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So, Why The Girls Of War?

Among the most fascinating events of recent times has been the decision of hundreds, if not thousands of young Muslim females who have decided they wish to become Jihad Brides and help their brothers in the Middle East. For the most part these girls are from middle class families and, in many cases, have been excellent students in school. But, they, suddenly abandon school, their families, and their communities in order to take a plane ride to the Middle East. These Jihadi Brides share some common attitudes:

1. They are, for the most part, teenagers.

2. They make contact with Islamic terrorist groups on social media.

3. They seek sexual contact with terrorists. They want to marry and have children with these warriors.

4. They seek to adhere to Sharia law and its demands for obedience to their men.

5. They want to abandon their female freedom in order to become an obedient wife.

6. They apparently seek a man who is strong, who is virile and who will dominate them.

7. They want to become a devout Muslim who adheres to old traditions rather than modern ones.

They are girls seeking meaning in their lives and that meaning entails death and destruction!

So Who Is For Who In Yemen?

The Foreign Ministry of Iran has issued a statement that states it has “never shipped arms to Yemen because Iran does not see the need to do so. It seems as though the countries that accuse Iran are trying to cover up their own mistakes and failures while shifting responsibility on other countries in the region.” I ordinarily do not trust what any Iranian ministry says, but this time, I must admit they are speaking the truth. Examine the record:

!. The United States supported then President Saleh and sent him weapons and even sent US troops to assist in the training of his army.

2. The United States then decided that it did not like Saleh and supported Mr. Hadi who also received weapons of destruction.

3. The United States has been sending hundreds of drones into Yemen to kill the “bad guys.”

The US has sent the CIA, the Marines, the drones so how can we complain that Iran is “interfering” in Yemen. Oh, I forgot, when the US sends weapons they are simply supporting, not interfering!

So, What’s New In Israel?

Israel has a prime minister and it has a President, but the president does not possess much power. We all know that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to bomb and take over land that originally was allocated to Palestinians by that organization known as the United Nations. Bibi refuses to have anything to do with the Hamas government in Gaza that originally in a democratic election gained power, because they are evil “terrorists.” However, President Reuven Rivlin has introduced the horrible idea that Israel might negotiate with the Hamas government. “I do not recoil at the idea of negotiating with any willing party.” Let me note:

1. The US and Israel have no problem with negotiating with China which is a dictatorship that engages in terrorist behavior toward Muslims in its country as well as against those in Tibet.

2. The US and Israel negotiate with Putin Russia a government that engages in terrorist behavior against its own people.

3. The US and Israel have relations with the dictatorship in Vietnam.

4. The US and Israel have relations with the government of Myanmar which engages in vast terror against Rohingyas in their nation.

I will not list African nations which contain governments that engage in terrorism and have relations with these two nations.

Saudi Air Force Bombs Away And Away

The nation of Saudi Arabia does possess an air force. Of course, never in their history has this air force ever confronted planes from another air force, but these guys are terrific at bombing villages and towns which do not contain any anti-aircraft batteries to shoot back at them. During the past three months these gallant warriors of the sky have been bombing, and bombing and bombing targets in Yemen in order to get rid of the Houthi rebels. At least two thousand innocent people have died at the hands of these noble warriors in the sky. No one knows how many children are dead. Oh, by the way, the dead people are Muslims. So, what is the fight all about:

1. Once upon a time there was a President of Yemen named Saleh. Well, the US and Saudi Arabia decided they did not like him anymore.

2. So they placed in power guy named Abu Hadi who became the new good guy.

3. A minority group known as the Houthi, offshoot Shiite Muslims, decided they wanted power. They hate al-Qaeda.

4. The US and Saudi Arabia hate al-Qaeda but they do not like the Houthis.

5. Somehow, the Iranians decided to help the Houthi which means that Saudi Arabis had to hate them.

We will be giving a test to determine if you understand this mess. The only certain thing we know is that the Saudi Arabia air force is bombing.

The Mouth That Roars Nonsense!

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once again is roaring with nonsense when it comes to the Middle East. Listen to this latest example: “As horrific as ISIS is, once Iran, the prime terrorist state of our time, acquires nuclear weapons, it will be a hundred, times more dangerous, a thousand times more dangerous anymore destructive than ISIS.” He warns that filling the coffers of Iran with “billions of dollars to pursue its aggression” will lead to endless wars. Let’s examine the record:

1. The Army of Iran has never left the borders of Iran on any aggressive venture.

2. Since 1980, the IDF has left the borders of Israel to attack other areas in the Middle East.

3. Under the administration of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld the United States has spent over a TRILLION DOLLARS in pursuit of destabilizing the Middle East and creating terrorist groups.

4. When it comes to fostering terrorism the USA is the leading nation of our time.

Yes, Bibi, the nation of Iran DOEs sponsor terrorists. But, when it comes to sponsoring the rise of terrorism, Iran is a distant fifth in the Middle East.

How about gazing in the mirror and wondering if Israel could try some new approaches to peace? Yes, Bibi, the road to peace is long and difficult, but it is the only road we have. As British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said: “Jaw, Jaw, not war, war.”

