creators and gave them to lazy, Marxist union leaders.

Ah, Marco was so fresh. He had such cute kids  and a wife who adored him. Who can forget his cutting remarks about “small hands” that sent Donald into a frenzy of proving that he not only had large hands but a large penis as well. Ah, Marco, always fighting for an America without health care for the poor, fighting to protect our wealthy from becoming less wealthy. For Marco, it was morning in America when the poor finally understood their task in life was to remain poor so job creators could produce more and more jobs for the wealthy.

So, depart, Marco the magnificent. For decades to come, children will sing songs about your gallant fight for job creators and love of bartenders and maids.

So, What About Syria?

It has become increasing clear that neither General Trump nor General Cruz have much to offer about  the situation in Syria. I know they want to carpet bomb some place but just about every place in Syria has been bombed and bombed. At this moment, believe it or not, there is a strange quiet in this forlorn area of the world. The guns are sort of silent, trucks with food are creeping into isolated cities, and just about every group has reached the point of exhaustion. Al Nusra,the al-Qaeda group is furious at ISIS which stole its prominence, and the Free Syrian Army just is tired of the year after year attempt to overthrow President Assad.

The Russians are leaving, but the Iranian Revolutionary Guards remain to support President Assad. I do realize Republicans want to shoot someone, but there is simply no group around willing or ready to shoot anyone. The reality is that President Assad will be with us for the near future. About the only effective fighters against Assad remain the P.K.K. Kurds and they are hated by the Turks.

Anyway, all is quiet on the eastern front–at least for a day.


So Long Marco, We Will Miss You

Well Marco sort of got clobbered by the Donald man in his native state of Florida. Yes, he is the Senator from that state but the people who elected him for one reason or another decided it was time for Marco to seek elsewhere for his path to the presidency. Marco gave the same speech that he has been uttering for several months.

My folks fled from evil Castro Cuba

My dad was a bartender and my mom was a maid.

My folks love America.

I am the living symbol of how a poor boy whose dad was a  bartender could seek the presidency.

Now,let me get this straight. Marco boasts about  how immigrants are hard workers who love America and bust their balls raising kids who go to college. So,Marco,why the hell are you  not supporting the right  of those immigrants to remain in America and bust their balls raising hard working kids who might run for the presidency?? He uses the story of immigrants who worked hard and became good American citizens to justify why they should be deported!!

So long, Marco and tell this inspiring tale to audiences who hate and fear immigrants!

Wither Republicans?

There are riots in Chicago, there are scenes of people throwing punches and threatening to inflict harm. Just another day on the Trump carnival of joy. His antics are suddenly raising fears among Republicans as to whether the con man has just played one too many cons. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich have issued statements denouncing inflammatory remarks by Donald as A cause of violence along the campaign trail.

Donald Trump has one never changing weakness–he simply does not know when to shut his big mouth.  He JUST had to tweet: “Bernie is lying when he says his disruptors aren’t told to go to my events.  Be careful Bernie or my supporters  will go to yours.” Despite seven months on the road to the presidency, Donald still insists that 6th grade words of war must be expressed. There MUST be millions of Americans who simply could not accept such behavior in any candidate for president–at least, I hope so.

Ted Cruz Is Ted Cruz

There is no question that Ted Cruz speaks with passion, with conviction, with emotion, with fervor, and he speaks with the words of a man  who believes that everything he has done in life was super. There is never a doubt in his mind, never a hesitation, never a question as to whether or not what he did might have been changes, when Ted says, “yes,” it means that Ted is right.

According to Ted stagnant wages are the result of Obamacare, the law that cost “millions of jobs.” An no point has Ted presented evidence which  of those “millions of jobs” were lost as a result of Obamacare. Ted is convinced that “millions of illegal immigrants” are sweeping over our border.The FACT is that last year 140,000 more Hispanics LEFT AMERICA than entered.

Ted wants to eliminate the IRS, he wants to cut taxes. This will definitely result in “millions of new jobs.” Again, he has never once stated where these jobs would come from and why they would offer good wages. I hate to note those in charge of a business set wages, and  the evidence is overwhelming that modern business leaders pay as little as they can get away with.

Inside The Mind Of Marco Rubio

Since I do enjoy embarking on voyages into the unknown, the thought of seeing the inside of Marco Rubio was an experience that I could not turn down.

There were a lot of dollar bills floating around when I finally got to the center of the Rubio brain. “Fred, I want you to know that I will not cease my campaign even if I lose the primary in Florida. Fred, do you understand how much dough I take in each day from frightened Republicans who fear the very idea of a Trump presidency? I get free plane trips, I get great meals, and I do not have to pay a penny. A big difference from the days of my youth.

I have been working on my latest Trump attack. OK, I went for the  penis, and made him look sort of foolish. Then again, when Donald looks foolish,he believes that he just got more votes. Now,Fred, I am of Cuban heritage, but that does not mean I love Hispanics. We Cubans start from the bottom and get to the top, those wetbacks from Mexico, never leave the fields. OK, so once I was for them before I came out agains them.Fred, this is the ear of Trump politics, just say anything that comes into your mind. There are always idiots out in the audience who will applaud.

Anyway,I am in this race to the end of the dollars. Then, again, maybe Donald needs a VP who sweats and makes him look cool?”

Christian Anger

Every single person on the stage last night promised to bring back jobs, wipe out ISIS and their families, deny any woman or child refuge in the United States and made certain the Christian religion was protected. Each  promised to end the “war on religion” which usually refers to males marrying males and females marrying females.Candidates assume a tough voice in demanding freedom of religion which ordinarily winds up somehow connected to my right to have an assault weapon.

There is slight doubt millions of Americans have come to believe the essence of Christianity is having a gun at home to shoot any interloper or not allowing people to get married. The link between Christianity and guns is now an accepted concept of the religion. This modern Christian has hatred toward Muslims, towards Arabs, toward poor Christians from Mexico,and anyone who has suffered in a war.

Somehow, this somehow  does not resemble the Christian church that allegedly was founded by a Jewish guy who  preached love and peace. Frankly, there is no way whatsoever that Jesus is coming back to this crowd of haters. I have a hunch spends his days and nights up in Heaven crying at what somehow was created in his name.