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Has Clinton Been Even Handed Toward Palestinians?

For some reason Hillary Clinton  has allowed Bernie Sanders to get away with  his claim that the Obama administration has not been even-handed in the Palestinian and Israel conflict. I assume that failure is the reason that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared before Congress as the special guest of Republicans. Here is the record:

In January, 2001, President  Bill Clinton attempted to negotiate a peace agreement between  Palestinians and the Israel government. His proposal would have given Palestinians 95% of the West Bank. Palestinian leader Arafat turned it down because he wanted 100%.

In 2005, then Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offered Palestinian leader President Abbas a similar proposal of 9% of the West Bank. He turned it down. A few years later he admitted it was a mistake.

Secretary of  State has spent years attempting to negotiate a fair resolution of the West Bank situation. He HAS been even-handed and  he has failed to get  both sides to agree. Sorry, Bernie, the US government has been even-handed. And, a Clinton was the most even-handed of all!

The Stages Of Bernie

About sixteen years ago Ralph Nader, the man who believes he is always on the side of virtue and decency obtained enough votes that allowed George Bush to become president of the United States and thus cause the lives of millions  to wind up dead, a refugee or a captive in the hands of terrorists. There is a good chance the candidacy of Bernie Sanders will wind up with similar results.

Stage One: Bernie said he was simply trying to get Hillary Clinton to move further to the  left and come out against the wealthy.

Stage Two: Bernie got prime time to urge America to fight agains the top one percent of bastard who run this nation. At this point, he was not so much focused  on running for president so much as changing the dialogue and getting the Democratic party to live out its liberal credentials.

Stage Three: Today. Bernie is going to do anything he can to become the nominee for president even if it means destroying Hillary Clinton as a candidate.  At this point Bernie most probably believes that a Trump or Cruz president will destroy the Republican party and allow him in four years to become the president. Bernie increasingly is becoming a new Ralph Nader.

Catch The Muslim Terrorist!

After a few years of non-stop hysteria about Muslims and terrorists and be on guard because those Islamist terrorists are mighty clever. One must give Donald Trump and the other boys and girls who appeared on the stage in what was supposed to be a ‘debate’ some credit for creating hysteria and madness in our lovely land. From Hispanic ‘rapists’ to Muslims carrying suicide vests to close down the mosques, if one happens to be of the Muslim faith, beware every moment for another experience with madness.

Khairuideen Machzooni is a Muslim and he boarded a Southwest plane on a trip home. He decided to give an uncle who lived in Baghdad a call to let him know what was happening in his life. A woman became frightened and went to call the police. The soon arrived, detained the man who spoke in a funny language and saved the passengers from instant death. Southwest claims the entire incident arose because of “potentially threatening comments.”

Hi uncle, how’s  by you?


We offer observations on the human condition from a  25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Some cops smile, some cops growl.

Some cops evidence  verify, some cops evidence deny.

Some cops seek peace, some cops do people seek to fleece.

Some cops shoot first, some cops shoot last.

Some cops hate drugs, some cops at crime scene do plant.

Some cops resent any slight, some cops always right.

Some cops walk tall, for some cops being boss is a ball.

Some cops gather evidence, some cops plant evidence.

Some cops do job, some cops just a slob.

Most cops just decent, some cops are indecent.

God Bless most cops!

Protect America From Criminals

The United States of America was founded upon the concept of rule by law. We Americans believe deeply in the importance of laws,and the importance of ensuring that those who break the law suffer some consequence. Carrol Brooker is a man who served  his country in the armed forces, and is currently disabled due to several illnesses. Oh, thirty years ago,  he did get captured and sentenced to jail for an armed robbery,but since that event, he has been  law abiding individual.

Due to pain, Mr. Brooker has been raising marijuana in his back yard. He has never sold any of it, it is simply to help him endure pain. Well, the cops came one day and discovered that his crop was 2.88 pounds when the law very specifically says that any crop that is over 2.2 pounds means JAIL FOR LIFE since he had a prior conviction. So, Mr. Brooker faces a life sentence unless the Supreme Court rules this is an example of cruel and unusual punishment.

What is wrong with this country when it comes to drug laws??


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Ah, to be young and to believe the world can be perfect!

