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Rand Paul In Race

Senator Rand Paul is somewhat of an enigma in the race for the presidency of the United States of America. OK, he “sees an America that is strong enough to deter foreign aggression, yet sure enough to avoid unnecessary aggression.” It is now clear that Rand Paul is taking a strong stand for or against aggression. That is clear. Rand believes there are limits as to what the US can or should do, but he wants the American people to know there are no limits as to what it can do if it decides to do something. He is against more spending before he is for more spending to keep us strong. He does not want more taxes on those who create jobs but hew does want this nation to care for those without. He is definitely a compassionate Republican in an era when there are few such creatures who belong to the Republican party. Oh, and he wants term limits on those who serve in Congress.

The Rand Paul Platform

I will reduce taxes and end the deficit.

I will ensure that no one goes without health care and end the Affordable Care Act.

I will deter aggression while keeping American soldiers at home.

I will end the murder of black boys and keep the Federal government away from local police forces.

On Sunday I will sleep.

People With Bad Ideas

There is a popular view among conservatives in America that the cause of all and any problem in this nation stems from those who have bad ideas. Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, you name the person, and they will carefully explain that we do not have any economic or social issues in this nation, any and all problems stem from the bad ideas of that man in the White House. According to Fox News this nation is engaged in a great war, and the war is all about who has the right ideas. Naturally, those with bad ideas are members of the Democratic party and all it takes to get this nation back to happiness and prosperity is to elect people who have the right ideas.


Raise taxes on wealthy. This idea violates the Ten Commandments of our Lord Jesus Christ

Give people food stamps. They will just spend the money on liquor and gambling.

Rebuild our infrastructure, this leads to people driving on Sunday when they should be in church praying.

Talk rather than shoot when encountering a black boy on the streets.

Enable women to get power in business, that means they are not at home with the kids.

Pass a law in Congress that controls business power, this means less money from lobbyists.

Then again, pass any law in Congress.

Talk with Iran rather than bombing that land.

Oppose our greatest mind in the Middle East, Bibi Netanyahu.

Oh, for people with GOOD IDEAS!

There HE Goes Again

Once again HE uttered some words of hate against Christians in America because He does not love this nation nor does he love the Christian religion. President Obama uttered a few words about the duty of one who is a Christian. He expressed his concerns when Christians utter “less than loving expressions” about other people. Only in Fox News world could these words be construed as an attack on Christianity. The basic vales of Jesus Christ were to love those who express hatred toward you. He wanted a Christian to turn the other cheek. He preached love, love and love. However, according to Megyn Kelly of Fox News, HIS remarks were an invitation for Muslim fanatics to murder Christians! “His remarks came as Christians are increasingly being targeted by terrorists worldwide.” Let me get his straight:

If one utters words from Jesus Christ then one hates Jesus.

Let us examine the record as to why Christians are dying in the Middle East.

When US forces invaded Iraq there were about 800,000 Christians who had lived in that area for nearly 2,000 years. Today, there are about 300,000 left because the American invaders allowed violent Muslim groups to gain power. In other words, the invasion that Fox News supported is the cause of why Christians are fleeing for their lives in the Middle East.

George Bush destabilized the Middle East and that event led to the death of Christians. By the way, Jesus OPPOSED war!

On The Death Penalty

A jury has found Tsarnaev Dzhokhar guilty of the crime of murdering people and causing dozens to have terrible wounds. The decision was the only one possible. Frankly,I thought the Defense Counsel made a blunder by even going before a jury. He should have pleaded Guilty and thrown the boy on the mercy of a judge. In the famous Leopold-Loeb case when two young men murdered a little boy, the famous Clarence Darrow used this approach and then made a famous argument against the death penalty. He saved the lives of these two young men. Leopold went on to allow his body to be used for medical experiments during WWII, and became a world known expert on birds. He was released in his fifties.

This boy in Boston who murdered the innocent in Boston did not display any remorse which only led the jury to bring in a verdict without any mention of mercy. It is now up to a judge as to whether or not he dies. The crime was horrible. He has never stated his sorrow. This young man is begging for death. If he were to live, life in prison would be a nightmare for him as other convicts would punish him on a daily basis. So, what to do? I am now of the opinion that a life sentence is the worst result for this unfortunate young man. There will come times when he wishes he had died.

Another Day, Another Murder

We know for certainty that night will fall, and we know for certainty that somewhere in this blessed land a man whose skin is black will be shot in the back. Policeman Michael Slager pulled over a driver for some infringement of the motor vehicle code which definitely made that man a potential killer on the loose. The incident occurred in North Carleston, South Carolina. Somehow, for some reason, Mr. Walker Scott decided to run away from the scene of his crime. Naturally, what else could Mr. Slager do since his life was threatened by an unarmed man who did something while driving his car. We have the video which clearly shows Scott running with his back to Slager and guess what?

