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On Mudslides

I spent several years when in my twenties in the state of California. I lived in the San Francisco area and in the normal course of driving around passed many homes that had been constructed on the side of a hill. They looked so beautiful draped along the hill, one was impressed at the ability of those living in these homes at the daily wonder that awaited them gazing out windows in the morning. However, my gut reaction was why would anyone build a home on the side of a mountain? Aren’t there always mudslides that could knock out a house? When I mentioned this thought home owners would smile at my naive attitude since they were enjoying beauty and the value of their home rose yearly.

Last week a huge mudslide in the state of Washington tore through a few dozen homes that perched on the side of a mountain. Latest reports are that 25 are dead, and at least 95 others are missing. Most probably anyone who got caught in the mudslide and has escaped is dead. Many neighbors are upset at refusal to allow them to assist in the rescue effort. People need the emotional sense that they tried to aid friends. Whatever the slight discomfort to the work of rescuers, this would have been an important feeling to convey to the community.

I Do Not Understand, Never Will

I am of that generation born after WWI who lived through World War II as a teenager and followed with intense interest events of that tragic episode in human history. French novelist, Albert Camus once said that to have been born before 1950 one would have experienced either directly or by observation every form of human depravity known to man. I have extensively studied the Holocaust, but I must confess the actions of members of the Taliban are bewildering. Nazis murdered people who they regarded as not of their own kind. The Taliban boasts of murdering innocent Afghans who are devout Muslims. The Taliban insists to be a good Muslim one must engage in murdering(it is not killing, it is murdering) those of their own faith including children!

Another Taliban attack on a charity in which children were murdered as men blew themselves up along with cars. The charity worked with those impacted by mines and carried the word, Peace, in its title. Frankly, to the Taliban it makes no difference what you are doing, you must die because you are in the wrong place and the wrong time. Call yourself, Roots of Peace, who cares. A child asked his dad why he didn’t warn him about the attack and dad simply had to respond the Taliban do not provide early notice of whom they desire to murder.

All in the name of God!

God’s Chosen Son

Personally, I long since have abandoned belonging to any religious institution because all too many devote their efforts to convincing followers that there is a RIGHT way to behave or a “RIGHT way to think. So many assure me they have a direct line to the Guy up in the Sky. For some reason, when I dial to get Him, there is either a busy signal or just dead silence. Pat Robertson is a man of God, or at least his interpretation of what God thinks, so when he discusses the Big Guy up in the Sky I do listen to his words of wisdom. After all, what can I do when someone makes clear they CAN get through to God Almighty, unlike the sinner that I am.

Pat informed members of his 700 Club that after conferring with the Big Guy up in the sky and his son who once wandered the fields of this Earth, the minister of God is quite clear on the question of gays and lesbians. Pat informed those who believe in Jesus Christ that if Jesus had encountered gays, this is one man of God, who would not have baked them a wedding cake nor would he have made them a bed to sleep in.” Sounds just like the Jesus we all know.

However, I hate to inform Pat that we Jews in those olden days did not have wedding cakes.

Mafia Out Earns McDonald’s

There is good news for members of the Republican party in the United States of America. New reports from Italy describe the work of wonderful wealthy job creators who now employ over 60,000 people as part of the south Italy Mafia or Ndrangha(Greek for loyalty). These diligent men work over time in order to ensure the public has access to products that enable the average person to benefit from private enterprise in action. The Mafia rejects any government handouts and does not allow its employees to become involved in Obama Healthcare. To accept such government control would interfere with the Constitutional rights of members of the Mafia — it violates their religious freedom!

The Mafia earned $80 billion last year which is more than comes into McDonald’s. I trust the United States Supreme Court will support the right of the Mafia to practice their business without being compelled to force employees to engage in GOVERNMENT health care!!It is up to prostitutes to decide if they wish to seek sex protection and no GOVERNMENT has a right to interfere with their First Amendment Rights!!

John Kerry, The Nowhere Man

barghouti It is now sixty five years since the state of Israel was formed and thus formalized a conflict that already had been in existence within the province of Palestine and later the Mandate of Palestine. The state of Palestine was proclaimed in the 1970s after Jordan decided to rid itself of administering the Palestine created by the United Nations. In 1967, Israel defeated Jordan in a war and assumed control of the West Bank area. It is now 47 years since this event occurred and conflict continues over who owns the West Bank or which part of the West Bank belongs to who? Israel has sent thousands of settlers into the West Bank even though this area originally was part of the state of Palestine created by the UN. John Kerry has worked his butt off attempting to secure a compromise.

Part of the problem is that both Israel and the Palestinian Authority lack a government which has a firm majority in a legislature and each requires coalition members to survive. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has allied with West Bank settlers and religious zealots who insist upon no retreat. President Abbas is demanding the release of Marwan Barghouti from prison. This man committed crimes, but there is evidence he is ready to work for peace. After all, Nelson Mandela was convicted of crimes.

