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We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Chelsea Manning was sent to solitary confinement for attempting suicide. HUH?

The only institution that is not crooked in our society, according to Trump, is his campaign.

I have never encountered such ignorance as that displayed by Trump supporters.

I wish Pope Francis lived another twenty years so he would have time to change the power structure of the Vatican.

Not a day goes by without some hateful outburst from Donald Trump –and –his supporters.

I so enjoy Sunday football, at least I used to, now politics rather than touchdowns are the topic of discussion.

I increasingly believe that God is on an extended vacation from Earth.

Trump’s Words Of Treason

There is scant doubt, this election will  go down in history as the first in which one candidate threatened, if elected, to send to jail his opponent. Donald Trump is the first candidate who has urged his supporters to take action against his opponents. Most probably, Donald Trump is not aware that anyone who enters the United States armed forces takes a solemn oath, not merely to obey the Commander-in-Chief, but to more importantly, uphold the integrity of the United States Constitution. A ‘President’ Trump who issued unconstitutional orders to members of the armed forces would require them to disobey such orders. This has never happened in the history of this nation.Anyone who threaten to violate the US Constitution is guilty of TREASON. The penalty for TREASON is DEATH.

Most shocking is the support by millions of Americans for a man who threatens to violate the US Constitution. Who or what are these people? They are upset about some emails, but not concerned when their candidate violates the basic principles of American democracy!!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind, trapped in an 86 year old body.


We await the new Donald Trump,the man who will tell it like it is.

Children love to play in mud, Donald Trump, is just a child at heart.

The greatest issue confronting America is emails!

These days the words one speaks must please other people or you runt he risk of being classified as a racist.

Does any American enjoy this election?

I would not be surprised to see Trump grab Hillary’s throat in the next debate to prove his manhood.

I sometimes cry for America, how did we get to this stage as a society?

Once, there were giants in the land, today, just pygmies.

Donald Trump: Blue Collar Worker

Donald Trump was born into a typical blue collar family whose father only had a few million dollars, just like most blue collar families. Although, lacking the usual blue collar family income, this sturdy,hard working young man worked his way up the ladder of poverty in order to become a successful businessman. “Let me tell you  what I’m very proud of. I’m proud that I have always treated the blue collar worker, and I consider myself in a certain way to be a blue collar worker that made this country run with tremendous respect.”

Yes, he has always treated blue collar workers with respect. Work for Donald Trump and you will not receive $7.25 an hour, you will receive $8.00 an hour!You will be treated with respect, you will be honored.Donald Trump is just a blue collar worker at heart, and that is the difference between him and most millionaires! And,most important, he is like most blue collar workers who have been married three times!

Trump:Great Businessman

Donald Trump continues to inform his followers, and the American people that he is a fantastic, wonderful, brilliant, and successful businessman. He boasts there is not a single businessman in the United States who can match his record. After all, how many have declared bankruptcies four times? His incredible, fantastic Taj Mahal casino just closed its doors and 3,200 people lost their jobs. When this casino opened, Trump shouted that it was the eighth wonder of the world.

His record in this casino is certainly an example of how this brilliant man is successful. He originally funded the casino with selling junk bonds that  promised to pay fantastic interest rates. Within a few years he lacked the money to continue so he got a $65 million bailout from the state of New Jersey in order to continue functioning. This is the typical manner in which Donald Trump operates, get handouts from the government, and be a success in business. Just remember, anyone can succeed as he does–provided you have the right government connections.

Marco Rubio Has A Problem

As  you recall or do not recall during the year long quest for the Republican nomination for  president, Senator Marco Rubio pledged that he would not seek re-election to that office. Well, Marco, did not get the golden ring of being a candidate for president so he decided to once again become a US Senator. He is now being challenged by Democrat Patrick Murphy. In a recent speech, Murphy mocked Marco for his famous statement given in response to a question as to whether or not he believed there was climate change: “I’m not a scientist.”

Murphy went  on the attack. “Floridians don’t need to be told about the effects of climate change,with the future of the environment on the line, who are Republicans trying to elect Donald Trump and Marco Rubio? When Donald goes low, Marco Rubio is right there with him.”


