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Oh Mormons, Oh Truth

I so enjoy reading the words of this or that member of this or that religion when he speaks of a conversation with God. For years I have been dialing the number given to me by a person who spoke with God but for some reason, all I get is a busy signal. Neil Andersen of the Mormon religion told a conference of Mormons that God is very clear as to what God wants people down here on Earth to do or not do. God has a clear idea as to what marriage is all about. It is designed to go “beyond personal gratification and fulfillment of adults to the more important ideal” of raising children so they will be happy and comforted in love. Sounds reasonable to me. Of course, at least thirty percent of those under the age of thirty are not married or do not have children, and most probably spend their days and nights just fucking away for their own personal satisfaction.

The idea that only a man or a woman can possibly raise healthy children is a the center of this man’s views on gay marriage. Has he checked the world recently? Death and destruction, wars, people going without basic necessities because Republicans fear giving the poor anything to survive since God insists that only the wealthy are entitled to aid from the government. I assume Republican congressmen were raised by a mom and dad.

Republican Health Plan

It is quite clear that Republican leaders do not wish to witness any form of success for the idea of national health insurance. Of course, a peculiar aspect of this attitude is the fact that Republican presidents in the past supported at least one form of health insurance. The initial governor who pushed through a state health insurance program went by the name of Mitt Romney. Naturally, after supporting health insurance he decided that he was against health insurance. In fairness, he just meant that he was against health insurance proposed by any and all Democrats. So, where does this leave Americans with the Republican party?

1. If Republicans gain control of the Senate they will pass -along with the House of Representatives, one bill after another to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This will result in one veto after another by the President.

2. By the fall of this year, at least 8,000,000 Americans will be covered by the Affordable Care Act along with millions of others who are on Medicaid. Oh well, just end these laws and then…I forgot, there is always the Emergency Room. That wonderful capitalist invention in which someone pays for the health care of someone else who could not afford preventive health care insurance.

3. OR, the Republican Party will make minor changes in the Affordable Care Act and claim they are the ones who brought health insurance to those lacking it.

Revolution That Never Was

I admire the people of Italy for their historical past when Rome ruled a large part of the world. Of course, when it comes to waging war, the past century has not been a friend to the people of Italy. During WWII an Italian army of 250,000 invaded Egypt and it was met by about 75,000 British troops who surrounded the warriors and made most their prisoners. So, when I read stories concerning war and thunder in Italy, my mind hesitates. A group of about two dozen Italians were arrested in Venice for attempting to initiate a civil war and have the wealthy northern area of Veneto secede from the rest of Italy and become a nation. I assume this was based on a desire not to see dark skinned immigrants in THEIR city of Venice and keep Italy for the Italians.

Please do not mock these gallant soldiers for freedom. They had tank, yes, A tank, they had A cannon, yes, A cannon and they had some weapons of mass destruction known as rifles and revolvers. They intended to invade St.Mark’Square in Venice to announce the formation of their new government. At this moment, they are working on a revolutionary idea in jail. National Front leader, Marino Breitane announced the group was “fighting for the freedom of the people.”‘

I am not yet quite clear which people and how do I know these people belong to “the people?”

Religious Freedom For All

There is an area in the United States of America known as the “state of Mississippi.” For some, there is no such state although there is a Mississippi state of mind. Over a hundred years those with white skins living in this neck of the woods rebelled against the American government to protect their right to have a few slaves. Their religion insisted those with white skins could enslave those with dark skins, this idea came from God so how could any decent Christian fail to obey God? There are still some of those white folk inhabiting the region of Mississippi. Yesterday, they passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which defends the rights of those who believe in God not to have anything to do with those who believe in gay or lesbian rights. This means, I do not have to sell them things, I do not have to allow them in my hotel or business establishment as long as I obey the words of God.

Tony Peters of the Family Research Council hailed the law as a “victory for the first and 14th amendment right to live and work according to my conscience” So, gays and lesbians stay away from my business and go eat a hamburger elsewhere. I was wondering:

1. My religious belief is that having any of my money taken away in taxes to help feed the hungry violates what God told me. So, I do not pay taxes.

2. My religious belief is “an eye for an eye” which grants me the right to kill anyone who gives me a
dirty look.

I have a few more religious views but will not bother you with them. Just make certain to do what I demand be done or else–God will speak with my weapon of mass destruction.

The Horror Of Syria

Those who were alive during years when the Germans engaged in a murderous process of death and destruction confronted a terror in which the German government had enough intelligence to disguise murder to the outside world. The Japanese government, on the other hand, glorified their murder of the innocent. So, how does one explain the behavior of the government of Syria? Ordinarily, they explain away murder by arguing the other side is killing so it is kosher for we who defend our government to slaughter the innocent. After all, allow a young boy to live and he might wind up in the jihad campaign against my government. The latest United Nations’ figures indicate, at a minimum, there are at least 150,000 dead Syrians since outbreaks against the government began in March, 2011. According to the UN report about 38,000 rebels are dead along with 58,000 government troops.

Of course, there are a minimum of 18,000 people who were arrested and no one knows what happened to them. Rebels have kidnapped and government forces have kidnapped. Both sides murder in the name of God or security or because they had nothing else to do that day. Death proceeds without halt in Syria.

