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Putin Returns, So Does Death

Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared in Moscow after several days of absence. He made one of his threatening speeches in which he informed the world there were moments when the Russian army entered the Crimea when he thought about the need to get his nation’s atomic weapons ready for use. Yes, the man of steel just wanted to send a message to the Western world that he is capable of anything and everything. The comment was designed to send fear into the hearts of those who do not seek to destroy this planet. I am certain that the people of Russia now have another source of pride. They are led by a man who is ready to destroy the world in order to restore the pride of Russia. One wonders if the people of Russia grasp that if their leader ever fired an atomic bomb, dozens of atomic weapons would descend upon them.

Things are back to normal in Mother Russia. Fighting again in Ukraine, death and destruction and warnings about Russia being surrounded by forces of doom. Putin is the Russian answer to our Ted Cruz or Tom Cotton or Sarah Palin. Nut cases who shout without paying attention to the meaning of their words of anger and hate.

The American Politician

I confess to having been born at another time in another America when those of differing political views had lunch together, played poker together and even went out for a drink with one another. Heck, there used to be an annual softball game between Democrats and Republicans. The current hatred between those of the two major parties only has one prior comparison, the years of 1860 and 1861 when the nation was torn apart due to the election of Abraham Lincoln who most Southerners believe wanted to end their precious slavery and take away their property rights. It is amazing how contemporary members of the Republican party echo these fears. Nonstop rants about property, shouts about the man from Africa, oh, that was a common charge about Abraham Lincoln. The gap grows wider each day between members of our two leading parties.

I was recently reading a book which dealt with George Washington during the 1780s when the nation lacked an efficient central government. Washington was upset at the lack of a powerful central government which could control and dominate states that lacked any sense of being part of an AMERICA. He completely opposed state rights and thought believing in one’s state before the nation was the hallmark of a political leader lacking faith in the United States of America. It is no surprise that the new Constitution begins with a statement about “we people” rather than “we states.”

A major problem with modern American politicians is their lack of knowledge about the history of this nation. If one serves in Congress then one serves the American people, not your congressional district and not your state. How about requiring politicians to pass a test on American history??

Another Day, Another Dead Mentally Ill Man

James Harrison was a 38 year old man who suffered from being bipolar and dealing with schizophrenia. He was not the first person in this world who had such problems, and he lived with his mother. She called the police when he suddenly had an outburst of anger, this was not the first time he behaved in this manner, and had he lived it would not have been the last time. The police arrived, and mom told them,”bipolar and schizo.” Some words of warning in order to prepare the police for a man who was not behaving in a normal manner. The police entered the house, they confronted Mr. Harrison. He had a screw driver in his hand and then lunged toward the three policemen. What else could these endangered men do but to blast away. Three shots were fired, Mr. Harrison collapsed and fell to the floor. When mom entered the apartment her bipolar and schizo son was dead.

Story after story, event after event, incident after incident, meeting after meeting, always concludes in the same ending. A mentally ill person dies. I frequently wonder why three shots must be fired. Are police ever trained to fire at feet? There are no reports whether the police attempted to talk this man down. I forget, their lives were in danger. They have weapons and he had a screw driver.

Oh, the police had God on their side!

So, What Goes On Facebook?

There is an ongoing problem for those who run Facebook since several nations in the world define “defamation” as synonymous with writing the truth about dictatorial regimes. Turkey has numerous laws which make it a crime to say anything about the Armenian genocide, oops, I just broke the laws of Turkey by employing those two words-Armenians and genocide. China constantly demands removal of comments that represent the idea of free speech because in the land of China those in authority decide who can speak and what anyone can say. Thus the issue confronting Mark Zuckerberg is whether or not to accept these restrictions and allow Facebook to continue functioning around the world. Imagine if Nazi Germany was around and Hitler decided what could or could not be stated on Facebook?

I do not know the answer to this question. It must be extremely difficult for Zuckerberg to run an organization which daily confronts issues of free speech. I admire him for his efforts to continue Facebook as an an important institution while at the same time being controlled by petty dictators. This is one complex problem that is the complex problem for Mark, not Fred!

