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I’m A Smart Person

After one has become president or even after winning the election, the incoming president is provided daily briefings from experts in various government departments. The goal is to enable a president to have awareness of issues that might become critical to the goals of America. These briefings have nothing to do with being liberal or conservative, they are information exchanges between experts and a novice president. Donald Trump has indicated that he does not need such briefings for the following reasons”

1. “I’m  a smart person.”

2. “I’ll get it when I need it.”

3.  “I don’t have to be told the same things in  the same words every single day for the next eight years.”

Look, Mr. Trump has already explained to the American people, “I know more than the generals” so why listen to military officers? Perhaps, just  perhaps, it might make more sense if Donald Trump GAVE BRIEFINGS  to those in government positions? No question, he will never use the same words day after day.

Or, he could ask Ivanka to handle the briefings.

On Rex Tillerson As Secretary of State

Two months ago it was definite that Newt Gingrich would become the new Secretary of State if Trump won the election. Then, it became clear the choice would be Chris Christie, and then it was Rudy Giuliani, but time changes,and Donald Trump definitely was fixed on Mitt Romney, at least for a month, and then it became clear these men had not passed the Ivanka inspection, so dad had to find someone else.

Into the arena came a new name: Rex Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon Mobil. Rex was awarded the Order of Friendship from Vladimir Putin, his company has dealing with Russian business operations. But, most important was that Tillerson can bring along to the State Department his own Exxon State Department. He already has people in place who know the “right people” in every nation. Of course, the “right people” are business leaders, and they share Donald’s love of the deal,and exchange of favors.

So, America, brace your self for plenty of business deals, lower wages for workers, higher profits for business, and, about that TRADE DEFICIT, who ever said that was an important goal of the Trump organization? The good times are here, we will have at least four years of Tillerson and his guys making deals about  business. Oh, about human rights? Prove that human rights increase profits, and the Trump folks are for it.

Un Pleasant Facts For Trump

We inhabit an age in which most Americans rely upon lies, false stories and information that has no connection to reality. So, how about some FACTS:

1. US merchandise trade deficit % of GDP has fallen from: half of one percent in 1945 to one percent when George Bush became president in 2001 to 2% when George Bush  left office, AND it remained at 2% during the entire Obama term of office. Question: why no questions about  trade deficits while Bush was president?

2. In 2015, General Motors in China sold 372,000 cars in November while selling 253,000 cars in America.

3. Boeing has orders for planes in China over the next twenty years that constitute $500 BILLION.

4. China accounted for 60% of America’s soybean exports between 2003-2015.

5. Iran just signed an  agreement to purchase billions of dollars worth of Boeing airplanes.

6. The Peterson Institute estimates a tariff war with Mexico and China would result in the loss of 4.8 million American jobs.

7. At least one third of  parts going into “American” produced cars come from Mexico. Raise tariffs on goods from Mexico means raising prices on US made cars.


We offer observations on the  human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Finally, a president who knows more than the entire Intelligence community.

I wonder how Rudy Giuliani feels about being out smarted by Ben Carson, who  got the Cabinet position.

Then again, what happened to Ted Cruz, stuck in the US Senate where everyone hates him!

Snow always awakens the child in me, who so loved to make snowballs.

Whatever happened to the Trump policy to get rid of the Establishment?

Strange how  the deaths of children in Syria just becomes a norm for us.

Then again, here in Chicago, murder is now the new norm, 670 killed so far this year.



Rex Just Loves Putin

Well, Donald Trump appears to be continuing his creation of a businessman’s Cabinet in which the requirement is that one has at least a few hundred million dollars in order to serve the nation. Rex Tillerson, the chief executive of Exxon Mobil is headed for the slot of Secretary of State in the Billionaires Cabinet of Donald Trump. Rex is a good friend of Vladimir Putin who has awarded him the Order of Friendship for being a buddy  of the Russian dictator. Exxon Mobil negotiated an agreement with Russia to have access to huge oil sources in Siberia, and in exchange Russia has the opportunity to invest in Exxon Mobil operations in the world.

