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Putin Takes Center Stage

We Americans have Donald Trump and the world has Vladimir Putin. Trump is a shouter and bully who has  never done much other than push around some people who work for him, but Vladimir Putin is now pushing around a lot of people in the Middle East after getting his way in the Ukraine. Putin is now the main player in Syria and intends to make the world pay attention to his demands  that Russia be respected and allowed to make important decisions. Unlike Trump,he  knows how to gain power in the world other than shouting and ranting.

There is no question that the entry of Russian air power, special forces, and extensive bombing have resulted in a significant decline opposition groups in Syria. His strategy is clear. Bomb the hell out of those opposing President Assad, but ignore ISIS. In fact, he uses ISIS to get rid of those seeking to gain traction in the fight to end the power of Assad.

Putin also seeks to make thousands flee Syria and head for Europe. He wants to create a refugee crisis in order to destabilize the European Union. A demoralized EU means it can not exert power to thwart his efforts to become the dominant player in Europe. Sorry Donald, he would eat you up in five minutes because Vladimir Putin understands how to handle a bully. After all, he has been one all his life and become quite successful.

Marco Intends To Make His Mark

The little guy who stands on the platform desperately seeking to prove that he is a fighter and can take on bad people is really getting angry. I fear this growing fury will lead Marco to shift support to the loudest angry person in the room–Donald Trump. It appears that a person on the staff of Ted Cruz got a copy of  video someone made in a hotel lobby. The video shows Marco walking past a Trump supporter who was reading a Bible.

The Cruz version of the video has Marco saying to the man, “that book has all the answers.” After Cruz operatives got through with the video, the Senator from Florida is mouthing, “that book does not have any answers.” Ted finally fired his staff man. So, we can expect at the next debate both Marco and Donald going after the sleeve bag from Texas.

The real question is how the people of Texas elected this lying, cheating, dishonest person for any position in government? He really should be tarred nd feathered and sent on the first train heading back home to Canada!

Beware Girl Scouts-Females For The Devil!!

It is quite clear that Donald Trump has identified Hispanic terrorists and ISIS terrorists as the greatest dangers facing the American people. However,  Archbishop Robert Carlson of St. Louis has finally made Americans confront the single most frightening threat to our society–GIRL SCOUTS. OK, so Donald Trump has never raised concerns about Girl Scouts, but we now know that Donald opposes the Catholic Church and who else fears Catholics-Girl Scouts!

Archbishop Carlson has raised concerns about the terrorist activities of the Girl Scouts who spout heresy and radical ideas with their support for gay rights or contraception. Archbishop Carlson was asked by a Catholic if it were permissible to purchase Girl Scout cookies. He responded: “each person must act in accord with their conscience.  The Girl Scouts is exhibiting a troubling pattern of behavior and it is clear to me that as they move in the ways of the world it is becoming  increasingly incompatible with our Catholic values.”

So, if you are a Catholic, each bite of a Girl Scout cookies sends you ever, ever closer to Hell!

Republican All-American Party

Marco Rubio is pleased that he still remains in the race to secure the Republican nomination now that Jeb has gone away. In a speech yesterday, Marco made a boast that Donald Trump could never utter. He boasted about being on stage “receiving the endorsement of  an Indian American governor from South Carolina, who was endorsing  a Cuban American senator from Florida and I was standing next to the African American Republican Senator from South Carolina. This is the face of  the new conservative Republican party.”

I assume this new Republican party will:

1. Ensure that all immigrants and black folk are able to use their right to vote.

2. Tax the  wealthy and provide jobs for the poor.

3. Get a picture with Barack Obama smiling at you.

4. Send whites to jail for crimes that result in blacks and Hispanics winding up in prison.

Let’s face it, Marco Rubio is the all American boy who can whip Donald Trump with one hand tied behind his back!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Perhaps Trump can build a new high wall for the Vatican.

We live in the era of loud mouth politicians offering dreams.

More Hispanics left America last year than entered, such is the state of the unguarded border.

John Kasich is going no place, he talks too much common sense.

One wonders these days what is taught in high school American history classes, certainly not the Constitution.

February is the month of dreams for every baseball fan.

What a world I inhabit, just about every 200 hitter these days earns more in one year than Babe Ruth earned in his lifetime!

Oh well, it is Saturday,and somewhere in this land some black kid got killed by another black kid.

I would have a heart attack if any politician actually presented a concrete specific plan to do what he or she claims  he or she can do.

