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Training Good Syrians

The United States government has finally gotten around to instituting a program to train ‘good” Muslims in order to end the war in Syria and allow the good guys to win. About $500 million has been allocated to train and equip about 5000 men who supposedly are to enter Syria and wipe out ISIS, al-Qaeda, and the Syrian government. And, not an American has to be involved in any aspect of this war. Oops, I should not use the word, “war” since all we are doing is “training” people to kill the bad guys. Senator John McCain has called for instituting a “no-fly” over Syrian skies in order to prevent any group from dropping bombs. As he put it: “I don’t think it’s possible to recruit young men to be trained in Jordan or Saudi Arabia or some place and go back in and tell them you’re not getting protected from being barrel bombed. It’s immoral.”

Senator McCain does have a point. The US could impose a no fly policy without great risk to our pilots. But, the real issue is that Muslims must take over training and arming their own fighters without any Americans being involved. They will not be effective fighters unless they believe in the fight. And, Americans can not teach them how to believe!

Black Helicopters In The Sky!!

Decent hard working Christian Americans for years have been warning about a take-over of our nation by evil forces pretending to be on the side of democracy and our Constitution. But, since the election of a black dude from the African nation of Kenya, this nation has been going down and down. The reason each household has to possess several weapons including rocket launchers and grenades is that every night there is the possibility of black clad storm troopers knocking down our door, rapine our wife, daughter or niece while we are forced to watch this horror. Finally, the truth is emerging. The US armed forces are conducting military exercises they term, Jade Helm 15 in the state of Texas. It is clear this so called, “exercise” is simply a ploy to allow these black clad storm troopers to take over the government of Texas, and then enter each and every house in order to strip us of our guns? Listen to the bull-shit coming from the US Army: “Jade Helm is simply a challenging eight week training exercise for unconventional warfare.” The only goal of this “exercise” is to gain control of Texas –the state that leads America in protecting our gun rights.

First they conducted a “training exercise.”

Then they entered our homes and took possession of our guns.

Then they ripped up our Constitution and made Barack Obama dictator for life.

Then they gave power to Michelle Obama to control which foods we ate.

Then they made being a Christian a crime against the state.

Then they made being gay or lesbian mandatory for all men and women.

Then, they instituted Shariah law.

Please, please, Jesus destroy these evil creatures!!

Bibi Ready For Action, I Think

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once again warned the people of Earth about the evil folks living in Iran. “The greatest challenge is Iran’s attempt to arm herself with nuclear weapons, and itvs parallel to open fronts of terror and occupation throughout the Middle East around our borders. Let me warn you about an even greater threat to peace in the Middle East. Examine the record of this nation:

1. It has at least 80 atomic bombs.

2. It does not allow UN inspectors into its nuclear sites.

3. Since 1948 it has launched invasions at least six times.

4. It violates UN and international laws without backing down from its actions.

5. It has a powerful theocracy that exerts strong control over the country.

6. During its last invasion its military forces killed 1500 innocent civilians.

Oh, the country is obviously–ISRAEL.

I support the idea of a nation named Israel as long as it lives up to its founding principles of justice for all and working for peace.

Oh, for the record, the nation of Iran since 1979 has never invaded another Middle Eastern nation.

Afghanistan Talks Offer Hope

The people of Afghanistan have now endured war and destruction since the 1980s when Russian troops were driven from their land with the aid of the ÇIA and other outside nations. In other words, the people of Afghanistan have known war, war, destruction and violence for over thirty years! They have been killed by Russian soldiers, by Muslim fanatics from other Islamic nations, by the Americans, by the Germans, by the Englishmen, by God knows who else. Pakistanis, Saudi Arabians, Turks, Egyptians, and God knows who else. Perhaps, it is time to sit down and discuss how to end this nonstop horror of death and destruction?

At this moment some Taliban representatives and members of the Afghan government are conducting an “open discussion” or as one terms it, “a research conference” in order to determine if there is a possibility of ending war in their land. REALITY: The end result of these discussions has to be a COMPROMISE. Neither side can WIN. Each side has to give in. There is no perfect solution. But, the people of Afghanistan need a time out from war. Sadly, the women of Afghanistan will wind up as losers of their rights. Sorry, there is no other way to end this madness of death and destruction.

Gaza Deaths Were Never In Doubt

The Israel army has invaded Gaza time after time in order to destroy Hamas military targets. No one doubts that Hamas has been planning and, even carrying out, missions designed to inflict casualties upon Israel citizens. A central issue surrounding these attacks is whether or not the deaths imposed upon the guilty was also inflicted upon the innocent. Sixty Israel soldiers told investigators they were informed by those in charge of the latest attack in Gaza that everything in Gaza was a “threat” and they were not to worry about how much ammunition was sent in the direction of what was supposed to be Hamas forces. Tanks just blasted away at buildings whether or not they contained Hamas soldiers or innocent civilians. The guiding principle was, “we don’t take risks. We do not spare ammo. Anything in Gaza is a threat.”

