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Donald Wants To “Hit”Bad People

Once again,Donald Trump displayed his presidential demeanor by telling an audience that he wanted to “hit a number of speakers so hard,their heads would spin.” Most probably he is very upset at what Michael Bloomberg said about his failure as a business man. Donald continues to boast to audiences that he is one tough guy who can physically take out opponents. Let’s examine the record:

Donald Trump was in his twenties when the Vietnam war occurred. This was a wonderful opportunity for him to demonstrate his physical prowess. Instead of fighting, Donald made certain that he was not going to get into combat.While hundreds of thousands of young Americans were fighting in the jungles of Vietnam, Donald Trump was fighting in New York City where he daily encountered beautiful women that he had to conquer and defeat.

Yeah, Donald wants to “hit” bad guys. He sure will NEVER risk his body in any physical encounter unless the other person was a WOMAN! Actually, a female model who had big boobs! Donald is a  coward!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Donald One Note can only sing loudly, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

A great Democratic convention, now for a  great American political campaign.

Hopefully, Bernie Sanders  folks will do what is best for America by voting for Hillary.

I am getting to enjoy Tom Kaine, he comes across as cool.

Republicans this year come across as advocates of Doom and Gloom.

Take one guess as to which party, Lucifer would support.

I continue to wonder as to which political post Ben Carson could handle.

Day of Wonder, the day Donald actually explains one idea on solving one problem.

Darkness Vs Sunshine In America

The Democratic convention concluded last night and Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton are now the candidates in this year’s presidential election. The two conventions were a study in light vs darkness. As you recall, last week, Republicans offered a version of an America on the verge of collapse. It went something like this:

“Have you checked your weapons tonight before going to sleep? Are they cocked and read to blast away when some Muslim terrorist burst through the door? These are terrible and dark times for our nation. Parents fear sending their children to school because some Muslim terrorist might end their life. Just about everyone has lost their job since jobs are now in China or Mexico. Or, hordes of Mexicans are crossing our border, raping, robbing, and  taking our jobs. And, President Obama does nothing. All he cares about is ‘Black Lives Matter.’Don’t cop lives matter, Mr. President? Well, thank God, some churches are still around to hand out soup and a biscuit  so I can eat today. And, to make matters worse, those female bitches grab all the good paying jobs because that’s all the black dude President from Africa cares about!”

“Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy. We need to come together and work together to solve our problems. The vast majority of Americans have jobs, and are buying homes, and sending their children to college. We have to create free colleges and reduce student debt. We have to work with our allies in order to end the threat posed by ISIS. We have to end discrimination against Muslims, and respect their contribution to this society. We have to develop a path to citizenship so hard working undocumented aliens can become citizens, the process that has been part of the American story for over 200 years. We now have a women running for president, and now must end discrimination against women getting good jobs and equal pay. We also have to provide day care for parents. Nothing can be accomplished unless all work together.

Safety In Guns

As readers of this blog know well, the greatest problem confronting America is lack of guns in the hands of people.  Last week in Fort Myers, Florida, two people were murdered and nearly a dozen were wounded when a conflict between gangs resulted in blasting away at the Club Blu. Fortunately, for the people of Fort Myers, local businessmen are working hard to ensure their protection. Gun shop owners have signs indicating: “We welcome your business, concealed weapons permit folks.”

In addition public schools in Fort Myers offer a county-wide program that teaches kids how to blast away with guns. In fact, local churches assist in the effort to ensure that each and every person in Fort Myers is proficient with a gun. How about?

1. Provide each new born child with a toy gun to play with in the crib.

2. Organize pre-schoolers into gangs and have them conduct mock shoot-outs.

3. Then again, it would be beneficial if parents  practiced with their  children a mock shoot-out so everyone knows what to do when a gun toting person enters their home.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old mind.


I await with glee the debate between Pence and Kane.

So Donald, when will you reveal TAX RETURNS?

Trump has violated the law with calls for Russia to hack government documents.

Of course,who wants to read Trump emails?

Bloomberg offered Independents a reason to vote this year.

Bernie Sanders children must grow up and vote for Clinton.

This is the first  convention  era in which children talked about their parents.

When Obama speaks, sunshine fills the world.

Obama On America

According to Donald Trump and Fox News, these are the worst of times, these are the most terrible times, these are the days of gloom and peril. President Obama presented to the American people a different version of reality. He described what IS, not what IS NOT.

