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Chris Angry At Marco

There are moments during the ongoing conflict among Republican candidates that one is left with the impression it is akin to a food fight between quarreling kids. Marco Rubio made what he considered to be a joke by saying the current blizzard of 2016 had a happy consequence by closing down government agencies which would present the  issuing of new regulations. This enabled Governor Chris Christie to come to the defense of government agencies.

He charged Marco with  being immature to  crack jokes when “families were freezing in the cold. There is a real difference between U.S. Senators who have never been responsible for anything  and a governor who has been responsible  to everyone.”

Great point. Of course, the “Governor” of New Jersey has missed half the days since last summer of being a governor in order to campaign not to be a governor!

We Need Quiet And Peace

I do support most of the ideas of  Bernie Sanders and I do not support the ideas of Donald Trump or Sarah Palin but in all three cases these individuals can not utter a single word without yelling and screaming. Of course, the new accepted political way of life is to rant and rave and shout to the sky that you are always correct and your opponents are a piece of shit!

Bernie Sanders must yell, he must shout, he must wave his arms and allow that beautiful white hair to dance with joy and his statements. Naturally, Donald Trump along with every statement must include in a  booming voice: ‘I GOT A GREAT, GREAT PLAN.’ As for Sarah, she never learned in school that at a sentence must conclude with a period. She goes on and on and on and on…

Please you three, lower the tone–PLEASE!

NO Right To Vote

The right to vote in America has been a long, long struggle from the days of Andrew Jackson when white males gradually got the right to vote. After the Civil War a struggle over voting rights for blacks required a hundred years before that right was granted during the 1960s. Of course, women did not get voting rights until the 1920s. So, why would the right to vote emerge in the 21st century as an issue?

It is all very simple. Republicans who control state legislatures have imposed new restrictions to ensure that –blacks, Hispanics, and young people lose their right to vote. New laws requiring voter identification–from a government agency- now impede the right to  vote. If one does not have a car, it is quite possible these individuals lack state issued voter ID. How to solve this problem?

Simple: Issue a voter ID to every person in a  state who is a an American citizen. Problem resolved. OH, and it might be OK to allow same day registration!

No One Suffers For Crime

Leaders of the Republican party insist that any action of Barack Obama they consider wrong should result in some form of impeachment or removal from office since the President is the chief executive and thus responsible for any problem in the nation. Through a series of blunders, incompetence and blatant lies, Rick Snyder, Governor of the state of Michigan has placed at risk of death he lives of thousands of people. Naturally, if he was a Democratic governor, there would be demands for his resignation.

However, according to Jeb Bush,  “I admire Rick Snyder for stepping  up right now. And he’s fired  people and accepted responsibility. Blame it on 20th century regulation in a  21st century world.

Let me get this straight. A Republican who non-stop blasts government regulation is now blaming lack of government regulation for the problems created by Rick Snyder! Rick Snyder’s ACTIONS have potentially led to the death of thousands of people. So, what should be his punishment??

No Shoot Out At Airports

The Federal Transport Security  Administration reports a record number of guns  have been confiscated at airports. We checked with several Republican candidates about this apparent violation of the 2nd Amendment.

Ted Cruz: “First Obama came for the guns at airports, then he came for the guns in subways, and next he will come for YOUR GUN!

Carly Fiorina: “I dare any member of the Obama Gestapo to take my  gun which I intend to carry on a plane in order to halt a terrorist attack. I DARE them!

Ben Carson: “I really don’t think we should take guns away from people who want to carry them on planes. That would hurt their feelings.”

Donald Trump:  “I intend to build a great wall around airports to prevent government agents from getting in to take away our 2nd Amendment guns.”

Gather Round Little Kids!

Carly Fiorina put together a gathering of people at the Botanical Gardens in Des Moines, Iowa. For some strange reason an event in a public park had huge signs indicating the gathering was to hail, “Right To Life.” There were pictures of  unborn fetus and body parts– allegedly that were being sold by Planned Parenthood. Donald Trump has Great Ideas to build walls, Carly has great ideas to sell the American public on the horrendous activities of Planned Parenthood.

Carly asked a group of children who were on a field trip to gather around her while she gave a speech. According to her staff, this gathering was with the permission of  adult supervisors. Chris Beck, a parent, insisted that his child was placed in the group without his permission.  “She ambushed my son’s field trip.” I wonder if this guy sells body parts!

Republicans And Safe Water

The ongoing mantra of the Republican party is that we have to get rid of politicians and turn control of our society over to hard fisted businessmen. After all, just like Donald Trump they know how to run an organization and make MONEY! Voters in the state of Michigan voted into office Rick Snyder, a successful businessman. He promised to rely upon his business acumen and restore Michigan to its former greatness.

The people of Flint, Michigan, due to the honest, business like government of Rick Snyder now possess water that comes in various shades of color. They cannot use their water to take a bath or to clean dishes and they certainly can’t drink it. His cost-cutting programs allowed business to dump their junk into the water and now no one can use it.

Elect a Republican businessman and get rewarded with multi-colored water!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


If t he word, “great” were stricken from the English language Donald would not be able to make a single speech.

If gibberish were a virtue then Sarah Palin would be a saint in heaven.

I increasingly miss Rand Paul from these debates.

Ben Carson reminds me of the little boy who just dropped his ice cream cone and is looking at it.

I continue hear the expression, “take America back again,” and did not realize it was taken someplace by someone or some thing.

WE really need Carly Fiorina these days to save our nation from something!

Donald Trump Responds To Sarah

“I want everyone here who loves America to give a big, big, hand to the woman who really  loves America not like those people in Washington who hate America and want to turn this great, great land over to ISIS and the rapists from across the border.

Let’s take this great land BACK AGAIN! Let’s take this great land back from the rich guys on Wall Street. Let’s make a great deal, a great deal that winds up with each and every loyal American getting what he deserves, a great job, a great health care system, a great house, a great education and all protected by a Great Big Wall down south on our border and one day up north on our border!”

Sarah Palin On Life

We offer an exclusive presentation of Sarah Palin discussing everything.

“You see guys out there in this wonderful land of Iowa, you moms and dads and kids and brothers and sisters who want America to once again be great, and I mean great. Isn’t it great, isn’t it so terrific that we have guys and gals out in the audience who are here with their own guns? So, you black dude in the White House keep your hands off our guns which were given to us by our Founding Fathers who just loved to hunt and kill and their wives made such wonderful apple pies because in this great land, and yes, we are going to make America great once again once we take America back from those people in New York who seek to have sex and orgies and all such other things instead of going to church like we here in Iowa do, not only on Sunday, but on Monday, and Tuesday, and I so love to be here with real Americans. Now you look over there and see the big man with the big smile and that is the next president of this great, great, land, and his name is Donald Trump. Hey, out there who is  for Jesus and who is for taking this great land back again from the guys on Wall Street who just want to take our money and stop our guys and gals from having great jobs, so if you love America, and I know that each and every person in the great state of Iowa DOES love America, and they love a good beer in the evening after taking care of their   land away from them because they are real Americans  so  vote for the   real man and  you know that his name is Donald Trump and love America  once again!