If those are the operating guidelines for soldiers then it is not a surprise that innocent people will also die. An estimated four or five hundred Hamas soldiers were killed. An estimated 1500 other people also died. Perhaps, there is another approach to Gaza. Perhaps, if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu worked as diligently for peace as he does for war, then, just perhaps, the innocent would not die. His main guideline is always, ATTACK.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I assume the main qualification for running for president is to have never taken a science course.

Republicans insist they must end the IRS and increase military spending. I guess Houdini is their main secret weapon.

Oh, for a day in this world without a shot being fired!

We now have two doctors running for president. How about two turtle doves?

There ought to be a law requiring anyone running for president to speak softly.

I so miss the peace of night falling without violence in the world

Just think, in twenty years a Clinton and a Bush running for president!

Does America Have Moral Responsibilities?

There is fighting in Iraq, there is fighting in Yemen, there is fighting in Syria, there is fighting in Somalia there is fighting in Nigeria, three are hundreds of immigrants drowning in the sea as they desperately seek peace in some European nation. Once again, the United States of America has been drawn into fights and wars around the world. So, the question must be posed: “Does America have moral responsibilities to people of the world?” Examine the record of the 20th century

1. We came late to World War I and did play a role in the Allied victory. Most historians today agree that Imperial Germany did initiate the war. But, was the only solution to send American troops into combat? What would have happened if those fresh American soldiers had not arrived? Most likely both sides would have worked out a peace agreement.

2. The US was attacked by Japan in 1941 and entered World War II. Russian troops carried the main burden in the war along with British and American forces. There is no doubt we had to fight and end the threat of Nazi Germany winning.

3. After the end of WWII, the famous Cold War began. The theory of Containment was NOT to engage in war against the Soviet Union but to wait until internal forces within that nation ended communism. The
Vietnam war violated this theory. And, what happened? Internal forces changed the Soviet Union.

In other words, a nation can be a moral leader without engaging in war. We have never focused upon economic development in the Middle East. Perhaps, if we assisted the economic growth of Muslim societies there would not be wars now raging in the Middle East. Perhaps, peace and jobs is a the right moral stand for the US?

Mike Got Christ On His Side!

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is going to run for president of the United States of America. He has already received the endorsement of Jesus Christ and as soon as God returns from one of his trips around the universe there is no doubt that Mike is His candidate for the presidency. Mike is a former Southern Baptist preacher which means at this moment he must be the most qualified Republican person in the race to lead this nation. He has a few other qualifications that Ted or Jeb or Rand simply do not possess. “I don’t come from a family dynasty, but a working family. I grew up blue-collar, not blue blood.” Hell, which other Republican candidate can make such a statement. And, he does NOT have any Ivy League degree. In other words, his mind was never contaminated with LIBERAL ideas about science and he certainly never spent his hours reading all them Godless history books!

This is the first Republican candidate who is a man of the people and a man endorsed by God Himself. OH, he also promises to get rid of the IRS and increase spending on our military so they can take out Iran. And, by the way, He will make certain that Iran never gets an atomic bomb.

Simple question: Exactly where will the money come from to increase military spending without an IRS?

Pamela Geller, The Jewish Fighter For Freedom

Pamela Geller is a Jewish woman and she wants to make clear that she is proud of that designation. She heads the American Freedom Defense Initiative whose goal in life is to make certain that each and every American understands the need to stand up for freedom against the evil Muslims seeking to take over the world and kill each and every Jew. For example, in Iran there are still about 15,000 Jews, these people have homes and jobs and even elect a person to represent them in Parliament. But, Pamela knows they fear for their lives since at any moment the Storm Troopers of Nazi Germany will break down their doors and send them off to concentration camps. Pamela sponsored a cartoon contest in Garland, Texas–where else? Two Muslim men drove up to the Curtis Culwell Center and opened up with guns at the unarmed security guard. I assume this unarmed security guard is the only Texan who does not carry a gun because who knows at what time one of those Muslims will be blasting away.

The two bad guys were killed and the only casualty is the unarmed security guard who was his in the ankle. So, Pamela is proud to sponsor a cartoon contest whose goal is drawing cartoons of the prophet Muhammad. How about some other cartoon contests:

1. Draw a cartoon of smiling Nazi guards at death camps.

2. How about a cartoon depicting happy and gay Jews marching into the gas chambers?

3. We certainly could use some cartoons depicting happy slaves working in cotton fields.

Turkish President Explains How To Prevent ISIS

Until the advent to power of President Recep Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party, the Muslim nation of Turkey had created a balance between civil rights and religious rights. Although a majority of Muslims in Turkey are Sunni there are minor Muslim groups, Christians and Jews along with a sizable number of Muslims who are really not that religious. Once assuming power Erdogan did end the power of the Turkish military to interfere in the political process. However, he also moved to impose greater and greater religious ideas throughout the school system, the judiciary, and the world of politics. With each passing day there are steady changes in Turkey such as imposing required religious classes in school which are controlled by imams who support the government.

President Erdogan issued a challenge to his political enemies and argued the reason there was no ISIS or Boko Haram was due to his fight to expand religious education and practice in Turkey. One has nothing to do with the other. Turkish Muslims inhabit a society with a booming economy and have no interest in crazy imams urging a jihad or suicide bombers. Create a dynamic economy, have the semblance of democracy and few seek ISIS.