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Bad News For Republicans

Some very bad economic news was revealed that might upset some member of the Republican party. As Republicans do NOT recall, it was a Republican  president who presided over the collapse of our economy and created the Great Recession. Latest figures indicate the medical US household income rose 5.2%, which is the largest one year gain since 1967. Of course, in 1967. Of course, in 1967, Democrat Lyndon Johnson was president. The unemployment rate is now 5.3% which is much lower than when George Bush left office with an 11% unemployment rate.

Most important in these figures is that for the first time in decades the poorest Americans witnessed the larges percent rise in wages. The percent of Americans in poverty fell from 14.8% to 13.5%. For the first time in memory, the gap between the top 5% of wealthy and the middle class shrank.

Of course, Donald Trump has a PLAN, a great PLAN which will accomplish what already HAS been attained. Vote for Trump if you want another DEPRESSION!

Guns Everywhere

There is definitely one certainty in life, at any moment in the state of Texas someone will be walking into a church, a bar, a movie theater, heck, into a school with guns ready to blast away at bad people. Students at the University of Texas are angry that any person can enter a classroom with loaded guns. Naturally, gun lovers argue what if  a guy walks into the room with guns, we have to be ready to shoot first, and straight. Later on, we can worry as to whether of not the guy we shot was a bad person.

I can not argue with that logic, but I must admit to being disappointed in the NRA. For example:

1. Why can’t I walk into the governor’s mansion armed to the teeth? Is he hiding something?

2. How come I can’t walk into the state legislature with my assault rifle, ready to blast away at those obnoxious Muslim loving liberals??

3. The next time a president visits Texas, we ALL should be allowed to observe his motorcade armed to the teeth. What makes the president so damned important we can’t be armed when he appears?

Think about the issue this way, if we shoot the president, it prevents him from being shot by Muslim terrorists!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Why is there not more discussion of Donald  Trump’s red hair? Is the reason his hair is red, because he is a Communist!

I have yet to hear an intelligent comment from Mike Pence, does he fear showing up Donald Trump?

So far, no great debate as to which candidate is not fat or is fat.

Do you realize that neither candidate has spoken a single word about the situation in Uruguay?

These days I fear peeing in a public restroom,who knows,maybe the Trump people are gathering more damaging information about liberals like me.

OK, I confess to peeing not far enough some times!

Would you believe a cough has become a national issue??

Trump supporters always call him: MISTER TRUMP. I wonder why.

I guess I will go to my grave never knowing if Barack Obama was born in America.

Health Of Hillary Clinton

This entire campaign has been characterized by discussion of non-issues. Remember attacks on Marco Rubio for taking water while speaking? Critics wanted to know WHY he had to take a drink. We witnessed over fifteen investigations of the famous  Benghazi raid which resulted in the deaths of four people. When President Reagan in 1985 sent US Marines to Beirut, Lebanon and 241 were killed by Muslim terrorists, there was not a single investigation by Congress. Not a single Democrat attacked Reagan.

So today, the real issue confronting the American people  is the fact, and it is a FACT that Hillary Clinton was seen coughing. It turns out that she has pneumonia. Naturally, no person could be president who had this life threatening disease. I  await Congressional investigations into the secret of why Hillary Clinton never told the American people that she had this disease! I confess to having coughed numerous times in my life, naturally, this is the reason I never won a Pulitzer prize for my writing. It is a proven fact that anyone who has a cold with a cough is in the initial stage of mental collapse.

Let’s see what comes next:

1. Is it true that Donald Trump won the hot dog eating contest on Coney Island?

2. Is it true that Hillary Clinton requires aid and assistance in handling her hair?

3. It is time to reveal the horrible secret that Hillary Clinton is hiding–she did not clean up her dog’s poop on March 17, 1998! It was just another example of how Hillary Clinton shits on America!

Stay Out Of South Africa!

For some reason the Protestant churches in America produce nut cases who harbor weird ideas regarding Christianity. The Westboro nuts hate military men and boycott their funerals. A few years ago Pastor Steven Anderson got on his knees and prayed for the death of President Obama. He just did not want some African Muslim as head of his country. I wonder why Donald Trump has not made him a campaign manager.

Anyway, Pastor Anderson decided to go to South Africa to pray for the end of gay rights and the death of transgender folks. After all, isn’t this what Jesus wanted–the death of people? The South African government informed the Holocaust denying Pastor Anderson that “neither he, nor members of his church able to enter South Africa. We have a duty to protect harm and hate in any form in our nation.”