The election has entered a new phase with Donald Trump announcing to one and all that he will no longer be bounded by shackles of conformity to the Republican leadership. Here us unshackled Donald Trump: “From now on, if you think the mud has been thrown, just wait until my mud slide crashes down on the bitch from New York. She is a flat chested small ass broad who does not possess my brilliance as a Great Businessman.

So, what now happens? First, I am going to expose Bill Clinton as a sexual predator and thus prove to Americans I can make their lives better. I will prove that we can get high paying jobs for each and every American, once we expose the sexual lives of the Clintons. The bitch has been giving speeches, she has been betraying Americans, heck, we should put her on trial for TREASON! My first order as President will be to order a trial of Hillary Clinton on the charge of betraying the American people.

We have to make America a Great Nation once again. This means we need a president who is a model of how guys and gals can have a Great time, and have a good roll in the bed. This means more babies, this means more customers, this means more people to vote for me!”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in a 86 year old mind.


It is clear that no one taught Donald Trump how to stand quiet when  another spoke.

The only battle Donald Trump ever fought was in a bed with a woman.

Warren Buffet rule -did you pay less or more percent in taxes than your secretary? So, tell us Donald.

Republicans are running for the hills. Not a  pretty sight to behold.

One day someone will explain to Trump the President does NOT order the Attorney General who to prosecute.

I wonder if Donald Trump has actually READ the Constitution?

One word sums up the attitude of Trump supporters–HATE.

JEWS for Trump is akin to Jews for Hitler!

Trump On War

Each day that Donald Trump pursues his quest for the presidency, it becomes clear that we need his brilliant mind addressing issues of war and  peace. Who can surpass this man when it comes to dealing with ISIS? He has made clear that when he becomes  president, “I will knock the hell out of ISIS. I am  pretty good at dealing with ISIS.” Yes, he is. Examine the record:

1. He got four draft deferments during the Vietnam  war because he wanted to knock the hell out of the Viet Cong.

2. He has never read a book about war or the military which means his mind is clear of the old failed ways fighting ISIS.

3. He brings a clear, fresh perspective on dealing with guerrilla warfare.

4. He wants to bomb guerrilla outfits who are hiding in cities. How, this will result in their defeat, only Donald knows.

5. Donald has absolutely NO idea what constitutes a “division”of soldiers let alone an “Army.” A fresh mind with absolutely NO ideas of how to fight a war.

Once we empower Donald Trump to fight the war against ISIS, rest assured, these cowards will flee in terror. Turn loose General Trump, and there will be no more wars in the Middle East.

Ass Man To Breast Man

I gather there has been considerable discussion concerning comments made by Donald Trump regarding his daughter. I have not been a supporter of Donald Trump,but he is entitled to a defense for simply speaking his mind. OK, so he referred to his daughter, Ivanka has being a good piece of Ass. But, no place in those comments is there any reference to her boobs! Of course, she might be flat chested, but Donald Trump did NOT comment on the breasts of his daughter. Let’s be fair.

Now, examine the word, Ass. It could, it might be a reference to a the anatomy a woman, BUT, it could simply refer to a domestic animal that would be found on a Trump farm estate. Then again, what exactly is the  problem of noting that a woman has an Ass? Of course, she does, SO do men! But, in fairness to Donald Trump he does NOT discuss the breasts of men, just look at the bodies of most men when naked, most have some hanging breasts that would make many women, envious.

Exactly, what is the “crime” of Donald Trump? He has the guts to discuss female boobs and rear ends. At no point did he express a desire to enter the rear end of a woman, at no time did he express an interest in sucking the breasts of a woman. Donald Trump is just an old country boy talking like a bunch of guys in the locker room.OK, OK, so he wanted to fuck a woman, he wanted to grab a part of her body, just about every guy has, at one point or another, wanted to do what Donald wants–to fuck a women both ways.

And, furthermore, Donald Trump is willing to stand up, at least one part of his body is, stand up for freedom to fuck a woman when she needs it. Who else but a man has that need, and that right!! So, hail to Donald Trump, a man who stands up for principles, a man who stands up for his body, a man who is the envy of every God fearing, red-blooded American who wants to make this country,  GREAT AGAIN! Let’s  return to the era when men were MEN!