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Ukraine’s Sorrow

Most probably the greatest problem confronting the people of Ukraine is that they are so far from God and so close to Russia. An “election” was held in eastern regions of Ukraine, and surprise, surprise the local thugs placed in power by Russian weapons won this “election.” There are still thousands of Russian troops on the border of Ukraine and thousands of Russian troops are providing weapons and training to eastern Ukraine men. Frankly, I have no idea who actually “voted” and who is counting those votes, but it is clear that a bunch of men without political ideas, let alone knowledge of how to run a government were given the reign of power by dear old Vladimir Putin. We can assume this new nation now known as New Russia by the boys who set it up will soon become the Old Russia as personified by Vladimir Putin. So, what does New Russia look like?

1. Thugs run the government.

2. Gays and lesbians had better head for other climes.

3. Kleptomaniacs will shortly take over control of any business establishment.

4. There will be a direct line to Moscow in order to get orders as to what must be done.

5. Plenty of weapons will be in New Russia.

Oh, the economy will become an economic wreck!

The Mexican Sadness

It is increasing difficult to report any news from Mexico without at some point halting to discuss the issue of drugs. Of course, those drugs have less to do with Mexico and more to do with the United States of America which has created more problems in Latin America than any pestilence in the history of this area of the world. The old saying, “so far from God and so near to the United States of America” is still true. In every area of Mexico there is bound to be one or another gang of drug lords whose only belief is murder and mayhem. In a small Mexican town the mayor was a man named Jose Lusi Abavea and he assumed the town belonged to him and his wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda. Of course these two people were simply placed in a power positions by the local gang known as Guerros Unidos. Some college students decided to protest the power of the mayor and his wife. As of this point, at least six are dead and 42 are still missing. The major crime committed by these students was to openly express disagreement with the mayor and his wife.

The mayor and his wife are now prisoners of the police. They insist they were only attempting to teach these kids “a lesson.” Most probably the lesson was about life and death. Such is life in Mexico, whose problem is being too close to the United States, land of drug users and drug laws.

Libyans Think To Be In Libya

The good news is that British armed forces are attempting to train soldiers from Libya about the manner in which soldiers engaged in battle are expected to conduct themselves. The bad news is that Libyan troops are being trained in England on how to perform on a battlefield. A contingent of Libyan soldiers were sent to Bassingburn in Cambridge and placed with British troops who were attempting to teach them how a modern armed force operates on fields of war. The Libyan soldiers became confused and thought they were back in dear old Libya. When they went to town, these men proceeded to grop women on the streets and even assaulted a few females just like they do every day back in good old Libya. Naturally, British officials were infuriated and those soldiers were returned to Libya, post haste.

At some point the manner in which women are treated in some Muslim nations must change. Despite all Muslim cries about how Western women are too loose, the real problem is that too many Muslim men in the Middle East are too loose. From now on when any Libyan soldiers in England go to town, they will be accompanied by British soldiers. And, women head in the other direction.

Enough With Women’s Rights!!

The Democratic party has run the wrong race during this election fight for human rights. Senator Mark Udall was giving The Speech, which means he was casting the election on the single issue of women’s reproductive rights when a voice from the audience shouted out in response to the Senator’s favorite comment about “I’m proud to stand for reproductive freedom” with an angry comment: “That’s njot the only thing you stand for, Jesus Christ!” Udall continues to speak about Women’s rights and this approach has fallen flat with the voters of Colorado. How about also fighting for:

1. The right of college graduates to have low cost repayment of student loans?

2. The right to control Wall Street abuse of the American people?

3. The need to rebuild our infrastructure and create jobs?

4. The need to provide a vision for the future of America?

The one issue campaign for women’s rights will not resonate with those who are not worried about having a baby. Sorry, Mark, you will lose because you have been a one issue campaigner.

Stay On Other Side Of English Channel!

The American Republican party would so love to be in living in the nation of the United Kingdom. Talk about those immigrants! Prime Minister David Cameron wants his fellow members of the European Union to know that the people of his fair land DO want Scots to remain in the land of Great Britain, but when it comes to “those people” who dwell in eastern regions of the European Union, they best should head for lands such as Germany or Sweden or the Netherlands, but do not cross the English Channel. Last year about 243,000 members of the European Union ventured across the Channel seeking work in England, and, most of them were not welcomes as proved by the rise of right wing political parties who agree with American conservatives that only the “right people” can cross the border. Cough up enough dough and there is a welcome mat awaiting in England for the huddled masses of the wealthy or those with high tech skills.1

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is furious with England because a guiding principle of the European Union is freedom to move to any member of this union of nations. Freedom of Movement is a guiding concept which has made the European Union a great organization. Of course, Scots are more than welcome to come live in merry England!

