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Who Are These Creatures Of Night??

They prefer to attack villages and schools in the dead of night because they do not wish to encounter armed forces who have the capacity to engage them in gun battles. Their goal is simple-murder the innocent in the name of God. Once again the Boko Haram cowards struck at school children when they attacked the Federal Government College at Buni Yadi in the state of Yobe. These thugs locked the hostel doors and set the building on fire. As students attempted to flee they were shot or slaughtered like a sheep with having their throats slit. The Boko Harma killed and killed until at least 40 young people were dead. Boko Haram means-western education is forbidden. It is one thing to oppose education, it is another to murder the innocent.

President Goodluck Jonathan, president of Nigeria must live in another world. He described this slaughter as “quite worrisome” but assured one and all that “we will get over it.”

Yes, who are these creatures of the night?

Yes, who is this creature who passes for a president??

A Muslim In America Can Be Spied Upon

I am old enough to recall the dark days of post World War II when to be Jewish in America meant that one’s patriotism was to be questioned. Oh, over 500,000 Jews fought in WWWII and many were given medals, but once the war was over and our allies, the Soviet Union, became our enemy, those who had been friendly to our ally were all too often accused of being subversives. Fast forward to the 21st century and the position once held by Jews of being accused of disloyalty (two famous spies were named Julius and Ethel Rosenberg) is now held by those of the Muslim faith. The New York Police engage in surveillance of Muslims while at prayer or out for a dinner or even in a school building because some Muslims participated in the 9/11 attack. Of course, in the history of spies in America or assassins there is not a single Muslim name, but all were white Christians, but, what the heck, we cannot arrest all Christians.

Judge William Martini dismissed law suits brought by Muslim groups who wanted an end to the nonstop surveillance by police of the everyday activities of those who happen to be Muslim. Judge Martini argues that “police could not have monitored New Jersey for Muslim terrorist activities without monitoring the Muslim community.” This assumes that being Muslim equates with being disloyal.

As I recall, Edward Snowden and Cpl. Manning who revealed secrets to the world–including Muslim groups–were white Christians. Does this mean…..

Death Goes On And On In Afghanistan

President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan insists the cause of death in his nation is NOT the result of action by members of the Taliban, but stems from action by American and NATO troops. He IS right to identify drone attacks and plane raids as having resulted in the death of innocent people. He IS right to insist that such raids end. But, he is NOT right to insist the major cause of death arises from actions of American and NATO forces. Just about each day there is another example of indiscriminate Taliban assaults on innocent people that do not serve any military objective other than murder and mayhem in order to create a climate of death and fear.

Yesterday in Kabul, a group of Taliban teenagers entered the Hotel Serena, a noted establishment which serves the needs of wealthy Afghans and foreigners. Somehow, despite metal detectors and security guards, the boys pulled out tiny handguns and blasted away in the restaurant. By the time they concluded this assault two foreign girls were dead and seven Afghans were dead including a famous newspaper reporter. Oh well, Karzai undoubtedly will blame the West and forget about the East.

Bring Home A Wife Tonight In Kenya

Member of the Kenya Parliament have added a new twist to a wife’s urging her husband to bring home something for dinner. According to new legislation, a man can have as many wives as he desires. Samuel Chepkinga, chair of the Justice and Legal Affairs committee made clear to female members of Parliament that “under customary law, women or wives you have married do not need to be told when you come home with a second or third wive.” Male members of Parliament want female members and their own wives to clearly understand that from now on, it is wives galore and you accept it or, whatever. They also eliminated a clause in another bill which would allow a woman you had proposed marriage and then backed off to sue. It just is not fair argued the men of Parliament since it would have allowed a woman to extort money from the innocent male who goes around proposing marriage in order to bed a woman.

MP Duale, a Muslim, supported the ideas of his Christian fellow members, had some words of advice: “I want my Christian brothers to read the Old Testament.” Filled with men who have many wives. This male chauvinist episode came shortly after these same men made homosexuality to be a crime punishable by death.

Death In Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa’s largest nation in terms of population and among its wealthiest nations. Of course, when one mentions “wealth” in association with Nigeria it means a small group of thugs and thieves who control oil production and use that oil to become even more wealthy. For the past few years Nigeria has been plagued by a band of nut cases who call themselves Boko Haram and whose desire in life is to kill, kill and kill in order to restore a perfect Muslim world. They enter villages and just murder at will in order to prove the Muslim religion is more powerful than any Christian one. They launched an attack on the Giwa Barracks which is also a detention center. It holds hundreds of ordinary citizens suspected of crimes as well as petty criminals. During the attack hundreds fled the detention center. That was probably their worse error in life.

A doctor told the media that as prisoners fled, army units were waiting outside and began to blast away. Up in the sky fighter planes swooped down and blasted away with machine guns. It soon became a massacre in which a few Boko Haram prisoners were murdered along with hundreds of those in jail for petty crimes or those awaiting a trial. The doctor estimated they sent about 500 bodies for mass burial. General Olukolade argued: “you can’t differentiate attackers from those who joined them.” Of course, there are previous reports of the Nigerian army blasting away in a village using the argument they can’t tell the good from the bad guys.

