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Our Ancestors Were Terrorists

Recent discoveries of a 7000 year old farm site reveal that our dear old ancestors were just a bunch of terrorists who did’t give a damn if the enemy was composed of women and children. The farm site contained the skeletons of 26 adults and children. There was evidence many had been tortured before death. So, what does this mean for we modern humans?

1. We humans just enjoy murdering the hell out of our enemies.

2. Beat another is justification for murdering the other.

3. They were using bows and arrows 7,000 years ago, pretty modern, if you ask me.

Republican leaders upon hearing the news immediately blamed this slaughter on the weak policies of President Obama. He just does not know how to handle terrorists. Donald promised, if and when elected, he will take care of these murderers.

When Marco Rubio was asked to comment about this scientific discovery, he responded: “I’m no scientist.”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


If ignorance was a virtue, we Americans would all be Saints in Heaven.

Freddie Kruger has arrived, only he now works for Fox News.

I so await the day when someone will actually tell me their idea as to what occurs if we turn down the Iran deal.

American Jews ignore anti-Jewish statements by the Chief Rabbi in Jerusalem.

What about a Non-Stop people day by the police?

Just legalize ALL drugs and end the drug lords!

The Donald Nightmare

The saga of Donald Trump goes on and on. Latest polls indicate he is ahead in Iowa. This state supposedly is a bastion of conservative religious folk, but the Donald man continues to remain high in polls. He insults women, his numbers go up, he displays hatred toward Hispanics, his numbers go up. So, what does Donald represent?

He represents the anger of people who believe their nation is headed down. By this, they mean, we Americans can no longer demand of other people that when we say, HALT, you damn well better come to a halt.The wealthy of this nation grab our wealth, so who else to elect, but the same people who refuse to pay decent wages! Donald Trump represents a nation of frightened people who get information from Fox News or the Internet. Few have any idea as to who or what ISIS represents.

The nightmare is upon us. Donald is ahead in the polls!

Police Ever Alert

In my dream world, and entire day goes by without another story as to how our police are ever vigilant in the fight to end crime. Charnesia Corley, age 21, went to the drug store in order to get medicine for her mother. She was confronted in the parking lot by officers of the Harris County Sheriff Department. These men were on the lookout for drug dealers so naturally when they saw a young black female, what else could they do but check it out. She apparently had not made a complete halt at a Stop Sign, which aroused their suspicions.

According to the police her car “smelled” which naturally meant she was a drug dealer. The young black woman was forced to lie on the ground and drop her pants. She protested that she did not have on underwear. “Ma’am, I idon’thave any underwear on.” She lay half naked on the ground. “Pull your pants down.”

Oh, they did find 0.02 ounces of marijuana. Such is the diligence of our police.

On The War Gambit

There are voices in America seeking to resort to war against Iran instead of peace with Iran. Democrat Congressman Alcee Hastings wants Congress to authorize war power to the President if Iran does not behave by agreeing with our demands. On one hand, most Republican Congressmen insist that President Obama refuses to adhere to the Constitution which clearly states the rights of wealthy people are what the Revolution was all about,while on the other hand, they want to empower Obama to wage war. What exactly would occur in the Middle East if the US attacked Iran?

1.Hezbollah in Lebanon would send 30,000 missiles at Israel. The Dome, built with money from Obama, you know, the guy who hates Israel, would deflect 90% of the missiles. A few thousand would hit Israel and kill thousands of Israelis-Jews and Muslims.

2.Suicide bombers would be blowing themselves up all over Israel,thousands of Jews would die.

3. If you believe chaos is current in Syria, just wait until this event.

4. If you think chaos is current in Iraq,just wait for this event.

5. Welcome to suicide bombers in America!

On The Death Penalty

Throughout my life I have been conflicted about the Death Penalty. Encountering stories of horrific murders or rapes makes me furious and seek revenge. For most of my life,the “revenge” equated with the Death Penalty. However,as the years unfold, and example after example, of poor people-black or white–being forced into false confessions,it becomes obvious that inflicting death all too often results in a miscarriage of justice. The idea that using a death sentence somehow will reduce crime is ludicrous.

