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Let’s Fear Immigrants!

We in America regard immigrants as an important topic, and for millions these people from across the border in Mexico somehow pose a threat to the very existence of this nation. Ironically, similar feelings are sweeping Western Europe which battles the influx of refugees from places like Syria or Africa or any number of Middle Eastern Muslim nations. Right wing political parties are growing in power whether in France or Italy or Sweden or the United Kingdom. The cry is being sounded they are taking away your jobs driving buses or picking fruit. In Sweden, the Sweden Democratic Party is now capturing about 17% of the vote with a campaign promise that if granted power they will end the influx of “those people.” Naturally, the main characteristic of “those people” is they come from the Middle East and are of the Muslim religion.

Former Prime Minister Fredrick Reinfeld caused an uproar when he pointed out “we late 25 million people living in the Nordic region. There are endless fields and forests.” He noted that “space” was available for millions and there was no reason to panic. Sorry, “those people” will cause white skinned folk to panic because they do not want to have “them” in their pure white lands. If there is one thing uniting white people all over the world is a fear of “those people.”

Israel Joins The Crowded Skies

The government of Israel completed its bombing in Gaza which meant that Israel planes no longer were engaged in any conflict. However, when a nation has nothing else to do, there is always the war in Syria for an enterprising country seeking to enjoy the benefits of dropping bombs. Iranian planes are now over Iraq, and they drop bombs on the bad people known as ISIS because the bad people are Sunnis and we Shiites know the only recourse is to kill bad Sunnis. American planes are bombing in Syria, Saudi planes are bombing, British planes are bombing, Canadian planes are bombing, French planes are bombing so why not some Israel planes in action? The most important element in Syria is that it has provided all sorts of pilots to get some practice in bombing. Naturally, they only bomb the bad people. Collateral damage is not in their vocabulary.

Israel Intelligence Minister Yuval Stenitz insists the reason for bombing stems from his nation’s policy of not allowing bad people to get in possession of bad weapons of war. “We have a firm policy of preventing all possible transfers of sophisticated weapons to terrorist organizations.” Sounds logical. So, Israel planes bombed the airport in Damascus. The Syrian government wants the world to know that Israel attacked in order to “help terrorists in Syria.” I guess these days the bad guys can be good guys or the reverse. Depends on who is bombing and who is bombed.

Let’s Learn Ottoman Language!

There are times when Turkey’s President reminds me of the American Republican Party. Recep Erdogan inhabits the world of the past which he insists belongs in the present. Republicans want to return religion to schools in order to ensure that all American children understand the Earth is only 12,000 years old. And, all that talk about science is full of crap. Of course, I am not a scientist, but I feel confident in discussing science. President Recep Erdogan is determined to restore the Muslim religion to its dominant place in Turkish society even though about half the population is sort of secular in terms of their belief in religion. So, what is the first step to return Turkey to its heritage–Make Compulsory The Teaching Of The Ottoman Language In Schools! If only people could speak Ottoman, then any and all problems would disappear from his nation.

As far as Erdogan is concerned, “whether they want it or not, the Ottoman language will be learned and taught in this country. If we can do our best for religion, then sectarian conflict will end.” Spoken like a man who belongs to the Tea Party! So, if you are interested in doing business in Turkey, brush up on your Ottoman. How do we get this guy into America and have him run for President in 2016?

Special Forces Can Be Not Special

Given the aftermath of deaths in Benghazi that resulted in ongoing investigations whose purpose was to prove one and for all that Hillary Clinton was responsible for the death of her friend, America’s Ambassador to Libya, it is now a certainty that we will soon witness one investigation after another about the failed raid in Yemen. Special Forces was convinced that Luke Somers, being held by al-Qaida was about to execute the man. So a Special Force operation attempted to free him. Unfortunately, unlike the world of Fox News and Republicans, Special Forces inhabits the world of reality. Wars are invariably connected with the unexpected. Perhaps, it was dogs barking, perhaps a militant heard a noise, but in the end one militant killed Luke Somers and the operation did not free him. Just imagine how many investigations will now be forthcoming with the object of proving the failure was the fault of President Obama?

There was another unexpected situation during the raid. Special Forces did not know there was another prisoner, a South African teacher for whom his government was negotiating release. The government claims they had worked out an agreement with a tribe to serve as a middleman in releasing the man. He is now dead. It is time of Republicans to understand that war is sloppy, things rarely go as planned. In any war, the innocent all too often wind up dead. Such is life.

Days Of Sorrow, Days Of Pain

Each murder of a young man whose crime was to have a black skin results in the same Kabuki drama. Fox News immediately has pundits who will explain that if we do not support our police, then crimes will spread like wild fire across the nation. Pert cute blond haired young women who read what is printed pretend they know something about crime and its sources. Hundreds, if not thousands will pour into the streets shouting demands for change in handling black men by the police. Authorities will announce a new study or formation of a new Commission that will produce a long detailed document which depicts the need for changes in training of police. The document will be discussed for a few days or weeks, and then disappear into the black hole of such reports only to be brought back to life twenty years from now when another tragedy occurs.

