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Explaining Yemen

I intend to perform a public service and explain the situation in Yemen.

!. Yemen is located at the southwest tip of the Arabian peninsula

2. Yemen used to be run by President Saleh who worked with the CIA.

3. Then for some reason, this guy was overthrown by President Hadi.

4. Then along came the Houthis who are a Shiite sect.

5. Then the Sunni Saudi Arabians and Egyptians and Gulf State rulers got angry.

6. Al Qaeda which is Sunni decided to aid President Saleh who is Sunni

6. So, the Shiite Iranians are aiding the Houthis and somehow they are now allies of the some Sunni Yemenits.

I trust this clears up the confusion.

Rich Gays Attack We Americans!

The ware against we straight folk has no end. Those gay guys who run all the important corporations in America have launched an attack on decent God fearing Americans who want to protect their right to be a God fearing decent law abiding red blooded American citizen. Tim Cook,the you know what sexual orientation head of Apple has lined up a bunch of fags who also run corporations and they are out to destroy the very fabric of our American society. A bunch of these guys or gals, or whatever, have issued an ultimatum to those who believe in a two sex family. They point out: “a lotos companies are very risk averse and want to be on the right side of history. They also know the political views of their customers as users…Any state that enacts legislation that does not specifically protect LBGT persons” will face the wrath of those who run these corporations.

I believe it is time for God fearing Americans to commit suicide, get to Heaven and let the Big Guy up in the sky know what the heck is going on down here. I am certain he will send some thunderbolts to wipe out these evil men and women.

First they demanded that black folk who were contented as hell to get angry.

Then they insisted we had to elect come Catholic who reported to the Vatican as our president.

Then they insisted that women who were happy in the home had to work and leave their children.

What is happening to the America we used to know??

Need Laws To Protect Jews

These days one can not pick up a newspaper or check social media without encountering some story about how Christians in this nation are having their rights denied. As anyone knows,our Founding Fathers were concerned about the right of government to impose its values upon religions. I think that was the intent of the First Amendment. Anyway, it is about time that Indiana or Arkansas passed some legislation hat protects we Jews in our daily lives.

1. We need a law that protects Jewish butchers from selling their kosher meat to infidels like Christians.

2. If a GOY enters a Jewish owned store he or she must make clear they are not Jews and thus not entitled to the Jewish discount.

3. No Christian priest or minister should be allowed in a Jewish owned establishment unless they remove that damned Cross!

4. Then again, Jewish merchants should have the right to deny selling to those who wear that CROSS!

5. Any Jewish merchant should have the right to subject a customer as to the meaning of ‘oy veh” or dreck.

Please do not get me wrong, some of my best friends are Christian, in fact I married two of them!

Hate Has No End

For most humans it is difficult to remember when the concept of hate initially entered our mind, let alone our heart. As an adult it is virtually impossible to recall that one moment when we began to believe that a person or a group or an organization or a government or a country was evil and we should hate and fear them. These days scarcely a day goes by without some manifestation of hatred on the part of young men who are in college is bound to make the six o’clock news. I was a rather unusual college student who worked 34 hours a week and went to classes and did my homework. I had no idea as to what a “fraternity” was or did. They were associated in my mind with wealthy young men and I did not fit into that category.

Students at Duke University discovered a noose hanging from a branch and there was no message attached. A black female reported that some frat boys were chanting racial chants on the campus of Duke University. Who are these young men? From which planet do they come? I am speechless.

Tough Guy Takes Power In Nigria

The nation of Nigeria can be summed up in one word: MESS. It is among the most corrupt countries in the world, it has a military force that will flee in terror if anyone shouts, BOO, and it is controlled by incompetent men and women who could not even fix a leaking faucet. It was in Nigeria that a bank official admitted his bank did not know what happened to a billion dollars that somehow disappeared! Actually, most authorities believe at least TWENTY BILLION DOLLARS ARE NOT ACCOUNTED FOR! President Goodluck Jonathan has presided over this mess and thank God he has been defeated in an election by Muhammmudu Bahari. Actually, this is among the first times in modern African history that a leader was defeated in an election without guns playing a role. It is a first.

The 72 former general Buhari has to clean up the mess, but more importantly, he has to create an army that will actually fight against the Boko Haram terrorists. That would be a first. Boko Haram must be defeated and peace restored to Nigeria. Then General Buhari has to make certain that oil money remains in the hands of the government, not in the hands of corrupt officials. We wish him luck.

Rob Ford Still Around? !

I was shocked to learn that my dear old friend, Rob Ford, former mayor of Toronto is still around and talking. Rob is the media’s most popular politician still he is a guarantee to make some stupid remark when he is under the influence of alcohol. The city of Toronto was the scene of one wild drunken scenario after another when he was the mayor. Rob is a combination of Ted Cruz, Rudy Giuliani and your local drunk all put together. Ted and Rudy so love to shout and rant, Rob so loves to utter remarks while in a state being out of the world due to alcohol. He appeared at the Toronto City Council in order to utter some words of apology. He had made a few remarks that had upset some folks.

