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Another Dead Muslim Dude

About one-fifth of my life has been spent while some American President has a media conference in which he boasts of killing off some big shot Muslim terrorist leader and thus set in motion the end of terrorism in the Middle East. As I recall, first President Bush promised to track down and kill Osama bin Laden. Then came along the black dude who showed us pictures of the military getting rid of Osama bin Laden. OK, the big honcho was now dead. So, I was informed by my government that once we got rid of the head guy, then…… The “then”part was never made clear to me. I assume they were promising me that once Osama was gone, then…. Then, what?

There is absolutely no evidence in any guerrilla war that getting rid of one top guy leads to a collapse of the entire group. It is time to end this fiasco about killing off leaders and turn our focus on how to turn young people away from terrorist activities. How anyone considered pushing for major job creation programs in the Middle East?

Why Trump Aids Republicans?

The chairperson of the Republican party in Pennsylvania has come up with a new twist on the Trump mess that impacts all those seeking the nomination for president. He notes that Donald Trump has captured the media and brought attention to the Republican party. At least these days, one or the other Republican candidates is in the headlines. So, we thought it might be beneficial to offer some other ways Republicans can gain notoriety.

1. How about dressing Republican candidates in the Hells Angel uniform and take over a college town and harass the girls?

2. Why not lead a lynch mob against some Muslim or his family?

3. There is always the possibility we can obtain live footage of Donald fucking some beautiful gal.

4. Just remember when Donald Trump stands up for America his entire body is on display. I dare Hillary Clinton to engage in a sex contest with Donald!

The First Amendment

It is quite clear that many Republicans are somewhat confused as to what the First Amendment to the Constitution means. County clerk Kim Davis spent hours in prayer and she fasted because her Christian religious beliefs did not allow her to issue marriage licenses to those seeking same-sex marriages. Ms. Davis believes the First Amendment was written to allow any citizen to simply claim their religious views prevented them from following laws of the land.

Our Founding Fathers wrote the First Amendment for the exact opposite idea. They were protesting against colonial times when England had an Established church that had to be funded by all citizens. The First Amendment was written so that no one could impose their religious ideas upon other citizens. Sorry, Ms.Davis, keep your religious views to yourself.

A Tale Of Three Men In 1968

The year was 19698 and over four hundred thousand young Americans were fighting in a far away place known as Vietnam. One of these young men was involved in the political world and obtained at least four draft deferments because, as he so aptly noted, “I had better things to do”than fight in faraway wars. His name was Dick Cheney. Another young man was attending an Ivy League college, going out with gorgeous women and having wonderful dinners at night clubs. By the time he graduated from college and went to work in dad’s real estate firm he had accumulated $271,000. He also obtained draft deferments and never went to war. His name was Donald Trump.

The third man was in a prison in North Vietnam and had been tortured and beaten and abused for months. He turned down a deal under which he would apologize for fighting against the Viet Cong and then would be allowed to go home. He turned down the deal. His name was John McCain.

Muslims Murder Muslims

Another day,another murderous attack by one Muslim group upon another Muslim group. Some college students in Turkey were planning to go to the city of Kobani which is on the border of Syria and Turkey. Their plan was to rebuild parks and centers for children.They had no political agenda other than aiding fellow Muslims who are undergoing the horrible aspects of war.

A suicide bomber from ISIS blew himself up along with 30 other Muslims and wounded dozens more Muslims. I gather the bomber will be conversing with Allah about how he murdered Muslims. Somehow, I do not believe Allah will be thrilled with such news. Wouldn’t be wonderful if Muslims agreed not to murder one another–at least for a month!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Donald Trump, Dick Cheney, and little George Bush, all made certain not to fight for their country during war.

Donald Trump received cheers from the crazies when he insulted Americans who had to surrender.

It increasingly is evident that most Republicans dislike those who serve their country in war.

Donald has seized the favor of those who feel lost in modern America.

Republicans cheer when words of hate are uttered against the President. Such is their patriotism.

Donald Trump’s idea of war is attacking attractive women-without mercy.

“General”Trump Sounds Charge

Donald the Trump simply can not control his mouth when on a stage. He was talking to a few thousand nut cases in Phoenix,Arizona when the man who got four draft deferments during the Vietnam War made clear that HE was the hero of that conflict while Senator John McCain, who was a fighter pilot, was the coward. McCain was shot down and spent four years enduring torture. He refused a release if he agreed to make a statement condemning the war since his father commanded the navy in waters around Vietnam. According to Donald, ” he’s not a war hero. He was a war hero before he was captured. I like people who aren’t captured.” He went on to condemn McCain for his remarks about the crazies who came to listen to Trump. “He called them, ‘crazies.’Frankly, I think that he owes them an apology.”

This man who is a coward, now seeks to impress Americans with his bravery and attacks on POWs, During the Battle of the Bulge in December, 1944, 18,000 Americans were finally forced to surrender after they ran out of ammunition. There bravery in halting the German attack led to the complete defeat of a powerful enemy. Donald would term them to lack bravery! Such is the state of the Republican party!

Our Ally, Saudi Arabia Is Upset

Frankly, I never thought to see the day when Israel has become the loving buddy of Saudi Arabia. Both nations oppose the Iran nuclear agreement because Iran is a source of violent Islamic terrorism. According to these buddies in hate, President Obama sold our the course of peace in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia feels betrayed. Let me get this straight:

1. Saudi Arabia has given untold billions to America hating madrassa schools which indoctrinate youth to follow the course of violence.

2. Saudi Arabia has funded thousands of clerics who preach hate of the West and America.

3. Saudi money created the Taliban which has killed hundreds of American soldiers.

4. Saudi Arabia is the original model for beheading people. Oh,they also chop off limbs.

5. Saudi money went to Osama bin Laden.

Isn’t it wonderful that President Obama is being opposed by this symbol of peace-loving democracy!

Dr. Ron Paul Speaks

Dr.Ron Paul has not been in Congress for a few years, but his spirit lives on with a television commercial. In the commercial, the good doctor, of medicine that is, warns each and every American that doom awaits. The Federal Reserve System is in chaos, the Obama administration does not know its ass from its elbow, but the the good doctor knows best how to save we Americans against doom that awaits when the economy collapses due to mishandling by the Obama folk.

Funny, but I just lived through a collapse of the economy and that occurred under the administration of one,George Bush. As I recall, the Bush/Paul medicine of lower taxes for the wealthy, job providers that is, led to an incredible collapse of our economy. Somehow, lower taxes for those with wealthy somehow does NOT create jobs except for accountants of those with wealth!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local: “Star Called Idiot”

To some,Trump is the idiot’s delight.

USA: aol. “Hot Summer”

Not these days in most cities.

France, Connexion: “Fewer Beggars Around”

They are all out begging for money to run in the Republican primary.

UK,Guardian: “Tunnel Delays”

Not when your name is El Chapo!