Perhaps, it is time to approach the entire process of policing a new way.

1. End the failed idea of “broken windows.” Minor crimes should be handled as minor crimes, not as the source of major ones.

2. Decriminalize many laws. OK, someone is selling single cigarettes, it is NOT a major crime. A police comment from cops to “move along” can handle such “crimes.’

3. Each policeman must understand that resort to a gun is the LAST action to be considered.

4. Allow the criminal to initiate action, not the cop.

Such steps will AVOID contact that leads to murder.

Noted Without Comment

This will be a brief comment.

The nation of Germany has a population of about 80,000,000 people. During the past year there WAS NOT A SINGLE EXAMPLE OF A POLICEMAN SHOOTING ANYONE!

Oh, and there are a few million Muslims living in Germany, including a few thousand who are militants.

Canada, our neighbor to the north had fewer than ten police shootings.

The United Kingdom has four police shootings.

Chairman Ditka Speaks

I am currently a resident of the Chicago area and thus must read the words of former Chicago Bears linebacker, Mike Ditka whose political comments were widely spread during the past race for governor of the state of Illinois. Most probably, seeing his words actually repeated in the daily press about politics and world affairs gave this former football player the desire to share his wisdom on just about every event in recent times. We will not make any comments, just print his words of wisdom.

On whether of not Michael Brown had his hands up: “That’s note what happened.l I don’t know exactly what happened, but I know that’s not what happened.”

On climate change: “Look,I don’t know th at first thing about climatology, but let me tell you one thing about climatology. It’s a bunch of nonsense and I know its nonsense despite knowing absolutely nothing whatsoever about it.”

Benghazi: “I’ll tell you this much,I wasn’t there and have no idea what actually happened.But what happened was entirely the fault of the Obama administration’s fault. I don’t know whose fault it was, but I know it was their fault.”

On pancakes: “Never had a pancake. Not once, I am a waffle man. But if there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that pancakes are delicious.”

I believe that Mr. Ditka would make an excellent candidate for the Republican party in 2016. He can win on a platform based on the principle: I don’t Know but I do Know!

A Russian Official State Ideology?

After seventy years of rule by the Communist Party, the people of Russia drafted a new Constitution which made it illegal to have an official state ideology. Article 13 clearly states: “no ideology may be established as the state of mandatory one.” Well, times have changed. Over 80% of Russians these days believe that Vladimir Putin is the perfect leader of their nation. Some members of the legislature are discussing the need to establish a state ideology. I assume this is to combat the evil West with its ideas about democracy. In order to assist my Russian brethren, let me propose a new state ideology:

1. Vladimir Putin is established as the ruler of Russia until his death.

2. The words of Comrade Putin will be taught to all children. In order to graduate from high school each and every student must be able to repeat the words of our Beloved Leader.

3. Gays and lesbians have no place in our wonderful land of real men and women.

4. Christianity is now the religion, adopt it or leave the land.

5. All males will serve in the Russian army for a period of ten years

6. Saying the word, “democracy” will result in a jail term of three years–some place in Siberia!


Are Women Special?

Peggy Young worked at UPSa and one day discovered that she was pregnant. She asked her supervisor if she could be assigned to a job that did not require lifting heavy packages. She assured him that after giving birth she would return to her regular job. He insisted that employees, when hired, were told they might have to lift packages that weighed 70 pounds. She was forced to leave her job, but now is suing on grounds that her rights were violated under provisions of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. The case will be heard by the US Supreme Court. We can expect:

1. Justice Scalia will vote to deny her request. He opposes special privileges to anyone, except for corporations that do not want to pay for Health Care.

2. Justice Clarence Thomas will not say a word, but will support anything that benefits businessmen.

3. Fox News will cite this case as another example of liberalism that is destroying the American way of life.

Republicans are the party of family values. I would assume they would support pregnant moms. Sorry, when it is a choice of business interests and family values, take one guess which side represents the values of America??

Bad Guys Acting Like Good Guys

It was many, many years ago back in the 1950s when I first entered the field of education. I was teaching an 8th grade class of Negro and Hispanic boys in a junior high school in Harlem. One day the boys asked me to explain what the heck was happening in the world and this is what I told them:

“During World War II the bad guys were the Germans and Japanese. The good guys were the Americans, the British and the Russians and Chinese. After the war ended, we decided that the bad Germans and Japanese really were the good guys, and the good guys Russians and Chinese were really the bad guys. So now we are friends with the former bad guys who are really good and the good guys are really bad guys. Is that clear?” They gazed at me as though I was stark raving crazy. Today, in Iraq, Iranian planes bombed ISIS. You know the bad Iranians are now working with their former enemies to kill the new bad guys.

Naturally, American authorities and Iranian authorities deny that Iranian planes are working in conjunction with Americans in Iraq to destroy ISIS. Admiral John Kirby wants the world to know: “Nothing has changed about our policy of not working with Iranians.” Oh, in Tehran, authorities deny they are cooperating with the evil nation of America.

Nothing has changed in life. We are all crazy!