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Marco In Debate

There are moments in the Republican debate when one desires so deeply that one of these people can actually express a coherent thought. There is no doubt that Marco Rubio is trying so hard, so hard, to come across as reasonable, intelligent, and in possession of knowledge. So, the men who once urged passage of laws dealing with illegal immigrants has been transformed into a politician who will say anything to anybody in order to get a vote. During the debate Marco joined in with the clamor for opposition to higher minimum wages on ground that if you pay people more money, the cost of production rises and the company goes bankrupt.

Of course, if you raise wages from $7.25 an hour to $15 an hour each worker now has about seven more dollars to spend on items which, in turn, creates more work and more jobs. With two dollars I can purchase a carton of milk which might translate into 20 million more sold this week which creates jobs for those producing the milk, and those transporting it to supermarkets. Marco, this is termed the “ripple effect” in economics. I assume you studied this subject in college.


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There is no question that a President Fiorina will engage in nuclear war to prove that she has balls.

The magic word at any Republican debate is OBAMA. Just say it and then say anything such is that he is the anti-Christ.

Poor Rand Paul is always at the end and always ends with a comment about no war that does not agree with the others.

Jeb wants the world to know that he knows something.

John Kasich wants the world to know that he has actually DONE something.

Ben Carson is the American nightmare candidate who just goes on and on mumbling nonsense.

One day Ted Cruz will make a statement without recalling his brave father who came to America with nothing.

He Trumps Them All

Donald Trump is very clear about one point–he knows how to make deals, Not only does he know how to make deals, he understands how to make a Great Deal, one that will clean out any opponent and make them admit they are stupid and they will do whatever Donald desires. Donald spent considerable time and energy discussing the new trade deal which President Obama is negotiating with Asian nations. Donald made clear this is one stupid deal which will allow China to rob us blind. He went on and on about how the deal was one that China would love because it would allow China to take more and more of our jobs.China cheats the US and this deal would enable China to cheat some more.

At this point, a moderator noted: “But, Mr.Trump, China is not part of the deal.” Well, the Donald man was quick to respond. He made clear that what he has just been talking about made clear that China was not part of the deal.From that point on, he wanted the audience to know that he knows how to make Great Deals and he will not allow China to beat us in any deal.

Who else but the Great Mouth could get away with this one. Naturally, the audience loved his denunciation of a deal that did not involve China. Only in the Republican party with its Republican idiots.

Jeb Bush At Debate

Jeb sort of said some things at the debate that sort of, not exactly totally,but sort of allowed him to come across as someone who actually had an intelligent idea. There is no question that Jeb is just as tough as brother George. He wants to establish a No Fly zone in Syria, he wants to wipe out ISIS, and boy, this is one boy who can really handle any Muslim terrorist group. After all, his brother wiped out Saddam Hussein. As far as Jeb is concerned, if only we had not pulled out of Iraq there would not be any problems. It was all the fault of the dude born in Africa who simply lacks the balls of the great George Bush.

Gee, Jeb, President Obama was carrying out the time table established by some dude named George Bush. So, tell me Jeb, would you have allowed American troops to remain in Iraq if they could be arrested for a local crime and tried in a Sharia court? I sort of have a hunch those Republican religious nuts would have gone sort of wild with anger.

Anyway, we know that Jeb is one tough dude.

John Kasich At Debate

There were moments at this debate when I wondered how this guy John Kasich got stuck with these weirdos Not that John is a fountain of knowledge or wisdom,but he does understand that if you abolish the IRS then one does have a minor problem collecting money for the government. Then again, the group on the stage wants to get rid of any and all government agencies.I was wondering if they wanted to end the Post Office or the FBI or the Treasury or the Education Department and so forth. Kasich describes the tax plans of Trump or Carson or Cruz as utter nonsense. AS a governor of a state he had to use tax money to keep the place going.

John wants everyone to know and he repeats this time after time–I am the only one who actually balanced a budget, I am the only one who served on congressional committees and actually understood something about budgets and how to conduct government. I am certain that anyone with actual experience has no place on this platform of ignorance.

Carly Fiorina At Debate

Carly Fiorina is on a crusade to “rebuild the American military” and use this powerful force to make certain that Vladimir Putin knows who can wipe out whom. She wants to destroy the Caliphate in Iraq and Syria and she willing to send in the boys from America to do the job. Gee, Carly, as I recall we sent in a hundred thousand into Iraq, had four thousand die and over thirty thousand wounded and it didn’t do one bit of good. She mumbled something about getting back the land we had in Iraq, but for the life of me, I don’t recall we ever had any land in Iraq. But, it is clear that she is ready to wipe out Caliphate.