At this point in time, John Kerry is going nowhere very slowly.

Mitch McConnell TV Star

Senator Mitch McConnell is the leader of Republicans in the United States Senate and he is running for re-election in the state of Kentucky. He already has become an Internet star by providing the social media of a portrait of him attempting to smile which comes across as a man with a tooth ache unable to open his mouth. He has become the object of derision. So, what exactly is new about a Republican who is the object of laughter?

To highlight his media prowess, his campaign has released a video which depicts his University of Kentucky basketball team being defeated by the Duke basketball team. The ad proclaims: “It was intended to honor our great Kentucky basketball team.”

In the Republican fantasy world, losing the battle is the object.

Bully Russian Bullies

Vladimir Putin is having an enjoyable week playing the hero of the hour to Russians. Oh, so many feel good and proud to be a Russian. They want once again to frighten the world with the prospect of nuclear disaster in which millions die. I hate to inform them, but if their nut case leader pursues the path of violence and invasion, there is always A possibility of unintended consequences. Secretary of Defense Hagel said he was informed by Russian military authorities they would not invade eastern Ukraine, but thousands of Russian troops are on maneuvers along the border. Vladimir Putin got “permission”from his stooges in Parliament to send troops into eastern Ukraine in order to protect Russians who are being abused and deprived of their rights.

So,what can be done?

1. Dispatch unarmed police from every European Union nation to assist local police in eastern Ukraine.

2. Announce that America will provide all energy needs currently being provided by Russia to European Union members.

3. Inform Russia that any invasion of Ukraine would result in cancellation of all trade with their country.

Handling Ukraine Intelligently

Republicans are once again hot to engage in a war in order to blame President Obama for failure to win a war. It is Republican policy to initiate wars in order to blame Democrats for not winning the war because they lack “will power for peace.” John McCain and Fox News “foreign policy experts” want ACTION on the part of Barack Obama. ACTION translates into some form of behavior that results in Vladimir Putin pleading for peace. Let this blog suggest a realistic foreign policy toward Ukraine and Russia.

1. There is no “victory” at the end of the rainbow, simply a confused world of discord that will continue for years.

2. Russia, regardless of who is their leader, has justifiable concerns, stemming from their history the past hundred years of being invaded by foreign armies that murdered over fifty million of their people. Any accord with Russia must ensure their right to protection against foreign aggression.

3. We propose the Ukranian government issue a guarantee that it will not allow any foreign troops or military installations on its territory. In essence, Ukraine becomes another Switzerland adhering to the principle of neutrality.

4. We propose that any missile systems of NATO be withdrawn to England. In other words, the European continent is to be free of missiles.

5. The Crimea is to experience a UN monitored election to determine its future. If the Tartar minority does not wish to live in a Russian centered Crimea, it would be provided the right to migrate to west European lands or the United States and Canada.

6. A Turkish-Russian discussion would result in agreements concerning placement of aggressive weapons on one another’s borders.

7. The United States is to develop a major program in energy exports to Europe that ends dependence on Russian energy sources.

No shouting and screaming, just solid diplomacy is the answer.

Religion And Health

Frankly, I am confused as to why there is even a discussion in the US Supreme Court regarding the so-called religious rights of businessmen to deny access to health care for their employees. Some businessmen argue since they do not believe in abortion on religious grounds they are not bound to provide women access to preventive health measures such as abortion. There are religions which do not believe in the field of medicine, I assume that a businessman can argue since his religion does not allow an individual to use hospitals or doctors, then he has a right not to pay for such services under the Affordable Care Act. How about:

1. Organize your own religion and then argue it does not allow any form of medicine.

2. Organize your own religion and argue that it does not allow any tax money you pay to be used for paying those on unemployment insurance.

3. Some are pacifists due to religion, I assume this means they do not have to allow any of their tax money to go to pay for weapons.

Ridiculous argument.

College Professor Duty-Obey Government

There is an institution in Russia whose duty is to educate students and study foreign policy. One would assume those working for such an institution would explore new ideas and offer fresh perspectives on foreign policy decisions. Alas, this institution is located in Russia, the land of Putin whose concept of free speech is that each individual has the right to agree with his ideas using individual words. Professor Andrei Zubov works at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. He wrote an opinion piece which disagreed with actions of the Putin administration in seizing control of the Crimea and incorporating the area into Mother Russia. Zubov compared the action to that of Adolf Hitler who took over Austria in 1938 in the same manner as the recent seizure of the Crimea.

Authorities at the Institute charged Zubov with “knowingly and repeatedly” violating the charter of the institution. He was also denounced for “reckless and irresponsible criticism of government policy.” The professor who behaves like a professor of international relations was fired.

Please understand people of Russia who are pouring into the streets cheering the invasion and conquest of the Crimea that one day there will be consequences.