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Great Times For Wall Street

The stock market is at record highs, wonder why? Businessmen and women  are besides themselves with joy and happiness. Wonder why? President elect Donald Trump has announced that he will be cutting regulations and creating millions of new jobs for workers. Heck, he even  promised “millions of new coal miner jobs” an amazing accomplishment since at present there are only 85,000 coal miner jobs.  There are 900,000  steel workers, and steel mills are operating at full capacity, so where are the “million of jobs?”

Donald promised to end regulations. We have government regulations to protect the safety of woking people, to ensure products are safe, to ensure that people are not cheated by loan companies, and the endless regulations necessary in modern life. These are glory days  for the wealthy. Trump’s tax plan gives 51% of money not going to the government to the wealthy, while the rest of Americans get about $500. His end of inheritance taxes gives the Trump family about an extra THREE BILLION DOLLARS UPON HIS DEATH. Oh, 98% of Americans do not pay a “death tax” since they lack millions of dollars when they die.

Lying Media Says –Trump!

Donald Trump is angry, Donald Trump is furious, he intends to make this country great again, and it begins by making the press print the truth, rather than attack the PRESIDENT ELECT! When did the press ever attack a president elect? Never, until Donald Trump won the election. He met with media folk and gave them a  lecture about how the media has to begin  reporting the truth. In  a room filled with media executives, Trump gazed into the face of Jeff Zucker and said, “Everyone at CNN is a liar, you should be ashamed of your self>

Let me get this clear. During the past election, CNN hired Trump operatives like Kellyanne Conway and Cory Lewandowski to report on the election. Naturally, they presented a 100% favorable account of Donald Trump. Were they lying when they praised him and his ideas? If “everyone at CNN” is a liar that must include the Trump supporters who only praised him.

John McCain, The American

Once upon  a time in America it was the norm for members of Congress to have served in their country’s armed forces. Every president from Harry Truman to George H.W. Bush had been a member of their nation’s armed forces. Many like John McCain had been in combat. McCain’s grandfather was an Admiral in WWI, his father was an Admiral in WWII and Vietnam. Senator McCain was shot down in combat in the Vietnam war and endured  years of torture. He was also raised, as were all who served,to respect the Code of Military Justice which includes American agreement to abide by the Geneva Conventions. I assume draft dodger Donald Trump has NO idea as to what is legal or illegal for those who serve the country.

Senator McCain made clear that “I don’t give a damn what the president of the United States wants to do or anybody else wants to do.We will not waterboard. We will not do it.”And, he added: “What does it say about America?” If waterboarding is done under the presidency of Donald Trump it says the American military has violated its OWN LAWS OF ENGAGEMENT!

Pope Francis Wants Equal Treatment

Once upon a time Catholics listened intently to the views, the ideas, of their priests, and, particularly to what their Pope said about daily life. Pope Francis definitely is not anyone who Donald Trump would pay attention to his words of wisdom. The Pope told his flock, the Pope told the world: “We see, for example, how quickly those among us wish the status of a stranger, an immigrant, or a refugee, becomes a threat, or take the status of an enemy. An enemy  because they come from a distant country a have different customs. An enemy  because of the color of their skin, their language or their social class. The enemy  because they think differently or even have a  different faith.”

No other comment but: AMEN and THANK YOU FOR BEING A POPE!

Donald Wants Equal Time

Our newly  elected president is very  angry. Believe it or not, people are making fun of him. The idea that some people in this great nation would poke fun of a political leader is simply shocking. “President” Trump tweeted: “I watched parts of Saturday Night Live last night. It’s a totally one-sided, biased show, nothing funny  at all. Equal time for us? Let me get this straight, from now on the president of the  United States spends his time watching comedy shows, and if any dare to poke fun at him, the network must offer him equal time to present his view!

I wonder if this applies to politicians who are attacked by the president? I assume this means each and every politician gets equal time. I wonder if it applies to anyone attacked by Donald Trump? I guess from now on, ISIS will demand equal time to present their view of world events. The real comedy is that a president-elect is watching TV comedy shows when he should be reading documents, talking with people of different views, and behaving like a mature individual.Welcome to the Trump era when any and all politicians get equal time on national television!


