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Iraqis Celebrate -Why?

As an American it is difficult for me to offer words of advice to any other people on this planet. I inhabit a nation in which many people do not wish to vaccinate their children against measles. However, over in Iraq, there is celebration over the end of curfew conditions. Baghdad was the scene of thousands cheering and dancing in the streets because for the first time since 2003, the government announced that people were no longer bound by curfew. Sara Adams, 22, said: “maybe it’s a little dangerous, but I just want to live my life for a moment.” Just think, for the first time since we Americans entered her land, people can actually go out at night and visit friends and family.

1. I am pleased to announce that George Bush is out chopping wood on his ranch and is not bothered by any Texas curfew.

2. Dick Cheney goes out at night to visit Fox News to announce doom and gloom.

3. Don Rumsfeld will be somewhere tonight, but sure as hell, it will not be in Baghdad.

Oh, as Iraqis celebrated there were three bombs going off.

Make A Nuclear Deal-NOW!

The Israel lobby and its cohorts in the Republican party fear the arrival of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. Bibi Netanyahu will soon be in America to assure members of Congress that the worst nightmare in the Middle East would be having any nation possess an atomic bomb. OH, the ONLY nation in the Middle East that currently has atomic weapons is–ISRAEL. The only three nations in the Middle East that refuse to allow inspections by the United Nations are–Israel, Iran and Syria. Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has something to offer the Republican party–gobs of money from Sheldon Alderson and Jewish voters who believe any scare story from the Middle East. Iran’s Foreign Minister Javaad Zarif warned the west that failure to work out a nuclear compromise with Iran will doom the Rouhani presidency and bring to power conservatives who WILL develop atomic weapons.

A story from the past unknown to Americans. In 2001 when US troops swept into Afghanistan the Iran reform President, Khatami offered assistance, he shut the border to Taliban soldiers who were fleeing capture and he offered the following deal:

1. Iran would allow UN inspection of nuclear facilities.

2. Iran would cease arming terrorist groups.

3. Iran would recognize the state of Israel.

In return, he wanted an end to sanctions, recognition of his government and trade.


ISIS Miscalculations

If one watches Fox News or listens to the rants of Republicans the group known as ISIS has simply out classed the Obama administration when it comes to taking over the Middle East. The American media has created an image of an all powerful, and all efficient terrorist group that is bound to succeed in become THE power in the Middle East. They captured a Jordanian pilot, pretended they were interested in a prisoner swap, and initially caused extensive dislike among Jordanians for the fight against ISIS. An intelligent group would have rushed forward to return the pilot and thus caused confusion and opposition within Jordan to the war against ISIS. So, what did these super terrorists do? They burned alive the pilot!

At this moment, once divided Jordan is now furious and anxious for revenge. Death to ISIS is now the slogan. ISIS is doomed to failure in the Middle East because it lacks a political arm that can divide and conquer in the region.

Demer Go HOME!

I write as an American, I write as a Jewish American, and I am sick and tired of Israel politicians and AIPAC placing the political needs of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before the foreign policy needs of the people of Israel and the United States of America. Israel Ambassador to the United States, Ron Demer, reached out to Republican leaders in order to assist their efforts to secure Jewish votes in the United States of America. If any other Ambassador has interfered with American politics he would have been declared to be person who best left this nation. A group of Jewish Democrats met in the office of Rep. Steven Israel to tell Demer to quit playing politics. As Israel noted, the nation of “Israel should never be a political football.”

What should be done?

1. The US government should send Demer back to Israel.

2. Democrats should boycott the Netanyahu speech in Congress.

3. The president should make clear to Netanyahu that if he decides to play politics in America there will be consequences. Just remember, Bibi needs the US veto in the UN Security Council!

Where Have Our Dreams Gone?

The United States of America has spent at least ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and that figure is on the low side. At the same time, our budget for NASA is about $4.5 billion a year. I was in my thirties when America reached the Moon. I was thrilled, as were most Americans, at our achievement of a dream that has been part of the human experience for thousands of years. I dreamed that we would continue exploring the universe in search of other life forms. Who knows, perhaps we can one day encounter alien life forms who understand the secret of peace and happiness. The current budget for NASA precludes interesting investigation of the planets in our speck of the universe. W

We have become a nation without great dreams. For Republicans, the greatest dream is to reduce taxes on the wealthy. Just imagine, if those with wealth never again had to pay a single dollar in taxes how we Americans would enter a new era of peace and wealth for all! No, we simply cannot dream of what could be. We are trapped in a world of mental pygmies. The dreams of my youth have vanished from the minds of those whose idea of excitement is chatting on the Internet!