Putin’s former chief of staff, Igor Sectin, is a real friend of Tillerson. He once said that his ambition in life was to “ride the roads in  the United States on motorcycles with Tillerson.” My hunch is that America is the one which is being taken for a ride with Putin.

Inside Mind Of Rudy Giuliani

We decided to venture into the mind of Rudy Giuliani, a man who expected great things from Donald Trump only  to be disappointed. “Does that guy know who I am,I am Rudy Giuliani, the man who single handedly saved New York City on 9/11. Man, I walked the streets, daring them Muslim guys to try something when Rudy was awake and ready to blast them to hell. Without my incredible courage, who knows what other mayhem would occur on 9/11? And, that red headed jerk doesn’t think I’m the best person to be Secretary of State, or at least Attorney General. I got guts, I got brains, I got the reputation of being the guy who saved America on 9/11. And, what does he do, insults me, pats me on the back, and shows me the door. I am the Rudy man, the bravest guy in the whole world. Who the heck would first tell the media I wanted a divorce before I told my wife? Only, Rudy! The hell with him, the  hell with his family. At least I don’t go around saying my  daughter is a “nice piece of ass.” Me, I got a sense of morality, only divorced two times. The hell with all of them.Me, back to making millions with my speeches about how I saved New York City!”

Donald On Football

There is a tradition for presidents of the United States of America, and that has to do with each November attending the annual Army vs Navy football game. It is  unclear at this point as to whether or not Donald Trump, among his other fantastic achievements in life was a fantastic football player in high school or college. Anyway, our president was asked what he thought about the teams. Usually, of course, when one writes, usually, it refers to a president making some sort of compliment to the players.

But, this is the era of Trump. His response to the question was: “I loves the armed forces. I mean I don’t know if this game is necessarily the best football, but they have spirit.” Navy is ranked  25th in the nation as a football team. Both teams are going to bowl games. Yes, Donald, you ‘love the armed forces,” which  is the reason you got four draft deferments so you could fight the battle of TITS in Park Avenue bedrooms.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86  year old body.


Hatred now lives in the hearts  of too many Americans.

New qualification  for Cabinet position: be a billionaire if the job entails money.

We  once were a nation that believed in separation of the military from civilians, one were.

I am still confused because Donald insisted that generals were incompetent, compared to him, so why select them for the Cabinet?

John Glenn devoted his life to his nation, not to making money.

Trump not only welcomed support from the wealthy, but from the Russian government. First president elected with help from a foreign government.

Rudy Giuliani will have to form a new self help group with Chris Christie. The “I Was Fucked By Trump” folks.

Did Americans know they were electing Ivanka Trump to supervise their lives?

If you did not vote for Clinton, keep quiet about what is now happening in America, it is also YOUR FAULT!

Divided People, Not States

Donald Trump is upset because the TIME magazine article about him referred to the “divided states” which he believes is insulting. Actually, Donald is right, we are not divided states, we are divided PEOPLE. One appointment after another reveals that Trump is only concerned about those with wealth, and has no interest or concern about those who lack decent salaries. His selection for a Secretary of Labor insists that $9 an hour is simply too high and would destroy the American economy.

So, welcome to the Divided People of this nation. American  workers and middle class people have voted for a man who will not give a damn about their needs. I wonder how the Sanders people who insisted that ‘ALL POLITICIANS ARE THE SAME ” now view their choice?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


I still await a job for Rudy Giuliani, Chief Shouter of Fear in America?

Dylann Roof, murderer of innocent black people in a church, has an expression of blank on his face in the courtroom. Oh, to know what lurks in his mind?

It would be wonderful to have a Trump Cabinet officer who actually likes what he supervises, instead of seeking to destroy it.

So, NO DIFFERENCE between Clinton and Trump, so said Sanders supporters, then, what now?

I still wonder how football players wind up with so many injuries.

Trump folks still want  ‘donations’ for a billionaire, wonder why?

I wonder what Sanders supporters will tell their grandchildren.