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Donald’s Being Persecuted

Candidate Donald Trump was recently asked  about why he does not wish to reveal his tax returns. Which of the following was his response?


1. Red headed males do not have to reveal tax returns.

2.  No one asked George Washington to reveal his tax returns so why should I?

3.  It’s because the IRS hates Christians and I’m one Big Christian!


Donald was asked how his meeting with Paul Ryan went. Which was his response?

1. OK, I agreed not to call him, “lying Paul.”

2. We had a good talk.

3.  I gave my promise not to fuck his wife!

Donald was asked his ideas about the new mayor of London being a Muslim.


1. He can enter as long as he strips to naked.

2. At least he speaks English so he can’t be all bad.

3. Sure, he can enter, some of my best friends are Muslims.

Correct answers: A-3, B-2, C-3

Interview With Suicide Bomber

This is the record of a suicide bomber ho wakes up above.

I: Hi Kassem, feelling OK?

K: What happened where am I? How come I’m all together, I thought by blowing myself up, I would now be in pieces?

I: Well, right now you are in what we  call, Limbo. Sort of a way station on your voyage to a destination.

K: But, I did a real nobel act. So, I must be headed to Heaven, isn’t that right?

I: Well, not sort of right. Come with me into the next room. See those broken bodies, well,  your first task is to put them together. Oh, they are the people you blew up.

K: Put them together? ?Why, I did something courageous.

I: Let me get this straight. You blew up  children, and think that is what God desired to happen to His creations?

K: But, they were evil Shiites. I am  confused.

I: Well, let me clear eternity for you. First, you will spend years in this room putting  together bodies of those you destroyed.When, that task is completed, you will spend eternity in a room with those you blew up and they will simply gaze at you in silence. You are doomed to a silent eternity.

K: But,..

I: Sorry, no ‘buts’ just get to work making whole what you destroyed– for eternity in silence!!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Since Donald believes a candidate can change ideas, I assume he will have an Hispanic running mate.

Drought, fires, storms and Republicans just say, weather changes.

The word, “Socialist” used to be an insult, today, many young people shout it out with joy.

Mystery of my life, when did it become normal for criminals to kill kids?

Then again, when did it become normal for kids to kill kids?

Then again, when did it become normal for kids to kill themselves with guns?

All members of Congress should be compelled to read a history of the Constitutional Convention and learn what our Founding Fathers actually believed.

Oh well, its Thursday in Chicago and who gets killed today?

Just Another Day In Iraq

The good news from Iraq these days is that one knows the day before what will be the news from Iraq tomorrow. A majority of people in Iraq are Shiites and a minority are Sunni Muslims. Under Saddam Hussein, the Sunnis ran Iraq. Now, that he is gone, Shiites are making up for lost time with discrimination against Sunnis, including arresting Sunni political leaders. So, one can daily expect the following:

Yesterday in Baghdad, 67 dead and 87 wounded in a Shiite marketplace. Later in the day, a suicide bomber wearing a vest blew himself up and murdered 17 Shiites and wounded a few dozen. We can expect tomorrow that suicide bomber will blow himself up in a Sunni marketplace area.

And, so on, and so on, and so on. Will this madness ever end?

A Leader For All Seasons

It increasingly becomes clear that Donald Trump has hit upon a novel approach to seeking the presidency. Ordinarily, those who are candidates for president lay out their ideas and defend those ideas during the campaign. But, Donald has discovered a new twist to seeking the presidency. He recently told Bill O’Reilly, “I’ve been pro-life. I was a meek fashioned pro-choice, but I’ve become pro-life.” He  promised to appoint pro-life justices to the Supreme Court.

I assume that Donald will now campaign for:

I am for lower taxes on the middle class before I decide to favor higher taxes.

I used to be for gun restrictions, but these days, I just say: “Blast away and watch out”

OK, so I screwed some broads, but from now on I’m for one broad at a time.

OK, so I said some nasty comments about Hispanics and wanted to build a Great Wall, but from now on I want everyone to eat tacos made by Hispanics and I want to build a bridge from Mexico to the US.

OK, so I once hugged and kissed Hillary, but from now on, I’m going to screw that bitch until she shouts, “I surrender!”

Oh, and I will visit a mosque.

