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ISIS In Retreat

Hardly a day goes by without a Republican complaining that ISIS is winning the war and it is all the fault of President Obama. John Mccain insists that if only Obama had maintained US troops in Iraq there would not be an ISIS. He insists that Obama left too soon. Actually, the date for US departure was set by PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH, not by Obama. Actually, President Obama offered to retain 10,000 troops but the Iraq government insisted that any US soldier guilty of a crime against an Iraqi would be tried in an Iraq court.

Gee, I wonder if John McCain would have accepted the trial of American soldiers in an Iraq court? The mess in Iraq is the fault of a Shiite government which as refused to allow the Sunni minority a voice in government– or in serving in the armed forces of the nation. Donald wants to “carpet bomb.” Here are the facts about ISIS in Iraq:

They have lost 40% of all land seized.

Fallujah has just fallen to Iraq troops.

Bombing already has destroyed at least 50% of their oil facilities.

Over ten thousand ISIS troops have been killed and thousands more have been wounded.

Pay of ISIS troops has been cut in half.

Sometimet this year Mosul will fall and this will mark the end of ISIS in Iraq.

Donald Trump On England

The people of England voted by 52% to 48% to separate from England. Donald Trump happened to be in Scotland to open a new golf course so he naturally had to offer his views on the vote. First, he naturally blamed Obama for the vote count since the President urged England to remain. “A lot of people don’t like him.” He went on to predict that “the American people will have a chance come November to declare their independence. Americans will have a chance to vote for trade, immigration and foreign policies.”

Ironically, Donald told the people of Great Britain they were right to leave, and he made these comments in Scotland which voted over 60% to REMAIN. As always, Donald Trump will simplify the most complex issue and reduce it to nonsense. At this point there is no poll indicating Donald Trump will get 50% of the vote.

So Long For Now

There is no question that Donald Trump has an amazing capacity to make some people adore him, and to make some people feel revolted by his noise and clamor. George Will is a noted conservative who has been a life long member of the Republican party. After listening to the constant boasting and bombastic comments of Donald Trump, the conservative made clear “this is not my party.” He is shocked by the refusal of Paul Ryan to take a stand against a candidate who  does not believe in any conservative values.

He also offered a word of advice to Donald Trump. “Crowds are definitely  not a representative selection of the American people.” He made clear to fellow Republicans–“make sure that the loses. Cut your teeth for four years and win the    White House.”

Note the inability  of any Republican to utter the words –Hillary Clinton.

David Cameron Goofed

British Prime Minister David Cameron was never compelled to seek a referendum on whether or not England should remain in the European Union. And, he lost his gamble. “I was absolutely clear  about my belief that Britain was stronger, safer and better off inside the EU. I made clear the referendum was about this, and this alone, not the future of any single politician, including myself. But, the British people made a different decision to take a different path. I think the country requires fresh leadership.”

He resigned. Leaders of the European Council made clear there would be no compromises for England. They indicated that England should “leave as soon as possible. There will be no renegotiation.”

So long its been good to know you.



We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


God, would I love to hear the conversation between Trump and Kim Jong un.

Yes, Donald is creating well paid jobs–for those working in jobs that provide items Donald needs in his campaign.

So where next does LeBron James go to help a city which needs to have a basketball championship?

Another Independence Day fight against alien invaders — now we know how to make America, Great Again!

I wonder if there are Aliens who just exude love and peace?

Let’s hope we Earthians are unusual in the universe with our hate and violence.

So where next for Bernie is the question of the hour?

Has anyone thought of sending Bernie to North Korea to spark a youth rebellion agains the Establishment?

After Scotland leaves we can call Great Britain –Little England.

I am an Elizabeth Warren supporter for vice president.



Trump Seeks Foreign Policy Knowledge

While Democrats were sitting in Congress and making political points vis Periscope, Donald Trump was on a mission to gather new knowledge concerning what was going on in the world. After all, Donald Trump is a man of action, he is a man seeking to gain understanding of the key issues confronting humanity. Where else to go these days of Islamic terrorism and hordes of Hispanics crossing our unguarded borders than to –Scotland! Yes, Scotland. Why Scotland? Or, why not Scotland?