Black Russians Not Welcomed

The nation of Russia extends for over six thousand miles from the steppes of Europe to the wilds of Asia. Within its borders are people of very diverse backgrounds including millions of Muslims as well as a huge Christian population. The people of Russia have a great love of the game known as football, the one which we Americans term to be, soccer. A soccer player from Cameron has been living in Moscow, and is considered an outstanding player. The head coach of an important Russian soccer team was asked by reporters if he was going to sign Benoit Angbeva to the team. He responded: “We already have six black players, do you want me to get a seventh?”

His comment aroused anger in the British press which led Mr. Gamulin to respond: “Angbeva just lives here. The British press just doesn’t understand Russian humor.” Yes, they do not understand that Russians are notorious for regarding blacks as inferior. In the! old days of the Soviet Union when thousands were brought to Russia for an education they walked the streets encountering daily slurs about their “monkey sin.” Welcome to Mother Russia, as long as you are white

More Death In Pakistan

I have spent the past few months reading historical works about World War I and the slaughter of over twenty million people. Unlike Bill Maher who believes there is something special about the Muslim religion which leads to ongoing murders and brutality, it is clear to me that no religion has a monopoly on killing the innocent. After all, it was Christians who killed twenty million in World War I and Christians who killed thirty five million in World War II. I hate to inform Bill, but the murderers were from the Christian nation of Germany. I leave out the twenty million murdered in China by people who were not Muslims. So, yesterday the murder parade continued in Pakistan. A young member of the Taliban went to a ceremony at the border of Pakistan and India, and decided to just blow himself up. At least 55 men, women and children died and another 200 were wounded. Heck they has just come to witness at the Wagah crossing into India a performance by Pakistan Rangers.

It is difficult these days to write a blog without reporting death of the innocent. In Africa, both Muslims and Christians are killing one another in west Africa. Here in America the crazies are going to take over our government. What is that about the “advance of civilization?”

Joni Ernst, Face of Republican Madness

As of this point in time, Joni Ernst, the Republican candidate for US Senator from the state of Iowa has made clear that she far surpasses her opponent in being able to castrate animals. This woman makes Sarah Palin come across as intelligent and possessing knowledge of the world. But, all signs indicate that she will become the next US Senator from the state of Iowa. So, how did this ignorant, no stupid, individual gain such success in the state of Iowa? She benefits from the wave of anger and fear that is sweeping this nation. She benefits from a President who has failed the major need of someone seeking to lead a nation, he simply failed to lead due to his shyness or dislike of the thing we term, politics.

Most probably the entire legislature of this nation will be controlled by the Republican party. Most probably this nation will experience two more years of gridlock, nothing being done to rebuild our infrastructure. We have become a nation that is drifting. We have lost any sense of being a great nation. So, let the crazies take over the asylum. This is the price of fear!

Gay American Males

I am a devoted follower of sport events and thus almost daily witness American males hugging and kissing one another in public. No, they are not a bunch of gays, but ordinary American males who believe they must hug another male and kiss him on the cheek. What is most ironic is that males who so enjoy the hug, or the kiss, become infuriated if a male who terms himself to be “gay” performs the same act in public. Males like Ted Cruz shout about evil homosexuals who are defying the words of God by all this kissing and hugging. I am confused. Why are the men who proclaim themselves to be decent Christian hard working fellows so darn upset at other males who hug and kiss one another?

Let’s face reality. The United States of America is the land of males hugging and kissing. So, if you hate a ‘homo” why not just give him an old fashioned American males embrace and conclude with a nice wet kiss on the cheek!

Days Of Doom Await America

Just about every polling organization reports a surge for members of the Republican party and they will gain control over both houses of our legislature. For some reason, those who inhabit this country are convinced they are living through bad times which are the result of actions by the President and the Democratic Party. Let’s look at the record:

1. We did not experience another Depression, one that originally was created by actions of the Republican party.

2. Obama inherited an unemployment rate of 10%, and today it is closer to 6%.

3. Over fifty million Americans lacked any form of health insurance, and now at least seven million of that group have health care.

4. A few laws have been passed to control Wall Street, not enough, but at least a beginning.

5. Our troops are no longer in Iraq in fighting roles, now only in supportive roles.

6. We soon will be out of Afghanistan.

So, what went wrong?

1. President Obama has failed as a communicator of good news.

2. President Obama has failed in the role of providing Americans with a sense that he is a leader.

3. President Obama has bungled simple issues and transformed them into major “disasters.” Example, the Ebola event. This is a simple case of a disease, and his bungling approach has transformed a non-event into a major disaster.

In other words, blame it on the man from Illinois, and I don’t mean Abraham Lincoln!