The Hillary File

If one reads the media or engages in any aspect of social media it is quite clear that millions of Americans believe that Hillary Clinton is:

A liar


Violates security laws

Engages in secret violations of the law regarding her income

Has a shady past

At present, she is  under investigation for security breaches since she sent emails that might have been illegal. As one who was once cleared for US Army Top Secret, and NATO Top Secret, the charges against her are a farce. At this moment, there are over TWO MILLION PEOPLE who are cleared for Top Secret. In other words, there is NO Top Secret that is Secret!

We have heard over and over, the word, BENGHAZI. As Secretary of State, Clinton was technically responsible for over 100 Embassy sites. In 1983, while Ronald Reagan was president, Hammas Islamic terrorists blew up a Marine barracks in Lebanon and killed 250 Marines. NOT A SINGLE DEMOCRAT IN CONGRESS BLAMED THE PRESIDENT OR ASKED FOR AN INVESTIGATION! If we adhere to Republican claims that the Secretary of State is responsible for every criminal act in or around an Embassy site, why not just arrest every Secretary of State?

As of this date, Hillary Clinton has NEVER been charged and convicted of any crime. The former Republican Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, has now been convicted of molesting several children. For some reason, no Republican is blaming Mrs. Hastert as an “enabler.”


We offer observations on the national debt from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Say one thing about Donald Trump, he sure is not a “Conservative” in his economic thinking.

I sure miss Ted Cruz discussing guns and immigrants.

Fire burns up an entire Canadian city and Americans just give the news a ho-hum reaction.

Some day someone will explain this thing called, the Kardashians.

I really miss Jon Stewart, Noah Trevor just is not another Stewart.

I wish Stephen Colbert was back with his original  comedy show.

Strange, but attacks upon Barack Obama are not that frequent these days.



“I Know Russia Well”

There are numerous liberals and un-Americans in this great land, who refuse to accept the intelligence, the world knowledge, and dignity of Donald Trump. To demonstrate his foreign policy knowledge, Donald pointed out: “I know Russia well. I had a major event in Russia two or three years ago, Miss Universe contest, which was a big, big, incredible event. An incredible success.”

And, furthermore:

Donald was in a market place in Jerusalem where he purchased–with  his own money, a bunch of blintzes and latkas, these are real terrific Jewish foods! And, I mean the Greatest Jewish foods!

Donald was at the Olympics, three or four or whatever years ago, and he was right in the audience when a guy from Jamaica, won the hundred yard dash. HE knows hundred yard dash victor, can Hillary say the same?

Donald was in Turkey, a few years ago, and  you know that ISIS was next door in Syria, and Donald even stayed an entire week in Turkey which means he has gobs and gobs of knowledge about Turkey and he even drank some Turkish coffee!

A few years ago or maybe a dozen years ago, Donald was in Iceland, and he watched a fishing event where fishermen caught real fish from ICELAND! Does Hillary know any Icelandic fishermen?



We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


First Donald went for the  working class vote, then he went for the transgender vote and now the women’s vote.

I have no idea how an entire city of 88,000 can be evacuated due to fire.

It is May and I’m cold in Chicago,and conservatives argue there has always been cold days in May.

The one good piece of news these days is that we spend our days worrying about Trump and not the Middle East.

I am 85 and modern people argue about who can piss with you.

Few baseball players these days sprint down the first base line when hitting a grounder to second.

Sorry, books open the mind to wonder, not tweets.

THE Issue For America

I understand there are people in this nation who have some weird ideas about the IMPORTANT issues confronting the United States of America. Bernie keeps on talking about income inequality and student debt and Wall Street guys who manipulate the economy to make gobs of money. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio can’t get away from talking about those rapists and murderers from Mexico. Ben Carson knows the most important issue is how many books he sold this month.

But, Governor Pat McCrory is the only one these days who has grasped THE issue confronting the survival, not only of America, but the entire civilized world is— Who is allowed in the bathroom when you piss or shit! Pat has pushed through a law that only allows folks to  use a bathroom based upon what their birth certificate says is their sex. I assume he believes those who piss together will  pray together and maintain the  purity of the American people.

Actually, Governor McCrory is a JOB CREATOR! Just think of all the jobs that will soon be available in North Carolina for birth certificate checkers in every bathroom in the state! I trust he increases the minimum wage for this job from $7.25  an hour to $15 an hour!

And, liberals claim the Republican party will not create jobs!