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So, Who Are Victims In America?

Every so often having nothing much to do with my life, I tune into Fox News in order to get the real story about what is happening in America. I confess that it is difficult to even remember the name of those angry faces which spout hatred toward -you know who? If a black man is killed, the victim is the white cop who did the shooting. If the economy is improving then it is the result of Republicans who do nothing. I was particularly impressed by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani who ranted on and on about the victimization of white people by the liberal media. After watching Fox News I now understand who in this society is a victim and abused.

1. Those with millions are victimized by the Government and forced to pay taxes. I understand why some feel they are in the position of a Jew in Nazi Germany.

2. If your skin is white then you are a victim, who knows why, but you are a victim of something done by Barack Obama and the liberal media.

3. If you are without medical care then you definitely are a victim because the GOVERNMENT wants you to have medical care. Heck, go to a doctor and he will find something wrong with you even though you know there is not anything wrong.

4. If you are a person who believes in God, then you are a victim of the anti-Christ in the White House.

5. Above all Fox News is a victim of the GOVERNMENT. I am not clear how or why, but they are.

Russians So Love Vladimir Putin

Among the most fascinating results of sanctions imposed by twenty six nations upon Russia is the resulting rise in love of their Great Leader by the people of Russia. His popularity has risen to over 80% even while the Russian economy is now entering a recession. John Kerry is in Europe discussing with European Union further plans to impose sanctions, but in Mother Russia, the people just love their Great Leader. The ruble has dropped another 6%, the GDP is contracting, but ask the average Russian how things are going, and the response if the nation needs Vladimir inn order to stand up for their growing pride. The people of Russia endured seventy years of brutal dictatorship which must have made normal the act of killing the innocent. An amazing percent looks back to the good old days when Joseph Stalin murdered TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE. Ah, for the days of secret police and gulags where people were beaten and starved to death.

I really do not completely understand how intelligent people could support such a man. Then again, I inhabit the United States of America in which so-called intelligent people just elected idiots to control of Congress. Is there a human desire to suffer?

Oh, last year 500,000 Russians died of alcoholism.

Shut Up And Register!

Any human being with an ounce of compassion is sick to heart at events in Ferguson, Missouri. A human being died for no other reason than the color of his skin. Sorry, this is beyond dispute. However, there are other questions to be raised about people who live in this town. Current figures are that 67% of residents are African American. The Town Council is white, the mayor is white, and 50 of the 53 police officers are white. There are some other interesting figures.

1. Only 11 % of black residents vote in an election.

2. Registration to vote is rather simple.

3. Since the shooting death of Michael Brown fewer than 30 black residents have registered to vote!

It is time for African Americans in Ferguson to head for City Hall and REGISTER TO VOTE! It is time to shut up with slogans and threats and REGISTER TO VOTE. It is time to take back the city and have it reflect the ideas and dreams of African Americans. Enough with talk and shouting. Get your butts down to City Hall and register to vote. Make Ferguson, Missouri represent the people who live in the city and the way to accomplish this goal is simple


Darren Wilson Resigns

Darren Wilson has decided to retire from the Ferguson, Missouri police force. I assume this act opens a new slot for the hiring of another white cop in that town. I had never heard of this young man until the notorious shooting made him famous. Actually, until the past few days I had never heard him talk and discuss his behavior on the streets of the city of Ferguson. He comes across as a nice young man. He comes across as a man who has never once in his life reflected on the meaning of life and death. He discuses death without emotion. It was simply an act he performed, it just had to be done with shooting. At no point did he consider:

1. Stepping out of his car and in a quiet manner speaking with the two young men.

2. At no point did he say: “Hey, are you two guys OK? I just wanted to check. Lovely night isn’t it?”

3. At no point did he call for back up.

4. At no point did he consider using mace.

He is just a nice young man who regards life in a white and black perspective and black is the color of death!

Hate Keeps Hate Alive In Israel-Palestinian Conflict

There comes a moment in any conflict when arguments as to who is responsible for the origin of the dispute become boring and repetitive. The Israel government under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has displayed scant interest in resolving disputes with Palestinians. Palestinians have reached the point in which committing some act of violence appears to make sense even though such behavior will never resolve anything. During the past few months eleven Jewish Israelis(always remember that twenty percent of Israelis are NOT Jewish) while twelve Palestinians have been killed. Each side is absolutely convinced that not only is right on their side, but also God. Jews insist that God gave them the land, and Muslims insist that Allah made the land sacred and Muslim. PM Netanyahu is demanding that Israel be proclaimed a JEWISH state with special rights for Jews. OK, so 20 percent are not Jews, no one is perfect.

The original dream of those who created the state of Israel was a home for Jews and one in which people of ALL religions would be at peace with one another. After all, the United States of America originally was founded by Protestants seeking a homeland. At this point in time, American Jews constitute less than two percent of the population. How about proclaiming that America is the national homeland of Christians?

Jihad Makes Me Feel Strong!