Sorry, I do not think seeking “All Lives Matter” is a racist comment.

Then again, I have no idea what are the goals of “Black Lives Matter” other than shouting those words.

This is the era of the RIGHTEOUS.

Time For Change?

Pope Francis has taken on the biggest bull shit artist on the planet, one Donald Trump. He has now decided it is time to address an issue that is fundamental to the future of the Catholic Church. As the Zika virus sweeps through many areas of Latin America it is creating fear and anxiety among women. There is overwhelming evidence this horrible virus can affect the fetus in the womb. Many women are frightened. Many believe this is not the time to have a baby.

Pope Francis made clear that a woman in fear of a deformed baby has the right to employ protection to avoid getting pregnant. He is probably the first Pope who   would say-“avoiding pregnancy is not an absolute evil.” He is giving them permission to use contraception devices in order to avoid becoming pregnant.

Who knows, perhaps one day Pope Francis will recognize the need for priests means males can marry and females can become a priest!

Glenn Beck On The Truth

Glenn Beck has devoted his adult life to fighting against evil doers who seek to destroy the very fabric of America by transforming this bastion of free enterprise into a land of dictatorship run by communists and Islamic terrorists. He hailed the death of Justice Scalia as an opportunity to take back America from evil Socialists. “The Constitution is hanging by a thread. The thread has just been cut. And, the only way we can survive now if we have a constitutionalist as president. And, guess who is that man–none other than Ted Cruz!

Yes, we need Ted Cruz the only one running for president who is dedicated to law and order. Do you want proof?

1. A new photo released by the Cruz headquarters shows Marco Rubio shaking hands with Barack Obama. Of course, it turns out the picture was doctored by having Rubio’s face inserted. Just remember, in elections, all is fair since the goal is to win, just as it states in the Constitution.

2. In the Iowa primary the Cruz gang sent voters a “Voter Identification Form” which made clear the voter was in violation of the law and could only save himself from jail  by voting for Ted Cruz.

In fairness to Ted he was correct in stating that Donald Trump was for gay rights until he came out as an opponent of gay rights. The best description of Ted Cruz was recently stated by me–a poor man’s version of Senator Joseph McCarthy!


Scalia Death Will Never Disappear

Little did Justice Antonin Scalia realize that in dying he was creating a new American business that will last for the next fifty years and produce hundreds of books and provide employment for thousands. Scratch an American and you will soon discovered a person who is dying for a new secret plot, a new plan by some evil government agency to take over the government. The Scalia death has now introduced material for each and every conspiracy nut case.

So, what is the present scenarios for the Scalia death?

1. It was a secret Obama plot to get access to control of the Supreme Court.

2. It was a plot by aliens to put one of their people on the Supreme Court.

3. It was a plot by the Clintons to give Hillary something to scare liberal voters about.

4. Or, it was a plot by Bernie Sanders to scare liberals into voting.

5. Or, it was a plot by book  publishers to get a best selling book on the market.

6. Or ,it was a plan by Ted Cruz to arouse right wingers to vote for him.

7. Or, it was a plot by rabbis to get another Jew on the Supreme Court.

Jeb, Jeb, When Will It Be All Over

Jeb Bush once again was on a platform where he confronted an audience. In theory, lacking opponents it was an opportunity for Jeb to shine. So, what happened?

1. Asked about the Pope’s statement that Trump behavior was not that of a Christian, Jeb decided to pass.

2. Asked about immigration,he once again refused to stand up for a reasonable plan to handle the situation.

3. Asked how he would deal with Iraq or Syria, he just had to make certain the world knew that his brother was a great man. He insisted the invasion of Iraq was right, and all subsequent problems were caused by President Obama.

Jeb simply is unable to take a strong stand on anything.He will soon disappear from the political scene because he displays the backbone of a  chocolate eclair. Goodbye Jeb, we never knew you well.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Marco Rubio feels  very comfortable when the only one on the stage.

Ben Carson’s handlers should sit him down and have him read a history of the United States of America. He confuses the 1920s with the 1930s.

Then again, Ben Carson is living proof that any American who can breathe is qualified to become President.

Republicans are convinced that Barack Obama was responsible for the disaster in Iraq. I though it was the Kardashians.

Ted Cruz was most probably the smart kid in every class he attended.

We need a fact checker on stage with Republicans when they speak.

It’s February and every baseball fan believes his team will win the World Series.