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Chris Christie–Voice of Support

As you may or may not remember, Chris Christie was among the original group seeking the Republican party nomination for president. So, who else but Chris can make a case for Donald Trump?

“You know, some guys would be upset because some red headed loud guy stole the Republican nomination from me. There is no question that I, and I  mean, I, am the most qualified person to become president. Good lord they love me so much in New Jersey–wait a second, what the heck do I do in New Jersey? Oh, I am the governor. Anyway, my support there is now 25% because most Jersey folks want me to become president.

Oh, I was speaking about my master, ha, ha, I just call him that because Donald has a great, and, I mean,  a great sense of humor. Anyway, when I was lost and forlorn having been knocked out of the Republican primary, who but Donald reached out to me with a  position that restored my self respect.He made me his OFFICIAL, and I mean, Official, valet in charge of all cleaning around the house. In addition, he allows me to stand behind him during his speeches, and I don’t even have to smile. And, I, and I mean, I, am the one who shines his shoes, and arranges his wardrobe! God bless Donald Trump, the man who loves people, and knows how to make them feel wanted!”


Ben Carson–Voice of God

I realize that some people do not respect Ben Carson, nor do they recognize his brilliant religious mind which daily is in contact with God up there.

“My fellow Republicans, no, I mean my fellow Americans, no, I mean my fellow Christians, who are united in love with our Lord, Jesus Christ. A nation that throws God out of its laws, a nation that forbids decent Christians from refusing to aid filthy, dirty, homosexuals, such a nation has abandoned God. A nation that throws God away, runs the risk of having God thrown them away. You have to understand that God does not like those who reject his principles, and, if anyone dares to show lack of respect for God, He has no other option than to cease loving you.

God so loves Donald Trump, God so loves this man who shared his bed, not with one, not with two, but with three women,and from their wombs came new born children who love God. God does not like a fornicator, he does not like anyone who seeks a divorce, but, when it comes to Donald Trump, he has finally met a man who so loves God that he deliberately disregards the Commandments so God can continue loving him.

You choice is Hillary Clinton, the liar, the cheat, the woman who stands by her man who is fornicating, or you can support a fornicator who loves God and the Republican party. And, he sure does help me sell my books!”

Rudy Giuliani–Voice Of Strength

Today, we offer the words of those at the Republican convention who had the power, the right, the intelligence, the voice of America, and why this great nation should elect Donald Trump. We give you former Mayor Of New York City, the one and invincible Rudy Giuliani.

“Im here to speak for the American people, and why they do not want continuation of an African Socialist model of government. Who am I? I’m the man single-handedly saved the city of New York from Muslim terrorists. Without me, the toll of dead would have risen to thousands upon thousands. I’m the  man who ran into those crumbling building, dashed up the stairs, and single handedly saved dozens of firemen and innocent people.

Oh, why am I speaking at the Republican convention? To tell you the truth, this convention would be more certain of producing a winning candidate if they only selected the man who single-handedly saved the city of New York. OH, Donald, I really like the red headed guy, he is wonderful contributor to campaigns of real Americans, that, in itself, is reason why I completely support his candidacy.

Enough of the red headed guy, now, about me, I’m a freaking hero, millions love me, and I urge those millions to vote for the guy who did NOT save New York from Muslim terrorists!


We offer observations on the human condition from a  25 year old mind trapped in an 85year old body.


Republicans want to save cops and cops want to end open gun laws, a contradiction?

Why would any policeman support gangsters being able to wander around with guns?

I wonder if Donald’s ten  year old grandson will make a speech addressed to kids?

Just too bad that Fred Trump will  not make an appearance at the convention after a trip from Heaven.

We certainly have an angry nation, most unclear what they are angry about.

Hillary Clinton should select Elizabeth Warren if she wants to win.

Or, Hillary can be bold and select Bernie!

Don’t Let Guns In Town

Republicans insist they represent the party of cops, they boast of their commitment of the right of anyone to bring his guns to town. Stephen Loomis,  head of Cleveland’s Patrolmen Association. urged Ohio Governor John Kasich to do something about people wandering the streets of Cleveland under the open carry my gun to town right.  “He could easily do something to tighten gun laws in Cook County. I don’t care if its Constitutional, issue an executive order of something. I want them to absolutely outlaw open-gun policy.”

Alas, the Governor says he cannot override our Constitutional right to carry a gun into political conventions, churches, schools, restaurants, on the streets, just anywhere, most probably, even into heaven. For some reason, cops, who Republicans adore, just don’t agree with Republican love of gun rights!

Trump Is Humble

Among the confusing aspects of this presidential race is the ongoing attacks on Donald Trump by those who argue he is not a humble man. In fairness, any objective commentator on American politics has to admit that Donald is the most humble man to ever seek the presidency. OK, he does boast about  his large hand size, but he never has argued that his hands are larger than those of most American males. He has said that he would build a Great Wall, a Wall along the Mexican border. BUT, he has never said that he would build a Wall along the border with Canada.

Donald Trump has made clear that he is not one of those ‘INTELLECTUALS” who always boast about their foreign policy knowledge. Donald is quite frank that he has absolutely NO knowledge of world events. Contrast that honesty with the ongoing claims of Hillary Clinton who claims to know a lot. Who would Americans prefer as President, one who admits to being ignorant, and proud of being that way, or one who is always boasting and boasting about her foreign policy knowledge?

