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A Russian Official State Ideology?

After seventy years of rule by the Communist Party, the people of Russia drafted a new Constitution which made it illegal to have an official state ideology. Article 13 clearly states: “no ideology may be established as the state of mandatory one.” Well, times have changed. Over 80% of Russians these days believe that Vladimir Putin is the perfect leader of their nation. Some members of the legislature are discussing the need to establish a state ideology. I assume this is to combat the evil West with its ideas about democracy. In order to assist my Russian brethren, let me propose a new state ideology:

1. Vladimir Putin is established as the ruler of Russia until his death.

2. The words of Comrade Putin will be taught to all children. In order to graduate from high school each and every student must be able to repeat the words of our Beloved Leader.

3. Gays and lesbians have no place in our wonderful land of real men and women.

4. Christianity is now the religion, adopt it or leave the land.

5. All males will serve in the Russian army for a period of ten years

6. Saying the word, “democracy” will result in a jail term of three years–some place in Siberia!


Are Women Special?

Peggy Young worked at UPSa and one day discovered that she was pregnant. She asked her supervisor if she could be assigned to a job that did not require lifting heavy packages. She assured him that after giving birth she would return to her regular job. He insisted that employees, when hired, were told they might have to lift packages that weighed 70 pounds. She was forced to leave her job, but now is suing on grounds that her rights were violated under provisions of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. The case will be heard by the US Supreme Court. We can expect:

1. Justice Scalia will vote to deny her request. He opposes special privileges to anyone, except for corporations that do not want to pay for Health Care.

2. Justice Clarence Thomas will not say a word, but will support anything that benefits businessmen.

3. Fox News will cite this case as another example of liberalism that is destroying the American way of life.

Republicans are the party of family values. I would assume they would support pregnant moms. Sorry, when it is a choice of business interests and family values, take one guess which side represents the values of America??

Bad Guys Acting Like Good Guys

It was many, many years ago back in the 1950s when I first entered the field of education. I was teaching an 8th grade class of Negro and Hispanic boys in a junior high school in Harlem. One day the boys asked me to explain what the heck was happening in the world and this is what I told them:

“During World War II the bad guys were the Germans and Japanese. The good guys were the Americans, the British and the Russians and Chinese. After the war ended, we decided that the bad Germans and Japanese really were the good guys, and the good guys Russians and Chinese were really the bad guys. So now we are friends with the former bad guys who are really good and the good guys are really bad guys. Is that clear?” They gazed at me as though I was stark raving crazy. Today, in Iraq, Iranian planes bombed ISIS. You know the bad Iranians are now working with their former enemies to kill the new bad guys.

Naturally, American authorities and Iranian authorities deny that Iranian planes are working in conjunction with Americans in Iraq to destroy ISIS. Admiral John Kirby wants the world to know: “Nothing has changed about our policy of not working with Iranians.” Oh, in Tehran, authorities deny they are cooperating with the evil nation of America.

Nothing has changed in life. We are all crazy!

Say, Whatever Happened To Ebola?

As you recall last month we were informed by Fox News that the greatest threat to the further existence of the United States of America was the disease that was spreading across west Africa and is known as Ebola. I was told by blond haired young women on Fox News that while, they were no scientists, they did have extensive knowledge of the field of medicine. I was warned that the black dude in the White House was responsible for the pestilence of Ebola that would soon sweep over the nation and lead to the death of millions. Republican candidates for office warned that Ebola was hovering around the corner due to the incompetence of President Obama so elect the right people in order to end this scourge that would soon end the place we know as the United States of America. So, we voted for Republicans and guess what happened? Ebola disappeared!

It is now clear that Ebola feared the presence of God fearing Republicans and made a hasty retreat back to Africa. Thank God we voted for Republicans and thus the worst threat ever to face the nation of America finally ended. We can now sleep peacefully knowing that Ebola would never come to America once Republicans were in power!

Do You Have ADH4?

For many years I have wondered why Republicans so readily become drunk with power and go wild shouting words that have no relationship to reality. Say the word, OBAMA, and any supporter of the Republican party begins to stumble for the ability to express a clear idea. They are simply unable to allow coherent words to leave their lips. Finally, I have uncovered the reason for this incoherence. Scientists, just remember that any Republican will quickly mumble, “I am no scientist,” have uncovered the secret as to why some folks readily get drunk while others can hold their liquor. It turns out that hundreds of thousands of years ago some folks developed the digestive enzyme ADH4 which enables the person to break down alcohol in their digestive system and go on with a normal life. However, gorillas and Republicans lack this enzyme and once alcohol enters their tummy, they feel pain and nausea.

The hope for America is that Republican congressmen do not take a drop of alcohol. If we can keep Republicans sober than there is a possibility they a few coherent laws may be passed. Now, you know why lobbyists take Republicans out for a lunch and give them alcohol to drink!