Geoff The Queer Queers It

I do not know much about Geoff McGrath other than he enjoys participating in Boy Scout affairs and is a member of the Rainier Beach Methodist Church in Seattle, Washington. I assume that means he believes in the Christian religion and seeks to help others in need. Mr. McGrath asked his church to help sponsor creation of a new Boy Scout unit and offered to be their Scout leader. Ah, Mr. McGrath is a person of the gay persuasion and is married to another man. The Boy Scouts accepts gay boys, but does not want gay scout leaders anywhere near those boys. In other words, a gay can be a scout, but a gay cannot be a scout leader. The only logical assumption of this rule is that once gays grow up–BEWARE!

Mr. McGrath was featured on KINGS NEWS, a TV station and I assume they discussed his desire to become involved with Boy Scouts and help them in their personal growth. Once the Boy Scouts of America learned that a gay had publicly announced to the world that he was gay, they had no option but to fire him. “Our policy is that we do not ask people about their sexual orientation,and it is not an issue until they deliberately inject it into scouting in an inappropriate fashion.”‘

In other words, always be a silent gay scout master.

God Does Not Dwell In Saudi Arabia

I am so happy that Saudi Arabia stands with the United States in the fight to end terrorism and support the ideas of democracy. OK, some of you become upset because there are no political parties in Saudi Årabia, there is no free press, there is no freedom of religion, and there is no atheist allowed. BUT, Saudi Arabia is against al-Qaeda and against terrorists. OK, so the government does on a few occasions employ terrorist acts against those who dissent, but it is against the bad guys who blew up things in America so give the Saudi government the benefit of the doubt. King Abdullah announced a few new regulations. New procedures define “terrorism” as “calling for atheist thought in any form or calling into question the fundamentals of the Islamic religion on which the country is based.”

Joe Stork of Middle East Human Rights Watch responded with a negative remark: “these regulations dash any hope that King Abdullah intends to open a space for peaceful dissent among independent groups.” Wait a second, Joe, he will allow any Muslim to defend the Muslim religion. Isn’t that a form of dissent?

Chairman Rumsfeld On Foreign Policy

Don Rumsfeld is certainly among the world’s great experts on conduct of foreign policy. His brilliant diplomacy in Iraq and Afghanistan remain as textbook examples of how to transform peace into war and how to handle complex issues once a war is over–at least for the moment. Rumsfeld blasted the policies of Barack Obama in Afghanistan and defended President Hamid Karzai. Don believes it was the ineptness of Obama that angered the Afghan president. “By golly, they have trashed Karzai publicly over and over.” In the view of Don Rumsfeld a “trained ape” could have negotiated much more effectively than the president.

Let’s examine the record:

1. After defeating the Taliban with the aid of Northern Afghans, the dynamic trio of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld decided not to pay anymore attention and shifted attention to Iraq.

2. As Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld could have insisted that American forces continue their encirclement of Osama bin Laden in a cave rather than leaving for other important business such as find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

3. No effort was made to develop a comprehensive program of creating an effective economy in Afghanistan. This failure set the stage for rise of the Taliban–again.

4. It was the dynamic trio which allowed corrupt leaders to take over Afghanistan including one, Hamid Karzai.

Heck, an untrained ape could have done better.

Oh, about Iraq…. and that diplomacy…

Angela, The Spy

Her name is Angela Merkel and she is head of Germany. She is in charge of domestic and foreign policy, she negotiates with foreign leaders and has been a close and good friend of the United States of America. German soldiers fight in Åfghanistan. She has supported American efforts to end the Syrian war, her policy has been very supportive of Israel even though Germany wishes the Israel government worked harder for peace with Palestinians. So, what exactly in her record has made the National Security Agency of the United States of America concerned about this potential threat to the security of our nation? I do not have a clue. Of course, she spent years in East Germany when it was controlled by Communists and perhaps this has resulted in questions concerning her loyalty to America. Of course, the NSA insists that all nations of the world are loyal to the USA.

According to the German newspaper, Der Spiegel, Angela Merkel had her phone tapped for ten years by the boys from the NSA, she has been the subject of 200 reports concerning her behavior, thinking and attitude toward life. Of course, she is only one among the 122 world leaders that American spies have spied on. Of course, this spying is ONLY done in the name of NATIONAL SECURITY.

Hang Them All!

Ahmed Telb is a lawyer in the Egyptian town of Matai which is located in the southern part of the country. The town is composed of supporters of former President Mursi as well as large numbers os Coptic Christians. Mr. Telb has devoted his life to representing those charged with crimes and he has avoided becoming involved in political clashes of the day. He simply wants to be a lawyer and enjoy a good life with his wife who is a teacher. However, today he is Number 309 of the 529 Egyptians who were sentenced to death by a judge for participating in riots that resulted in the death of a police captain. There had been a pro-Mursi outbreak of violence in which the police station was stormed and Coptic Christian churches were burned. Police identified 529 men who they claim were involved in the raid.

There was a “trial.” It was composed of two half hour sessions. Defense lawyers were not allowed in the courtroom. No evidence was presented. Some of the 529 have yet to be arrested. However, the judge sentenced all to death. The father of Mr. Telb summed up the madness of his son’s life: “one minute he is representing clients, the next minute he is sentenced to death.”