We offer observations on the human  condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


There is only ONE Donald Trump, he will not change now that he is president.

Why do we say “Islamic terrorists” but never “Christian Nazi terrorists?”

All who voted for Donald Trump voted for hate and anger.

This is the first election in which Americans did not believe their nation was GREAT.

Each day, each week in Chicago the innocent die by gun violence.

Every gun in America should be thrown into the Pacific ocean.

Steven Hawkins doesn’t believe this planet will endure forever, hopefully,for a thousand years?

To be selected for a government job with Trump, one must hate the “enemy” which is US.

Why not Ivanka for Secretary of Commerce, she sells products?

I await Donald’s grandson as Secretary of Education, he knows all about schools.

Now, Americans understand how Hitler came to power in a decent nation of people.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Trump transition people are now talking about internment camps for Muslims, which America is that?

Trump supporters are fueled by hate and fear.

I so fear for the mental health of Hispanic children, fear is not conducive to being healthy.

Hillary Clinton allowed Trump to lie and lie, and all she talked about what his attitude toward women.

Christians these days describe a God of Hate, not Love.

I think Jesus would not be allowed in America these days since he came from the  Middle East, a place of terror.

Ford months ago signed an agreement with its union to remain in Kentucky, naturally, Donald Trump claimed it was due to him.

On Open Borders

I continually encounter on Facebook numerous sites that demand our government protect our borders and send back all the illegal immigrants to where they came from. Of course, EVERYONE is an illegal immigrant in the Western Hemisphere  because there were no original human life forms on it until illegal immigrants came from Asia. So, what about Open Borders in American history?

There always were Open Borders. Anyone could come to America, there were no officials here waiting to check you out. In fact, there were very few records of who actually entered the country until 1891. Until the 1840s when Castle Garden opened in New York there wasn’t even a specific place for immigrants to be processed. People just arrived, got off the ship, and went someplace to live and work. Our borders were Wide Open For One And All. NO records were kept on the Canadian border, even today, that three thousand mile stretch of land is barely supervised.

On New Year’s day, 1891, eleven year old Annie Moore stepped off a ship and set foot on Ellis Island to be the first person registered as an immigrant. Between 1880 to 1924 about  TWENTY FIVE MILLION IMMIGRANTS ARRIVED. And, believe it or not, America prospered. We are ALL illegal immigrants who took the land away from the owners of America.

Jeff Sessions For Attorney General?

There has been considerable discussion within the  Trump transition team about the desirability of  designating Senator Jeff Sessions as the new Attorney General. You know, the person who is responsible for law, for protection  civil rights, and a model of nonpartisan legal behavior. Sessions is from the deep, deep South,and he still retains some nice rather old fashioned ideas. For example:

“I thought the Ku Klux Klan was OK until I found at they smoked pot.”

Jeff was upset at the NAACP and the American Civil Liberty Union because they “were trying to shove civil rights down the throats of the American people.” OH, they were also “commie and pinko organizations.”

While a judge in Alabama, Judge Sessions told a Negro lawyer, “watch how you talk to white folks.” I assume he also made clear that when outside and walking down the street and see a white person coming towards them they had enough sense to step into the gutter.

Pity Poor Wealthy People

Finally, finally, some attention is being paid to the plight of long suffering wealthy people. Thank God America has finally elected a champion of the rights and needs of those in the top five percent of our people. For too long, these people have been ignored. For too long they have been compelled to pay onerous taxes upon their deaths. Finally,they have a champion who will end the hateful Death Tax which has been imposed upon those seeking equity in life. From now on the 0.2 percent who pay the ‘inheritance tax’ will be freed from that burden, at least, their children will be. OK, so Trump children inherit an extra three billion, so what, dad earned it!

The Trump tax plan will only benefit wealthy  people a slight way.  The top one  percent of wealthy folks will ONLY get 51% of the tax break. But, they did leave an incredible 49% for the rest of Americans. They deserve credit for  thinking about ALL Americans. Donald Trump –the champion, the caring, considerate lover of the wealthy, God Bless Him!