Slager put EIGHT bullets into the back of a fleeing man who had no weapons. Mr. Scott is dead. Mr.Slager insists that he “followed all the proper procedures of the Charleston police department.” Thank God, Mayor Keith Sumney does not believe this are the procedures of his police department. “I don’t care if you are behind the shield or a civilian in the street, you have to live with that decision.” Mr. Slager will be charged with the crime of murder.

Pillow Fight Day!

I confess to failing to take part in International Pillow Fight Day which was held throughout the civilized world. The purpose of this fight was to hit your friends and colleagues with a pillow.whack away and get rid of all your anger. According to Edna Sacay who lives in Toronto: “It’s fantastic. It’s something to do in the community that’s fun and uplifting after a long such cold winter.” I think this holiday could be altered and allow our leaders an opportunity to have some fun in Congress.

1. How about “Let’s Piss On Obama Day” in which Republicans just piss away on the floor of Congress and send a message to Obama?

2. How about “Cry Day” on which all Republicans can follow the lead of John Boehner and cry for an hour on the floor of Congress?

3. We could, of course, have an “Eat An Apple For Christ”day on which we prove our love of Jesus by eating an apple.

4. Then again, we could have “Read A Book” day on which Republicans are forced to read a history of America and actually know what our Founding Fathers believed!

Death In Kenya

The young people were sleeping peacefully in their dormitories after another day in class. Little did 142 of them realize the dream dreamt was the last dream of their lives. If they did awaken it would be to t he sound of guns and angry scowls of members of al-Shaabab who believe death is the way of God. The shooting began at about 5:30 a.m. when the Muslim killers entered dormitories and began to blast away at the innocent young people, some still in their pajamas. To add to the hell, those who were Muslim students were placed on the side so they could witness the murder of their fellow students whose crime was to be a Christian. Al-Shabaab claims the murders were in retaliation for Kenya military forces which had entered Somalia in search of their comrades.

In the modern world, one murders, not because the evil person killed one of your friends, but because he is Muslim or Jewish or Christian. The religious wars that supposedly ended hundreds of years ago have returned. Only this time, we have massive weapons of destruction. Of course, all deaths are in the name of God and simply carrying out his dictates. My confusion, if God wants these people dead, why the heck did He create them in the first place??

Believe It Or Not But Rick Does Have Point

I never thought the day would arrive when Rick Santorum actually could offer an interesting idea. After listening to him and observing those sweaters, it was doubtful if I would ever encountered an idea that does raise questions. Rick raised the issue was to whether or not a gay printer has the right to refuse printing posters for the nut case Westboro Baptist Church if they desired posters that said: “God Hates Fags.” There is a constitutional issue when a business person is compelled to make a product that is desired by someone who hates them or their religion. According to Rick, “tolerance is a two way street. If you own a print shop and you are a gay man, should you be forced to print, “God Hates Fags.” Fair enough question.

1. It is one thing for me to refuse to cut your hair because you are gay or lesbian, and another if I refuses to print something that goes against my political,social or religious views. I struggle with this dilemma. IS there a difference between refusing to bake a cake and refusing to print something? My argument would be that the cake is for an individual while the poster could be read by thousands. Seems to me that does raise the issue as to whether or not there are limits about what I must do as a businessman and to whom I must do business.

No Gay Times In Russia

The people of Russia have not only become in love with the Great Leader, but they have turned their backs on any manner of love between those of the same sex. Recent polls indicate that about 40% of people do not wish to have a gay neighbor living in close proximity to their own house. I assume this means they check out all the people on their block in order to discover which people are filled with humor and happiness. Over half of Russians these days do not wish to have gay people in their nation since such individuals simply do not fit into proper society. Due to the Great Leader these people now have the right to seek prison time for any of those people who wander their streets as gays and lesbians.

A 2013 law makes it illegal to provide children with information about homosexuality. I get confused, it is legal to inform children that gays are bad people but it is illegal to explain to them why gays are bad. Teachers are being fired because they may have mentioned some explanation as to who or what a gay person is. Of course, any member of the teaching profession who is discovered by to be a lesbian or gay will be fired. This does not come across as a happy way to handle this problem. Those who oppose gays apparently lack a sense of humor.

Explaining Yemen

I intend to perform a public service and explain the situation in Yemen.

!. Yemen is located at the southwest tip of the Arabian peninsula

2. Yemen used to be run by President Saleh who worked with the CIA.

3. Then for some reason, this guy was overthrown by President Hadi.

4. Then along came the Houthis who are a Shiite sect.

5. Then the Sunni Saudi Arabians and Egyptians and Gulf State rulers got angry.

6. Al Qaeda which is Sunni decided to aid President Saleh who is Sunni

6. So, the Shiite Iranians are aiding the Houthis and somehow they are now allies of the some Sunni Yemenits.

I trust this clears up the confusion.