Donald is a humble man. He is a man who is proud of not knowing. Isn’t it time to elect a humble ignorant, even, stupid, person as our president. Donald stands in sharp contrast to those Ivy League boasting, proud to read books guys like President Obama. So, I applaud Donald Trump for being the first honest, humble man to run for president. Transfer power to the ignorant, to those who admit to having limited knowledge about foreign policy or economics, of climate issues,or student debt, or God knows what else!

Melania Trump On Trumpism

Confession, I was busy watching something important–the New York Yankees finally winning two games in a row, so I neglected to watch the fascinating speech by someone named, Melania Trump. The good news is that one did not have to watch this bimbo spouting Trumpism to know exactly what she said. For clarification, Mrs.Trump was born in Slovenia, which is a stone’s throw from Slovakia. Naturally, with such a powerful political and foreign policy background, who else but Melania could explain the meaning and significance Trumpism.

“My name is Melnia Trump, and I immediately want each and every  one at this convention to know that Donald does NOT have tiny hands. I doubt if there is a single man in this world who can stimulate a woman into sexual arousal, and to do that, requires a very large, and, I mean, LARGE hands. My husband is going to build a GREAT WALL, first on the border with Mexico, and then a Great Wall for all those who live in Slovenia. By the way, just to  keep the record straight, I do recall going on a plane to someplace called Mexico, I wonder if we flew north, or did we fly south?

I really want to be honest with one and all, Ivanka is not my  daughter, and I do get upset when Donald hints he would like to bang her. How many candidates for President ever boasted they wanted to bang their daughter?? His statement takes COURAGE. That is the type of man who will protect each and every American because he speaks such nonsense which makes it impossible for China or ISIS to figure out how to respond. Of course, in all honesty, if you do have a gorgeous daughter, vote for the Democratic candidate. Just joking. OH,Donald does have a sense of humor. Frankly, I  have no idea when he speaks whether it is a joke or real. But, I love him, and hope that all women will love him. OH, not sexually, that is”

John Kass On Its Great To Be Nuts

Most days of the week, I begin my reading for the day by glancing through the Chicago Tribune in order to discover that columnist John Kass has surpassed his previous nonsense with just incredible nonsense. Mr. Kass is upset at President Obama for failing  until the Baton Rouge killings to finally defend our  wonderful cops. “He didn’t use the deaths–as he has in the  past– to politic for gun control or give wind to the anti-police grievances of the Black Lives Matter movement. This time the president offered a warning to Americans to tone down the rhetoric.”

Let me get this straight. Gun violence arises from anyone being able in this country to get a gun. So, the solution is to cease any and all campaigns against possession of guns! I assume, according to  the Kass logic, if we do nothing to prevent reducing ownership of guns,this will result in the end of gun violence! You have to understand those seeking to reduce access to weapons of destruction are really the ones who are responsible for people having access to high powered weapons! These politically correct characters are the real cause of gun violence.

I hate to inform this politically nonsense writer that MOST POLICE DEPARTMENTS SUPPORT REDUCING EASY ACCESS TO HIGH POWERED WEAPONS. WHY? Because you idiot, THEY are the ones who get killed!!

Black Lives, White Lives, Any Lives

Black Lives Matter has done an excellent job of keeping the issue of police killing blacks in the public eye. It definitely is a non-violent group, it means well, but it lacks long range goals. At a recent meeting of Netroots in St. Louis, some blacks blasted this group– whose goals are to institute some of the idea of Bernie Sanders–claiming they were “white occupiers of the disunited States.” I assume there is a goal for this action.

The ongoing failure of Black Lives Matter is statistics– black people represent about 10% of Americans. If their agenda is to become reality, there is need to win over to their ideas, at least 40% of whites, Hispanics, and Asians. In old fashioned politics this is termed forming alliances with groups possessing similar goals to your own group. It is time for Black Lives Matter to adopt a new slogan–“When Black Lives Matter, ALL Lives Matter!”

The Trump Cabinet

OK, it is now possible that Donald Trump will become president of the United States of America. Based on several reports, he may well intend to place his children into important government positions. Most probably, he wanted his daughter, Ivanka to be his running mate as the vice-president, but some damn part of the Constitution prohibits both candidates to be from the same state. So:

1.Ivanka would be a wonderful person to become the Secretary of the Treasury. She has been running Trump enterprise companies, so why not handle the Treasury?

2. Her husband, Jed Kushner, has solid credentials to become the Secretary of State. He is Jewish, he is Orthodox Jewish, his dad was sent to prison for business misdeeds, he loves Ivanka, he will be loved in Jerusalem by Prime Minister Netanyahu, so who else for this position.

3. There is always Donald Jr. He recently expressed a desire to become Secretary of the Interior. I have absolutely no understanding why he wants this position, but, heck, he is a Trump. Who else to run down our national heritage?

4. Of course, there is always Newt Gingrich. He wants to deport a few hundred thousand Muslims from America. He definitely should become the Attorney General.

5. Last but not least is Chris Christie. I would suggest he assume a position that enables him to handle garbage collection in America. If anyone knows how to live with being the subject of garbage from Donald, it is Chris Christie. OK, if not that, who else knows more about being a valet and running the White House staff, but Chris?