If You Are A Christian, Death Awaits

These days one needs a list of which groups that are killing people belong to which Islamist militant band of murderers. Kenya made the mistake of sending troops to fight against al Shabab in Somalia. If there is one certainty in life that always is true, just wait a few moments and some group of Islamist militants will appear somewhere in Africa to kill and murder. On the west coast of Africa, Boko Haram devotes its time to killing Muslims who are the wrong kind of Muslims, on the east coast of Africa, the boys from al Shabab are ready and willing to murder anyone who is not a Muslim. In fairness to them, they have some principles, save the Muslims, and kill the infidels. They approached a quarry at midnight in Kenya, rounded up the workers, and then separated the good ones- Muslims from the bad ones- Christians. Made the bad ones kneel and then killed them with one shot to the head.

The good news in east Africa is that a Muslim can live, the bad news in west Africa is Muslims die if they are the wrong kind of Muslims. Welcome to the world of death.

Israel Status Quo

The pattern of how Israel responds to issues in the Middle East continues along the path of “let’s pretend what we have been doing can continue being done for at least a hundred years.” In February, 1953, Daniel Malan, newly elected head of the South African government introduced the idea of apartheid which separated whites and blacks. For those who did not believe two people inhabiting the same area of land could remain separated, he promised that for generations to come the idea of apartheid would endure,and thus black skinned people could remain passive as second class citizens. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to transform Israel into a “Jewish State” in which there are citizens with certain rights, and non-Jews with fewer rights. Regardless of which words are used, this is simply another version of apartheid.

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and Financial Minister Yair Lipid, who oppose this action have been dismissed. Bibi Netanyahu will call for a new election which he will most probably win. Daniel Malan won election after election until one day reality set in and apartheid crumbled. Believe it or not, Bibi, but blacks did not go on a rampage and kill whites. Both learned to live in peace with one another. Eventually, that will occur in Israel.

So, Who Are Victims In America?

Every so often having nothing much to do with my life, I tune into Fox News in order to get the real story about what is happening in America. I confess that it is difficult to even remember the name of those angry faces which spout hatred toward -you know who? If a black man is killed, the victim is the white cop who did the shooting. If the economy is improving then it is the result of Republicans who do nothing. I was particularly impressed by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani who ranted on and on about the victimization of white people by the liberal media. After watching Fox News I now understand who in this society is a victim and abused.

1. Those with millions are victimized by the Government and forced to pay taxes. I understand why some feel they are in the position of a Jew in Nazi Germany.

2. If your skin is white then you are a victim, who knows why, but you are a victim of something done by Barack Obama and the liberal media.

3. If you are without medical care then you definitely are a victim because the GOVERNMENT wants you to have medical care. Heck, go to a doctor and he will find something wrong with you even though you know there is not anything wrong.

4. If you are a person who believes in God, then you are a victim of the anti-Christ in the White House.

5. Above all Fox News is a victim of the GOVERNMENT. I am not clear how or why, but they are.

Russians So Love Vladimir Putin

Among the most fascinating results of sanctions imposed by twenty six nations upon Russia is the resulting rise in love of their Great Leader by the people of Russia. His popularity has risen to over 80% even while the Russian economy is now entering a recession. John Kerry is in Europe discussing with European Union further plans to impose sanctions, but in Mother Russia, the people just love their Great Leader. The ruble has dropped another 6%, the GDP is contracting, but ask the average Russian how things are going, and the response if the nation needs Vladimir inn order to stand up for their growing pride. The people of Russia endured seventy years of brutal dictatorship which must have made normal the act of killing the innocent. An amazing percent looks back to the good old days when Joseph Stalin murdered TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE. Ah, for the days of secret police and gulags where people were beaten and starved to death.

I really do not completely understand how intelligent people could support such a man. Then again, I inhabit the United States of America in which so-called intelligent people just elected idiots to control of Congress. Is there a human desire to suffer?

Oh, last year 500,000 Russians died of alcoholism.

Shut Up And Register!

Any human being with an ounce of compassion is sick to heart at events in Ferguson, Missouri. A human being died for no other reason than the color of his skin. Sorry, this is beyond dispute. However, there are other questions to be raised about people who live in this town. Current figures are that 67% of residents are African American. The Town Council is white, the mayor is white, and 50 of the 53 police officers are white. There are some other interesting figures.

1. Only 11 % of black residents vote in an election.

2. Registration to vote is rather simple.

3. Since the shooting death of Michael Brown fewer than 30 black residents have registered to vote!

It is time for African Americans in Ferguson to head for City Hall and REGISTER TO VOTE! It is time to shut up with slogans and threats and REGISTER TO VOTE. It is time to take back the city and have it reflect the ideas and dreams of African Americans. Enough with talk and shouting. Get your butts down to City Hall and register to vote. Make Ferguson, Missouri represent the people who live in the city and the way to accomplish this goal is simple