OK, Pastor Steve will be down on  his knees praying for a few more deaths!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26  year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


A certainty  in life today, someone will be killed by bombs in Syria, today.

Hillary Clinton will win the worst political campaign in history medal.

Trump lies, he lies,he lies, and the media focuses upon the fact Hillary has a cough.

Does anyone remember the last time the media posed questions about issues such as global change or unemployment?

Thank God NFL football is back so we can finally deal with REAL issues in America– who won the game?

It is quite clear that Donald Trump is somewhat over weight, how come no one is concerned?

If the world disappears in one great blast, just blame it on social media.




Fists In Air For Freedom?

Colin Kaepernick began the latest drive to end oppression in America by refusing to rise for the national anthem. He has now been joined by a few others such as Martellus Bennett who raised his fist. I gather someone else just went to his knees during the national anthem. Naturally, these brave examples of fighting for human justice have aroused anger, if not fury,among millions of Americans who believe fervently that the most important action one can take in support of American democracy its rise for the national anthem.

This is another example of a ‘storm in a tea cup” or, as Shakespeare would put it, “much ado about nothing.” The United States of America will not change because Colin did not rise, police brutality  will not end because Martellus raised a fist. I wonder what might have happened if Martellus visited each police precinct in Kansas City  and talked about police actions that impacted young men and women. I wonder if Colin spent a few days interacting with police in San Francisco if he might have reached into the hearts of some cops and got them to reflect and change. Just wondering.

Please Continue Raping

Canadian Federal Court Judge Robin Camp has a rather interesting take on the issue or rape. A few months ago  when he was still a provincial judge a rape case came before his court. A 19 year old girl was raped at a party by some boys. He pointed out a rather obvious point regarding why she ALLOWED the rape. “Why couldn’t you keep your knees together”and if that was a problem,why not simply turn her body around so no male could get into her body. Oh, he also added this rather key point: “Some sex and pain go together sometimes, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

Of course, he also had some words of wisdom to a boy who carried out the rape. “I want you to tell your male friends they have to be more gentle with women.” Judge Camp is now being investigated and his decision was over ruled. That’s the good news.

Rodrigo Donald Duterte

There is no question that millions of Americans just love a tough talking man of action who tells it like it is. Rodrigo Détente is the new president the Philippines. Since taking office two months ago, his police and soldiers have murdered over one thousand drug dealers.  OK, they  have murdered over one thousand people they CLAIM were drug dealers. Rodrigo is the Donald Trump of his nation.

In case you would like to hear what a REAL political leader says, read the following:

On being stuck in traffic jam during the visit of the Pope: “Pope, son of a whore, go home. Don’t visit any more.”

Singapore executed a Filipino maid: “Fuck you.  You are a garrison pretending to be a state.”

When learning President Obama did no agree with his policies: “You are the son of a whore.”

On complaints about his drug policies: “Fuck you,UN, you can’t even solve the Middle East carnage…shut up all of you.”

On killing of a Filipino journalist: “Just because you’re a journalist,you are not exempted from assassination if you’re a son of a bitch.”

If this guy ran for president of the US, he would begin with twenty million votes!!

Medical History Of Fred Stopsky

I believe  in the spirit of transparency that my readers should know everyone about my medical history. I notice the media is concerned about the  fact that Hillary Clinton once fell and hit her head. OK, confession, during basic training I DID fall several times and DID hit my head. In fact,  in all honesty, I must inform all readers that on February 14, 1980, I did feel faint and had to lay down. OK,  that is not exactly the truth, not only did I lay down, but I took a shot of whiskey! I can report that I did not get drunk.

Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, I confess to having had the same disease. Can I still write clearly? Who knows, after such a disease,which could result in death, can I honestly  say that I can write this blog, that I can still function as a husband, and that I can still get along with my daughter in law. OK, in December, 1951, I nearly collapsed after a 25 mile march in a snow storm, I hit the barracks, and just plopped in my bed! Would you trust me with national secrets? Would you trust a man who collapsed after only marching twenty-five miles in a snow storm?

I agree that Donald Trump could easily handle such minor problems, and within hours be fornicating with several babes on Broadway. The only reason Donald Trump did not volunteer to fight in Vietnam was he feared embarrassing other soldiers who could not keep up with this fantastically healthy guy. I bet he could beat up Hillary Clinton, the sick lady, with one hand tied behind his back.