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Christian Terrorists Strike!

Each time a terrorist who is of the Muslim religion, media makes clear this is a MUSLIM  terrorists. Bill Maher insists there is something wrong with the Muslim religion to spawn such terrorists. Of course, those of the Christian religion murdered over NINETY MILLION PEOPLE during the 20th century. Actually, during the initial year of the 21st century, Christian mobs in African nations have murdered thousands of Muslims. Of course, in fairness, Muslim mobs have murdered thousands of Christians.

Christian snipers murdered five Dallas police officers. It is clear the snipers were blacks who hate whites. Frankly, there is no surprise at the reality of A black person deciding to kill and kill policemen. Frankly, it was simply a matter of time  before some deranged person, who could have been white or black skinned, reached the conclusion it was time to get revenge against white cops who over and  over again murder black males.

This terrorism was simply a time bomb waiting to go off. We need a new attitude among police to: report any incident in which a fellow officer displayed prejudice. We need cops to report on cops who are rogue killers. And, we have to realize that terrorism is not simply a MUSLIM THING. Five cops were murdered, the suspect has been killed.


Trump On Dallas

I write this prior to any statement from Donald Trump regarding the deaths in Dallas. So, here goes as to what he would comment:

“See, I was right, I’m always right, I’m right just as Crooked Hillary is always wrong. I told you we need to build a wall, a Great Wall, a wall that will protect us against those rapists and murderers. Some of my best friends are colored people, I even employ those colored people and they all love me. So, what happened in Dallas, I’ll tell you what happened. America under the dude from Africa has gotten lazy, it has gotten weak, and that allows terrorists to murder Americans.

We need to take back this country.We have to make America great again.If everyone in that protest parade was armed with assault rifles, those killers would have been blasted to hell. If cops had body armor at all times, then none would have died. Once I am president, every cop will carry an assault rifle, everyone will go twenty-four hours a day with body armor.

Where was the FBI? Where was the US Army? Make me president, and each and every American will be armed to the teeth and ready to swing into action. Take back America and shoot to kill!!”

Dallas Nights Of Death

The state of Texas allows anyone and everyone to wander the streets armed to the teeth. So, what else to expect but the emergence of violence and death. There was demonstration in Dallas last night by those tired of nonstop violence against young black males. America, not just police departments have transformed our society into one in which possession of weapons of violence is simply a part of normal life. The death of black males in St. Paul and Baton Rouge set the tone of anger and undoubtedly revenge killings.

Latest reports are that eleven police officers were shot by two snipers. Four are dead at this moment, but the total might rise as critically wounded eventually die. CNN shows one video after another of people fleeing for their lives, reports of snipers being caught or fleeing into the night.

The Second Amendment merely refers to a ‘well armed militia.’ There is nothing in this amendment that justifies, allows or supports the concept that anyone can be armed to the teeth with lethal power to murder. It is a terrible thing to say, but Dallas, no, Texas, is reaping the harvest of their madness to allow any and all the right to wander streets, schools, and even churches, armed to the teeth!!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


After twenty five years of Clintons, we need a rest from their escapades.

Republicans are masters of branding Hillary Clinton when she makes a boo-boo.

Oh, if only Elizabeth Warren had run for president!

Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump ticket means they lead all candidates with their six wives.

Say, whatever happened to Ted Cruz, I miss his love of Christ and God.

An NBA center just received $15 million a year for averaging SIX POINTS!

Americans are ANGRY, unfortunately, anger is an emotion, not a policy.


Are These Muslims?

Recent events in the Middle East leave one wondering if the so-called “Islamic” terrorists are really Muslims. Suicide bombers blasted a mosque that was founded by  the Prophet! These so-called “Muslims” have been attacking and bombing mosques all over Saudi Arabia. Their attack on a mosque in Medina, one of the most sacred Muslim cities leaves one bewildered by men who insist they are carrying out the wishes of the Prophet.