Donald is opening a new golf course and wanted the people of Scotland to know he is bringing new jobs to them when liberals and Socialists only talk about new jobs. He has figured out how to energize the American labor market by getting new jobs for the people of Scotland. Let me explain:

1. Build a new golf course in Scotland.

2. Hire Scots for the new golf course.

3. The new golf course needs golf balls.

4. This now provides new jobs in America for our factories which produce golf balls.

5. This also provides jobs for Americans who work  in factories which make gold clubs.

Once again, while Hillary is shouting and screaming about what she will do, Donald Trump IS doing something–creating high paying jobs for Americans who make golf balls and golf clubs!

Nigel Farage -UK Donald Trump

Nigel Farage leads the UK Independence Party which offers the same words of hate to the English people that Donald Trump shouts to Americans. No, Nigel does not warn people that hordes of Mexicans are headed for England. No, he warns them of immigrants from Europe or Syria are headed for the UK and soon will transform the white England into a haven for dark people who want their jobs! Compare Nigel and Donald:


Donald, hordes of Mexicans pouring over the border.

Nigel: Europeans coming to get your jobs and work for less. The Turks are coming for your jobs

Nigel and Donald: The Muslims are coming!


Donald: Our jobs are now in China or India or someplace

Nigel: Our jobs are going to immigrants.

REALITY: Jobs are disappearing due to automation and technology.


Donald:We used to be Great and now we are not.

Nigel: We used to be Great and now we are not because of foreigners.


Donald: We must learn to hate if we want to become Great Again.

Nigel: We used to be Great and let’s get the Great back in the British name again.

Brexit Wins!

The people  of England have spoken and they just shouted to the world that we are ‘IDIOTS.” The vote on whether or not to leave the European Union resulted in a 51% to 48% vote for those seeking what they term to be INDEPENDENCE. Even as votes are still being counted the “victory” has already resulted in a drop of the pound by 11% with a further drop even larger expected. The US stock market is down and the English market is expected to have an enormous drop tomorrow.

But, the bad news will even get worse. The people of Scotland voted 62% to remain versus 38% to leave. Within the coming months, the people of Scotland will demand a new referendum and vote to leave England. We may soon change to the name of the country from “Great” Britain to ‘Little”England. There is a price to pay for allowing emotions to control common sense and the people of England will rue  the day they voted to depart. They allowed the forces of hate to triumph over common sense.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I wish Donald would just define the word: GREAT.

I support the idea of Elizabeth Warren, if two men can be the ticket, why not two women?

I must confess that living in Mexico would be a gamble on life.

Marco Rubio is running for Senator, I believe he simply wants a steady income.

Joke of the primary season, a ticket containing Rubio and Trump.

I would not be surprised if Donald ran on the same ticket with his daughter, Ivanka.

Death simply has to take a holiday from the city of Chicago. Thirteen more dead the  past weekend.

Has anyone considered a new law requiring background checks on those seeking public office? I suspect it would be a test on knowledge of world events.

I await a Trump –Cruz ticket, we would then have to hire plenty of workers to pick up the shit.

I wonder what Paul Ryan really thinks about this election?

Life Heads Downward

Donald Trump and Republicans insist that a new president will make America Great Again. Actually,  a new president or an old president or any president will  not make America Great Again until the business community finally recognizes that providing their workers with a decent living sets the stage for a great America. Examine what has happened to workers during the past decades:

Pay for health insurance has declined from 54% to 39%

Pay for health screening from 53% to 31%

Discount for purchasing company services from 43% to 32%.

Relocation benefits from 39% to 24%

Matching employee charitable donations from 30% to 21%

Aiding employee stock purchases from 28% to 9%

Parking subsidy from 25% to 13%

Job training from 24% to 10%

Note that employers won’t even support efforts by their employees to gain further training!

American employers believe in the philosophy of GREED.