There is a missing quality among those who term themselves believers in democracy, but the feeling of being ready to die for a cause is growing ever stronger among many young Muslims in Europe. For most Europeans the very idea of serving in the military is not an attractive idea. For most Americans, the concept of serving the nation is much less interesting that what is on my iPad. For those raised prior to the onset of material comforts, serving in the armed forces was part of being a member of society. The most amazing aspect of the growth of Jihadism among young Muslims is the desire among those raised in the modern technological world to risk life for a cause, a dream.

Ismail Cetinkaya told a German reporter that he was raised in Germany and for most of his early life behaved like a modern person seeking the good life. Then, he discovered the power of belief, only his new belief was in the Muslim religion. “Paradise lies at the feet of your mother God and the desire to put self to Jihad.” He went off to fight in Syria and discovered that his new felt love of the Muslim religion made the thought of dying a hope, rather than a fear. As he now tells fellow Muslims, “I call you to Jihad. This is where you will find freedom.” Being a jihadist enables this young man to challenge his weaknesses and discover that he has strength.

How many young Americans have this attitude. During World War II millions did!

Bombs Away!

It was during World War II that modern ideas about mass bombing of cities became the norm of our military beliefs. Germans began the process with mass bombing of Amsterdam and London. However, by 1942, English and American planes were making Germans sorry they ever came up with this idea. At night, a thousand British bombers would blast a city, and the following day, a thousand American planes dropped their bombs. OK, so ISIS likes to cut off heads, but the United States air force, along with planes from several other countries is bombing these people. Yesterday, there were 31 bombing attacks on the city of Raqqa in Syria, the so called, capital, of the nut cases who so enjoy cutting off heads of the innocent. We are now killing the bad guys, along with a few of the good people, but war is war. In the end of any modern war, the innocent must die because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

OH, dictator Bashar al-Assad is joining in the fun. Heck, he has already murdered at least a hundred thousand Syrians, but now he gets an opportunity to bomb and bomb. Who knows, perhaps the war in Syria will conclude when everyone is dead.

Death In Mosques

I confess to liking the good old days when someone from Religion A spent his days murdering people from Religion B. This made sense, this allowed the world to progress along lines that have been true for thousands of years. Most folks on this planet are convinced the Big Guy up in the sky only likes people who belong to the right group of worshippers. If you murdered the people who happened to go to the wrong church then the world was preceding along the right path, as far as the Big Guy up in the sky was concerned. Then, along came Muslims in the 21st century who have come to believe that God just doesn’t like Muslims, he only likes the Right Type of Muslims. OK, so something like this did happen a few hundred years ago when Protestants beat up on Catholics and vice versa.

Boko Haram nut cases entered a mosque in northern Nigeria and began blasting away at the “infidels.” They murdered at least 80 Muslims who were the wrong kind of Muslims. Heck, they murdered folk just outside when important imams lived. Boko Haram means that one is a Muslim who will kill other Muslims. The new message is that God wants to get rid of bad Muslims and only allow the good ones to live. Such is life in the 21st century!

Oh Dem Immigrants!

There are many people in the great state of Texas who are furious for dem Mexican immigrants who cross the border and take their jobs picking fruit or hauling garbage. You have to understand that many men who work in the corporate world in Houston would prefer to work in a meat plant but dem illegal immigrants have taken those jobs away from them. One of the angry young Texans headed for the Mexican Consulate in Austin, Texas, and began to blast away after he set the place on fire. He wants to halt dem illegals from taking the job of nanny away from his wife. The man was finally shot to death after he made his statement clear that illegals have no place in the great state of Texas.

How about a history lesson? The Mexican government in the 1820s was not concerned about immigrants. They invited Americans to immigrate to the place they call, Texas. After a decade or so, these “immigrants” in Texas became upset because the nation of Mexico ended slavery, and they, naturally revolted to ensure their right to have slaves. Oh dem immigrants, always causing trouble and taking jobs away from slaves?

The Ferguson Five

Like Millions of Americans I spent the past few evenings watching mobs loot and burn the city of Ferguson, Missouri. Actually, to be more accurate, they were destroying those areas of Ferguson in which those with black skins lived and worked. I was shocked at the images of looters entering a market and running away with liquor and food. No police were in sight, not National Guards were in sight, it was first come and first served. I wondered at the absence of any armed force to prevent this looting. Five men are responsible for what occurred during this destruction of Ferguson, Missouri.

1. St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch. He issued his report at 8:00 p.m. when people were wandering the streets of Ferguson. He should have issued the report in the early morning when people were asleep. For the moment I will ignore his failure as a prosecutor to present the case to the Grand Jury, which is the norm.

2. Ferguson Mayor James Knowles who allowed the existence of a police force that did not represent the people of his city.

3. Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson who created a white force lacking training.

4. St. Louis County Police Chief James Bellow who should have rounded up a few hundred more cops.

5. Governor Jay Nixon who failed to send in two thousand National Guardsmen immediately.

The looting and burning could have been avoided!