1. Crime is at the lowest level in American history. People are safer now then they  have ever been in this country. Example: Fifteen years ago, about 2,200 people were murdered in New York City. Last year the figure was about 330. Except for a few cities like Chicago, most cities report similar results.

2. Over fifteen million jobs have been created since he became president. When Obama took office, the United States was LOSING 800,000 JOBS EACH MONTH.

3. Twenty million people now have health insurance that they lacked eight years ago.

4. Gay rights have been achieved.

5. For the first time a woman is running for president.

6. America is respected, that is why millions would love to enter it.

7. As a result of trade deals, the average American saves over $5,000 a year.

8. Unemployment is less than 5%.

9. We no longer torture prisoners of war.

10. ISIS has lost over 40% of the land it once controlled.

YES, this is reality,not the gloom picture of Donald Trump!

Bloomberg On Trump

Michael Bloomberg gave a speech at the Democratic convention. He did not speak as a Democrat, nor as a Republican, but as an Independent. He also spoke as a successful businessman. He summed up Donald in one sentence: “I’m from New York and I know a con man when I see one.” As one born in the Bronx, New York, one learns from day  one of life never, ever to trust anyone who boasts that he can make everyone rich tomorrow.

Bloomberg raised some points:

1. Why doesn’t Donald reveal his tax returns? What is he hiding?

2. Actually, the Bloomberg business report claims that Donald has about $2.2 billion rather than ten billion. He also has about $600 million in debt.

3. The Trump organization has experienced multiple bankruptcies which allows to end payment to workers and any business that furnished service.

4. As of this date, Trump has NOT provided any figures that explain how he will bring back jobs with high pay. Of course, he has never explained why  businessmen should pay high wages rather than investing in technology.

5. There is no evidence that workers at Trump businesses earn higher wages than at other organizations.

Putin On Evil Doers

There is one wonderful aspect to being dictator of Russia, when you make claims there are no voices in parliament, nor in any media outlets still around that might contradict what you say. During the past year, there have been several stories about how Russian athletes were given dopes that enabled them to win many victories.Putin is furious at these claims, calling them “discrimination”and assuring Russians that we are “not going to put up with it.”

In fairness to our beloved leader, our noble father, let me explain what he is describing. There is overwhelming evidence that black American athletes were born in Africa, not America. Since there are few major highways in Africa, these men–and women–ran for miles each day in order to get from point A to point B. That is why they are so fast.

There is proof that American athletes have been drinking specially made “coffee”at Starbucks. Actually, this “coffee” is really a special mix of marijuana and other drugs which enhance the muscle strength of athletes.

Since America had slavery  this gives America a special advantage in athletics. It has been proven that black slaves are more muscle bound than white folks. Since they are more primitive, these blacks have greater speed that is needed to escape tigers and panthers.

Dark Tales: America Today Under Trump

Thank God we have Donald Trump and his voice for calm, and peace, and hope. OK, there are some who claim that Donald is a voice of fear and anger. Just examine the record of this fighter for working people.

Donald was on the Bill O’Reilly show and asked about  his proposal for minimum wages. Donald pointed out that originally, he thought the $7.25 an hour was too high, but, he has done some further thinking and come to the conclusion that “I would leave it  and raise it somewhat.” He now believes it might be possible to have a $10 an hour wage, “but, let the states  make the deal.” In other words, if Mississippi says $5 an hour, that’s OK with Donald. He does promise that when elected, each and every American will have a “high paying job.” Yes,  he is ready to allow it to rise to $10 an hour. In other words, in Trump America, workers will be making the amazing wage of $1600 a month!

With Donald in power, good times will return to one and all. Of course, in some states that great wage might be $800 a month. I am certain workers will be happy they finally have a high paying job that once was done in China.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85  year old body.


Bill’s voice is not the same, but  his ability to get across ideas IS.

I have never understood why someone who goes to jail, loses their right to vote. There must be a connection, but I can’t figure it out.

More Muslims die each day from violence than Christians witness in a ten year period of time.

I suspect if there was no social media there would be no ISIS.

Listening to Republican fears about the sky falling has led me to construct a home built deep into the mountains.

I confess to being an optimist, this means no place in the Republican party for me.

Most  probably, Planned Parenthood  comes right after ISIS on the Republican  fear list.

Say, whatever happened to Chris Christie, is he still the Trump valet?