Perhaps, it is time to rethink the purpose of jail. Modern jails in America were based upon the concept of “reform” of criminals. Today, this idea has vanished. It i pure and simple revenge. I find ironic that in Christian America, which supposedly follows the ideas of Jesus Christ, few are willing to turn the other cheek!

Jimmy Carter Is Ill

Jimmy Carter has cancer and it is possible that he will die. This man has been vilified more than any other politician in American history. As of this date, Jimmy Carter remains the only American president who assisted Israel in attaining a peace treaty with an Arab nation. He worked to bring together Israel and Egypt and through his diligence and care, a peace treaty was accomplished. And, what is the current reaction of Israel and many American Jews–Jimmy Carter hates Jews and he hates Israel. Why? Because Carter has worked for peace that includes respecting the rights of Palestinians. In the world of AIPAC, one must blindly obey whatever Bibi Netanyahu says or does or the result is–YOU HATE JEWS AND YOU HATE ISRAEL!

We salute Carter as a great American. One day historians will give him credit for working for peace, for making human rights an important focus of American foreign policy and for devoting his post presidency to humanitarian efforts, not to make money!

Uncle Tom Now Is Uncle Ben!

As one who was born in poverty I am very familiar with those who want the world to know and honor them for escaping the life of poverty. Dr.Ben Carson is the ultimate Uncle Tom, ready and willing to hand out advice to any black skinned person-hell, if he could escape poverty, why not you lazy bums? Dr.Ben is now on a crusade to end the Black Lives Matter movement. “I feel instead of people pointing fingers at each other, and creating strife, we need to be talking about how to solve problems in the black community.” The first step is “Return To Family and Faith.”
Very moving comment.

1. Black Lives Matter is not blacks talking to blacks, it is about blacks getting wiped out by whites.

2. I assure the good doctor that all the family and faith in the world will not halt bullets fired into one’s body.

3. If Ben really cares about poor folk, how about programs to establish businesses in poor neighborhoods.

4. How about rebuilding our infrastructure and providing good paying jobs to blacks and whites?

5. I just await the day Dr. Ben is halted by cops who make him lie down in the dirt while they check his car for drugs. Or, how about being frisked for no reason?

McDonald’s, A Good Christian Business

It is now quite clear that McDonald’s is a corporation that desires the election of a Republican. McDonald’s France has made clear to employees that no food should wind up in the mouths of those who are poor. “As we remind staff, meals must be eaten on the premises. Staff meals are a personal benefit and should only benefit the staff member in question. It is formally forbidden to give food to tramps.” Just remember that if your own kids drop by to say, hello, they must pay for those French Fries!

I must admit this is a strike to end welfare cheats who rob from the rich and take for themselves. We must forbid these tramps from eating the nutritious and delightful McDonald’s meal. Of course, the good news is by denying them food, it will benefit them from becoming obese.

P.s.I bet ISIS hands out food from captured McDonald’s!

Putin Offers Human Rights Award

At a time when the world is being convulsed by terror and abuse of people, one man, one nation, stands out in the fight for human rights–RUSSIA! President Putin has created a special prize for those fighting to defend human rights. This reporter was able to gain further information about this prize.

1. The prize will go to anyone in Eastern Ukraine who kills a bad person for peace.

2. There is a special prize for the person who beats up gays, lesbians, and sexual deviants.

3. There is also a new category for those brave enough to defend the policies of President Putin in the Ukraine, in Crimea, and so on.

4. There is another category referring to music. Anyone who can drown out the music of Pussy Riot, wins a prize for heroism.

My question: if this was truly a prize for Human Rights, why not give all the prizes to the Prime Minister whose name is unknown, let alone his voice!