I remain confused concerning her desire to “rebuild the American military.” The current count is the US Navy has TWELVE CARRIER GROUPS–that means a fews aircraft carriers accompanied by destroyers and other ships. At this moment, China has ONE AIRCRAFT carrier–they bought it from another nation. So, Carly, exactly who is the US Navy going to fight on the high seas?–North Korea or Andorra?

Bibi Feels OK?

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently in Washington D.C. visiting his arch enemy, Barack Obama and for the very briefest of moments, the man from Jerusalem is not upset. At the heart of this conflict between the Israel leader and the American leader is the reality that no intelligent American president can allow another nation to determine its foreign policy. Netanyahu has met with Republican leaders, he has made clear during an election in the United States that he would prefer the election of a Republican. From the perspective of Netanyahu this is normal behavior, but from the perspective of ANY American politician, this is a blatant interference in the political life of the United States.

The guiding principle of American foreign policy is that our leaders are motivated by the interests of the United States. America seeks to end conflict in the Middle East and that requires the cooperation of ALL nations, including Iran. As long as any Israel leader refuses to negotiate in good faith, there can not be peace in the region. As far as Israel is concerned, there is one basic fact. Unless there is a two-nation conclusion, by 2030 the Jewish people will be a MINORITY within their own nation. That is a piece of reality.

Some Dems Warn Of Radical Hillary

A new myth is arising about Hillary Clinton. The latest crazy story is that she is swinging to the left in order to hold off Socialist Bernie Sanders. In modern America if a politician supports the formation of unions then she is on the road leading to socialism. If a politician supports higher minimum wages then she is against capitalism. Even supposed liberals like Bill Maher refer to Social Security as an example of SOCIALISM! Sorry Bill, Social Security in America is the OPPOSITE of Socialism. The American style Social Security was based on ideas of German arch conservative Otto von Bismarck who had employees and employers contribute to the fund.Examine the following:

I earn $116,000 and I pay no more than six percent into Social Security.

I earn $1,000,000 and only pay the initial $116,000 into Social Security which means I pay less than one-half percent of my salary into Social Security. Hardly an example of SOCIALISM!

Hillary Clinton is campaigning as a believer in capitalism just like so-called Socialist Bernie Sanders has never even hinted at any Socialist ideas.

Little Benny Is Upset

It is Tuesday and Ben Carson is once again upset at the media for their attempt to smear him and destroy peace and prosperity in the United States. After all, he is the only candidate who is willing to end the federal government and send power to the States where it belongs. But,right now he is mad at the obvious attempts of the “liberal media” to constantly criticize some honest mistake on his part when they gave Barack Obama a pass and never posed any questions concerning his past life. “Show me someone who is 100% accurate in everything he say happened 40 or 50 years ago. Please show me that person!” Fair enough.

1. He is quite right that no member of the media ever challenged the life of Barack Obama. If you want verification of this comment, just ask Donald Trump, the birther man.

2. Somehow in the back of my mind is something Fox News said about Obama being a Muslim. Probably that never happened.

3. Did someone wonder if he really was born in America?

4. I remember vaguely some talk about his minister who was a radical. Funny thing, Obama was a Muslim who attended a Christian church. Wonder why?

Oh well, Benny is probably right, the liberal media hates him because he has a black skin.

U. Of Missouri Students Take Stand

These days I tend to get confused as to who are the bad or the good guys in life. Athletes on the University Of Missouri football team are taking a stand for something. Exactly what they are protesting is somewhat vague. “The athletes of color on the University of Missouri football team believe injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere. We will no longer participate in football related action until President Tim Wolfe resigns or removed due to his negligence towards marginalized student experiences.”

As one who distrusts most college presidents because they rip off gobs of money without stimulating critical thinking, I’m all for getting rid of an incompetent college president. But, as of this moment,these athletes have yet to explain what exactly is “negligence” of “marginalized students.” What in God’s name is a “marginalized student?” The protesters claim to represent athletes of “color.” Last time I checked, “white” is a color. No specifics, no acts other than there are examples on the campus of derogatory statements about black skinned people. If we fired every boss because someone insulted a black person, there would not be a boss left anywhere.