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So Who The Hell Cares?

On  a recent CNN interview the head of the Republican Party when asked about the New York Times story concerning the behavior of Donald Trump toward women simply responded: “No one really cares.” Most probably, he is right. One could produce evidence that Donald Trump was a secret member of ISIS and his followers would brush off the information with a  shrug. How about some other, “no one cares?”

1933, Nazi Germany: “Oh, there you go again complaining because Adolf made  few remarks about killing Jews.You don’t have the right to demand leaders only make politically correct comments.”

2016, Syria: “All I ever hear from the US press are stories about so-called, beheadings by ISIS. Show me one person who was allegedly beheaded who can testify that he had a head chopped off!”

1930, Soviet Union: “OK, so a few million people are somewhat hungry, OK, so a few million people are now in camps.It just  goes to prove that our beloved leader, Joseph Stalin wants to make certain they have some place to live during the winter.”

2016, USA: “There you go again with those anti-Trump stories concerning alleged mistreatment of women. The fact that Donald had physical contact with so many women simply proves that he is physically attractive to those of the opposite sex! And, remember, where there is  smoke, there is fire!”


So Cover Up On TV!

Each and every night on television one can see in black and white or in technicolor, people having their heads blown to pieces. We witness horrific beheadings of innocent people by mad men. We see scenes of floods that leave people clinging to pieces of wood. We see scenes of fire burning up homes and leaving children with burned bodies. Name the horror and its on your nightly television station.

However, none of these scenes could match what appeared the other night on KLTA in Los Angeles. Meteorologist Liberte Chan was wearing a black cocktail dress that revealed parts of her body. Someone rushed over to her and demanded that she put  on a sweater so the viewing public would not be shocked! Thank God in this era of Obama and political correctness someone has stood up for the rights of common decency!!

“I Got Rights”

It’s springtime in America and what else can we argue about, but the Affordable Care Act. Twenty-nine faith based non-profit organizations are suing to get their rights upheld by the Supreme Court. They want the right to have an exemption from the law’s requirement that mandates women have the right to  contraceptive pills. The Supreme Court which now has four liberals and four conservatives informed lower courts to work out some compromise. In that spirit, we offer some compromises:

1. As a doctor I demand the right not to operate on transgender people. I only want to operate on human people.

2. As a drug company I have the right to a fair profit and $5 for an aspirin sounds right to me.

3. Prior to receiving a contraceptive pill , a woman must provide proof that she was laid and impregnated.

4. All contraceptive pills must be handed over by the woman to the guy who lays her.

5. Donald Trump: Sorry gals, my penis demands the right to fulfill its mission without interference.

Life In Russia

We offer a brief synopsis of life in Russia as it is portrayed in headlines from the Moscow Times:

“State Has 6% of Russians Under Surveillance”

“Police Officers Raid Russian Newspapers Suspected of Extremism”

“Police Cordon Off Village of Chechen Man Who Complained To Putin”

“Russian Zoo Names Black-Haired Goat–Obama”

“Chechen Leader Kadyov Lost His Cat”

We decided to add our own:

“CIA Steals Eurovision Contest From Russia”

“Putin Wrestles Bear Into Submission”


We offer observations on the human experience from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


These days Mitt Romney comes across as presidential.

Then again, these days we miss  the administration of George Bush.

There is a raging fever in the body of the Republican party.

I was most shocked when Rand Paul came out for Trump. I thought he had moral  principles.

Somewhere in this promised land the sun shines bright upon happy Americans. Just don’t know where or why?

Not a word from Donald Trump about student debt–why?

Ah, poor Adolf, you just were born too early and in Germany.

If you want to help American Muslims, then register and VOTE!



An American Dream

These days Republicans claim there ideas for America represent the true essence of what past American leaders have urged. We offer the ideas of President Franklin Roosevelt in 1944 as to what he wanted for every American citizen:

1.The right to a useful and remunerative   job.

2. The right to earn enough to provide adequate food, shelter and recreation.

3.The right of every farmer to a decent  living.

4. The right of every  businessman to trade free from unfair competition.

5. The right of every American family to a decent home.

6. The right to adequate medical care.

7. The right to protection from the economic fears of old age and sickness and unemployment.

8. The right to a good education.

These were rights sought by the only American to be elected four times as president.

So, how many of these rights would be  the goals of “President” Trump?

Ignorance IS A Virtue!

The Kenya dude who somehow became president of the United States once again demonstrated his hatred of our noble land. He made this incredible statement while addressing students at Rutgers University: “In politics and life, ignorance is not a virtue. It is not cool to not know what you’re talking about.” Huh? Let me get this clear,is the President of the United States arguing that one should KNOW what he is talking about? Huh?

During the past nine months we have had over 17 intelligent and wise Republicans making clear that being ignorant IS a virtue and a necessity to become president. If I say, “there is NO climate change’, and I make that statement with dignity and certainty and add that God is on my side, how can what I say be incorrect? Since when did anyone seeking the presidency have to know what the hell he is talking about? We Americans want leaders who are boastful, who make promises that can never be kept, but leave us feeling happy and content. That is the essence of the American Dream.

Example: “figures indicate that MORE Hispanics are leaving America than entering. BUT, if I believe those alleged “facts”how the hell can I want to build a Great Wall and give jobs to millions??

Putin Is Angry At EU

These are not the best of times, these are not the worst of times for Vladimir Putin and the semi-dictatorship that he runs in Russia. Last week a former trainer who worked with the Russian winter Olympic team revealed the entire team was doped up which led to their wining many Gold medals. Naturally, Vladimir was furious at this attempt to smear the noble, pure tradition of Mother Russia. There is no  question these charges stem from the EU and the American CIA.

So, yesterday, the Eurovision Song Contest added new evidence of an EU plot to overthrow the government of Russia. Jamal, of Crimean heritage who is from Ukraine, won the  song contest. Her song was entitled: “1994.” She is of Crimean heritage and the song recounts how  in 1944 during WWII, thousands of Crimeans were rounded up and shipped to Siberia by the Stalin dictatorship. The  Russian government denounced this “insult” to Mother Russia!

Joe Saves Arizona!

Joe Arpaio is the man who single-handedly has saved the state of Arizona from he rapists and murderers who  swarm over the border and rampage through the streets of Phoenix. Of course if you wish to know who  is “America’s toughest Sheriff” just ask Joe. Of course, if you ask Donald Trump he will be glad to make clear that if elected president, Joe is the guy who will be in charge of our border to the south. Of course, one of those “liberal judges” who the immigrant from Kenya appointed, has a different view. According to Judge Jack Murray, Joe has “demonstrated a persistent disregard for the orders of this court.”

Joe is accused of racially profiling Hispanics and sending them to jail for the crime of being an Hispanic. Let’s be fair to Joe. For each Hispanic he sends to jail, there is one fewer rapists out there raping to their heart’s content. Just imagine how many Hispanics will wind up in prison once President Trump takes power?

Oh, I await Joe taking on the Islamic terrorists who want to swarm over our southern border.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


As ye sow, so shall ye reap, vote for Donald and get the results you do not want.

Republicans will rally around anyone who is not Hillary. Adolf is really not a completely bad guy.

Social media is usually not so social.

Schools have become a giant testing center for memorizing trivia.

I wonder what Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson think about their creation these days up in Heaven?

Strange how fear of ISIS has shifted to another fear.

Social media creates “truth” by simply repeating lies.

Bernie has to organize his folks to go on and on into the fall.

In my youth many years ago, we admired scientists since they knew more than we did. Times have changed.

These days people boast about their ignorance as a sign of intelligence!

I so wish Elizabeth Warren had sought the presidency.