Innocent Girls Bound For Death

Among the strange stories in the world today is that of young Muslim females who spend their lives on social media and come away with loving thoughts for ISIS. Frankly, it amazes me how young girls could watch videos of people having their heads chopped off and come away feeling sympathy for those doing the chopping. At this moment there are dozens, if not hundreds of young females living in western nations who have saved up their money and purchased a one way ticket to hell. They want to “do something” for their religion. They want to head for Syria or Iraq and give comfort and their bodies to Muslim warriors who murder and destroy. They want to have babies with these men who murder and destroy.

I admit to being confused. I simply cannot comprehend how viewing pictures of innocent people, including children being shot, can inspire a young girl to help those who commit atrocities. There is some deep need inside these girls for meaning, for a sense of accomplishment, that can only be attained by aiding those who kill. I do live in a strange world of social media!

Plight Of The Innocent

Anyone who was alive during the past eighty years is familiar with the sight of innocent people fleeing for their lives only to confront the indifference of the world. Jews who fled from Nazi Germany were denied entry to countries -including the United States of America and thus died in the Holocaust. Refugees from Myanmar who are Muslim Rohingyas are dying by the hundreds, and if things do not change, they will soon die by the thousands. MUSLIM nations in southeast Asia have turned their backs upon fellow Muslims because they are poor, they have no protection and they somehow threaten the lives of fellow Muslims. Authorities have discovered mass graves in Thailand and Malaysia which undoubtedly contain Rohingya bodies.

This is a MUSLIM TRAGEDY. I wonder where are Muslim clerics during this horrible tragedy for their own people? I have yet to see a march of imams in defense of Muslims. Where are Muslim leaders? Where are Muslim relief organizations? For God’s sake, these are fellow Muslims who are dying!

Silence Of A Woman!

For decades the work of Burmese leader, Aung San Suu Kyi has been heralded for her bravery in fighting against the Army leaders who controlled her nation of Myanmar. She was even given a Nobel prize for her brave stand against oppression. Articles and books have been written about this noble figure who single-handedly stood up against tyranny and was rewarded when the generals finally decided to create conditions that are leading to a democratic Myanmar. But, something strange has happened along the way for this brave woman. She has become a silent witness to horror occurring within her nation.

The vast majority of people in Myanmar are Buddhists. But, along the coast of northwestern Burma are a million people known as Rohingyas who are Muslims. They drifted into Myanmar a century ago and lived at the lower level of Burmese society. However, during the past few years Buddhist priests along with the government have viciously attacked these people leading to the deaths of hundreds and the loss of homes for over 200,000 people. Now, thousands have taken to the sea in hope of finding refuge in a neighboring Muslim nation.

However, Ms.Aung San Suu Kyi has remained silent during this horror of violence. A Malaysian leader now asks: “Where is Aung Suu Kyi, the so-called world champion of human rights? What is she doing? Whyis she silent on the Rohingya issue?” There is nothing but silence from the human rights leader? Why?

Benghazi Forever

It is Saturday and Republicans want to make clear to the American people that the major issue confronting this nation is BENGHAZI. As you recall, FOUR Americans died because terrorists invaded the US Embassy int hat town which is located in the nation of Libya. For some reason, the Secretary of State failed to do her job and station herself, along with her weapon, inside the Embassy to blast away at a terrorist group which was entering the facilities. It is clear the primary responsibility of a Secretary of State is to wander from Embassy location to Embassy location in order to ensure there is tight security.

On October 23, 1983, terrorists blew up a Marine barracks in the city or Beirut in Lebanon and the end result was the death of TWO HUNDRED FORTY ONE Americans. Not a single member of the Democratic Party in Congress blamed President Reagan for that disaster. The event happened on a Sunday morning. I want to know why Ronald Reagan was not at his post with his machine gun blasting away at those terrorists!

Believe it or not, men die all over the world, and no President is ever held responsible for those deaths. BUT, Hillary Clinton is held responsible for the deaths of four people. Isn’t it time for Republicans to give this story a rest? I doubt if a single Republican could even place the location of Benghazi on a map!

Vaudeville Show Coming To Your Screen

Fox News has announced some wonderful news, and some sad news about the forthcoming election for president of the United States of America. The good news is that Americans will be able–without paying a single penny– to see the most humorous event in modern media–the stage filled with aspiring candidates for the Republican nomination for that office. Here is the bad news, instead of the possible eighteen candidates, we will only be able to observe, about ten of them. The good news is that we can witness the quick minds of outstanding men such as Ted Cruz. I regret to inform you that not a single female candidate has made the Fox News cut.

1. I will be very sad at not being able to see and hear the great mind of Rick Santorum. I so enjoyed wondering which of his sweaters would appear on the screen.

2. I so desire to see Bobby Jindal, this is one candidate who will say anything in order to please billionaires.

3. My life will not be the same now that Sarah Palin no longer is in it. This is one female who can gaze into the future as well as gaze over a thousand miles with one glance.

4. So far, there is no mention of Rick Perry. I so miss his inability to explain who is in a Cabinet in our government. But, at least, he does know there is a Cabinet.

5. There is also a female whose name escapes me for the moment, I believe she was fired from her corporate job which definitely makes her a wonderful candidate for president.

None of the above will be on the stage of this show. I wonder why Sheldon Adelson will not be on the stage. After all, he has the dough,and these guys want it. I would love to see him make candidates do some tricks such as licking his penis.