Deaths In Middle East

Three people were murdered in the Middle East yesterday. Actually, only three deaths is not a big deal in a region in which hundreds can die at the hands of suicide bombers or boots on the ground or air strikes or from drone attacks. Just three people are now dead. A Jordanian pilot was shot down and yesterday ISIS decided to demonstrate its power by burning the man to death. In retaliation, the government of Jordan hung a female suicide bomber who was captured before blowing herself up and then killed a jailed terrorist in order to make certain that ISIS gets the message – for each of our people, two of yours will die. There are moments when one has to wonder at the intelligence of ISIS leaders. They are trapped in a cycle of unending murders of the innocent. Obviously, this is to demonstrate their power. But, of course, kill my family and I will devote my life to killing you is a normal response. The government and people of Jordan are now out for blood. If they capture a member of ISIS, that person will be killed.

I also suspect that among ordinary Jordanians the fight against ISIS was of scant interest. Now, ISIS has transformed a ho hum attitude into one that seeks bloody revenge. I wonder how ISIS leaders make their decisions on death?

Saudi Arabia And Terrorism

The King of Saudi Arabia is dead and there is now a new king. Naturally, American leaders flocked to Saudi Arabia in order to extend best wishes and hope the new King will continue the policies of the old King. Really? Does the United States really desire continuation of Saudi Arabian policies which have played an important role in creating the mess of Muslim terrorism? For example:

1. Saudi Arabia funded the madrassas schools which educate Muslim boys to hate the West.

2. Saudi money was proved to the Taliban during its early days.

3. Saudi money was given to the fight against the Russians in Afghanistan and thus help destabilize that nation.

4. Name a terrorist and it is certain that at some point he received funds from Saudi Arabia.

In simple English, Saudi Arabia has been the greatest source of funding terrorism in the Muslim world. Yeah, just continue your policies!

On War Crimes

The Founders of the state of Israel were men and women who had been profoundly impacted by the Holocaust and sought to create a society that would be a shining example of justice and humanity for all. Their decisions were made within a moral context. Yes, during the fight for Israel’s independence there were some examples of war crimes, those were days when it was doubtful if the nation would ever come into reality. But, the overall belief of Israel leaders was that Israel must become a democratic society which respected human rights. Now, Israel is led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who continues to display a sense of anger and fear. The killing of 1,483 civilians in the fight against terrorism can not be ignored by any democratic society. The UN has established a commission to investigate what happened and is ready to identify both Israelis and Muslims as the ones responsible for the deaths of innocent people.

Bibi is convinced that the UN and the world is simply, anti-Israel. He described the commission as an “anti-Israel body” and charged that its head, William Schabas demonstrated “clear and documented bias against Israel.” Frankly, anyone appointed to such a commission is, by definition, anti Israel. The state of Israel has come a long way from its Founding Fathers and Mothers.

Wrong Train, Wrong Party

The nation of Germany has never mentally recovered from the horror of Nazism. At least the vast majority of Germans can not forget that their nation murdered over thirty million people during World War II. Of those, the Holocaust consumed the lives of six million Jews. So, who is around today in modern Germany? The German National Democratic Party (NDP) has discovered a replacement for Jews-Muslims. Its leaders spout the same words of hate, violence and anger, but instead of their object being Jews, it is the presence of Muslims in their midst. A group of NDP members boarded a train in Germany on their way to a rally in southwest Germany only to discover they were on a train going in the opposite direction. There must be something symbolic in this fiasco–heading in the wrong direction. The mayor of Freidburg which was their destination simply commented: “We don’t feel their absence here.”

Yes, there are some Muslims in Germany seeking death and destruction. Yes, there are some Christians in Germany seeking death and destruction. At least the Muslim population does the dirty work of this society, but on the other hand, the NDP does the dirty comments of society.

I Don’t Understand?

I DO understand the hesitation of the Obama administration to send arms into the Middle East which might result in arming the wrong people. I do understand the decision to arm the government of Iraq in order to halt the spread of ISIS. I DO understand the hesitation in sending weapons into Syria. But, I simply do NOT understand the hesitation to arm the people of Ukraine who are fighting against forces that are supplied by the Soviet Union, oops apology, I meant Russia. There is no doubt that thousands of Russian soldiers are fighting alongside separatists and they posses modern weapons. So, why the hesitation to send guns and ammunition to the forces that defend Ukraine?

President Obama is now reconsidering his opposition to send such weapons. There is a chance weapons will be heading to Ukraine. The only questions is why the delay? These are the moments when one wonders about the leadership abilities of Barack Obama?