Guess who are the real bad guys?


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Facebook Head Confused”

About having $30 billion or about trying to read what is posted?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Where To Spend St. Patrick’s Day”

Not in Copenhagen, that’s for sure, how about a tavern?

Sweden, Local: “Cops Badly Paid”

I guess they need an increase in bullets given them.

Russia, Moscow Times: “When In Ukraine, Don’t Say Ukraine”

Just say, Father Putin?

UK, Guardian: “We’re Not Lazy”

We are the billionaires who create lazy workers!

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Clueless About Religion”

This certainly fits any religious person who preaches hatred toward other religions.

USA, aol.: “Cancer Patients Pay To Park Cars”

Look at the bright side, one day you will not have to park a car!

Legacy Of George Bush Lives On And On

Ah, the glory days of March, 2003 when beloved President George Bush proclaimed his desire to lead America on a great crusade to end tyranny in the Middle East and bring democracy to the people of Iraq.
At this time in Iraq, women enjoyed equal rights with men and served in business roles as well as doctors and lawyers. Along came George with his warriors to bring “democracy” to the women of Iraq. America assisted in the rise to power of Nouri Maliki who became prime minister. Now, this prime minister of democracy is pushing through a new law, Jaarafi Status Law which assists Iraq females. Among its provisions are”

1. Forced sex by husband is Kosher.

2. Marry off 9 year old daughter is OK.

3. Dad gets kids in divorce. Who else?

4. Beat the hell out of your wife–why not, you are upset?

5. Don’t leave house you females unless male says you can!

According to the Maliki government: “there are those who disagree with this law and we don’t care about them because they are against Islam.” Safia al Fahail, in Parliament: “this law is humiliating to women.”

Thanks so much, George.

Go South Or Further South

There used to be a country named Egypt which extended south and even further South until one day a few decades ago those living in the South decided they wanted to become the nation of Sudan. Those living in the northern part of the Sudan were light skinned and they conformed to the Muslim faith while most folk living even further south were of the Christian faith, and as we know from life experience when you mix up those who are light skinned with those who are dark skin things sort of get bothersome. Now, you add in differences of color and the pot will boil over and cause many to experience some pain. So, after a few years those who were dark skinned and Christian decided they did not wish to become part of any northern country which was also Muslim so they revolted and became South Sudan.

Naturally, since the south part of Sudan broke away it was only a matter of time before South
Sudan southern folk broke away and want to set up their own country. So, some of those in South Sudan support the president and those who want to go South support the vice president. I will not bother you with names and dates.

Anyway, South Sudan is now divided and Sudan is now divided and I am confused and, so are you!

On Executing The Evil

Throughout my life among the issues that have left me confused is that of capital punishment. There are evil people in this world and they commit evil acts against the innocent. Of course, we do send young men off to war to kill the evil and if they perform their job we reward them with medals and parades. I have no doubt that among the good men who commit the act of murder there are some who thoroughly enjoy the act of being able to wipe out a family, man, woman and child and feel great joy at being able to kill those without weapons of war in their hands. At some point in the history of the human race we divided murder into two categories–one for killing the “enemy” and one for killing those from our own society. I joined the Army and was prepared to engage in the rite of killing.

So, the question remains-are their people who are mentally incapable of killing and are their people whose mental capacities make them prone to kill because they do not know right from wrong? Freddie Lee Hall is being prepared to be killed by the state of Florida. In 1978 he abducted and murdered a 21 year old pregnant women. His IQ is 75 and the state of Florida insists that anyone with an IQ of 70 or above can be executed. Mr. Hall is asking the Supreme Court could decide what is the IQ level for killing those who murder.

I have no idea. Does anyone?

Sands Of Egypt Covered With Blood

A few years from now when Islamic militants are killing dozens of people in Egypt and violence and torture and brutality have become the norm, you will shake your head and wonder why the people of
Egypt did not pursue a different path in 2014 when opportunities for peace were more possible. Egyptian soldiers clashed with supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood which increasingly has resorted to violence in its opposition to military rule. Two Egyptian soldiers were shot and killed while about six Mursi dissidents were shot and 8 wounded. An estimated 500 women dressed in black from head to toe chanted their support for former president Morsi and hundreds of Morsi male student supporter did their chanting. It is not kosher for males and females who back the Muslim Brotherhood to chant together. We are now at the stage of raids and a few killed on either side. Just give us time and we can get into the major leagues of mass murder and suicide bombers who blast themselves and a few dozen bystanders to hell–or heaven?

What can be done?

1. The military should make clear that no Army officer will run for the presidency.

2. Former President Morsi should be freed from jail and given an opportunity to run for president–he will lose.

3. A civilian government should then be formed which can establish judicial procedures to punish any who have violated the laws of Egypt.

4. Allow a defeated Morsi to hang around. He is inept and can not gain popular support for anything he says.