In American history the only time there is great change is when Congress is controlled by a liberal majority.

Some believe that by saying something, it results in doing something.

Death in the city is not proud.

My life  has taught me to go one step at  a time. Begin with success and it builds toward greater success.

ISIS IS being slowly pushed back in the Middle East.

Barack Obama has consistently NOT been the great communicator Continue reading

So What’s New?

There is slight doubt that millions of young Americans want to get good jobs, they want to  end their student debt, they want to punish Wall Street for its behavior in stacking the deck for themselves and against the rest of America. I am 85 years old and have witnessed young Americans suddenly become fighting liberals who demand purity from those seeking office. In 1968, millions of young Americans blamed Vice President Hubert Humphrey for failing to persuade President Johnson from immediately ending the war in Vietnam. For some strange reason, a vice president lacks such power over his boss.

The end result is that millions of young Americans refused to vote and Richard Nixon became the president. We are today at a similar point in time. Yes, Hillary Clinton is not perfect. She has made mistakes along the path to seeking the presidency. Then again, who  has not? Reality, is that a failure to vote for her means whoever the Republicans nominate will win. And,THAT means, the Supreme Court will continue denying the right to vote, it will continue allowing the wealthy to use their money to ensure the top one percent remain the top one percent.

Hopefully, young Americans will learn from past mistakes. Hopefully, that is.

Trump VS Sanders

I had a dream last night in which it was October, 2016 and Donald Trump was facing Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders in a debate.

Bernie: “When I am elected president of this great country, every single young man and woman will have free college, and when they graduate each and every one of them will have a HIGH PAYING job that earns them at least $120,00  a year, oops, I think that I meant “a month.” Yes, and the cost of this will be paid by the millionaires and Wall Street bankers and even by YOU- Mr. Trump!”

Trump “Really, you white haired Socialist, Really, well, when I  cut a deal, and when Donald Trump cuts a deal with China, they not only return our millions and millions of jobs, but they even pay the wages of our folks, and, Bernie, that means no small check like  $120,000  a month but $150,000. Just remember Bernie, when Donald Trump cuts a deal it is a fantastic deal!”

Bernie: “Oh, yeah, just remember Donald that I was no born in Queens as you were, I am BROOKLYN born. Along with the high paying jobs, every American will get free health care, free child  care if  parents, and every senior will receive $5,000 a month in Social Security payment.Beat that one, Queens jerk!”

Donald: “Schmuck, and I do not mean any  offense to my wonderful Jewish friends, remember that I have a Jewish grandchild. No one, and I mean,no one can cut a deal like Donald Trump. Not only will every Senior get $10,000  a month  but each and every Senior citizen will have a free maid to handle cooking and cleaning and the cost will be paid by Mexico! Just remember that I am going to build a Great Wall, and that Wall will  create millions and millions of high paying jobs. And, guess who is paying for the Wall?”

At this point it got boring. So, I decided to have a Great Sleep.

Is There Anything Not Fit For Internet?

I confess to being an 85 year old man who was born in another time and place. But, every so often one encounters a story of an event that  occurred on the Internet that raises questions as to are there any limits to what one can witness on the Internet? Marina Loning and her boy friend, Boyd  Gates had a young female  friend over  for the evening and eventually, since they are young people living in the year 2016, they simply  had to do something “exciting.”

As the evening went along these three young folks turned to something sexual. Bob assaulted their female friend and “naturally” what else could Marina do but get into live-steaming the rape so all could witness what a normal group of young people do in the evening. Not merely have a rape, but make certain  the entire world can witness it happen in real time!

Oh,  and all three were nice decent Christians. Not a Muslim in sight!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


After his political career ends, Ted Cruz can get many movie parts as the evil guy.

Being raised as an Orthodox Jew  I can never figure our why people are so upset at anyone having something on the top of their head.

I am in wonder how these days a baseball player who hits 200 makes more in a  year than Babe Ruth did in his lifetime.

God Bless Kobe Bryant for ending his career scoring 60 points in a  game.

Oh well, it is Thursday in Chicago and only one person shot to death.

Story of train dispatcher who sent eleven people to their death because he had to play video games!

Am I queer, I have never  played a video game?