“Nobody sticks up for people like I do, every fucking like, nigger, fucking woo, sago, whatever the race. Nobody does. I’m the most racist guy around, I’m the mayor of Toronto.” Ok, so he called some guy from Pakistan a “pakie.” At least Rob, unlike members of the Republican party has always been upfront about his prejudices. And, he really does not give a fuck for the wealthy either. A man for all seasons, a sman for all bigotry, but an honest man. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those in the Republican party openly expressed their hatred??

Putin Defends Freedom

Russian President Vladimir Putin is not only upset but up beat about conditions in the world. Naturally, his primary issue is protecting Mother Russia from attacks by the Nazis in Ukraine. He is the defender of the Russian people agains the hordes of menacing soldiers from the evil steppes of Ukraine. He informed the people of his land there are attempts to pressure the Russian government by resorting to economic measures that reduce trade with his land. According to Putin, NATO is “building up its infrastructure on our borders.” Therefore it is imperative to Russia to be on guard. “The situation will not change for the better if we succumb and yield at every step. It will only change for the better if we become stronger.”‘

In simple and clear Russian this means the people must do without and the government must do with more and more of their money in order to create an armed force that can handle the great army of Ukraine. I do not believe that Ukraine has large numbers of tanks and planes but they have hordes of soldiers ready to sweep into Russia and rape and pillage.

And, by the way, beat up some gays and lesbians since they are agents of the Nazis from Ukraine!

Killing Bill O’Reilly?

In all honesty I have lost track as to the number of Killing books written by Bill O’Reilly. He churns out these pieces of crap just about every six months. In reality they are not an exercise in historical veracity, but something put together by his assistants for the believing masses. Bill is now ready to come out with “Killing Jesus.” I gather the new book will inform the world that Jesus was a born again Christian rather than a born again Jew. I gather that Bill will make clear that Jesus so loved the wealthy of his time and hated all and any efforts to give those without anything. I gather that Bill believes that Jesus regarded that his mission in life was to ensure that those with wealth did not pay taxes since if you take from the poor and give to the rich then you adhere to the ideas of Jesus.

Anyway, I await with anticipation:

Bill’s new book, “Killing God.” This missive depicts how God created this world in order to prove that if the rich have all the power then life is one of joy for those who are poor. I believe there is a section of the book in which God cleans the feet of wealthy men and women.

By the way when Bill refers to Killing Jesus, he really means killing this radical guy who was on the side of the poor!

France Moves To Right

There is a significant shift in the attitudes of people in the Western world. They increasingly are disgusted with any and all forms of government that include passing laws that impact the wealthy or that allow people of the Muslim religion to enjoy human rights. At a time of vast changes in technology that reduce the number of decent paying jobs, of the rise of immigration from areas that are in poverty to areas that are enjoying the benefits of modern government sponsored legislation such as minimum wage of health insurance, those at the bottom of our economic society are angry. They feel left out and due to social media and the vast wealth of those who can manipulate the news, have come to believe their problems are the result of poor people from the Middle East and Africa. In one way or another liberal forces have failed to communicate with those who are at the bottom of the economic level that maldistribution of wealth is the problem.

Former President Nicolas Sarkozy and his UMP movement made significant gains in local elections in France. They went from controlling 42 local Departments to 65. French Socialist leader Prime Minister Manual Valls made clear “the French have declared their anger of a daily life that is difficult.” Just like Americans, the French do not believe there are any problems with economic inequality but believe all problems stem from immigrants taking their jobs! The only good news is that the truly right wing National Front did not sweep the election.

StandFor Religious Freedom

The ongoing mantra of the Republican party and its mouthpiece, Fox News is that our Founding Fathers believed this or that. Justice Scalia continues to insist our Founding Fathers had clear ideas about freedom for the individual and they definitely did not want the government to regulate business, of course, there were no such business establishments in those days. But, it is very clear that our beloved FoundingFathers had clear ideas concerning separation of church and state. The First Amendment stated that religion had no place in our government. They would have been aghast at laws that have been passed such as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Our Founding Fathers were Deists who did not believe ANY organized religion should be able to control ANY aspect of government.

Indiana, along with other states, has passed this ridiculous unconstitutional law. According to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, it is akin to a ‘whites only” sign in the good old days when whites could keep black skinned folk out of their neighborhoods. Governor Spence now insists the law was passed because it was concerned about rights of gays. Huh? It is time to return to the ideas of our Founding Fathers. Keep government out of the religious aspects of our lives, George Washington disliked any form of religion in our government. I assume it he was alive today, Fox News would declare that he hated our Constitution!