The evidence is overwhelming that “Islamic” terrorists are NOT Muslims. They simply are a new breed of people who murder Muslims, and destroy sacred Muslim heritages. Perhaps, it is time to cease referring to them as “Muslims” and simply  characterize them for who they are–TERRORISTS! Continue reading

My Buddy, Saddam Hussein

Donald Trump once again displayed his incredible knowledge of the Middle East an its leaders. There is no question when it comes to understanding what has transpired in the Middle East, Donald is our best guide to the war in Iraq that was begun by George Bush. As you recall, Bush had this incredible misunderstanding of Saddam Hussein, and invaded Iraq and murdered a champion of human rights.

Only Donald really understands why Saddam Hussein was a wonderful man who fought for human rights. “Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, right” But, did you know what he did well? He killed terrorists.He did that so good. They didn’t cared about rights. He didn’t talk. They were a terrorist, it was over.”

Huh? There was no al-Qaeda. There was no ISIS. The “terrorists” were people fighting for human rights!! If ignorance was a virtue, Donald Trump would be an angel.

Oh, That Iraq War

Unlike the United States which has refused to examine reasons for the Iraq War, the English government established the Chilcot commission several years ago in order to determine the how and why  of England’s entry into the war. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair testified and he did recall informing President Bush “I will be with you what ever.” He now makes clear he regrets making such a pledge. “I express my sorrow more than you can ever believe.”

Let me get this clear. Over four thousand American soldiers died in the war in Iraq and over 30,000 were wounded. So far, our Congress has empowered seven committees to examine the death of FOUR Americans at Benghazi. But, the death of four  thousand is of no interest to Congressional Republicans!!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I do miss the eloquent words of Ben Carson even though I never understood one of them.

Donald Trump has a great career awaiting as a salesman of medicine that cures all illnesses.

Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump, between them at least six wives.

Just think, in 1952 many Americans would not vote for Adlai Stevenson because he was–DIVORCED!

Bill Clinton has an incredible propensity to create problems for his wife.

This is not the worst of times, but it sure heck is not the best of times.

We learn that all humans are flawed, the question is which flaw is the worst one?


Hillary–Yee Have Tarried Too Long

At some point in the career of every politician comes a moment when one must decide between their desires and what is best for America. Yes, Hillary Clinton is well “qualified”to become president, particularly when compared to Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders. Bernie has emotion, Bernie has some interesting ideas that most probably will never become law. But, at this moment in time, Hillary Clinton has accumulated too much baggage of discord and anger. Yes, the emails are in reality a sideshow and never meant anything important. But, they are  present in the life of Hillary Clinton.

But, it is not merely the emails that are the problem. Bill and Hillary decided to accumulate gobs of money. Ostensibly to do good. Jimmy Carter is doing a heck of a lot more good than the Clintons, and he is doing it without seeking the money of businessmen, of sheiks, of unsavory characters. Bill and Hillary committed an incredible error–they sold the name of an ex-president for money. Harry Truman after leaving the presidency was approached by a businessman who offered a hundred thousand dollars for use of his name. He made clear to that man, and to everyone else that his name was not for hire.

The Clintons have been with us for nearly a quarter of century. We have grown accustomed to their problems,their escapades, their intelligence, and their essential good desires for aiding fellow Americans. But, the ONLY important issue today is -defeating Donald Trump. It is time for Hillary to depart and allow the Democratic convention to select from either Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. Either one could readily beat the hell out of Trump. It is time for Hillary to do what is best for America. Ensure the defeat of Donald Trump!!

The Tragedy Of Terrorism

Last week in Bangladesh, a nation that is mainly Muslim although it does contain Christians and Hindus, experienced a terrorist attack. A group of ISIS terrorists entered a cafe  and proceeded to execute anyone who was not a Muslim. By the time police arrived twenty innocent people were dead along with the terrorists. However, it turned out the six terrorists came from rather prominent families and were  educated at private schools and went to college.

Political leader Imtiaz Khan Babal was shocked that his son, Rahn Imtiaz was among the terrorists. His son was an outstanding scholar in school and the future looked bright for him.  “I don’t know what changed him. He hardly read any religious books so what radicalized him?”

An excellent question. Perhaps, the answer lies in failure  of too many Muslim governments to end corruption, to develop modern school systems, to create a society in which education led to meaningful jobs and a sense one was aiding his society to end poverty  and ignorance. It is failure of Muslim political systems which lies at the center of why youth become terrorists.