NFL And Common Sense

I have been in love with football since my early years and this interest translated into devoting countless hours of my life watching and thinking about the National Football League. In my youth, professional football players did not wear extensive equipment, they simply ran out on the field and played football. There is no question these football players were not men who weighed over 300 pounds, simply a group of men who enjoyed being on the field. Many simply did not have any protective gear, why worry when your main goal was to catch the ball or tackle another player. Since that era we have evolved into football teams whose players seek to hurt those on the other team. Player after player winds up with traumatic damage to their brains or body.

Chris Borland is a player for the San Francisco Forty-Niners and is in his second year in the NFL. Mr. Borland informed his coach that enough was enough. He decided to end his career because the danger to his body and brain was too great. So, he gave up wealth for health. l have a hunch this young man will grow into a healthy old man while his teammates will become wealthy and ill. So, which is the wise choice, healthy or wealthy?


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

Just trust our job creators to create high paying $8 an hour jobs!

Canada, Toronto Star: “I Am Going To Mars”

Any place to escape Republican congressmen.

France, Connexion: “This Is A Good Steak”

I will stake my reputation on this.

Sweden, Local: “Cover Your Eyes I Will Be Tearful”

Another promise from John Boehner.

China, China Daily: “Keep Peiping Population Down”

Just have adults sleep in separate beds.

John Voight Speaks

I somehow stumbled upon the words of movie actor, John Voight and was surprised to learn that in addition to the craft of acting, this man is a noted expert on politics and world affairs. I thought it only fair that I should share his words of wisdom with the world:

“Barack Obama does not love America”

“John Voight loves John Voight”

“John Voight loves Republicans”

“john Voight loves money”

“Obama does not love Israel”

I assume:

“John Voight loves Bibi”

I get confused, why should any American president have to “love Israel?”

OOPs I was informed by Ted Cruz that in the second amendment in addition to saying one must love guns also says, one must love Israel!

By the way, is there anything in the Constitution that says one must love “America?”

Say “Rape” And Add Word: Pakistan

I confess to having been raised with the concept that one does not attack any religious figure, particularly someone of another faith. In a sense, these people are “off ground” to acts of violence. I do understand that members of the Taliban do not like any and all foreigners in their land. But, what sometimes gets me confused is when they blow themselves up and kill any and all people in an area. I assume but he law of probability some of those blown up are fellow Muslims. Oh, I forgot, there are bad and good Muslims, something like when Catholics hate Protestants which empowers any Christian to go ahead and murder a fellow Christian. OK,I get that point, but how does one understand when the Taliban rapes a 74 year old nun? For God’s sake, this is an elderly woman who spends her life praying to the big guy up in the sky.

OK, I must learn to accept that anyone is subject to rape in Pakistan, anyone is subject to being killed in Pakistan. I must accept that raping an elderly woman somehow, in some way, indicate the rapist is simply following the dictates of God. Logically speaking, this leaves only one conclusion – this God up in the sky really does not think much of his creations if he approves of rape and murder of them.

Such acts only leave me doubting the existence of God if he is in anyway connected with these creatures of death.

The Genocide That Never Was

At least once year the government of Turkey becomes upset and is ready to send in its army against those who dare to utter the word, ARMENIAN particularly if it is followed by the word, GENOCIDE. Actually, it is against the law in Turkey to make the absurd claim there was ever a war on the part of any turkish government against its Armenian citizens. For some unknown reason during World War I about a million or so Armenians then residing in the Ottoman empire simply vanished. Let me offer some explanations as to their disappearance:

1. They were taken away in alien space ships.

2. They decided to commit mass suicide.

3. They migrated to the US and their descendants now reside in the state of California.

4. They joined the Russian army and were killed by Germans.

5. Jews somehow murdered them all.

But, there is one thing that is certain– no Turkish soldier murdered any Armenian.

Wither Pope Francis?

Pope Francis recently made a remark about the possibility that he may not be around for a long time. After all, he is not a young man and his life expectancy indicates a decade of future life for this good man. He now must become concerned about his legacy. Sorry, once in heaven one can not do earthly good deeds. So, what can this good man do before death?

1. He must address the reality that modern Catholics in Europe and the US are simply not on the same page about birth control.

2. He must confront the gap between the Vatican and abortion.

3. He must confront the gap between the Vatican and modern nations on the issue of female role in the church.

What could he do?

1. Select modern thinking men to become Cardinals.

2. Confront the issue of gays openly and welcome them into the church.

3. Remember that it was Catholic churches in America which first integrated churches and schools.

Make some dramatic move about one of these issues!